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Psalms 119:85 Eenemies Have A Desire To Bury You

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 13, 2021 9:36 am

Psalms 119:85 Eenemies Have A Desire To Bury You

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 13, 2021 9:36 am

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Psalms 119:84 The proud have digged pits for me, which are not after thy law.

With the fifth anointing of the letter Kaf we see the Knowledge that you have an enemy who also has a desire to keep your from reflecting God's Glory as only you can and he knows what he is after, this can help you determine your own glory. Robby shares his story along those lines.

Psalms 119:85

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Treasurers of the hundred and 19.

I find it so amazingly fun and humor section right here for Christmas the hood having everything to do with desire and maybe all you want for Christmas and understanding desire is as it relates to the hoof.

We talked about verse 81 was the wisdom and then verse 82 was the understanding of verse 83 was a counsel and then we did the might verse 84 today we get to do verse 85 which would be the knowledge and here's a piece of knowledge that have to do a desire that is extremely helpful for my perspective, and so as we get to the knowledge verse of the letter hoof which has to do desire it says the proud have dig pits for me, which are not.

After thy law, so it's really cool you would be verse in Hebrew is in all the verses are gonna start with that letter.

Hoof and the idea of dig is actually the first word and that hoof is very clearly in that were dig as it would be the beginning of the verse, but I never realized how digging has to do with desire and here is when you're digging around your ear desiring something right you you know like you would dig for hidden treasure. Which is why were all here studying these verses.

But here we see that somebody also has some desire and then this case is the proud and it would be the proudest of all, that would be Satan, and he is Doug pits for you which are not.

After thy law and this understanding this knowledge that you have an enemy right is throughout the Scriptures, but this is a valuable piece of Internet of knowledge is not only do you have an enemy, but he has a desire he's digging around trying to get you default and he unfortunately not only knows your weaknesses, but he knows your strengths and his mission if he chooses to accept it is to get you to hide the glory that God gave you. In other words, he gave some amazing gifts and he has been working since day one because he fears you worse than you might imagine, because if you begin to reflect God your way more powerful than him right in and so, especially in Ireland.

In that relationship that you have with God.

And so what he's been working on his nose pits that he's been digging is been digging around not only to know get you to fall for you know bait lust. Things like that but he actually has a very specific plan and that is to get you to hide your glory.

In other words, that that you're gonna be shamed in the area that your most gifted and so when you study that and you begin to understand that piece of knowledge you'll see that there is a way that he kinda betrays himself. If you study your life or to see that he is Doug pits for you that were a picture you know to get you to hide your glory.

So in my case, you may verbally affect. We talked about before numbers were talked about my name that I feel like God calls me that he told me was faithful, and so the question is how would you attack faithful and here we are again with a and the idea is betrayal.

And so we talked before about the trail where my girlfriend went on my 16th birthday when out with my best friend and so it was a double betrayal. But actually, as I look at my life. There's time and time and time that I was betrayed and it wasn't long right I was 16, my first marriage I was betrayed by my wife that was in a mental hospital sheet had a relationship or so. She told me anyway and she told her son in front of very bad details of all that went on between her and another person in a mental institution here in North Carolina. It caused me to do some crazy things in a very short period of time, but most of all it it caused me to be unfaithful I and so when you actually are a certain way and you go against your own biggest value, then you have totally betrayed yourself. Kathy was quite effective as I'm sure that that the situations that happened in the next 2 to 3 months led to some horrible betrayals of my son and those wounds are the stuff I can't put back in other words, I did a lot of things that I'm really really sorry for. As a result of being totally betrayed and seeing all. There's just no use in being faithful because look what it's got me you know as the betrayals line up then you you know they they begin to convince you that of the fact that that what you're doing is useless and take away your hope and and so when you betray yourself you really aren't hiding in so many different ways and so maybe in your life and wondering if this piece of knowledge would be really helpful to understand that you're not the only person out there were desires that that your enemy has them too and his desires very specifically to dig pits that are to keep you from reflecting God and that piece of knowledge is is quite helpful as we pray as we think as we try to walk in the glory that God is given us, and use the gifts that we've given and in my case, you help me to realize it when I'm being faithful to somebody was disappointing me and that is that's God's glory. He is certainly been faithful to me in the many many many times that I've disappointed him and and so it's a simple verse, however, is quite profound right to think that wow my enemy is digging pits and and and tells me all the more how much I need to walk with God so he can keep me from falling into those bits and that piece of knowledge is again extremely helpful for my perspective. If you wonder again what where these are coming from Robbie while you talk about knowledge when it has to do with the 85th verse well in Isaiah 11 verses one into you eat you get to see the anointing's of Christ and those anointing's are right, something he brings to the know in every situation. And so, since every word of the Torah is Christ in every letter is Christ, that each of these letters as we talk about the has seven different faces are eight different faces that we get to talk about because her seven anointing's and then there's the miracle verse. So if you go down those anointing's in order it give you a great understanding for my perspective of the anointing of each of those letters to get an idea of what that face looks like. So that's where I got that and it sure seems a lineup for me and is been really really helpful as I you know discern what looks like in this Psalm to be constant repetition is not at all. Repetition, giving us like here this diamond and let's look at it from this thing. Formatting in these different faces. Thank you for studying with me

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