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Three Keys to Reaching Your God-Given Goals (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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November 1, 2021 8:00 am

Three Keys to Reaching Your God-Given Goals (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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November 1, 2021 8:00 am

The most important of all goals; principles that will position us to accomplisht the goals we've set; based on Philippians 3:10-14.

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We have some moments that were relevant.

But don't sell it yourself. You also have on the other.

Those moments where you experience the agony of the new did not when you lost big-time successes you got some failures but one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind and straining toward what lies ahead, I press towards the goal to win the prize of God's heavenly calling in Christ Jesus, that is Philippians 313 and 14 and this is destined for victory. When Paul talked about forgetting the past.

He didn't just mean the mistakes the good stuff to today. Pastor Paul Sheppard reminds us how important it is to stop looking back and start moving forward towards our destiny in Christ. Today's message is straightahead.

I hope you'll stay right here. We can visit Pastor to listen anytime on demand. That's Pastor you can also subscribe to the podcast podcasts modify or whatever you get yours now is Pastor Paulo, today's destined for victory message three keys to reaching your God-given goals. We have some moments that will sell what you sell.

You also have on the ledger. Those moments where you experience the agony of defeat. You did not when you lost big-time successes you got some failures. Anybody willing to raise your hand admit in my past when I look back there some failures all right. Thank you for the honesty anybody on the road.

I didn't write that hamper a form form either not self-aware. Maybe they had lived enough like, but I can imagine how you live any significant amount of time and not blow it in some way successes on outside the ledger. You have failures instead of proud moments you have times when you were ashamed when you are heartbroken when you are humiliated on same life as the thrilling victories you have times when you could take that back. I don't believe I don't believe what I did what I said where I went what happened, who hurt if you live life.

You think back on some things and you just about half the price yourself out of that mindset because it will take you to a place that is not active if you stay there.

They are so I call them regrets vain regrets me say it before you can unscramble and want to describe what they did back in the cell. You can shout broken Scrabble will dump it back together again. There go to bed, clean them up. You can do your best. So instead of proud moment you have.

Sometimes a being ashamed, humiliated, heartbroken instead of significant accomplishments. You have terrible setbacks. Listen, just read your Bible you know about yourself.

That's why the Bible is that I'm so glad the word of God is inspired because it is not a book called wonderful people. People want to have anything related to what the Bible got jacked up from cover to cover why they only last so you have read receipt. You know what that's like you read your Bible and you shaking your head about how to be saying they didn't sale you will have a new self awareness. When you read those people in the Bible you want to see traits of yourself. Maybe not the exact manifestations what you want to see similarities and parallels at least something that reminds me of some about myself as Abraham, God, God says I will make you the father of nations you will have so many that they can't be counted or heard from Almighty God and this man says hi to be the father of many nations, and my wife and I did not then in years and we haven't had any children all these years. Sarah said well you know me, looking at me. I will pass all that she could tell you what would give you my servant and I let her be a wife.

In those days that was acceptable in culture, even for people who were God-fearing brothers that is no longer acceptable. Don't you return. See how even in the Bible. They had three bowl know that was then this is not it was never God's express will he tolerated it. It was never his will and now it is flat out clear you are to be the husband of one wife, one pick good. That's it. That's God's will, somebody I know there are times when there is grounds for divorce and all that.

And even then you correctly put away the one and then you have the next one. But that is your one wife to get one. Let your ego write you a check that you can cash you think you're such a man.

You got a have I want is not enough quit. It was not so much a man that no one woman can be of which you if you get into self-awareness. The truth is you are so much that is going to take God to give one woman I love loving patients will want to not have to true if you find out the truth about Joseph. You think you so wonderful, so I'm just asked what can I say your why Bill I go here alone or somebody else will put up with the mess I put up with dealing with you when your mind this message all we I'm on the other side of the ledger saw that side of your rehab things were not proud of. Things were ashamed things that are messed up brain regrets we can do anything about the actual reality. So about your past you have wonderful things you have horrible thing and you need to have the right attitude. What's the right attitude. Paul said the attitude is that of forgetting. He doesn't mean amnesia. He doesn't mean you try to make your self literally forget that's impossible. We can't do it anyway when he says, forgetting he is saying. I want you not women open constantly referred to awareness all of the past and when he says that the application is the past, including one side of the ledger with all your strength and accomplishments and the other side with all your failures and mess up one of them will serve you well if you stay actively focused on them. As you move through your present towards your future.

Do not spend your time.

Presently looking back either on good things are bad thing. Why, because of moving forward moving forward. What do I have any business doing. Looking back, that's my job illustrated.

In this way before, is like driving your car in drive moving forward on the accelerator, but your days is in the rearview mirror. There is a problem. Your focus is wrong – because you're not looking at the right things. Don't spend your time looking backwards either read great things or lousy things. Don't spend your time looking back home man if I could just know you can't jostle all you can do is make sure days.

I say God you… Of Romans 828 God was able to take all things and gather for it as I move forward and you see God can bring. That was not good and he and Sarah got together and serous it will give you Hagar my hand maiden and seal the one who gives you children because I'm the head of the house in terms of the women, so she will actually have children that will be credited to me in their cultural understanding. Even her handmaidens child would be credited to Sarah and Sarah actually thought that was a good idea to try to help God bring about this son he promised some problem problem but actually is. God never said anything about Hagar what he was talking to April. Say cigarette them all up. No so bring your bring her into that's put your brains in God's brothers and sisters you'll always mess up your life when you put your brains in God listening to Dustin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard who senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California, and he'll be right back with the second half of today's message. Remember you can always listen to Dustin for victory right in the palm of your hand by downloading our free mobile app. The app allows you to select from any of pastor Paul's recent messages to contact us for prayer water resources from our online store you can even take notes on the daily messages right on your mobile device will be waiting for you the next time you stop by search Dustin for victory at the App Store and download our free mobile app today. Are you living your life to the windshield or the rearview mirror. Pastor Paul with the rest of today's message three keys to reaching your God-given goals your brains have no business in God's business know know they shouldn't be there. That's a God thing.

What Sarah shouldn't time is what she ended up doing the second. You do know that the first time she gave Hagar to Abram and Hagar neighbor got together and shall not that old man produced a chow through Hagar child a name that Israel was a child of the flesh, that was not the child of the promise you want to walk closely with God so that you don't create a budget is milled in your life. Things that you may have been well intended but it wasn't what God wanted you know the problem with having this really is not that God will forgive your course he will is that you got a reason you got a raise of Israel's cost time cost money cause aggravation. Don't believe it was aggravation. Just keep on reading and you find a time when even when Hagar was pregnant, yet Hagar was pregnant and she finally had one up all Sarah and she walked around loaded maybe to kick in.

You ladies can do if you want to get on another lady scanned message from your past you don't do that now. Let's all remember back when you use the throw all kinds is shade all kinds a one upmanship and wounded baby does kick in the same women had a little subtle fights you can be grinning and cutting somebody up to my knees amount of systems I need God's you could just smile and an and only what she didn't realize is I might have his baby, but I live in this woman's house and so Sarah got and she started mistreating her so much so that chow right away and God said where you going be a mystery as easily go home go home and back right get yourself together. Stop trip right. Your Bible is the word right above and God made a promise that I will bless the child this in your will, but you neglect like this. And so to get that through that I was one of the things on her side, lifted it shouldn't have happened when no shameful moment.

Then, years later, the boy grows up becomes a teenager when the child of promise, Isaac has been born and on the day that Isaac is being weaned somewhere around two years old or so would've been typically when that will happen by then. Ishmael is a teenager and Israel's Mark and the little baby Israel is the child of Hagar, Isaac is the child of the real woman of the house and Sarah sees that woman's child mocking her two year old was so maybe you notice a problem. All the all holy women notice of all y'all who have never shaded the woman in your life know that that's a problem know that's a problem and Sarah said Abraham will come over here for minute and was updated and she said that boy has got a go.

He will not live another day in his house. My son, I understand that but you got two sons that one is acting to ignorant to be in this house.

He got a go Hagar is the woman you games.

I'm glad you brought her go. She got a go with him getting up this house today is packed them some stop sending them wherever you want. This is done. Bible says Abraham went to God's and the Lord said, listen to your wife is what God told him listen to your wife all the mad women in their Bibles that is highlighted all that some listen to your wife. The bottom the Lord said no, which is the Lord made him a promise I will make amazed him some things God said you have to turn it over to me, but God was one boy said not, make sure you know I'm not going let that boy died in the wilderness, even though he was a mistake – the God we serve will blast your ass. Well, you almost your mass and turn it into a message of grace and turning them toward testimony of my power.

So he said to me came to tell somebody you need to give it to God. Whatever you're dealing with, give it to God and don't allow yourself to be stymied by your pains. If you do that, my friend. Verse 12 wraps it up where Paul says but I press on verse 13 and 14. He says reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal if you will have the right assessment of your present and the right attitude about your past you my friend will qualify to have the right approach to your future. That is an approach of pressing there is a blessing in the pressing I can tell somebody if you got your attitude about the past, right if you get your assessment about the present right then you will have the right approach to your future and that is to press.

I can't change anything back but I'm going to press and the promises God has for me. There are promises for everyone that if you will will bring them the past, there are mistakes in your past great moments and bad moments in your past, but in God, you are never looking backwards to find joy, you will give you joy. Please provision race.have you and you into them. You got promises you haven't seen come the past year. So why, why have a long self-assessment when you can experience something ahead of you. That's going to be wonderful.

I know the devil telling you your best days are behind you were telling you you're not my God, my God, my best days are behind me. My best days are ahead of me. I declare that in Jesus name.

My best days are ahead of me. Thank God for the good things behind me but I see what God will do your just declare the rest of my days are going to be the best of my days just tell yourself that that is true.

The rest of my days ago, and be the best of my days. Thank God for the good things in the past, but I'm not going be one of these people living in my past glory. I'm not going be one these people's enrollment. You should've seen me on 1987.

Thank God for 87 but you and the 21st century believed God was something, because our God is able to do exceeding what all that you can even imagine. But how does that evidence according to the power that works in thanks so much for joining us for this Monday edition of Destin for victory in Pastor Paul Shepard's message three keys to reaching your God-given goals. You know the only way your past can damage your future is if you choose to live in it encouraged today.

There's nothing in your past that can keep you from the love of God or the joy of his salvation he has forgiven you. Maybe it's time to forgive yourself before we leave you today I want to thank you for all you're doing to help Pastor Paul share the love of Jesus to the Destin for victory broadcast your prayers and gifts that helped us grow into worldwide ministry, one that can be heard in more than 400 radio stations and all over the, but we don't want to live and what lies behind taking our cue from the apostle Paul, we want to press on towards our high calling in Christ would love to have you join us by keeping us in your prayers and giving us the Lord directs in appreciation of your generous gift today. Pastor Paul will send you his booklet turning your test into a testimony, know the trials and challenges we go through the very things that help us grow our mistakes are past pain are uniquely designed to bring us closer to Jesus and make us be better able to minister to those who may be going through the same things in this booklet from Pastor Paul.

He shows you how your mass can become a message and how your tests can become a testimony that's turning your test into a testimony, our gift to you this month by request for your generous donation to Destin for victory. Call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

Again, our address is Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 and I will let you know that we have an awesome calling on our lives. You have the responsibility of sharing with the world. We gotta let people know that Jesus is alive and well, because they are leaving here and we can afford to let him leave here without Christ.

That's tomorrow in Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message, the God of the, until then, remember he who began a good working you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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