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Kingdom Pursuits Classics - Salimbaa The Lost Instrament

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 12, 2021 6:00 am

Kingdom Pursuits Classics - Salimbaa The Lost Instrament

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 12, 2021 6:00 am

The Salimbaa and Amazing Story


Salimbaa PDF

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Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working getting the stand of the market.

A water buffalo opened. More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that. Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore today on team members. We have patient way the snow and a lot of closing. We thought we'd have fun sharing with you today. No need to call in on the riddle show isn't why so sit back and enjoy this encore presentation of kingdom pursuits you are going to be thrilled with the cast of characters and I do mean characters that we today starting off the character of characters Mr. Adam Draper you may know him as the cohost of disciple magazines teach me to pray.

If you are at the house of prayer you know him is trippy and there's a reason you know I'm a strip because I know it was my attorney originally and so he took his passion for law and certainly use that to build the kingdom for many, but Adam is one of my one of my favorite disciples and he's got such a heart for the Lord and the stuff he is involved with. I'm so glad to have Jan with me today. The pleasure and enemy Christian Car Guy show minute I got talked about how we all have 100 mother's father sisters and brothers will some cases and spent a father to me and several issues of the law. Believe me, in some cases is been a brother to me to share certain things that I can only share with somebody that is trippy as he and I arrived at but to have a brother like Adam is truly one of the gifts that that God has given me to be able to share, but just that whole idea of teach me to pray Adam is a real gift. In a real passion that God has given you the normally where interrupting your prayer time Saturday morning. This is a special time for you interestingly say that Rob is expecting this but that's that's what I finally get the stay back and hang out with the Lord and generally I'll just start praying and 103. Four hours later and so we've got Adam on with us and then we he brought a couple of his friends with us, which are just I mean here this one. The stories you can probably wave it blew me away.

We have Caleb Bierly's with Evergreen world missions and and it's interesting. Caleb God gave your passion for instruments and how that is worked out in your life.

Yeah, it's good to be here with you a yet alleged led me into many nation yes.

Amazing what the Lord's doing these days you hear about a musical instrument of doing all sorts of stuff that that is just going I'm I'm I'm I can blow it for it, but believe me, you're gonna be so glad you get to hear this story and then if you like me have been a Chevrolet El Camino lever for years and years and years.

You can love our next guest Linda Faber as a missionary on her way to Spain and you know I found out this very morning that if you love Chevy El Camino stairs. The good news there is a biblical car because El Camino means the way and so when you think about Jesus that I am the way, I am the El Camino. The truth speaking of El Camino. That's kind of your passion right Linda part of my passion.

That's the centerpiece three divine appointments. First, Austria second Spain and thirdly will be in Israel talking so and in Spain, the El Camino is away and it's it's it has to do with St. James and was the rest of that Spanish that you got it. Help us with El Camino Santiago said tradition where they change that the Bible did ministry and actually die in this country. It's tradition that we are going to walk as much as 800 monitors from the same John in France to Tara Ennis on the coast of the Mediterranean.

So my colleague and I were going to start St. John and walk as far as we can.

Interacting with the other pilgrims. Some of whom do not know the real deep meaning that confuse the weather on the El Camino the way show about Jesus is the way and the truth and that how cool is that. And what I found out this morning for my friend Adam Santiago that that that part of it right is it came from the Sons of thunder. He was the brother of Jesus and James the brother of Jesus, the head of the church in Jerusalem that so but what a Santiago will Santiago is the name for him in Spain see in the 800s he he died that the tradition is that he he went to Spain his life. He went back to Jerusalem where he was martyred. His body was actually buried in Spain. So then he was called. So how do you get from James to Santiago. It's Spanish. My mind is one of those things, but you know that it's kingdom pursuits of his kingdom pursuits. There's got to be a little so speaking of instruments, you got a big pay close attention. Did you know there's a repair shop for Baroque musical instruments. That's the brick really like this I miss my miniature Indian musical instrument practice last night because I couldn't find a baby. The time you notice when you're trying to find a baby start can't go to your practice and so was the last one, which is the complete runners lacking proper proper instruments lacking proper instruments. The surgeon had to reset the bowel using plumber tools. I'm told it was a gut wrenching experience. Adam it's a dirty job but somebody has to tell you you all those shenanigans that yes, in fact, Robbie would have a Ritalin. I do have one today and here's the riddle Shadrach me shack and Abednego were instrumentally challenged by which King in the Bible which King in the Bible instruments okay so Shadrach me shack and Abednego were instrumentally challenged by which King in the Bible's instruments.

They were challenged 86.

What king it wasn't 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH tell us which King. This was an Jim tell what the women probably did win some great prizes from the prize got tickets to listen to him that the Salem Red Sox early on Thursday at 7 PM and so if you're in this area and you want those tickets by all means tell Tim that and will have those for you but if you're in Raleigh or Richmond thinking well I don't know that I want to drive all the way to Winston-Salem. See the although it would be worth every minute we can hook you up with the with the prize package which believe me I have lots and lots and lots of wonderful books and other things from the Truth Network. We would love to send your way. And all you did was tell us Shadrach me shack and Abednego were instrumentally challenged by which King in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87 unsurprising lines are already about the easy one. Today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH will Caleb just to get our listeners going we won't share all the stuff of the story, but God called you in a very unique way to a tribe in the Philippines and this tribe is called the phenomenon and on and on and and and Ottoman yeah the Philippian, but but anyway you tell us the story.

It's so remarkable. Okay, basically a few years ago had a dream and in the dream I saw a tribe of people and I heard the name of this tribe.

In the dream yet and really yeah I heard the name of that one more time here.

I really been in on and then on that you go to find out when we come back this this is really remarkable thing. When we come back and kingdom pursuits +2 dollars kingdom. Today we are so blessed to have Adam attorney cohost disciple magazines teach me to pray Caleb Bierly with Evergreen world missions instruments of glory really and Linda Faber who is on her way to El Camino de Santiago permission to Spain were to find out a lot more about all that. And of course we should point out that if you're interested in what you know connecting with these folks.

You can go to kingdom and find out all about Evergreen world missions see the instruments no find out what's where they're going next donate to the ministry. Pray for whatever you see. Same thing with the El Camino to Santiago, a mission to Spain. It's all now I'm very happy to tell you before we get to the story of the Philippian tonight on you all that is coming in will be long, but before we do that, we've got some letters on the line. You can tell us which King it was Shadrach me. They were instrumentally challenged graves in Durham.

You're on kingdom pursuits good morning I am wonderful. Thanks thanks. Did you ever know anybody play the lyre you're talking about is the Christian car guy I've I played the lyre a few times but anyway who was it that that that was it was the King behind all that instrumentally challenged off report Shadrach me shack that would be you are absolutely right Grace and God bless you.

We are excited to. I guess I wish we were playing the Durham Bulls are what the Durham name your baseball team, famous you know I'm really like. I like more like let college baseball course. The war didn't do too well last week and because they were always get rained out, but you know it was okay. I don't complain much. Okay, we will send you out of the prize package. Thank you for Conan's they got bless you and thank you for the job that you did was so much fun. Thank you all right and we have Bruce's in Fort Leela Bruce must've been thinking Nebuchadnezzar is well in the he didn't know that I couldn't note that for another two or three answers. If I made 28 660 know 348-7884 if you think I'm some mouse. I'm perfectly good, but that I would like to talk to but I know you want to know about the St. one more time for Kate Caleb the and and and and go now man I can say that that's a gift just to be able to say that the pay here in a dream you know I'm thinking you have my full attention. So, okay, yes years ago had a dream and I saw a tribe and in that dream I actually heard the name of their tribe, which is called the Denon on and same time I saw the chief of this tribe come up to the front of all of the tribe carrying a musical instrument, and I am musical. I me I grew up in the music world and instrument builder.

So when I saw this since I kinda zoomed in. In my dream and then F suddenly got the full download all of the dimensions.

Let material sales made out of how many strings how it sounded, how it was tuned everything and then after that I woke up from the dream and I immediately just took my journal and just write everything out and you pictures of the instruments the dimensions and everything which is phenomenal because if you know anybody is ever tuned in instrument knows that you know you could ever guitar in your hand all day long. If you don't know how you know Amy and Jean are supposed to. Sounded kind of worthless yet.

You gotta know not only what it looks like all that, but how to turn it and so how did that.

How did that play out out of God, no pun intended centigrade I know.

Yet after I wrote it all out you know is real interested in this this name in and on yeah and I I researched as much as I possibly could, you know, I looked on Google. You know, I looked at all these different archives different names and different nations. I just could not find that name in an on it was half listening.

That is ever heard before. Yeah and then I also got into my shopping instrument building shop in. I just tried my hardest to make this instrument that I just felt that I just could not figure out exactly how to do everything to make it sound the way that it wasn't a dream that Elana I worked her really hard and it took me about six months. I just unit really focusing on this instrument, and after six months I finish this instrument and and it did sound like in the dream. Yeah, I remember putting the strings on the first time in and just us stroking the note 1st time and I just suddenly tears just fly down my face because it was that same sound I heard Jean that claims then what I research is much as I could and about the sort Denon on and but I really could not find anything that I done a lot of missions were calling different nations all around the world and at that time I was traveling in the Philippines and I was on the public transportation one day and I'll just you know driving out to spend place and they're all these random people in the truck there was not this man across sitting right beside me and him and I just started kind chatting back and forth and it turns out that he's a believer and as I was talking I am weird to talk about Jesus and then suddenly the Lord spoke to me and said I want you to ask that man about the and I was like no I'm not asking this man about in nine I just met this man you know what I would ask a lot somewhere where did I heard in a random Jamie but then I like the Lord insisted assess me so I said I built up the courage and I said okay so I just I said Sir you happen to know in an anion, but as soon as I said that where his eyes got really big. He he leaned in and he said how do you know my tribe while I you know my people and I was like you see in the end, so him and I just started talking and suddenly I happen to have my journal with me that day.

I pulled it out and showed him I said look six months ago I had this dream and he saw that the unit everything that I put in there and he saw that word that I write out in a non-an online is like and so you you he did. He take you to the tribe so to speak in yellow. So I happen after that is Lee. We decided okay. Obviously we prayed about it and felt like the Lord said, go to this. These people and the thing is is that this this tribe is actually a very dangerous it's in a very, very dangerous place, and it surrounded by war camps. It's just not even the Philippines. It still wore yeah yeah there's there's a lot of lot of stuff going on right now in the Philippines that is causing a lot of issues in and so anyway it was. It's a real area outside fire. Now I was in some areas. Anyway, I was prayed about it and I felt like the Lord wanted me to go there and I learned as much from this man about his tribe and basically this this tribe is, I would say cut cut off from from society because of these were cans and there in a mountain range that is really big mountain range in their they live up in the tops of Mount and you would not believe it, that this tribe is a tribe of 100,000 all my words so here's 100,000 people.

You've gotten this dream some nobody's ever heard the word you know that that you knew and now you're you're going to show up in the mountain range. Did you bring the instrument yeah I ended up taking the instrument with me and yet the only way to get there is on a much like motorbike small path going up into the mountains and so we are holding the instrument above our head heads, you know, we're just taking out there three people on one little motorbike you know trying to scavenge across the.

The mountain range in on your way to this war tribe like a harrowing experience but yet I sent you any gaping instrument so so you arrive at the tribe and what have you as though I got into the tribe as soon as I got there just started to see the spaces the exact same faces death on the dream and I was I was like I'd been there before so weird. And then the Lord spoke to me again and he said I want you to take the instrument to the chief of the tribe. And I wasn't even sure if there was a cheap, but we began to ask around and it turned out that there was a chief tribe and we just went straight to his house. We knocked on his door. Basically and this old wooden door wooden house creaked open and there he was the chief of the tribe and he looked at me and he looked down and saw the instrument and it was like suddenly he was scared of it and I said sir how are we going to break the come back to find out what was the ministry and what God had in mind for the two men on the stuff that this is this: what you find out about El Camino's we got Santiago's we got teach me to put we got somewhat coming up so stay tuned. You don't I don't welcome your how God takes your passion and use we have Adam pray for this is one of the host disciple magazine. Pray Caleb Varley with Evergreen world missions instruments of glory and the favor with the El Camino. The Santiago compassion the heart international permission which we find out more about that for all you El Camino lovers out there. When we left our hero Caleb, which by the way, I have to tell you is you you listed about this musical instrument.

If you go to Caleb's website which is linked to kingdom Evergreen world missions. There you see a link that says instruments in this instrument is called a cell in the all that and there's a picture of it. There's a video you can hear the music of it and it it's it's really a pretty spectacular thing. But when we left our hero. He was standing in the war tribe hundred thousand of these folks standing around him.

He's holding this instrument that he saw in a dreamily made out of the dream that he had no idea if it was even really an instrument talking to somebody you didn't even know there was a tribe chief, but he was the chief he opens up the wood door and there is a looked out of the instrument and you said he was here yet. He was the chief was scared and he let yeah I just simply talk to him. He said you know we're coming into your tribe for the first time and we just before we going to different places. We just want to come to you as the chief I just want to give this instrument as a gift and when I when I gave I handed the instrument time. He was scared and he kept staring at it and spend like Asking me where did you get this from an II Talent in just kinda made it into the Asking over and over again.

Where did you get this instrument from and after a while I just said well you know this to be truthful with you.

You know I had a dream about six months ago and that dream I heard for the first time the name of your tribe.

I saw your people and also saw this instrument and I said so what I did is I after the dream I felt like my God gave me this dream and so II made it, and here I am to give you an after I gave it to one. He started shaking his head and he had some other chiefs from that from that same tribe come in and look at it and they shook their heads and as they were looking at it a Same member member and I like that and I was like what Celinda you know and then they set out we have something to show you the they took us back to me and my team back to this area. This little house that's called the house of prayer in their language and not just let you know they have a tribe that they have their own language.

It's their own tribal group.

They are the indigenous people from this area and island to minimum.

Yet in a non-yes you getting closer.

Yeah and so they took me back to the house of prayer in a length and there tribe and when I walked in they had all these different ancient articles from there tribe in there and then on the right side.

They had all these ancient instruments from there tribe dating back hundreds of years metalwork, you know, just all pottery and all this different stuff while there was this one part of the wall that was just blank and they pointed at the wall that blank wall and they said this, there was an instrument that we had hundred and 50 years ago and we had a tribal war and during that time the bill was only one instrument maker that can make this type of instrument.

He died and he never was able to pass that art down and he said that instrument is called the Celinda and it's been lost from and taken any said that we just as the instrument was taken. They believe that the enemy took it away from them. Therefore, one day, they believe that God is a creator, the greatest God is going to read redeemed that instrument back to any said during that time when that instrument comes back to their tribe. That's the time when God is going to be coming back to bring them up into heaven, so this is their net.this is their belief that there is a failure in the legend you're like man you like let out Alice in Wonderland. I am here you are. Think about it. I mean was so it's phenomenal yeah yeah it it is and they said they looked at me and they said we we see US as a messenger from God that God is telling us that he is coming back soon because because as a member you as your share in Jesus. Now with the with the these people you have a testimony looks like, yeah, half of this world, there yeah I need to pay attention and yeah and they ended up like crowning me with with the headpiece of a chief of their tribe and when they did that they said whatever you decide. For our tribe.

We will follow and you know I was just like so humble you know is like, and I was surprised thing Lori, how did you put me place position. How can I lead a nation of 100,000 and then psych went back to the chief and I said if there's anything that I can do my side. What would it be and you would not believe what they say this was the chief said you know if you your people can do anything for us.

If it's anything I wanted to be this I want you to help us translate your book to our language. The Bible the Bible and so you now have a home.

Yeah there Evergreen missions in the moment.

Bill got the call about a monster and email barrier translating. I mean, what a phenomenal thing and then you're seeing the fruit of the Bible coming out of your and these people the warlike situation is that improving at all. The site you said there in a little all these wars yeah was yes. I mean, of course, I mean, whenever this is just such an open door to the kingdom and you know that now that the Bible has been translated into their language there starting to learn like in a biblical values about their life and which just sets things naturally in place and people are starting to love more people are starting to care for each other more, and they were just sick at the same time seeing all these incredible miracles place the same time like there's been an there was a drought that took place for three months straight. No water. And the people just begin to pray for rain and as soon as they started praying unifying. Suddenly just started porn down rain right there on their one spot right there. So I mean is just like God. Jesus calming on Jesus.

Yeah it's what it's like this stuff is you know this the way it's supposed to be yes and God is real, and believe me you can send a dream to a young American about a us of someone once said limbo Celinda to go to the to the, you know, the whole thing but you know interestingly along those same lines were ever lovely to hear God's given a passion for El Camino's know for the trail and emptied until Celinda you got your story were God's given you some special to you and you get a chance to share well this morning I I'm reminded, as Christian that my greatest responsibility is to steer the lovely Jesus along the way like the disciples on the road when they encounter cheese discussing and sharing what had transpired in Jerusalem somewhat were going to do some chum by myself were on ice on Boxee's okay here we go again. She and I are going together and were following John Wesley's rule life to all the good week and by all the means in all the ways we can all the places at all the times we took all the people can as long as ever. We can so that that rule of life is our rule and were going to start in Austria, reaching out to unreached people group called Tibetans which are on her heart.

A been on our heart.

Long-term and then you're in Austria yes and Tibetans in Aust, but these aren't Tibetans they are Tibetans. Yes, but they're in Austria out of the Tibetans get Austria somewhere sent there to further their education and tourism. And they stayed and built a community and they work at the University in Vienna and we have also you have some unreached Tibetan group that happens to be) the sound of music drill.

Yes, it's will spend some time with them and research the refugees community which they are and then after a month of Austria will move on to Spain and to Barcelona and this is where were going to follow. Totally the rule of John Wesley as we walk along the El Camino day Santiago were going to half to Maine? May I pray I never come back. Just spill those right before we so we have one more segment pursuits.

I'm very excited to share what you find out more about Tibetans in Austria and and and and Adam Draper.

Oh my word so much marching, welcome back the passion and uses it to build the kingdom and is always God is this blow me away just blow away with some of the folks that we come in contact here on the show are from all the world and and Caleb barley is certainly one of those folks that you just have to go well well I mean, I'm so glad I did not miss this here how God's working today around the world and again his his Evergreen world missions is there kingdom you can see, the instrument is talking about the Celinda and all those things you can hear it play the music is beautiful, all that stuff I kingdom as well as the El Camino.this NPR go the compassionate heart international ministry what's going on without him. We left our hero there.

There were two important things that we gotta share well were you know we are El Camino so what are those two things well first we bathe this entire mission outreach and prayer and that being said, the two main questions are one main statement we are people of prayer and as we walk along this pilgrimage with these pilgrims were gonna join up with individuals and work in the same way. People prayer, may we pray with you and for you and opens the door to people sharing where they are whether they are lost when they date their worshiping another God within different even and so as we walk and talk working to share Christ's love the heart of Jesus to compassionate heart international and we need your prayer because feet are important to know. Blessed are the feet bring good news and we lost all heard about blisters getting the proper shoes but the main thing is our hearts to Jesus hired Sherry Cox and so Adam and I would certainly heard from Caleb and referred from Linda, but I'm a Christian Car Guy shown even at the beginning of the show I mentioned in Mark 1029. There I got to give you hundred brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers think the people that God is put in your life since you have the joy of investing in the kingdom of any way shape or form and then for you. You gotta tell the connection between the house of prayer in the house of prayer and all the Caleb and all that stuff is for you there's there's all kinds of connections here and things that only but really you can share with others a house of prayer and end in High Point and Jamestown and I have been going out there for it so is a Christian rehab facility and a lot of the guys are have been addicted to heroin or alcoholism in, and all kinds of things and so I I have been meeting with them on Thursday nights for a long time and just sharing with happiness of God just and in basically what it is, is this guy's alcoholism. The heroin is it is a symptom. It's not issue the issues paying the issues is the despair Jesus is the answer. Come on, do you want happiness is happiness.

God is happiness and lives are changed when that place is awesome.

So you are what you do is you teach them to pray. I do them in the part of the way does that on the cycle magazine. He has a segment is coming up today at 1230. You can hear it on teach me to pray this can be stopped or what is not interesting two years before the dots think it's amazing the prayer is what led to Caleb's adventure yeah but also prayer is what is going to make a difference in the phenomenon of the mama right phenomenon, but it has prayer. This can make a difference on the El Camino busy on the growing up in the Tibetan Austria and down and in Jerusalem which we can even get to that yet Linda but that's all part of the privilege that, but you're going on but that's the point if we bring Jesus in prayer into our moment is all we have is this one exactly I got this one.

Jesus may come back and do more for good.

But right now if I bring them in to this one where may he send me making an instrument of that's my passion but you can't find it more than cool that he's been teaching Caleb how to make instruments or whatever and then he gives him the stream and he gives on this mission and he gives him a man to talk to any just walks with them every single minute. But the thing he can't help but notice and Caleb stories he was living with God in the moment and he was listening to that moment is is everything is in it because you like CS Lewis said God is is infinite so his consciousness is his eternity singularly good, but ours is going somewhere like him is in the moment were conscious so giving that moment to him at all times is our connection with him and he takes that in the Holy Spirit changes lives through this moment this this instant connection with doing that through this is to show the title of the show is kingdom pursuits because I was gonna take your passion in other words what it is that he's been building in your desire for making a musical instrument or desire for the law or understanding those complex ideas or a desire for different people group or a desire to find out about the Spanish Trail.

Whatever it is that he's given you this you know that was a gift itself and add kingdom purpose in mind and he's got this really cool adventure force, but here's something that I just want a thing as we were hidden in the Father's Day we can. It's just no fun to go fishing without that yes I'm telling you, that for me and my father taught me to fish on the part about my earthly father go fishing with my dad.

There's just there's nothing like it, but it's the same thing man we got a chance and we leave out here in a few minutes or with our next moments where we go. If if if we do it as a shared adventure with the Trinity source allotment of Jesus, there's always grippers. The father got them all. And here we go and were going out on the shared adventure. I can promise you listening everybody right now you take your favorite moment in your entire life and I will bet the farm. I'll bet the farm that was shared with people that you really love and your father, your heavenly father is dying to share the thing that you love to do is not your fishing.

It may be making musical instruments.

It may be no walking whatever he's trying to do that with you and part of the way that that happens, we call it prayer Adam but it's really just kinda hang about yeah he's he's God.

He loves us and in the kingdom of God is within us and so discomfort or the Jesus said hey you want this you want this you want this other comforter come is within us and we connect with all eternity all the time that that's our God is who we are. It's what he is. He's a good father he loves us.

He changes everything he wants us to have Jesus came that we have life and have it more abundantly.

Now it's always now in a circle limit, as I think about the one thing we did not talk about yet is Israel and we know there's something almost everybody I know that just have a thing for Israel.

I love it. I want to go to Israel. I'm jealous that you get to go to Israel, but share with us what would God's gift.

We have a lot of people Israel or not just the messianic's dose her seeking the real meaning of life as we walked the Jesus trail.

We want share Jesus HELOC to be praying on the Via Dolorosa of the same similar way know that's not the bill Delarosa it's a trail from Nazareth to Capernaum and we meet other pilgrims there share the love of Jesus and where questions question survey going on.

I have Caleb as you leave out, and you go back to try it anymore. What would you like a roaster snow.

I would just you know I'm just really trying to get the word out for prayer or this tribe within and on because God is doing a lot of work in this nation. He's doing a lot of things. It's not just by what I will translation, but many just pray for God's kingdom come, and to be established and think about warfare that's involved in this Adam how much this prayer is needed.

This right, we got this off and leave the door open the Bible's going to get translated but Satan is aware of this and that is going to come after that right by me is a link about this is an opportunity to pray for protection for Caleb for his ministry for the for the resources to do what he is doing all you intercessors out there think about this. We wrestle not with flesh and blood. The Lord spoke about this. Come on, it's important this is warfare and in we go before the throne and our prayers matter thing matter we go before before dad. We go, dad look what they're doing.

This is your gospel.

This is the good news getting spread help send your angels you know it's it's all hands on deck. Kevin hears that come on you know it's important all you intercessors out there. Come on, you heard the message. The pain puts it on your heart the same thing for Linda and her trip to Austria to meet the Tibetans that are lost to El Camino to Santiago about the trip to Israel you know should as she said if God is with her and and there will there, there's gonna be some attacks, there's gonna be a hearing on and there is an enemy and is afoot. And one of the things that we God gave us the ability to be warriors, men and women stand up and intercede for these wonderful man. I am so thankful that you listen to this exciting venture today.

If you get to hear it all the courses will be a podcast post power kingdom to find out about every mission parts compassionate heart and all their cars like real exciting now. Stay tuned the mask when journey starts here about 12 o'clock followed by 1230 disciple magazine with Adam Frank, thank you for listen

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