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Psalms 119:74- Hope In Fear

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 26, 2021 9:17 am

Psalms 119:74- Hope In Fear

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 26, 2021 9:17 am

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When you have the fear of the Lord you effect so many. Robby shares a story of that.

Psalms 119:74

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Treasurers of the hundred and 19 I'm having so much fun in the hundred 90.

How fun is it to learn my blog to learn the things phenomenal. Every time I look at these verses agency more than I ever saw before, which is the case with verse 74 which we are in the second verse of the United section of the hundred 19 Psalms verse 74 and as we talked about the you in the letter itself is worth seeing these different faces of God through these letters. The unit is that little that means a lot. That little dot that essentially is the hands of God, and that's been born from the tapas. We talked about last time and so it's really cool where this goes. Today, in that the year of we talked about yesterday with the first of the anointing's of the Isaiah 11 anointing's would be wisdom.

So today's would be the understanding and misunderstandings phenomenal to me, especially understanding of the face of God when it comes to the hands of God.

So here we have this diverse in English says they that fear the will be glad when they see me because I've hoped in thy word so it's really really cool that the word year is fear in Hebrew which has everything to do with the fear of the Lord, which obviously that's what they're talking about here.

They fear the time at the fear the Lord and that year is that you know one of the two things that they say provides no understanding in so many different ways because you got year is fear and hob is love, and so fear and love drive much, much, much behavior and so interestingly they're saying in the case of the year ahead of the hands of God, that fear is understanding the fear of God to be his hands.

Obviously need to be in that position of all of of what he's telling us to do and so many different ways and so this they that fear the will be glad when they see the because I've hoped in the word hoped that they use here.

Also starts with the good and then interestingly, there's this hat which we've Artie studied that word that letter, which is also word the head and in this idea being married and so when you take a unit and you marry it to two year did then you get hope, which is a picture of what's happened here so you know, if you put this practical unity of those who fear you will be glad when they see me because people recognize that and I'm sure in your own circles that you have people that you know that they fear God and when they see you there seems to be some type of a joy and rejoicing that glad word is actually a little bit more in Hebrew than just glad it's it's more like rejoicing like these people are going to be thrilled when they see you and Anna.

That is been my experience on lots of occasions and I in almost every day I get to see that because I get to work around a bunch of really cool people who love the word of God and who fear God and so you know, we rejoice when we see each other. There is no doubt but want to share a story I told you before about my friend Johnny Hendrick list of previous episodes about my friend Johnny Hendrix who was to die. Unfortunately of pancreatic cancer but came to know the Lord shortly before and we talked about how it's his salvation experience happened. But what we haven't talked about is actually the days right before his death. So here he had come to Christ you know probably three weeks before the incident, and talk about so he was a new believer and his wife Geraldine was instrumental in so many different ways and praying for him a lot of years and you know asking me clearly to love on them as is. God gave me the opportunity and so when she found out know you know he went back in the hospital after he came to Christ went back in the hospital. He deteriorated fairly quickly and the doctors told Geraldine that he was going to pass in the next few days and she did not want them to tell him that she called me and said Robbie would you please come down here and would you share with Johnny that he's only got a couple more days and here we get to the part where I could see when I walked into the hospital and Geraldine was there waiting on me to see there was her rejoicing because the doctors didn't hope in his word, but she hoped right. She was hoping because she knew that Johnny would end up in heaven and that this would be a smooth the transition as it possibly could be. And it was fascinating. I've never thought about what you say to somebody, right before they passed away, but it seemed like for such a time as this may not actually done it a couple times since. But this was the first time it ever happened to me and so I immediately went into a little chapel that was there in the hospital again to pray God would would you want me to share and and how do I do this and God reminded me that I'd been there that when I had the infection in my brain that would not stop. It was a brain abscess. There was a day when essentially nurse told me Mr. Gilmore were hanging the last all the antibiotics and failed to try this one last one, hoping that it will stop the infection but if it doesn't, you may not see the morning.

That's a pretty strange thing to have happened to it and I can remember all that went through my mind right then. Of like wow what what is life about you.

You really when you told something like that. It it it tends you to continue a different place and maybe Riverbend before, but the God of all comfort and comforted me with comfort that I could now turn to my friend Johnny and so he also God gave me a verse back then.

While I was in that position. That really comforted me and the verse that comforted me. At that time was the last verse of the hundred and sees me of the 23rd Psalm). Surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of my life and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Well, when you read there's a book out is called the shepherds guide of the 23rd Psalm and I'd read that book and and at the end of the book is just spectacular because what they point out is that the sheep are the animals with the golden hooks and and so when they passed your certain way that the sheep eat the grass so well and with their maneuver at all.

If the shepherd is good is good Shepherd then that you end up with these beautiful lush green pastures and so when in the song of Solomon chapter 1, when the shooter might ask you know how I find the shepherd.

She's told follow the tracks of the sheep because the dregs of the sheep will be very green right and so what if you are pastored by the shepherd.

What is saying is you're going to leave a pasture behind you.

This green and lush for other people to feed on and find their way to the shepherd see what the picture is absolutely beautiful and and so all that will lead to the shepherd, all the days of your life, and I thought about that many times the word that's used in the 23rd Psalm is tested right for mercy which means loving kindness and and causes the goodness with me and we talked about that letter so wow I going to talk to Johnny and the second I tell them, Johnny. I've got some mazes can be difficult to hear. And I said you know, essentially, the doctors are saying that you don't have that a day or two left on the cancers spread into your brain and this does not belong and when I did I saw his eyes rolled up in his head like like yours would I told you that in and it was believable and Anna gets and I said I have some sense of what you're thinking right now. Johnny like what's life about and he looked at me very milling and he said yeah he was like what I said will Johnny don't realize it, but just in the short time that that since you've become a chronic incoming Christ and actually published an article in the newspaper Amoxil talking about how he temper I'm grateful he was. I have posted actually in a picture that I have was one of the things one of the grass that he eat you know that he made green behind him and a lot of people got to see that a course many many many people of her drumming story sense and and I think about Johnny story being the green grass that many of seated on it. In fact, one time I share that story in a church and and the entire church got up and came forward the story Johnny Hendrix always been extremely powerful so as it is. I told Johnny that I Skype relayed the idea of the 23rd Psalm to them and was able to share you know how goodness and mercy will follow him all the doubts was days of his life and he will dwell in the house of the Lord forever and I was able to pray with them and and and share in such a way, it was unforgettable but I don't want to miss the verse going back to what it says it says David sure you will rejoice when they see me because I've hoped because I've hoped in your word and in this this what I've shared today is all about hope and when people see you because I know if your study in the 2719 Psalm like this in your list knowledge episodes. I know you're like me you like men you've hoped in the word and insulin people see you there going to rejoice because they want that hope that you have that you're able to share because of your love, which is every single John to talk to you. Thank you for giving his leisure time on the day it was really God bless you.

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