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Battle to Fight

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 30, 2021 12:30 pm

Battle to Fight

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 30, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week's topic is the first of a 3 part talk that is given at the boot camp. The talk covers the core desires in the middle of the heart of man. The clips are from "The Patriot," and "Good Will Hunting." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network the heart of every man ways of living with your life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your brand-new brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here.

No welcome masculine journey. Glad that you're with us today we are talking about some of her boot camp topics that we like to do coming up words boot camp and before do that though. Last night was a very important eve. Can anyone else hear the table tells what last night he was now you Robbie Delmore birthday eve.

Today is Robbie's birthday. Happy birthday Robbie. I've never celebrated a birthday on on the show itself, but here we are now. I don't know if it is called a celebration it was till the show turns out Lisa recognition of your birthday. I'll ask it will.

Happy birthday, which is actually Halloween Eve since I was born on the eve you know I get it that's a problem that these you know is Halloween itself was all hallows Eve, which was good today before All Saints day. So it's like a triple Eve same. My birthday was in God knew that when he said about thought about Eve and that make you Halloween okay go down from there were attempted up for Robbie was a good pun.

It was just a slippery slope of the shadow baby after hours were to know who we are going to be talking about the boot camp topic and rub it, it's important you do this talk and begin more than anyone else and so will you tell us a little bit about your menu.

Call one thing I called another but it's really the same talk. Wow at the beginning of the talk is is a battle to fight right and so one of the things it just was critical to me as an understanding was that something has been stolen and what's been stolen is our image of who God really is and is a man as I sat there the first time we mean something stolen from an and I realized that if we could get a good look at God right it is what the this part of the talk is about.

Then we would get a better look at ourselves and this image of God was something that had been stolen from a really had and I didn't even know it had been stolen, but that that God is a warrior and you note this revelation to me really changed everything and did you know that the talk you were talking about. It's a three-part talking actually it over the next three weeks, but it's that you call the heart of man right and I was called a core desires, but it's really the core desires in the middle of the heart of man right what one of the things it really bring a man alive you the desires that are good to chase after the right context. I am one of those of person talk about his battle and sort of play clip and if you go ahead and talk a little bit about the clip.

It ensures that the trailer says not a lot to set up little Victor is not it's it's revolutionary war story called the patriot.

It was based on fictional character. Character composite characters like Francis Marion and Daniel Morgan and Nathanael Greene.

Maybe. But anyway, it's really sets the story of really a man who has been to war has felt like he send in that war in the way he you know far as the war and he didn't want to reengage the one he didn't want to engage in this war you know in the Revolutionary war anyone to keep his family safe from it and it's a way a lot of us go about our lives I think is we we feel like there may be a war out there, but we choose not to enter in my sins return. The cost is wanted is as the rules of the request is granted to me 100 and I think it you talk a bit about it before the clip and I think that's were some people find themselves as I really I know there's a battle that I really don't enter enteritis will stay neutral you know to be Sweden. I never remember what one makes knives and Anyone of the central I don't know what you want to be that person that I want to stay in the middle. In any can't and I think each time we think that the battles new but the battles as old as time right literally and from the garden of Eden battles when ranting exactly what what happens is is an inactive warrior. Somebody wants to sit on the sidelines. The enemy done Playfair anything if you're not getting gauge. He'll be glad to go after your family members will go after all parts of your life to where you know the enemy is pretty stupid, but he continually doesn't do things to draw you in and I mean it's like Benjamin Martin character. Here he got tired of being picked on his family being picked on and finally it pulled out of him.

What was always in there and he actually had to engage and I think that's where I was for so long in my life is. I felt like only gauge that with the devil leave you alone you valued this nice happy family just kind of have garden of Eden or just make it as easy as possible.

Here are some get through this.

You know you can't live that way that's not how we were created. First of all, in the enemy will allow that to happen. Now he want you know when you named off of his people. It would be here in the opposer heard of Pinot Gris. I would call in all furniture makers sure who you're talking about is furniture area. Here they all sounded like you drive down the street gets whatever the first name is Natalie make paint like Benjamin will yeah yeah sure who is more paint companies something not really sure all the good names restaurant. I was definitely posing there now. I didn't know the names for the one I don't think you have to look far these days to see how far the enemies dividing families pick a social issue right and I bet you can go through your family and say up. This was on the side that was on that side. This was on the side.

The great division is what relevant and right now that you're just inviting everybody on everything yeah definitely I think you know that he is worried you Jesus called.

He said that there will be a division people choose truth and righteousness in Jesus and some will choose the enemy that he definitely wants unity within his unit within his community within his his family, but we are being drawn out where were given every opportunity to fight over things that really don't matter really don't pertain to the gospel but I think we are also in a time where you are him to choose more so than probably ever that of your truth or not truth and that's where you know every warrior needs a good king.

The king leads them into the right battles right right so there's not a lack of battles out there. If I write you said it very well that there's so many of them that at the end of a 20 years now 30 years now.

They really going to matter right right when we stand at the end of our time on earth in front of God is really going to matter.

And that's a good point and I used to always seem to find the right fight the wrong battle and I do find myself just like anything else that comes out of what we've learned to this masculine Chinese you go back to the commander-in-chief and find out what he wants because you know it's not a one-size-fits-all although it use to it where I get. I was posting gauge at that time so therefore I engage in that same waiver time what we know Jesus was created in the way he went about with humanity.

He did always feel the right people the same way every time so there's a time when you're to engage in battle. Next time, to where you stand and learn to fight for another day they would ask you a question. Can you do this really well on the talk you talk about sometimes as adults we get confused with his kids were really not that confused. I yeah I mean that's a neat thing when you consider that were made in God's image and so if you take little boys right and you know just watch how they play and you will see that there little warriors right it doesn't them that Micah of Jim's talk about. He made a gun out of his graham cracker around shooting people.

If you if you take him away. Go figure out some way to make a gun how many people didn't sword fight with sticks, you know, whatever it was, anything when you think about your own childhood right and played army, you know, the whole bit. Well I have to do is look at little boys and you get an idea that God must've made this this was an accident right here like you take a bunch of teenage boys and you put them in the swimming pool and will they break out in the synchronized swimming know the it's dunking and splashing and organizing something right right in and and so naturally they get involved in sports and naturally they become those and unfortunately most my life I had no sense that that would've been godly stuff right that that that image of Jesus, you know, meek and mild that's that's not the picture that we had a Jesus, but the patriot actually because you know when he came in he pick some fights right with the big time he came to pick some fights and it ended up. You know, he gave his life for you did when you look at little kids. It's funny, I had shared the story forwarded on the topic that I remember my brothers wife.

My sister-in-law was like my sons never ends.

Nevermore don't ever buy me gun right and so this woman lived in California and I had one as wheel locks you put on your wheel that will lock in on and sit in the backseat and I hasten to hear from the back display. This will lock it all the cars driving by is never played with the gun in his life is going to be about four years old and this is something wired right in and so maybe Arthur said well you know my son is really into sports or my son really isn't into the sink. I promise you there's something he's willing to battle for right. I promise you there something it's even look at the game of chess right of the adjacent chess is a warfare game by all the things we do is warfare based in one way or another the games they play on the computer warfare based typically and it's his battlefield mentality were to talk about and come back and how it's always been a backdrop of our lives in the lies before us mask to register the boot camp November 18 through the 21st. What if one weekend wasn't go straight basic training designed to give men warriors and on outages wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed to hear masculine Coming up November 18-21 masculine journey today is nice and sunny I talk about ways he held his and click masculine and find PO Box 555. I got to say I love that about you.

Now I know I know I picked it it's it's a great memory from my childhood. I remember hearing it in my dad's a.m. stereo. Larry AM radio in his car like all the time say that second-guessing them was definitely from the hills of the blue we met him a boot camp deftly noted Lisa's cousin was sunk of the Battle of New Orleans. From Johnny Horton 1959 is when it was done and is now the same time we were talking before the show where they had that snooping the red Baron is one of the songs back then and Jimmy had one Green Berets battle the Green Berets are. That was years it was just a time when we understood. I think a little bit more.

That battle was essential celebrated the victories in battle you know going back and looking at the revolutionary work arisen. People that thought that risk everything. None of us would be here right, not in the way we are now. Maybe better were something to pry the worst and so grateful for that insight. I really love that about that log off, but that's great. So back to the first clip you want things I thought was interesting about it was Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams guy that was Benjamin Martin.

It was a fake name but don't method I saw the member's name. He didn't necessarily enter into the battle because he wanted to do it for himself. You can argue it was very selfish because he wanted revenge and sons really was about protecting his other kids and avenging his sons that right and wrong yet I hear he was on the sideline, but he realized enemies not to give up. He's going to keep coming and I can sit back and let them take off one by one, without retaliating without doing anything else in response or I can get it in the battle in the enemy underestimated yeah definitely that's the thing about everyone that's in the studio. Everyone it's listening to the show right now, or listen to it on podcast later on the enemy underestimate you your critical part of this battle right you are needed to fight for the hearts of others are needed for the fight for your own heart right and in the enemy knows that he underestimate you got doesn't underestimate now, and if you think about it that's just as much a part of the image of God that we we get that's part of the package, God's lawyer or lawyer and we can choose again not to go to war but we won't be living out of our whole heart of work if were not doing the Iraq I can go the other way. I don't think anemia and estimates us all think he knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what God has created us for that battle and because of that, he comes in as we can till this one, things we talked about in the boot camp. You can come until what you're geared for in in what God has planned for you in the way that the enemy attacks the way comes at you in my own life. One of things right now that I'm going through. I'm not doing with all this very well. We talked about last week. The different emotions go through anger, blame all these different things and I was talking with guys like out what is going on.

Why wouldn't this happen and in it was that thing work enemy was trying to get my attention on myself and in that still small voice I heard God say you look ahead you do this last year.

What are people doing and now you got people quitting their jobs left and right all over the United States will immediately I went into warfare for them and for the emotions that they're going to go into the starter going into prayer for all these people that I've never met will never meet me but I started to work for them again. What you just mentioned their warning for our brother beside getting out and into battle for them so you I think enemy does know what were made for you make a great point, probably the only person underestimates us as us and the ability that God gave us to fight well and well things that came to my mind or talk about where all looking for battle and I over 50 years ago I started playing wargames. My first wargame was Avalon Hill's battle Gettysburg, and I loved it and there were many combat games played a bunch of them over the decades. Well things that the games I loved best were the ones that had production and you built things up within you had to defend them and those are the battles that are worth fighting where you have something you're defending against the enemy just fighting the fight is a terrible thing to do but most most of our wars in this country have been for a cause that was righteous, and that's the important thing for us to do the battles we fight today.

So looking back, genuine, keep in my one the first time we really see battle in the Bible are you how often we see battle in the Bible all the time. The first one I guess was the suit. Well, the first one was even the serpent was about and that was a battle that Adam hung out of that cost us all and he stood on the sidelines wondering and indeed the whole backdrop of the Bible is battle Eldridge's team, you wild hard. He talks about. It's a love story Yugoslav story between God and splits in the midst of a background of battle right it's it said in a set scenery of battle. That battle is always going on around us in the middle of this love story of Pearl Harbor for Bay was one of the lousy or war movies made but it illustrated that beautifully. You had a love story in the midst of the battle Pearl Harbor and so it appealed to women and men that you have a great scene of him standing up out of the wheelchair unit in the Pearl Harbor. Remember that you are so if they are yet exactly. I think maybe got and I can see the whole movie back and talk about that with Robbie. We have a clip from you really feel like the change in direction really not changing very much interactions about battle, and for other pioneering hear the battle of the clip is from the movie good Will hunting and I hope you all have seen it. It's a fabulous movie. But the main character is you will is a genius and he's got this phenomenal mind is no photographic mind can remember all these books in an buddies had a very traumatic childhood and he's been an orphan and he ends up with this real anger problem. Like any any warrior what like so many of us do.

You, your spouse be fighting battles and so you end up with this anger problem. Many sent to the Robin Williams of all people for anger management. Although a slight different set up and it's very serious role for Robin Williams to me one of his best ever. And so here we have Robin Williams here. Just imagine with me for a moment that you were born a genius and you have all these mental abilities that you see the people around you don't have and so the idea of iniquity. The idea of everybody is below me would be a huge struggle for anybody but when you when you put the childhood he had behind it.

You got a got a problem. So here we got Robin Williams is going to enter into this battle up with this genius with the struggle of iniquity and tried to rise above his his arrogance to get to his childlike heart that needs to learn how to love and it's a brilliant brilliant speech didn't write before this doesn't will the make fun of his painting yet he tears his heart out pretty much by making fun of his artwork, painting, Shakespeare once more into the breach dear friends as friends and gasped his last loss as it only occurs when you love something more than anybody looking to see an intelligent, cocky, scared something you twist is that encapsulate you personally know that because you know what, I can't learn anything from you. I can't read in some book you you and I'm fascinated to write and he comes after him with a chest like move of going after his heart because so many of you that are listed right now me must you know we've isolated ourselves with our intellect to live out of that.

Rather than live out of our hearts. And so in order to go after that place that we were meant to operate from. It is going to take that what you have when you're looking that battle mentality the end and usually for others, which is what we get to do a boot camp but by the same token, I can't tell you how many times at boot camp, somebody has battle for my heart right and so as we enter into this thing. I mean, what an opportunity for all of us to come after what God's trying to set freight right is a couple things on that through boot camp perspective. If you use another news and I don't need a boot camp. You really need this delegate if you live in from your head and isolating your heart you know it you know something's missing. There gods when we come after that hard right guy comes after hearted everything here becomes after the guys it is there. It's it's an amazing time.

This is not about trying to just get bodies in the seats. It's about getting people set right in God's trying to set me free.

Please go register masculine not seen you heard a guy that really knew a lot about battle that needed the king to getting direction. That's what the keys waiting to do for you to give you direction in your battles first for your heart and in the heart of others masculine to register. This is the Truth Network say what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible.

Michael will work my way from the Bible, the international you probably say well it happened my car I go to Christian bookstore or have one shipped to me with those word options sing with the faith. I mean I need to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, you know, you would pray that someone, anyone would bring you a Bible and that's exactly the way it is for literally Christians around the world are part of her spiritual family are new to the faith they want to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus but God has them planning where it's very difficult to access the Bible and that's why the Truth Network and Bible league of teamed up to sing God's word to 3500 Bible as believers around the globe.

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