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Digging Deeper into CRT

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 10, 2021 4:36 pm

Digging Deeper into CRT

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 10, 2021 4:36 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/10/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. You dig into the subject of CRT critical race theory today. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown County talk straight to one another. Can we be honest can we put difficult issues on the table. Can we help each other see potential blind spots. We may have committed to it because I committed to God, the truth, I believe so many of you are as well.

That's what you tuned in today welcome to modify this is Michael Brown surveys your voice, a voice for most sanity and spiritual clarity as we address one of the most controversial subjects in America today subject of CRT critical race theory, and whether it is being taught in the schools whether things are being taught in a healthy or an unhealthy way. Whether people are trying to indoctrinate our children into falsehood and wrong thinking or whether people don't want our children to know the hard truths, what is it which is it so I have not spoken about this or written about this a lot over the months. One reason being out of wanted to see the dust settle a little bit more and and I wanted to do my best to sort out okay. What's really happening. What isn't happening, what is being taught what is being taught.

What do people mean by critical race theory Tucker Carlson recently sent us a corded Newsweek that after years of reading academic discussion about security. He doesn't even know what it means objects of ridicule to Mike Huckabee's stupid. The point he was trying to make with your grandmother without the points try to make his can mean different things to different people against some of Sybil.

The founders of critical race theory get to define what it is will hear from some of his founders will read some of their quotes disable this matter.

How it was originally frame the questions house being used today. What is it mean in pop culture so today.

This can be more like than heat. All right, this can be more like than heat, but we may step on some toes, so if you disagree with me at any point if you think I'm missing something you Sam got a blind spot if you think that I just don't get the point. Please give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784, not just for me but for the benefit of everyone else listening at the same time the same time.

If you say you better believe this is what's happening in schools and other grave concerns as to what my kids coming home with or as an educator were dealing with in our schools. By all means give us a call as well 866-34-TRUTH alleging calls on other subjects.

General Bible theology. None of that. Just this focus today so I was interacting with a colleague of mine and educator and he sent me this clip from Dr. Martin Luther King and said if this was taught in our children.

Schools would I consider it CRT so before give you any definitions right before we try to break this down and see what it means to different people and whether this should be an area of concern or not. I want you to listen to this interview. This brief clip with Dr. King and they'll give you my response as to whether if this was being taught in schools.

I would consider it CRT… Are you going to liar Congress government wasn't giving away land in the West and the Midwest better when willing to undergird it right near mom floor but not all the land they built land-grant colleges is all not all that expert is, not only that they provide a low interest rate mechanized All that day people are receiving all of the Federal Circuit is not the fault them. So by going right now King is enhanced subsequently about that very thing. Insensate where you can lift yourself up by your bootstraps, you ought to, but you've had inequities in America's dealing with the Africans that it brought over here in their treatment, even after they were liberated from slavery as opposed to dealing with its white citizens. There have been inequities and the results of those inequities were still there, still felt when King spoke these words in here in the 1960s, is assassinated tragically, 1968 so the reset clip a little bit more that my friend sent to me and said if that was taught in schools. When I consider that Chris Grace there is what's critical race theory about in other words and I don't know all the details of the history that that he just explained there in terms of what happened with white peasants coming from Europe, etc. but, to the extent even accurate portrayal. Yes, we should teach American history, the beautiful and the ugly good, the bad, the inspiring and the painful. We should we teach world history we we we do our best to do that fairly blessed this before.

The very very little that I remember hearing about Native Americans, American Indians, when I was in school. The very little that I remember hearing painted them. Basically savages that did bad things to us and we killed that I remember when it comes to slavery how things were presented.

I never remember hearing anything about inferiority of Blacks or Africans, but certainly the whole story was not told what whole story.

What will the ongoing inequities will the things that were never set right. The lack of of adequate attempts to level the playing field for many many years, or even with many attempts to level the playing field you cute. You have equal opportunity, but you can have equal outcome to try to force equal outcome is where you have disaster right seat you do or are your best.

As a society or freedom loving society like our step equal opportunities for people, but you can't guarantee equal outcomes so to the extent that the playing field didn't get leveled over the years. That's part of her history.

It should be taught not in a way that makes one group feel guilty as if your white kid today that you enslaved people generations ago or if your white kid today that that you are pro-segregation 70 years ago. No, it should be taught in that way, but in a constructive way. It's part of our teaching is accurately as possible that all the beautiful all the good old inspiring all the positive and the bad and the ugly. I believe that should be taught to you. You want your kids to know the whole truth about America in a exceptional country in many ways never were being compared to other countries and outstanding country in many ways an amazing country in many ways and a country that did many wrong, evil, ugly things over the centuries as well. Both and you want to airbrush the history generally teach it in a way that that is accurate. You know, as I've said before, you don't fix old race was racism with new races. All right, so what exactly is critical race theory. How is it being defined with take a while to break the stand that I get some intense clips and play for you little later in the broadcast again.

Feel free to weigh in wherever you like either an affirmation or in disagreement with me or just with more information that you want to provide future voice out to be heard as well 866-34-TRUTH okay I'll listen to this first slide. This is a an educator friend of mine posted this CRT is a graduate-level course which is not taught in public schools for for your information. It is a strawman again asked the folks who are anti-CRT.

What it is, according to documents about those photos sling a race past if they should be analyzed by students-this is not the slide with the definition that this is the reality we say is not taught in our schools know it's the actual class of what CRT is, is not taught, but he saying let's say you show things just for the 50s and the blatant racism that was common in America and in the images and things of that. Would it be CRT to talk about those things. No, that my view.

Not all. So here's here's a simple definition of CRT provided by Tyler O'Neill.

CRT is quote a framework that involves deconstructing aspects of society to discover systemic racism beneath the surface. Is that good is that bad both.

It's really there for systemic racism is really there. That uncovered. If it's not then you're looking for the bogeyman right but it was really there uncovered what should be done. Schools, how much should be done, schools interacting with my friend that said security is not taught in schools. The last will is our things taught through the lens of CRT, informed by security so it's a whole other question. So let this take a look at Neil Shen.

These apologetics website yes was critical race theory so heat he's going to give some definitions here so this is Neil Shen vite talk about critical race theory from the book by Harper Patton and wooden access and equity for African-American students in higher education action article, critical race, historical analysis of policy efforts. Journal of higher education 2009. While no single definition exist for CRT. Many scholars agree on the centrality of seven tenants. Tenant one.

Racism is not was, but is a normal part of American life, often lacking the ability to be distinctively recognized CRT lens unveils the various forms in which racism continually manifests itself, despite espoused institutional values regarding equity and social justice tend to dislike liberalism neutrality objectivity color by this meritocracy, phage how racial advantage propels the self interests power and privileges of the dominant group tenants three security gives voice to the unique perspectives and lived experiences of people of color security uses counter narratives as a way to highlight discrimination offer racially different interpretations of policy and challenge the universality of assumptions made about people of color tenant for CRT recognizes interest convergence the process whereby the white power structure will tolerate and encourage right racial advantages advances for Blacks only when they also promote white self-interest tenant five revisionist history is another type of CRT which suggested American history be closely scrutinized and reinterpreted as opposed to me accepted at face value and truth that six CRT also relies on racial realists or individuals who not only recognize race is a social construct, but also realize that racism is a means by which society allocates privileged status tenant seven CRT critiques claims that a colorblindness will eliminate racism be racism as a matter of individuals, systems and C1 to fight racism without paying attention to sexism phobia, economic exploitation, and other forms of oppression or injustice, is that in our school or things being taught through that lens are children being indoctrinated in this way for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown responded article on the stream about CRT is being taught in our schools and the answer is yes and no. So will you explore this list that we don't want to be punching the air.

We don't want to be swinging it nothing the other hand we don't want to be denying reality, there are some who do not want the full American story taught in schools because it it makes America look bad.

We teach the good, but we don't want to teach the back know we've got a teachable regatta, teachable, and we gotta give people an understanding of how we got where we are today. Both the good and the bad right at the same time there are others who want to rewrite and reshape history such as a 1619 project. There are some want to paint everything of the Revolutionary war was fought in order to preserve slavery, and in ridiculous things like that and and that one will he go trips and identify key you're your part of the oppressor group in your part of the oppressed group and and and separate kids over that this is no place in our children. Schools. So for those that don't want the whole truth taught because it's uncomfortable. Grow up.

This reality week we can stick her head in the sand. We got the beautiful. We got the ugly when it comes to her history. On the flipside, this not rewrite history and replace one form of racism within the roof. Another form of racism both. Both are bad and ugly and destructive smart as always for truth.

Let the chips fall where they may.

866-34-TRUTH okay before you dig deeper and play some clips for you and I is below technical element my best to simplify as much as possible, accuses the world in which we live in an this is a battle being fought across America right now with many parents. Many educators on the front lines of it in our kids being affected before do that.

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Let's just look at this one line description of CRT which many will sell.

It's not detailed enough for its just a little to work with and we can say where we think is right or not CRT is a framework that involves deconstructing aspects of society society to discover systemic racism beneath the surface. The summit states oversimplify again friends if there is systemic racism. We want to uncover as followers of Jesus, lovers of righteousness. We want to address it.

We want to expose when it doesn't exist then then we want to deal with it. We don't want to create it when it's not there. I let's step back or throw something out okay. I was smiling because someone may get offended with me saying this and I don't mean it to offend, but but tell me if you think I'm right about this. Okay, as I thought long and hard about many of these issues with the, the killing of Treva Martin by George Zimmerman and then with with the death of of my namesake Michael Brown Ferguson. We talked a lot about our perceptions of these things are understanding of what happened was there right along how can we understand this look at this. Where was racism involved were wasn't involved and I really thought I prayed.

I listened I listened to so many that interacted with me and what I concluded was that often white Americans do not see racism when it is there, it was because of their own experience life experience. This is brought up, speaking in generalities often white Americans do not see racism when it is there. Okay conversely, many black Americans because of their life experience often see racism when it's not there. Or perhaps we can see sex is sometimes rather often both ways. So white Americans often see racism when it isn't there sees me don't see it when it is there. Often, white Americans don't see racism when it is there.

Black Americans often see racism when it isn't there or sometimes that maybe your you're coming from different back in the Spanish-American Asian American and you got your way with the term perspective, but you think what I'm saying has truth to it and cannot help us understand things better here. Look, if I get pulled over by a cop.

The first thought in my mind the last thought in my mind is not.

I get pulled over because race never occurred to me that if I was driving in Nigeria and I get pulled over the drug. The first thing that I thought were just released him a foreigner right but here in America. If I get pulled over. I'm thinking what I did was over the speed limit is there is some issue with that.

I swear until it what that what I do is there taillight out of something that's 100 about I'm I'm never thinking I'll pull over his wife because a summer life experience because, as a rule, why would I would imagine the rarest of exceptions. You'll get pulled over in America by policeman just because your wife doesn't happen so in my experience, I'm not on the thinking racism right. However, if you're a 20-year-old black man may be driving a nicer car may be in a neighborhood that's a Musselwhite you get pulled over by police what your first thought a couple of his race. Now maybe it was taillight or maybe with resolve son, but because of your life experience racial profile – your first thought is that I would not tell me from wrong. So our life experiences will play into things.

The reality can be different.

I was I was Eddie placed in the blood tests the other day and the receptionist happened to be black. Some white and she was as nasty, condescending, had an attitude towards me and I remember thinking this is that she doesn't like white people, or is that she's having a bad day or is it she's just nasty.

Everybody either way, I was just thinking I could process the different ways right, but my attitude was I was smile as much as I can and be as friendly as I can and be an end to the extent that she's nasty.

I am a nice while you go to the clinic to check on the bus. Whatever it was added follow-up of something no health issues just just checking on some things and it'll black lady receptionist is sweet, pleasant, friendly, happy-go-lucky as could be. What what I think while she's been bending over backwards because of what I had nothing to do with her had nothing to do with race. She's as nice person.

Maybe the others just nasty are having a bad day, whenever, but I couldn't read race into the thing and had zero to do with race and other places. It could be race could be that you notice the white person behind the counter, you know where you live in the South whenever. To this day that you white. The creature wanted black another.

There could be reality to all singers.

We don't perceive things based on a life experience that are not necessarily accurate right and then on the other hand, we notice things that others don't notice because our life experiences have informed us so we just have to factor that in. Fair enough, and I will get to some your responses in a moment. Okay, back in the Ashanti here is heart. Lip critical race theory in examination of its past, present and future implications of this was 2009 he list five major components or tenets of CRT one.

The notion that racism is ordinary and not aberrational to the idea of an interest in versions three. The social construction of race for the idea of storytelling and counter storytelling and five. The notion that whites have actually been recipients of civil rights legislation, not let me move over to another article by Neil Shinji critical race theory in Christianity and he says it's an academic discipline that attempts to understand race and racism primarily through the lens of power in responding to CRT. He says Christians can fall into two opposite errors alarmism and the nihilism CRT alarmism equates any discussion of race with CRT and refuses to recognize that CRT offers any true true insights we hear a lot of this alarmism across America. Some of his merit some of it isn't. In contrast, CRT the nihilism refuses to recognize that CRT includes ideas that are false and dangerous or that CRT is growing in influence within evangelicalism and you'll hear this a lot on the that the secular left-wing media, the security no security stopping 12 schools was just a racist dog associate the denial of he said assessing CRT requires us to steer a middle course which recognizes that CRT can provide real insights into the nature of racism also recognizing that many of its ideas follow to their logical conclusions will have devastating consequences on the life and health of the church's number two saying useless as a tool we can see where racism still exists.

Still has influence, but if you choose the way others and using it constructed not just in society sure so what's happening in our schools because a video clip gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown veterans for joining us today on the line of fire is critical race theory being taught in schools.

You can see clip after clip of the media in article after article saying no no no it's not taught in our children.

Schools listen to what this educator from Indiana has to say will play clip number two on the signs coaching admin and the largest public school district in Indiana.

I'm in dozens of classrooms a week so I see exactly what were teaching our students when we tell you that schools are teaching critical race theory that it's nowhere in our standards.

That's misdirection. We don't have the quotes and theories as state standards per se. We do have critical race theory and how we teach we tell our teachers to treat students differently based on color.

We tell our students that every problem as a result of white men and that everything Western civilization built is racist. Capitalism is a tool of white supremacy. Those are straight out of Kimberly Crenshaw's main points verbatim and critical race theory. The writings that form the movement.

This is in math, history, science, English, the arts and it's not slowing down. If students of color have lower reading scores. It's because of an equity.

Therefore, we take from the white students and give to the color students.

That's Richard Delgado straight out of CRT introduction all teaching is political with reality and facts taking a backseat that's Dr. Gloria Ladson Billings, who outlined how she saw critical race three flushed out in public schools. In 1995 when schools tell you that we are teaching critical race theory. It means one thing go away and look into our fears. No further. It is about transparency. It is about cultural relevance. It's race essentialism painted to look like the district cares about students of color we call it antiracism so you feel bad if you disagree with our segregationist pedagogy. It's taking advantage of kids vulnerability and parents connectivity to preen over social snake oil schemes designed to create division parents when we tell you. Critical race theory isn't taught in our schools relying keep looking. His recent bill Fox News articulating these very things they were lying about that some are not lying with a mean is the actual theory is not being taught the kids okay a branch which would critical race theory is but an educational curriculum mindset, guidelines, classes, attitudes, colored by CRT influenced by CRT through the lens of CRT absolutely yes taught in our children schools is what someone else that is the definition of CRT the understanding that race impacts politics, economics, and class in this society, in favor of white people.

Historically, which is predicated by slavery in the profits and privilege associated with it reverberating today is a study of law systems rooted in a racial hierarchy that puts one race and advantaged others. So to say this happened historically, this musters that not exclusively. There are others that always fought for equality but does this shape much of our history. The inequality between races.


Let's take Native Americans.

We have some of our grads have been ministering for years and years and years at what I think it's the poorest county in all of America and its largely Native Americans so the the level of alcoholism, the level of depression. The level of suicide.

The level of unemployment, the level of sexual abuse it's it's off the charts.

It's mind-boggling. It's horrific.

While this is ultimately the legacy this is ultimately the result of what happened with our treatment of Native Americans through history that were there some reach out with compassion to Native Americans.

Yes. Were there some that wanted to bring them to Jesus to show them kindness and treated them as fellow human beings. Yes, with are those that kept their word promises yes that our government often break our word yes there the whole idea of of white men speaking with a forked tongue. There was a reason that American Indians said that over the centuries, so you can't just circularly coming bring this money to this that doesn't fix it but to me it's still grievous thing. This is never been a major focus of our ministry, but to the extent of interacted with Native American Christians and those involved in ministry to them, especially missionaries of work with them side by side for years and years in a sacrificial way and just so hard to bring about change. You were there with them and they know we love them and were not going anywhere but is just challenging to to break through the strongholds, the history, it's so deep, so that that remains a blemish. Yes, that remains an issue. To this day, when you look at, say, the average net worth of the average black American family compared to the average net worth of the average white American family. The average net worth is much much higher as well as the overall educational outcome is higher for the average white American family that that to me is not a matter of what we have make reparations for the past that to me is not a matter of I should feel guilty because I'm white, although by my parents come over here. My mother basically is an orphan from England and then my grandparents from from Russia come over spring rinse immigrants by my grandfather who I never match the remit either my grandfathers but my grandfather who I never met died in his 40s of cancer related to to fumes because of painting.

That's we made a living to support the family. My dad had to start working that to basically run the home and care for the family and was about 11 or 12 years old so I typically feel guilt about the past is is is utterly absurd wrong or feel babble white privilege. No, that's not that that's not it. But to say that issues remain. That's the thing that at NSA. Okay, how can we address these to move forward as a society, especially the church has me it isn't just doing our best to help with education is it standing alongside the family structure more is what what can be done to help level things out because even even if we dealt with so much and civil rights actions 64 and some things before that in the center. Before that, for the bloodied costly Civil War. We do moving forward. It is his affairs at righteous true believers think like this it will why not.

But the idea for your guilty because of this regular remote make you feel like you're the oppressor or rewrite history know that's bogus. That is destructive. Okay, let's look at this article in Newsweek from Charles love was the Charles love show star wrote new book at the code race crazy so if you want. You see from the picture we just put up his African-American nieces know it's not racist to oppose critical race theory. The op-ed in Newsweek. This is before the results of Virginia governor's race were in many on the left were scrambled to find an explanation for the surprising be the Republican candidate Glenn Duncan was enjoying Chris to the rest of us. This was no surprise. The Murray concerns. Americans are facing provided adequate explanation for voters in patients with the Democrats from the covert, 19 pandemic to inflation, to supply chain shortages to political polarization and yet rather than look to these exclamations.

The mainstream media singly in unison settled on a single culprit white supremacy is what is most troubling about this accusation of racism is the extreme lengths to which the left and many in the mainstream media are willing to go to level it. Duncan would been trailing for much of the campaign got a big bump with his challenger for Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said during a debate. I think parents should be telling schools with they should teach McAuliffe had receipts for how strongly he held this view.

He probably reminded voters that he vetoed a bill that would let parents pick books in schools media is right that the single issue may have tackled because campaign not because his was the position of fighting a losing war against racism as they would have it, indeed it was the smugness of McCauley's delivery that shifted the race of smugness mirrored by the liberal media's framing of the debate surrounding critical race theory CRT hey guys get click number three ready want to play that in a moment to read more of of this op-ed by Charles love, but that the denial that things were taught in Virginia schools are taught through the lands of CRT that's really were parents were pushing back because white racism and white supremacy would think you better believe is being taught by check.

I click number three before the election.

What we were dealing as we were looking at the contracts we were looking at the box we were looking at the curriculum and SSS Carol phentermine there the divide between this book which is called pedagogy of the practice incident literally brooch that is brought into the classroom. It becomes their radical faith theory and then somehow we end up with welcome baby and how does that happen. Our parents have been investigating all of that and through contracts. This is an equity collaborative contract with Loudoun County and it literally says coaching support for LCP asking teachers follow-up meetings focused on critical race theory development.

This is how then gets into the classroom and write down the street from me here on Route seven. We have this class being taught to educators and it is how to be an antiracist educator and down here it says we are going to understand and explore whiteness because Jeffrey Carol and Keisha say they are they bringing this into the classroom is how we end up with this tragedy of welcome baby becoming the thesis in our classrooms and this is what all of our parents in Virginia stood up against and I want to encourage everybody, everywhere, all across the country to study the contract. Look at the curriculum and don't let them get Flavio or Susie or someone saying things are being taught through that lens when Terry McAuliffe was governor there being taught through that lens effect look at this this tweet from Christopher Rufo who some look at is a hero is exposing all the CRT stuff and and others say always know know this is uses plaintiff to the fears of white parents also just just look at the information for yourself. He says it in in 2015, then governor McAuliffe's Department of Education instructed Virginia public schools.

To quote embrace critical race theory in order to quote reengineer attitudes and belief systems that explicitly endorse CRT can't wiggle out of this one, with word games and then it's got actual pictures pictures from the documents that are still available and some of them is frozen or online. To this day as to what Terry McAuliffe as governor wanted taught so the right thing to do.

Francis is friend to say yes I want this taught. For these reasons, because I believe it's going to help create a positive environment, schools, and in face the music over that people push back and say what's not creating a positive environment, but friends want to say this once more, we want truth. We want honesty, we do not want to airbrush the past. We do not want to replace one form of racism was another form of racism where things are going teaching through the lens of CRT in our children schools is having a stroke and is replacing old racism race limits more things to bring intensity regular it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, let me go back. Charles love, and his editorial in Newsweek. Newsweek is republishing a bunch of very interesting perspectives Benoit friends would consider becoming centrist vision both angles very interesting. So Charles love wrote this while the right has unified run the position that CRT is a toxic racist ideology that is being forced on students amid concerns from parents, the detractors on the left insist that CRT is not being taught in schools. The claimant is being pushed is simply a correction of whitewashed history. Those who oppose her races try to suppress black history and using CRT as a proxy. This is why I believe the CRT debate has devolved into a debate about definitions and technicalities what I know is that divisive, highly problematic topics and course works are being presented to kids and parents are rightly upset about it simply affected schools across the country are adding race focused curricula to the classrooms. That is a fact that this is not being done in the nuance way to start a conversation.

It is leftist propaganda openly stating that races are different and whiteness is bad. New York City's teachers union, the United Federation of teachers is openly promoting the 13 guiding principles of the black was not a movement which include social and restorative justice re-apportioning city and state funds to buy communities and being queer and transforming many schools to teach in the 1619 project racist worker, fictionalized history, which alleges that antiblack racism is the DNA of America and their teaching this with no counter narrative to point out the flaws it's flaws or lies of omission. The project further argues that every problem black Americans face today can be directly linked to slavery. This is patently false in a responsible and get the project was in 4500 schools, including cities such as Chicago, Washington DC, New York. Within months of its release.

He continues and says schools are focusing on white privileges, white privilege and asking white students to identify suppressors for minority students. Therefore focus on culturally relevant learning, arguing that in order for them to achieve academically the materials must be taught with emphasis on the ark on the culture supplies freaks it.

For instance, in order for Black St. S., Matthey must be taught the way that Blacks will understand that this is just blatantly racist beyond race. There is also an unhealthy focus on gender and sex. Children are being trained to accept gender fluidity in excess their sexual preferences in California teachers be encouraged to talk to students about gender identity and masturbation.

The details of these conversations being hidden from parents. Parents are right to be concerned about what is happening in their schools and is beyond shameful to attack them and label them white supremacist domestic terrorists voice their concerns known to look at what parents are being sent with teachers are saying with the teachers unions are bragging about and honestly make the argument that it is about black history of all the media's right that young can use the education issue is a political tool. So did McAuliffe. He argued on teachers behalf. His heart is young content for parents McAuliffe had United Federation of teachers Pres. Randi Weingarten of campaign stop with him and talk constantly about critical race theory not being in schools and oppressed wrong if it's okay for McAuliffe, it should be okay for young the real take away from the Virginia elections that McAuliffe failed to understand the human condition. This is a great quote you cannot call people racist and tell of their concerns are not real and think they will vote for you.

Worse, if the Democrats continue to double down on the white supremacist soccer moms they will eventually create one. The Virginia election was less a win for Republicans, the rejection of Democrats and if you're smart, a wake-up call.

If they don't realize they have to listen to what voters are saying, rather than telling what is best for them to call them races. They will continue to see results like this. Here's an article just point out the headline to a national review of this is Daniel Buck and Anthony Kennett were educators. Critical race theory is in fact in the schools and then another article on Fox critical race theory taught at many of America's 50 most elite private K-12 schools.

According to new study.

If you're looking to this, check out critical and dig if you're concerned as a parent educator.

You know what to believe. You want truth taught the fairway. Again, the beautiful and the ugly of America's history. What makes us wonderful and exceptional and what would makes us shameful is both an art, is there not both in our past yeah of course there is what is really being because it because of America's of the kingdom of God. America may have many Judeo-Christian principles and then a lot of how we lived was contrary to those principles.

That's reality. Why because as I have it on earth.

See other people are flocking to markets.

It's amazing country. It is the land of opportunity is the land of a possibility. So with all the inequities in all of her history. We had a black president elected not once but twice. We have people of color, and in every different aspect of our society from Supreme Court down to you name it absolutely. But that doesn't mean that this the kingdom of God on earth. This is a being that America is different than every of the flow. America is a fallen country like every other country on the planet is as far as is made up of fallen human beings are a that need redemption. Here are more I'm not critiquing the mag chance here. Okay, but more than mag up being my mantra almost America saved almost the Americans saved want to see God's kingdom come in power and LMC repentance that that's my goal. Bring America to repentance again. So what's that bring America to repentance again brought raw really work as a when you get the point of it. Okay that's that's what I want to see revival awakening. That's why what revival we die great awakening is our only hope. So that this is my perspective.

But again, friends.

We really got a watch with which it's being taught in school. Listen, I was talking to a pastor multiracial pastor in a major city.

I said multiracial church in a major city in America, especially with a lot of gins the millennial's in his church and he said for years they have been learning things in certain ways. Through the lens of gay activism be through the lens of of other social structural critiques. What I was going to describe it at any said they have grown up with very wrong ideas about many things be at the ideas of entitlement, be it be at certain negative attitudes towards Americans are enjoying all the freedoms and benefits, but now the roast is to critique evil ugly America is this just like views about Israel recognizing God with the Jewish people back to the land, recognizing the birth of Israel out of the ashes of the Holocaust, the miraculous preservation of Israel in its earliest days from that to Israel as the evil ugly oppressor committing genocide on the Palestinians we have these radical shifts in perception and it's the same way our country and he saying you can now see by choices that they're making. If they haven't had their minds renewed if they haven't been adequately and rightly discipled then that that their worldview is askew their worldview is off so once again, here's my counsel when it comes to CRT when someone brings it up. Ask what you think that means what is it mean to you.

How do you define it or describe. I just out of curiosity, I just got a put critical race and think of doing this before the show on the skillet, put this in and see what I decide definition because I'm really all these articles and books that go into things and in depth. Do I just have something with a simple definition now is whole articles that are coming up okay just curious to see if there be like a short definition somewhere that again.

You got it you got a date but this first, that what with me but you can't define it exactly, but what you think.

It's teaching basically.

So that's the first thing to flesh out at an end when someone flushes that you might set off. That's what you mean by okay I understand. I said I could be a useful tool or psych know why I don't agree with that at all. That's a good song. So start with definitions of the goals of to win an argument but to advance truth to advance righteousness to advance justice to advance goodness right to advance understanding that's the greater goal, not when argument okay counter into the ground and pound you into the ground. Want to talk first visit pounding each other right sets the first, then what's actually being taught in the schools.

How is this filtering into the classroom with your kids can be from pre-k. It could be in 12 grade. How is it filtering out okay now us deeper questions. Do you want white kids to feel guilty because there what you think that whiteness is essentially bad to slick means that the blackness was essentially that is, is that your view is that your position I categorically rejected this ugly destructive your separate people into classes that oppressor class and or or that or that that you have to water things down for this group and and and that you make racial distinctions in that regard as as opposed to having culturally sensitive education, refilling a certain inner city setting or country setting. Vocabulary can be used little differently than you won't recognize that we explaining things. My trick is getting the concepts, etc. the question do you want truthful history of America taught Georgia kids to know the great things in American history. In the end that the tragic things in American history wanted to know this. If not, that's a problem. If yes okay then read agreement so let's let's find out where you agree, let's find out.

We disagree and let us protect our kids how by teaching them the truth, but not falling into a new racism that is only going to school. I hope this helps. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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