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Jesus: On How to Handle Pain - Part 2 (reair)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 4, 2021 6:33 am

Jesus: On How to Handle Pain - Part 2 (reair)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 4, 2021 6:33 am

If you could have an hour with Jesus to talk about how to handle difficulties and challenges in life, what would you ask Him? What do you think He would tell you? Today David continues his look at the 12th chapter of John. Part 2.

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Seen something good, the situation we all will go through times of pain and suffering in our lives. So the question is that how we spiritually prepare ourselves to handle this times here stated in part two of the message he calls Jesus on how to handle pain you're going through pain control. God's withdrawal with his voice got ghost whisperer in our pleasure uses a megaphone in our pain. That's what CS Lewis said we were going to great times we can hear the voice of the Lord much we were going through painful times, God's voice like a megaphone. If will pause long enough to hear next.

Don't blame God for the enemy's work. You're going through a tough difficult time Jesus would say to you, do not use this as an opportunity to blame God for what is really the devil's work. Again, look at verse 31 now is the judgment of this world on that cross, Jesus is going to judge the sin of this world is going to go all upon him, and he is going to judge it now the ruler of this world be cast out on that cross Satan and all his wiles and powers will be defeated by Jesus in Genesis 3, God gave all power and authority to Adam the keys of the garden oversee everything and then the evil one. Satan came in tempted Adam and Eve and they declared they wanted to be God. At that moment when they made the declaration eight of that root of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

They gave the keys of power and authority of this world to Satan himself. That's why Jesus here calls Satan the ruler of this world and so from that time on word the enemy has been trying to kill, steal and destroy God's once perfect created order now on that crossed Jesus says this work that I'm going to do.

Taking all of the sins upon my body. It's going to break the power of the enemy. He's no longer going to be the ruler of this world.

I rule and those who believe in me can speak my name is Luke 1018 and crush the head of the enemy. In first John 441 who lives in us who believe in Jesus is greater than he who lives in the world. Another verse from first John, that Jesus came to defeat the works of the devil.

So you need to know that whatever pain-and-suffering happened. The enemy is the one who's caused the enemies, the one who's caused it. Don't blame God for the pain you're going through. God created this world perfectly so that there would be not pain-and-suffering because of the enemies wiles and his work he has caused the destruction of this world killing and stealing. That's his work so look from where all the pain and suffering comes, but also realize that Jesus went to the cross to defeat the power of the enemy. So if he's counseling you today in your pain-and-suffering. He saying you trust the father and you go to him and you let me live in and through you.

I more powerful than he is. He cannot touch you.

Your soul belongs to me, trust me. The enemy has been defeated and don't blame God anymore for this pain for when you start blaming God. You start complaining to God in all faith dissipates Jesus just doesn't want that to occur. Also, number seven keep looking at the cross. Look at verse 32 Jesus said, and I when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself that that's an interesting insight into a passage in the book of numbers where poisonous snakes started biting the people because of God passing his judgment upon them for their disobedience.

God says to Moses take a snake make it into a bronze snake wrapped around a pole and hold it high, and God said to Moses, when you hold it high till the people to look at that bronze snake and if they do look at it lifted high. They will be made well now you know why a lot of hospitals and physicians still have that bronze snake wrapped around the pole as their sign of healing and interestingly here Jesus compares himself to that bronze snake, he says, as I am lifted up I will draw all men unto myself, know some people think will does this mean that everybody's gonna come to faith in Jesus when they note it means that Jesus will draw all different kinds of people in the Greek that's what this all means he'll draw people from all different tribes and ethnicities and colors of skin will draw all kinds of people unto himself. So when you're going through a really tough time.

Keep looking at the cross.

There is, ultimately, perhaps your physical healing, for there is power in the cross of Christ, we see that in the Bible that when people pray in the name of Jesus through the cross of Calvary. There have been people healed through the ages. There's not a guarantee physical healing by that cross. But on the other hand, there is the guaranteed spiritual healing. So when you're going through difficult times, maybe even facing death. Keep looking at that cross as Jesus was lifted up, keep looking at Jesus on the cross and know that he has granted you healing. Ultimately, in your spirit through the gift of eternal life and, moreover, one other thing, as you look at Jesus lifted up, you're going through difficult times realize that Jesus is suffering with you as you're going through the tough time. One of the reasons I believe in Jesus as God in human flesh and while the Christian is I believe in God on the cross that God entered into my human suffering with me and is caring for me amidst my pain-and-suffering in Jesus is reminding us of that truth as well. Today, number eight, Jesus said, just look at the next step.

Just take the next step versus 33, 40's, 36, Jesus said this to show by what kind of death he was going to die so the crowd answered him, we have heard from the law that the Christ remains forever. How can you say that the Son of Man must be lifted up, who is the Son of Man. So Jesus said to them, the light is among you for a little while longer while walk while you have the light list darkness overtake you one who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going. You have the light believe in the light, that you may become sons of light. Here's what Jesus is saying while I'm with you. Follow me in the darkness of your lives. I'll take you to the next step in when you are in the midst of total darkness. What you need you need a life and often times that light will only show you the next step, especially again. If you're in total darkness.

That's what Jesus is saying here. For those of you were going through tough difficult times. Just trust me that I am the light of the world. You are my son or daughter in the light and I may only show you the next step, but I'll show you that next step and when I show that to you.

Make sure you take that next step and eventually as you follow me in your darkness, I will lead you to total light where you will feel the security that you need to feel what's interesting is next. Jesus had said these things, he departed and hid himself from them. He left and hit himself no more dialogue with them.

Just like when were going through tough times. Sometimes if he likes it feels like Jesus has left us and hit himself.

But if Jesus has hit himself folks. There's a reason he's hit himself to simply ask us to walk with him when things are shrouded or dark and just trust him in every possible way. You know, our dear friend Katie this week has fallen into a great despair. Her body is being eaten alive by the cancer and the family is distraught is I and other hoaxers are distraught as well and we we don't have answers. As we try to care for her and the family. It seems like God is hidden himself from that is not hearing their prayers and all I can say is, it seems that way. But God's not that the secret things of God belong to God and one day we will understand. We look through a mirror dimly, but one day will see him face-to-face in Psalm 130. The Psalms cried out out of the depths I cry to you oh God in the depths of our hearts.

We cry out, you will got about Katie and it just seems like God is hidden himself, but just because it seems that way doesn't mean he has had if he has.

It's only for a moment to give us the revelation when we needed to keep stepping forward in faith, so please keep praying for Katie as she seeks God. Her family seeks God in this time of dire need. So just the next step is revealed to us in verses 37 and 38, number nine God is with you no matter what.

Look at these verses, so that the word spoken by the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled. Lord, who has believed what he is heard from us and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed.

I love that the arm of the Lord has been revealed to us who believe we are going through a tough time. I think Jesus will cook from the prophet Isaiah until you the arm of the Lord has reached down just take his hand.

You know when you're with your children in a crowded marketplace and you're fearful that they might run away and get lost. What's the surest way of making sure that happens by yelling at them single little way away.

The best way of reaching your arm down and taking their hand and holding it, you need to know that that's what Isaiah saying here is what Jesus is saying here in the midst of your pain-and-suffering and the difficulties that you have feel the father reaching down with his hand and holding your hand he will not let go.

He will guide you in your darkness into light and also we see that the promise Jesus gives us in verses 39 and 40 that pain will show you often times the condition of your heart. Look at these verses, verse 39 therefore they could not believe for again. Isaiah said he has blinded their eyes and harden their hearts, lest they see with their eyes and understand with their heart intern and I would heal them. He's talking about the Israelites. How in their darkened state as God continue to try to reach his arm down. They continue to reject him and here we have the statement that God hardened their hearts not remember this is the Passover celebration and Jesus remembers with everybody who's there with him what the Passover met. Remember God had brought his series of judgments upon Pharaoh because he would let the people go and Pharaoh would then relent and let the people go. Only then to change his heart again. What's interesting as you read the book of Exodus and the story 10 times Pharaoh hardened his own heart 10 times God hardens his heart and if you continue to harden your heart especially were going through pain. Eventually your heart will become so hardened, it can't choose God anymore. It won't receive his grace anymore. And here Isaiah is basically saying about the Jews that they had chosen against God for so often that their hearts had become hardened and God had to then reject them and take the gospel to the Gentiles when you're going through pain, dear friends, that pain will show you whether your heart is compassionate toward God, or angry at God and if you are angry at God, you keep rejecting him amidst the pain, but if you are software God in any way the pain will draw you closer to them. Remember this illustration the same song that melts ice is the same son that hardens clay the pain as the sun and if your heart is tender toward God. It will only make you more tender toward him as you seek him like Jesus hears counseling but if your heart is far from God. It will only make angrier. So one of the benefits of pain. I think Jesus would say to us in the counseling session is its revealing whether your heart is hard or soft or not and then also we see number 11 here that we need to understand pain allows us to see who our true friends really are to skip verse 40 and one and come back to it. 42.

Nevertheless, many even of the authorities believe in him.

Jesus but for fear of the Pharisees.

They did not confess it so they would not be put out of the synagogue, for they loved of the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God when you're going through difficult times. You will see who your true friends are suppose it friends who are silent amidst your pain or really your friends and that's what was happening here with Jesus. A lot of people said they believed in him. When push came to shove, they wouldn't speak about him they wouldn't truly let their faith be known about him and that's what's happening a lot in our culture today as they were in this culture, afraid to speak out for Jesus out of fear of being excommunicated from the synagogue. Many people today are afraid about speaking out for Jesus because they don't want to be canceled in our culture difference true followers of Jesus love him no matter what they love them in good times and bad times.

They love it when the purpose of God is being revealed. 11 when the pain of God comes to them.

Pain is a way that God can allow us to see who are true friends really are and those who really love Jesus will speak out for him and come to our aid unashamedly and say I'm with Jesus.

I am not with you during this time of need. So celebrate that time when you're going through difficult times to realize that God may be revealing who your true friends actually are and finally, what would Jesus say to us are going through tough times. I think there's a 12 thing he would say that is the reminder that he's king verse 41, John.

The writer of this gospel interjects, and interpretation of all this going on after Isaiah had been quoted. He quotes another part of the Scripture in Isaiah. Isaiah said these things because he saw his glory and spoke of him. Isaiah talked about God hardening the heart of the Israelites and giving his life to Gentiles because of his great love for the world and then he quotes from Isaiah chapter 6. Let me go there with you right now.

A fascinating section of Scripture that I want all of you to know about Isaiah the prophet was given a glimpse of glory. He was lifted up from Earth into the heavens. Lenny read Isaiah 6 verse one in the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up in the train of his robe filled the temple. Above him stood the seraphim each had six wings with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. And one called to another and said holy, holy, holy is the house the whole earth is filled with his glory. So God lifts up Isaiah into heaven, and he gets a glimpse of glory gets a glimpse of the throne room and here in this verse 41 in John 12.

John interjects that Isaiah said these things. Quoting from the previous verses because he saw his glory and spoke on him is that he is in the him there.

It's Jesus it's Jesus. John said that the reason he quoted from the book of Isaiah was because Jesus was the one seated on the throne when he was lifted up into the heavenly Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of lords that the angels surrounding the throne saying, holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.

What's my point.

In the midst of your pain-and-suffering. The final thing Jesus would remind you and me to his he's king, he's the glorious ruler over all of the world. He oversees your pain he's using it for good. He promises to do so, and if you believe Jesus is in control of everything, not just a few things, but everything that he's the king that Isaiah saw when he was lifted up from Earth into the heavens. You can trust him in every area of your life with every second of your life. Jesus is Lord Jesus is King. And if we had one hours of a counseling session with Jesus as he faced the cross.

They gave us these insights he was saved us in our pain. These 12 things and somehow somehow I really believe we can glorify render a good opinion of Jesus in our pain and help draw the world closer and closer to him. Jesus alone and always belongs.

All of the glory. Amen. And you're listening to moments of hope with. Thanks for listening, coming up Dana joins me in a studio with debacle insights, unseating a harmonious tone will be right. What do you do when you begin drinking at ages 10 to 12 work in your life go when you started abusing drugs at ages 13 to 15. You want to be part of the fabric of society, yet you mostly stop maturing the danger addiction took over your life at the tender age of 1220 Marciano Presidents in Europe.

Charlotte rescue mission, and we have served people who have stood at the intersection of homelessness and addiction for well over 80 years. What is it that they really need beyond building a foundation of long-term sobriety in their life. How does one obtain the life skills they never learn the desperately need to thrive in society should of learned them growing up, but now there were an adult. What do they do and where did they go tell you where they come community matters.

Café is more than just good food and house roasted coffee.

It's an extension program Charlotte rescue mission that is transforming lives.

The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community know and after men and women graduated from Charlotte rescue missions hundred 20 day rebound men's and deafness women's residential programs. They have the option to enroll in the life skills program community matters Café during the six-month program. Students learn a variety of critical skills in a restaurant setting that help them get and keep long-term employment community matters Café is located directly opposite the path of practice fields at the corner of Cedar and Muster St., Charlotte, rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership of moments of Hope Church is important life changing ministry.

Nine. James Easton thanks for listening today. Doing meanest DDL is our pastor, David Chadwick, David, thank you so much for joining hi Jan, it's great to be with you as well David you titled this morning moment of hope. Happy wife happy life. I really had a feeling there is a David twist to let me see if I can give that and even ask you for some help on it gin. It's a saying that's been around for a while and whenever it said everybody nods their head with maybe a few smirks or pieces of laughter as well. So why do people keep saying this truth.

Wives most often set the temperature of the whole. Often that they are the ones there who keep the household running smoothly, nurturing, caring for and expressing love to everyone in the family and moms are most often the ones home with the children. If a wife is happy so is the mood of the home so let me ask you specifically when you're up is your home life, generally more joyful yeah 100% when you are discouraged or down. What's it like in your home. Now it's totally different. It really is there discouraged around me yeah you do set the temperature of especially the little ones around you and I can tell you that when husbands come home they can feel if that's what's going on and I do need to admit here.

There are working women who do come home and if they're tired you have the same phenomenon occurred. Women most likely set the mood and the temperature of the home, either positively or negatively joyful life joyful home peaceful life, peaceful home grace filled life. Grace filled home when a husband has such a wife, you can say in Proverbs 3129 language. Many women have done excellently but you surpass them all.

And here I give a shout out to my Marilyn who tried so hard to set a positive mood in her home while pursuing masters degrees while working in a crisis pregnancy centers in our kids young ages. She always provided a home where she tried to be joyful to set the mood off a joy filled home. So when a wife feels cherished in this way by her husband. She can love freely creating a happy life in the home and beyond. Husbands and children should never forget this eternal maxim.

Happy wife, happy life for everyone. I love this so much and just recently Chris and I went out on a date night and I brought a little list of questions conversation starters.

If you well and one of them was that we would both answer lies. When do you most feel loved by me and we took turns answering and Chris's answer was when I am in a bad mood and you provide that stable love coming towards me, embracing me or just pursuing me out in that moment of despair. I feel the most loved by him and said that proof is right now.

While June, but that such a great illustration for couples who may be listening right now for them to get away be alone and I love that idea of having a question that both of you, ask and answer and create a dialogue between you, so that your trust and love can increase and as you heard that from Chris all you want to do then is to be that kind of wife who continues to lift him up when he's going through those difficult times, thus proving our point today even more so that you give life to him which only then gives life to your home. Yeah Serge thank you so much for these insights today data.

Thank you, Jen, Houston, and thank you losers for joining us today. Please go to moments of Hope where you can subscribe daily to these written moments of hope for my heart to yours to give your day. A moment of hope moments and hopefully senior pastor of moments of Hope Church.

We would love to have you join us for worship Sunday morning. We meet at prominent state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte 10 AM.

You can find more information on our website. Hope and running online every dated moment of hope delivered every morning here in Knox. They're both free and for dated any entire moments of hope Church to pray for rain

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