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The Way, The Truth, The Life - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 15, 2021 6:21 am

The Way, The Truth, The Life - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 15, 2021 6:21 am

How does a Holy God receive fallen, sinful humanity into His presence? Find out today as we continue to look at the Gospel of John. Part 2.

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That's why Jesus is the weight of the fathers. I am the way, there will on the way and Jesus is the truth, by its very definition is explosive and uplifting as a holy God receive the following sinful humanity into his presence. Well, the 14th chapter of the Gospel of John. The most significant teaching about the father in heaven.

In verse six is another IM statement from Jesus claiming deity here stated, continuing our study of the Gospel of John, Jesus in Matthew seven verse 15 says it this way, but there are in this world to Rose. One of those wide on the wide road are many people on the narrow road or just a few, and then those roads lead to a gate Jesus of one gate is wide and everybody's going through it on that road and that gate leads to destruction places on the narrow road. There's a narrow gate that gate is me. John 1010.

Remember I am the gate and that gate is me and you go through that gate of grace and that gate leads to eternal life.

Dear friends, you're in either the wide road that's leading to the wide gate and destruction thinking you can earn God's favor or you're on the narrow gate of the narrow way which leads to the narrow gate which knows that salvation is only by grace through faith, a gift from God, not of our works, we can never do enough to earn eternal life, and that's why Jesus said weight of the fathers through me.

I am the way, I'm that narrow road. I am that narrow gate on the way you get to the father. I am the truth is we debate in our culture continually if truth is a Western can construct if we believe the truth really is relative. If we believe truth doesn't exist. That's one of the big debates in academia and other places. Today in the American culture.

But those of us who live long enough to know there is actual truth we lived under teachers who said to us. 2+2 = 4, no debate about that. It's not a social construct.

According to Western thought what my patriarchal is him. It is a truth of science in reality and Jesus is the truth.

Truth, by its very definition is exclusive. Let me say that again truth by its very definition is exclusive. If Jesus is the truth.

It means other truth claims that are contradictory to his or false. Jesus is the truth but is also the life he is the way to get to heaven and have eternal life and the way that you have eternal life is through Jesus.

The moment you are born again in your heart you confess your sins and the Holy Spirit rushes in, you have Jesus life within you and you know your forgiveness eternal life begins for you that day and noticed the definitive article. It's purposeful. Jesus is in a way a truth, a life he is the way the truth be life and you gotta make a decision whether you believe that or not Jesus isn't going to coerce you to do it.

Let not your heart be troubled.

Anxiety is a choice. Your choice of eternal life is yours.

I pray today that you would yield today and know that grace is the only thing that makes sense is the only way to go to the father.

He has to pursue us before we ever pursue him he has to choose us before we ever choose him. Grace is a gift and when we realize that we know our home to the father and it's our father's house were Jesus is our big brother, the silent sovereign of the Holy Spirit, who will look at next week. Is there as well. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ living in this huge heaven that Jesus has created for all of us to live in and it is glorious beyond words.

You just got answer the question today. How are you going home. Do you really believe us by your works. You're being lied to, is only by the grace of the father who pays the gift for us and when we accept Jesus all our sins and debts are paid in full and we are living with him through grace forever starting the day that we know him intimately next division. The character of the father in verses seven through 11.

Jesus said if you had known me, you would have known my father also. From now on. Do you know him and have seen him.

So Jesus is basically saying here if you want to know who the daddy in heaven really is looking me.

God loved us so much he put his entire character into Jesus and if you want to know the character of the father, look at Jesus.

The father is spirit, we can't possibly understand the inscrutable majesty of the eternal God of the universe in our own fallen, sinful states, but looking at human being talk into human being understanding his words. You can see the nature of the father in human flesh. Jesus is basically God with flesh, God came to this earth in a stable in Bethlehem but will celebrate at Christmas time in a couple of months put on skin and became one of us is called the in car nation.

It is the changing point of the history of the human race. God became one of us to pursue us with his grace.

Now Philip said to him, Lord, show us the father and it is enough for us.

Jesus said to him, hence, have I been with you so long that you still do not know me, Philip, whoever has seen me has seen the father. How can you say show us the father. Now we don't know much about Philip. We know he was quite smart when Jesus wanted the 5000 men to be fed. He turned to Philip and say what you figure out how to do it. Philip, there's a sense he may been the major mathematician of all the crew so Philip here is asking yet another question. Lord, how do we know who the father really is in Jesus responses is. Had I been with you so long just don't get this.

Whoever has seen me. Philip has seen the father.

Verse 10 do you not believe that I am in the father and the father is in me. This is another John 1030 passes were Jesus and I and the father are one the fathers and Jesus. Jesus is in the father.

They have a perfect union life as the first two persons in the Godhead. By the way. That's why Jesus agonized in the garden so much about dying on the cross. He knew that when he absorbed all the sins of the world that this union life with the father would stop for a season that God could not continue to have fellowship with his son who became sinful he would have to reject him and that was the price Jesus knew he'd have to go through. It was almost too much to think about.

That's what he asked is there another way, the words that I say to you I do not speak on my own authority, but the Father who dwells in me does his works so worded Jesus power come from well he's the second person of the Godhead in the fathers and him and he is in the father so he says to if you want to know the nature of who the father is look at my works daddy in heaven is a healer now.

Dear friends, I just want to take a moment again to state if you had a bad earthly dad and he was abusive to you in any way and in fact if any man is done that to you.

I'm just so sorry, but that was never what God intended. He wanted every home to have a loving daddy who gave care and like was a backstop, a guardian of all evil getting into that home garden sprinkling grace into your life regularly. Daily. That's what God the father so wanted, and in this broken world. Dads have become sometimes obsolete, sometimes irrelevant, sometimes invisible.

That's not what God intended in Jesus and I came not only to show you the way to the father. I came to show you the character of the father. So when you pray our father is in heaven.

You don't have to worry about rejecting God because you're projecting your earthly fathers evil upon God. Now this time God is that picture God is gracious, good, kind, compassionate, loving, caring he is tough and he's tender at the same moment. He's not a terrible dad.

He is someone who loves you so deeply what's the proof the cross. That's the extent daddy would go in heaven to show you the even be willing to give up his son to love you so deeply that's good news. Whether you're a woman or man.

If you are a girl or a boy know that's the loving daddy that God wants you to know in heaven.

And then once you know that if you did have a good earthly that you should praise God regularly for that. But if you didn't have a good early that so you know, but God the father's what he intended to rest in a perfect relationship with him, knowing he cares for me. He has adopted me into his family. He's made me an air of everything that he owns. That's my true identity, not in what's happened to you I tell you this all the time folks, your identity is not in what's happened to pass it again. Your identity is not in what has happened to you. Your identity is in Jesus and Jesus alone and you are adopted by the daddy in heaven, a member of his family and he will always care for you and always love you that is the true characteristic of the father and finally in the last couple few verses we have how to communicate with the father. In verses 12 through 14. Jesus, a truly, truly, I say to you again. Listen up. This is really really important what I'm about to say, truly, truly, I say to you whoever believes in me is that whoever Jesus died on the cross for everyone, but it's your decision whether you want to receive that gift or not.

Whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do and greater works than these will he do because I'm going to the father and again will see next week how going to the father unleashes the Holy Spirit into our hearts. Jesus himself living in us and the greater works. There are certainly in scope because Jesus goes to the father. Our sins satisfied in him he sends the Holy Spirit to live in believers all over the world that Jesus disciples went from 12 to 120 in acts one, two, 3000 in acts 22 2 billion+ today and now we have churches all over the world where there are Christians with Jesus living in them were able to do greater works works in scope ministries or preaching the word of God ministries of compassion, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, giving compassion to those in need, but also miracles, dear friends, one of the gifts that God has given his church is the gift of miracles. The gift of healing and we have seen them in our church. I said this to you before that cancers heal.

We have all kinds of bone issues healed. It's been a marvelous journey in my four decades the sea. Many people heal infertility. We seen people who are infertile, who been given babies is just been unbelievable but dozens I would say dozens of infertile women who have been given babies in the ministry of the past church I was in, and now this one is just amazing because God gives that ministry to his church what he gave that to Jesus and for the body of Christ. We still have that in first Corinthian's 12 and 14. See a list of all those gifts given. So now we can see the power of God flowing through people all over the world greater in scope greater in power because there are more numbers now. You said you wait a minute, what are you telling me like Jesus raised people from the dead people get raising the dead today. Yes emphatically yes.

Well David you ever met anybody has been raising the dead.

Yes, when Marilyn and I were in India some years ago. We met a woman who'd been placed on the funeral pyre. They had lit the light under her people continue to pray that God would do a miracle and all of a sudden her body started to twitch and she came past the life she was better to burn in hell she was placed on that pyre and God raised from the dead know why because that allow the gospel to be proclaimed in that village in India and there's now a church there. I do believe that God does more huge supernatural miraculous kinds of works in places where the gospel needs to be planted. He wants us to see miracles happen, but he wants us to learn to live by faith, and I think what his word is not available. Like in India.has to do miracles to get the church started were God's word is available right here in America. He wants us to learn how to live more by faith is not to say he doesn't still raise people from the dead in America. I know a couple of instances here but not like what I hear worldwide God still doing greater works in magnificent ways because his spirit lives in people who believe and when they come together and form the bride of Christ.

There than the body of Christ, who has his gifts and power flowing through them and now we have churches all over the world. One of our hopes is I'm going to cast vision in the next several weeks is to plant churches in unreached people groups. We had 330+ we've already done in the 2 1/2 years that we've been in existence. That's the command of Jesus.

Matthew 2414 look at this in my end times theology class. Jesus said I'm not coming back. I'm not coming back until every ethnic tried every F nonce in the Greek has heard the gospel of Jesus is our mandate to do so. And actually, the Bible says that we can hasten the return of Jesus by proclaiming the gospel this time for Christians no longer to be silent but to take the gospel of Jesus Christ in our hearts and proclaim it to our family, our neighbors in this city and around the world. It's not optional folks. It's what Jesus has commanded his church to do and I know he wants that to happen. So, greater works than these are going to be able to do. And then Jesus ends this section with whatever you ask in my name.

This I will do that. The father may be glorified in the son. If you ask me anything in my name I will do it. So this is the communication we have with this Almighty daddy who lives inside of us through Jesus. We can talk to regularly folks was prayer is just common conversation.

I talked my daddy all day long, pray without ceasing. I have a special time in the morning where I just sit down in a special place alone. No interruptions with God's word.

My journal and I read his word and I just pray I just talked to daddy. I make a list of the things my heart needs and that I can go back later on and see how he's answered will do another study sometime on how God answers prayer. But he just just talk to me and Jesus said whatever you pray in my name. Now that's the key in my name, someone's name, and that they meant their character so Jesus name means Savior. That's what his name means he is the Savior of the world. David King David's name is beloved. He was beloved by everyone. The name indicates, the character and also the will of the person in whose name your praying. So when you pray in the name of Jesus you're praying believing in it best. You know, it might be what you think God wants for you, but you're releasing it to hit to the father just like Jesus did in the garden of Gethsemane thinking is there another way, and the father said no nope and Jesus then said, not your will, but mine we pray fervently. We pray believing we know that prayer does move the hands of God. We always are praying in the name of Jesus in accordance with his character and his will, knowing that it might not be exactly what God desires and we have to either wait for it, or maybe even realize will say no. I got a better plan. But God is always good folks and he wants us to talk to him. He wants us to talk to him like he's our daddy. My daddy went to heaven some years ago, but I would give anything if I had one hour where I could just sit down him with him and just talked hear his voice hear his wisdom know how much he loves me will how much more is that the case every morning when I go to my heavenly daddy and hear his voice speaking to me. I love you your mind you're my son.

My child of adopted you have a purpose for your life dear friends that's on at all and some fathers aren't purposeless.

They have great meaning in our culture. Another thing I'm going to talk about in our vision in the next four weeks or so. I'm going to talk about the importance of developing men in the Christ followers yes women to of course, but men especially who tend to go. I don't need this Jesus and also develop these men into fathers who marry women stay covenantal. He committed to them forever and raise their children for the next generation to follow Jesus within raise children for the next generation is good fathers and mothers until Jesus returns. And by the way, Jesus is coming back one day and if it weren't so Jesus belongs the glory always forever.

Amen and amen father. If there's anyone out there who wrongly thinks they can work their way to heaven they be convicted by your Holy Spirit right now and give their hearts to what they know they can only be by grace through faith with a yield finding out to Jesus and know that he is the way, the truth, the life.

No one comes to the father except through Jesus.

It has to be grace or works. It has to be works are Christ's righteousness. One of the other. I pray Lord for all those out there who know their unforgiven.

They never received Jesus never been born again. They don't have the assurance of eternal life. I pray they were now finally yield to you Lord and you would touch deeply their hearts and enter and give them the gift of eternal life, do so now. Please let us know if you have so we can help begin the process of your growth and loving Jesus coming the man or woman of God desires coming.

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Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership. James Easton thanks for listening today joining the studio is our pastor dated dated thanks for joining. It's great being with you as well. Jim will in this morning's moment of hope.

You made an excellent point about how the Bible calls us to examine ourselves we mean Janet's and often overlooked little verse in second Corinthians chapter 13 verse five. Basically, again, it says examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith, and I don't think many people do this. I know in my own spiritual life I need to do this more because there are times when only the Holy Spirit, and I know what's really going on in my heart so I need times to sit down alone away from everything in quiet in silence and say Lord examine my heart and then let the Holy Spirit probe and prick. Those places inside of me that I have neglected and maybe need to let the Lord show me a new path and you way your for example, Lord, and I really been studying your word recently have I been a person who loves to pray Lord is so, and I've been praying is regularly and fervently as I need is there depth to my prayers. Is your life constantly being lived in and through me so that I can avoid anxiety, despair, or am I really walking in faith like you desire and I cast all my cares upon you because I know how much you care for me.

First Peter 57 ask those questions honestly and if you do, I think the Lord will show you the weaknesses of your heart and maybe some of the strengths you need to keep building upon really is a test of faith if you will, and what were doing here zing.

Lord, I want to do an in-depth test in the in the question we all need to ask, then thereafter is if I pass the test. So the question is will we examine our hearts and let the Lord speak to us in places of spiritual weakness. I think this is a really good word for right now actually heard a teaching recently on the book of solid song of Solomon in chapter 4 on this tonight bride calls on the north winds in the south winds in the north winds are the winds of testing like that cold winter lands anything mature prayer to say Lord test me examine what's going on here and bring you refreshing as well as it's a sign of maturity. I think if you're walking with Jesus.

That's a great insight, gin, and it also speaks to how those times of winter are the times when God does his best revealing to us all those issues that we need to deal with. Interestingly, farmers leave the ground fallow during the wintertime during the cold icy winter season is when the rocks that are just below the surface are brought to the surface and there then shown to the farmer where before the spring planting.

He can take the rocks out in order to have the largest harvest. So in those cold, bitter winter times of the heart. God often brings to the surface.

The rocks of unbelief, despair, discouragement, etc. that we can see and say okay, gotta get rid of those.

In order for the seeds to be planted a faith that will ultimately give me the harvest of hope and I think that is such a beautiful picture and a timely where it is, we are turning the corner in our seasons here now moving toward winter ourselves so use this season physically as a season spiritually to examine yourselves. Second Corinthians 13 five of verse we often overlook that a good word hanky so Matt stated thank you Jen and listeners.

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