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The Prophecy

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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December 14, 2021 12:00 am

The Prophecy

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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December 14, 2021 12:00 am

Is Jesus really God? Look at Isaiah 9:6. Is Jesus going to rule the world one day? Look at Isaiah 9:6. Will Jesus soon receive worship from every man? Look at Isaiah 9:6. Truly, this is the prophecy of all prophecies.

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Bosman loves his wife comes to receiver and she willingly and joyfully responds by giving him the care of her life.

That's the picture I say is drawing this one who will be born is wonderful. His counselor is mighty God is the father of eternity is the Prince of peace, but by the way, he loves in anticipation of seeing him. We put upon his shoulders.

The government of our lives. Capture what you were feeling. The Old Testament prophets like Isaiah foretold the birth of Jesus and although they teach us many things. There are some aspects of Jesus that simply can't be put into words.

That's why Stevens calling this Christmas series and indescribable gift Jesus really is indescribable here on wisdom for the hearts were beginning a series of Christmas messages to help focus your thoughts on the incarnation, we begin today with this lesson called the prophecy here Stephen Devi with today's message. Just drop into a text here or there is a relates to the incarnation of Jesus Christ and so I turn your attention this morning to the book of Isaiah in chapter 9 I think of what Paul wrote in the came to my mind in second Corinthians, where he talked about Jesus Christ being this indescribable gift. He is impossible to describe any money this Christmas season is certainly going to see its share of giftgiving but have you ever thought about the fact that most if not all of the gifts that were going to be giving away our completely describable they can be weighed.

They can be measured. They can be valued, they can be bought, sold, I read in the AP news. Just this past month that somebody gave his sweetheart the most expensive diamond ever sold in history just an auction couple weeks or 59 ^ diamond sold at auction for $83.2 million that is an expensive is expensive or amazing or creative or simple or technologically savvy. These gifts are none of them are indescribable.

They can be measured, valued, package them so they can be defined and described nearly 2000 years ago, a gift arrives for God the father wrapped in shiny stuff, surrounded by modern manure in a feed trough. More than likely carved into the stone side of the cavern near that tavern in Bethel yet to this day.

That gift is called indescribable can place a value upon him. You can only say he's priceless you. You can talk about him, but you can't fully define him. You can sing to him about him, but you you cannot measure his Majesty or his attributes. You. You can love him and serve him, but you cannot come close to comprehending 600 years before the gift arrives as if God says.

Isaiah want to put in the language some term. Let's attempt as it were, which which humans are intended to describe the indescribable exactly what will happen on Isaiah chapter 9 is were given sort of an inkling of this indescribable Messiah. This gift, the son of God and Isaiah in chapter 9 and verse six will give us a list of descriptions look there for to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace. I notice it starts out by letting us know is your child or baby.

This relates to the humanity of Christ God, yet man is also called a son that is a royal nuance to it but also of course reveals his relationship of flesh and blood of the human race is the son of the virgin Mary, but in Scripture will be called the son of man Skinner reveals relationship as the royal Messiah to human history to be called the son of God to reveal his relationship as deity within the tri-unity or the Trinity of God. For the last child is going to be born a son is going to be given but is no ordinary baby is fully human in form and substance. He is royally messianic in purpose and he is fully divine in Essen that Isaiah goes on to give us five descriptions of this little boy's baby who is already come five descriptions of this indescribable drop in here for a few moments this morning and take a look at them first Isaiah refers to him as wonderful, there could be. I believe a comma after this English word in your translation, serving that as an adjective, but is now simply put, he is is wonderful. The text isn't telling us that he's going to do wonderful things and he will say wonderful truths that he will that he will prepare for those who follow the wonderful eternal future and he will know Isaiah is telling us here that that he is he is wonderful. Hebrew prophecy is is not based on flattery. It's based on truth, he really is is wonderful young ladies and young men in my office planning their wedding ceremony have had more than one young bride to be gushing to me.

Oh, he so what.

Give it a few months now. How do wonderful things that I look at him and say do them as often as you can say wonderful things he will act wonderfully on occasion.

Isaiah says this one is consistently unchangeable. A wonderful by the way, I believe this first description could serve as a categorical heading, you could read it to understand is a wonderful counselor is a wonderful, mighty God, wonderful Prince of peace.

In other words, the more you get to know him more wonderful. He become this indescribable gift from God is wonderful only that notice his name shall be called counselor never gives wrong advice. He never has to say. I wasn't aware that issues only backup and give you a little bit of a different direction. Sorry I I gave you bad advice earlier I've done that, but you he never does. He never does when counselor I'm going to say something that might take you by surprise. Every woman in this auditorium needs counseling and all the men said, finished every man in here needs counseling at all the women said that I thought you see guys that I had nothing to do it. The truth is, everybody needs counseling at some point right when counselor for advice if they needed advice.

At that moment the same thing, obviously were all flawed, even as we are train counselors or maybe you are but you probably wouldn't go to somebody who's struggling with the same thing at the same time you do that when probably you and you do with the mechanic a few weeks ago, hopped in the my daughter's youngest daughters Volkswagen bug which means I folded up four times and finally got in there and we took off for the mechanic or card been idling hot, so she turned it on until she put it in gear and with the wonderful mechanic Demetrius. He is in our fellowship, honest, accurate, amazing gentleman. Can you imagine her showing up over there Demetrius's shop and describing the noise to him and then him singing I got the same sound in my car, you gotta do about it. What you think we do, but I'd probably say where's Demetrius and what to be done with his body because that's not we probably drive away not come back to this he never asked somebody that help you solve a problem they have. We would you go to a Christian counselor for marriage counseling before you even got started across the desk of June's Alyssa before we get to your problem. I've got a problem in my own marriage and I need your advice. Probably not. See what Isaiah describes him as counselor is not just describing a good counselor is not just describing a counselor who fixed all his problems first describing someone who ever needs counsel. He is describing the divine advisor who will never need your advice or mine is divinely insightful is maliciously aware of everything about you and me, which is remarkable when you think of coming to him for advice.

You don't even need to tell the problem is like a woman who came to Jesus, you remember that wonderful story in John chapter 4, she comes to the well she's thirsty, which is a metaphor for her life.

She's thirsty she is tired of life.

She is exhausted and it isn't long before the Lord engages her in a conversation and then tells her without her ever offering it. Look, I know you have divorced five-man and right now you're living with experiment number six. She runs back eventually to the village and she tells the people of this statement, see a man who taught me everything I did the whole village of these up to the well see she never explained that he Artie knew it. She can reveal it, but he was aware.

No wonder people would say in John chapter 7. No one ever spoke like this, no teachers in Jesus as they would quote each other. They quote this Rabbi and that Rabbi Jesus would say to them that you've heard this but I say to nobody spoke like that who is known the mind of God and who is ever been his counselor Paul asked in Romans chapter 11 and the answer is nobody, not ever. Not once. Isaiah says let me try to describe indescribable to use names going to be called wonderful because he's wonderful counselor because he is okay is the counselor notice, mighty God's is perhaps one of the strongest descriptions of coming Messiah's deity anywhere in Old Testament prophecy.

He the Messiah, the son of God, will literally be the mighty L in the Hebrew EL in the English language, the mighty L throughout the book of Isaiah. In fact, consistently. Isaiah never uses that name unless he speaking about deity through the L forms the beginning of Elohim email you L Elohim triune God.

The man you all God who happens to be with us.

He is the mighty LC think of that when you picture him lying in a borrowed trough is the mighty L David when he standing before Pilate, that puppets he is the mighty L paying on the cross. That is the mighty L not diminished the mighty God surrenders himself to become the sacrifice for our sin is the mighty God, this baby mighty now. Although Isaiah has given us in authority exhaust or comprehension is not through your also says notice. His name is also going to be called everlasting father, now of all of his titles. This one sounds strange, doesn't it. We don't we don't tend to think of Jesus as father and we don't use that term yet. It's appropriate when understood correctly, we typically refer or reserve that title for God father and Jesus is God the son effect in the New Testament is the epistles described to us in their relationship when it says simply God. We know this referring to God the father. However, this word refers to one who can translate it rules. The agent rules the ages rules all of time the father of eternity to strong decoration of the deity.

By the way, the tonality to stress the text. You don't turn for the sake of time it Hebrews chapter 1 opens enters a conversation going on between God the father and God the son to remarkable conversation and here's what God the father says God the son, but this son SSOT God the father says thy throne of God's everlasting your scepter of uprightness is the scepter of your kingdom on the cross, Jesus said to God the father, my God. He was one of the father is saying, God the son, my God, equal in essence fully divine and mysterious.

The father continues being quoted in Hebrews 1 he says you Lord, because his son, Lord, you Lord laid the foundations of the earth in the beginning and end the heavens are the words of your hands or the works of your hands day the heavens are going to wear out, but you Lord are the same and your years have no God the father talking to God the son Mason to the Jewish leaders.

A nation would be scandalized when Jesus would claim to be God. One of those declarations was when he took the title of God from the Old Testament and attributed it to himself when he said to them, before Abraham was, I am a love that I going the IM was the title God said Moses go tell them my name is I he is the father of eternity, the ruler, you could understand.

It is the originator's the idea of the word father, the originator of everlasting effect on one occasion.

This may help explain it further.

Jesus calls Satan the father of what you remember lines the father of lies. He is the originator of lying. He is the ruler over everything deceitful, so Jesus Christ is the originator. The ruler over eternity is the father of everlasting. The last name. Isaiah ascribes to this coming Messiah is the wonderful term title Prince of peace because of Jesus Christ we can have peace with God. Romans 17 because of Jesus Christ we can have the peace of God, as we commune with him and walk with him. Philippians 47. This phrase here. However, speaks more prophetically than any even the younger generation today. That's because the birth of Christ did not bring peace to planet Earth wake up and read the news. Our world is filled to this day with warning and violence. Jesus Christ himself said, I haven't come to bring peace but a sword. He said in Matthew chapter 10 verse 34 knows how to divide families. Maybe you're living it right now because of your faith in Jesus Christ. Your Christmas is what it used to be that you get around that family table and you are the one marginalize your the strange wacko why because you believe this gospel of Jesus Christ. What happened there's a sword. It embodies the if you're wondering what I thought I gave my life to God and everything we get peaceful talk to some of the older saints around here Jesus Christ might have just turn your life upside down. Jesus promised to his disciples in John chapter 16 you follow me, and you will have trouble see the title Prince of peace, speaks of a time when Jesus Christ will inaugurate his kingdom on earth and have at his first coming. They put the Prince on the cross at his second coming.

We will be there and such a coronation ceremony is Jesus Christ ascends the throne of David in Jerusalem to set up his earthly kingdom.

We can imagine we can imagine is her five wonderful descriptions of who Jesus is.

You might notice that Isaiah slips in at least one thing that Jesus does go back to verse six for less a child is born, to us a son is given the notice I skipped this earlier and the government shall be upon his shoulder. I love this is wedding terminology. This is the wedding terminology of a bridegroom processing with his bride and happy understand we have to do back in the Jewish culture and understand that their marriages were they involved three different stages.

The first stage was called the engagement. This is where a man went and sold all of his livestock emptied his bank account sold everything he owned, including the shirt off his back and bought a diamond ring for Scott Wade.

That's American that's not the Jewish right back to the text are custom, but it was worth that there was an admin 30 in Old Testament times the engagement was actually carried out by the parent. The children were younger because the marriages were arranged. I've mentioned before, we have Roche and his wife from India. They had an arranged marriage. They met by way of phone six months before they were to be married believing families still continue the tradition. Many of them became up to me after the first service as I wasn't sure about his anniversary because I joke with them as I see them in the hallway sure nothing.

I'll ask imagine as an arranged marriage working out for you as a well-rounded 12 year net 12 year they choose whom they will marry and then they learn to love some wonderful wonderful truth and that by the way, but the engagement was carried on by the parents. The second stage is called the betrothal at the Kitty machine that's a ceremony that will be binding to both families.

In fact, at the ceremony bridegroom will, and pay the dowry and older. There are about 12 months away from from uniting but at the ceremony will pay the bridal price, depending on his wealth, he will pay will be in cattle. More than likely it'll be a closing is wealthy, even coinage. The dowry is delivered at this betrothal ceremony to the brides father and the dowry, among other things, pays the wedding expenses is a wonderful custom biblical after the ceremony. The bride and groom are considered married fact even Internet living together, they don't consummate their marriage considered husband and wife. The Kitty machine will last about a year infected so binding that during that year.

If the man dies, the woman is considered a widow in Israel during this year long. The bride is preparing the things that you will need for the household and and in the bridegroom is typically adding on to the father's house is building on edition that's where the live the way they did it. You can immediately see the analogy of prosecutor and soon coming bridegroom. Can't you are bridegroom has already paid the price for his bride marriage has already been arranged. We are already in a binding covenant. We just haven't seen them yet is told us that there is an interval here before we do. Salmon is adding on to the father's house and eventually is going to come and get us and take us there. You have a festivity of the Jews would celebrate about a week, seven days. We know our festivities will take place over seven years. While on earth there's a tribulation. So this is a wonderful analogy to what were expecting and anticipating. But now, when the third stage arrives.

The third stage is called the hoop sounds celebratory then that this is the wedding ceremony. The groom is now making this noisy procession toward the brides family home. Neighbors will join in the bring noisemakers and whatever they'll be singing in and shouting cycling Jesus are bridegroom comes for asters going to be the music of trumpets and the shouting. Upon arriving at the brides home he would he would get her and they would begin to walk back to his home in the beginning of the festivities would take place during that walk home. However, this will rights Isaiah chapter 9 verse six. During that walk home at some point in the brief journey she removes her veil and she drapes it over the shoulder of her beloved, and at that point the crowd will begin to chant a song that has something to say to or about in in English about the fact that her life is upon his shoulders. His shoulder will not bear the ruling of her life.

The government of her life is now on his shoulder. Obviously, the reference here in Isaiah 96 will be the fact that he will rule over all the governance of the world what's lost is the imagery of a husband who loves his wife comes to receiver and she willingly and joyfully responds by giving to him the care of her life she finds in the him her security and her provision and her care. That's the picture. Isaiah is drawing this one who will be born is wonderful. His counselor is mighty God is the father of eternity is the Prince of peace. But, but, by the way, he loves you in anticipation of seeing him.

We put upon his 10th shoulders. The government of our lives. Lord, you rule my life, my trust my security.

My provision, I put upon your shoulders. We cannot fully describe we can fully surrendered to even now place the veil of your dreams hurts hopes longings wishes your plan past say here learn that this bride's on strong showing in learning more wise counsel, mighty God, the originator of the Prince of peace spend more time reflecting on Christ.

This is wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi Stevens in a series called an indescribable gift he's calling this lesson, the prophecy all through December.

We have a special gift for you. This entire series and indescribable gift is available free of charge as a digital e-book for you to download if you want to download a copy of this resource.

Here's what you do go to wisdom when you get to that homepage you'll find a link that takes you directly to this resource. It's absolutely free. All this month. In fact, you can send the link to friends and family members, and they can enjoy this resource as well. Please note that this offer is only available as a digital download. If you need a printed copy. Call us for information. Our website once again is wisdom Please take advantage of this offer and then join us tomorrow here on wisdom

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