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November 17, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 17, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is there a way to identify those of a reprobate mind- And when do you stop engaging with such a person---2- Can a regenerate person abide in sin---3- What is essential to be a Christian- What about a Calvinist---4- Did Jesus die on a cross or a tree---5- Was Jeremiah 29-11 talking to Christians---6- What do you think about Covid---7- How do you pray for those who are sick---8- Do you think the vaccine relates to the mark of the beast---9- How was Satan bound-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and six order for recall figure out what's going on with the video because so to live your camera will figure it out. Her little bit but they look folks, if you want to give McCall I am looking forward to hearing you down here we got a site. So again we have two open lines 877-207-2276.

I want to hear from you. Give me a call so what would just jump on the line here looks so talk to Mark from Florida hey Mark, welcome you on the air. Talk to you I had a question about the caller called thinker prior about or maybe it was a Friday about that depraved mind and making doing a paper on that and has a question about that. If there is a two-part question number. Part one is is there a way to identify these people work or person and the second part is, is there point which you should stop evangelizing because it might be pointless and legitimate questions with the second part is we can't identify them and because we don't know who they are elected not look no work job is to do this we can't witness to people and what happens a lot of times is that we just have to recognize there's a time we say I don't know, and you don't seem to be listening and I've tried and is subjective. You say I'm done is done with you. I think there's a legitimate case for that and when is it happen. Good question on the status of the week is due when we do it for you. I'm running a situation where I tried countless times the open door and get slammed shut back on me and I am wondering if I'm just wasting my time or not the stubbornness that arrogance is through the roof beyond logic. Yes, I agree with you. It's a more and more. When I face that kind of thing. What I do is I just preach the gospel.

Just so you this is what the gospel is this is what's going on you to believe the gospel and rejected the gospel's powerful rooms once extremist power God to salvation for all who would believe and what we need to do is just trust.

Trust God when you trust him and do this we cannot and we don't know we just don't know.

That's okay. Alright I'll try to buy whatever I say. Maybe it'll help feedback. It planted and later on maybe something will happen the way that person out, but it's right now it's like talking to a wall.

Yes, it is. It's really bad and I'm beginning to see what that means. Anyway, thank you so much that it is all right. Well thanks a lot Minsky: there was more from Florida. We have two open lines of 20 McCall 877-207-2276 Alberta from Georgia welcoming on the nightly. You know I'm leaving yes I and that Christ that brought back now about right. Also lacking that game.

I got a believer that cried eternally secure and what about the fact that the thing electronically to your anthem and also what is your saying okay here's a question, can a circle B round will this make any sense what we have asked the question. Can someone is regenerate.

Just abide in sin and answers will no because they're saved.

They are also regenerate a lot of people forget this when they argue this issue of eternal security.

Will that lead you can just send in sin, you'll still be saved as though they're not saved and not regenerate is a critical error that people make when they attack that doctrine.

All that means you're still depraved in your mind.

You could just go do evil, right, you're still safe. That's not what were saying this outlook with the position sensor position so that once your regenerate. God is declared, you righteous you are saved permanently. You can't lose your salvation because of the faithfulness of Christ does not mean that were not regenerate. It does not mean that we don't sin.

We don't abide in that sentence. Seek all that sin, we struggle with it. That's the reality the position so when people asked that question likes it all you want right is what the Senate doesn't so they have it they don't understand with the criticizing and it's in a rigorous and the need to repent of that.

Okay so so so like the lake. I felt real. They owe or what they know the Bible says the first country 19 and when our friends because they never more of us if they had been of us that we remain, we don't know who's really say there could be people who think they're saved and are not that serve the possible and when I find out about people who said I was a Christian for 20 years.

I believe that I preach Jesus and everything and all the stuff in school but can't believe all I had problems with the Bible really looking problems and think the reason for giving our stupid, they're just that we have answers for that and they don't seem to care.

It would it'd it's showing is that they are just lost their just lost what they will. If you don't repent. But we can't get anything that will prevent you from moving to validate or go inductively store it was so so… My question if you ever think then when you depart. When did you fall in the category of what we called Patty and echoed every three weeks every 2 miles to the same family down the highway.

No went on the bracket you determined the pattern well you know that's a good question.

The commitment of practice and we want to remove ourselves from that. That's the whole obligation was we don't sell the home is how you tell but while you watch the third orthodoxy with the proxy you watch, what to say and watch what they do it with a wealth it would get if I was looking greatly to be trying to get you you you and that's if I log-negation got low fat that you have you got to get a lot of oh coming or lucky kill people year after year, in addition to murdering people warehouses some really to justify the habit.

Your lower basin me because my switch, rescue, go say different things was aiming to defy all okay, I get an additional liquidation will not die like an would like a slap in but yet about practically all of you going yummy yummy.

We get the that we get the five certain thing and then mother even though they're both that is there inconsistencies retract the track.

There are among people. That's why the cure is this good doctor. Good understanding of doctrine. Know this not been taught that much okay right all everybody all at a boundless thanks alright folks really lines what you give me a call 877207227 citric from California welcoming on the air. I'm at night. I speak with you. So what's up and I have a question about Christian etiquette. Okay, I really look from Lutheran and cabinet thing and so I've been writing about Calvinism throwing at them and at times that my friend came to contradict the founder of their denomination something I'm going to use you and I Spencer throwing something autocratic about will let it go at your seat because just because the losers don't sound it with the Coulter within is an accountant that Calvinism adherence to those general areas doesn't mean that the people have to believe every single thing that the so to speak. Founders set it's just no time should affect my Christianity have the answer that you have to have yet to be called a Christian, but I guess what you might be such a thing like Lutheran and perhaps note no district executive that is common with Lutheranism and we want to save you like you can lose your salvation, but not very easily hold. Generally the doctrines that Luther taught in his particulars and end with reformed theology or Calvinism with the five points where Lutheranism don't hold all the five points so it's just the pants.

You notice depends with particulars, but they all hold to the essentials of the Christian faith. That's the idea that you can clarify birthright to be a Christian, I would have to keep up with God. Yes, I deny that I'm not a Christian, correct.

I cabinet I would have to believe everything about me have been touched by thin will. Lutherans believe that two and Christian should believe all Christians should believe that everything they do is been touched by sin. That's just typical theology absolutely. But if you want to grant her back to someone, you not account this one of the tenets of reformed theology is that teaching is a doctrine that we are touched by sin and all of what we are and that so what is best we can be, but we are sin sinful in all areas you okay so when they contradict their offense.

I just kept my mouth. I cannot win by contradicting think that rightly come to Jesus. That's an issue. Okay, that's an issue, but at least don't like it.

I hold to reformed theology, but I don't believe anything Calvin said no big deal at user hello lost so that's that you very back. But no, we don't have to adhere to every single thing that the so-called founders believed in and that we should in Christianity and the doctors revealed in Scripture, but not necessarily from those people who taught those certain things. Like Luther, Calvin jointly under any circumstance (can fairly demonstrate it's okay well there's different Lutherans groups to and I don't believe that under that circumstance, I don't believe that abortion is warranted and I don't like the Bible says don't kill the unborn defend the helpless is a 1/17 and it's not the child's fault that he is, he or she is a product of that advanced and so should they should not be killed for that but seek I met (the mother have done about that John Martin Luther said the mother die.

Well, that's the big estimate of both sides. Okay what you think. Frederick laissez folks really lines 877-207-2276 mass Y call 77077 back to the show list upon phones with Carl Land O Lakes, Carl Carl try to get English Carl look of your earlier okay to get my camera to work on our video fee but will later we got your mark on the side.

My friends believe that the Lord like he died on three armament 330… Three Katrina victory not across the youth that are 30 think things are going.

Things are all on the urgent is wrong about it when people do that when a circle with the King James longer I would cause problems of intercultural orders are archived 30.

What are you you recorded is so okay, and it occurs 20 times in the New Testament and looking on my Bible program record take the Greek word for number I can put it in and I can find every instance in its ring rendered as a for example, a large crowd with swords and clubs became the chief priest as the works and another one with clubs and another will the clubs another one and get another one on for do these things when the tree is green.

That's the same word and it's the word cross next 530 miscellaneous be so because of innocence would precious stones would pay Strobel a straw. That's the word would so the reason it's called tree in this is it really is a tree of life. In Revelation 22 two that's also use that record so the word has was called the semantic domain.

It means that it occurs in different contexts and have different meanings and so when we look at acts 530, all basically all of history says no he was he was crucified on a crucifixion cross Roman style and tree has a single trunk that branches that go out left and right nest whites metaphorically called the cross called tree because it was just like that some of you would crucify people and trees. But know this was across doubts and have him sink just for a minute. Ask did Jesus carry the cross beam with him that he fell down and then seven of styrene was brought in to carry the rest of the way the answer has to be pulled. Yes Lynn. It was a tree hockey carried liquor. The branches of a tree trunk. What was in so have answer that if he says would carried across bream and then it was lifted up inside of a tree. If you don't like, dude, you just you know you have all your part in the litter box but so just use that argument okay got it right and then got bless, right let's get to Dave from Salt Lake City. Dave welcome here.

Thank you Matt I been like that for a while and appreciate your minute. The only thing that I I'm glad no other Christian apologetic that John and time doctrine.

I know you talked many times about and I believe bitmap you bear one egg and one black guy 2010 and how it is the wicked, not correct. Now how how do we reconcile that with first all I could buy.

I believe it Jeremiah 11 now the Lord, and I hope a future for late late but something you would to Isaiah 29 Jeremiah 2911 and then you decide to write it if I use interpreted it and kept going. But you see people go to that verse and the know say well Jeremiah 2911 for I know the plans I have for you is talking to Christians right the correct and Jeremiah got his Jeremiah is his Jeremiah is at about Christians is, is the Lord talking to Chris Tyler and I would I would say yeah but I could know how he's not my mouth. Okay, he's not yeah and my hold on my go I want one thing at a time.

I need to teach this because people take it out of context.

So many times they don't read the contact is like so many people have problems with stuff they take verses out of context is writing to the exiles he's talking about the Jews who have been scattered and are exiled and they have are outside of Jerusalem. That's what he's talking about. For thus says the Lord. When 70 years has been completed for Babylon. I will visit you and fulfill my good word to you to bring you back to this place of the reason they were exiled is because Israel for basically 490 years had robbed the God of the rest of the land Re: ST the rest that they had with they had done is not given the land its seventh year rest and so got eggs out there for 490 years so that it had its 70 years what had its time of risk accumulated then we came back. That's the context.

Then God says to those exiles. I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare, not calamity. To give you a future and hope. And so people take this and it quoted to say this what Jesus is what God has for you dear Christian really. I'm not here ripping sound we hear that verse quoted like that is taken out of context and we know from Philippians 129 the three companies good for the contradiction in Scripture, but know if God has good plans.

Why does it say that God grants that we suffer inflicted 129 two people take things out of context. I don't balance it with other scriptures and we have exegetical problems because it okay what's next is right. You're correct that there what I go on record what you're doing.

That if I look into that trial lately lately… Stop stop stop stop stop for second because there I'm hearing clicking sounds or sets of some sound.

It's just it's blotting out your words and I can hear your saying and so I don't know what is okay.

Got better.

I guess I will find out she going to try to get okay so I'm driving with them okay go get when I look at like Anton if the church is still here during the tribulation. It will because the Bing map before the election that like when I read Revelation. Again, I'm looking for correction and understanding that question that your… Why not, whether chapter. I believe it after chapter 4 Revelation, you can't hurt other pastors stated that their church is not mentioned in that were clearly rapture yeah I would love to debate them on and is a mistake to say that because they assume that Revelation is purely chronological and it's a very symbolic book use that logic against already voted right back after this message is not the Davis only be right back, Matt slick, why call 77077 after the show. Let's get back on there with David from Celexa data still there there or not you know I okay so when pastors say that Revelation doesn't have the much of the church. After every fourth floor thing is not true and the 24 elders are considered to be the church that later on.

So this is the bad they had bad exegetical thing to say it's not here anymore because not mentioned it just it's bad. Also Revelation doesn't contain any teaching on justification by faith, sanctification, reputation, to wait a minute. If the church isn't fair because is not mentioned, I guess is justification not there because it isn't mentioned also the something have to cover particular issue an order for to be said to be there. It just doesn't make any sense arguments are not good arguments. They should not do that should not do that okay on that that that you definitely believe that we walk up the steps absolutely, absolutely.

In fact, limit talked about God that talked about but if they were not sure no lives 2424 yes or is it 2413 got its 20 not sure here also you something that that'll mess you up a little bit and I want people to hear this right click a little bit so is Matthew 24 Luke 17 are parallel account of this phrase as it was in the days of Noah social would be the date of the command of the Son of Man, for they were eating, they were drinking they were giving in marriage to David no entity arc in the flood came and Matthew 24 says the flood came and took them all away in Luke 17 it says the flood came and destroyed them all. So the ones who were giving in marriage being taken all the stuff on the wicked notice process because it says that the flood came and took them all away. The flood came and destroyed them all think the ones were taken of the wicked, as it was the days of Noah social B visa coming is in Son of Man. They were eating and drinking the giving and merits of the day that Noah entered the ark, the flood came and took them all away to the Novena field one is taken when it left the context is the wicked were taken. All you gotta do is read the context I've done this for years and years.

Not a single person has ever rejected it.

Once they look at it. Everybody says that's what he says when they really look at it. Okay now in Luke 17. I asked Jesus where are they taken, and he tells him is it entering, he said, where Lord and he says where the body is there.

Also, the vultures will be gathered, that's where he says there taken to now. Why is it that pastors all over America preaching out of Matthew 24 Luke 17 these verses and sings a rapture when it is not the rapture, all debate anybody on this what it's not the rapture of the rapture is mentioned as first Thessalonians 416 two chapter 5 verse two also in note for his 1535 to 45. The rapture is mentioned quickly when I will all be caught up stuff like that. These verses are not rapture versus their the wicked were taken now again a Manassas on the show you something. Why is it that pastors are getting this wrong year after year after year after year.

What is it that they're not doing that they would continue to make that mistake or not studying contextually.

It's a serious problem because it is below. Too many pastors are disbelieving units on status quo use MoveOn don't do that now. Initially something else.

This is the Matthew 13.

This is when of the parable Jesus gives a parable of the of the week and the tears and unity assaulted the landowner so do we thing the enemy came and sowed tares and he stated this is a should be to gather up the tears and destroyed, and she does know lest you may uproot the wheat with them. Matthew 1330 allow both to grow together until the harvest of the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather of the tears and binding bundles to burn them up, but gather the wheat into my barn. So who's the first was taken at the end of the age. What the wicked is what he says now will they ask him to explain the parable. He says the and this is like 10 verses later in Matthew 13, an enemy who sowed them is a devil, the harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are angels so just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire social would be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, no gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness is what Jesus is saying is that his kingdom is now people say will wait a minute. If the kingdoms now that doesn't Satan have to be bound yes he does, and he was bound in Matthew 12 2232, when Jesus said to cast out demons, and the Pharisee says you're doing it with the part of the devil, and he says Satan is going to be bound in order for me to do this got me and he was doing it so therefore sings about. So since thing about this is what's interesting is that what we have we have a position taught by so many churches across the country is that this is Satan's kingdom and what we need to do is escape Satan's kingdom. So we gotta get outta here. Pretrip rapture. That's the opposite with the Scripture teaches were in God's kingdom now, and is the wicked will be taken out of it, and if we are the ones who do stay here and be through it than we Christians ought to be all the more active in working to preach and teach the gospel and submit all things of the Lordship of Jesus Christ is that of sitting down and waiting for the rapture to take us out of here because we go like it go away.

Okay again I appreciate your teaching you how like that walk through this before and I made a lot of that walk that you added felt that was what is best on bike.

Are you on, you mentioned you're not on YouTube that like you say my child and I were going to take my wife Paula. You can do that the yes on you just go to see you tonight… You can get him thinking out loud here you can go to that slick YouTube and see this recorded. There is also one Carmen YouTube. It is also an Odyssey were moving everything over to Odyssey because we got lots of persecutors and people who don't like I was saying to one free speech and so that removing is off and that's fine because God's just using unbelievers to prepare us for what's coming, so moving over to Odyssey workers free speech so I recommend you plug for this ever to go to Odyssey OD why Odyssey sign of her Odyssey.

Do a search for Carmen and just follow us to get notified when you're on the year we put some more videos up.

I will check that out and just a quick one uncovered appreciate all the work you got out you caterer nap and his… Grounded. I loved it from talking truth on this whole lot of lies is a lot of lie.

I sadly noted vitamin D deficiency alone and highly linked to know why wire they did not drown. Why is there no prevention talked about.

It's easy because they're using covert using code as a means of social control were your masks. I just released an article about that master control markers and they are basically useless and we should be wearing a deal with the shotgun economy and covert deaths.

Number 13,000 code vaccine related deaths 13,000 after been vaccinated 13,000, the CDC says.

And yet, all vaccines combined except for a covert from 1968. Up to now is just over 9000. And there's a lot in fact I look out.

I'm looking at her title right now. CDC says no record of natural immune transmission occult in 19 virus. There's no record of and verify that that's the case and work upon it and open up as an article as well on Carmen because like I'm getting attacked from different angles people so you know your lying presenting the information you have the date.let's do the same people Glover found she for his so-called misinformation or CNN MSM NBC for the so-called misinformation in their lives.

Now it's always conservatives.

Only the conservatives that's right. Another issue we want to more effective though I had thought that I felt that the new year bring out the truth in multiple areas of work and is more common. I have a couple hundred people that are hundred and 20 emails to go through people of setting the stuff and I'm also working on another article and coat with several articles and also one.

This is for everybody wants to do silly things related to this topic. The decline and fall of the West of Western civilization. What I'm doing is collecting notes and and news outlet.

Things like like him young man was a hand from football because he said he usually two genders while he was away from high school idiocy. The left more on our I. I don't alright folks, 7720775770774 healing. But that particular person will go home and be with little religious prey simply just pray Lord, your will be done.

I'd like to see this person healed and delivered. Nevertheless, not my will but your will be done. Simple, they want to go to Gloria whatever you do, I would prefer them to be healed, but sometimes that healing might be deliverance into the presence of Christ and so distant Lord I see them healed. But Lord if it's their time to go be with you than praise God and deliver them quickly. No big deal. Okay so yesterday they don't want your budget… Oh you what you think back about the other part baby.

Just pray and ask God for his will say what you basically think is a good idea what you think is right. In the pray. See Lord I just submit that to you when your will be done, not mine. It's the truth. Simple okay let my wife and I when we lost Jacob her son. We ask God to heal him and he did to the home should not are will your will be done. We prayed Lord if you'd like to let him stay with us. We had a birth defect would probably kill him when he was born and it did. We ask God to deliver God to heal him reset but nevertheless not or will your will be done quite okay, you get will be at we get so do you think you know your son when you get there you have some type of relationship with I believe so. And I don't know that would be. I just believe will see him, and I have that confidence ever since we lost 27 years ago to get a new name.

We have them you get a new identity to well necessarily names to it with. So for you Abba God called you to do with things like that new identity number still who we are in need this and change okay to collect what is really going recommend anybody God bless alright is good to Paul from Virginia Paul welcome around here think you sure we got some weeks ago I told you about the book of global credit right… Right. It is II haven't had a Gonzalez yet like people to do is to hate tears.

This book here. These pages read these pages because it people want me to read entire books and it takes a long time because I have so much I'm doing and out even better in the brakes on the radio show. I'm writing okay so there's a lot directly so I year mark or read way about art alive.

There are well 500 been paid. Book and I was reading chapter 30 a three by me all book spellbinding. I am very logged by what I read all. Not only is Dr. Bauer right.

There's a lot I don't want depressed. She resented people but is going to get worse. Just get worse yet, your own Maldonado better my opinion, here's an ISO is not I'm hearing more and more people are being injured body.I know Mark… Third one that I not been 75.13.and eight collect blood pressure and wanted all of you all like dollars fluid like I'll email you like – are it is happening out.well, you know, just let a doctor but there are recommendations on the web about certain things that can happen I thought was humble people like the joy popped up on then called back like that the people doing fine with all the people later.

Today, with no future in her early 40s who didn't want to contract school. But is this is a depression might be in Nazi Germany.

You can buy or sell or elicit your papers and doubted God revealed autoimmune problem early 43 yet there's all kinds of other counsel you and if you don't have is what happens the, the enemy of the state.

If you don't have peer-reviewed proof that don't give it because it's misinformation all say that when you hear the stories across the board from people I get contacted. I've heard Dr. say things encompasses the doctors of said luck that people had were in remission of this, this and that negative vaccine and boom within two weeks its data sets back over across the board.

It's happening were not allowed to say that kind of a thing because it doesn't fit the leftist agenda.

I'm not against vaccines, but I would tell you, there's lots of problems.

In fact, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway have banged out to and restricted some aspects of the modernity of exit because of the problems associated with that Japan has found elements of of metal and some other stuff in the majority vaccine what's going on you and why are we being forced to take it white. Why is that the heavy force.

It just something just just reeks in this. You know it's just it's a problem the government and the thing I have this. Why is the government open the borders and just let people come in the present regime. The Brandon regime says all every has to have vaccines. If you don't, you're an enemy.

Basically what you're saying they be prosecuted and yet they open the borders up and left to let people come in without vaccination without mask.

I'll get the consistency and the government is a stop and they did it to start up and compassed Constitution and the rhinos on the Democrat or a Rino, already a Republican. I'm not and that they need to be cleaned out. They need to get rid of these wackos out of office. If people are killing our country are destroying our country with her socialist crap and then they're using a good chromate is to gain control of Matthew. One of the things in order for the antichrist and the bees that go to work called Clayton. It could be because think you want to place the doctor's office. Put your right hand your wrist out for temperature, or your four head the same thing are to question is are we being conditioned to submit to the government tells us to buy and sell take a marker for head or are her hand because were being told more and more. When you go someplace yet that your four head scan or your right hand at your legal right hand scan it scaring me, and so you know I tell people I could tell you stuff I should do an off the air thing some time and to open up every command we can have some conversation because there's some stuff I really do that will see okay what the color thing right now. Thank you very much but by let's get to fill from the Carolina Lee lost. Let's get over to Lauren Laura welcoming on here hello not you man alarm well man.

Hey everybody this is Laura and I know her and she's great. She's helped out a current for a year and 1/2 two years now. I guess I don't rate asset. The car so crazy I know you'll be a sandwich.

So what's up you got your video. Where can I make it that would target me all a new brand church left and he is the word going so I really know he would like there on that. Her name is Tom. I can blame Eric talk right. We got about three minutes. Okay hi John, okay, yeah, I question you found you till you yet found in the fall millennium being will tell you what you got a couple minutes. Let me jump in okay could only have like a minute and 1/2 right. What you do is go to Matthew 1222, so Matthew 1222.

Matthew 1222 and start reading for 10 verses they are saying the Pharisees are saying that Jesus was casting out demons by the devil, and he says if Satan casts out Satan is divided against himself in it for 28 if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come upon you, or how can anyone enter the strong man's house and cut off his property as he first binds the strong man and then he will plunder his house.

He was not with me is against me.

Therefore say to you any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven, but not blessing is a Holy Spirit okay and so that's what is talking about there. So in 2029 says he saying you can't carry off the strong man's propertyless is first bound and is casting out demons and that's the context casting amount you can do that list is list of the strong man's bound ice. Talk about double read the contact 1222 and 32 okay okay so what about the millennium that we only hear about how that you file Mormonism you know the thousand years and a few thousand years and every basically goes to heaven basically except the super bad, but the millennium there's two main views and three main actually said St. Paul Mill which is that were in the millennial reign of Christ. Now the millennium is a figurative period of time post mill says that to the preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God will come and pray. Mill says that the future is that there's a future 1000 year of her time and were out of time, but if you call back tomorrow. I can explain more. Okay I write and I'm glad you Mormonism all right God bless the folks where the time.

There is the music the Lord bless you greatly and by his grace back tomorrow and finishing up tonight on a tree on the on/that's what I finished up on the another program powered by the Truth Network

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