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What I Want for Christmas

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 18, 2021 12:30 pm

What I Want for Christmas

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 18, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! With it being the Christmas season, the guys share what they want for Christmas. The clips are from "A Christmas Story," "The Santa Clause 2," and "All I Want for Christmas" song. The journey continues, so grab your gear, be blessed, and Merry Christmas!

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Nothing says Christmas like a poor family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm tractor pulled while working the milk truck getting the stand of the market. A water buffalo open.

More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that.

Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word are chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoyed share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing hard trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle. Something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Oh how fun I get to host masculine journey excited because although Sam here.

He said Robbie would you do it's not so one opportunity and especially this time of year as Andy is given a subtopic and sewing it in a Christmas topic at that so far away.

Nobody was that nobody else was coming up with anything last week for a month or so. So I'll not review Radio One is for the listener to go away. This is actually a great topic and I'm really excited to so it is basically what you want for Christmas. Click here about what you want for Christmas right it is it is and so you know along those lines.

If we all are to some extent.

Here is a result of the vision of Sam and Darren and years ago Darren taught on this something that really got down in my soul and I've never forgotten it was. He said that you know if you were to ask your child what they want for Christmas and they were to look at patching OMG dad. You know, I want your will want your will to be done, whatever you want for me that would be good. We are your media response would be, what right do you want to know what you want with it. What you really want and and and and so what an insight that is and that clearly God wants your eyes to light up with what it is that he has for you in the season.

The wonder of what God is given us and and so it's a neat thing to awaken those desires and in a lot of guys come in the boot camp and they don't realize how much desire plays a big part a big role in restoring hope and absolutely you coming to boot camp.

If you have if you don't have a desire to go to that boot camp. I mean, what's the point right you have to have a desire to want life to change want you know whatever God has for you. So if you walk away from desire which a lot of times I believe that that happens in the in Christendom is that we tend to kill desire make it like an island microphone and a kilobyte. My main stay no matter what. Getting around Mikey. He doesn't intuitively get anyway just talked about the desire really, you don't think about desire. A lot of times until he gets to Christmas.

Nobody asked you through the year much.

Maybe it's your birthday, but we want time to think about desire right so you know, a lot of people would think that you know if they knew me well and they've seen my smile that in a long time ago I gave up the whole idea of having front teeth so you know I thought about it a lot this Christmas. And here we go good morning Janet, Honey Street give you everything you wish you could out run. He made sure I had that clip was to be my but I remember that I was. They were all gone, they were yeah a lot of people still ask me about not only their man read anyway when the when we think about the classic you know if you think about a clip from a Christmas movie about something that somebody wants you know you had an opportunity to to to ponder that Indian and you came up with something from your favorite movies and which one was that what the bread writer okay so this this is a clip from the Christmas story and Danny might be able to help me out thank you watch so much. But basically the kid who knows exactly what he wants but he cautioned about you know the dangers what he's about as for fixing Christmas story. You obviously know what that's about, but you know it's a whole lot of time.

We asked for things they might not necessarily be for good for our body, or whatever, but they may be good for a heart you know we talk a lot about what God puts in our heart and what we need to experience that. And I think this clip kind of identifies it as if I myself blurted out what was the classic mother BB gun block will shoot your hands again just my mother must've gotten initiates there could be no other explanation is Mary Christmas all all you who is always next Christmas and this is going to try you call it out when I was eight years old so little bit you know there's a lot going on there and it was, compilation clip that essentially his mom, his teacher infant calls were all stacked up against that he cheated and often we are oh you know guided against what our heart's desire is but you can tell what's cool about it and really catch as much, but his dad you hearing and that somelaughing when he sees how happy is his kid is getting the gun that he wanted this baby again and you know he's laughing about it you know you I had wanted told his life. I had one when I was a kid so he knew what that did this child's heart and then when he finally got it. Sure enough, the Ralphie he's a kid in the story be any you hear is about adult voice talking about it as when he was a kid. Sure enough, he he shot it into desire out here the glasses off active glasses off, but pretty much everything that they said about it, but anyway just goes to that desire of what's put into as we talk about you know the guns and and and how were how we as men are made for war and staff.

You know that's he didn't want he didn't want a Barbie doll.

He wanted the gun was for him.

His masculine heart so Randy might didn't know right now are short on yet too late. So how about you like what you really really you know like the song goes, what you want what you really really really want out when you were saying so you know, try not to give like the beauty pageant answer.

You know, world peace and you know and thank you hungrily at end of world hunger call this thing. But you know I don't know you there so many things that my heart wants, but ultimately they get back to you know really understanding you know the purpose of what I'm here for you now is is God's purpose and that desire that he put in my heart and for that to be manifest or to to be experienced. And that's not necessarily a part desire for this Christmas season is my desire, you know, to really thoughtfully walking it when you know I did the talk on adventure this last time of the year calling her place in the story. One of the things that I feel like it's I don't I don't think I've ever felt. It is much as I do now, is this being able to say that I'm actually walking in the purpose of claimant God has for me and that's my desires to continue that out and that sounds like this. A beauty pageant answer, but really it is my heart's desires to do that because whenever you're doing that when your ear experience in life through that because you were made for that. That means I begin to that since I got you right here is you know we got a boot camp, then March 31 to April 3 and I'm assuming you want to talk I'll probably do one and you feel like that's part of what God has for you in 2022. Absolutely it's it's to continue to to delve into him and his Avenue where I found life in him most is walking out what we've learned through this masculine journey. While heart and that's and I thought about a lot of times why is this not appeal to everyone. I think it should. And because as men I think so much is going against us in this culture about you know me and being men and being leaders and being who God called us to be. But that is my desire.

I don't know.

I don't know what is our analysis try to get more specific Since you know we got Sam right here and I'm here now, so dandy.

This is like this. Yes, this is your life.

So which you know there's there's always different talks that we do it for Beautiful.

All I can ask what talk, since we know that's part of you walking out your kind of slow. Go ahead Sammy my turn it on and up the good work that's get cut now know that any couple things real quick know is gonna really think you're getting a beauty pageant answer and essay his answer. No answer.

No way that you have you had the topic but they didn't have an answer yet like this world peace that answers it cannot commit to talk and commitment you and you know it's not easy when nobody wants to take the they well I want you know million dollars in a trip to the Bahamas and some of us again that you know that the world peace or whatever, so we'll see if we can get her at the first into what you want what you really really want. I mean I think it's a deep question when you it's worth asking this Christmas and you might even hear some other people's answer because we have them all on the hot seat tonight and so this afternoon is this the same mask and I talked about ways he smiled at him and and click the donate masculine and find next time on Focus on the Family Dr. Tony Evans explains what it means to have a kingdom marriage under God's authority and for his glory. He shares about maintaining oneness, having a servants heart and how to rebuild a marriage relationship that's been God's wisdom for your marriage. On the next Focus on the Family Mariah Carey on the mind, the same that could have been in is my the whole thing of the bump was it wasn't for a person.

It was more hoping that my heart would Longmore for God in writing asking the church answer and I get that.

But to have more of a heart for what God wants to go on an adventure with me on that first sentence in an auntie's answer to find a way that's very interesting family that's very interesting. Living on land we have Danny and Danny.

We know that one of the what he wanted for Christmas was to place. Click solely thinking about earlier this week got into the new name talk the left boot camp and I use the analogy to 18 journey and usually I think about that from my head to my heart and I think what God laid on my heart was what about from your heart to your head. The truth of the things that you know are true to think there's thing that an active thing that and is kind of Christmas list if you will, because I want to discover things that make my heart come alive, not the things that I see other people doing and as his County and Calcutta family things going on in a really had it laid only to go after my family's heart and not all hearts respond serve is been a challenge but anyway I is a is now. I actually liked and Andy and Sam's answers, you know, even though you know it for the just put points to the fact that that's a little touchy-feely.

You know what were get into the Jerry Maguire thing. We got so few mice that were given bring a move to Jim because his swing around eventually will get to and I like that answer your question so ask later, but I wanted to make a comment on the question and they fit right into it. You said earlier, we it's what we want, what got with that were supposed to tell God what we want for us, but what came to mind when you're talking about that to me was I got two gifts for my father. I'm not sure whether they were Christmas or not might earthly father. One of them was a BB gun and I literally shot by neighbors tooth out that as I thank God that my father was a business and he fixed it, but the other thing he gave me was a 1954 set of world book encyclopedias and guided asked for that is the right for those that don't know about waxing givens and all that kind of stuff that's really got you, but you spent all that time and I read a lot doing these guys to love it, but that has served me much better than the BB gun and that's what he gave me that was his choice not mine. That's it really is cool and I'm so glad that you obviously valued them so Rodney you've got an interesting clip from us also from very classic Christmas movie yes so the Santa Claus to and what you have here is saying figuring out what everybody wants that they never asked for. They didn't get as a child and they have the big Christmas faculty party and he's able to provide all these gifts and course the almost to be Mrs. clause duties kinda half dating trying to figure out how is going to get into the you to stay Santa Claus this whole point movie, but here he's falling in love with her and he gives her the present that she really really wanted that she couldn't ask for Butch's baby doll and that's what you hear in this clip and then that basically what's going on is just you got somebody getting something they never asked for the whole parties about that. That's what turns into because it's a real bummer of a party, and he ended the beginning of the scene. You'll hear all the commotion going on. That's thereby playing rock them sock them robots toss across and all these old games after my childhood and then get her heart warmed up from her gift to fill in the ability yes and pretty much the last day.

I have circled around the just want to say it's it really points to Danny's request right. She didn't know her heart wanted a baby doll right check in on the how many things like that are in our own hearts that it was really nice that that made the 18 inch trip and and then you supplied the clip perfectly for well done and I timed it perfectly. If Samet them hosting a misfit. Yeah the professional and what is right in the break.

Without saying a word about the fit so right there you have the gifts that you never asked for and I can remember not too long ago getting that gift from God that I never asked for didn't want to never plan on that gift of salvation that was given me so long ago I didn't know was even given until all is in one day. It was there and again that's that's what I am definitely whether it's this Christmas season are any day of the year. What I pray for every day is salvation for my wife and daughter in my mother-in-law's which are the closest to me. Then there's many others, but those are the ones that every day get in my prayers for no doubt that's what I really really want.

That's that's a call and I not to be left out because he liked pick up myself a little bit that I thought about this and prayed a lot about it and and I and I really know that I'm on this quest and and you made me hurt heard of me speak of it before that there was this guy who lost his wife and and when he did he realize that through prayer he could kinda pick up the phone and call God and after he lost his wife and he was more lonely. He picked up the phone more and more often to call God because he was struggling with the loss and and then he got to the point where he never hung up and and ever since I've heard that at that's that's what I really want to get to that. But you know, I know I'm not there to keep it strictly makes it but I there's a desire they are that that is something that I really really I want to have that kind of relationship always feel like that I never hung up and I and it just breaks my heart and so now they go again and I saw you leaning towards my gym so and by the way, it's your turn. Well, I was trying to save my turn for later. I don't know why that will do it. My first thought was a silly one. And that's how my brain usually operates that one thing I like for Christmas is never here last year I gave you my heart saw everywhere again. But particularly around Christmas Monday and the fifth we had to leave and the fact that I've never heard it.

Six or seven times, and I've heard eight or nine other Christmas carols on the radio this season since the whole bit there. My second thought, which was about me being centered on myself sometimes.

It's been a bit odd, and this was the show we did not long ago, but at that.

I just turned 67 tonight, at least on the oldest guy here and we miss you Harold but I want to finish well and I don't mean that is whenever Charlotte was last and it really is and that I suggested that we do it again and he told me that we'd already done it so that like to finish well with my brain intact to be clarified that some and we were talking about Hebrew during the pre-game chat and that's when it really hit me that for other people. I had my Hebrew professor died early this morning and I read about it from an email there and I know there are a lot of folks out there that are really hurting because of people live lost around Christmas time lost my father in December and that makes it better sleep. Now I know my father is in heaven. So it's okay that that was one of my wounds and all those that are out there wounded.

I'd really like to see God give them healing. This is absolutely and seven and is honest to circle back. I wish that the studio audience or the audience could see this might being swayed back and forth, back and forth as people are trying to find their way towards the microphone but in an effort to get it to Sam oh Rodney, no I just sent this closest.

I grabbed it so along those lines of what you really really want you know besides St. eat. That's what you don't want her Christmas as we go on out.

There's just so many things that we want that we don't even think about a realize we can have. We just need to press into God really search your heart for what those things are that really are that meaningful for you in the season absently working press and further in the after our show mass and and listen the battle ready for the boot camp coming on March 31 through April 3, 2022. So we come back all those people that were passing the Mike get an opportunity to speak. If you list this is the Truth Network

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