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Psalms 119:72 - Good God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 24, 2021 8:59 am

Psalms 119:72 - Good God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 24, 2021 8:59 am

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The eighth miraculous verse - what a prep for Thanksgiving as the Baby is about to be born. It's all about relationship

Psalms 119:72

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Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm How fun to dig around today, the day before Thanksgiving and all sorts of things we can be thankful for, especially this verse we get to study in the 119th Psalm. And I think you'll see that it's got everything to do with thankfulness. And so let me read it in English and then we'll get into all our thankfulness here because it is a beautiful thing.

Then thousands of gold and silver. So as we've talked about this eighth idea of the eighth is a miracle. We're actually in tomorrow's podcast. We're going to go into that a whole bunch and said it will be our Thanksgiving podcast.

I'm very excited about that. But here we are in this eighth sort of the miraculous. We've gone through the seven anointings and now we get to see this fruit.

And there's a couple of key words in this that I just mean them so much to me. To begin with, the verse would probably read better in English, in my opinion, goodness, because that's the word that the Psalm that this verse starts with. So goodness is the law of thy mouth. Okay. It goodness is better than anything. You know, then that's why they translated it better. But it's so much more than better.

Okay. Goodness is the law of thy mouth. And then I love the fact that the psalmist put relationship in that. He just didn't say your law is goodness. He said the law of thy mouth is goodness. And so when you look at that letter in Hebrew, the pay that that is this mouth, we're going to obviously get a whole bunch of verses about that. But it is literally like the face of God.

It means the presence of God. And so relationship is what law is. In other words, Jesus is the law, right? Jesus is the truth, but he is also the face of God. And so this relationship with the law is what he's talking about here.

And that's what's better than gold and silver. And when he talks about those things, you know, I can't help but think in my own life, especially right before Thanksgiving. You know, of the whole promises in Mark Chapter 10, because here we have Jesus. And when you think about your favorite things that have happened in your whole life, I'm going to bet they've not been when you were counting your money.

They were relationships, either with God or you know, you're on adventures with your family, you know, with your dad, all but if you just go back to the best moments your life, they're always going to be relationship. And such is the law of thy mouth. So in Mark Chapter 10, one of my favorite, favorite verses, and perhaps I've spoken of it here before, but it says that Jesus said, Verily, I say unto you, it's verse 29 of Mark Chapter 10. There is no man that has left house or brethren or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my sake, and the Gospels, but he shall receive 100 fold now in this time, houses, brethren, sisters, mothers, children, lands, and with persecutions in this world and eat come, excuse me, and in the world to come eternal life. So what a beautiful, amazing thing that we get more as you don't talk about the law of his mouth. He's promising relationships with hundreds of mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, but notice the goodness in the verse, right?

Because we've been talking about it throughout the Tet section, right? Why is persecutions in here with all those good things? Well, persecutions are good. Remember it was good that I was afflicted. And so that's amazing, isn't it? When you think about it, that Jesus gave us a little wink here when he says this stuff's good.

It's good, right? It's good that you're afflicted. It's good that you have these relationships.

And those are the things that are better, right? The relationship with God himself, actually digging around in the Psalm, to me, is a relationship with Christ and getting to know him and getting to know these different faces of him as we dig around in these things. Well, you know, when I think about Thanksgiving myself and the idea of relationship, I just came back from a boot camp this week where, you know, I had a chance to be with about 37 different guys that were in relationship seeking the heart of God and seeking actually on a treasure hunt to get a good look at what God looked like so we can get a better look at what we look like.

It's hard to even explain. Like, there was a couple of guys, one came from Kentucky and his brother-in-law was in Ohio, so they were just on either side of the Ohio River there, apparently. And they wanted to learn how to fly fish, right? They'd never fly fish before.

And the fish weren't biting particularly well, and all we caught was this one little bluegill. But I have a picture of Rob holding this fish like this is a precious, precious moment, something that you'll never forget when you actually got to teach somebody or hang out with somebody what you love to do and share God with them, right? As we later were in prayer, what we call listening prayer, and we were listening for the voice of God with so many men and seeing them for the first time feel like they really got into a relationship with God and seeing the look on their face when they said, Did God really talk to me?

Did I really just hear from him? Like, man, I mean, their hearts were coming alive. And no one's going to tell me that that isn't better than thousands in gold and silver, okay? So when I think of Thanksgiving, like, yes, I now have more brothers that we I added several brothers to my hundred last weekend.

And yes, I've got over 100 mothers that are there in the in the nursing home. And, like, there are so many relationships are the stuff that's worth so much more than money, just saying. And when it's with brothers, sisters, and mothers, as this is described, all underneath the heading of the one father, right? As we get into a relationship with Jesus, he's gonna, right, he's gonna put us in relationship with his father because he is our brother.

And so when you look at all those things, and you think back to what this first says, it is so beyond miraculous, isn't it? That the law of thy mouth, this relationship with the law, this relationship with Jesus is going to have so many, many benefits in relationship. It's a better relationship with your spouse. It's a better relationship with your brothers and sisters, your earthly brothers and sisters as well.

And I can remember as I became closer and closer to Christ, my relationship with my parents got better, right? And so all these things happen as a result of the love that is in the law, right? Because when you say law, Torah is what the word actually is in Hebrew. And so when you say law, you're not thinking about really that this is Jesus. But it is because it is the word and the word was God, right? And the word was with God. And so I hope as you get ready for this Thanksgiving, you get a chance to prepare with your family that that you think some about the relationships and what could we be more thankful for the relationship with Christ that leads to these relationships with our family. Thanks for listening.
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