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Principle of First

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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November 28, 2021 7:00 am

Principle of First

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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November 28, 2021 7:00 am

Pastor Robert explains the significance of "firstfruits" and why we offer it to Godbefore anything else.

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Pastor Robert, thanks so much for joining them were about halfway through Pastor Roberts extend beyond I'm your host Patrick and I'm here with my cohost Jeanette hey everyone will get beyond my theory is equal to Pastor Robert knowing that enlightenment states that the lamplight a lot of left life is all about gender this new theory focuses on stewardship and I'll tell you what it has been a great series. We learned about how stewardship and generosity go hand in hand what it means to live blessed in that giving is really all about your heart in this message. Pastor Robert gives us three principles that will help us to understand why God needs to be first in her life, and I find so let's jump right so today I want to share with you not know this may shock you will about psych. I want to share with you the most important principle that I could share with believers.

Obviously, most importantly, I could share is the gospel is that Jesus Christ came to save the lost. But if you're a believer.

This is the most important principle like a ship and it's called the principle of first and it's about putting God first in your life. But since Jesus says where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. I want to talk about putting God first in your finances because we first in your finances. These first in your heart.

Let me say that again where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. So be first in your finances in these first in your heart and so many people don't relate to and I think a lot of people think.

Yes, God first in my life but he's not first my finances will we have a problem there going to show you in Scripture how important this principle is right. So going to be mainly Exodus chapter 13 and Exodus 13 verse one says then the Lord spoke to Moses, say consecrate by just being set aside to me, all the firstborn whatever opens the womb among the children of Israel, both the man and beast. This is a very important phrase yet even as my motors.

It is my properties. What you say it belongs to me, then verse 12 a chapter 13 it says that you shall set aside set apart to the Lord all that open the one that is every firstborn that comes from an animal which you have the males shall be the Lord's, but every firstborn of a donkey you shall redeem with the Lamb will talk about that statement.

And if you will not redeem it you shall break its neck. In other words, you gonna lose it anyway that's what a lot of people don't understand if you don't return to top the type to God. It still leave in your account. It's going out your you're not going to get keep it's your Gottlieb to lose and all the firstborn of man among man of your sons you shall ready so I have three principles with you guy that I want to share.

Here's the first one, the firstborn must be sacrificed or redeemed, the firstborn must be sacrificed really know what I'm doing is I'm taking something that's from the law. We understand this is from the law but were trying to figure out what the principle is behind this. Why did God say this in verse four in the first place, and how does it apply to us. So the firstborn must be sacrificed to relate but how do you know which one I mean, it says you have to sacrifice it all, you have to redeem how do you know whether sacrifice it or redeem you know because God gave to animals that are exemplary of two classifications of animals.

He gives a donkey and a lamp, a donkey is exemplary of unclean animals. A Lamb is exemplary of clean animals exemplary just be an example and so if you're you hung up on network.

It's an example, a donkey is an example of an enclave, a Lamb is an example of a claim that okay so here's how you know if your animal like a sheep has a couple has the firstborn you have sacrifice to God.

It belongs to God is what he says.

It's my if your unclean animal has a firstborn you have to redeem it.

The word redeem means to buy back because God owns it. You have to buy back or redeem it with the sacrifice of a clean animal Valerie say that one more time because in a moment you're all going to go all okay everyone, your practice cannot I so if you have a clean animal and it has is firstborn you have to sacrifice firstborn clean have to be sacrificed.

If you have an unclean animal it has to be redeemed with the sacrifice of the flight deck. So what in the world. Does that mean for us today will assist think about it. You and I when we were born into this world spiritually speaking in our spiritual state before God. Were we born clean or unclean unclean right because we were all born in sin is what the Bible says they all came from Adam. We are born in sin as a matter fact I can prove it by asking the experts here who are parents if you're a parent you're an expert at this day. Here's one question to prove it. Did you have to teach your children to be bad enough I did it come naturally for the right comes naturally like we have to teach them to be good right okay so you and I we were all born unclean. Was Jesus born unclean or clean plate listen very carefully here comes the Oak Park but clean had to be sacrificed so that the unclean could be redeemed. That's what we just read. That's the principle of you fondly.

That's the principle so so many times we read something like this in the Bible and especially the Old Testament and we just read over, but first Corinthians 10, which is New Testament says everything happened to them as an example for us and is written for our instruction as a reason for this, so it.

In other words, if your sheep has a Lamb, you have to give the first one you have to sacrifice firstborn.

Now when you notice it's the first one not the temple knowledge God doesn't say wait until your sheep has 10 lambs and then give me one of them and you can give me the one that you don't like the keeps getting your garden everyday right. He says you give me the first one before you have the other night say this what people understand is not just 10%.

It's the first 10% the recently as it takes faith to give the first one before you have the it doesn't take faith at the end and then give one as something that's tough. I felt so it's the faith that enacts the blessing and result in Scripture. Now I wanted again this is this is you may never thought about this Jesus is actually told the firstborn is actually also called for shirts. I will show him .2 firstfruits belong to God to firstborn firstfruits belong you.

Here's what I want you to realize Jesus is God's time. Here's one because you don't wait to see if you have enough to tie you give the tides first take God didn't wait to see if we would straighten up to give Jesus God gave Jesus when we were mocking him and spitting on him and nailing him to the cross. Roman says it this way. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us while we were still sinners, God demonstrates his own love toward us in that while we were still sinners safe and and motherwort Roman says is that he gave Jesus in the hope that word hope the root word is faith, so he gives his first is firstborn's first prudent thing that will come. It's very, I'm telling you tithing is a whole lot more. It's a lot deeper to God that what we think this represents his own son and it's all through Scripture you give the first to God and the rest are blessed when the people, the children of Israel when in the promised land. God said bring all of the silver and gold from Jericho into the house of God, by the way, remember the tithe always comes the house of God, bringing all of the silver and gold and I'll come back toward bringing a moment Bree all of the silver and gold from Jericho into the house of God, bring it all.

Bring it all.

Why why we got sick.

Why would God say Comfort Inn cities and give me one simple Jericho was the first city. I'm telling you this principle runs all through Scripture. He said you bring me the first rest are blessed and remember when they kept some of the first they lost the second battle and the word God used was the same as in Malachi were set your Robin.

He said the children of Israel have stolen from me. They've taken something that was for me now member. This is consecrate. I want you if you go back and read adjuster six and seven and Joshua six. He says it is consecrated to the Lord in Joshua seven when they It.

He said it's cursed.

This is amazing if more people understood the site.because it's consecrated what is given to God it's cursed when you keep in your tent very, very important.

So all through Scripture we do not understand that God says you bring the first one to me and the rest are blessed listening to worship and work with Pastor were about halfway through this beyond blessings to get a copy of this series or any of his other students. Pastor Robert Hall 833923 ceramic tile you need to know, especially on the first great redeemed know it really is sobering to think that our money is consecrate first given to God cursed. I know I don't want to live with and I love how well he definitely has one site. Let's continue on date so firstborn must be sacrificed for the here's number two firstfruits must be offered because the firstfruits belong to God. Proverbs 319 honor the Lord with your possessions on how many people never seen that Scripture with your possessions, and with the firstfruits of all your increase so that your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will overflow with Exodus 23 verse 19 the first of the firstfruits of your land, you shall breathing into the House of Lords again it comes out to God. But again, I want you notice or bring God does not use the word GF lease document tightly uses word bring. Here's the reason you cannot GF.

What does it belong to you. You can only bring and according to Scripture, you only have two choices with the time you can bring it to God's house or you can steal it because of the only two choices in Scripture bring it or steal it. One of the other. So it's all through Scripture mouth when I was in college one of the students asked one of the professors. Why did God accept Abel's offering and you didn't expect things to Greg? The professor was really honest. He said you know I really don't know a John just don't know what number I don't have any revelation on later regard shall be the principal firstborn and firstfruits. There was it simple as might affect all of you will see all of you watching the home will see this you'll see this because it's simple right firstborn belongs to God. Firstfruits belong to right watch Genesis 4.

By the way, this is 2500 years before the law before tithing's government ever that's mentioned in the Bible with Abraham and Jacob 504 per lot. But before was a part of the law, 2500 years, Genesis 4, verse three and in the process of time. That's a very important was a very important work in the process of time it came to pass, just sort of happened that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord. Notice, it does not say firstfruits.

Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord respected or received Abel and his offering, but he did not respect or received a simple Cain was a farmer but he didn't bring firstfruits. Abel was a rancher, but he brought firstborn thoughts at all, except that I will not accept them. Now here's what you know it wasn't just that God would accept. It's a God except a lot of people don't understand when I was first to study theology. I can remember the very first on the professor said there are some things God can't do it offended me. I was like thank God can do anything.

No, listen to me. God can never act outside of his own character. In other words God does because he is. It's not that he is because he does know is he gives it law because he loves he loves because he is love very very important. So here so you think this is this relates Cain and Abel.

God can't be second to make this is theologically this is the theological work preeminence of God. It means he's higher than all is before all these above all he's first of all, God's first he's first in the University's first he'll never be second, he can't be second now as pastor sometimes will say put God first in your life.

What's a good little saying, but even if God saw first in your life. He still first and yet you didn't rearrange the cosmos, God's first I saw the reason God put in accept Cain's offering because it was the first doctor never be second, you need to think about this because a lot of us give God leftovers in Malachi, this what God says. You bring me the lame and the blind and the main sacrifices you say this what he says I do not accept. I will not accept anything except if you just tuning your listening to worship and the word pastor confined this series and any other series on our podcast. Pastor you know whenever the story of Cain and able offering and when God came offering me when they think I did simple entity like me you know I mean I don't really like. So I understand the language so this definitely challenge me to think about I give God, not just when it comes my giving him my left over time and energy for my left over love everything I'm giving him the first theory certainly something to think time. Pastor Robert has more to share with so firstfruits must be offered.

Here's the third thing the tide must be first shall be first, here's a rediscovery first belongs to God's first here and there's a Scripture Leviticus 27 verse 30 and all the tithe of the land. All by the lack dealing with the Hebrew word for all means.

All and all the tithe of the Langone.

All bonuses all, whether of the seed of the land or the fruit of the tree is the Lord's belongs. Lord it is holy are set apart for some it was so hunting tide will God because God himself. Yes, God owns it all but he has set apart the time for his house is a set it apart it's consecrated for that and it because it's consecrated it's not given to his house and stolen so and and I just have say this you know what it says. Will a man rob God you brought me in Todd's offerings. I never understood the word offerings because I knew the tide belong to God. But what he meant.

How can I rob God and offers you a night. I just want to give you deeper revelation.

It's possible to God is saying you robbed me from blessing you your your robbing me from the opportunity to open the windows of heaven over you and rebuke the devour for your sake, because you won't trust me with just 10% of your income.

It's amazing okay so the tide belongs to got so how does this work out all right so I need to I told you I love math. I need to give you mathematical analogy I please don't take me out.

I'm very good at math because my father was I inherited it. My wife is not good at math.

She's good at hundred things more than I but she does not understand numbers to save her life by me. She just cannot understand numbers and it's just that this is life, and I've had to accept that.

So Debbie and I were buying some of Tillie somebody never in our bonds that went on for $7.99 and so the lady said make all have to add the tax on the calculator because the cash registers broken and I said it $0.66 that quickly and she said she did like this Hon. calculations that it $0.66. I said okay so I paid for. Got out the car and Debbie said to me how how do you do that now. Let me help you guys. I thought that she was actually asking me how do you do that, I found that life later. She couldn't care less how she just complimented me immensely, but I told her and I condescended in the wrong way. I said will sugar 799's post a our tax rate is 8.2588 is 64 7:45 is 264+266. I said that should happen in less then a second, in your mind will she sit at.

It doesn't mean she said but I know what 25% off lease which meant about to get you back so and then she said, and for 50% will it's free one and then she goes like this like I'm doing the business and she said Robert David's 50% off.

It's free and also what what you mean she said everyone knows 50% off is the same thing as by one you want. For those for me and she said mentions that in the 75% off you make your money, so let me just give you an unnatural amount on math thing. I was just for fun.

So if if I paid you $1000 for job young thousand dollars a gram CFT and $100 bills tithe is 10%. So young thousand dollars. So how much is the.hundred dollars on the thing.

The one but you got to hundred dollar bills. And so, which ones the time first one but how do you know which one. The first one to listen.

It's the first one that leaves your hand save you go home and say limits set aside some from the mortgage and the utilities and groceries and close and here's God's part. That's not God's part. You have got support to the mortgage company and the mortgage company does not have the power to bless your finances. I got this and some people do this time set aside some set aside. Oh, there's not enough left over for God so okay so let me let me finish this at the end of this chapter he says your sons going to come and ask you about this when your son comes and asked you you telling son. We used to be slaves. We should not only land but God redeemed us with a mighty hand and everything we have not God's given us so we gladly typed so when I was young I was, I would write the check back for a bit online. I brought the chive check pull over to the side and not pay the rest the bills.

My oldest son three minutes all the tide check and said that why you given so much money to the church and I remember the Scripture I took my son and I said them in my lap and I said son you need to know something about that. You don't but daddy was always a Christian and that he was a very very bad. But God with a mighty hand, set your dad referring.

Therefore, your daddy gladly gives 10% of his plan. I loved Pastor Robert answer to his son's question really puts a lot of things into perspective used to be slaves but God has redeemed us and given us all while gladly timbers emphasis on gladly. We encourage you to take an to think about what matters to really listen to the Holy Spirit to get a copy of this increasing we hope you've enjoyed next time. Pastor Robert will be sharing more insight beyond blessings. Be sure to have the right

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