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The True Light of Christmas

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 24, 2021 7:00 am

The True Light of Christmas

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 24, 2021 7:00 am

This world can seem pretty dark, even at Christmas time. But the Bible says that Jesus is the light of the world. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains how the clearer we see Jesus, the clearer we see everything else. Find the illumination you’ve been looking for in this special Christmas Eve lesson.

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Jesus is to illuminate you and let you save the soup but not in the Met Dr. Tony Evans is seeing the light is about much more than just information. I Jesus brings illumination not billing the back believe in God celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the Trinity. This world can seem pretty door even at Christmas time. The Bible tells us, Jesus is the light of the world with joy. Dr. Evans now as he explores how Christ brings illumination to our lives and our world like you five reality like to see things as they really all the opposite to light is darkness that is you are unable to see the people miss Christmas did so because they couldn't see they were blind spiritually. Here I am living in a world that's blind spiritually. But Jesus is the light of the world, which means you see Jesus, the clearer you see everything else. So let's look at these four scenarios and let's learn some principles from our lives as we move from Christmas into the new year. The first person I want to identify who got illumination is Mary Jesus's mother in Luke chapter 1 Joe comes to Mary. He tells her that you found favor with God. In verse 30. He goes on to say that you will conceive in verse 31 will and you will bear a son, and you will name him Jesus will be graded because of some of the most the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David. Angel shows up with 29. Perplexed, she's confused when told that she is pondering. She's trying figure out what's going on here.

What the angel told her does not make biological sense.

It sounds a little bit ridiculous what you found favor with God and you are going to bear a son, so Mary says, how can this be in verse 34 because I am a virgin. So what you just said God is going to do I've Never Been Intimate with a Man It's Not All It's Not Natural and It Logical, Angel Is Telling Her This Here Selling Her That God Had a Supernatural Plan Married for Your Life. She Figures How Can This Be the Natural Question in the Natural.

The Point I Want to Point out As We Go along. If You Only Live Your Life in the Natural Something That Fits Your Box Something That Fits Your Education and Your Knowledge, Your Experience Then You Will Not Get All That God Has for You.

The Angel Gives an Illuminating World and It Is Found in Verse 37 of Chapter 1 for Nothing Will Be Impossible with God about the Christmas Message) Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ to the Statement That What Does Not Seem Possible in the Natural Not to Be Ascribed to God. Ascribe It to Your Mom and Your Daddy, Your Brother and Your Sister the Other Peeps in Your Circle but When God Do Something This Supernatural Transcends the Natural Don't Limit God to Your Five Senses to What You Can See and Touch and Taste and Hear and Smell God to What You Can Figure out Because He Is the Figure Routable God the Illuminating Message of Christmas Is That Nothing Is Impossible, Although It Looks a Possible Challenge to You This Christmas Is to Be like Mary and Embrace What You Do Not Understand to Seek God's Favor to Ask Questions. She Had Questions She Couldn't Figure This out. She's Not Asking Questions Okay to Question God for the Sake of Belief Not for the Sake of Unbelief That the Second Group That Are Affected by Christmas. The Shepherds, the Shepherds, We Read in Chapter 2 Verse Eight in the Same Region. There Were Shepherds Saying out in the Field and Keeping Watch over Their Flock by Night. An Angel of the Lord Suddenly Stood before Them the Glory of the Lord Shone around Them, and They Were Terribly Frightened. They Were Scared Never Seen This before and Said Do Not Be Afraid, for the Whole Somebody Save a Whole They Are Scared of What They're Seeing.

This Is Not Normal. Something Come from Heaven. That Is, Shaking Their World. But the Angel Says Do Not Be Afraid, but Hold in Other Words Change What You Looking at If You Want to Overcome Your Fear. There's A Lot to Be Afraid of Today A Lot Of Things That We Do Not Understand, but Says at Christmas but Hold Change What You're Looking at.

I Bring You Good News of Great Joy Which Will Be for All the People for the Day of the City of David There Is Barbara Your Savior, Who Is Christ the Lord Suggest Something to You, the More Afraid You Are of Something in Your Life.

The More You Need to Focus on Jesus Were Friday Says but Hold Jesus Because the More You Concentrate on Jesus, the Easier It Is Overcome with Scary Focus on Jesus. He Says Will Overcome the Insecurity That You Are Afraid of at This Moment, He Tells Them That Will Be Assigned for You.

There Will Be a Sign for You That Sign You Will Find a Baby Wrapped in Cloths and Lying in a Manger.

Now There's A Lot More to That Statement Then You Might Initially Recognize the Thing about These Shepherds Shepherds over Saul.

The Lambs That Would Be Offered in Sacrifice. The Priest Would Take the Lambs and They Would Provide the Lambs for the Sacrifices the Shepherds Would Raise the Lambs That Would Be Offered in Sacrifice. The Bible Makes It Clear That When You Offered a Lamp in Sacrifice and Had to Be without Spot or Blemish Numbers. It Could Be No Flaws on the Lamb That Was to Be Offered to God in Sacrifice While the Way That the Shepherds Would Keep the Lambs from Not Being Spotted Not Falling over and Getting Cut or Trip If They Would Take the Lambs and They Would Wrap Them in Cloth.

The King James Version, I Believe, Calls in Swaddling Clothes They Would Waddle the Close I Got to See This in Real Time with One of My When My Great-Grandchildren Were Born and Their Mother. My Granddaughter Would Wrap Them from Top to Bottom except Their Face, and She Would Wrap Them All the Way down to Their Feet and It Became a Way of Them Being over Sought over CLO Where She Got That Right Never Seen That before, like That but They Were Totally Wrapped As She Laid down They Would Wrap the Lamb Because the Lambs, of Course, Would Be Moving about, and Could Easily Get a Spot or Blemish. So to Keep That from Happening.

They Would Wrap Them Because They Were Available and Offering Because Those Were the Only Comment That You Go to the Lord. So When the Angel Tells the Shepherds You Will Find a Child Wrapped in Cloth That Was Not Just Wrapping up a Baby That Was Wrapping up My and the Purpose of Wrapping the Lamb Was to Offer a Perfect Sacrifice. So When I Say That You Will Find This Time It Would Be a Sign of What They Did with Their Physical Lambs Being Applied to the Lamb of God so They Would Be Connecting It to the Purpose of Sacrifice and the Reason That That Connection Is It Because This Baby Was Meant Sacrifice, for He Is the Lamb of God, Which Taketh Away the Sin of the World. And so It Is the Nation See Things More Deeply and They Got to See Dr. Evans Will Come Back in a Moment to Tell Us More about the Dual Nature of Jesus Christ and the Detailed Prophecies Fulfilled through His Life and Ministry. Stay with Us Overwhelmed Right Now God Is True by Sending You This Evans, 20, 21 on CD and Digital Download Featuring 20 of Dr. Evans Most Popular Messages from This Series Is Our Thanks for Your Year and Helping Urban Alternatives. They'll Be Here Bringing Messages of Hope and Life Confusing Out Of Control Go Online to Tony to Request Yours. That's Only Evidence That Tony Has Said the More People to Meet the More Lives Will Be Transformed the Driving Purpose behind His Ministry. Please Visit Tony Today or Call Us at 1-800-800-3222 Make a Year and Contribution to Help Keep This Important Ministry Moving Forward.

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Had Tony Today or Call a Resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 Repeat That Information for You after Part Two of Today's Message That I Want to Talk about When Introduced in Chapter 2 Verse 25. That Was a Manager's Name Was Simeon.

This Man Was Righteous and Devout, Looking for the Consolation of Israel.

That Is the Messiah, the Holy Spirit Was upon Him As a Man Looking for Jesus, Anticipating Jesus Waiting on Jesus and Living a Righteous Life for Many of Us Don't Find Jesus Because When I'm Looking for but It Would Looking for the Consolation and As He Was Marrying Joseph on the Day Bring Jesus into the Temple for Circumcision and the Spirit Leaves Them into the Temple for the Job of the Holy Spirit to Lead You into the Next Step for Your Life. The Goal of the Holy Spirit Is to Steer You to Where God Wants You Next. But If You're Not Looking for Jesus. And If You're Not Seeking to Live a Righteous Life That the Holy Spirit Will Be Able Lead You and You You Won't Hear His Voice Because He Was Looking for Jesus Living a Righteous Life. The Holy Spirit Put Him into the Temple to the Temple When the Parents Brought in the Child Jesus to Carry Them out for the Custom of the Law.

Circumcision Took Him into His Arms. Baby Jesus and Blessed God and Said, Now You Are Releasing Your Bondservant to the Pardon Piece According to Your Word for My Eyes Have Seen Verse 30 Your Salvation, Which You Have Prepared in the Presence of All Peoples, a Line of Revelations of the Gentiles in the Glory of Your People Israel. The First Thing He Says Is I'm Ready to Die Now Because I'm Ready to Go. I Have Seen Jesus and I'm Ready to Go. I Have Been on Numerous Scenarios of People Passing from Time into Eternity, Who Were in Love with the Lord and Got a Vision of Jesus in the Transition. Like in the Back Chapter 7 When Stephen Was Being Stoned to Death. He Said He Looked up and He Saw Jesus Standing on the Right Hand of the Father to Give Him a Standing Ovation As He Welcomed Him Home. I like to Suggest This Is What Happens to Every Believer Who Was Transitioning Who Would Be Looking for Jesus and Living for Jesus. When God Says It's Time to Go There Ready to Go Because I Get to See Jesus in the Transition of Going and This Is What Happens Because Jesus Makes Himself the Light. He Lets You See Frank in the Supernatural and the Spiritual Verse 34 and Simeon Blessed Them and Said Marion's Mother Behold the Child Is Appointed for the Fall and Rise of Many in Israel, and for a Sign to Be Opposed and a Sword Will Pierce Even Your Own Soul to the End That Thoughts from Many Hearts Will Be Revealed.

So I Now Must Give You the Downside.

The Negative Side of Jesus. If You Want to Discover Jesus Will Create Conflict, the Rise and Fall of Many Even Not Only Conflict without Conflict with You Because He Says He Will Be a Sign to Be Opposed and a Sword Will Pierce Verse 35 Your Own Soul.

Now Go Walking with Jesus for A While Understand This. First of All, He Will Bring You into Conflict without You Will Not Have Trouble Because You Believe in God You Will Not Have Trouble Because You Talk about God. Jesus Is the Problem. Jesus Is What Will Bring You in the Conflict Reason to Stop Saying Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Is Because of Jesus. The Reason People Want to Mold Nativity Scene Is Because of Jesus.

Jesus Will Bring You into Conflict without and If You're Going to Experience the Life of a Nation, You Must Be Willing to Identify with Jesus, Not Just Believe in God. God Has Placed Everything in His Son Jesus Says If You Deny Me.

I Will Deny You before My Father. If You Accept Me I Will Validate You before My Father. It Is Your Identification with Jesus That Brings Illumination Not Billing the Fact You Believe in God Believing in God Is Safe and Undefined.

We Talk about Any Number God's Will Is Talking about the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. That Is the Specific God. We Are Referring. And so Jesus Is Going to Create Conflict, but He Will Not Only Create Conflict without Will Create Conflict within.

In Other Words, You Will Have To Go against You If You Been Saying for A While.

You Know What It Is You Have To Say No You to Say Yes to Jesus Because You Are in Conflict Which You Where the Flesh Wants to Go Jesus Says No You Go over There and You're Battling the War.

The Bible Talks about in Galatians Chapter 5 Battle That Paul Had in Romans Chapter 7 He Says the Things I Don't Want to Do Other Things That Do the Things Not Doing the Things I Don't Want to Do Because I'm in This Battle Because You Will Have a Battle with You to Choose Jesus.

What You Will Get His Illumination and Finally the Wiseman That's in Matthew One No Wiseman Technically Not Christmas All Nativity Scenes Where You See the Wiseman around the Manger Are Biblically Incorrect. Wiseman Were Not at the Manger and It Would Not at the Nativity and They Went on the City Chapter 2 of Matthew Verse 11 and Coming into the House, They Saw the Child with Mary His Mother, They Saw the Child in the House. They Didn't See the Baby in the Manger and the Greek Word for Child Means Tabla Sodas Babies over One Year Ago, Heading toward to Watch This. They Saw the Star When He Was Born They Don't Get Their until He Supposed to Be As Old Because There Traveling from the East on Camels and Horses so That You Can Take That Trip in a Week. This Is Not a 747. We Talked in Months and Months and Months and When They Finally Arrived. They Said We Have Come to Worship Him. You Mean to Tell Me You're Willing to Take Half to Get to Jesus Christ Because He That Integrated Some Fungi Willing to Drive 20 Minutes.

Jesus Is Not Worthy of My Inconvenience and My Worship and When They Decided That the Concluding Times in Chapter 2 Verse 12 It Says the King Says, Why Limit Comebacks and Having Been Warned by God in a Dream Not to Return the Magi Left for Their Own Country by Another Way. You See, God Speaks to Dreams, the People Paying Attention to Let You See Things That You Didn't Say before Warned You about People Try to Take You Away from Situations That Was a Mess over You Because Jesus Is the Light of the World and His Job Is to Make You Dr. Evans Will Come Back with the Closing Thought for This Christmas Eve Just a Moment before He Returns. Let Me Remind You to Take Advantage of That Special Year-End Offer I Mentioned Earlier, the Best of Tony Evans 20 2120 of Tony's Most Popular Messages Is Your Choice of One of Three Well-Liked and Powerful Books and Devotionals.

This Special Package Is Yours Is or Thank You Gift When You Support Tony's Work. You're on the Station and around the World.

You Can Get the Details and Select Your Favorite Bonus will not only find a huge selection of resources can also sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional that's 2011' or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 that number again 1-800-800-3222. The Declaration of Independence talks about the right to life liberty and The Pursuit of Happyness, but pursuing something is no guarantee will find it on Monday.

Dr. Evans will have some advice on how to make our pursuit of God more productive. Right now though he's back with a final thought for us to consider as we celebrate Christ's birth. So I challenge you this Christmas to let Jesus be your life in your nature understand so that you see things you've never seen before because he lets you see everything shines the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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