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Christmas The Ultimate Piqqudim

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 18, 2021 3:24 pm

Christmas The Ultimate Piqqudim

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 18, 2021 3:24 pm

Join Robby and his dear friend Jerry on this spectacular Christmas episode. Where Robby teaches you what a piqqudim. Jerry shares a marvelous caroling story that will touch your heart.

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Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working getting the stand of the market. A water buffalo opened. More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that. Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign. This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast.

We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network encouraging prayer, God offers an open invitation for his people to talk with him at any time about anything encouraging prayer Dr. James Banks, author of the best-selling and many other books on prayer provides weekly physical insight help you learn to love and now know James, we have an interesting subject to talk about engineering out of the people say you know a lot you know you were just saying that allowed to make a point. Sometimes, especially me. Unfortunately we use that phrase you now out of habit, and it doesn't really mean very much, but there's a time when we can use it. And in those times, it means a great deal right it could actually be one of the meanings to waste up right try to express something real important. You couldn't get him to describe something that happened or maybe you were just trying to tell them no matter how hard you try to say it failed. They seem so inadequate to me all the time somebody talks on the radio for living. I mean sometimes it just can't get the words to come out right. Yeah, you get perfect because we need to know that God doesn't. Instead, we get just right. When we come to me not listening perfect grammar or just the right sequence of right theological perspective on something, he just wants to come to him because he welcomes us as children before but it bears repeating. Repeating what father would insist that we get the word just right before we can even talk to me like that at all.

So glad he's not so me to select stuck about this.

What I can only pray okay you are saying that a lot but it's kind of the device here but we think, think about what Jesus said in the sermon on the mount that our heavenly father knows what we need before reacting. So that means that we don't have to spend a lot of time describing things to him. He already knows. But he also wants to pour out our hearts to him, so you might think about a time that you were so upset about something you didn't know how to pray. Maybe you felt all prayed out wondering if you were asking wrong in praying the wrong way. This is where we come to the end of words, if you will and and we pray our emotions in the moment and every thought and everything that you not just take it difficult to God and often it sounds like you know it's a great way to pray to just take all of that and here it is. You know exactly what I need to know exactly what I'm going in. And usually when we pray this way to cry for help. So is there any Scripture that comes to mind when you think of praying that way.

Absolutely best examples I think is Psalm 139, when the praise Lord you search me know me know when I sit and when I rise you perceive my thoughts from you discern my going out my learn and my lying down with all my ways before thought is on my tongue. You know it completely think that this verse six. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain amazing Psalm in some way. When you get down to verse 19 he cries out to God for help against the wicked. Again, there is another cry for help situation so I guess you just say the whole thing is now prayer really is.

This motion and it looks like David is in distress when he prays it.

So again, this is a great way to pray really struggling and in our quite sure what so true that the parents particles come to mind here yet. That's a great example because so many times there I go again. You pray and pray right and nothing seems to change and you pray, you know, Lord, you can give everything that's on your heart and ask for the help that you really don't know how to ask for what words we talked about praying from the heart recently and that's what this is about what we can pray not only in stressful situations, but maybe you're physically sick. You're just unable to put a sentence together mean you're exhausted you wake up in the middle of the night and you know you need to pray so Lord you know is a great way to pray at times like that is also not an excuse for not really engaging God to bring it up because that's exactly right. Usually praying Lord you know is continuing a longer conversation with God that you vibrate and having it not excuse for being lazy or in our prayers get them over with quickly, just picking up where you left off. Continuing the conversation on something that matters deeply. One of things I really appreciate about this really is how it emphasizes God's closeness and his tenderness. Yeah, we saw that someone 39 and it can be so comforting to pray this way. Just think about the person who's grieving the loss of a loved one just emotionally worn down. People can shut God out of it like that but just availing yourself of this simple prayer is a way of casting your cares on him and it's also an affirmation that he really does care often. You know what I do is you know I love that verse that talks about the spirit groans with conferences are too deep for words as I was actually quite common for me to go okay Lord I know you know better than I what I need in this situation, what needs to happen in the situation so you know from forming in whatever that is. I really love that.

That's a whole aspect of this as well so you know Robbie, I really enjoyed you know I didn't dare James is prayer Lord, you really do know what's on all our hearts all those listening right now those things that really stick out that mean so much to us, Lord, you do know Lord, teach us to pray, give us words more than that give us a heart reaches and yearns for you in the night like James talked about in tears from how we really feel we know fall on loving asked this is hear more from Pastor James by visiting the website. James or by visiting these church in Durham, North Carolina. May God bless you and encourage you to pray. This is the Truth Network radio show Christmas.

The ultimate yes yes I said it right. Yes, Christmas is the ultimate code of military. I'm guessing there, wondering what the heck be talking about. It is my dream and my hope that by the end of today show, this will be is near and dear a word to your heart. Is this to mine. So one of my favorite Christmas songs ever. And I've used it for years.

If you listen to my short Christmas, I usually play it because it is so close to them is and love came down to Christmas its point of grace and it it really does point to this idea of the so today's Christian card I show as you might imagine, is brought to you by the K and the letter pay in Hebrew, if you were to look at it, which by the way I have it front and center in Christian car so you can see it.I put the homework the Goodman Hebrew out there because it's kind of really cool to see it in Hebrew to write you got a chance to go through that. But the letter pay looks like God's mouth. It looks like God's presence and so you know when Adam and Eve were hiding from God's presence that has everything to do with that letter, pay right and this idea of being in God's presence.

So that's a pretty cool way to start off the word to this you know it it's really from my standpoint, you know an idea to go to if you got time to go to Christian car and look at the picture because I think it's really good to enhance your idea here. So what is good. Well I'm glad you have.

I really am. And I've really been asking. I've been asking that question very very hard since July because in July I started the project that God gave me to memorize the hundred 19 Solomon as I go through all these verses right the word to code M is one of those 10 words that are repeated throughout the Psalm is repeated quite often and so I just kept on looking for looking for and you know why Jerry because unlike other of those 10 words that are repeated like the word commandments which is meant you'll find that word throughout Deuteronomy in the in the in the Torah, you would find the word you know that that is translated statute. You define the word you know that is translated judgments, but you won't find the word, so it was a word that started in the Psalms, when King David wrote this idea, but one of really neat things you may not know about kings that really comes into focus with this is that a king in order to be a king in Israel had to write their own Torah and they wrote one before they ever took the throne and then they were to write another one. In other words, you know how they used to write that right. You can picture this scene laying well you know and and they had not clearly call and they had no rabbis combined.

Check to make sure that you know every little job until it was right that it was accurate and and so they they wrote this King David completely wrote this out so we had a phenomenal understanding of the Torah of the word of God and so this word becomes very critical to an idea of what good is the Bible without God and so this particular word means actually the simple Robbie version of it is a visit from God. So what is it couldn't. It means visit with God. Or it could mean commandment to visit with God. Or it could mean a visit with God in community like a church service okay and so once you have that understanding of okay this is that the code and this is to give you some verses without understanding you never heard the word translated that but but let me give you these in the verses that that I think are critical to this idea and again keeping in mind it's Christmas time and what good is Christmas. If Jesus think there right. He definitely came down at Christmas time. He's coming down at Christmas times when you're with your family this year. Are you with your friends or your with your church. If you manage to stay Christmas I'm saying. So here's verse 6319 Psalm I'm a companion of those who fear you and those who keep your visits and community visits, companion of those who meet with you gone right, the proud affords the lie against me, but I will keep your visits and your community visits. They almost consume it upon the earth, but I first saw not the gathering of ourselves together, it it fits right I will never forget your visits.

For with them. You quickened me right, I assure you, when you put that in the in this like if if I'm not mistaken when you are born again when I was born again and had everything to do with the visit. Okay cases, there ago verse 94. I am yours save me, for I have sought your visits and he he he he repeats this over and over and over again where he is seeking these and he seeks them in one point even says I long for thy and I'll let you but every morning I get up and try to get a visit right. I am trying to find and I love you like this often. My mind goes every single place that it wants to go but where I wanted to go and I and my prayers are hitting the ceiling and then after a lot of just study and work all the sudden you feel it and you know he's there and you have a visit.

Robbie, not just saying that one of the things always amazed same thing you not try to good Lord I'm trying pray and won't just feel his presence and feel his his involvement in my life and I think I just don't. I just don't feel me I don't don't know what direction to go, and is a never about our Lord and Savior is always about me right that is that is that sometimes a hard lesson it in the neat thing is for me is it often. You know, I'm sitting in prayer whatever and he'll flip a word in my mouth and my mind and my mouth in my heart wherever he puts it, and then all the sudden I begin this wonder stage and then I open up the Scriptures and then I see that word and then all of a sudden I feel like I'm in his presence. And so now I got a visit going on and it was like that this very week. When he finally after all these months of asking what is right that is common man.

He had his timing and set unwrapped out of the present, a little bit for you were to kill them is a plural of the word preclude so anything in Hebrew that ends with a M sound that's it yet and him him anything that ends that way is plural. So the idea is this is the plural up could so when I started searching for what to but could because I could see that this is plural. One of the code is in it is the written word is the first time you see that is when God visited Sarah knowing she was can have a son. His name was the laughter right, Isaac, and I feel like I'm in the line of Isaac you know I share the locket anyway so you know, got a visit and then you'll see is is you if you continue to study this word. I'm obviously this is what David he'd long for the same thing you long for right that you that that's what brings Christmas to be Christmas is the visit made some attempt to hear a unit that changes everything changes everything it does. And and and it's really cool when you think about it from the standpoint of that unit and that ma'am okay this is a God spark and water okay will if you want to multiply anything. The reason why that when you put that & in the end of the seven Hebrew is it multiplies it is because if you want to multiply anything, add water and stir okay.

If you multiply some grass seed right. Add water start.

You can have a much grasp it's going to grow punchcards. God's God's economy is more and more more more more okay and so the idea is, the more that you visit the more you one of this right and so were hoping today that you would call us with your favorite visit my back Christmas visit. It might be some other visit but someplace where you knew God showed we would love to hear your story, 866-3487 84 866-34-TRUTH plus with them on our car. You're listening to the truth and Christmas. The ultimate today on the Christian car guys show this to in well up means. From my standpoint of this and and really really cool if you just go to Christian car and look at this picture that I created from this really neat Christmas morning minutes can't see it right now. You still appreciate what I'm fixed to tight so this Christmas ornament is on its his love came down as you might imagine. And that's the idea of the visit right, but then it says best day ever. Let's just face it, when when whenever we get a visit. It's the best day ever. And so how about you what's your best day ever. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that's the day that he visited you yesterday. Okay, not necessarily original one, but whatever it was in and as you share your story. Believe me, you're going to encourage thousands of people there listen right now. I know it takes courage to share, but you gotta do it 866 God put them on your heart.

You need to call 86634878848663487884 and sell above that in a best it right below it is this friend us a child is born. There's a visit. Okay best day ever. And then and Jerry point out the Robbie be sure and tell him that he was left right to left, so you if you go over to the right you will see above, the love came down.

I wrote the word preclude them in Hebrew so you could see how cool this word is that you if you if you know that these are all every single Hebrew letters. A picture of something and so when you look at that pay which is clear over the right side you can see it looks like the mouth of God. I mean it's meant to look like the mouth of God. And it does look like because that's his presence right there, right in the next letter is called a cuff and it is the only letter that goes below the line.

In Hebrew, and why is that because it is that that's goes down is actually letter that means holiness that has to do with God coming down for a visit.

Okay it just does that he is coming down to essentially redeeming any does that through his holiness and and that letter Cliff is is really beautiful letter when you put it. Next letter pay your on your way to spelling preclude which you know is where were headed so that next letters of five which is like Jacob's ladder so you can imagine that here comes Jesus down the ladder right in the next letter is a doll. It and that's where you get the best sound of so you get the pick to get the pet which is the pay right and then you get the clue them. That is a double Q which has to do with that cough that were that you, the conflict starts with a Q and then the valve and then the dollar which is that best sound and that does sound and means servant while he came down to service he just did and when he came down the to Sarah. He was visiting her right to serve her to tell her it's gonna be awesome and she's can have the laughter she's in so man we need your call 8663 for 87884 866-34-TRUTH your best day ever that visit that that meant everything to you and actually be enough for me assistant this week like if I could just, you know, if you could just go back with me once I was on opening this gift.

After searching for months to try to understand the word and all the sudden he opened it up and man I was just I was writing in my journal.

I was just going crazy all over the place look at this, look at this and then of course I had to put it in all the blanks that I could find the word preclude them throughout the Psalms. I was like, man, this makes this so rich I just can't believe it because for me. I hope for you. It's these times of visits right which we call prayer but it's it's those times of visits and sometimes their corporate writing unit is your center talk I'm going to go a little bit off of center where you're at your your adding will relate net.

One of the most wholesome business I have every Christmas is corporate in a way, as you know Robbie and anybody who knows me. Jerry Mathis cannot saying how mean that I can't.

Say can carry a tune in a bucket that would be me.

One of the most heartfelt things, and when the most things.

That means Christmas to me is my Sunday school class and and a group of people and in some ammonium incentive school members who are just just call me up and say hey are you going, Carolyn.

This year we get a group to go out and go Carolyn the night before Christmas Eve as visiting and that's exactly what you're doing exactly and you feel God's presence to that and and I look back at the matter fact that any Bowersox had an event last weekend with energized ministries and what a blessing that was but as were traveling up there mama life. She keeps great records which Honeycutt could, but we were looking back over the past 27 years of going Carolyn and and those names that we went Carolyn to an staff and the ones that he joined us as were put in the list together for this year. Man, I'm Matteo.

I was sitting back after fighting back tears driving up the road step if you know his weapon and that any tears playing arising out there, but but that was God's presence at the end that's what kind of brings me back was just just just feeling God's presence at that time and in a group of people who are there just given their time to try to bring Christ to people that are really hurt man that is just always a highlight of Christmas and I think that's minutes dead center. God right in the middle of it truly is. It's it's it's it's an idea as visiting with God in the in the in the equation. It's absolutely unbelievable what we have and all. Actually I know because it says Huntersville, North Carolina, so I know who that is. And you're on the Christian Car Guy sugar morning when you plan we got and I hope you can hold on. Yes, so working to hear what Hans just just to recent those are that I like manner fresh on your heart and just like in a fresh manna how that works only come back here and that we need to hear yours, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH your listening to the truth and is the ultimate cocoon Christmas today you never thought about what the ultimate could preclude them was but I I thought about it and I'm come to the conclusion so it means a visit visit specifically from God, a holy visit and and clearly that is what Christmas is about.

And so when we left our hero and she was going to share the one she had yesterday so Grand Am and trying to find. I know I know exactly what you mean, I know in and I know there's a lot of listeners that are encourage because they know exactly what you mean and you could see that you know when you read that in the in Psalm 119. You can see that so many times this is where David went when he was under the gun that if I could get a visit right now. Life would be good.

This changes everything. You know sometimes when it does, we look back and think wow what was that what was up really stressed out about what was was on the anxious about what God is good. I don't keep saying thank you so much for calling and I'm so glad I got to talk to you today and not give this a good point to mention that next Saturday since it is Christmas day. You may guess I'm not can it be here however we will be here with Christian card I theater our annual presentation of the Christmas Corolla and in which we think we been doing it since 2015 or 16 and what fun I mean I'm actually you. You may not know this and but Wally windshield wiper/the ghost of Jacob Marley is sitting in the is one of our producers now answer the phone for you so you know he's in them on the phone with you in the next next week we get to hear my old friend Vinnie Menino who went to be with the largest lead of gasket and now and when he plays the part of that DeLorean out. It's gonna be exciting so that you have a great great great week and I'm sure we'll talk again before Christmas and I haven't had Christmas time right we had Eugene is in the Philippines. How cool is that. So Eugene is it is it tomorrow. Is it Sunday in the Philippines and thought it might be.

So what have you got for while I agree you on the part the channel 13 article called to requite prayer you didn't like. Just one after the other after the other, right from all over the US. I mean, I did a poor example on my band called me back. Second time he called about three days ago 19 years old. Like when Lucy Craig he serving life in Eugene.

I'm sorry we lost to their Festival. Yet I young man that called me every white and what happened while in a timely 19-year-old young man serving the right person called me today to get their Craig report yet again share while the restart ridge rate create growth and then God could read called back this kind go you happen I get them back again. How is it we want to allow keep. We keep listening. Eugene Sotelo still out real quick so that before you get cut off again. Read security guard.

That is why that's a visitation in that Eugene, my goodness, how awesome is that were so grateful for you and so grateful for your calling and today that is what that's what the doctor ordered.) Absolutely, and Eugene, thank you for what you do. Coming while that's another while just just being there. Yes, I am so grateful for your call today.

God bless you have a Merry Merry Christmas my friend and God you guys remember you are to receive a blessing to someone they couldn't say it better.

Thank you Jean S by my and we got Mrs. Ward in Greensboro, but we don't have you write yet you got put on your heart to call and you gotta do that 861.

How many of those same stories are out there that are not being told 866-34-TRUTH 87884. My kids had upset Psalm 866-348-7884 Mrs. Lord is with us so what if you got for us and how are you and how we are calling about getting ready today. I had been acting God about you know what I'm getting to work there make a different thing and Dolly Khalida having children thing on the back. What I did when I got the children about the boys and girls but my last run before I go to a middle school and wait like a 15 minute break it down and you can't delete this little light of mine that are not in the light of my thinking in the jungle. That is the yes that's the kind of visit and those of the memories man and how many times did he show up when were singing like like Jerry was talking about when he was out there.

Carolyn and then I was thing about when I do the devotions at the nursing home and some of these ladies that have been doing it for years.

We start singing Christmas carols in that they haven't spoke a word to me, and in months but man's head and was silent night watch what happens.

They know it word for word right. Maybe they think that it's right there on the tips of their tongues and they can speak something that and and you to see the smile in. That's a visit. Certainly great.

Tell Don drive they will never forget when we come back we need your call. We got Anita's in Charlotte, 866 thank you Ms. for 866-34-TRUTH 7884. You're listening to the truth and Christmas is the ultimate include them today on the Christian card I show yes Christmas is in fact the ultimate visit we got from God.

If you think about it. As a result of that visited him coming actually to die that we get to visit and when you look at the word closely and you know some things. It's like I want to share. I decide man I wish I could share my whole heart of what I see inside this word, but that that vav means it's a continual thing like and so the idea of the ultimate visit was it just gets to continue on forever and ever, and multiply, and multiply, and so as you get to do that this year I hope that is what you experience of your family with your experience at your church experience in your own time with God in the trickiest pack backup lights are pack backup gifts are forgotten about right. Lord and Savior still come down that ladder so we have in the is in Charlotte and Anita you're on the Christian card I show the I'm so excited that the my my friend Christian, you took your constant lobby of the sons unbelievable so you got me all excited about knowing Babel very high rate neurological thing that made me feel I got it working.hand in murmur and learn. I will not want any more work did not make doctrinal payment and I called and I can take the trailer right okay and not been praying about when he heart and painting in the mail that little trailer and have it right.

I will not need to be me.

I asked exactly what it track to calm down and then he came here about the company and that got it cut it back with any one. That's a visitation right you like that story makes my day in so many different ways because I have an understanding of the feeling that you're talking about one more like a favorite and I would like to pray right, right taking care of nowhere greatly calming everything and I learned later, it did me stop going to impact me negatively been resolved.

Not always like that beautiful Anita, thank you for the courtesy car. You mean so much to us to the jury that she called ensure that today. I know it meant a lot for Christian to take your call. God bless and have a Merry Christmas… Bye-bye we've got a lease is in Brooklyn and so I'm very sad about this. I don't remember getting many calls from both when it's been years. Actually, I remember one very specifically I got from Brooklyn but welcome base. I think you know you're talking to, but I would like to wish you and I know to write about Monday, but I would like to wish you good Christmas and I borrow that met the stuff that I court renders all baking bobble you you you would share something at the beginning about the best day will have quickly countered that that taking each moment every day that the Lord is a way to say you know what he has allowed me to be a part of the moment of every day, and that's a major important thing you know, I shared a message about the liver to go about got called loud and he allowed every day which the other, but you can't think that it look at it. I'm thankful I okay. Tomorrow is the difference between happy and Mary was a happy holiday. Christmas thing that would you think about it. The word happy letter and the word Mary the 13th letter of the alphabet and in between those are five different letters. Now you think about this word from the start without letters like weight, our line and you could talk about so many things about you know when you align yourself with the work you know we get going but also grace and mercy. Think about that, but I'm also going to talk about, you know, we know that people have many shorter names and go to buy the house coming up in the next three months, but George will look at the positive somebody having about 30 seconds left. So hurry for milk so Christopher Christmas in Christian start with me anytime that you can think about Christ next weekend is going to be the most important thing is that I get to visit and so you gotta tell me does not want to run out of time used ace and I get the CE is Clay Edison what's the antedate, etc. first name.

Well, Merry Christmas, Anthony. I did not know that so how about the Brooklyn Park well know that was Christian made that one up on his own and is left in there like they had a lot of fun and probably got a little chuckle, but I don't know if you would know that it's on and I'm thankful that you're doing that and I'm so thankful to the Lord that you know how things started and how I push Christmas my friend and we will talk Jerry, this is awesome that you don't just look what I will say something that I would run up.

One thing about Christmas. The Christmas season is most perfect and easiest time for somebody to share Jesus Christ a semi that doors wide open. Don't miss that opportunity and telling your story, I got a visit and remember slowdown. Jesus went walked everywhere he went, got all done in 33 years. Thank you for listen to Christian card. This is the Truth Network

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