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TH161020/Beauty and the Beast

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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November 1, 2016 3:34 pm

TH161020/Beauty and the Beast

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partners, please visit us grab your Bibles and turn to Revelation chapters 17 and 18 really get the both chapters tonight. If we continue our series in the book of Revelation, which I'm hoping to bring to a completion before Christmas, so we'll see how that goes. But that's my goal. And that's my objective. It's on my message tonight is beauty and the beast.

I'll tell you why in a moment when we pray together now. Father, we ask your blessing on this time as we open your word.

We pray that you will give us ears to hear what is said and eyes to see what is laid out before us because this is the unveiling of the future it could even be the very near future. We don't know what you do but we want to be ready Lord to meet you whenever that would be so help us to gain in eternal perspective as we open Scripture, we ask it in Jesus name I met I was doing a television interview recently and the pastor was talking to me and he noted that I'd written a book on Revelation and so he asked me the question I might add that when he is the question he asked. It was sort of makes a surprise look in his face and he said why would you write a book on Revelation like that was a unusual thing to do and I said well that's because I thought that the book of Revelation before and it's a fascinating book and you know it is the only book in the Bible. It comes with the blessing attached to it. Did you know that we discover that early on, it says blessed is the man who reads and hears and keeps the words of this book and it's interesting because the phrase use their for reads means to read out loud and sometimes it helps when you read things out loud if you notice that you can read something and not even be comprehending it when you read it out loud it it suddenly resonates a little better anyway. Blessed as a man with a woman that reads it and then hears it is not just enough to read it or to hear it but but you must hear it with your heart, you must hear what the message of it isn't really what is the message of Revelation hits Antichrist and the tribulation.

In Armageddon, that's not the message of Revelation hits the Revelation of Jesus Christ. That's what it is in the word Revelation means the unveiling the unveiling. It is not God's desire to conceal but to reveal not to cover up but to uncover and so when we read this book. Certainly God would not of promised a blessing if it could not be comprehended to some degree now listen, I'm not claiming to understand all of Revelation.

No one does. But I think it's more comprehendible than we may think you will discover in our time together so I don't know about you but I want any blessing that God has for me right I want to be blessed so I know you do too.

That's why you're here to midweek Bible study and God bless you for that and so that is why I written the book of Revelation. That's why I'm teaching through the book of Revelation are my only regret is when I'm done teaching the book of Revelation because I like the start over again.

Maybe I will. I don't know. Probably not, but beauty and the pieces of title of our message and at this point chronologically and Revelation were in what is called the great tribulation. Just a quick flyover in case you come a little late to this series where we look at the prophetic scenario.

Here's the way I see it, which is by the way, the correct way to see it. Okay I'm kinda joking, but actually I believe that or else I wouldn't believe say what I'm saying but you know we have different views on this topic. But here's the way I see it chronologically. The next event on the prophetic calendar will be the rapture of the church.

I believe that how many of you believe that they get.

Now what is the rapture of the church. That's when Christ comes for his people were caught up to meet the Lord in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye were reunited with loved ones that are being caught up as well so I believe that the next event that could happen at any time. There's nothing that I can be that would stop that event from happening on the heels of the rapture or the catching away of all believers from the Greek word harp also calms the emergence of antichrist.

That's why it's futile to try to figure out who Antichrist it in people and try this over the years even written books about it, but that we should not be looking for antichrist, we should be looking for Jesus Christ so he will not be revealed.

Antichrist, until the church is caught up to Kevin so Antichrist emerges on the scene. Initially he comes off like a good guy, not a bad guy. He's a man whose charismatic and charming. He has political solutions. He has economic solutions. He appears to be a great peacemaker as he will bring keys for the first part of his rule and reign. He's got all things sorted on Horgan a buyer so we don't even have to use cash any longer at the Casa society and all that's coming in the play but then at the halfway mark of the tribulation. He reveals his true character that marks that is marked by what is called the abomination of desolation. Now following this out explained that the moment but following that now the judgment of God begins to come on the that's over at chronologically and Revelation. What is still yet to come. Is Christ returning and then finally the new heavens and the new earth coming down so were getting very close to this because you can see four stalks of antichrist. Sometimes the question is, as is the antichrist alive today. Answer ready for it.

I have no idea, and nobody else does either. But let me say this, he could be alive today and it does he know is the antichrist.

I would think you would know but I can't even be sure that but there will come a man who will emerge on the scene.

I don't know when that will be but he could be around and were getting close because of her close to antichrist.

There were even closer to the coming of Jesus Christ of that's good news.

Adrian Rogers wrote an excellent commentary Revelation said this and I quote, I believe that the shadows of the end of the HR lengthening the sands of time are running low and were standing on the threshold of the second coming of Jesus and the rapture of the church." I agree to hear nowhere in Revelation 17 this is a bloodied period of time known as the tribulation. Marty pointed out, I don't believe the church will be here at this time were sitting this one out to be in heaven. And I'll tell you what will be doing in heaven and our next message, when I called this message. Beauty and the beast. Why because there were going to find the beat, also known as antichrist, having free reign, the beauty that would be the church is been caught up to meet the Lord in heaven. So we get a glimpse of that as well. But here on earth at this point, things have gone from bad to worse, a powerful religious deception has swept the earth describe as Babylon. She's pictured as a prostitute riding the beast dressed in red will call her the scarlet parlance, so let's read about her now.

In Revelation 17 starting in verse one, then one of the seven angels where the seven bowls came and talk with me, saying, I'll show you the judgment of the great harlot that sits on many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication. She carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast or a red beast, which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and 10 horns that we know from other passages in Revelation. This beast is none other than antichrist of the 10 horns represent the 10 kingdoms he rules over verse four. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication on her forehead a name was written, mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth and I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement. But the angel said to me why did you marvel, I'll tell you the mystery of the woman and the beast that carries her, which I seven heads and 10 horns. The beast that you saw was and is not and will ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go to perdition judgment. Those who dwell on the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they see the beast that was and is not in yet is.

There is not one word to describe what we have just read what I mean seriously what is happening here will as mysterious as all of this out is not all that complex again. The objective of Revelation is to reveal not to conceal. Let's start with the word Babylon. Babylon is sort of a code word in the Bible it represents something else.

For instance, when I say Madison Avenue. I'm not talking about the Literal Madison Ave., New York City. I'm talking really about something else and talking about merchandising. All you know the people one Madison Avenue were always trying to sell something you when I say Hollywood I'm not really talking about the city of Hollywood. I'm talking about the entertainment industry. When I say Wall Street.

I'm not talking literally about Wall Street, I'm talking about commerce of these are words that speak of something more.

Babylon is the same in the bow and the Bible. Babylon is always a picture of evil when Peter wrote to the church in Rome. He described them as the church in Babylon is that because they were in Babylon literally know it's because they were in a city Rome, which was Babylonian, and I'll explain what that even means.

In a moment, Rome was the Babylon of the day. So, understand when you read the word Babylon it's always a point of reference for evil. Don't name your child. Babylon. Babylon refers to the entire political, economic and religious kingdom of antichrist in bringing about along the prophetic Scripture is taking us back to the Middle East and we see there are two often mentions cities in Scripture and they are Babylon and Jessica Jerusalem Babylon and Jerusalem. Now let's go back historically and think about what Babylon was when it began. It was started on the plains of Shinar we read about them back in Genesis 10 and 11. That's for the world's first dictator emerge from the Becca's name was Nimrod in the very name means we will revolt. Don't name your kids Nimrod either.

He was one bad dude. He is described as a mighty hunter of men's souls in defiance of the Lord to remember the Babylonians built the Tower of Babel, and they said the top would reach up to the heavens.

Now this was not just about how high they could get it they could structures all that high. Back in those days, but it was more about the idea of it for the purpose of it because they were effectively building an astrological observatory, the people about along with the first student dabble and looking to the stars for direction. People still do that.

By the way they read their astrology, or the horoscope to see what the stars say what they identify themselves as lumber Sagittarius or why my guitarist and cherish in us. I think it's all ridiculous but anyway people still look to these things today so going back to the Tower of Babel. What was if you really simplified the Tower of Babel was man's attempt to reach God, it's man's religion you could take all the religion of the world and summoned up as Babylonian. It's really men trying to reach God in his own way. You know we want God, but we want them on our own terms.

We want forgiveness, but we don't want repentance we want heaven, but we certainly don't want hell Babylonian or Babylon brother was the beginning of humanism, I might add that God told the people to spread to the world in Genesis and instead they came together to worship themselves and this reminds us of what many say today. We need unity we need to come together.

We need to set aside all of our differences. Well yes and no because sometimes differences are good like there's a good difference between darkness and light. You don't want to mix the two or right and wrong, but these people and it showed great unity and rebellion against God build a tower and it's funny because in Genesis. It says after they build the tower God came down to see the city God came down to see the city. This is interesting because in the original language. It implies that God had to stoop very low to see. So here's mankind. They built a little tower in God's and have reason that so small.

Does anyone have a microscope so I can see this thing may well back on her menacing we built the most awesome tower ever look at us like all great. We are, we will be in charge and God's is meant I can even see the silly little thing and so that's exactly what this is, it's man's attempt to reach God. It's so tiny that the strongest telescope in heaven doesn't even reveal it.

So God doesn't like this actually he doesn't like this show of unity that rejects him using one is more important than unity is truth. Truth. We want to be right and what we believe, not just unified. And when God sees there's no truth here and, more significantly, there is no God. Here he says I'm in a break this party up. I'm not. I'm not down with this all so he sends confusion, all of a sudden they can no longer communicate one with another. Now, later on Babylon morphs into a powerful kingdom led by King Nebuchadnezzar was renowned for idolatry.

In fact, because of their penchant for false gods. Israel was taken captive in the Babylon of the Lord Warning the Jewish people stop worshiping these false gods and in the rejected the call of the prophets and did it again and again and finally, the Lord said okay Mama, I'm in a give you what you really want to, and he sent them to Babylon for 70 years. There they were held captive and they were idle Central and so now we read about Babylon sorta being revived in the last days notice in verse three, the scarlet harlot is riding the beast.

It sounds like the rodeo from hell. The word scarlet. I pointed out means read and remember we read about the fiery red Dragon and Revelation 13 who's a fiery red Dragon. It's safe so we talked about the separation of church and state. This is the ultimate merging of church and state antichrist and Babylon and the religious system of the day. Basically, people are given a choice, believe in the small system and antichrist and take the mark of the beast are you will die its forced conversion, you know, and in their people still today that say we know we we just we really will believe the same thing you know they're all roads lead to God. Listen anyone that says all roads need lead to God knows nothing about world religions.

I think it's offensive to every religion because clearly our beliefs are different. It was Gandhi who said many years ago. I consider myself a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist and Confucian. I think you should have said instead confess confusion because you can't believe in all those things up. Paul McCartney was interviewed a while back and he gave his views about God in the set up no. I believe in the spirit and that's not what this was what talk like a Beatle you know so you will to do just the like a lot this. He says I believe in it don't fly for that because I keep doing it, then I'll torment you because I believe in the spirit that's the best I can put it. I think there's something greater than us and I love it and I'm grateful to a public everyone else on the planet. I can't pin it down. I'm happy not pinning it down.

I pick bits out of all the religions I like many things that Buddhists say I like a lot of things that Jesus said that Mohammed said so he concludes be cool and you'll be all right. That's rock 'n' roll religion" no Paul that's Babylonian religion and it won't get you to heaven. I think Sir Paul needs to just let it be okay because these false systems may seem appealing, but they're actually quite deadly. It was GK Chesterton's said and I quote people think that when they do not believe in God, they believe in nothing but the fact is the believe in anything." And that's what we see happening in the tribulation. People I think were tired of you narrowminded people with your polarizing views. We believe all roads lead to God and world, just pulling together. It's Babylon revisited and look at verse four. She wore the harlot has a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. That's interesting. A golden cup full of abominations and the ideas that a beautiful cup filled with poison.

Sometimes you have a cruise. I read about it was a carnival cruiseship was adrift off the coast of Mexico, a fire broke out in the engine room and they lost power, there were in total darkness.

The toilets were overflowing and there was no food and there was actually excrement in the hallways. One passenger said the hallways were toxic full of urine. Another person said was a floating petri dish. I mean thinking going on a cruise. You know it's a duck love Boone. All of a sudden it done boat timing and the people to get off the boat so here you're in the lap of luxury.

One day the next day you're in this filthy horrible boat that you can escape from that sort of like the tribulation. It starts out so promising. Peace, love, brotherhood, a bustling economy, a religion week" all agree on." You can live however you want, you can do whatever you want and best of all, we have a leader we can trust and then antichrist the great world leader does the abomination of desolation which is after he rebuilt the temple for the Jewish people erects an image of himself in it and commands that people give worship to it. So the cruiseship is become a prison in the tribulation. Now is really unfolding and it's a horrible time.

That stinks to high heaven.

Now the mystery of all. This is explained in verse eight the beast that you saw was and is not and will ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go to perdition.

Those who dwell on the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in the book of life underline that phrase written in the book of life from the foundation of the world to come back to it. Interesting phrase the beast who was and is not sending. Remember that antichrist is effectively the devil's version of Jesus Christ. The very prefix anti-not only means against it means instead of so he offers himself in the place of prideful and some will even think he is the second coming of Christ. He even has his own bogus fate, death and resurrection, because there is an apparent assassination attempt that he survives he was and he is alive again. Verse eight it says that that he was and then send. It's interesting the back Revelation 13 we read of antichrist. One of the heads of the beast was wounded beyond recovery. The fatal wound was healed all the world marveled at the miracle and followed the beast, and they worshiped the Dragon, forgive me and to be such power, and they worship the beast, saying, is anyone as great as the beast. They have a new Hallway Are Saying Can Be That Chance. I Don't Know What to Get a Thing. But This Is the Anthem You Know He's Awesome These Amazing These Break Know He's Been Antichrist Nuts Interesting Because Some Course, We've Seen Some of Our Great Leaders Assassinated Going Back to Pres. Lincoln. I Wasn't around for That One.

But of Course It.All Church History. Fast Forwarding to More Modern Times Are Pres. Kennedy. Those of Us Who Are Older, Remember What We Were When He Was Assassinated in Dallas, Texas on That Was Followed by the Assassination of Martin Luther King Great Civil Rights Leader, Which Was Then Followed Shortly by the Assassination of John Kennedy's Brother, Robert, Was Running for the Presidency. Now Fast Forwarding You. Remember Pres. Reagan Was Shot and Done.

Many Don't Realize How Serious That Actually Was That Bullet Was Locked inside of Him. They Didn't Even Know He Had Been Shot at First As They Hustled Them into the Presidential Limousine and Took Him to the Hospital and after Careful Discovery.

They Found the Entry Wound. There Was an Exit Wound.

They Got the Bullet out, but He Lost Half of His Blood, but He Recovered and Went on into the Presidency in Accomplishing Great Things As a President and I Actually Said That He Believed God and Spared His Life for a Reason. That's One Way to Look at a Life Altering Event like That Pres. Reagan Sought As the Providence of God to Preserve Him and He Went on to Effectively End the Cold War and Diane Lead Our Country but the Antichrist Is the Very Opposite of That. He Survives His Assassination Attempt. And Now He's Going to Use It for Evil.

So Now We Come to Revelation 17 Choose Me 18 and Will Learn More about Babylon, Let's Go to 18 Verse One after These Things I Saw Another Angel Coming down from Heaven, Having Great Authority of the Earth Was Illuminated with His Glory and He Cried Mightily with a Loud Voice, Babylon the Great Is Fallen, Is Fallen, and Has Become a Dwelling Place of Demons Underline the Word Demons a Prison Burberry Foul Spirit Indicates for Every Unclean and Heated Burger Underline Heated Vertically When a Moment for All the Nations of the Trunk of the Wine of the Wrath of Her Fornication with the Kings of the Earth Have Committed Fornication with Her and the Merchants of the Earth Have Become Rich of the Abundance of Her Lecture on This Is Interesting. Babylon Is Gone Really Big at This Point It's a Dwelling Place of Demons and Then Birds Are Referred to Now Jesus Told a Parable of the Parable of the Sewer, That Sort of the Key to Understanding All the Parables and Remember, He Said, a Sower Went out to Sow Seed and Some Seed Fell on the Roadside and Some Seed Fell on the Ground That Was Embedded with Rocks and Some Seed Fell on Soil That Had Weeds and Some Seed Fell on the Ground. Then He Went on to Explain That the Seed That Was Sewn on the Roadside and When the and and the Birds Came and Ate It.

He Said These Are They That Hear the Word of God but Satan Comes Immediately and Snatches Away the Word That Is in Their Heart so in This Parable, the Parable of the Sower, Which Is the Key to the Other Parables We Learned That Birds Are Evil. Targeting Birds As Evil, until They Do Their Thing on Your Newly Washed Car or Fly off with Your Lunch When You're Hanging out at the Beach or If You've Ever Seen That Old Film the Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. You Know What Birds Are Capable of. We Were My Wife and I Were Walking in a Little Shopping Area One Day and All Of A Sudden Some Shipmate Really Hard on the Head.

It Was like I Was Mad. I Know My Wife Kissed Me on the Top My Head You Know It Was It Was a Murder and Then I Saw Little Time. This Is a Nesting Area for Bert. I Want to Be Honest Thoughts of Murder Filled My Heart. I Thought Many Get My BB Gun. I Want to Come Back and Taking Care That Prayer. This Is Personal. You Never Get They Had of a Bald Man Well II Calm down, but You Know Birds Can Be Aggressive. Okay so Here We Have Babylon Is a Dwelling Place of Demons and It's Is a Dwelling Place of Birds. Another Parable of the Jesus Told. He Said the Kingdom of God Is like a Mustard Seed That Grew into a Great Tree and All the Birds Vested in It and the Idea There Is, Sometimes We Think Bigger Is Better Know the Words of a Church Is Really Big and A Lot Of People Attend the Church. That's a Good Church and Every Church Is Smaller and Not As Many People Identical. That's Not Quite As Good of a Church Will Sometimes There's Some Truth to A Lot Of People Going to Church but Sometimes It's Possible You Can Have A Lot Of People Going to a Church Because, Well, They're Not Really Being Confronted with the Truth in That Short in Some Churches the Trend Is to Treat Nonbelievers Is What They Would Call Seekers Which Means Were Not Committed Come down on Them for Their Lifestyle Choices Work Were Not Going to Condemn the We Want to Welcome the Men We Want Them to Hear the Gospel and I Agree with That. If I See Somebody Coming to Our Church. That Obviously Is a Visitor and Maybe That's Evidenced by Multiple Things at a Slogan on a Shirt to Something They Say or Do.

I Don't Expect Nonbelievers to Behave As Me Levers and I Want Our Church to Be a Hospital for Sinners.

A Place for People Who Are Lost to Get Found a Place for People Who Don't Know Christ upon Christ. But Having Said That, in Some Churches Also Dictate the Approachable Word That Were Not Generally Deal with Issues That Might Make Them Uncomfortable When I Couldn't Tell Them the Certain Things They Need to Stop Doing Going to Just Keep Sort of Loving Them and Welcoming Them Okay but When It's Been Six Years and They Haven't Changed.

What Are We Producing Are These People Really Hearing the Gospel or Are We Actually Developing Educated Nonbelievers That Are Getting Hard Heart I Suggest System. This Can Be the Case. As We Look at It. I Want People That Don't Know Christ to Come Here.

I Want to Be Sure the Gospel If They Been Coming Here for A While and They're Still Living in Sin. I Hope My Preaching Does One of Two Things. I Hope It Brings Them to Christ or Drives Them Away.

Now Where More of You Clocking for the Community. This Is Another Driveaway Section.

We Don't Want Know the Welcoming Section. We Love Them White. Let Me Explain When Explain What I'm Saying When I Say Drive Them Away. I Don't Mean That I Never Want to See Him Again.

I Mean I Want Them to Come to a Place Where God Is Honored and They're Not Comfortable in Sin Anymore. I Want Them to Come to Play. So They Say I Want What They Have and That Means I Need to Stop Living the Way I'm Living Here Is My Job to Comfort the Afflicted and Afflict the Comfortable. So I Want to Bring You to Christ or Maybe a Fan like That Guy Run like the Church Newly but Then He Come Back Later. The Reason You Don't like It Is Because You're Still Living in Sin, but This Is the Idea Being Communicated.

This Thing Is Become Bigots, Religious It's Possible to Go to a Church to Be Religious and Even Have a Bible and Not Know Christ at All, and Here's What We Discover in This Chapter. Babylon Is Gone Now and This Can Happen Quickly Know This Satan Sales a Sinking Ship.

Sin Cannot Win in Faith Cannot Fail.

If You Become a Lover of Babylon You're Following a Loss Lesson. Babylon Is Not Just a Religious Idea. Babylon Will Literally Become a Place in the End Time. I'm Sure Will Be a Spectacular City and It's Going to Be Destroyed. According to Revelation 18 It Says It's Going to Be Shipped to Me Gone, Says Revelation 89 the Kings of the Earth to Committed Fornication Live Luxuriously What the Will Weep and Lament for Her Though. See the Smoke of Her Burning, Standing at a Distance for Fear of Torment, Saying, Alas, Alas, the Great City, Babylon the Mighty City from One Hour Your Judgment Has Come When or How This Can Happen Is Actually an Asteroid Sitting Babylon Is like to Be on Nuclear Bomb Being Set off in Babylon. Interestingly, Stand at a Distance for Fear of Her Torment That Talking about Radioactive Fallout.

I Don't Know. I'm Telling You Is Babylon Is a Religious Idea. Babylon Is an Actual City That Will Be Billed and Destroyed by God and the Lord Will Say That Said, the Parties over so That's the Beast Having Some Fun Now Horrible Times.

So What's the Beauty Doing All That Science Where the Beauty in the Story, While the Beast and the Scarlet Harlan a Wrecking Habit Were up in Heaven Singing the Hallelujah Chorus Revelation 19 Says after These Things I Heard a Loud Voice of a Great Multitude Thing.

Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory and Honor and Power Belong to the Lord Our God, Virtue and Righteous Are His Judgments Because He Is Judged the Great Harlot Who Corrupted the Earth with Her Fornication and Is Then Sent Her the Blood of His Servants Shed by Her. So after the Harlot Is Destroyed and the Antichrist Is Stopped. Babylon Is Wiped out, Others Great Joy Member. The First Star Wars Films. I Still Think the Best Ones. By the Way, I'm Not so Sure about Those Three Films That Lucas Made Later in His Life. The Last Home Was Pretty Good That Just Came out, but That It Starts with a Crawl on the Screen along Time Ago and a Galaxy Far Away the Story.

It's a Massive Space Station Called Death Star. Terrorizing the Galaxy Luke Skywalker Finally Figures out Who He Is. He's a Jedi Fighter.

He Gets in His X Wing Fighter Blows up As a Big Celebration When the Death Star Blows up.

Same Thing Happened When Babylon Is Wiped out.

There's a Celebration. Why We Celebrate Number One Because the Power of God Is Overcome the Power of Evil. That's Revelation 19 Wanted to Solely Talk to Be about the End of the World's Christians Were Talking about an Unrighteous World System Number Two We Celebrate Because the Lord Is Rainy.

Revelation 19, 3 to 6. Christ Will Come and Rule and Reign. And Thirdly, We Celebrate Because the Marriage Supper of the Lamb Has Come.

Revelation 19 Says Let Us Rejoice Give Him Glory, for the Marriage of the Lamb Is Come of This Wife Is Made Herself Ready to Her Was a Raid or Granted to Be Arrayed in Fine Linen, Clean and Bright, for the Fine Linen Is the Righteous Acts of the Saints You Know and More Than One Occasion the Churches Compare to a Bright and Jesus to the Group That Some Girls Love at York Attack Girls, but Guys Are Going to Be a Bride Deal with It. Your Bride and This Is a Picture That's Often Used in Scripture. Jesus Is the Husband. We, the Church Are the Wife. He's the Groom or the Broad and Jess Is in the Marriage Relationship. The Husband Expects from the Wife Faithfulness. The Wife Expects from the Husband the Same If You're Unfaithful to Your Spouse. That's Called Adultery. In the Bible Talks about Being Unfaithful to the Lord and Committing Spiritual Adultery and What Is That That's When We Love the World System or Babylon If You Will James for Forces You Would Filters and Adulteresses, Don't You Know That Friendship with the World Is Hatred toward God.

If You Want to Be the Friend of the World to Become the Enemy of God. Now Let's Understand When God Says Don't Be a Friend of the World.

It Doesn't Mean That You Cannot Enjoy Life on Planet Earth. I Think a Christian Can Enjoy Life on Earth Better Than Anybody Else Because We Know the God and Made It All so Only See a Beautiful Sunset We Can Applaud and Say Gay God, Beautiful, Well Done. When We See the Beauties of His Creation. We Can Marvel at That Because We Know We Don't Need Stimulants like Alcohol and Drugs to Enhance the Experience. I Think We Can Enjoy All the Joys of Life More Than Any Other Person. But Best of All, You Can Enjoy Them with an Eternal Purse Because We Also Understand As Wonderful As Life Can Be at Times and As Hard As Life Can Be at Times. There Is an Afterlife and in the Afterlife Wrongs Are Going to Be Righted in Tears Again to Be Dry and Sad. This Is Going to Be Turned Enjoy. But until That Day.

We Want to Walk with the Lord and Not Love This World so What Is It Mean to Love This World Is Sort of the Totality the Selfishness of the World System That the Bible Says Lies under the Control of the Evil One, or the Devil. So When the Bible Says Don't Love the World and Does Not Mean Isolation Because Christ Is Called Us to Be Salt and Light in the Culture so Doesn't Mean I Isolate Myself and I Will Talk to Anyone Who Is Not a Believer in and I Live You Know in a Christian Neighborhood and I Work Christian Apparel and and I Drive a Christian Car It in a Christian Car You like by Car Will Only Play Christian Radio Stations in My GPS Makes Me Start with Prayer Notice and Disney Biblical Counselors Is Giving Me Directions or Whatever and Then I Go to Church and You I Live in the Christian Bible. That's What I Mean. The Old Country Preacher Vance Abner Said, Quote, We Are Not to Be Isolated, but Rather Insulated Moving in the Midst of Evil Untouched by so That's the World We Also Celebrate Because the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Now I Don't Know about You but Two of My Favorite Words Are Dinners Ready.

I Love Tenant. My Favorite Meal of the Day, Second Only to Lunch and Breakfast and Snacks in between, but Time and What Is It about Dinner Will My Wife Makes Dinner Mother. When My Wife Is an Excellent Cook, and When She Makes Dinner. She Always Parcels off These Little Things She's Going to Use in Her Condition. This Many Karats in This Many Onions and I Always Want to Keep Those Things Because I'm Hungry before Dinner.

I Just Don't You Know and I Don't Know There's Something Really Appealing about Stolen Food Is in Their like When You're Not Supposed to Eat. If You Think You Really Want to Eat It but Anyway Dinners Ready and You Know I Think That One Day There's Going to Be a Wedding Supper of the Lamb That Will Get a Meal Is Again to Be Is to Be a Formal Sit down Meal. I Don't like Fancy Restaurants You Know Restaurants That Are so Fancy That the Food Is like Just a Speck on the Plate. You Know I'm Talking about and It's so Dark You Can Even See It. This Is Good. I Know It's Good Because It's Expensive, Small, and I Can See It Know That's Not Good Is Food. You Can See All I'm Hoping Is When I Get to Heaven.

There's Going to Be Italian Food and Mexican Food.

Okay, Maybe Sushi to Know Tofu No Tail, No Rice Cakes Who Invented Those That Call. I like the Fact That It's Called in the New King James Version.

At Least the Wedding Supper of the Lamb and on the South.

They Don't Call It Dinner.

They Call It Supper and I Was Raised by My Grandparents Were from Arkansas and My Grandmother Mama Style As We Called Her Everything from Scratch. I Mean Literally from Scratch. There Would Never Reheated Things That She Never Even Saw a TV Dinner in Her Life and It Was Amazing to I Mean, When We Had Chicken I'm Talking Is Fresh As It Can Get Him Talking Chop off the Head of the Chicken and Pluck It. And I'm Not Kidding. My Grandparents Had a Place on Yucca Valley and We Go out There Sometimes in There Was No Electricity, so We Have the Little Candles and Then the Potbelly Stove and All That We Get the Word and Put It in There and Then When It Was Time He Chicken My Grandfather Would Chop the Head off a Check. I Still Remember Seeing This When It Was a Very Little Boy and I'm Still Traumatized by When I Drive by Chick-Fil-A. I Break out in a Sweat. I'm Certain No, but I Remember He Took the Chicken He Put It on the Block He Took Other Acts Standing There down the Head Comes from the Body Rolls off, Blood Is Spurting out and the Chicken Bodies Flopping around and I Was Convinced the Body Was Coming at Me Because It Was One of My Drugs and Running like This Is a Nightmare for a Kid Nothing and How Does the Body Know Where I Am Is the Head of the Board Going. Turn Right. Go Straight Go Straight Go Go Go. Whatever Was It Watch a Woman That Was Blocked and Made Fried Chicken, She Knew How to Make It and Then All the Fixings, but Her Crowning Achievement. I Told You This before Is a Biscuit.

I Love Biscuits, but This Was the Greatest Biscuits Ever Made on Earth.

I'm If a Biscuit Could Be Anointed by God.

It Was My Grandmother's Biscuit. They Were Just Amazing and Buttermilk Biscuits.

You Know Just Made Him, and I'd Even Say to My Wife When Mama Stella Was Still Alive Is What You Make the Biscuit Learn the Secret of the Biscuit.

Jedi Knight, You've Got to Figure This out.

And Though She Visited Biscuit. No One Can Quite Do the Way My Grandmother Did. So I'm Open in Heaven. That My Grandmother Will Be Busy Making This Biscuits That Are Not so Feel about That, When Speaking of the Great Wedding Feast to Come.

Matthew 11 Jesus Says, Many Will Come from the East and the West and Take Their Places at the Feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I Mean Imagine You Going to Be Able to Meet the Heroes of the Bible, You'll Meet the Great Men and Women of God That Have Crossed Human History. But You'll Meet the People That Were in the Bible You Can Sit down at a Table and Say Hemolysis Which You Pass the Manna of Elijah My Needs a Little Undercooked Could You Torch a Little for Me A Lot. Did You Pass the Salt Water so Sensitive, Youngblood Will Be There. He Was a Godly Man. Imagine What It Would Be like to Have a Conversation with David Say School for That Goliath Thing Again. Tell Me How That Went down As Know What It Was like Living in the Art As Moses What It Was like the Part the Red Sea Asked Mary What It Was like to Carry the Son of God in Her Womb and Then to Carry Him Later in Her Heart and Then Best of All, to Be Reunited with Loved Ones Catch up on Old Times. It's Going to Be Amazing. That's the Hope of the Christian Heaven. The Wedding Supper of the Lamb, but the Person Who Doesn't Believe in Jesus.

They Got Babylon. Here's Your Choices in Life You Can Pick the City of Man of the City of God.

Babylon of the New Jerusalem. Jesus Christ's or Antichrist. But This World, It's Not Our Home Were Passing through. That's What the Bible Says Philippians 320 Were Citizens of Heaven Were the Lord Jesus Christ Lives and Were Eagerly Awaiting for Him to Return As Our Savior, and Thus We See This World for What It Is We Seem Babylon If You Will, for What It Is EM Bounds, a Writer for Many Years Ago Made the Statement about Heaven.

I like Listen to It. He Says Have an Audit Draw and Engage Us Have Another Fill Our Hearts and Hands. Our Conversations Are Character Enter Features That We Would See That Were Foreigners and Strangers to This World.

The Very Atmosphere of This World Should Be Chilling to Us and Noxious EM Bounds Rights.

It Sends the Clip Extended Companionship, Dull and Insipid. Heaven Is Our Native Land and Home to Us in Debt to Us Is Not the Dying Hour, but the Birth Hour" While That's Well-Written and That's All We Should See Life Apart from Christ See It for What It Is. All This Is so Empty.

This Is so Futile. This Is so Pointless Because You Have a Vision of Greater Things to Come. That Doesn't Mean You're Disconnected from Life on Earth Because I Think Heavenly Minded People Do the Most Earthly Good Sense That You before, There's No EPS Hospitals. There's No EPS Relief Organizations All but There's Many Hospitals Started by Christians.

There's Many Relief Organizations Run by Followers of Christ Is When We Have a Sense of the Glory of Heaven and Makes Us Want to Do the Most We Can Makes Us Want to Do What We Can While Were on Earth, but the Person Who Just Lives for This World. They Just Think about Themselves and so This Is the Great Hope We Have That Will Be with Him One Day. So Babylon Is Destroyed and Judgment Comes upon It, That Is the End.

Listen to This Life on Earth Is As Good As It's Ever Going to Get for the Nonbeliever Life on Earth Is As Bad As It's Ever Going to Get for the Believer. So Life under This Is As Good As It Gets for the Nonbeliever.

So If You're Not a Christian You Don't Plan on Becoming a Christian. My Advice to You Is Live It up Man Because When It's over, It's over. And Then Again If He's Judgment, but for a Christian Life on Earth Is As Bad As It's Ever Going to Get so Say Hey My Life Is Pretty Good on Earth Will That's Fantastic, Isn't It Because It's Going to Get Even Better, but Some of You Might Say Well I'm Struggling I'm Suffering I'm Going to Hardship on Earth Okay Well Know That It's Going to Get Better. That's a Great Promise of Scripture. Next, Talk about the Second Coming of Christ. But I Want to Look Back Now to a Statement I Had to Look at Earlier. Revelation 17 Eight. Look at That Again.

It Says Those Who Dwell on the Earth Will Marvel, Whose Names Are Not Written in the Book of Life from the Foundation of the World. We Hear This Phrase Book of Life Used Many Times in Scripture and Having Our Names Written in It. Look 1020 Jesus Said to His Disciples Do Not Rejoice That the Spirits Submit to Rejoice That Your Names Are Written in Heaven. Paul Wrote about in the Philippians 43 Says I Ask You, Loyal Young Fellow, Help Those Women Who Contended at My Side for the Cause of the Gospel and All Those Whose Names Are in the Book of Life. Here's My Question. Is Your Name in the Book of Life Will Minus How Do You Get Your Name in the Book Will You Get It by Believing in Christ.

Now Here's a Question Is in the Morning There and Then When You Believe in Jesus, Which Is Revealed to You or Is It Actually Written There. The Day You Believe in Jesus.

I Don't Know the Answer but I Know This When You Believe in Jesus You Can Be Certain Your Name Is Written in the Book of Life. Why Does It Matter Because You Gotta Be on This List or You're Not Getting It Because the Bible Says Is Going to Be a Great White Throne Judgment and People Are Going to Stand There before God, and They Get to Be Judge and It Says Specifically. If Your Name Is Not Found Written in the Book of Life, Your Cast into the Lake of Fire. So the Lord Goes down That List and If Your Name Is Not There. You're Not Getting in.

Many Names Are Not There and Some Names Are Jesus and Narrow Is the Way That Leads to Life, and Few There Are That Find It. But Broad Is the Way That Leads to Destruction, and Many There on the Go That Way.

Hence the Choice That You Have before You Right Now You Can Choose Jesus Christ or Antichrist, You Can Choose Babylon or You Can Choose the New Jerusalem. You Can Choose Life or Death.

That's All up to You See, God Gives Us the Deciding Vote in This Matter. That's Amazing to Me. We Will We Decide What We Will Spend Eternity so like Making Your Reservation and I'll Probably Go Somewhere Son Enough to Think about It Is Not Enough to Go Online and Researcher Learn about the Best Places to Eat Our Best Hotels Instead I Have To Execute Five to Call the Travel Agent or I Need to Go Online and in Book My Reservation and Then I Need Confirmation of My Reservation so I Can Know That I Can Go to the Place I Want to Go to Same Is True of Heaven Is Not Enough to Think about It and Want to Go There and Even Though a Little about It. You Have To Book Your Reservation and Get Confirmation That Will Will God Email Me Better Than That Christ Will Come and Take Residence in Your Heart and You'll Know When He Is There. If You Don't Know If Jesus Is There. My Question Is, Maybe He Isn't. And We Can See That Change. You Can Walk Out Of Here with Jesus Living inside of You. You Can Leave Your Tonight Knowing Your Sin Is Forgiven. You Can Leave Tonight Knowing That Your Name Is Written in the Book of Life in the Senate You Don't Know That Let's Get That Resolved. Right Now, Let's Get Your Reservation and Let's Get You Confirmation Because That's the Greatest Thing of All, I Jesus Said to His Disciples the Rejoice and Demons Come out.

Rejoice in Your Names Are Written in the Book. Think about That When Everyone's Doing like I May Be Hard but Guess What Your Name Still in the Book Your Facing Struggles and God Maybe but Your Name Is in the Book Man so in the End It Really Is All Good in the Very End. If You Trust in Christ, If You Don't Know Him yet. If You Are Not Sure That Your Name Is in the Book of Life, to Give You an Opportunity to Make Your Reservation for You to Pray, and Extend an Invitation for You to Believe in Jesus and Ask You to Say by Raising Your Hand in a Moment I Want Christ to Come in My Life and I Want Him to Forgive Me of My Sin and I Want to Go to Heaven When I Die, and This Is an Either or Proposition You Either Say Yes or Using No to Jesus. So Let's Pray about Heads Father, Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for How True It Is. Thank You for Everybody That's Here and Everyone That's Listening and Watching and I Pray Lord That You Will Speak to Their Hearts. And If Their Name Is Not Written in Your Book. Help Them to Take the Next Step so They Can Get Their Reservations and I in No They Will Go to Heaven When They Die. Speak to Them. I Pray Now in Jesus Name: Heads, about Their Eyes Are Closed and Were Praying. How Many of You Would Say Tonight Greg Pray for Me. I Want My Name Written in the Book of Life.

I Want to Go to Heaven When I Die, and I'm Not Sure If I Will.

But I Want to.

I'm Ready to Say Yes to Jesus Tonight. I Want Him to Come in the My Heart. Pray for Me That Your Desire. If You Want to Go to Heaven When You Die If You Want Your Name in the Book of Life. If You Want Christ to Come in Your Life Wherever You Are Lit Your Hand up and I'll Pray for You That the Department Can See Accomplish Anybody Else Raise Your Hand, Bless You.

God Bless You Raise Your Hand, Bless You to There in the Middle. God Bless You in the Back over Here Got Bless Whole Bunch of Either. God Bless You over Here the Other Side, She Was Well Anybody Else You Need Christ in Your Life You Need Your Sins Forgiven.

This Is Your Moment.

Don't Put This off Tonight Is the Night the Bible Says Today Is the Day of Salvation. Anybody Else If You Haven't Raise Your Hand yet Raise It Now Let Me Pray for You. You Want Jesus to Come into Your Life. Combustion Anybody Else Raise Your Hand up Now, Bless You Nasca Bless Each One of Your Publishing to, and You and You What I Had Just about There Might Be Some of You That Have Been Trying to Live in Two Worlds, in Effect, You've Been Trying to Live in Babylon and the Church Is Not Working out so Well for You.

You're Doing Things You Shouldn't Be Doing As a Follower of Jesus and I One Word for You. Repent, Which Just Means Stop It. Stop Doing That Thing and Change Your Direction and If You Need to Make That Recommitment to Christ. If You Need to Repent of Some Sin Tonight That You Know Is Keeping You from God like to Give You an Opportunity to Do That Affects You. If You Need to Make That Recommitment to Jesus. Raise Your Hand up Right Now. Let Me Pray for You Accomplish Anybody Else Raise Your Hand up When We Pray for You, Plus Don't Be Embarrassed. This Is the Place to Do It.

This Is Were Here Got Bless Each One of You, and Ask Everyone to Be There. Raise Your Hand during That Last Moment of Prayer. I Want You to Stand Your Feet, Lead You in a Prayer of Commitment or Recommitment to Christ to Stand up, You Raise Your Hand. Even If You Did Not, but You Want to Go to Heaven When You Die, You Want Christ to Come in Your Life What You Want Your Name Written in the Book of Life to Stand Your Feet, Lead You in a Prayer Stand up If You Raise Your Hand, Maybe Did Not Stand up Right Now Begin to Pray Get This Resolved and Stay Standing If You Would Please Stand up Is More Me That Want to Do This.

I'm Sure Got Bless You That Are Standing Is Remain Standing.

Please Anybody Else Stand No and Went to Pray Together. I Went One More Moment. You Want Christ in Your Life You Want to Go to Heaven You Want to Turn from Some Sin You've Been Living in Stand up in a Pray This Is a Really a Public Recognition. I Think a Very Important Step to Take Anybody Else Come Bless You. I Went One More Moment Anybody Else Stand Now, Come Bless You Anybody Else Are You That Are Sending. I Want You to Pray This Prayer out Loud after Me and This Is Where You're Asking God to Forgive You of Your Sin Again As I Pray Pray This out Loud Right Rear Stand. Okay, Pray This Now, Lord Jesus, I Know I'm a Sinner but I Know You're the Savior Who Died on the Cross for All of My Sins and Rose Again from the Dead. Jesus Come in the My Life and Be My Lord, I Want My Name in Your Book. Thank You for Loving Me and Accepting Me and for Giving Me in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen. God Bless Each One of You

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