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The Vinedresser, The Vine, and the Branches - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 16, 2021 6:37 am

The Vinedresser, The Vine, and the Branches - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 16, 2021 6:37 am

We continue our extensive study of the Gospel of John as we look at the 15th chapter. Part 1.

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Wounded in Christ and Christ is in off them. He says that for those who do sing for him that he was going to prove it's going to make you following along our broadcast you know that we are in an extensive study of the Gospel of John if he's missed any of our programs, they can all be found on our website. Moments of hope church.board that today David takes us to the 15th chapter in a message called divine dresser divine and the branches of the body and face giving of our online worship service on baby Chadwick and on the founding pastor church. We are presently walking through the gospel of John we been there now for around nine months and we will completed, but I wanted to mention to you next week on the 31st, and then November 7, 14th and 21st were going to take a break from the Gospel of John, and I'm going to go through the book of Nehemiah enough overview fashion and I'm going to cast vision with you for the next five years for moments of hope church God has a great plan for this church and you know that my former church.

I had a vision that I thought God had given me and I presented it and pretty soon thereafter I was asked not to be the leader of the church anymore and over the last several months, my wife Marilyn as good wives often do. She asked me the question. Do you remember that vision is, of course, I prayed long and hard about it. I thought that's what God wanted the church to do. She then asked me the pointed question was that vision from the Lord and I paused and said I think so again I prayed long and hard about it.

She said well if it's from the Lord. It still his vision so I took those words and I went back to that original vision and began to pray with more for the Lord what you want for moments of hope church called me to this church for this season. This life for the next 5 to 10 years.

I'm convinced in Lord, what do you desire and I went back to that vision, and much of what it said I come back to you with over the next four weeks so let's look forward to that time together again. I'll tell you more about our property search and where we are with that during that vision time. And also give you some key elements how you can participate in this visions because of it's just me it's doomed to failure.

It's all of us together who call ourselves a part of moments of hope church working together for the glory of God's again.

That will be next week October 31 the first week in the seventh, the second week the 14th.

Please circle on your calendar that's going to be at hope Farm the seventh, the 31st seventh and 21st will be a problem as they school at 10 o'clock. A regular worship time. But on the 14th at hope for big celebration.

The cooker smokers going to be going all kinds of games of the things will be there as well and in the worship time at 11 o'clock. I will present vision with our eight community partners were going to all, and you're going to hear how we want to impact underserved impoverished communities here in the city of Charlotte and I don't get much more ahead of myself. Just walk that date, especially November 14 of hope Farm at 11 AM. That's going to be very very important and special for our life together. Well, let's move to today's text in John. John 15 verses one through 17.

One. Jesus, most powerful, intense, and in meaningful teachings that he gives us in his word father in Jesus name I pray now that you would be with me as I proclaim your word that you would be pleased with what I'm about to say and as I unfold. This text, Lord, people would be convicted to bear much fruit for you. We love you Jesus, but only because you first chose us you first loved us, which is in these verses today and I pray that as we journey through your word Lord people a love your word even more that have the word of God, convict their hearts will how they can serve you more faithfully.

So thank you Lord for this privilege. I pray that you would use me to Jesus alone and always belongs all the glory. It's in your wonderful name Jesus I pray this prayer a man so context of John 15 one. You need to know that in John 14 Jesus gives us significant teachings about how the disciple should not let their hearts be troubled to believe in God believe also in Jesus that is going to heaven to repair a dwelling place for us is going to come back and get us to take us to that dwelling place of work so he wouldn't of told us so he can't lie to us because in verse six we saw. He is the way the truth and the life. And then John did such an excellent job last week of unfolding. The following verses and I want to emphasize that Jesus introduces for the first time in depth teachings about the Holy Spirit.

The third person of the Godhead. Christians believe in one God in three persons, father, son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in the third person of the Godhead often nicknamed the silent sovereign who is the one who connects us with the father in heaven through Jesus name. Keep that in mind as well. So Jesus had just given those teachings and in the last verse of chapter 14, he says rise let us go from here. So they were in the upper room and evidently they get up and start marching from the upper room in Jerusalem. Central down through the Kidron Valley and as they're going up the other side. This is even evident today in Jerusalem are to the left with the stairs that went up to the temple on top of the Temple Mount and heritage would help rebuild the temple of the second Temple time. Had actually gotten marble stones from all over the world in rebuilding the temple and making it majestic and all those stones gold inlaid fig trees.

Now why is that important because fig trees were the symbol of Israel. It was their national emblem. So for those of you are Clemson Tiger football fans. For example, at your football games. Somebody runs around with the Clemson flag is got a big Tiger Paul because that's the insignia of Clemson University's athletic program, University North Carolina has a Tar Heel on that flag I NC state has a wolf pack on that flag Duke has a blue devil in us by God's not in favor of them. Now I'm not going to go there.

They were going on that flag because that's their insignia regarding their school.

If Israel had had a flag with somebody waving it a different, momentous occasions, it would had a fig tree stamped on that flag with a fig tree had a golden embroidery on that marble stone and I think Jesus looked up at that fig tree and use that as a teaching moment as his disciples were following him down the Kidron Valley than up to the Mount of olives, where he would then have time of prayer with his father in heaven.

And then ultimately be arrested around two hours later.

This is probably around 10 AM after the Passover meal had been completed.

So with that as background information as Jesus is pointing out that golden embroidered fig tree on the the stone in the temple that Herod had put their.

He then says to his disciples.

I am the true vine. I am the true vine John 15 one. I am the true vine. Now several things that are important here. First of all, this is Jesus seventh and final IM statement clear claim to deity. They knew what he was saying the IM statement was the name of God given by God to Moses in Exodus 3. It was an unutterable phrase in Jesus now has said it seven times in the Gospel of John. John 635. I am the bread of life. John 812 IM the light of the world.

John 10 eight I am the gate. John 10 nine I am the good shepherd in John 1125 I am the resurrection and the life. In John 14 six I am the way the truth and the life.

And here John 15 one IM the true vine now that were true, is very important life because Jesus is looking at that marble block in the temple with that golden embroidery of the fig tree on it.

He sank IM the new Israel. I am the true vine, through whom God's going to work now to touch the world, not the nation of Israel but me. I am the true vine that you need to focus on now is God's focal point of redemption for the entire world I am the true vine, and my father is the vine dresser so in this area of like fig trees like a huge garden and isn't it interesting Jesus uses such a powerful image here about a garden because the garden was what God originally created the Garden of Eden and he said to Adam and Eve go, be fruitful and multiply. Keep that in mind, because that's the command that God gave Adam and Eve in here is the vision of the garden with a fig tree in at the national symbol of Israel, and Jesus is saying. My father is the owner of that field.

My father is the vine dresser of the field. He's the one who oversees Israel. He's the one who oversees me indeed.

He's the overseer of all of the world that he created verse two every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit that God's divine dresser and Jesus is saying that he is the vine, the true vine, and connected to that true vine branches and that's you and me. That's every human being who loves Jesus when we accept him as Lord and Savior we receive him in us. We are in him. There's a connection like a branch to a vine and the call of God that he has upon our lives. This purpose as followers of Jesus, for all of us is to bear fruit.

Now for those who say they are Christians, but don't bear fruit on. That's not people who lose their salvation folks because you can't lose your salvation. You always interpret Scripture with the Scripture any passage that suggest that you got to go to passages like in John 10 were Jesus said you are my sheep and no one can snatch you out of my hands or Romans eight 3839 work Jesus is nothing more. No one can ever separate you from my love that that connection point with Jesus once given is never taken back.

Once we receive him. It is an eternal conviction within us. But it is also very clear that in the church. Jesus taught there going to be both followers are going to be false Christians are going to be people who say they believe in Jesus but they really aren't.

And the proof of that's going to be. They don't bear fruit and whatever fruit it seems they do bear is wax fruit ever going to one of those places were there selling homes and you sit down and there's a basket full of fruit you're thinking that looks good and it's wax fruit try to sink your teeth into wax fruit. Tried chewing it up and ingesting it. You will get sick. The truth is there are people who say they love Jesus but don't really love Jesus. They never really received him, they've never been born again. John 33 Jesus said that's the only way you can enter into his kingdom, and the fruit.

The producing is wax fruit. It's fake fruit. It really isn't real fruit that has supernatural and eternal consequences. It may make the person look good but is not done for the glory of God.

And it's clear that Jesus taught in Matthew 13 for example, in the kingdom of God, the devil is going to so tears among the wheat and the wheat and the tares. If you need to know that image for the culturally they look exactly alike except for one thing, we bear fruit. The tears don't bear fruit, and in fact Jesus said don't you try to separate in the church which one is which. Sometimes I think that person is not a true believer, but I'm never supposed to make that judgment. Jesus said in John and what Matthew seven that I should never make that judgment, but he did say I can be a fruit inspector. He did say I can try to discern whether they are true believers by simply looking at the food I can't make that ultimate judgment that I can try to discern who is and who isn't and it's by looking at their real fruit. The fruit that is produced by the Holy Spirit or the fruit is produced by their own human efforts. And Jesus said don't you try to determine which one is which the queen or the tear let the angels of heaven do that at the second coming at the final judgment.

They'll be able to separate them.

Interestingly, there are farmers those who do try to separate them today.

The only way they can determine whether there true leader tares is after they separate them. They put each of boiling water and we will ultimately produce a sweetness of water. Nothing wrong with it.

Tears ultimately under hot water will produce poisonous water and sipping it will make you terribly sick. That's how they try to understand the difference between wheat and tears.

But Jesus said the enemy sows people into the church who really say they love Jesus but they don't love Jesus. The producing faults, fruit, and here he says very clearly. He takes them away that they are taken away and will see in verse six. One way that they are taken away their removed from Jesus, eternal kingdom, but those who really do love Jesus and have his Holy Spirit living within them and are producing fruit here. Some of you would remember. Galatians 522 and 23 where Paul taught us that the fruit of the Holy Spirit, or love, joy and peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Don't forget that last one that where the Spirit lives in us and were abiding in Jesus and his life is abiding in us that fruit naturally flows forth.

You don't have to force it to happen just happens any more than if you see an apple tree.

You don't go up to the apple tree is a duty to produce more apples on Appletree and in Seattle for going and trying produce more fruit. It just doesn't happen at healthy apple tree receiving like nutrients from the soils in its root will produce healthy apples root produces fruit that's just the truth of agriculture will the same is true in our lives in Christ. If we are rooted in him, we will produce fruit. It just happens. It's got to happen, we will strive to produce it. We can't produce it through our own strength eternal significant spiritual fruit happens because were rooted in Christ and Christ is in us now here's a teaching that Jesus gives. He says that for those who are in him and he is in them, and they are producing fruit for him that he is going to prove them. He's going to prove he's going to cut away some of that good fruit because he wants to produce much more good fruit. Now again, I'm not a gardener I'm not a horticulturalist but I do know that as I have been taught this text that Israel today. There are many trees that have existed for 2000 years and some of them grow to heights of 20+ feet and produce wonderful fruit, you may not know this but Israel is the third largest fruit producer in the entire world so Israel knows a lot about food producing and all those trees, they will regularly go in and prune them back from 20 feet to about 3 feet and they look like they're going to die, but all the vine dressers there till you know that's for the purpose of eliminating some weeds and other stuff that even though the tree was producing fruit.

It was being limited in all that it could produce and went this which looks like a stoplight now starts to grow again. It's going to produce ever listening to know Mexico with David Simon coming up dated joins me in the studio in insightful conversation about God's unconditional love for I really like this is the ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community on Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte hello my name is Jimbo and Bowen corrective events and take a minute tell you guys. Thank you mom is supposed David and Marilyn Chadwick all of you there being no development, for us, you been there since 08 starting Kings could and grew into the dream Center. The mills we been the last eight weeks, probably exceeding 55,000 elegance was the right you guys and made such an impact in the city of reason and of those within the enemy is one of the work that with the mills of the going out about the relation ministry into the lives of Thomas world remark from the Lord that never you see people come out as well is the largest of the meals and then we just think of God. Know the first collimated side go this route and provide you all the resounding yes everything you and not only that, you also dreams that are now this week producing meals there is a restaurant all the bills were shipped to the dream Center with the get you something for you guys got God bless Melissa we just turn harvest. The seed thanks for listening to in the James Easton and Whitney as our pastor dated Needed. Thanks for joining us today. I Jim great to be with you you as well will in this morning's moment of hope. You shared a song that your wife Marilyn used to sing your children when they were young and it was all about the power of unconditional live listel is not that I will Jim because we as parents believe that the healthiest homes are ones where grace is in place and the word grace just means the unconditional love of God. So we tried to practice grace and the unconditional love of the father in our home regularly.

Will Marilyn came up with this idea. My wife and she would sing this song to our kids every single day. Practically, it goes like this. I love you when you're happy. I love you when you're sad. I love you when you're feeling good or when you're feeling bad. I love you I love you I really really love you no matter what you say or do. I really really love you. I really really love you and it just became a part of our life and everybody knew the song we sing it to one another. Whenever we messed up woman. One time I was walking in the kitchen with a glass of milk and my fingers were little buttery. The glass slipped out of my fingertips fell on the ground and crash milk everywhere and I just went are you kidding me, I gotta clean this up.

What I do for as I'm such a dummy wide in our realization to carry that milk and that glass would buttery fingers and just as I was at the height of my frustration by then like six-year-old daughter Bethany walked up to me, look me in the eyes and said I love you when you're happy.

I love you when you're sad now. Instead, we all cracked and we just realize that we all make mistakes. Yeah, we all fall short in and when we do we run to the cross or we drink on you of that wonderful limitless unconditional love of the father that he's given to us through Jesus. And I think we have that kind of environment in our home and in our churches and in our culture, we have a healthier culture because we are breathing the rarefied sure heir of God's unconditional love. I love that story.

I love you are the Marilyn stories about your family and how you raise them. I Eggeling so much fun and really let this atmosphere of unconditional love reminds me on.

Is it really produce is an ability for somebody beat to become responsible intake response self responsibility and I think that's a big deal these days for people to not be afraid to take responsibility for a shortcoming or mistake. Expose it to the presence of the Lord and tear your friend in and move forward. Yeah, it allows us to fail forward, which is another David-ism.

It allows us to realize it's not the end of the world. When we make mistakes because we all will make mistakes. When we fail, we should not despair because now we know one other way not to do something that it should be a pathway to success, the grace of God is the most powerful force in the universe.

And Paul said in Romans eight 3839.

Can anything separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. It's a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously no, it's the most powerful force in the world. I really believe as we live in it, we become the people God always calls us to be.

That's so powerful. Think he so Matt stated well thank you Jen and listeners.

Would you fall prey to the grace of God breathe that area yourself, put it into your homes. Let your kids make mistakes and then give them grace. Let yourself make mistakes and then give yourself grace when you do so you will become healthy in the Lord, and if you'd like to receive from me. These daily written moments of hope, please go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there free of charge for my heart to yours are arriving in your inbox every morning at 7 AM to start your day with a moment of hope and moments of hope with charming senior pastor as moments of hope charts, we would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet at Providence day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte at 10 AM.

You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope charts.born again. Come join us this Sunday morning at Providence day school located 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte just as moments of hope for dated any entire moments of hope Church sign James Easton need to pray for every American workforce

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