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Don't Miss Christ this Christmas

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 26, 2021 7:00 am

Don't Miss Christ this Christmas

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 26, 2021 7:00 am

There’s a lot to celebrate this time of year and we don’t want to miss any of it the food, the fun, the family time and especially the point. That’s what Dr. Tony Evans will talk about in this lesson as he draws our attention back to the reason why we celebrate.

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Dr. Tony Evans shows we need to stay focused on the reason we celebrate celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony have authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative Christmas gives us a lot to celebrate.

We don't want to miss any of the food, the fund family time, and especially the point. That's what Dr. Evans will be talking about today. Let's join in Kentucky on 1218 09. You heard a baby crying little would you know that that would be the sound of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, or if you pass by a farmhouse in Charlotte North Carolina on November 7, 1918 America Whipper of a child little would you know that that would be the cry of the greatest event. The list of the 20th century, Billy Graham on October 14, 1890 the sounds of the baby in this poor area would be the sounds of a Dwight Eisenhower, a military genius, the 34th president, or perhaps the cry of a sharecropper's baby on May 13, 1914 in Lafayette Alabama a world champion was born would become known as Joe Lewis number words if you simply look at where they were born in the. The cries that they made, they would have been written off as insignificant as a baby all but don't let them grow up because it became apparent in each of those illustrations that those babies were meant for greatness. One of you were to Bethlehem 2000 years ago by a stable and heard a baby cry it a bit easy to write the noise often simply the whimpering of a child not knowing God himself and entered into human history we are facing a time when Christmas Christ is missing commits all the frivolity and fanfare food Fellowship family and fun. It's easy to miss Christ at Christmas, but that's not unique to us. That was true in the first century as well because I want to show you some folks to miss Christ at Christmas. The way we miss him today because each of these messages are relevant to us. The first one who miss Christ at Christmas was the innkeeper because Luke chapter 2 verse seven says, and she gave birth to her firstborn son and she wrapped him in clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the year if he only knew that this baby will in his hotel was the son of the living God.

Trust me, I would've found a room if he only knew that the King of Kings and Lord of lords was just trying to find a place to be born in the J that would've built the room if they had to with all the Bethlehem was crowded. That's because verse one tells us that in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that his senses be taken of all the inhabitants of the earth, and every body was sent back to their city of birth to be registered so Joseph from Bethlehem went back with his family and registered to this crowded town called Bethlehem people that come from all over the crowds were everywhere. Money was on the table because it related to the taxing state wherever you go. This Christological running. The crowds will be plenty of folk who will crowd Jesus out. The only reason I went Bethlehem is because Caesar said this is the time you go back the reason for many of the crowd. You places because your job said you know become aware and so people are going to be out there going to be busy this innkeeper only that the baby that there was no room for was the long-awaited Messiah things would change this. You know how much traffic this innkeeper. What if he said the summer God stated but what is happened today is that Jesus has been backed out of Christmas in the midst of all the activity that will take place. Jesus will be hard to find. He will be replaced by trees of mistletoe's by lights and install but it will be camouflaged. He will be mentioned, you will be referenced in fact become popular today, even that the references to mold. Nativity scene to make it an Xmas not a Christmas Christ mass or to replace Merry Christmas with happy holiday. I just don't want you to miss Christ this Christmas.

I don't want you to have the throes of Christmas without the Christ of Christmas.

Like many boxes that people have wrap outside of their homes. They look beautiful but the empty don't have a beautiful Christmas with an empty box doesn't know Christ in the center of those slobber Jesus this Christmas so that you have a priceless Christmas. Now the innkeeper had no role in the question is do you have any room.

Is there any space to give Jesus Christ do, don't miss Christ this Christmas.

Now the second person who miss Christ on Christmas was King Herod in Matthew chapter 2 verse three we read these words when Herod the king heard this, he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him when he heard what we heard about the wise man said where is the king of the Jews. Herod said say what Herod said on the king of the Jews which way you're looking for the king of the Jews is like many of us don't have room for two kings because we decided to be our own king, and the only king we decided to be masters of our own fake captains of our own ship when online Jesus being the facility as long as he's not space for two kings.

And if that's how I was probably more troubled me, agitated, irritated, frustrated, and exacerbated. You may never know the king metrology. One of the ways you missed. Jesus is trying to be your own king. One of the ways humans. Jesus is trying to rule your life. One of the way you miss Jesus is troubled by the fact that he wants to be the only king that you have to submit to him.

Herod did not want anybody competing for his throne.

When Jesus came to set up his own king to the class supremacy.

People do not want Jesus to interfere with their lives for careers that money that power the personality of ambition that plans that not only was messed up about all this says it all with him.

Say we sanitize Christmas. Christmas is really sanitize today is nice and sweet it is melodious. No kids were being killed Christmas infanticide every child two years and under every boy was to be slaughtered by Herod because Jesus showed up saying when Jesus shows up and demands the BK is rejected as will be trouble. The reason why we have a lot of the trouble we have in our world and our lives in our homes today is because the king has been rejected. So as a result, there is chaos and confusion and weeping and mourning in pain individual because Jesus can be in the vicinity just to be on the throne to KB telling me what to do. He can't be my point of reference to Overrule me could explain Jesus can overrule you do not celebrate Christmas.

Jesus can silence you. When he speaks not celebrate Christmas know when you think yes are not celebrating Christmas and Jesus came boss you around you're not celebrate Christmas or celebrate new like is your birthday, do not read for how they just got off work not ready for holiday just because the food is that just because the family is coming over. Jesus is not J call a potty.

But no, Christmas because the wisemen wanted to know where to go once they saw on earth and goodwill to men that all holiday season. Peace on earth, goodwill to men, but I believe some off because Jesus said I will be peace on earth and goodwill to men with whom he is well pleased with whom he is well pleased to see everybody want the first part but not the last time they don't want to play for him, but they want peace on earth and goodwill to men. You can have peace in your life you can be single while you can't be single, you can have no circumstances if he is not pleased with you.

So if you want all that. You better make sure you happy birthday to you should be singing the song everyday is you better think it should birthday better tell Jesus this is the day that make everyday Christmas because babies well pleased. The conflicts the harmony of the peace. The joy got stuff that we want that people will be singing about and praying about and talking about becomes a possibility. You cannot displease Jesus to get the benefits of the work that way. Dr. Evans will tell us about another group missed out on the first Christmas when he returns to continue this message just a moment before he does, though, I want to let you know that when you make a donation to help us keep his teaching coming your way will send you all 20 messages in his year-end audio collection the best of Tony Evans, 20, 21, it's our way of saying thanks for your investment in us which enables us to continue investing in you and for a limited time to those who donate and request the best of Tony Evans, 20, 21, we have a special offer at your request will also include up to three additional resources from Tony, ranging from a popular devotional for men, a new and timely book covering the biblical look at race and even a book just for kids called made by God.

You can get the details on these optional bonuses when you visit Tony or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 we are friendly and knowledgeable team members standing by to assist with your resource request 24 seven. Once again that's Tony or by phone 1-800-800-3222. I repeat that information for you after part two of today's message here is Dr. Evans well is another miss Christmas the religious folk folk went to church you go to church and miss Christmas because we are told King Herod, when he heard about this key call together. Verse four.

Matthew two all the chief priests and scribes where Messiah was to be born unless does this topic not to reference scooters king would be because he calls them the Messiah and the Messiah would be the anointed one prophesied in the Old Testament he went to the preachers because they have been in the seminary Bible college so This King Herod says so tell me where this King will be bone the religious folk said verse five of Judea for this is what the prophet wrote in your Bethlehem land of Judah by no means least among the leaders of Judah, out of you shall come forth a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.

They quoted Micah 52. Michael was written 700 years before this event in Matthew, the birth of Jesus. So 700 is before Jesus was born.

Micah prophesied that Messiah would be born in Bethlehem now understand Bethlehem is a two bit is a tiny village.

If you were going to ask you and Jeff is too insignificant, but see some people want to know why you so so stuck on the Bible. I'm stuck on the Bible because if you predict 700 years before the event happens not only going to happen will be involved in the event when it happens but the specific location of the two bit town where it's gonna happen or go take that book serious.

That's why we believe him. The parents of Scripture that means it is without error. It is without error.

Every word is inspired is called primary verbal inspiration.

Every word comes from the mouth of God is perfect. So guess what these religious leaders Scripture government. Herod asked him where was the board they quoted Micah 521 spot. But wait a minute that you know the Scripture, but never made the trip. They knew the values but they didn't go to Bethlehem when the guys who didn't go to seminary Bible college the wisemen. The folks who did now follow biblical training with the Bethlehem Bible Church Bethlehem Bible, but they did make the trip when I'm trying to say is if you know the Bible but don't go and make the Savior you miss Christmas to see if the written word doesn't lead you to the living word just becomes another word.

Unless you are not all the Bible leads you to a deeper walk with the Savior that the Bible will be of no value to you. They know the Bible, but they never went to Bethlehem, it is better to know last and go to Jesus to know law and stay away from Jesus because the purpose of the written word is to lead you to the living word installed is Bible quote folk never made it to a relationship with Jesus Christ as John chapter 5, verse 39 and 40 says Jesus says you search the Scriptures, but you don't have a life because you don't come to me unless you are drawn to him because of what you really don't make the statement you made. What is written, but the purpose of what is written is to cultivate a deeper relationship so you can start in the Bible to blue in the face and be as carnal or say but they knew that Bible on their way to help with "Scripture know they miss Christmas because the written word didn't leap into the living works when Jesus became a grown man.

Chapter 4 verse 22 through it. It was Messiah.

All I can say with Ms. Joseph, son, I mean the blind to see the label walk in the deftly proclaiming to be Messiah, because Messiah was supposed to do all this and all I could come what it meant. Joseph, son. By now you should notice more than a cop with the sun, but they hadn't graduated in their intimacy. They only graduated with information. That's why the Bible says the letter to lift. You can become a Christian. By studying the Bible because you're not led to the person that the Bible is about you not drawn to the Savior you not drawn to Jesus Christ. Now what were these religious people drawn to the Savior. Bethlehem from Jerusalem was not like a long trip airplane. You can walk it but the problem didn't understand why Jesus came, people miss Christmas because we don't know why Jesus came. First of all, Jesus didn't come to your work in concert.

You could get a bonus check.

Jesus didn't come so you can have a nice dinner turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes, all the good stuff you know income income so you can sing carols that my wife came he came because it was a sin problem that needed to be resolved in the sin problem that needed to be resolved. Only he could resolve it. God had become as a man in order to resolve this problem because the religious leaders didn't think they had a problem they didn't even save because they didn't know they had the disease they were looking for. The remedy and the reason why people were you name but not take Jesus seriously don't understand why you K in content so you can feel better income. Just so you could be inspired. He came to deal with sin and to provide salvation. And if you say that's why he came up missing the party because Jesus is not bad. He came to deal with sin in our lives so that we would be say and sit in our lives so that we would have fellowship with him so they knew the Bible, but they never made it to the question I want to ask you is are you missing Christ this Christmas is a holiday if it's only holiday: that with all the Christmas crank that may have anything to do with what good is a birthday present to the birthday was not welcome, were you and I living in the day we are having a priceless Christmas other than mentioning him from time to time.

Out of courtesy know you give him the honor to his name because when you understand the phone to discover Christmas and what they did. Even when Mary wrapped him in the cloth that was a deep faith when she wrapped him in class more than a diaper but if you don't understand that you won't understand Christmas.

One of things that you need to know when the wisemen came you see all the nativity scenes where the wisemen surrounding a baby in a manger, the Bible says that when the wisemen came, Jesus was a timely in the house not a baby in a manger, but if you read the scripture you will be fooled by nativity scenes probably in the house if they saw the star when he was born but they couldn't get to him until he was a time in the house. That meant they took many months to get close to two years all of your time.

They figured Jesus was worth the journey. We won't even go down the street to celebrate Jesus when they cross continents to get to him because I knew they were dealing with.

When you understand is the King of Kings and Lord of lords that you will be convenient for that party. Because you understand that he's a king on the throne and he is worthy to be praised, so don't you lead Christ out this Christmas make a big deal about make a big deal about it because he deserves it. Make a big deal about it Become a man make a big deal about it because because he came you have eternal life. Nobody can give you facts make a big deal about it because he is King of lords was the rule your life that makes up the big deal about it that you had your sinners rule over your life.

Calling the shop.

Dr. Evans will have a final word of encouragement for us when he returns just a moment before he does know I want to remind you about our current year-end audio collection the best of Tony Evans, 20, 21, as I mentioned earlier, all 20 messages in this sent our gift to you to make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station and for a limited time.

We are also including a special customizable bonus offer. Choose an additional popular resource like the kingdom men rising devotional or Tony's children's book made by God or even is powerful and timely new work kingdom race theology for complete details and to make your donation. Just drop by Tony again that's Tony or you can color 24-hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 to let one of our team members, assist with your request. Dr. Evans will come back in just a moment. So stay with us this year's been another tough one. As many of the challenges faced in 2020, still remain as we get ready to step into the new year. We are excited about the opportunities before us to reach even more people messages of hope in life from God's word and with your year-end today to help meet our challenge of help do exactly that.

Please visit Tony to give today that's Tony, you know, it takes food, water and air to keep our bodies alive, but next time on the new year's edition of the broadcast. Dr. Evans will talk about what it takes to keep our faith from dying right now though he's back with a final illustration for today. One of the test are looking at is your cholesterol level because bad cholesterol produces plaque when plaque feels up in the arteries blocks the flow of blood.

When you block the flow of blood enough.

You have a heart attack because the blood can't get through and bring the oxygen and bring the nutrients and so the lack of blood flow due to the plaque buildup by the cholesterol will leave you and I have a plaque buildup in our souls. The Bible calls us in the Bible since the wages of sin is death.

Please note, I got this balloon that they put them in when I put that bloated mix that opens up so that the blood can flow again, there is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins and sinners plunge beneath the flood was all that guilty. Stay Jesus Christ of the blow he wants to open up your assault so that you can live in eternity and have his life in history you interviewer me make a big deal about Jesus this Christmas because that blood still has healing that blood still have saving power. That blood still have delivering that blood still has victory that bin Laden still has freedom that God cannot overcome the worst thing you are facing today you will be make a big deal about Jesus God gets excited about the big deal you like about Jesus, you got a lot to be excited about Jesus in the moment Jesus did know NJ says when the sun does that make a big deal about it all If the ring the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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