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#ClayCLark2021 #ReawakenAmerica

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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November 11, 2021 4:30 pm

#ClayCLark2021 #ReawakenAmerica

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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I is your camera to be what we got this one right here it's going to catch us. It's going to catch up everything alright folks will go more great to have you with me.

Thanks so much for tuning in this fast Reagan. I am here at the reawaken America tour Clay Clarks reawaken America tour and I have been no privilege to get introduced to Doug Mahaffey. Thank you and Doug welcome good to have you get right on that might form if you would rather get to be her pastor.

Thank you, thank you well why don't you introduce yourself to our audience. Well, I may federal litigation attorney time in Tulsa Oklahoma and have an office in seven telephone Newport Beach and naproxen were about 35 years and kinda got drawn into the Clay Clark reawaken America tour to jump in with the national vaccine mandate litigation going on virtually all over the country and selective forms and venues and where representing the American airline employees who don't want to take the vaccine okay and the nuclear power plant group out of the panhandle of Texas call Pentax but hundred hundred 25 employees of theirs who also don't want to take the vaccine for various reasons.

So we're collaborating with good attorneys, including the Atty. Gen., Texas, and hopefully the Atty. Gen. of Oklahoma to take on the battles and hopefully the Atty. Gen. of Virginia. Now the new Atty. Gen. in Virginia. That's right that IRS. I love what he's doing out there saying the prosecutors look if you're not going to prosecute crimes that I am, that's excellent.

That's right, that's going to be a big swing in the persecution of bad guys and bad regulations absolutely well giant gigantic gigantic help gigantic out well okay so let's talk about this because this this quote" mandate concept is something that Biden kinda floated out there. In reality, at one point he hadn't really signed anything specific to it, but he said that he was going to work through OSHA to try to push companies over 100 employees to mandate these vaccines and then I guess OSHA is making it so that the companies are going to be responsible if if people get ill and fall. Second, and even potentially not yet so there's there's actually four different Executive Order so the genesis of all of this and this is what was happening a lot during the pandemic is that governors and the president of the United States have executive branch power over the way our country set up both of the federal level and the state level, as you have the three branches that are supposed to complement and balance each other. The judiciary branch that your judges in court at the federal level and and you got your Congress letters that I never had legislative rights or the real issue here is does the executive branch of the federal government give the power to the president to Biden to issue this kind of an order in all the different directions that he did and what he did as he chose four different pathways.

He chose the OSHA pathway, which is for private employers of 100 or more. He chose the federal contractor pathway. That's the next Executive Order known as 14 042 that he chose the Department of Defense pathway.

That's all your arm serviceman maybe serviceman Marines. And that's the 1404, three, and then he chose the healthcare pathway, which is the CMS order for the Medicare Medicaid program by using four different techniques if you will, to issue executive orders. He's tried to blanket America through the overreach of the federal government and trying to basically control individual choices and then strong-arm employers and federal contractors and the Department of Defense employees to comply or suffer the loss of public relations and/or contracts and/or benefits.

In the case of the Medicare Medicaid program to their employer so it's really a extortion of power and it came out of a complete misuse of the executive authority, power, okay. Now a lot of people are are I mean this is kind of baffling because this is never we never seen anything like this in our history right so a lot of people are are skeptical to a degree right there like whoa whoa wait this. This doesn't mean this sounds to just sounds too out there to to be believable that the president of the United States is is actually acting pretty much like a tyrant like that like he's trying to be a king right of sorts is kind of what these are. These are kind of tyrannical process. You really are because you've got this abuse of power that was never intended to be delegated to the president.

You know the best thing about the American constitutional system set up all the way back with founding fathers was to limit the power of anyone branch why because we came out of the king of England's power so there is a basic concept in the American spirit that founded our country that we don't want anyone authoritative power to be able to delegate laws that don't have checks and balances so we've done an amazing job in America and our constitutional system is the fines in the world. The separate checks and balances.

He will not get through with this. Ultimately, he will be struck down just like he did when he tried to pass the moratorium on evictions is not a precedent that you don't have this authority because that came out of the exact same set of overreach, where he issued a national wide law.

The moratorium on private evictions rights was passed and the Supreme Court struck that down said don't do that if the American Congress, which is supposed to be a representation of all Americans Senate and the house if they vote through the normal process to pass a legislative approved law that goes into authority through your power residency to accept it as a binding law right then America spoke called your representatives.

You called your Sen. and you. By definition I participated in a very wide sweeping role let it happen with the mandate. There was no representative to call the know Sen. behind this. There was no bill that was promoted and it even is worse than that.

He actually misuse the entire purpose for different legislative agencies that he is not having any power to use for this purpose that he's now completely tortured. To accomplish this. Of the one is using is called the federal procurement act and the whole concept of the procurement act is that I is a federal government want to procure services. Let's take our mail system for American Airlines is Mike case that this is being illustrated on so there is a contract between American Airlines and the federal government to fly the US mail case of their providing a service okay so in concept, the procurement act says where procuring a service from an airline to fly the mail.

We want that to run efficiently and economically so the procurement acts as were going to give the power to the president to issue directives and issue policy to make things more efficient.

Okay and more economic for the federal government take that's his window. He sang well the way I'm in and make my mail system more efficient and more economic is I'm in a cram down on American Airlines through their government contract with us IEM on a hold over their head. The hundreds and hundreds of millions we pay them and they want that money then I want to lose this contract to United Airlines a start liner mail. For example, they have to vaccinate all their workers because their government contract and so you try to connect the dots and saying wait a second. How does that make anything more efficient if the opposite. People are going to walk out, not more economical for the federal government.

It's going to be a catastrophe of people walking off the job missing mail routes now because we don't have postmen who don't want to take the vaccine right now you got this domino effect of bad economic events happening not positive so the whole concept of what is using is flawed just logically and then there's layers of this is supposed to be handled by the states know what works for Nolasco for its citizens doesn't work in Florida. Why because there's different claimants so the government of Alaska needs to understand its climate and pass laws for health protection for people who live in an Antarctic planet that's not true in Florida so we get that is American so we power up our states to study the health of its citizens right and to impact their health decisions based on what we know is best for our state and that's a beautiful system that works seamlessly when it's supposed to work normally right. We saw the abuse of that were governors like Gov. Newsom had the same tyrannical power grab and began to pass laws unilaterally through executive orders. When that was never the design, but the federal government is now even overreaching beyond what Gov. Newsom has done and try to get all 50 states.

It's never going to succeed but it's causing absolute tragic destruction right nonfamily talk to me about the obviously we were talking about the rights of these individuals right and and their ability at at at the end of this there's there's an overturned by as there's a lead up to this you know you have service members as an example that are discharging right you have service members that are saying III I'm I want out. I you know by whatever means they are being threatened with dishonorable discharges right if they if they attempt to will there at some point. Do you think Doug then be a AA suit, action, back that will somehow attempt to make these people whole and and how serious does not become because we the taxpayers ultimately end up paying that bill to yes that's a great question so it's going to really divide into those activities that happen through federal and ointment relationships can go to your illustration you got the Department of Defense and the LEDs who are effectively being paid by the federal government, and then you have the entire private sector like the American Airlines, the nuclear plant that I'm talking about Union Pacific Railroad, etc. all the big private companies who do work for the federal government, and then you've got the individual employers all over America every type of business you see above that have 100 or more. So your three tranches and you get your health systems.

Okay, that have a blend of that because they are privately run hospitals, but the receiving federal funds. Any federal for any federal fine Medicaid and Medicare sure that is the strange that there controlling all the health practitioners.

Each of those groups of claims will absolutely have lawsuits filed against them based on violations of federal laws so title VII which is Cayman of the Civil Rights Act of the 60s sure you're old enough with me to know that I can remember those days again so that all finally became law on American United States code. We call that the Civil Rights Act it's title VII protects anybody who's being discriminated wait against based on a protected class, gender, you can't send the women to the back and amend the front race right. I can't refuse to hire you because you're from another country.

Those protected classes include my religious freedom, sure, and so a lot of these terminations and discharges are gonna fall into civil rights violations were individuals are saying I was fired in violation of my civil rights actions. In addition to the fact that there was an illegal order that because this from the federal government is coming avalanche and Apple avalanche of plaintiffs all over America being represented by plaintiff lawyers who are good at representing big cases of multiple people sharing class certification or in group actions were each individual has its story and you have a right to put that individual in front of the jury. If the person you're suing violated federal law.

So it's really an interesting concept because of the fact that Clay Clark is one of the many who saying let's define the swamp and find the kingdom, let me tell you this is a way were some God-fearing litigators can find the kingdom by taking these cases all the way to the end and getting damages for their clients and spending that money to help the kingdom of God. There's going to be a fallout that's going to be astronomical in terms of the damages. I guess then the other question is, you know, because we look at the general overall and in a you were listening to your pastor talking earlier about globalists about Marxism, about the Communists about what they are doing about what the CCP is doing to us as well and and I really believe the CCP is a driving force behind all of this, quite frankly, but that being said, what is the ultimate damage then to our country as a whole because your your edge you're attacking our military you're attacking national security. You're attacking an an an entire elderly population through the Medicaid situation and what may or may not end up as they continue to force this transportation.

I mean I can't think of any area any sphere that is not being impacted by what is happening to our country writing can be catastrophic. Just take one sector to make your point which is the health sector industry right now all over America. You have a high percentage of nurses and doctors who Artie gone through an exhaustive process of the pandemic and had already an amazing overload of work and then there in a system which we know is prescribing treatments that are completely opposite to what the body should be injecting a certified virus.

Now they're being told those same hard-working nurses, physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners that they must vaccinate himself against their will. Very eloquent and a walk out. I mean that's happening all over the country sure is just a case filed in the Missouri Sixth Circuit yesterday.

That's challenging this rule just like the OSHA role was in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

It's all being chump.

The same basis as an overreach for the cost to America can't be quantified because you won't have an obstetrician because they walked out so that baby can't be delivered on time.

What is that you can't have a cancer treatment because that oncologist is available. What is that your you know so you're having a domino effect of people who have emergency procedure scheduled now just in this one sector. Take my nuclear power plant sector. That's the one that's most frightening in my mind these are trained professionals who have high clearances of security riser individuals who you're giving the greatest trust is there managing the most dangerous weapons that have ever been created in America. These are the guys and women who protect us by their technical skills and your gonna lay off 10 or 20% of them because they won't get vaccinated. It's not like you run and indeed add and get a nuclear physicist to come in and work on a nuclear bomb right so what is happening to our national security and what happens when the world who that's running by the Chinese community that the Communist Party are pushing to attack America.

What a better set up to understand something you can just think through a parade of horrible's on every one of these and step back and go. This has to be in time stuff work and enter another phase of existence as a human race where we have done more destruction by this single transition of power from Trump to Biden we've ever seen in our history well and and I've had the night and if you're familiar with nurse Angelo that she's part of that she is one new believed what was being told them is a lot of the practitioners did took the shot immediately upon getting the shot went into cardiac arrest ended up in an ambulance on her way.

The ER hasn't been the same sense and has been speaking out about children now who she is witnessed die. It's horribly one of things you do as a litigation attorney when you're trying to get an injunction and you're trying to run into a court with your hair on fire and asking the judge to stop something normally and federal cases.

You have very orderly spaced out hearings that take place over months, sometimes years to have hearings sure. So when you run in to a federal judge and say stop everything you're working on and make you the front of the line and stop something that so bad that there'll be no going back. If we don't stop it yet to have tremendous evidence for that sugar had really better be an emergency. So what litigation attorneys are having to do as her having a package up these physician declarations so Dr. McCulloch Dr. line: you can name a lot of you seen through the where they wake up America toward Sheriff finest epidemiologist the finest physicians in America are coming now with declarations to explain how dangerous the vaccines are, how they were gone through an emergency authorization process that was a mockery how the contents of member deadly. Now, there's absolutely no knowledge of what they're going to end up doing to our youth and our young adults. I mean every niche of the danger is being covered by these declarations and they're not from one side of the political spectrum there from liberal universities check from physicians who are not Christians. Okay, so it's a collection of science minds that are saying this is a gross abuse of what vaccination was supposed to mean. And then there concluding with these sober predictions you talk about what's the impact on America. If you think that there's going to be an impact in the next year or two. Wait until it becomes true as these doctors prediction.

There were going to have 10 or 20% of the people that are dying. Maybe up to 50%. Certain categories was seconded due to employment chains are true government.

Our church is just the day-to-day operations of the supply chain of food coming really, really, you know, we can sit on an interview and sort of touch on this, but the truth of it is it's incomprehensible.

If what these very well trained scientists are saying becomes true, so it's a strange opportunity for the it the demons to destroy a big portion of America.

Through this process and and a course we know that there is that element that absolutely wants that to happen. That's probably because I'd America stands in the way. But we know also that God has created always and continues to grade remnant but I think and and adding anything about Jesus stepping in with the greatest power of supernatural healing in our history. Can you imagine the revival check all of these people who don't know Christ and/or have a limited faith and they were dangerously advised take the vaccine and now they're facing death there watching and we I have that we have a prayer. Actually, through my deliverance ministry. Well we been Frank Dr. Ken Penning actually was healed while there are number of people who felt that there was something that was released at one of Clay's events.

Not long ago and Dr. tenpenny had had shortness of breath. Ever since then, along with some other things going on, prayed for her at the Trinity health freedom Expo up in Illinois prayed that prayer with her over. It's on video on my she was instantly healed. That's amazing and that's exactly what I hope you happen because the destruction your own families on family owing all of us. You have children and her grandchildren that are affected because despite having faith filled churches and families.

People in the church decided to take this vaccine against the sound wisdom of the Holy Spirit that should've convicted them otherwise. All apps can be an amazing bad thing in terms of humanity, but it could be the greatest revival we've ever seen for the power of Jesus to come in and heal people and bring them into the remnant, how close that canopy out how it's going to be very cool. Now I saw that at Sinai, I died four times while years ago while Ann and God. God showed me the power of the name of Jesus Christ and what it did to change an entire atmosphere and he showed me how the church had paired itself with the wrong side while he actually showed me that so I'm at home with you brother.

I'm with you. Thank you, Howdy folks reach you because this is important. They know know how to head as though how to help. The website is Mahaffey law.W.MAH AF EY okay to go on there. We have some landing pages that walk to cases that were currently filing American Airlines and Pentax, but we also have information for people who aren't with American Airlines or Pentax as a whole set of forms to fill out because there's a lot of group actions that really need hold much hope Iran entirely different legal proceedings at an angle and get it right now in my mind, the one that has to be pushed hard right now is that healthcare practitioners okay can we pray for them and I want to pray for you. Thanks I do. I would really like to do that so folks join with me wherever you are watching, listening right now.

Heavenly father God we just come in your presence.

Now we give you all the praise. All the glory and all the honor father you are worthy of our praise, not because of anything you've done, but father God because of who you are and we worship you father God. Now in spirit and in truth, we thank you for your son Jesus Christ for his death, resurrection and ascension. We thank you father God that we might present ourselves before you a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable, and you which is our reasonable service father you said to come boldly before your throne in our time of need and father we are in great need right now. But God, we also are not desperate because we know that you are moving in the midst of all of this right.

I ask you father to continue to give my brother Doug and the legal teams wisdom strategies I asked you father God to show them Lord God. Every step of the way father the direction that they need to take in the name of Jesus Christ. Joy every step, every step father God and Lord you prayed that your glory, your docs so would be upon every believer.

Father God that it would bring the unit C to the body of Christ tried.

We declare that right now in the name of Jesus Christ.

We declare your glory to fall on every believer and unit C. Father God to bring us together so that you father God would be glorified and that those that are bound and lost and walking in darkness would be set free from that darkness and turn to the light and Lord for those right now that are suffering because they took in this injection for those God that are are suffering. Father God, because of the oppression that is happening in the name of Jesus Christ we speak healing and we speak provision now in the name of Jesus Christ, healing, and provision. Now, and we thank you father God in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen telling you master it was a privilege to be here and you're doing the awesome work of the connection takes her

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