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Happy Birthday – Say Yes To The Dress

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 30, 2021 12:19 pm

Happy Birthday – Say Yes To The Dress

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 30, 2021 12:19 pm

It's Robby's Birthday! Join him and Bob Young as they discuss not only their Earthly birthdays, but also their Heavenly ones. Plus, a new installment of Christian Car Guy Theater.


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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is the Truth Network radio show say oh, say yes to the dress so you know Bob it actually is my birthday that's what I was fixing to jump in with a very special birthday is one of the best you have read. I I gotta tell you, you know, I don't remember actually ever doing my shows on my birthday and the my statistical friend who thinks about stuff like that.

It goes Robert this should be the third time that that's happened years online okay yeah I was down there and I listed it didn't come to me, but I was so delighted actually that I get to share this day with you my listeners to know I love them and the calls that we always get share so you may wonder what's the say yes to the dress part well, you know, there's a couple birthdays that we did it for in Christ, right Bob absolutely 1% in your bumpy music was kinda tickle a funnybone for me because I think it was nine ERA 1990 or 1991 the best I can figure I saw Paul McCartney play that song at Carter Finley Stadium, home my birthday. Good memories long time ago, long time ago. So we heard from the Beatles right that was actually the Beatles were doing, along with Paul McCartney. Obviously, I don't know who did the funky version. Happy birthday that is founded on you two are really liked it and then again Christian Bush which that was the theme song to say yes for the dress which is actually forever. Now is the name of the song when I think of saying yes to the dress like I think of that forever.

Now and so this show today is always right. Bob is to be brought to by Hebrew letter and perfectly in my opinion, today's letter is the letter and I like to say this because you know you get to say stuff in Hebrew. Like with these parts. Your mouth you don't get to use when you speak English, but it's a hat so you get to puts a lot of agent of that and the letterhead in Hebrew, if you were to picture it. It's a straight if you if you look on the right side. It's a straight line coming down in that straight line is actually called involved, but the important thing to note is that it's a male energy, i.e. it's Jesus coming down from heaven. Okay and then on the left side of the letterhead is another line going up but this is a female energy and it has little crown on the top and it is the Hebrew letter Zion okay so the letterhead is made up of two different Hebrew letters, so there is letter five government down. That's Jesus coming down. And if you reflect Christ right right if you reflect him when you see your female energy because with the bride of Christ.

And so that's reflected going up and then there's a little line across the top like a roof on the letter is called ahead to Tarik and when you do that you get the letterhead which begins the word life is everything in the world to do with marriage okay and so as you might guess were tied up a lot more than just a regular birthday here so you know it's is if we look at this as you might guess I've been working on the hundred 19 Psalm I have the whole podcast to do every morning on hundred 19 Psalm will we get to the 57th verse, King David shares his marriage route, which would happen on his spiritual birthday imagine so we don't know the day of King David's marriage Val but we do know what he said right and so when you look at the first verse in the hat section.

That's verse 57 of the hundred 19 Psalm and you may know the hundred 19 Psalm is all the letters the Hebrew alphabet, so the very first letter I mean the very first verse of the hat section. He says, thou art my personal Lord and since I have said I will keep thy word now where you read that where I read it for years and taught basically nothing about it. But when you really study what he said here and realize what he was doing and why he was doing it because you knew he knew that the word had had to do with being united with Christ okay knew that. And so when he says, thou art my portion.

That's the root of that word portion is the same word that John would use when he says those who receive Christ you know in John 112. He says those who receive him. He gave the right to become the sons of God and that and that word receive is related to the word taker had Bob Unisys. Oh, I just have to listen so closely when you start your Hebrew because it just it's a little above me, but when if I just really get quiet and open up and listen. I receive something from years ago when I would almost close down because as I this is above me at I can't receive anything from the estate that now if I just really get steel and listen to what you say I carry some away from it every time. So and I hope I hope everybody can see this because it's beyond beautiful.

So we have the very first words that were ever recorded that a man spoke okay.

That would be Adam and you may recall that you got to name the animals, though they didn't quote what he said they just says he name animal so that was when he spoke, but the first thing that we have recorded of what he actually said was his marriage vows okay and and it says that Adam said, and use the word Amar in Hebrew. So with this word that means Val is the word that King David used in this Psalm when he said I said you probably and so not only is the word portion have everything to do with being married okay and being in Christ and taking Christ to be our bride, so to speak, to receive Christ, but the word said that he used in the middle when he said I said that's a vow and that's not just any Val. It's a marriage Val with you. Look at the very first place.

It is in the Bible, which is always a an index that what the word means. And so when Adam said now this is blow my bone and flesh of my flesh right. That was his marriage vow to eat again, and so when King David used that that word he is very specifically sending us all a message to go okay. Jesus is his going to be. I'm going to be Jesus's bride and here's my Val total commitment right here is my Val.

I will keep your words. That's a mouthful to that the appeal to God, but what a beautiful file because of course Jesus is the word, and so you know when you get married. It is a matter of keeping your husband or your bride is the case may be, it is all about that, but think about what what David was doing and so I thought it is just something to ponder with you go look at the you know hundred 19 Psalm and just just think about that verse 57 what King David is actually saying and I'm not the only person that would interpret this this way is is if you look at it or have it, you know, watch a study on how the Jews teach this. First, they understand that that word portion means that Jesus that God himself is in you, they don't think Jesus existed, but they're saying that that portion meant that the portion of God was in King David will how to get there.

I think you know you you get the picture because King David was told that the Christ was going to come through him and so he looked forward to Christ and and and then you got this valance along with that it was you know everything is really cool.

What is my vow to Christ. If I made a vow to Christ. What is that exactly look like, but as always this is a call and show it's live and it's my birthday so I looked at I'm looking for to your birthday right.

I watch the if you would share with me what happened on the day that you said yes to the dress.

Mom, not your physical birthday necessarily, but you know in my own case right you may have heard the story but I'll share it again since I've been all start off in the Bible sure is.

I'm looking forward to hear his so I was trying to sell more cars because I'm the Christian Car Guy you know my whole life. All I ever wanted to do was. So I went out and I bought a series by Norman Vincent Peel called the power of positive thinking and some of them say more. Yes to the dress I finished my story will hear Bob story, but most of all I got to hear your story, and I should tell you Christian Car Guy theater in the last segment today on my birthday. How fun is that the 21st episode of the Plymouth so here Plymouth valiant to make it again last segment since they turns a much more Christian Car Guy ship you're listening to the Truth Network and and happy little take another day like that thick number and say yes to the dress so if you're one or not, but some people probably are, how old is Robbie today will I was born in believing that Babcock Hospital in Pocatello, Idaho on this day in 1955. So that would make me 66.

So for those of us who were born in Oakville Idaho way. My hats off to eat so but today I live in Winston-Salem North Carolina but I appreciate your list, and wherever you are today and I would love to know your story of your other birthday that were talking about when you said yes to the dress and you can call us with added 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so we left our hero. It was was about 1991 and I was trying to figure out how to sell more cars and I picked up the book the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peel and in that book. He said that if you want to have a positive mental attitude and sell more cars. Agents are somewhat positive mental attitude and what you need to do is get up and I can believe this.

Got to get up an hour earlier every morning and read the Bible and I was like what the world you can picture this car salesman going. You got to be kidding me right but I had a Bible in the house and he can't throw one of those things out. I and I said well I have no idea what this has to do with but the bottom line is that's what did it for me and as I began to read through that. You know I got into the book of Job, and I got mad and matted matter at God because of all the stuff that went on the Job and the matter I got with God, the more he probably was up there laughing because he knew his going get me at the end of the book because of the end of the book he says to Job okay since you're so smart, you know, pull yourself up by your bootstraps. I'm in ask you a few questions.

Well you know what God knew, then, is I was taking on the role of Job, and he was asking me the questions you know Robbie, since you're so smart and I want you make the tide coming. One time I loved what you do that or make it snow that would be good and I was like NC.

I've been reading the Old Testament man and people were smote it all right me. I realize that God had a really really high standard and I could now see that I had a gigantic problem in that I was not God, nor could I make it snow her all the things that he had mentioned to Job there so I realized had this gigantic problem with the good news and Norman Vincent Peel knew this is that you keep reading and you get to the New Testament. See then I had this other gigantic problem in that I thought essentially the Bible is a lot because in this is what I really thought just to go back to. Here's Robbie, 1991 is that when God said when you eat this fruit you know and I will live in the event that 900 years with you didn't die and so I just didn't believe all emails like this isn't making any sense to me. Something's wrong with this story right.

Something is wrong with the story of fortunately the New Testament clarified that for me that what actually happened for Adam and Eve. If you have the same question I have, what happened was they died. The moment they ate the fruit spiritually right at that point in time they were separated from God and they no longer had the relationship with God. And so if you are familiar with that letter had it means life. It does okay but that life you got have you got to be connected to Jesus. You see, you gotta be reflecting Matt or your dad spiritually and so I once I came to that understanding there again. It was in the fall of that year. I can't tell you the exact date but I said yes to the dress and I realize that Jesus the only way I was going to be able to qualify under God standard was to accept the blood of Christ that he did in fact that he was in fact That He Did in Fact Die for My Sins and and That I Needed That in Order to Be Born Again and As I Did. You Know What Happened Bye-Bye I Just Kept Getting Hungrier and Hungrier and Hungrier for the Bible and Now I Went on with Dave That I Would like to Make That Found That I Will Keep Your Word I Type This Amazing Will I Know beyond a Shadow That That That I Can't Keep God's Word. I Can Try. I Can Try.

I Can Try but before I Get Home Today.

I'm Going to Slip out on and That That's Where You Got in Need His Help Light It out and Get Ahead the Forgiveness for the Times That I Don't Achieve and I Don't I Don't Know Accomplish. My Birthday Is More of a Period of Time When Things Started the He Laid Things in Front of Me and I Start to Say Yes a Little Bit and Then a Little Bit More Than a Little Bit More Now It's It's It's Not a Clear-Cut. From This Point Back Where It Was.

Can You Remember Some of Those First Yes No Answer Yes to Teaching Sunday School and Church Don't Know Why They Wanted Me to Teach Send School Yes Steve Working with the Youth at Church Omak. In This, One of These People Think Him Asking Me, and They Have Me and Lori to Work with the Youth at Church and and I Was Just like I Laughed inside.

I'm Not Sure Laughed and the Guys Face, but He Has Made It Work with Youth, but in LA and Suggested That and Then You Know so Many Amazing Things Came to Me through Sandy's. The Youth Was One of the Greatest Opportunities in My Life That Period of Time Said Many Great Things Happen.

We Saw so Many Young People Bond and Get to Do Things and People Brought Ideas to Us.

190 at Church Just Can't Bring in Great Ideas That I Would Never Come up with in No and We Said Yes and We Said Yes and We We Didn't Say No to Many Times You and I and It Was Just That One of the Yeses You Said Was I Came into Your 2109 You Pull It Right, Absolutely. And When You Asked Me to Be a Part of the Shell As Lack a Lead Bennett. I'm Not Sure I Can Get on the Radio and Well He Is a Christian. I Knew He Was Is As Follows Those Folks That God Is Text Those That We Think Are Totally Disqualified or Uniquely Qualified but We Need Your Story 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Don't Forget Chris Garg.

I Theater, You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Happy Birthday Sweet, I Just Love and That and That You Can Your Intention. A like Forever Now. So What Is Your Story When When Did You Write, You Know the Season You Tell Us Little Bit of the Story of When You Said Yes to the Dress/or Your Spiritual Birthday so We Have Tray with Jimmy to Call Us at 866-348-7884. We Do Have a Couple and We Need More Though Because When You Get to Do Business Segment Got Christian Card I Theater in the Last Segment so 866-34-TRUTH 87884 We Have Tray Is in Winston-Salem Trailer on Christian Car Guy Show the Morning Doing Great Brother. Glad to Have You with Us Excited to Hear Your Church. Right Out Of the Bathroom. I Mourn the Whole Gospel Mail.

The Holy Spirit Would Usually and I Just Remember No One You Know My Grandma Church That One Fund by Traffic Count Colors in the Carpet. I Love Different Dollars. You All Remember the Holy Spirit Again. Eventually You and My Grandma Is Not Here with Ariel about Genealogy, and Although You Remember All That They Remember That We All Remember That Once I Got All the Knowledge the United in the Bakery, but I Remember You Just a Correction Was Used. That's the Beginning of Their Attendance. I Guess in Some How Cool Is That I Love That Tray Absolutely Love It Here. All You You See Saying Yes When I Say Godlike I Really Do All Started Back to Fill Really Good like That. I Think I Know about Anybody. There Was Only about a Month so I Will Be about a Little Battle Going by All the Right Buyer. Remember That Yesterday I Thank You so Much for: I Really Really Really Appreciate It and Some Others. I Get to Get to the Chair That Blasts I Got an All to Actually in Huntersville so This Should Be Interesting and Quite Your Liking You Not Know You. It's Exactly the Same As the First Day on Ageless Liner. Enter by Really Quick and I Typically Have the Lord You Play Even That I Had Been Raised in Nearby Spratt. I Went to Church That I Gotta Get a New Age Staff and Then in 1974 at the Christian Actor Fran Child Restaurant of Clay. What If It Failed and I Though That We Have To Be at That What I Can Enter the Kingdom of God and My Family. I Just Wanted to Give You Life.

The Ride Said Well Roger I Don't Feel like I Can Handle That Kind of Commitment and I Don't Feel like I'm Lori and He Said You Can't and You Not to Do It and I Prayed the Thin Simple Prayer Died and I Didn't Really Feel That Anything Much When I Know That When I Walked Out Of That Restaurant Loading. I Mean I Hit It When I Needed to Make That Change. Just Finished and I Love That God Terrible Symbolism Everywhere and I Live. After That I Think That's One of the Main One of the Things That We Can All Stand in Amazement Is That Feeling of All My Goodness You Know I'm Covered so to Speak like Is This Even Possible. But You Know I Love That I Love That I Hired Her and Suddenly Me One Time after the Other, You Know, and That We Are Covered.

All Absolutely Beautiful. Thank You and I Can't Wait to Hear Me, You Have a Great Blessing. Glad You Called, and God Bless Rightly of Angela Is in Burlington, North Carolina, Angela, You're on the Christian Car Guy Show. I Don't Think You Thank You I Would like Really That's on. I Didn't Realize Were That Close Birthday so That's Awesome Well How to Enter Other Birthday about Your Other Birthday.

All That Was August 24. I Love It When People Know Exactly Where and What Happened. Angela That Is Awesome. We We Know That We and I Did Get My Heart to the Lord Watching That Night. I Don't Really Remember the 20 28 August. It Was Rather Late Probably Started on the 27th and See What You Say Is Not One but Do You Remember Some Sense of What They Said They Got to Thinking about Prayer and I Was Going through A Lot Of and so I Just the Pastors at His Word and I Just Poured My Heart out to the Lord and That Was It. So You Fill This Response and I Know I've Known You for Years and I've Never Met You. Actually, in Person, but You've Been a Regular Listener and and All for Years and Years and Years. I Don't Think I've Ever Met You and I Met You Face to It but I'm I Know That It's Been a Wonderful Journey for You. Since That Time Hasn't Yeah and If You Can Remember When You Did It.

I Started Listening to You about One Week before You Change the Name of Your Show from Robbie's Hobby to Kingdom Pursuits Kingdom Pursuits Right along Not Been Written. I Believe That Was in 2013 so It's Been A While. Thank You, Angela. Yeah, I'm so Glad You Called Him God Bless You Birthday. I Appreciate That. So Very, Very Much. Well, As We Talked about That? I Theater Come up Bob, Thank You for Going to the Head Has Had a Great Day and Thanks for Sharing My Birthday with Me. I Am so Glad That You Didn't Sublet Bob Did so Will Be Back Christian Card I Theater This You're Listening to the Truth and TruthNetwork.Com Now Time Christian Card I Theater with Today's Episode Plymouth Progress 21 Jimmy Saw in His Dream That Both Plymouth Valiant and Plymouth Fury Faithful Went on Together with Brotherly Affection for Each Other and Had Many Pleasant Conversations about All the Things That Happen to Them on Their Plymouth Age and Thus Valiant Began Beloved Brother.

I'm Glad That I Have Overtaken and That God Has Been a Work in Both Thoughts. So That We Can Try This Companions on This Pleasant Time to Enjoy Your Company. From the Beginning of This Journey, but You Left Earlier Than I Did Know Was Forced to Come This Far. Did You Stay in the City of Destruction before You Sent out after Me You like Longer What It Was Grateful Presently That All City with I Said It Was Everybody's Not and Why Are You the Only One Who Drove out to Escape the House Artie Said It Was Great.

Do Not Firmly Believe We Need of the Discourse I Had Some of the Insultingly Speak of You and Just Journey so They Called on Steve to the End of All City with File and Brings down from about Therefore I Have Made on Your Skype. Did You Talk Previous Plan Years. I Followed You Drove into the Following with Some Said Stuck. Although He Did Not like That Part but I'm Sure It Was True since He Was Soiled with the Scum Place Is Say to Him since He Drove Back to the City. The Object of Derision. Many Sedans Walk to Disbar You to and Would Scarcely Work and Would Not Share His Company Any Longer Is Seven Times Worse off Than If You Never Left the City. Some Set since They Also Despise the Way for Suck against the Way, Always in Previous Hybrid Sort of Playing Both Sides of the Fence Electric or Gas. They Say Hanging Is a Turncoat. He Was Not True to His Profession. Gold Has Stirred up Even His Enemies to Use Again and Making a Proverb Because He Had Forsaken the Way, Did You Talk with Him before You Drove out on Your Journey Time You Want Solo Streets, but He Veered Away Only on the Sorry Is One Who Was Ashamed of What Don Said No I Did Not Speak with You Well for Setting out, I Had Hopes of Previous Typing Now I Fear He Would Perish in the Thrill of the City Has Happened to Him. According to the True Prophet Dog Is Returned to His Own Vomit Again Think That Was Boss Has Returned to My I Feel You All Right but Who Can Prevent What Is to Come Faithful, Let Us Leave Him and Talk of Things That More Immediately Concern Ourselves, Tell Me Now What You Have on This Journey I Would Be Very Surprised to Hear That You Had Undergone No Benches along the Way to Make a More Public Despond Which I Understand You Drove into Got up to a Sheep Gate without Any Danger. With That Said, so Whose Name Was Would've Liked Me Very Much Faithful As Well. You Escape the Trap.

Joseph Was Pursued by Heaven, and He Escaped Him As You Cost to Matching One Unflattering Time She Had Worked Hard to Turn Me Away from the Path in Order to Drive with Their Promising Me All Manner of Pleasure and Contentment.

I'm Sure There Is One Class That She Could Not Promise You Conscience on Me Carnally. Thank God You Have Escaped. The Lord Is Angry. I Would like Escape to. I Trust You Did Not Consent to Science. No I Do Not Define Myself. Remember to Know That I've Seen Said Steps Follow the Path to Have.

So I Would Then She Cursed Me Rent a Machine to Run into Me Holding My Headlamps Close with All I Have Escaped the Will of the Soft As You Can. When I Came to the Foot of the Hill: Difficulty Met with the Very Agency. Lastly, What I Want with It. I'm a Pilgrim Going to the Celestial City and Said the Old Sedan Ghostlike and Honest Sedan Will Now Be Content to Park with Me for the Wages That Are Shall Give the Name and Where He Was Parked, Said His Name Was Adam Lay the First Parked in the Town of Deceit for Another Exciting Venture in the Plymouth Progress Now Appears That He Did Stick and Randy Radiator to Review Today's Episode He's Been Clean for My Faithful Glory Trying to Get His Faithfulness, Hoping Break Thinning with the Wrangler One Time by Thinking That Pack with Non-Fun to Be with You on My Birthday. Today Christian Card I Show I'm so Grateful That You Listened. I Want to Mention That the Show That You Just Heard with Christian Card I Theater Tickets Episode 54. If You Go to the Podcast Page You Can Listen to All the Previous Episodes. Certainly Pilgrim's Progress.

But All the Other Episodes of Christian Card I Theater like to Mention That the Part of Plymouth Valiant Is Played by Jesse Corti. Just Amazing Actor and the Part of Plymouth Fury Faithful Is Alan Johnson Course.

Randy Radiator Is Played by Brian Habit. These Very Talented Artist All Listed Their Christian Card I Theater Cast and Crew Page and of Course Always Want to Share That without M Alt None of This Would Be Possible. She Always Helps with the Scripts and She Always Comes with the Casting and She Does so Much to Keep Us All Together so That's All as well. Of course, is the Jesus labor log car repair labor for single moms and families in crisis this week. I hope you'll consider that Fallon Psalm 119.

Seven. Think about that.

Well remember slow down just walk everywhere he went.

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