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The Judas of the Old Testament | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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November 15, 2021 7:00 am

The Judas of the Old Testament | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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November 15, 2021 7:00 am

Adrian Rogers describes the life of David’s servant Joab to reveal how we can know if our minds, hearts, and wills look like Jesus.


Can we do discouraged by Congress to Adrian Rogers know where Joe or Judas or any of keep you from loving the Lord Jesus there plenty of Joab's in the Old Testament what he abuses in the New Testament and the modern world, immigrants, hypocrites go, but you will not find any fault with our wonderful King, Lord Jesus, welcome to find dynamic glass of Adrian Rogers in part one of today's message. We were introduced to King David's right hand man Joe, by all appearances, Joab was devoutly loyal to his king. But in spite of that loyalty was something missing like Joab. There are some Christians who will profess their loyalty to Christ. Yet remain lost. If you have your Bible turn to first Kings chapter 2 is Adrian Rogers concludes a convicting message. The Judas of the Old Testament burnout judgment upon Joab. Joab was the Judas of the Old Testament and he was an unusual man. He was a remarkable man because outwardly he seemed to love David outwardly. He seemed to be loyal to David. Outwardly, he served David, but when it came to the very air he ended up under the judgment and arrive update. He spent all of his life serving yet he truly never love David Bentley. He was judged by now this man Joab was a very old man. He was a very outstanding man. He was a man among men and Joab would have gone to the top in any profession anywhere any place but incidentally he was David's commander-in-chief, and yet is such a tragic store he fought alongside David he fought for David, he worked for David.

He respected David.

He looked up to David and yet he spent his entire life, only to receive at the end of his life. The wrath of David and the judgment update. I say that's a tragedy.

But Joab was seemingly loyal to David and certainly Joab knew that David was Savior. But not only was he convinced that David was Savior. Not only was he convinced that David was sovereign. He was also convinced that David was sufficient but I Wightman in spite of the fact of his loyalty. There was still something missing, and I'm sure your moment that there was a fatal flaw in Joab. What caused this man Joab to receive the judgment of David. Why would David come to the end of his life and tell and tell his son Solomon, Joab don't you let his right hand go down to the ground.

You let my judgment call upon him. Why is it what happened to well will search the record and find out that in all, you can never find a place where Joab from his heart.

Love, David Joab was a man who loved the kingdom without loving the king let's go now to second Samuel chapter 3 and I was to begin reading in verse 20 slaver came to David. He brought in 20 men with him and David made after the men that were with him if he and Abner said to David, I will arise and go, and will gather all Israel onto my lord the king, they may make a league with the Balmain's reign over all by the heart desire and David sent Abner a way and he went in these. I want a this is the same Abner who had once rebelled against David and Abner said to David, David, I'm going to bring as many people your side as I cannot and I want everyone to be in your kingdom. But Joab who was David's commander-in-chief. This man all and stabbed him in the back and he represents so many people who claim to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ and yet they never ever have the mind of Christ. I wanted you have the mind of Christ. Do you think as Jesus thinks, and therefore, do you love as Jesus loves. If you are knifing those that Jesus loves you haven't been saying you have been saved. This is what all Joab. He never really had a mind of Christ. But not only did he disdain the mind of David, I want you to notice that he also distress the heart of David.

I want you to turn to another passage if you will now turn to second Samuel chapter 18. I want you to notice another episode not only what Joab did Abner. But I'm going to show you what Joab did to Absalom.

I'm reading second Samuel chapter 18 beginning in verse five, and the king commanded Joab and I wish I and K eyes saying deal gently, for my sake with the young man even with Absalom and all the people heard when the king gave all when the king gave all the Discharge concerning Absalom so that people went out onto the field against Israel and the battle was in the wood of Ephraim, and where the people of Israel were slain before the service of David and that was a great slaughter that day of 20,000 men for the battle there was scattered over the face of all the country and the wood devoured more people that David and the sword of our that is a lot of people got tangled up in the underbrush and work beaten to death.

They are trying to get out of the brush and they were trapped ensnared in the brambles and so forth and so he said the wood devoured more people at date of the sword devoured an outburst nine and Absalom met the servants of David and Absalom wrote on a mule and the new one under the thick bowels of the great Oak and his head was caught hold of the oak and he was taken up between the heaven and the earth and the mule that was under him one way at a certain man saw it and told Joab and said I saw Absalom hang and Joab said into the man that told him. And behold also lost him. Why does now not smite him back to the ground and I would have given the 10 shekels of silver in the garden center on the Joab, though I should receive a thousand shekels of silver in my hand yet what I'm up for mine hand against the Kings on four MR hearing, the king charged the and I was shy and it AI's saying beware that non-touch the young man Absalom. Otherwise I would have wrought falsehood against my own life for theirs no matter hid from the king, and thou myself to set myself against me. Then said Joab, I may not carry this with the and it took three darts in his hand and thrust them through the heart of Absalom while he was yet alive in the midst of you, and 10 young man that bear Joab's armor compassionate about and smoked Absalom and he slew him. Now, Absalom was David's son, and he had rebelled against David Hartley rebelled against David E Dr. usurped the throne from David and and David said to Joab, and he said to his other men there that they look, I know what is done. I know what he deserves. But I want you to hear me and hear me well. Regardless of what he's done and regardless of what he deserves. I love him. He's my son.

I to show him mercy. I want to extend my grace to him and so therefore deal gently with the young man Absalom my sake all of us remember the story of how Absalom ran under that huge oak tree in his head and his hair got entangled layer in the limbs and he's left dangling, suspending, he cannot free himself and how cruel and wicked. Joab came and found him there and drove three divers through his heart and Joab's other men surrounded him and how that him and pummeled him there and broke the heart of the I want to tell you that not only did Joab not have the mind of David.

He did not have the heart of David Joab could not love like David love. I want to something else ran the acid test is whether or not your Christian is not whether you have a family loyalty and a fundamental loyalty in a fighting loyalty. The acid test is do you love as Jesus loves you, love to see Abner could not deal with those whom David had forgiven and not be with those long. David wanted to forgive. He had forgiven Abner back to forgive Absalom Joab stabbed him three times in the heart right away. I will ask your question tonight. I want to know where you join the church. I don't want to know what you work in the church where you sing in the choir where you know doctrine where you fight me. I will ask your question.

Do you love those that Jesus loves. If not, you are dear friend enjoyed scrap and you're going to receive the wrath of Jesus you love the lost love the rebels continue to read here in second Samuel chapter 18 in verse 33 and see how the heart of David was broken in second Samuel chapter 18 verse 33 and the king was much moved anyone up to the chamber over the gate and wept as he went to settle my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom got iodide for the Absalom, my son, my son, David love this rabbit so I am just as Jesus died for us. What a picture of the love of God but Joab could never understand that he did not love as Jesus love ours. David loved he could not think as David thought continue to read in second Samuel 19 verses one to and as it was told Joab behold king rebirth and mourning for Absalom and the victory that day was turned in the morning and all the people for the people heard say that day how the king was grieved for his son. But I want you to notice the reaction of Joab that look in verses five and six and Joab came into the house of the king and said, thou has shame to this day the faces of all I service this day have which this day have saved my life and the lives of my sons, and of my daughters in the lives of my wives in the lives of my concubines in the bowel lumbar spine enemies and haters by friends he could not have been more wrong when he said that David hated his friend, but he could not of been more right when he said that David loved his enemies, for thou hast declared this day that our God is neither princes nor servants for this day, I perceive that if Absalom had lived, and all we had died this day. Bennett had please the well he's sarcastic now with David because David wanted to show his love to Absalom I pay attention what was wrong with joy. He did not have the mind of David. He cannot think as David thought he did not have the heart of David.

He cannot love as David love, nor did he have the will of David. He did not will as David will I want you to turn to final passage now in first Kings chapter 1 go back where the first Kings will moment I look in chapter 1, and I will read verses five and seven you go to find out that there was a another one of David's sons that rebelled against him.

His name was Adonijah and first Kings chapter 1 and verse five we read then Adonijah the son of hag.

If exalted himself saying I will be king, and he prepared them chariots and horsemen and 50 men to run after him and his father had not displeased him at any time saying why has thou done so and he also was a very goodly man and his mother bear him after Absalom and he conferred with Joab the son of Zechariah and with a bio car. The priest and they following Adonijah helped him nightmares. Joab again trying to set up a long chain. It was not David's will that Adonijah be king. It was David's sovereign will that Solomon succeeded him on the throne, skip on down to verses 11 and following in first Kings chapter 1 verse 11 wherefore Nathan spake of the Bathsheba, the mother Solomon saying, hast thou not heard that Adonijah, the son of hag rain and David Lord North did not now, therefore, let me, I pray they give the Council that thou may save vinyl life and the life of my son Solomon go and get the and on to King David and Sandy him this not thou my Lord oh Kings Square underline handmade saying assuredly. Solomon by son Shareen after me, and he shall set up on my throne. Why then Adonijah rain now. The thing I want you to see is in verse seven Joab contrary to the will of David tries to make Adonijah king and what I'm trying to say is this better. Joab never had the mind of David Joab never had the heart of David Joab never had the will of David. It was David's sovereign will that Solomon became but yet Joab had another way Joab was like so many people who say yes I belong to Jesus Christ. But I know my rights. Yes, I belong to Jesus Christ. But I have my desires. Yes, I belong to Jesus Christ.

But I have my own judgments and my own reasoning. He never ever really had his wheel brought under the will of David now I'm talking to some of you were going to be just like Joab you going to receive the judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ because outwardly your loyal but inwardly your lost you never have ever really and giving your heart to Jesus Christ. Now the Marxist is whether or not Amanda save is not what kind of doctor and he can rattle off you not saved by the plan of salvation. You saved by the man of salvation and his name is Jesus not say, by serving and fighting as a matter fact the Joab's of the people because church lights church splits wiper doctrine. They don't like what they think is right they will fight for the cause of Christ in and build the virus is only by pride cometh contention that a lot of Joab to write a lot of churches and in the name of their team, but they never have had the heart of the king, they never know how to deal with other people as Jesus himself would be with them. They never really know how to forgive as Jesus forgives. They never know how to seek rebels as Jesus eats rebels they never know anything about the sovereign will of our great God and son asking you tonight. Not you have a family loyal. I'm not asking you to have a fundamental loyalty. I'm not asking whether you're a premillennialist off what you believe in verbal inspiration of the virgin birth, you believe all and go straight to hell. I'm not asking if you have a fighting loyalty and not asking how many battles are fought for righteousness and whether you are in the Moral Majority or whatever. I want to know you have the heart of Jesus Christ. Do you love Jesus, you have the mind of Christ. Are you submitted to the will of Christ. You may be outwardly loyal, inwardly lost soul possible to be religious but lost.

Have a sad thing is that those are religious and lost all those who police think that they need to be saying. I dare say that some of you were sitting here tonight wondering if they're going to hear the message when God is speaking to you I say one of the greatest tragedies. Fourth was for Joab to talk alongside David and then receive a rapidly greater tragedy would be for you to be a member of this church to take up the offering to sing in the choir teacher. The Sunday school to give your money don't fight the battle and still one of these days you're the Lord Jesus ate apart from me, ye that work iniquity. I never knew you. Many people are going to die and go to hell. Surrounded by baptismal certificates receipts for church offerings, Sunday school attendance awards because they have never ever received Christ as their personal savior. Lord, let me give you verse of Scripture is in the New Testament, Matthew chapter 7 verse 22 Jesus gave a solemn warning.

Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, I would not prophesied in thy name and my name of cast out demons and by name done many wonderful works and then will I profess under them apart from me, ye that work iniquity. I never knew you. Are you sure you say does God's spirit bear witness with your spirit that you are a child of God.

I'm not trying to make you doubt. But second Peter chapter 1 verse 10 says wherefore the rather brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure. Second Corinthians chapter 13 verse five says examine yourselves whether you be in the faith prove yourself.

Are you sure you save do you know that you know that you love Jesus does. God spirit bear witness with your spirit that your child of God I tell you what I'm trying to discern whether man is a Christian or not, and I can never judge that's not up to me to do, but what I'm looking to see to satisfy my own heart.

You know the thing I look for does he love Jesus does he love Jesus not asking you love music. I'm not asking you love Bible study. I'm asking is there in your heart tonight, a genuine love for Jesus, you have the mind of Christ. You have the heart of Christ. Are you submitted to the will of Christ. If not one of these days you're going to hear him say, depart from me, that work iniquity. I never knew you one last last thing I want to say you may not be a Christian. Not even a church member.

Don't let a Joab or Judas or any other hypocrite keep you from loving the Lord Jesus there plenty of Joab's in the Old Testament plenty of Judas is in the New Testament and the modern world, hypocrites, hypocrites go, but you will not find any fault with our wonderful king David's greater son, the Lord Jesus, I want you to search your heart tonight. I will ask you this question.

Are you saying you love what Jesus loves you, love, those of been forgiven as Jesus loves those who been forgiven you. Love those rebels against Jesus as Jesus loves those who rebels against the you want his will, rather than your own will. If so, you can say that you're saying. If not, you have no right to say that you're saved and going to heaven if you want to be saved. Why don't you pray, pray tonight asked Jesus to come in your heart you my prayer prayer like this. Dear God, just pray it. I'm a sinner and I'm lost and I need to be saved and I want to be safe.

Tell the Lord that you want to be saved and then asking to save you. For Christ sake, just say Lord Jesus come in my heart just inviting men right now, Lord Jesus, come in my heart, forgive my sin and save me. We asking to do that right now. The Bible says, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Lord Jesus, come in my heart, forgive my sins save me you died for me, save me Lord asking to do it right now. Now asking more Jesus give me the courage to make it public, not to be ashamed of you because you died for me.

Thank you Lord Jesus for what you're doing in my heart if you prayed to receive Jesus Christ just now, let us celebrate with you where discovered Jesus page on the website. There you'll find answers, you may need about your newfound faith never response section. There you can share your testimony or how this message has made a difference in your life go to and click the tab at the top that says Discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family.

Let us hear from you today if you like to order a copy of today's message.

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Don't let a Joab or a Judas or any other hypocrite keep you from loving Jesus and serving in your church. So glad you studied God's word with us today and we hope will join us next time more for me. My right here on love is a note we received from a generous donor not long ago, he writes with brother Rogers. There are no gray areas when it comes to sin.

He wasn't worried about offending people.

He was always so direct and clear. I appreciate his approach God's word says this now go to the statement about Adrian Rogers unique ability to convey truth in love, we are honored to continue sharing his messages and new resources to help you remain strong in your walk with Christ. And when you donate to the ministry right now we want to send you a hardcover copy of our new book 25 days of anticipation for the daily section of readings and questions to digest 25 days of anticipation is a mini Bible study sure to enrich your advances request the book when you call the gift right now at 1877 love God will give online it

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