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Psalms 119:77 - Born Again Yud

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 1, 2021 9:21 am

Psalms 119:77 - Born Again Yud

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 1, 2021 9:21 am

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An amazing thing that Mercy in Hebrew is connected to the womb - as we are The Hands of God, (The Yud) after we are Born again. Robby shares an affliction story

Psalms 119:77

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Hidden treasurers of the hundred and 19 we get to dig around in verse seven 719 Solomon the can't help but note that 77 is a really cool so this is the fifth verse in the you should section with your meaning. The little it means a lot are the hands of God and and of course with it being the first, the fifth verse, excuse me, with it being my fifth verse, it would line up with the anointing of knowledge which I think you'll see where does that very nicely and again is all connected back to the affliction that he had in you know you talking about in verse 75 that is, he was afflicted in faithfulness and yesterday we talked about merciful kindness today were going to get to a different kind of mercy, but I hope you know is you looking over all the number 77, a significant and clearly you know the fact that this is that you could, it's going to have to do with the anointing of knowledge when it comes to the hands of God here so really really cool so this verse reads in English. Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live for thy law is my delight and the neat thing this this word tender mercies is significantly different than the merciful kindness yet because you see this word, mercy, and in both verses. You will be yesterday's verse in today's verse but this mercy is significantly different than the lovingkindness of the merciful kindness which is Hasid. This mercy that were talking about today rep. Tom and is really really really the tender mercy is a really really cool word and you and I hope you will never forget it like I never forget it because the word itself means one room and interestingly it's a masculine noun and and when. So when you see something in the Bible somewhere where it says his bowels will move for him that the idea of mercy is coming from that place, but the word literally is womb and so that connection.

I think you'll see has to do with being born again and and so when thy tender mercies. In other words, when you when God puts his womb over us that we may live right head and then he says, for thy laws.

My delight leg again a picture of when you're quickened, you know the law is Jesus, and so clearly it is you know your delight and it's all part of the package is your born again and so I hope you see the significance of this is like all my goodness, the knowledge that the word is God and you know when it was with God and all that is is phenomenally important to the idea being born again.

So here is is afflicted and and he's talking about now that he wants to be in the will again literally and and and that he would live in and be quickened. The cool thing is when you read that verse their witches again.

The knowledge verse of the United when you get down to verse 92, which were will study later on, which is in the lament section which has to do with a heart. It he makes the connection again to these two concepts considers the 92nd verse which says unless thy law had been my delight, I should've perished in my affliction certain see you see how he is doing that in in both situations, so you know again when you do that you can't help but think aware that this happened in your life Robbie at some point in time and I can clearly say I don't know if you've experienced it were at some point in time. You are being afflicted and you really went to the word of God and it completely quickened you.

In other words, it completely brought you back to that place of being the beloved son of feeling like you're back in God's grace for this you know when I have told you before that I had this brain abscess it happens is probably a result of the lymphoma that I was struggling with them and they did a brain biopsy and when they did that.

It got a staph infection about staph infection went to my brain and is true I nearly died from Madden you know when I talked about the few episodes ago when I was told that the you know if this particular antibiotic didn't work that you know you wouldn't see tomorrow about experience had gone on for some time in this infection that was spreading in my brain. You know I was deep in the word of God and so is really really cool to me that that Bible that I was using at that time I had a red marker when I was in the hospital so the Psalms and the things that I was studying as I was clearly in this position of of affliction. You know I highlighted in red and you know have red markings all over them while you will see some for me it's really really cool. The 38th Psalm King David refers to it as a remembrance, or as a car, which has to do. You might remember we did the whole Zion section, and you might remember that throughout the design section.

He kept on saying you know. Remember thy word on that. I serve in them. And remember, remember, and not unlike the thief on the cross, remember me when you go in your kingdom. Well, the 38th Psalm is a remembrance that same idea of the car the same. I think deal that Jesus was using it when he gave us the Last Supper, he said.

Remember, you do this in remembrance of me. It's it's is the car and it's really really a beautiful thing. I did not know that at the time that I was afflicted the appeal. This was years and years ago as $19 2000. It was the year 2000 and so United know Hebrew at that point in order to have a clue other than I knew that this Psalm is very dear because it talked about his wounds festering in him being far from God and all these kind of things and so when we look back at this one you know during those times when I was in deep affliction. And if you look at the end of that Psalm. David says be not far from me, and I remember how precious that is to have this remembrance that God is with you in these afflictions and and so many times it will show up or you'll get these God hugs but in this case the tender mercies is literally being in his womb, which is surrounded by water, which is the way that word ends.

It ends in the memo in order to do a whole study on them later on. But the cool thing is the water is in the womb right and when you look at the word mercy that is used in this particular verse this mercy has everything to do without the harm which that Rahall met memo sound at the end is the water that we all get to enjoy as we get people to thank you for studying this.

Again, this is a place where I spend a lot of time on the 77th verse again the idea of being is interesting how knowledge of this idea quickens us into an understanding of of the car. Of that he's right there with us

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