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Psalms 119:62 King David's Alarm Clock

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 5, 2021 8:51 am

Psalms 119:62 King David's Alarm Clock

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 5, 2021 8:51 am

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In this verse King David gets up at midnight - The Jewish Sages teach his secret. Robby shares as well as how this applies to us.


Psalms 119:62

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 really that they were on the 62nd of the hundred 19 Rome which is versed in the head section and as we talked about throughout this Psalm that the lady sort of a template across these verses since were looking at eight verses in each letter that we like to lay that Isaiah 7 anointing is over these letters to see what you know gives more insight into the M and how we might apply these to our lives.

So if we get that then then sixth anointing of the Holy Spirit for Christ. This letterhead which have to do with marriage and all would be fear the Lord and so I think you'll see that in this verse pretty clearly so this is the way the verse reads at midnight. I will rise to give thanks unto the because of thy righteous judgments. So hope you can see the fear the Lord and in that particular verse. Now, how it fits in the marriage is also quite beautiful and there's something that that the Jews teach about this verse that I think is just absolutely cool is what I was anxious to share with you is that they say that King David Rose at midnight because he had sort of a really cool harp in this particular harp had really thin strings to it that were very sensitive to the wind and so he had a place that he hung that harp in his room when he would go lay down at night and that right at midnight when you know it actually from their midnight as the middle of the night. The point in time the sun quits going down you know it's coming back up at some point time the sun was so cool to think about that your right at midnight is no longer getting darker, but is now starting to get lighter and is that happens apparently in Jerusalem, according to the what the Jews teach the wind changes and when that would happen. The wind would blow through the strings in King David's harp and it would awaken him so that he would know that the sun is coming and he would begin to sing praises and they said because King David, that your people hear him singing it midnight well. It would cause many people to begin to sing and praise God because they heard about the Kings doing it. I can do it so you don't know people are walking watching your life all the time.

They know what time you get up and what time you lay down and they know you know are you actually serving God and how can they see that while you know here.

King David is really doing this and and when you look at this verse in Hebrew that it says I will admit that I will rise to give thanks. It is actually his arm in a establish praise is almost what it would says and so through him, praising, and there's no doubt he did you know it establish praise and then he gives the reason which has everything to do with fear the Lord because of thy righteous judgments and and so you know it's really a neat opportunity. We all have two establish praise because of something you seen God to do that was just amazingly right even though you didn't see it at first, however, that work and that when I think about that in my own life, you may have heard that they said, Jesus said that you're supposed to forgive your brother 70 times or 707 hour you know, the idea being, just keep forgiving them well you know I don't. This is something that I'm sure it works. In a lot of people's lives that I was in this ministry. I still am in this ministry to this very day and we had a gigantic blowup. I mean it was huge and it really was one of the founding people of the ministry got really really upset it a couple of us and he tried to pick sides and people fled the ministry and he was really really really mad at me over some things that I didn't think were necessarily fair, but it didn't matter. He was really really mad and he was really, really offended at me and he left the ministry.

Well, we didn't leave but you know those of us who stayed stayed in a course. Then I was in the situation where he just would not talk to me know. Larry times I would reach out you not send them emails and try to calm all his stuff. He's not talking to me and so Jesus just tell me. Jesus kept only just keep at it. Don't bargain but everyone swallow every couple three months reach out and and try to, you know. Contact him and see if you go to lunch. See if you go to breakfast. You know all these things pray pray pray pray pray that God's given list of restore this relationship and keep forgiving you know, because that's where that's kind of where I was at and I think this one on literally for four years. You know that I just kept praying. I had lots of people praying and I kept reaching and then one day just what happened. He said yeah let's go have breakfast and then Yahweh reconciled and then, yeah, a lot of people got to see how right God is right, we could see where he was right. We can see where I was wrong. Always things but it was really really cool, but the point was, I want to establish praise like I praising God because he is judgments are right and and so that's the beauty of the fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom right because, as is we think of these things eat you know we just he has these things under control, and if we trust him enough to death actually but hey, actually you know obey what it is. He tells us to do things work in amazing ways and answered today on this verse we think about King David rising at midnight in establishing praise and summary different ways in another's mom wonderful worship leaders out there listening to this and how cool is this that we get a chance to establish praise. However, we do that, whether that's through singing songs or through just telling you know what the Lord is done and all those things you know we get a chance to rise at midnight with that very thought mine was the first thought that was in King David's mind when he rose at midnight as I need to praise God example he set for all of Israel, really.

And for all of us for all unsolicited. I'm so appreciative study of God's word all means, questions, concerns, or want to go back and cover something my emails there in the show notes. I would love to hear

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