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Look Up At the Stars

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October 30, 2021 12:00 pm

Look Up At the Stars

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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October 30, 2021 12:00 pm

Haley, a sex trafficking survivor, returns for a second week in a row to courageously share more of her story of abuse, discuss the aftermath and healing process, and more on her providential friendship with Lantern volunteer Casey, which has helped her to cultivate a budding relationship with Jesus Christ. Haley is joined by Casey, Mark, and Ren.

A warning for listeners: this episode contains sensitive content, including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide. Discretion is advised.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. The following program contains sensitive content including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide listener discretion is advised previously on my interest. I started going to church once I move them out of my parents house so right around the age of 12. I think me and my mom went a little bit before that the 60 days. My dad was in jail inmates not to charge my grandma was always sacrilegious that she would pick us up and take us in for me church just started to become like a safe place and I might not understood what was going on or what was being said. But I knew I was safe inside those walls and save the people around me that kind of grew. I me my dad tried to break in every way possible. Like earning Bibles. I brought one home. Anything you can think of. He would do. Welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about what should not be said I was silent when the we are so honored really to have Haley back with us and come to bring you back up to speed. We got RAM would land a rescue from rim share a little bit about what, no had told her story about having your child in nearly all human trafficking sex trafficking. She had to endure and wanted to talk a little bit about how this is a thing that happened that happened all over the world that happened in America and it might happen if you know we want to make sure that people know that what is happening and happening to you or you know what to tell authorities and what to call this you can get help he needed there though what happened. Haley is considered familial fact trafficking. She was groomed very, very young age starting at four to become a pond for her father to use to exploit himself and then as well other people to get money, drugs, whatever that might be. So what makes a human trafficking and not familial sexual thought is that transaction that happened with other individuals. He was explaining her for-profit actually putting it on top that is familial trafficking and it is it does happen, and it happened frequently and we like it meant so it's very dark and it's very hard to look at but it happened very young children are groomed very young there taught. This is normal.

They do not put the say anything that there and how it's all that they're wrong and it goes on for years and people always wonder why did you get dinner widened it but in that I know there's no answers to those you know when can't that the point of it is is that people are twisted in this topic and they use these young innocent children can then send it with the hell happened.

This is normal. This is what can happen to you now. You can't do anything about it is incredible to Haley to come forward and she's okay about what happened to her and edges on buying it is amazing. I'm so proud of her and the crowd of Katie for everything that they have done in that Haley truly incredible, though we just want highlighted.

This does happen what it's called. And if you see any defined in someone else in your life to get help and to tell authorities what it suits you. Listen to this episode. Projects like oh my goodness I don't want this to ever happen to anybody anytime anywhere you know this just breaks her heart and so back with Haley I know you know one of the more traumatic things that happen to you when you were 15. Currently is your dad's trial yeah definitely so the trial itself wasn't until I was. I want to say 17 maybe 18 so it started.

I first reported it when I was 15, but then I went to court once a month for 3 1/2 years against him so when he was first arrested, he was in jail for three days before they decided that he was safe to be in the community and that he wasn't a flight risk, so they released him and he went home and as long as he went to his court date is fine.

So once a month I would go to court against him and the court processes such such a long process. It started with light there so many different smaller court dates that you have to get before you actually get to a trial and so many like he could offer me like a plea deal in the night have to accept it or deny it, and it went back and forth and then he would fire his attorneys and hire new attorneys to the process would start over again so altogether I think it took 4 1/2 years because he was found guilty on marks something in 2020.

But then, it wasn't until June of this year that we went back to court for sentencing because they're two different dates and covert kind of messed up son with him like missing dates and that kind of thing and I'm not big lots like transport prisoners to court not so. So how long 15 years.

Are you kidding you know like oh my gosh oh my gosh you went through all those years of having to testify were you doing that in my front of your mother and other people were good" room for you know, so it was an open courtroom. Every time we went, including the trial so I at the trial, he testified. I testified in my mom testified against me, so it was very interesting, but anybody who wanted to walk in like any of his friends or anything were welcomed into the courtroom to come sit and watch well and so did you have a support group of some kind helping you yeah luckily at that point me in my foster mom were super close, so she went with me along with the maternal side of my family excluding my mother. Oh my goodness, how would you prefer emotionally every four years yeah is definitely an emotional toll throughout the years especially because when you're in the court process leading up to a trial there certain like therapies and treatments are not allowed to do because they're afraid it will mess with your brain and mess up your testimony so like the therapies that are proven to help PTSD.

I wasn't allowed to actually go through because of the court process. So I was kinda just going to court once a month just like waiting and waiting for it to be over my gosh so you can come to get a feel for how important you know Casey is to your case. At this point in time right likes to KC is as you became aware of these things can you, sure what you say to a friend.

As you realize it may make them through all these things are words that take you it's it's hard to find things to say and what I've realized is it's a lot less of really saying anything, and more. Just listening and validating and reassuring and loving because there's not there's not anything I can say to her to take away what happened. So it's it's a lot more less talking and more listening.

Job's friends could use your voice so that is absolutely so this court thing you know it's just like I would have no idea that somebody would be in for such a battle is is is you have been through with that kind of thing and so your stepmom did she have something for you guys prematurely didn't my foster mom, my foster mom was actually Pastor oh yeah oh yeah it was definitely even when I moved in. There is little bit of like culture shock is I came from my background, my foster mom was a pastor my foster dad was a police officer go to the rescue. Well yeah well so one of just amazing to me about God provided that for you for such a time as this. And so the other thing that I know I personally am very curious about is I know in my own background.

Certain things happen to you when you're young and you thought that that was just normal, but does not happen to everybody and and that's something for healing really almost everybody listening, chances are they were things that went on in your use that you thought it was normal to be tied up to a post in the water and that kind of stuff is crazy yeah definitely I definitely always until I was older old enough to realize that this like this is just my life.

This is normal and my parents would tell me that all dads did this to their daughters, and no one was a lot to talk about it. So my mind like I went to school and saw other girls there like it was happening to them to we just weren't allowed to talk about lots of bring it up.

Interestingly, like when I was 13 I attempted to sign.

It was more like that's just what all wasn't yet and so it's it's it's a good thing to see in your own life you know where. Where is that going on and in a while to realize that somebody that's been through some abuse.

They don't realize that it wasn't supported healing process is to see that the other thing that happens it really is terrifying.

But I know it is in my own case is we tend to find our own self fault like I was on blame for this stuff coming at me and you know it must be something I did. I must observe this, but you know, can you come to take us in the I can't even imagine your own story with yeah there's a lot of like if I want to, then this wouldn't have happened if I would've done this, then I would and safe sooner. I tried. I tried to stop those thoughts when they come on. But even today. It's like, well maybe if I was a better daughter. Maybe if I loved him more. Maybe if I love my mom more like all of those thoughts come in. It's like if I if I did all these things for him. Maybe he would've actually left me. Maybe he was actually taking care of me.

Maybe he would've protected so you can just see you listing like me like while God, we need you.

This is way over anything that I can even begin the process and yes is going on in Haiti. Yes it's going on in Ecuador and yes it's going on and all over the world. But oh my goodness it's going on here to talk. We need you and always different places and we need prayer and so Markham curious your thoughts are is usurious you. You are right there or there are literally millions of girls like Kaylee around the world who are suffering at the hands of her family members being sold in our teams interceptors every week and Fortunato for prosecution processes within 24 hours.

You know I hate to hear this. Hello it took but I understand it from my own children situation so I have.

I do have another question for you because you were to get a lot of response from this.

This can be a lot of survivors in the lot of sufferers who probably can reach out and want to connect to you. Be some in the midst of someone outside of it and they're gonna want to connect to you and have you connected with other survivors. Is there someone that Casey means the world to someone that helped you move that was your foster mom that helped you know that you can be a survivor.

Sometimes in the situation you describe your life a bit off the girls in the Middle East. No surviving was a possibility more than just completely lost it's lost all hope you know and maybe hit the spot. Know what, what put you into a place where you had hope. Yes I think that's been a couple people in my life helped me get to that point right after everything happened on my 15th birthday I tried to kill myself. It was right before my junior year in high school and I was sick in the hospital.

I was put in a psych hospital for seven days to like make me safe again or whatever and I remember when I went back to school. I had a teacher there he was like my school mom and we still stay in contact today. She cares she cares deeply about me and I care deeply about her and I remember like being afraid but like I really have to face this woman right now.

I remember trying to lock Pastor into her classroom and she pulled me out and she is like now you can stay out here and I just member her looking at me and telling me I have too much of a future plan for you for you to be doing these things and I think it was in that moment that I was like there is somebody here that believes in me, there is somebody here who's going to help me had a future for myself so I think it really can just be one statement from one person one day. That can really help you and you hold onto it for longer than they would think when we come back on the other side with Haley on this difficult situation will operations from human trafficking specializes in sending you a special operations department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized combat on terrorism is a nonprofit charity offer services.

Human trafficking is the second largest $50 billion was developed rapidly to combat operates training women and children six and facilitates operations right now.

The following program contains content including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide listener discretion is advised. Welcome back to the rescue again with Haley witness this story that we've been telling for couple episodes. Think about was what God help me to know where I fit right is your friend through this and thinking through this. Sometimes God said, send me will certainly be sending you to pray he sending you to see you know how I can connect with ministry or maybe even resources, but to get to that the Haley what kind of resources were there for you when you were when you're in the situation so I had very little resources available to me. There wasn't much around me.

At that time just where I was like I was in a big city or anything where there were a lot of things happening, but it was also super hard because there's little to offer child victims in that situation because a lot for most of the resources when you're minor. Have to go through or need your parents approval, but when your parents are dead abusers becomes a lot more complicated than that because there obviously not to sign off on something that can save the child rider point in the direction of their guilt. You can see the need to know as lawmakers need to think through you know well you know you can pray along those lines of these resources are certainly like some were all involved in a what can we do as we think through what could we do for somebody else so they don't necessarily have to go through this so getting back to that question of you know that one teacher that was really outstanding to me that she was the one that spoken to you. I can't become a timeframe you've said you know if you're a teacher if you're a Sunday school teacher always, things to be aware and essentially to care because at the end of it seemed like that was what mattered is you didn't since anybody care, yet definitely and so was there somebody else that was like that. Along the way became that you would remark on.

I think she was a major one throughout my high school years. She helped me get to the point I was able to graduate college and high school. Actually, she was always like fighting college.

I graduated my Associates 17. Did you really yeah that's awesome yeah I got my sissy. It's a month before I graduated high school, so I did. Then like at the same time and she was a big part of that to helping me figure out what classes to take out and get paid for like she helped me figure all of that out because she knew how desperately when I graduated high school that I needed to go away to college I needed to get a four year college to get away from my family and so she was.

I mean she helped me apply to schools made my financial aid.

She did all of that and I will forever be thankful for everything she did for me, but I think as I got older, she was still there, but more recently I think Casey has been a big one and helping love me and helping me spiritually it's different to go to church with somebody who actually cares about you and to lock in and know you're safe there.

I know that you can actually focus on what's going on. I'm interested in that case he so foster mom was a pastor's she had instruction but I can sense from her. You know your original prayer was that you could be a light and so you talked about listening, but what was it like to actually you engage with her in church the most comfort I realized in that moment when listening wise. All I could really Dale and I didn't have any or many words to help get through back I and Noel eking out a cell. It was something I Haley really wanted to do and is excited to do to take charge and kind of go deeper with it and really start understanding and reading the Bible and not only reading it by understanding and finding encouragement and life that weighs a huge honor and something that we are still doing 6 AM. I years and years of trauma to just try and use therapy when we had the best healer can be like fast tracks using the markets and see where we picked belongs to sit there going.

How cool.

What what are you still unsure of what is like, what, where, where would you go. How did God lead you in the which books are you going right now were really trying to focus on God's love that he has an understanding that Haley's situation is incredibly hard and I've had I've really struggled with the promises of God and obviously we know that he does out loud like there's things out of control and he didn't allow any of these things happen said were just working on realizing that God has love for her and once she can grasp the understanding of how much he loves her. The promises that he gave target and be easier to believe in and so where do you find that my life I now what would first with versus C hoping that you never ever forget when I realize that the song of Solomon goes all over the place, but word originally went was that there is this beloved and it's Jesus and he's coming after me right and so was I went there. You know I remember when I was a young kid fell in love with a girl like 1213 years old start to write but wherever she was.

I wanted to see what I wanted to hang out on the neighborhood or be on the street where she lived and and so when I read that verse in the song of Solomon He's peering through the lattice trying to get a look at me. In other words, Jesus is stalking me.

That's how much she's in love with Jesus in love with me as I was with was to get a look at me know what a promise that really made me see not all yet. I do know in my heart that it's there and I hope Haley that you do and that that you guys are doing like this, I couldn't agree with you more that there when you can read it and you know that God broke the stuff thousands of years ago to let you know that he's can be there for you most, things, and I'm curious Mark what what your thoughts on the like when you've got.

These are victims.

What were you going July 2011. This is all throughout Hobby lobby in his own house walls and everything and sometimes we make fun of the verses that you marketed so will throughout is so powerful you know that God does has a plan and purpose for Haley is still being revealed. Know also what I was told hers until everybody. The actual secret sauce and all that is that God is glorified that's alterations purpose. You know what happens to us what passes through him sovereignly what he allows to happen to you breaks his heart and what you well set up a tour of the victims rescued its God is good. I was on Ernie's glory and that might be judgment day when those are cast into the lake of fire, but if we if were willing to to be the voice in your billing willing so willing and it's amazing to see you take the step and we are honored to be part of the step I tell you what is your like a man got to make any be glorified in this statement. For evil, but you could which the listeners could see the licensor between Casey Wright and Haley and see this is what love was supposed to be right right in this connection can be an you know it's just it's absolutely no doubt you is you. It's a survivor of you are. We're just honored to be part of this is the hundreds of girls that I've rescued I mean were not were nothing, which is part of something that God is doing with people who he is allowed tremendous persecution, but is restoring them and bringing them through that were just honored to be part of so you know JC and her husband and the commitment made to help you is it's it's amazing because they're going to be the ones who are blessed by you think you're being blessed.

But reality your life and your overcoming natures is really a blessing to market. You have a question yes or your for the time until a week from another episode and there's a lot still going on that I asked Casey please come back in a few months and do an episode.

Haley mentioned that it sometimes is the one word of encouragement.

The one phrase. The one sentence that comes at you to get you through that day and as I mentioned, there going to be survivors and suffers for hearing this right now, you would say to them what you would say to someone who is in the suffering that you experienced. I would tell them that there is someone out there in the world that will care for them and protect them and fight for them and it even if they don't see it right now it's all around them, and there is somebody always fighting for them. Well, like I was thinking about countless stars yeah somebody just a beautiful thing you don't see anyone look at the stars. While again if you listen you know you you have a responsibility God wants your heart writing once you know where can you fit in. What can you do to reach out to can you contribute or how can you start resource for people that you know that doesn't require parents for people that were in Haley's situation. I don't know what God has: an how cool is it that he can be honored. You know, we each have our own abilities and talents of God's gift to engage in, so we prayerfully think, well, what's my response to this call I got through this to see you know how brave beautiful you are in the midst of what is unthinkable. Thank you for listing that on my this is the Truth Network say what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible like a Woolworth. By the way, from the Bible, the international you probably say well it hop in my car I go to Christian bookstore or have one shipped to me with those word options the faith. I mean I need to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, you know, you would pray that someone, anyone would bring you a Bible. That's exactly the way it is for literally Christians around the world are part of her spiritual family there due to the faith they want to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus but God has been plenty works very difficult to access the Bible. That's why the Truth Network at Bible league of teamed up to sing God's word to 3500 Bible believers around the globe. Our campaign is called the world needs the word five dollars.

Since the Bible $100 since 20. Every gift matched make your most generous gift by calling 800 yes word 801 ESW awardee 800. Yes, word or give a Truth

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