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The Lamb and the 144,000 - Revelation 14:1-5 - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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December 4, 2021 2:00 pm

The Lamb and the 144,000 - Revelation 14:1-5 - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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December 4, 2021 2:00 pm

In interpreting Revelation, we must determine the scene and time of activity. Perspective is very important. Some think the events of Revelation 14 are taking place on earth while others say the scene is in heaven. This greatly impacts interpretation / perspective. If on the earth, chapter is a flash forward to the end of the Tribulation. Chapter 14 is what we call a parenthetical chapter – explanation of things outside of order of events. We saw Antichrist and false prophet in chapter 13, here we will see the Lamb on Mount Zion.


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Welcome to God, committed to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life the window in the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let's join Wayne see Thomas for today's message when interpreting the book of Revelation, we must determine the time and season of activity because the perspective that we have. Please a huge role in how we interpret events perspective is very important, as many of you know, just a few days ago we heard the news of DayStar television network cofounder, Pres. and CEO Marcus Lamb, who passed away from complications related to cobra 19. It was interesting when I saw the headlines come through the headline of the report from church which is a Christian media outlets stated anti-VAX Christian broadcaster Marcus Lamb dies of Cuba, 19, and I thought to myself, that's that was very unflattering to me. That was a mocking headlines to refer to him as an anti-VAX or what you see on the DayStar network. Dave ran numerous programs over the past year to give people information concerning COBIT 19 vaccine so the people could make an informed decision. And so I expected there to be naysayers are expected there to be markers when the news broke of his passing a matter fact it already started. Even when the news came out of him to be hospitalized with with COBIT 19 but to see it from again Christian outlets, it is troubling because with all of this man has done in fulfilling the great commission in starting his network that is carry the gospel throughout the world. I just feel they could've honored him but instead received the reference to him being an anti-VAX sword brought to mind. Philippians chapter 1 verses 20 through 21, which tells us so now also Christ will be magnified in my body whether by life or by death. For to me to live is Christ into dog's gain. This text lets us know that Christ's for the believer can be magnified throughout a life or through our death and the apostle said to live means that he could continue to share the gospel with the world, but to die means he's going to wait to be with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

That's why he went on to say in verse 23 have a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. How many of us can honestly say that we look at death as far better departing this life and be with Christ as far better than living in the sea and darkened world and that is why people can have a do not resuscitate requests when they're in the hospital because they know their mission is completes and so they're ready to go be with Jesus Christ. That is why those in the early church could allow themselves to be fair to lions and theaters because they knew that in their death Christ you will be magnified and yet they would go to be with him to live for eternity. As I was reading this report I saw someone put in the comment section that my people perish for lack of knowledge, but we have to understand folks that Marcus Lamb is not Paris Marcus Lamb has eternal life using the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. But you see carnal people are in love with life on this earth but Marcus Lamb had convictions. He had concerns and he wanted to share with people that the possible dangers of taking those shots and see you have to understand that he he had a pre-existing condition. He was diabetic and so there's no guarantee that the shot would have even saved his life. But you see carnal people that are in love with this world. It reminds me of John chapter 12 verse 25 he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life, and then first John 215 says do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world the flow of the father is not in him.

That is why pastor friend of mine that I spoke with last week you told me that COBIT 19 is really revealed how much people even in the church. Fear death and out. I could not agree with him more because we see that people look at death as the worst thing that could be before the believer in Jesus Christ. That is not so and Marcus Lamb passed away at 4 AM and they had a program that was already scheduled to air live just a few hours later at noon Eastern time and so they went on with the program and I was amazed at the stress and when I say they are mean Marcus his wife, his his kids and their spouses. They all are all part of the host of the program so they went on with the program and the guess that was there for that day when he came on. He said today.

I am happy for Marcus, but I'm heartbroken for you all and what he meant by that is he's happy for Marcus because Marcus is finished the race, Marcus is now in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Marcus is now full field and reach the ultimate goal, they should be for us all, and that is to be with our Lord and Savior for all of eternity.

But he was heartbroken for the family because he knows that they are are grieving their morning. Not because of Marcus being lost, but because simply, there is a temporary separation in the relationship, but because we are believers in Jesus Christ, even for the family they can find joy and happiness and have peace that piece of the Bible says surpasses all understanding.

Even in light of the death of a loved one, because we know they've gone away to be with Jesus Christ so phones we as believers must have the right perspective, it doesn't mean that we just live our lives recklessly and we just aimlessly walk out into the street and say well I'm not afraid to die because I'm going to wait to be with the Lord know we are to live our lives to fulfill what Jesus has called us to do. He said occupied until he returns. So we take care of our bodies and we we we go to doctors and we would do things to keep ourselves healthy.

But when faced with something that's you have a conviction about and you say okay my time is now up there. We should have the right perspective ignore that we are going away to be with Jesus Christ.

So having the right perspective is what we need, but again folks there so many today that are so fearful of death, and as believers in Christ.

That should not be the case so as we come to Revelation chapter 14.

Again perspective is so important but also missing the events of this chapter taken place on earth, while others say the singing is in heaven. So this has a great impact on one's interpretation, one's perspective because if this is a scene on earth.

Chapters in a flash forward to the Ian of the tribulation is like movies today. They use flash forwards and flashbacks were God was doing it long before they ever thought of it in Hollywood. Chapter 14 is what we call it a parenthetical chapter is an explanation of things outside of the order of events, we saw the Antichrist and false prophet in chapter 13 and here we see the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, to turn your Bibles if you will to Revelation chapter 14 and today were looking at verses one through five. Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion with him 144,000, having his father's name written on. Therefore, his, and I heard a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters, like the voice of loud thunder. And I heard the sound of harpists playing their harps. They sang as it were a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders and no one could learn that song except the hundred and 44,000 who were redeemed from the earth. These are the ones who were not defiled with women for they are virgins. These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever he goes. These were redeemed from among the NBA firstfruits to God into the land and in their mouth was found no deceits, for they are without fault before the throne of God's family father would not allude what a privilege it is that you have provided us with this word.

And Lord, we come today to hear what it is that you have to say to us here in this 14th chapter of this great book.

The book of Revelation is my prayer that all things are spoken there to be nothing but sound doctrine. May you be honored and glorified in all things in your name Jesus we pray. Amen. We see a sharp contrast between chapter 13 and chapter 14 we go from seeing the depravity on earth, to the glory of the Lamb on Mount Zion. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Lamb.

We look in the Old Testament, we found that they had to provide sacrificial lambs that were needed to cover CN under the old covenant, but Jesus Christ came in he was and is the ultimate fulfillment of the sacrificial lamb. That's what we referred to him as the Lamb Capitol Hill. He was the perfect one. He is the perfect one, he is God Almighty God in the flesh, God the son, and so he came as the new covenant, and that is the way by which we now can have eternal life. And then as we look at the reference to Mount Zion. That is one of two places in Scripture is either the earthly site in Jerusalem or it is the heavenly Jerusalem.

Keep in mind that Jesus Christ will not be on earth during the tribulation. Therefore we know again that this scene is either a flash forward to the end of the tribulation when Jesus will come back to the earth, or it is a scene in heaven without a description of the heavenly Mount Zion in Hebrews chapter 12 verses 22 through 24. When you have come to Mount Zion into the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem to an innumerable company of angels to the general assembly and church of the firstborn were registered in heaven to God, the judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant into the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel. So again, the big question in this chapter is is Jesus in heaven here, or is he on the earth. We are first introduced to a group of 144,000 in Revelation chapter 7 that purpose will be to minister during the tribulation and they have a special seal of God. So the question is are these the same.

This is a point of debates. Most assume that these are identical to the 144,000 of Revelation 7, then some argue they are not the same as the 144,000 from Revelation chapter 7 what is so important as again I state that we need the right perspective because perspective helps us to understand what it is that God is trying to show was what it is that he wants to convey with this picture of the 144,000, and they are rejoicing with our great Lord you're listening to Brian on God for more wine please visit God not or browse our library materials.

There you'll find articles and messages available as MP3 downloads on various topics such as salvation. There lesson is just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit our web store visit God. One thing I can say is 100% certainty is that this 144,000 is not the Jehovah's Witnesses nor the Seventh-day Adventist that claims to be the 144,000 is nothing but doctrines of demons so we can dismiss that right away but in his book, Revelation Vale, Tim LaHaye argues that the 144,000 and Revelation 14 are a group of Gentile Christians who have been converted during the tribulation and who have served the Lord with distinction before experiencing martyrdom that he administered this interpretation puts him in the minority among commentators this evening.

Revelation 14 LaHaye says portrays 144,000 men standing on Mount Zion with Jesus and contends that since the scene takes place in the middle of the tribulation, meaning the way in which it is laid out in the Bible in the book is midway through the book and since Jesus would not be standing on Mount Zion in Jerusalem at that time the reference to Mount Zion must be a symbolic reference to heaven. So he concludes that these are Gentiles who have died for their faith, who are now in heaven with Jesus. Well I admire and respect Dr. Tim LaHaye's modifier had the privilege of meeting him several years ago but is much as I admire him how to disagree with him on this one. I do not believe that these are Gentile Christians that we see here this chapter, I do believe that these are the same 144,000 Jews that we see from Revelation chapter 7, but in contrast to the view that Tim LaHaye holes. As I stated earlier, others believe this chapter is a flash forward to the into the tribulation and not in the middle of the tribulation ran to keep in mind that Revelation is not chronologically written, and I had someone ask the question when am I going to teach it in chronological order and to that I say will God is wiser than I am. He is smarter than I am. He's all-knowing. He's the supreme being and God laid it out this way in the Bible for reason that I don't know exactly what that reason is. But I go along with God and so I am presenting it in the way in which it is laid out in the Bible but it could be here to assure readers that after the introduction of the beast in chapter 13 and how would details how how bad things are going to get with the Antichrist comes to power it could be a reminder that Jesus Christ will still try note in the union. Jesus Christ will still be victorious in the end because our Lord is going to return to reign in Jerusalem on Mount Zion and he has preserved 144,000 through the tribulation and he is seen celebrating with them. They will be like the Hebrew men who survived the fiery furnace in the book of Daniel in this 144,000. We found they were introduced at the beginning of the great tribulation. The last half in Revelation chapter 7, but here are seen victorious at the end of the great tribulation that is the contrasting view to this being a scene in the middle of the tribulation, but I think if this were a different 144,000 from those mentioned in Revelation 7. I think the text would tell us so.

What I find interesting is that when we look at Scripture. Satan is the ultimate copycat because God places.

Mark on the 144,000 in chapter 7 as protection and to display that they belong to him and then will we find a Satan comes along.

In chapter 13 with what is 666 Mark for those who declare allegiance to him.

And so we see that God places his mark on those that belong to him. But then we see Satan also against mimicking plan copycat to God. Now as I look around at our churches today. We are called up many of us in denominations and I have the question of why use that because there are those who are of the Baptist denomination essay. They say there will the Baptists are the closest doctrinally speaking to the Bible. And then there are those that say no with the Methodist and then there are those that say no was Lutheran, and so on and so forth, folks. These are not the names.

These are not the marks that show that we belong to God, we should be only concerned about one name and that is the name of the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob should get caught up in these things that really are not of the faith and then as we look at verse two. John writes in I heard a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters and like the voice of loud thunder will look at Revelation 115 refine his voice as the sound of many waters and then Revelation 45 says, and from the throne proceeded lightnings, thunderings, and voices. God never been to the Niagara Falls. But I have talked with people who have and they say that the sound of the rushing waters is is deafening is so loud that you can't hear the person next to you so that is the description here of our God's voice as the sound of rushing waters and then it says this is voices like the sound of loud thunder so district shows his power. The power and the voice of God in the text doesn't tell us what it is that God says to this 144,000 but I imagine maybe God is declaring well done good and faithful servants.

I will know about you but I look forward to that day when I will step into his presence and I would hear him say will done good and faithful servant.

Is that something that you are looking forward to is that something that you you can have an assurance that will take place because you are living in total fulfillment to what God is calling you to do because he's given us all talents.

No, maybe you can't sing like Andre Crouch and and maybe we can't preach like Billy Graham but he's given us all gifts and talents. He expects us to use those talents to to maximize those talents for his kingdom and in doing so we will hear those words good and faithful servant. So have you done that in your life. Can you say that you are totally maximizing the gifts the talents and abilities that God is giving you so that you can hear those words when you step from this life into eternal life. But as we look at the scene again I think that if this seems in heaven does not seem that John would feel the need to say he heard a voice from heaven, and then we see the reference to harps, harps of ultimate called the instrument of heaven and indicates that there those who specialize in playing harps just like we have in our churches today. Those who specialize in playing the piano ward with the guitar and this is why so many falsely believe that we will float on Clausen heaven playing harps for eternity but nowhere does the Bible say that that is the case with the Bible does say in Revelation 5 a is that the elders have harps.

And although the scene and is on earth. Perhaps the elders join the union from heaven. Cells become the first three refine before the throne before the four living creatures and the elders know this implies the scene is in heaven, and now it if it sounds like I'm sort of straddling the fence as to whether the scene is in heaven on earth will I confess that I am because it is tough to decipher. I will admit that, but the key things that we did the understanding that Jesus Christ in the 144,000 are victorious in their celebrating. That is what really matters, but as we look at this text. Some believe this points to a need tribulation rapture thinking the seventh trumpet of Revelation 11 is when all believers are called up to heaven, and in light of that, Jesus is seen reaping believers from the earth.

Later in this chapter. In verses 14 through 16 which we will get to in the weeks to come. But you see the problem with this theory is that nonbelievers are seen being reaped and destroyed. Later in this chapter.

In verses 17 through 20, which we know does not occur until the end of the tribulation. So how do we explain this implication of the scene in heaven where the seam is on earth.

Perhaps their praise takes them right up before God before his throne.

See what we come together and we give praise and worship to our Lord is taken right up to heaven.

That is why we have that same when praises go up. Blessings come down, and I want to encourage you today to learn to give praises to God. What I mean by that is, start doing it.

If you're not already a let it come from your heart to give praise and worship to him. And, you know. I hate to put labels on people because I think a lot of that has been done to the detriments of the people in society because we tend to like to put labels and categorize people, but it is true that there are some people who are more outgoing than others. That is there. Those who who have a a more expressive type of personality. And then there are those who are morally more reserved they don't don't talk a lot of they don't express themselves as much in that I would tend to fall into that category.

And early in my Christian walk. I did have some some trouble with outwardly expressing worship and praise to God in a public church setting. I could do it privately but publicly because I struggle there because I was worried about what people might think what people would say in it and that I didn't look right or didn't sound right but you know as I've matured in my walk with Christ and is my relationship with him has become more and more personal, more and more intimate and as he's taking me through the storms as he's taking me through trials.

He's been there for me through the pain and what I think about the fight he died for my sins so that I could have eternal life. He stood in my place, and now I can have eternal life because of what Jesus did for me is no longer difficult for me to lift my hands in adoration to my Lord is no longer difficult for me to clap my hands to give him praise and to give him honor to give him glory, because he's deserving of its and so I would encourage you today. Anyone who has that struggle to just look at it as a personal relationship between you and him block everything out this around you and and and and I heard someone say you know the Bible says we are to make a joyful noise into the Lord and although not all of us were given the gift of seeming including yours truly. And it reminds me of a time in which I was invited to to speak as a guest at a church a few years ago and whenever I I'm invited to go somewhere I have a mobile recording device that I used to record the sermon so that I can later uploaded to our ministry sites. So during the sermonic selection III pressed the record but it buttoned with it in my pocket and so it was recording and I'm I'm singing along with the choir prior to going up to speak. So later that evening I got home and I went back to review it and I heard myself sinking and I thought wow, I sound horrible worse than I defaults but you know as I thought about that. The thing that came to mind was for those of us that her parents we have children and in our children go off to school and they come home with the drawing of the family and would you look at it, you can't tell whether the characters you was the family pets but because it came from your towel because it came from the heart. You love it you would door it you cherish it and you you posted on your refrigerator or maybe at your office. You posted on the wall for everybody to see because it came from the one that you love and that is how it is when it comes to God. Maybe were not the best seniors in the world. Maybe we don't have the best rhythm to clap and beat maybe we can do this. Maybe we can do that but because we are giving praise and worship and adoration to him. He loves us. He cherishes those those times he honors that he loves it and so that is why we are to give praise and worship and honor to our great Lord.

So I would encourage you today just like this 144,000 are doing. They are singing praises to our Lord. They are lifting their voices to him there given adoration to him because he is worthy of all the glory. He's worthy of all the honor he is worthy of all the praise and what we find is there given a special recognition, especially where they have the special song that only they will know they are redeemed from the earth for all of us redemption by faith in Christ is the qualification of being in this group. So this 144,000.

They are redeemed from among the nonbelieving Jews. So for us today. We should give praises 12 Lord for his redemptive power to give praises to our Lord because he came and died for our seniors is worthy of all the glory. He's worthy of all the praise he's worthy of all the honor. So again, if you are one who does not like to give praise and corporate worship. Something special happens when we all get together posted just a foretaste was going to happen in eternity. Imagine we all get together and you talk about all the believers in Christ who have lived for all of eternity. We all come together and we give praise and worship to our Lord, how great a scene that will be Celeste are practicing now, but don't practice it as if it's a routine we do it because it comes from our heart we do it because we are thankful to him because we love him so we are to lift our voices. We are to clap our hands. We are to give praises and adoration to our great Lord for all the great and wonderful things that we hear he is done because if it were not for him. We will be hated to eat eternal damnation, and therefore he is worthy of all the glory. He's worthy of all the honor he's worthy to be praise you can think of the Bible blame God for Brian and I first was a right protected under our copyright is until next time great nation of Israel first picking

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