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BREAKING: All Eyes On VA Governor’s Race & Why It Matters

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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November 2, 2021 1:00 pm

BREAKING: All Eyes On VA Governor’s Race & Why It Matters

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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November 2, 2021 1:00 pm

Today is a big day nationally as the Virginia elections are the first since last year’s presidential election. It’s off-year election for governor in the state that could have major implications for the midterms and beyond. The race between Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin and Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe is coming down to the wire, and the central issue has become whether parents should have any say in the education of their children. This is an issue the ACLJ has been very engaged in. Jay and the rest of the Sekulow team break down this election. We’re also joined by ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell. This and more today on Sekulow .

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Breaking news all is on the Virginia governor's race and why it matters in human form and now this is going to direct the veto bills veto books: not to be knowledge about it. Also take him off the shelves and I'm not gonna let parents become individuals and actually take out God make their own decision want to hear from you Sharon, call 1-800-684-3110. I don't think Paris should be telling schools what they should change. Now your post, J broadcast big day. Politically, because the governor's race in some states with a call off your racism is not right. Just last year that we had the election for the President United States. Now this year. If the election in Virginia for governor. Now the reason that that's got national attention, which it clearly is it because it's sometimes use a bellwether of what happened in the midterms. What's interesting here is you have a Republican candidate that is a polling dead even. I mean, it is maybe a little bit ahead of Terry McAuliffe who is I think that it's fair to say is part of the Virginia political machine in national Democratic political machine for decades. Absolutely damning. This is a race that if all things were even you would think that Terry McAuliffe would win it running away means to state the Joe Biden carried by 10 points to state that Gov. Northam one by nine points are right though J as we come down the stretch.

It actually looks like Glenn Young and his point ahead, and I would just tell you, just in brief, I think a lot of it has to do with issues that were seen or replicated all across the country.

Parents who want to know what's being taught inside their schools and military McAuliffe saying that he doesn't maybe want them as present as can be jabbed just very, very succinctly say this watch those counties ride around Washington DC got Fairfax County, which is the biggest county in the state you got Prince William and Loudoun County were a lot of this controversy have centered Terry McAuliffe is you know when those counties you can win them handily. Jake. But if if if if young can can even cut into the margin. Just a little bit in those counties. I need to carry the election. Let's play the soundbite on the that we have on the school board issue became a hot issue because Terry McCall basically said parents have no say so or should not have any say so in their child's education.

Take a listen. Parents have the right to veto bills, veto books: not to be knowledge about it. Also take him off the shelves and I'm not gonna let parents become individuals and actually take out God make their own decision so you got the bill that I don't think Paris should be telling schools what they should teach now wouldn't they start Harry. These are public schools precisely and that has been the amplitude of the expert class in the United States for decades and that attitude has not served the citizens or the students very very well so I would say one thing about Terry McAuliffe. He has proven to be an awful candidate and he does not necessarily understand what's going on in Loudoun County in Fairfax, perhaps even in Arlington County.

He believes that he can simply walk in and stand in the awesome footsteps of Ralph Northam, a man who has posed or questionable pictures, but let me just put it back by the question was like the understatement a lot of stuff. I think it is that the common thread that's coming into play, which have with our whole school choice initiative last year, which is also somehow valuing the teacher over the student value the schools over the students their teaching. I think that's a fundamentally backward thing that most people don't agree with your having to actually break down that what happens is elections you like you say have consequences because I could see a major shift there because of issues like this. Virginia blue for little while but like a soft blue baby blue (2000 and I think it went by 17% the rights of all those people went away but you do have that opportunity will see you tonight in Virginia.

But again, you can't have that situation. You have some that would not allow parents to influence what our kids learn the left side is not how most people is honestly how our government works. The school board's report to the parents have a system internally but elected by the parents. Of course, the parent, there's a reason we have open sessions during school board meetings that does me let it get out of control and some run the country did. I will say yeah little bit okay we want to know from you, I would hear from you how much control do you think the school should have her you should have what your kid learns give us a call one 800 684 31 to Virginia and around the world. The American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those for their faith. Uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress. ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that.

We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift is $20, $50 gift becomes 100.

This is a critical time for the ACLJ. The work we do. Simply would not occur without your generous take part in our matching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online LJ only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn gold mission will show you how you are personally and the publication includes all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the worship ministry and what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question for mission life today online ACLJ/election day in Virginia. Why does it matter to you. And here's the reason why this is the first election post the last Presidential election was exactly a year almost exactly a year ago when we had not met excitement of say that Simon is a good thing is you have a high one. Is that what you two views in November 2020. For some reason very hot very hot and alive historical start by yet we get so what is come down to the neck and neck race in Virginia between the Democratic and Republican in a state that's was purple for a long time that was tilting very blue but now it's literally the polls are showing that if you look at the polling that it see if base all within the margin marinades even, but a lot of it became over the image that we been involved in a lot, which is a whole parental control over school school choice.

We had that during the as a pandemic was developing.

But take this is important. Listen to this is Terry McAuliffe who is been the governor of Virginia who is well-connected in the Democratic establishment. This is what he said about parents involvement, your involvement in mirrors, kids, school.

I don't think Paris should be telling schools what they should take okay and that was short but there is a longer version is not like we decided that on context. We play the long clip before nonwhite. Let's play the full clip. I believe they know they were not you try to pull a fast one on here, other than the stumbles bubble formulas.

There parents had to write to veto bills.

Fetal books: not to be knowledge about it.

Also take him off the shelves and I'm not gonna let parents from individuals and actually take out God make their own decision to build and I don't think Paris should be telling schools what they should teach that was in a televised debate with Chuck Todd as the moderator is essentially a very bad national right is a natural story that all people are taken aback by today's news big so heavily Virginia Virginia and the other governors race having but it seems like this is taken on a different life sure is it that the national news needs another election to cover absolutely don't get drunk. They need ratings and with no elections, no ratings. Of course today is going to be a big deal but it is good to show a shift in what's happening in the world of politics. But when you hear something like that. A statement like that. That's the kind of worry. The people have across the country, which is someone will say you as a parent shouldn't have any responsibility what your kid learns in our school system that's for our teachers decided our school board elected by you. It doesn't matter what you think about. You have kids you have grandkids how much control should you have over what they learn. Give us a call 1-800-684-3110. I love to hear from you from Virginia right will try to like you will try to prioritize you of your infrared Virginia will try to get up but if you're not call it will get you as well.

So this whole issue of local control what parents have a right to do as it is really big deal and just dealt with it, but any we dealt with a lot of local school boards and were representing parents women before the local school board.

The kids don't represent time you representing the child through the parent because the parent is the guardian the kid at 13 years old is not a legal cognizable the ability to go to court, but of course, parents have a role in this and say they don't is absurd. It is JI represented the school board in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. The Fayette County school board for several years and to if I was to get up and say, as the lawyer for the school board. Let me just say right now that all you parents in this room and this open session don't have anything to say about what the school boards and I want these teachers are teaching their students.

I would have been tarred and feathered, because that is just not the way that it happens McAuliffe is made a foolish statement a statement that we played so that there's no question immediately as Louisiana bases and I got around to say that the student said the parents don't have any right to be heard with respect to what their children are being taught is ridiculous.

It's an approach that makes absolutely no sense in the public education system of the US West you lived in Virginia.

I've lived in Virginia Logan's live in Virginia. Harry's lived in Virginia. Virginia is a mean it's it is a local, it's a state race but it does always had national implications of Stansted in part because you have its surrounding Washington DC absolute. This race has national significance, and Virginia and New Jersey are the two states that have the elector governors and off year elections and and and Virginia's case over the last 50 years.

This is why part of the reason has national significance in the last 50 years.

When the incumbent party has lost the US House of Representatives, Virginia. There governor's election has predicted that that would happen by who they elect, which party in Virginia and therefore the school board if you guys get started in Loudoun County but the concerns over curriculum and school boards and the rights of parents have literally spread across the nation generally say something about that II think the way to handle that is not screaming and yelling at school boards I think it's you make presentations that are logical and meaningful in its automotive.

I get that. We've had good success and from school boards when we are articulating a agrees location. This idea that parents have no control over their children's education in public schools, personal where you think the public schools are getting the money from getting it from the parents. I want to hear from you. How big of an issue. Do you think local school control scope or control parents involvement in the public schools should be one hear from you and Virginia's Logan said, but also outside the state as well. The national story national issue this going on. Let's also hear from Lynn Duncan who is running for Odyssey is well Republic of her as a Republican and he sort of his response to that statement by 31 parents will have choice in our public school system. We will not have a political philosophy in the classroom and on day one, I will ban critical race theory from being in our school that those are big statements. He vividly contrasts. Of course, is parent involvement critical race theory here, which is a UT writing above the trees on it really how big of an issue. Is that right now. Well I think it's a huge motivation, and it's a huge motivation which has electrified the voters in both Loudoun County, Fairfax County and Northern Virginia. Now voters have been electrified in part because the school boards have mishandled this particular issue.

They have failed to admit what parents are able to see right in front of their own eyes and they claim that they are not even teaching this, but they are nonetheless requiring parents who wish to view certain materials to do what to sign a nondisclosure agreement. In other words, they will not reveal the information to others. What does that tell you it tells you that critical race theory is indeed being taught, and in addition to that in Loudoun County. The superintendent mishandled a rape of a girl in a restroom at Dallas with mother calls got a lot of your call. It will do our best to get as many of you as possible to keep calling Tim in California, unlike two to welcome you on the air might call what the Democrats are right to control the education that our kids get to school I thought was a parents job. Well, you're right the way it's set up is that you know local school boards are elected by parents and the community that school board is responsible for the curriculum at the end Andy's represented school board and they are accountable to the citizenry that that's Alyssa say the parents have no involvement were all not to let a parent come in and talk about books? I'm going to library.

Take one down without proper authority. That's what they have to.

The parents are the ones who elect the school board. So of course they're the ones that are going to have the influence right today.

The ultimate arbiters of what is being taught in the schools through the school board is the parents of the children. I cannot imagine when I was growing up in Dade County schools in Miami that my parents would not have the right to attend a school board meeting and to voice their opinion on what the teachers in that school system should be teaching us the students.

I cannot imagine that they would have been excluded from that and they said no were going to teach what we want to teach and the parents don't have the authority to be liked and what should we be at the lookout for tonight and this now it's interesting. Pres. Trump was not a major player in minute major factor in early on, although there was a rally yesterday. I guess it was a virtual rally that the present former President did for the Republican candidate, yet he did a tele-town hall yesterday. J he's that he has endorsed Glenn Young, can I look. I think that is probably gonna play pretty significantly in southwestern Virginia look when you can skin a wind pretty handily in southern Virginia in the Southwest region, the state that that the counties we talked about earlier in the show that surrounded that ring Washington DC your talk about Fairfax County a Prince William County Loudoun County and even throw in Arlington County like Carrie did. It's a little smaller little tighter into Washington DC. Glenn Young can probably won't dip in as much Darlington County but here here's what I would say about those J the combined total in the last governors race the margin.

There are no state was Democrat +242,000 that was more than the margin that he won the entire state by self.

If you just cut into those counties that you could see a Republican win tonight course are old neck of the woods in Virginia was the Virginia Beach, Norfolk area Hampton was called Hampton Roads which is towards the coast west. You are more in the west southwest writing it). You were Northern Virginia correct so three different planets three as an actuary. It is meet it really is. Those are three different it's like three different states that mass of the claimant in southern Virginia was Virginia as the state did not actually begin until your south of the Rappahannock and the rest was seen as a northern County are part of the Maryland Diego feels that way it is. I is it doesn't feel like a consistent, cohesive, much like George or any of the states into certain areas where Tennessee or ever, just like that Virginia feels specifically like that. Like you have such close elections like what's happening right now. The phone lines are like that would allow you guys are on hold or listening or it's ringing. Give us a second to get through it. We do have more coming up in the next segment of your Facebook share this with different people need to know what's going on in Virginia and why it's important only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn, called mission will show you how you are personally and publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists. The ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the and what Obama care means to the pro-life in many ways your membership is empowering the right question for you, mission life today online ACLJ/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith. Uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress. ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift is $20, $50 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ.

The work we do. Simply would not occur without your generous support in our matching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online ACLJ positive hundred 684 30 would sensitive or generations of becoming a reminisces people are time for governor. Was this a big deal.

It's a big deal because it really became a battle over school choice and since parents influence in school and we had a great call coming in. I want to take this will take your calls to 800-684-3110 because this is a big issue and it ended up. I think it's hurt and hurt the Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe significantly will see bits and not heard him politically. Tonight we get the election results, but it's been a big deal to John in New Jersey. They are John hello yeah John you're there hi, so I'm not even I'm not yet, but I'm acute equipment like blood starts to boil, so to begin broadcast.

You played the full soundbite. Yes, Mike is on the people that are applauding for that statement must not be parents think that is the question meet once. This is that's what you're talking about a weird philosophy that has shifted in America they get values the teacher and the school over the student I think is fundamentally wrong and he also it's the but our approach in the United States on education is always been local control and local school boards accountable to the parents is to elect the local school boards in most states. There are some that have appointments but mostly for election and that's the way our constitutional systems is kind of operated even at the local level.

I mean, this is just fundamental from the early founding days of the Republic that local schools are handled by locally elected public officials. The school boards who determine what the curriculum should be either the school so the superintendent is appointed sometimes the school superintendent is selected, but I remember having open sessions in which we talk talk about curriculum we had parents giving their views on the curriculum.

We actually have the book list that out there so that the members of the school board and the stew parents could see what was being taught in English courses in literature courses and so forth.

This is the way our Republic was founded. This was the whole idea yeah I night you know Wes you lived in both Alexandria Wright Arlington Arlington and Verona and Roanoke sheet of girls. Yes, a little sign me in the suburbs of DC are solidly Democrat, they tend to be much more left-leaning much more international is worth the Velasquez wares in Roenick Southwest Virginia is much more conservative.

Virginia is unique in that you have this dichotomy between urban areas where people are are wealthier and educated and multicultural and then your rural and southern parts of Virginia which are solidly conservative. Most of the time. Yes, it isn't. It's a it's a fascinating state. Let's go ahead and take a call to call. Also, the comet allowed Nebraska since I was clear up and answer all people I sleep had last year to look at the elections that will we know tonight there is some answers that we played some video packages which is the answer that we know tonight is likely. But if it is to close. Then they will go into the mail-in ballots that they'll go into the absentee ballot recount the mail and balanced we northern players were to look at that. It was unclear but I think the general consensus is likely will know tonight, but there's still no guarantee there is a recall if it's very close that they cannot recount this recount so they can ask for that. If it gets too close ups. We know this likely will be very close. So we'll see. I let's go to the folds the line for it's a car coming from Virginia this is Denise online for your on the euro near the barn door right last July sounds great. I Like the Fire Danger Now Blow It Yes Now I'm No Way Corrupt and I Can't Get It Going for Me Not Doing. I Can Idea That Know It's a Great Is Really Great Question.

Congratulations on Your Citizenship Is Only Second Generation My Family. Born in the United States.

I Really Appreciate Your Calling and Your Story in and It's Great but We Don't Lose Hope Week We Have To Understand That Parents Have a Real Mean. The Ultimate Goal Area Courses the Election of the School Board. I Think That Is Correct, but I Also Think the Caller Makes a Very Very Significant Point.

She Came from a Corrupt Country in the United States.

Our Views on Education Our Views on Parental Involvement Have Largely Been Corrupted by Elites Who Basically Adhere to What Might Be Called a Globalist View. Globalist View Essentially Says That the Traditional Family and Honoring the Traditional Family and Honoring Their Desires Is the Font of All Oppression and so When the Individuals Applauded Terry McAuliffe in the Video They Were Applauding the Notion That He Was Denigrating Traditional Families and so I Think It's Incumbent on Traditional Families on Nuclear Families to Get out and Vote and Also to Run for School Board Offices in Order to Beat Back. This Globalist View, Which Is Simply a Form of Corruption in the Government Can Control Everything the Government Knows What's Best in the Government Will Take Care Sufficient in the Issue. What Is the Major Thrust of the School Issue.

It Is in Parent Involvement Became a Gigantic Ishpeming. My Goodness, I'm in a Gigantic Issue. What about Generally. The Other Issues Kinda Motivating This Race. Well, I Think, As Always Pocket Bushy Pocketbook Issues. The Economy Were Front and Center before This Issue Happen J but I Honestly This One Has Taken over, and Here's Why It's so Powerful. We We've Alluded to This Other Jane Order for a Republican to Win in Virginia. There You Have To Get Crossover Votes Are to Have To Get Democrats to Vote for Them and NJ. This Is an Issue That Suburban Democrat Parents of Students They Don't like It Jamming.

You Played That Clip and the People at the Rally Were Applauding. That Was Probably Campaign Operators and People That Were Already Voting for Terry McAuliffe about Democrat Voters in Suburban Areas. Parents of Children J They Want to Be Involved in Their in Their Student's Education. They May Not Agree with All of the Decisions That That Are Being Made One Way or Another. They Want to Have Input and That's What Makes It so so Powerful, so I Would Say between Those Two Issues, the Economy, Pocketbook Issues, and in This Parents Involvement in Education. I Think Those Are the Things Other Than a Drivers NJ Just Quickly to Your Question I 1.1 Million Votes Already Cast in 2017 in the Governor's Race. There Only 2.6 Million Votes Cast. We've Artie Had a Significant Number in in This Race Lobby Does Not Bode for the Republican. I Would Think Right Probably 3 to 1 Democrat I Properly Half-Million the Lead There Yeah That's a Manner That's Why I Think the Questions We Know When They're Counting It Will so They Don't Start until after the Polls Close.

There Were Yeah That I Remember Those Delays in Virginia. Last Time, so It Must Work in a Safe Whereon Present Powers Almost Is over Were to Be Joined by Rick and Ellen Accept Our Talk about Some International Things to Also Are Brief in This Report Yesterday Actually Cited in Washington Times Article Washing Exam. I Believe Talking about What We Allege That We Asserted in That's Report Guessing Abortion. Remember That Case Is Not the Case That Involves the Challenge Directly to Roe Versus Wade. That's the One That's up in Four Weeks and Then We Got Our Brief Word to Coat South Dakota Is Due November 4 Thursday Big Big Month for the Pro-Life Cause. Your Support of the ACLJ Makes a Huge Difference Word a Matching Challenge Campaign. Logan's Let You Know What You Can Do Price for Three-Way Sales Ever Going to Said Any Donation You Make Effectively Double Because One of Our Great Members Are Group Are Great Members Will Match Donations.

We Appreciate Right Now. It's an Will Back with Second Half Hour Secular Get on Your Radio Stations Find Us on Social Media Are Right at the American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate, It Will Be Managed $10 Gift Becomes $20, $50 Gift Becomes 100 You Can Make a Difference in the One Who Knew Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Are Most Important to You and Your Family. Give a Gift Today Online ACLJ.Keeping You Informed and Now Is J Secular Broadcast. We've Got a Big Race in the State of Virginia Commonwealth and It Is Lot of Virginia and I Enjoyed Living in Virginia for Number of Years There Race for Governor Is an off Your Race.

That Means the Presidential Election Last Year 90 of the Gov.'s Race Is Also Happening in New Jersey As Well. What's so Interesting about This. I Find It Fascinating.

Is This the Issue of Parents Involvement Schools Became Front and Center Because of a Statement, the Terry McAuliffe Made in the Debate.

Now I Want to Play the Short Clip First and Then I'll Play the Longer Club. But Here's What the Focus Is on What He Said. I Don't Think Parents Should Be Telling Schools What They Should Take. Now Here's the Full Cost so You Know It's Not a Context It's Actually Worse When You Hear the Whole Thing. Parents Have the Right to Veto Bills. Fetal Books: Not to Be Knowledge about It. Also Take Him off the Shelves and I'm Not Gonna Let Parents Even Additional Rules and Actually Takes out Make Their Own Decision so I Got the Bill That I Don't Think Parents Should Be Telling Schools What They Should Teach Think about That for a Moment. I Don't Think That Parents Should Be Telling Schools What They Should Teach Which Is Precisely and Exactly How Our System Is Set up in Exactly Our System Set up When He Said, Is Exactly the Opposite of the American Educational System Exactly the Opposite of the American System. We Don't Let the Government Dictate What Is Being Taught in the Schools without the Intervention and Influence and Input of the Parents. We Don't Do That, We Never Have Done That Local Schools, Local Control Local School Boards Local Control. They're Usually Elected Very Fundamental in Our System and to Say That You As a Parent Don't Have the Right to Determine and Have Input in What Your Son or Your Grandchild Is Being Taught Is Contrary to the American System That Has Thought That Was in Place since the Republic and I Can Imagine McAuliffe and Make Such a Statement, but He Did He Did. I Heard It Twice Several Times. Politically, I'm Sure He Regrets Making That Statement, but Michael Kinsley Came out with a Phrase He Said That's Called a Kinsey Gap When a Politician Accidentally Tells You What He Really Believes in and and It Is a Long People Though It Has A Lot Of People That's Interesting Though That You've Artie Had What Was up and Was the Number of Early about 1.1 Million. So the Questions Can Be Looking at the Electorate Areas Can Can Republican Overcome That Early Voting. I Think That Is True. So Certainly If All of the Votes Were Made Tonight or Today. I Think It's Clear That the Republican Would Win, but I Think If We Look at the Data, but Plan Provides That He Does Have an up Hill Battle in Terms of Overcoming What Is Likely to Be a Democrat Lead Going into Election Day and Night. I Think That's Reality. But Again, This Is a Bellwether to See What Happens Here Is Interesting Because That the Way the Race Was Kind of Presented the Former President fromDidNotPlayanActiveRoleEarlyoninThisbutLateintheEmulateYesterdayDidaVirtualTownHalltoEncourageVotingYouDon'tThinkYou'reupThereWeightLot.IGuessALotOfUsHaveLivedinVirginiaandI'mJustKindaGetYourSenseofWhereYouThinkItGoes.ItIsFeelsDifferentThantheLastCoupleofElectionsJReallyDoesAnyLuckIWouldStartwithThis.ThisIsaStatetheDemocratsShouldWintheLastTwoRaces.TheyWereTheyWonbyNineand10PointsRespectively.It'sProbablyaboutaD+SevenaRegistrationStatesoIt'saStateThatTheyReallyHaveToProbablyMakeaMistaketoLoseaDay.ThisWasaBigMistakeThoughandandTerryMcAuliffeDoubledandTripleddownonItAfterwards.YouKnow,IThinkIHarrySaidMaybeAccidentallySaidWhatHeMeant.WellNowHeTriedtoGiveSofterLanguageintheDaystoComebutThenHeEssentiallySaidThisIsWhatHeBelievesJtheEnergyontheGroundHereIsAbsolutelywithGlennYunkerNowDoesItMakeupAll10ofThosePointsWillFindoutHopefullyTonightbutIfYou'reAskingMeWhatItFeelslikeItFeelsliketoMeThatGlennYoungCanIsIsSurgingintotheLeadHereandSeeIt.WeMayKnowTonight.WeDon'tKnowforSureTakeYourCallstoYourViewonYourAbilityParents,Grandparents,InfluenceWhatHearfromYouWhen80068431Tenants800-684-3110andAlsoDon'tForgetWhenaMatchingChallengeCampaignWrittenbyanInternationallythroughtheNextSegmentwithRickCornell'sTroublingDevelopmentsOutOfAfghanistanThatWeGetBack.IfYouHaveaQuestionorCommentRelatedtoThisorOtherTopHealth10068431toACLJACLJ.orgtheAmericanCenterforLawandJusticeWereEngagedinCriticalIssuesatHomeandAbroad.WhetherIt'sDefendingReligiousFreedom.ProtectingThoseforTheirFaith.UncoveringCorruptionintheWashingtonBureaucracyFightingtoProtectLifeintheCourtsandinCongressACLJWouldNotBeAbletoDoAnyofThiswithoutYourSupportforThat.WeAreGrateful.NowThere'sanOpportunityforYoutoHelpMeWayforLimitedTimeYouCanParticipateintheACLJ'sMatchingChallengeforEveryDollarYouDonate$10GiftBecomes20Oh$50GiftBecomes100.ThisIsaCriticalTimefortheACLJtheWorkWeSimplyWouldNotOccurwithoutYourGenerousTakePartinOurMatchingChallengeMakeaDifferenceintheProtectingtheConstitutionalandReligiousFreedomsMostImportanttoYou.YouForgiveTodayOnlineACLJOnlyOne.ASocietyCanAgreeThattheMostVulnerableInvoiceIs,IsThereAnyHopeforThatCulturetoSurvive.AndThat'sExactlyWhatYouAreSayingWhenYouStandwiththeAmericanCenterforLawandJustice,DefendanttheRighttoLife,We'veCreatedaFreePowerfulPublicationOfferingaPanoramicViewoftheACLJ'sBattlefortheUnbornGoldEditionWillShowYouHowYouArePersonallyandPublicationIncludesaLookatAllMajorACLJJesusWereFightingfortheRightsofPro-LifeActivistRamificationsofRoeVWade,40YearsLaterPlannedParenthood'sRoleintheAbortionIndustryandWhatObamaCareMeanstoDiscovertheManyWaysYourMembershipIsPoweringtheRightQuestionFreeCopyofMissionLifeTodayOnlineACLJ/SWhichDirectionHereandTalkaboutWillGetBacktothePublic.TheRaceinVirginiaWillGetRichDoingThattobutRickKnowsJoiningaSquareSeniorAdvisorforGlobalAffairsandNationalSecurity.RickI'veGotaBonus,There'saVeryTroublingPieceThatCNNJustPutoutIsNotShockingbutItIsTerrificandICannotCannotEvenImagineWhatTheseParentsAreGoingthrough,butinAfghanistanMembersCitizensofAfghanistanHaveEbbed,LetItBeKnownThattheTalibanAreMandatingunderThreatofDeath.OfCourseThatDieYoungGirlsBeSoldtoThemandThisofCourseWasaPracticebeforeandIWasaPracticeAgain,andThisIsPartofThisFailedWayinWhichWeDisengagedYourThoughtThatMs.Horrific.There'sNothingtoMe.It'sJustHorrible.Well,It'sHorrificandIt'saReturntoWhatTheyUsedToDoTheirTacticsofOldandNowThattheTalibanIsinCharge.WeNeedtoBeVeryClear.IThatThisIsNotanInternationalGroupThatNeedstoBeRecognized.WeCJAlreadyThattheEuropeansAreMakingMovestoTelltheAdministrationtoRecognizetheTalibantoTreatThemlikeaLegitimateGovernment.NowThey'veTakenovertheGovernment.ButTheyAreNotaLegitimateGovernmentandWeShouldNeverRecognizeThatNoMatterWhatthePressureIslikefromtheEuropeansAretheRussiansortheChinese.ThisIstheThatThingThatTheyBindAdministrationAlwaysTriestoDo,WhichIsBuildConsensusTheyWanttoHaveAlloftheInternationalPartnersAgreeandsoWhatTheyTendtoDoIsGiveintotheRestoftheGroupandItBecomestheLowestCommonDenominatorofWhattheEntireGlobalGroupBelievesWeShouldStandStrong.WeShouldPutAmericaFirstandWeShouldRejectThisIdeaThatRecognizingtheTalentThatIsSomehowtoHelpUsLookWhatThey'reDoing.TheLittleGirlsThereAreFamiliesWhoAreSellingTheirChildreninOrdertoEat.WhereIstheUnitedNationsBillionsandBillionsofDollarsHaveBeenSpenttoHelpThisCountryandyetundertheBidenRegime.WeAreDialingItBackandGoingBacktoSlaveryforLittleGirlsandSalesofHumanLivesinOrdertoEat.ThisIsAtrocious.ItReallyIssoPresenceontheWorldStageTodayandYouRickYouBeenontheWorldStage.YouNotOnlyWeretheDirectorofNationalIntelligence,andThattheUNforaDecade,butYouAlsoWeretheAmbassador,USAmbassadortoGermany.IWantYourSenseofHowThisIsGoing.IMeanThatTheirWholeIdeaWasUnitedStatesIsBackWereontheWorldYouKnowWheretheLeaderofYourWorkbutWhenIDon'tEverSayLeaderBecauseThat'saNegativeWordforThem.ButtheUnitedStatesIsBackWorkingtoGetintotheClimate.ParisClimateRecords.TheBraggingaboutAllofThis.MeanwhileIndiaJustThatIThinkThatTheyCannotGettoTheirCarbonNumbersuntillike2075orSomethingbutWhat'sYourSenseofWhereItIsRightNowsoIHatetoHaveToGetaLittlePhilosophicalforSecondBecauseWeretheOneThingILearnedThattheUNJIsThatCountriesBelieveThatTheyAreEqualontheInternationalStage.AndsoWhattheG20andAlloftheMembersoftheClimateChangeUNClimateChangeGroupBelieveIsThattheAmericaIsJustOneofMany,andThatWeShouldBeTreatedJustlikeEverybodyElse,exceptfortheFactThatTheyWantUstoWriteaBigCheck.IActuallyBelievePeopleAreEqual,NotCountriesandsoIt'sReallyImportantThatWeStandontheontheWorldStageandSayNoThatIsNotaGoodPolicyfortheAmericanPeople.WeShouldNotApologizeforStandingupforAmerica,JoeBidenIsNotthePresidentoftheWorldIsNotinChargeoftheGlobalSystem.HeIsthePresidentoftheUnitedStatesandThereIsaCasetoBeMadeThatWhatIsBestforAmericaIsBestfortheWorldBecauseWeAretheCountryUnapologeticallyThatValuesHumanRights,Democracy,theRuleofLaw.WhenWeAreinCharge.OtherCountriesBenefitBecausetheRulesAreAlwaysabouttheHumanHumanityandandFindingWaystoHaveCapitalismStrengthenEveryoneNottoEat,andIThinkThat'saVeryImportantPointinThisLittleLeadingfrombehind,WhichWasKindoflikeObama'sWayofDoingItDidNotServeOurInterests.Well,IMeanIfYouLookatItacrosstheGlobe.I'mWorriedabouttheMiddleEast.WeTalkedaboutThatbeforeIWouldGoBacktotheSituation,ThoughwithChinaBecauseYouKnowRickIfYouAreinaNametheBigThreeRightNowandIDon'tWeDoThisaboutEveryThreeMonths.WeKindaReevaluateWhereWeAreintheWorld.WhatAretheBigThreeDangersfortheUnitedStatesCountryWiseWhileChina'sNumberOneandTheirSecretWaysAreOurI'mAfraidtoSetAsideDupingAllofWashington.IThinkIranandaPursuitofNuclearWeaponsIstheSecondIssueandThatIWouldPutintotheCampontheThirdofGlobalTerrorism.TerroristGroupsHezbollahCertainlyWhat'sHappeninginAfghanistanwiththeTalibansoThatYouDon'tRecentlyIBroughtItup.EveryoneIsThatWeAreConstantlyReevaluatingJustthePositionsWeAdvocateThattheUnitedNationsWhatWeThinkAretheMajorSaysRicktoSetaMinutesYouGotaGotPartofRespondingIsRespondingtoWhat'sHappeningActuallyontheGroundThatYou'reHavingtoDealwithThanWeDoThatthroughAdvocacyattheUnitedNations.WeDoThatinHerAdvocacyandInternationalTribunalssoWeBeenThereWe'veDoneIt.WeContinuetoDoIt.TheyConcernofCourseThatYouHaveRightNowandIandRick.IWanttoGetYourViewonThis.WeGotYouJustWhattheRigaGovernorsaRecallElectioninCaliforniaNowCourse.TonightIstheRaceinVirginia.ItIsSurprisinglyIThinkTooManyofUsIt'sVeryClose.ThereWasALotOfEarlyVoting.SoWeDon'tKnowHowThat'sGonnaPlayinbuttheFactoftheMatterIs,theVirginiaRaceEndsupBecomingaFactorMuchCloser.IThinkBecauseofIssueParentsInvolvementintheSchoolBoardsandIWanttoPlayThatbytoGettheLongerVersionofWhatTerryMcAuliffe,FormerGovernorofVirginiaSaidaboutParentsInvolvementin'sandTheirKidsOwnEducation,WhichtoMeThisIsShockingtoMe.ParentsHavetheRighttoVetoBills.FetalBooks:NottoBeKnowledgeaboutIt.AlsoTakeHimofftheShelvesandI'mNotGonnaLetParentsEvenAdditionalRulesandActuallyTaketoMakeTheirOwnDecisionsoIGottheBillThatIDon'tThinkParentsShouldBeTellingSchoolsWhatTheyShouldTeach.IDon'tThinkParentsShouldBeTellingtheSchoolsWhatTheyShouldBeTeachingTheirKids.Rick,I'mTryingtoFigureout.WeHadGoodCallonThis.WhoWouldAgreewithThatPositionRightLeftorCenterIinthePeopleApplaudedatLookat.IThinkOurTeachersAreBeggingforMoreInvolvementfromParentssoThatTheyDon'tHaveToBetheOnesWhoTrytoTeachandEducateandDisciplineforOnlythePeriodofTimeYou'reinSchoolandThenTheyGoHomeandThere'sChaosBecauseThere'sNoLeadershipTeachersHaveBeenVeryClearaboutWantingParentstoBeInvolved,AlltheWaythrough,soThatAlloftheResponsibilityDoesn'tFallonThem.EverybodyKnowsTeachersThatAreGoodTeachersAreNotGettingtheSupportfromthePrincipalfromtheUnionsandfromParents.Let'sBeVeryClearaboutThat.IDoWanttoSayOneThing,It'sVeryImportantPointtoGetoutandVoteandandI'mJustStruckwithHowACLJHereIsGivingUstheLatestinVirginiaGivingYouNewstoUse,butWeJustTalkedaboutSomeReallyImportantIssuesThatWhereACLJaroundtheWorldIsOneoftheVeryFewVoicestoStandoutsoIJustHadtoTakeThisTimeforaSecondandEncouragePeopletoSignonandGivenSupportUsBecauseOneoftheReasonsIJoinedACLJIsBecauseTheyAreOneoftheVeryYouSameConservativeVoicesontheWorldStageRightNowwithJoebyoverBlackoutattheG20inPalmWhenWeSeeHimontheWorldStage.NothingRemindsMeMoreofHavingaStrongACLJaroundtheWorldandWillNeedYourSupport.ObviouslyYou'reGoingtoGettheNewsinVirginiaandSomeOtherTopicsbutTheseAreSeatsThatAreUniquetoACLJandIHopeThattheSupportRickAppreciateYouSayThisIstheCourseIsontheMonthofNovemberWhichRossIstheBeginningofOurLastTwoMonthsofWhatWeCallOurMatchingChallengeWhichIsLiterallyDumbfoundupandRickSaidIs,Literally,WhenYouMakeaDonationtoOurFriendsAreWatchingThisBroadcastNow,YouWouldIt'sMatchedbyOtherDonorsofOurs,WhichIsaReallyBigDeal.LetMeSaySomethingYouSeeUsontheSetandYouSeeRickComingRemoteThatMikePompeoandOthersThatWeHaveaFaninOurDCOfficeMeetingWeHadNoOfficesaroundthePerpfromOurOfficesinEurope.AllofThatIncludingEverybody.YouDon'tSeeBehind-The-ScenesHereIsBecauseofYourSupportoftheACLJsoYouSeeAustinYouGetInformationfromUs,butIWillTellYouThereAreTeamsHereWashingtonStrasburgFranceAllovertheGlobe,Jerusalem,WorkingtoDefendFreedomandLibertyGloballytoProtectHumanRightsandHumanDignityinAfrica.IMeanaroundtheGlobe.WeAreHereandIApprec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is a covenant where you take for your comments. 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Let's go ahead and take a call on Burgett Joe's belt for long time. Thanks hold recent let's get to Joan in Virginia on their hi Joan, I voted early in my born and raised in Virginia, though I grew up through the school system here. I'm raised two generations of children in the school and now have a grandson he's teaching in Virginia school and coaching baseball in middle school.

My grandsons ready to quit his job is still called at how CRT is being implemented and the way the schools are not disciplining kids for violence, they won't. Joan, where were you where you live and what part of Virginia do you live in while I'm central Virginia south of Richmond and summer, blackened okay and my grandson teaches in Powhatan County watches right west of where I am okay because I find it interesting because as we said earlier Harry Virginia is if you look at it, you can't say statewide. This is what the state is a mean it because it's like there are literally just like the Rappahannock south of the river but there really it's if you look at Northern Virginia central Virginia Southwest Virginia and then Hampton Roads is kind of way sets up. I think that's true if you look at the electorate. However, I would say there's uniformity when it comes to teachers unions and individuals were controlling school boards throughout the state. They are trending very much in favor of the McAuliffe view and so many parents, even in central and southern Virginia.

They have to fight against for lack of a better term hostile school boards who want to insist that certain things are taught contrary to the interest of parents we had a very interesting comment from Donald on Facebook I had done on Facebook. It was working on Facebook if you do, it will get some of those as well on Facebook and on YouTube. Donald said I'm concerned the teachers unions embrace a Marxist ideology will push the government that way so that you know it. Some states have teachers and some stone and some do not. The teachers unions are very powerful. There are very powerful. They have a great effect on what's going to be taught in the schools they lean on politicians and they get what they want. Sometimes the labs go back to the theory that I have mentioned before our country was founded on local control of education on parents having a voice in what is being taught in the schools on teachers not rebelling against what school boards say ought to be taught and the school boards being accountable to whom to parents to the public to those people who elect them, and who represent what they want their children and their values to be critical race theory is not one of them.

In my opinion Prof. Hodges and has written a tremendous article in the St. Mary's Law Journal that has appeared on critical race theory, and I urge everybody who can possibly get a hold of that to read it because it really lays this thing out so well and shows what a very dangerous thing. Critical race theory in the cable with the caller so Harry would you explain to everybody what it what were talking about here was a critical race theory will critical race theory is a very complex doctrine, but at bottom it's all about Marxism. It's all about government control. It's all about severing the connection really between parent and child, and substituting government for parents essentially critical race theory. Following in the footsteps of Karl Marx believes that everything that now lives off the parish so that means democratic government governance that means the Constitution. That means the rule of law.

So at the end of the day. Who controls society. It's elites often globalist elites and that is why certain issues that may indeed be important independently have been used by critical race theorists in order to push for greater and greater government control of our lives. As you can see that in terms of the discussions about climate change. You can see that in terms of the green new deal push by the Democrats. You can see that in a wide variety of activities by government and many of those ideologues. They do not care about the consequences, and so if the consequences favor them in terms of increasing the amount of power that they have long-term they really don't care about the parents and they certainly don't care about the kids unless those kids can be used as pop ponds to grab even more power that your you had two tours of duty in Virginia military and private as it writes your sense of where this is. I love the state.

I really do is a great place.

It is unique.

It is not monolithic, to be sure. I think that Duncan he doesn't have to carry counties like Loudoun and Arlington Fairfax County. He just simply has to do well there. The other thing about early voting early voting tends to go towards the Democrat party but in the early voting time. When ballots were being cast is also the time Pres. Biden's popularity was beginning to sink because of those policies and it could be and I think this is the reason that McAuliffe is not relied on the Presidents quite so much in his reelection bid and it could be that that Biden has been a drag on McCullough's campaign and that could also influence the early voting. I maybe it's thoughtful wishing on my part, but I personally think that Duncan has a good chance of pulling this off tonight and being the next governor had some interesting comments coming in Laughlin Facebook says we Virginia present politician telling parents, we have no voice in school curriculum or school matters within that clinic came as a positive sense out of nowhere and became a huge issue, yet it was a Glock groundswell here starting at J but I think deeply politician the candidate, Terry McAuliffe made a mistake in animating the voters who are all already afraid about this that I would say this, Jamie. There are almost no issues these days that create crossover voters. Usually candidates are trying to get their base out there talking about issues that they know their base can't.cared about and it's a turnout issue J. This is not that this is creating crossover voters in the various counties that Wes was talking about is also correct. The Republican candidate here Glenn you can. He's not in a Windows counties. I mean I'm the last governors race Democrats wanted by about 1/4 of a million votes of a J. That means if there's even 20% crossover that probably Mia switches the entire states that this is one of those issues where where Democrats will vote Republican if there really fired up about this book. We never did tell you who to vote for. That's not what we do or we just lay out the issues with this issue became a gigantic issue. I mean the local control. The school board which is traditionally vested in the parents are. Some states or the school boards are appointed by the Gov.'s not most, most are elected local control is what the conservatives believe in and that this is kind of taken on the life of its own. Having said that, look at the end of the day of the people of Virginia are going to vote.

We may know the slogans that we may note an MMA nine not have enough so we can see how that plays Ousley will likely yeah I think that's probably fair and I need to say. Also, this is the displacement picnic.

Damon Walters came in the World Series you snatchers versus Atlanta Lane is well represented on on this table right here at the site absolutely so used to so what are you watching you watching you. I want to the election results which I'll look on my phone. My phone for the lady with the leader in New York to do their meter savings with a lot of friends in Houston that likely tell you not to vote for it, 20, 21 Pridemore friends in Houston they do in Atlanta so it was were not telling you where supporting baseball either.

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