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Giving Thanks in Dark Days | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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November 26, 2021 7:00 am

Giving Thanks in Dark Days | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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November 26, 2021 7:00 am

Adrian Rogers tells us from the Book of Habakkuk how to live by God’s promises and give thanks in dark days.

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Dark days come listen to Adrian Rogers dark they may dark days. Well, Britannica is not going to make them go away. I refuse to be an irrational. I refuse to be a morose person. I stand on the word of God and I live by faith and hope you will welcome to Leavenworth between profound truth. Simply stated by Adrian Rogers. The book of Habakkuk is really relevant Scripture these days grow gloriously in three short chapters, this book shows us how to give thanks in dark days, part one of this message. We learned that faith does not live by explanation, but by God's promises. God will not explain everything to us because we would not understand his ways as pastor Roger said we'll need to know why we need to know who.

If you have your Bible turn out of the book of Habakkuk is Adrian Rogers reveals more about giving thanks in dark days to praise the Lord when everything is going well with the sun is shining. We are happy to help this good and we're prosperous and our families around us, then we can say thank you Lord you been so good.

But the Bible says would be giving thanks always for all things and sometimes that is difficult, especially in dark days and dark days are all around us, and I don't discourage you but it may get darker well. Habakkuk was a prophet and his days like our days. They were dark days.

They looked around and he saw crime and violence and hatred and debauchery.

Ask God to do something about, and it seemed as though the heavens were brass God where is God's got to wait what is God simply not care like so many of us today. We been praying and seems like things getting are getting worse. Getting better very frankly, this is causing some people to stumble when these dark days come in the coming you need something to hold onto you need something to live by an estate is faith. Faith is not smoke and mirrors faith as spiritual steel and concrete, and you need something rocksolid.

You don't need to be walking around on Jell-O and egg shells. You don't need to be blown about by the storms of calamity and the winds of circumstances, and the floods of the stress you need a sure place to stand. You need something to live by, and I I'm telling you, if there were ever book for this day in this age it is the book of Habakkuk that tells us that the just shall live by his faith.

There are three propositions that I have for you from the word of God number one concern faith doesn't live my explanation, but my promises. Most of us want God to explain things to us. Don't God, why did you let this happen.

Why do you do it this way, but faith does not live by explanations by promises of development. Let me assure the problem that Habakkuk had why you want to go to explain a few things to him look in verses three and four. Why does not show me iniquity and cause me to the whole grievance for spoiling violence are before me, and there are the rise of strife and contention. Therefore, the law is slack and judgment does never go full dressing like the devil was having a heyday. Verses five and six, God says to Habakkuk you want to know something behold be among the heathen, and regarding one or marvelously brought will work a work in your days, which he will not believe in, even though they told you want me to give you an answer so that I would give you an answer, you would believe it could not understand it. I'm going to do something hello.

I will raise up a child in a child is with the Babylonians of accrual fears godly pagan nation that estimation which of March through the breadth of the land possessed the dwelling places that are not your day what's going to happen.

Habakkuk is going to get worse. What you have to understand is this about faith and folks. It is so very very important that we understand this, that they doesn't live by explanations but by promises does not explain everything. If he did explain to you can understand and if you could understand. You probably wouldn't agree with you better get some promises to get some promises and get a bulldog on those promises. That's what chapter 1 is all about that faith does not live by explanations but by promises.

Now here's the second thing I want you to see faith doesn't live by appearances, but by Providence this evening to see the promises of God and look beyond explanations and you need to see the providence of God and look beyond appearances because if you put your eyes on things as they appear you and get awfully confused. Chapter 2.

This is chapter 2. Habakkuk says I will stand upon my watch and set me up on the tower and will watch to see what he was saying to me, I will that's he's finally coming to some cents now and what I shall answer when I am reproved when people get on the me and say Habakkuk onto his prophet. Why these things happening is that have an answer. And the Lord answered me and said write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that Rita is for the vision is yet for an appointed time will I love that an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak and not lie though it wait for will shortly, it will not tear. He saw God working providentially in the following ways. Number one the reliability of Scripture and notice what he says about the reliability of the Scripture in verse three for the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end they shall speak and not live military wait for what he saying is this, I want to give you something Habakkuk that people in later years can use. I want to give you something to those people in Memphis Tennessee need Soraya to make it clear for these people that they can trust the word of God. But not only did he give him the reliability descriptions but he gave him what I'm going to call the resource of the same, which is faith look in verse four.

The last part of that verse. The Jost shall live by his band these dark days when you have faith you look beyond the physical to the spiritual. You look beyond the present to the future you look beyond the temporary to the eternal. Don't judge things by parents live by faith, not only did he see the reliability of the Scripture. Not only did you see the resource of the same, but he also saw the retribution of the center now. Habakkuk was afraid that the child dance will be away with her saying that God is going soft on sin, melanoma, he lists five woes Debbie OEE look, if you will, in verse six wool and ham that increase of that which is not his nice talking about the grasping materialism of it at that day when people get out to cheat and to Gallatin to take that which is not there. This this one verse is enough against gambling papers.

I was wrong. Gambling read right there going to him.

That increase of that which is not in gambling is an effort to get what belongs to somebody else into your possession by locker faith and by the way, knew one of those should be in the Christian's vocabulary look you will again in verse nine.

Want him to come up with an evil, covetousness to his house. That is a people who materialistic people who can be satisfied and covered with an evil, covetousness to his house look in verse 12, warning him the note of the town with blood and status of the city line equity noise talk about here, murderous ways in order to gain power so that doesn't happen in America it is happening in America. There are those politicians will stand up and say if you will vote for me. I will see to it that it is legal to kill babies and Americans they call that pro-choice, but they never finish the sentence is pro-choice to kill a baby that's what the choice is all about and what will Amanda build the town with blood and establish the city line equity. I'm telling you that America's soil is staying with the blood of little unborn babies and God said whoa whoa to a nation that does that Lord Tammy given his neighbor to drink. That put a style bottle to him and make him drunk and also curse of God is on the liquor industry. The curse of God is on liquor is brewed with tears flavored with dad taken with blood the judgment of God upon look in verse 19, one & two the wood away to the dumb stone arise. Initial teachers talking about idolatry is a will pastor.

We don't have idols in America because we do our idols. Some of them are made of chrome and fiberglass but now were going back to the nature God's we don't have Easter celebrations. We have birthdays so we got worship dirt and we all from father, God the mother and back to the most primal debaucheries of idolatry in America five times.

This is 10001 workflow because God says look look at my providence is reliability of the Scripture is a resource of faith by giving the word you believe is the retribution of the center. I am going to judge. And here's the sweet part of it.

Now watch this.

There is the reign of the save your look in chapter 2 in verse 14 are you. You have the heebie-jeebies in headline hysteria you want.

Last command go back to chapter 2 in verse 14 and just look at more of what a great great verse. I love this is one my favorite verses in all the Bible for their shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters that cover the same now that is not yet happened but it will happen. Jesus taught us to pray what by kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and he made a promise: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit their and the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters that cover the sea. The next time you look at the mighty ocean. Just remember this passage of Scripture. Jesus shall reign where the sun does to successive journeys run this kingdom spread from shore to shore. Telemundo shall wax and wane no more, and then looked at in verse 20 but the Lord is in his holy temple.

Keep silence before him what to say Habakkuk to say God where are you go to the back of I'm appear my will to shut Shannon is in his holy temple keeps its God and there is no panic in heaven. God is in his home with him in this earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord is Worsley covers folks faith. Faith looks beyond appearances to Providence night. Here's the third thing.

Faith doesn't live by circumstances but by pouring's now if you live by circumstances, you ride a roller coaster, but if you if you begin to praise God even in circumstances you going to find out that your life is going be transformed widely praising three reasons. First of all, for just to share glory look in chapter 3, verse one.

A prayer of Habakkuk the prophet upon shady enough, but that's a word we don't use a lot, shaking off what is it me, it means with deep feeling and emotion powerful prayers Lord. I've heard thy speech and was afraid that I wasn't happen Lord, revive our work in the midst of the years in the midst of the years make known in wrath remember mercy. Please oh God sent a revival God came from Cayman and the holy one from Mount Paramus talk about where the law was given. That means the South Ace SC law. I mean, just think about this is glory cover the heavens and the air was full of his praise when things get dark and you want to praise and you need a break.

Just think of God's glory. Now you see what Habakkuk was saying is Lord, give me a reason God didn't give them any reason at all. God gave them a revelation God just gave him a revelation, not a lie to remember God's glory. Number two. Rejoice in God's goodness skip down to verse 17. This is one of the greatest passages in all of the Bible look at it this this because just want to shout and praise God, although the tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines. The labor of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat. The flock shall be cut off from the fold, and they should be no herd that is no cattle in the stalls yet yet I will rejoice in the Lord in our I will joy in the God of my salvation. What is Habakkuk saying you better get a grip on this verse.

He is saying look I don't know what's going to happen, but I know this much that God is only the throne and my standard of living may change but not my standard of life.

I will say that again your standard of living may change but not your standard of life. Not if you rejoice in the Lord that we don't leave this world's goods to make us joyful things are not evil in themselves, but they should never be the source of our jewel, our joys got to come from the Lord. That's the reason in everything we can give thanks and it doesn't mean everything is good, but it means that God is good and God overrules all things. You may never know that God is enough unless God is all you have and when finally God is all you have you made wonderfully discover that God is enough not only necessary, but God is enough and notice how it is.

Look in verse 19 the Lord God is my strength and he will make my feet like time speed. That's the surefooted gazelle he's talking about and he will make me to walk upon my high places you bend Israel and as I have you seen the gazelles upon those rocks for climbing from rock to rock to rock, they get up there up in the blue sky where they can brave the rarefied air down many of them in the Valley are all the predators in the troublemakers.

That gazelle is up there were no one can reaching looking into the very face of God. He says that M and here's what Habakkuk says the Lord is my strength.

He will make my feet like time speed. He will make me to walk upon my high places and then you know this is written to look at it to the minister of music Jim this is for you to the chief singer on my stringed instruments.

Here's something that could be played on the heart. Now folks I don't know about you but I think this is a wonderful book. I think that at Habakkuk chapter 3 verse 17 is one of the it is the paragon.

It is the apex of fate, dark days may know, I think back dark days.

Well, pretending is not going to make them go away. I refuse to be an irrational opulence.

I refuse to be a morose pessimist. I stand on the word of God and I will live by faith and hope you will to faith and live by explanations but by promises faith doesn't live by appearances, but by Providence. Faith doesn't live by circumstances but by playing let the chief singer saying that now Paul says Paul just pick this up and he said this is the gospel message, you will live by faith. When you believe the gospel of Jesus Christ as a teen I was convicted of my sin by God's grace are the gospel and I put my faith where Jesus or we gotta put my sin on the Lord Jesus and God save me when I was in my teens and erratically dramatically eternal.

Change my heart and my life and the only thing good about Adrian is the grace of God in him and you know I wouldn't never have made it thus far had the God who saved me not Me. When he asked Me by his grace all these years. I will recommend them to you if I had a thousand lives to live. I would give everyone of them to Jesus Christ, even if there were no heaven barriers even if there were no hell, there is but just to know Jesus Christ in this life.

They want to live.

I may live not exist, but just shall live by his faith, get your eyes off of the desire for explanation is they will remain. Faith is unreasonable.

No faith is rooted in reason but faith goes beyond reason.

In order to be faith and then faith becomes his own best reason you know because you know when you put your faith in Jesus Christ, get dries off appearances get dries off of all the chaos that's in the world today because it's going to get worse. Give your heart to Jesus, receive he will forgive ever seen. Every sin will be buried in the grave of God's forgetfulness. He will come into you and from the inside begin to change and make your new person and when it comes to when you done here take you home to heaven and either one of those could happen this afternoon. You know Jesus who not asking you, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Roman Catholic, Jewish, do you know Jesus. Are you saying if the trumpet should sound right now. Would you be called up to meet the Lord.

If you are to cease to function with your spirit be transported to heaven.

They have peace right now we have a purposefully in these dark days.

Can you give thanks and if you want the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior and Lord, I want the Legion of prayer would you pray this prayer dear God, just speak to them. Dear God, I know that you love me and I know that you want to save me Jesus you died to save me and you promise to save me if I would question. I do trust you right now, this moment, like a child. Forgive my sin cleanse me, save me, Lord Jesus, you pray that prayer, save me, Lord Jesus come into my heart, forgive me, cleanse me, save me Jesus prayer sincerely from your heart, asking and trust him to do.

Pray this way, if you ask and then pray just by sheer act of faith, pray this way. Thank you for doing thank you for doing it. I don't deserve it but I receive it by faith like a little child. You know, my Lord, my Savior, my God and my friend forever because you died for me.

I will live for you rest of my days not in order to be saved, but because I am saying your name I pray, amen. If you prayed to receive Jesus Christ just now. We would love to celebrate with you and invite you to our discover Jesus page on our website you'll find answers, you may need about your newfound faith. We have a response section as well share your testimony or tell us how this message has made a difference in your life go to and click the tab at the top that says discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family.

We can't wait to hear from you today You like to order a copy of today's message in its entirety.

You can call us at 1877 love God mentioned the title of this message, giving thanks in dark days. You can also order online it or right is that love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Are you giving thanks in these dark days.

Remember faith does not live by explanations but by promises he does not live by appearances, but by Providence. We can praise him in every circumstance.

We hope will join us next time. For more Adrian Rogers writing on love worth buying is a testimony that really encouraged us. I hope it encourages you today.

Two years ago I started listening to Pastor Adrian Rogers every morning when dropping my kids off at school. My children's understanding about our Lord Jesus keeps getting stronger every day. Thank you very much love worth finding T you are a blessing we love to hear how families are using these messages resources to nurture a household of faith's dark days when you donate to love worth finding right now we want to send you a hardcover copy of our new resource 25 days of anticipation. 2000 years ago the world waited in anticipation for the Messiah. Inspired by the teachings of Adrian Rogers's powerful advanced study of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled came to earth request. When you call to get 1877 love God

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