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October 27, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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October 27, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What context does heal mean in Isaiah 53-5---2- Should the federal government legislate the 10 commandments---3- How do you acquire wisdom---4- Do you think the earth is millions of years old---5- A caller wanted to further discuss how God's law should relate to the state.--6- Can you partner with Catholics in regards to apologetics---7- What's the best way to witness to those who have a different view of Jesus-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why show Nicole all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and was always okay and we have five open lines to which Witmer knows when her printer is under lit city. I modified the because of you.

Because of the really decent atheist guy who believes in free speech tolerance who turned me on YouTube and complained because I was much stuff about covert and some allow to do that. Apparently, he said, stick to your theology and not understanding that archaeology such all things are subject to Christ, so that was an issue and thus I'm awful for will be streaming to YouTube, Facebook, but you're screaming to YouTube Matt slick and were all sold streaming to a Facebook on cardboard and on Odyssey.

If you want to come aloud, or any of them out a big deal but if you want to do is go to Condron/radio and you can see the heading there says you want to watch a show.

It's not a big deal.

Just me sitting here in the office doing the showing and people in the chat room is really the great thing as a people and Chapman are awesome and we some good conversations in their good stuff that goes on so all right there you go, see, that was quick and slick and he said no waiting 877-207-2276 will be teaching a Bible study tonight. Would you be finishing up probably the book of Galatians and go to chapter 6. Almost all of my prep for tonight after the show will deliver more prep and have a few verses analyzing comments on the right of my notes and then we are published at online as well. You can actually get the same place via Bible study do that is an interesting thing is they might Bible study page and am sick chicken switch on, so that's one option, and also was in a debate last night would be interested in anybody's feedback lets you thought the debate to formal debate with the guy from England and he was saying that the Trinity is not true and the boy this guy make a lot of mistakes. I mean me so many mistakes it is argumentation, and of course the people who follow his thinking they don't care about his mistakes will occur about anything on my so that might not be kosher and what did not really get a kick out of something he said was I I laughed at me, not mockingly but is you serious because it was a time of back and he asked.

He quoted this.

He actually reference this right was talking to somebody but the Trinity and difficult Trinity can be to comprehend and deal with it. I said jokingly. One time I thought I had it down and in my mind with and as I lost 20 IQ points they don't think about actually quoted that is seeing this at this distance says that the Trinity is confusing you even admit it is joking around you and the subject is a twice as an evidence of the Trinity is not true. It was cracked up and he said everything was confusing and he wanted explicit statements in Scripture to Scripture anywhere say is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons and said no disabled words and this was as light of argumentation and letter thanking God. He did that was most people do and call to ask him a specific verse.

This verse and is of looking at it the go someplace else. Quote something about a concept that might be found in there and say that's why this can't be what you say Matt to look at the verse and so it was good fun anyway. He didn't do well, but to if you want to call it love to hear from you recall, you did better than mean that I lost 40 sorry so Richard says that the job you did, but it would be Benelux 40 IQ points listening to Taylor so cricket up so anyway. Fun stuff yet so he could tell call up and let us know what you think Richard to be fun like talk about stuff it physically after debate okay to calm down now and the three open lines of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to fail from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Welcome. You're on your I'm fine fun thing to call him back yeah 35 right we are healed and that I know always that out of contact.

They make they make you believe about yelling back and look at what was I and look at the referent by John 316. My With everything else about the take that out of contact because most ministers are you're talking about are not good at interpreting Scripture don't understand biblical theology and are in it for the for the game.

God wants you to be healthy, wealthy, and this is why he did this. If you don't have enough faith you will be healed and this part of the name and claimant blab it grab theology. This being taught erratically from 11 pulpits today show what I'm hearing is that I am correct you know Joe too quick to correct frequent of 30 get around it and had a negative thing like it also included yelling golf into the tall man in salvation. You do have physically healed but not what you and not what I dealt with referring to is right. If we are healed by his stripes physically then if were Christian why are we healed of our physical problems. Right now we fill out that we do have faith but we still get this right absolutely correct. In fact, and in the previous verse.

Surely our greasy himself bore our sorrows.

He carried get yourselves esteemed him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. That's actually fulfilled before the crucifixion in Matthew 18 yeah if you not realize and didn't realize a lot of what's going on. In fact, my last debates, impromptu debates and formal debates and I've had with people who claim to be Christian to deny essential Christian theology. One of things I've seen. Most common is their lack of ability to just to learn how to interpret Scripture and they have the agenda and they put the agenda over the text and it has to mean what they think of me because are emotionally committed to it and the why I'm not so sure that it totally true because they think that out of context.

The thing went out with what is wrong thinking that and and I never did go back and read it, but my mind I know that it got.

I didn't know that was true something a lot amount not being that they really went back to that in the applicant that the people what they heard over the years you one things I would love to do is have a seminar work ministers are together and I go through the process of biblical hermeneutics.

We have exercises and I show them versus that don't fit their motif. One of the basic things.

I'll do is say you two men in the field was taken on his left. That's the rapture and by far most was, of course, it is and also in the context of the discover it's not about the rapture and this is just an exercise in all do with people in the picture surprise in the end and see why is it you been teaching this if it's not biblical. How can we not doing your exercising I'm trying to get them to see and then another thing is when I teach things like God's election. People resisted they don't know what the Bible says it, and I show them the verses and they do whatever they can to resist. And the reason is because are submitting the Bible to their preferences and Christians do this in Protestantism and Mormon unassuming and on Joe's with Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic students with their church and or tradition about the right and create don't get on the lake, black and white.

You can go to God. Think you can Delete it while you have somebody it's right they don't want to why because I will.

I believe the lie healed and their humanists. Some humanism is using ourselves as a standard of truth.

God would never somebody just to go to heaven or hell he would never do that. Why will because Jesus is the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer dude and he's nice and he won't do that kind of a think but how do you know because he wouldn't.

How do you know because I say so because he wouldn't because he loves everybody that you and I so assume some 55 God hates those who do it, do iniquity as he let everybody worry that it is means he loves them. Less is not what it says is a loss of W hates him. I show and then they got no it can't mean that.

Why because Jesus is the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer dude dressed in a woman's nightgown at the door of your heart asking for proof mission to come in to your heart because you're the sovereign of life. It's I don't know and I don't hundred three characteristic about our God, Jessica Murthy and also great that you don't get great and I don't get congested and even online when God showed no they don't want him to always show great right absolutely you.

You will okay I know that I okay last that was enjoyable. I would like to call Cecil and Jake from Wisconsin Jacob welcome magistrate will I can understand you see it again said date government will magistrate for first got by the first table I got when you by the canons related to God about specific law and wears their first table of the law, you mean the 10 Commandments immediate and connected to the other there not first table and second, it's all tenant 10 because a lot of people are manic between mankind and no one will know not to tables is not to tables, not to tablets with four and 64645. If I don't explain why after the break. Okay, so please hold on why that's not both be right back average messages to lines 877776 will be right back, Matt slick, why call 77077.: people the first start dealing with God and the later one, no, no notice of the first table and that means the tables means the physical to tablets in one tablet had one through four and the second had six through 10, 5 to 10. That's what I was can address okay Rivero yeah not theological wording you think the person you love the first one to deal with mankind but your your your question dealing with so should the magistrates enforce biblical law is a yes or no. They should if you're to be led by the Lordship of Jesus Christ and all those in power are servants of our Lord and and yeah we don't live in a situation like that with you. Be careful when we do because people often misuse their power as you can see by just looking on TV so you are saying that they for like idolatry, glass careful. You see what the government is obligated to do ultimately serve God, the true and living God. Governments are established by God, and they should be there to administer the truth so they should not be legislating the legality of abortion and homosexuality. As example, they should be promoting the harmony of families. They should not be promoting fornication or breaking of our laws like opening up the borders to illegals to come flooding should not do that kind of thing that should not promote socialism either because the Bible speaks against socialistic ideas speaks in favor of capitalist ideas and it really does. People don't know their country was founded by people who were Puritans who derived biblical suite governmental systems part of the Bible and I got it article on their own car so the government ought to be doing what is right and the level and degree of enforcement. That's the issue. I don't believe in killing homosexuals or abortion doctors who murder babies.

I think that they need to be dealt with in the appropriate manner and that will be just determined under a system where biblical truth is not thrown into the X though the law where God murder at well I wouldn't say yes or no because part of the issue is were under the new covenant and then we have to work theologically through the issue of how many the 10 Commandments are still true and the only one in the 10 Commandments is not reiterated is the Sabbath so in the New Testament that is so forget to talk about the law and do we obligate people to follow the Sabbath and on Saturday they don't have any business is open or they want to say it's on Sunday with her to do Sunday and they're admitting that it's the New Testament covenant and if it's the New Testament covenant than then where does it say the New Testament to put to death. Homosexuals, it doesn't. So this is not an easy thing to work through people could look at the Old Testament say certain things required certain judgments upon them with the Old Testament covenant was abrogated with the arrival of the of Christ in his death.

In the New Testament covenant is now in effect and nothing in the New Testament talks about Christians and governmental systems killing homosexuals or abortionists. It's with ticket principles and apply them fairly and equitably asked where the expert have committed develop that and I don't have that depth of knowledge that makes it it is with the state in Romans 13 that the state has the power to execute use the sword and generally was understood is it's dealing with murderers and rapists and things like that. Extortioners kidnappers is generally how it is though nothing in their states that so this issue of of how far we go. That's the good of the issue. I never studied that depth and in depth. Go through and find out minutia so I think if a Christian nation exists where the people and population control so to speak. Are Christians who serve God, then they would naturally never promote homosexuality or abortion they would work to stop it and those who had committed those things that have to find an equitable means to deal with them. That would be biblical in the New Testament context and call of God, but I think the content you talk about is the Jews who want to kill people because they believe there were still under the Old Testament covenant system and so if he says my cousin would have definitely bring it on. But if you can show that he has. He's talking to them about their Old Testament context, but were not in that now and so were in the New Testament, and this is why it's more difficult because if were to talk about people. The law we wanted you kill homosexuals as the Bible talks about doing in the in the Old Testament do we then also judge people and punish them from working on the Sabbath in the new economy and New Testament time if it was a Christian nation completely. That's a question we have to ask, but then we have the issue of wealth. Christ is our Sabbath that we don't have to do that. Do we know we get into discussions of theological necessity.

It becomes difficult.

Okay. I like Apple with murder murdering a baby that would be barbaric so why would I think there should man, bottom had a better panel God. I know I got great, but I'm trying to do is say that the Christians in control in a situation like that would have to do what is proper according to what they could find in the whole of Scripture. That's what I'm saying and I don't know all the nuances and so at this point I can go really further to say they should or should not be. I have talked to people who say all abortionists should be killed and would you do with the question, would you do with a couple who were unbelievers and the she gets an abortion and he was for it and then later they get married and then they become Christians and they confess that as soon what you do for going and kill these things.

You can't just say here's how we are to do all of it.

There are always situations we have to be as gracious as possible and bring people the place of repentance and confession of sin and move forward. There are certain things that we would have to punish absolutely and other things would have to see what we do with these because the theology gets deeper than most people realize. We discussed these things, particularly the blending of the old new covenant and what aspects of the old covenant would be maintained in the new so everybody will other colors like what you call back in line okay question like that again, please state to mass Y77077 let's get to have for my welcome have a right right right now. We got buddy like a father work out. I God. The boy got up now and then. I apologize later I get it going like what you see that upset him well that God God is after you hear right will bring doubly the baby forgot to go really got up and go after work I called forgiveness. So my question is, even though I'm going the foundation of with the bubbly book or be, so I wanted found out how to acquire wisdom, how to acquire wisdom. What if I knew I would tell you. Let me just say that a lot of people would look at me and to think that I am lacking wisdom. My wife would definitely confirm that you could call her up after the show. It is your husband wise to seek after season, laughing on, you could try the question again, she Qubec which is good.

Good things so young but logically a biblically wisdom is obtained studying God's word and installment let's see Psalm 119 Mexican member. This your commandments make me wiser than my enemies.

That's Psalm 19 team 98 and that are some other ones like that. I am more wise, I think it says that my teachers, for I follow your word so it's affected in Psalm 119 find it anyway so why wisdom is is learning from God and believing and trusting what God says. That's obviously a wise thing to do. So wisdom I like to define as the proper use of knowledge we get knowledge of how to use it properly as I like to say it has the properties of knowledge, but I was debating a kid a few days ago who spoke at 80 miles an hour throughout all kinds of stuff and then he had knowledge without wisdom did not put things together properly and so that was an example and that's often the case with the youth has.

Mark Twain said the youth is wasted on the young and so that's what that's one thing about wisdom and Proverbs 8 talks about wisdom is a custodian that the best way to get wisdom is to study the word of God, and another way is to learn from your mistakes that you think my wife at that point with him super wise good. All the mistakes I've made but one of things we do is review our successes and failures, and we try to learn from them and that's another way of gaining wisdom okay let out a right right right now he was to know you. Do you find man, you did fine. Either you're just trying and and here's the thing is sometimes existing painted one person and it's it's great another person using the same thing. Doing it this is wrong. Well, how do you know you don't, and if you go too far which we've all done this you just own up and Sam started me to know Abaddon and stuff like that. I apologize and move on vertically among then we move on. Let me wait wait wait wait wait who is bothering you. They Satan is bothering you what it wait a minute, wait a minute. Well, hello women, so now Satan is the one tempting you to feel guilty I would. I okay well right the Holy Spirit convicts the world because people in this context concerning sin and righteousness, so if the Holy Spirit in us will convict us of our sin look to him not. Don't look to Satan as a teacher as anyone who's getting on you. This is why you had to repent of something that's extremely dangerous. Always look to Christ right because that's lack of wisdom. If you do that right look to Christ instead. And yes it does.

It is working in my heart that I absolutely would forget absolutely everyone that installed what okay no condemnation gal for the young condemnation for those in Christ, you don't have to worry about you. Hear me out here. You don't worry about messing up in the in the sense that oh you mess up God is not like you anymore Jesus and to be favorable to you anymore because you messed up.

Don't worry about that because his love for you is not dependent upon how good you are, how wise you are on the other hand, you want to be concerned about how you are, because when represent Christ properly, but don't make the mistake of thinking that his God's approval of use based on your performance got approval of use found in Christ, so always look to Christ, never look to any demonic forces for correction teaching or admonition always and only look to God. And along these lines. A lot of people make this huge mistake. They think that the devils next to them and they will in prayer address Satan and I rebuke you Satan about their prey to the devil they should never do that. You always talk to Christ known Christ with a reboot, etc. if people make little mistakes right is what he should listen to me and the radio all help them out.

I was good well that I like to see your super wise for doing that. But if you only learn what Itry to have it on my right argue that God by the clock body weight. I have a date of the send your check I could not think very about you, but goblin okay. All right. Is wing person is Rick from High Point, North Carolina welcoming on their thank you Matt, just want to make reference to the earlier call great off on his own about three minutes away.

You talk about the contract by right with you. I totally agree with you and her don't get it. You were no will come right beside she was coming on the black church out dogmatic. Allow the end, the black regional and right you do enjoy going through but that was weeks ago. Yeah, I do. You're right, but I'll bet that it's a good or not but I all right love when out with and I was nowhere near the bedrock. What is not my the project. There's mantle to pass record what they would gather from a job all when John got married. Amy and you know because they got caught yet to figure out the regulator, out and out live like I have always a lot of a lot of but constantly that what lacked work there believe one thing, without dogmatic about what was without Manley got a slow leak that will in about baby killers like Jerome but I mean martyr Karen Dillard is very public thing and I don't think it brought about a particular thou shall not martyr law that you got it okay Janelle now.

The last one I want you to help me with a lot of the politics not about your people that whether you'd like, you owe have a hard time believing that what you out well so they socially right that you have these messages, no lines that I call 77077 show.

All right, let's were we. That's right, we were with Rick on at High Point hey Rick Wickham back. Thank you all right know you out with no. You know I believe do not believe not only leaving only large rounded, okay and and and one of what I want script that we now know the Bible or will, but not like I have a lot on the written okay when I want what I want when I want to be around you. My dad is hard to article 9 and nine now time when you felt about nine and whatnot so that you back.

It was great article not by the youth out to somebody about good data and not going when the go to go almost all the while, most of the time is with people who interpret the white that's why didn't going to call, not my phone number but I wanted to go to hermeneutic theremin. It hermeneutics hermeneutic blatant son away yet yet yet another humility clippings to actuate to clippings 21 through 81 and also collage the next chapter 31 through 17 that'll that'll spank you. Thank you God bless.

All right, all right, let's see. Is wing person it while see Loretta from Rome will be lost, Loretta, and let's get over to Marine, a Marine alchemy on the high so I hello you're on their talking talking about for the table for Not apply and I agreed with you on careful about how you interpret and apply so I wanted my viewpoint and commander were established by God for his people. When making out each act as individual leave, I following, not murdering, not feeling not coveting not my church are not archived all the believe that Jesus is God in flesh. Yeah, and we saved by grace through faith without any works. We just trust in Christ by faith were made right and then we do good works because were Christians to believe yeah okay there are people think that well like that.

It gets kind of dangerous when you put God law into the hands of mankind or molest with the you may have to have God's laws there artificially would have something that is universal and true because man's laws are bad and with whatever socialist Mormon wackos who were in control now are saying apparent things like privileges of being able to and in the idiocy because I do not believe in God hi hi, no hot water yet happened to you, and prepare profit at California. I did you have a question yeah I know I didn't have a question. I decided I wanted to share the viewpoint trying to help are the lady to call them back. Sounded like she wanted a portion of the murdered and in line with her that this is this whole thing is a great very difficult topic to work through people think some things very easy. I can ask questions that expose some weaknesses in certain arguments, nothing. We don't want to enforce certain things will you be careful how we do it all all right.

Will God bless thank you, Marine all right missed get to CJ from Boise CJ welcome year on year at all. So I have a things one just very brief. I have Anil and I would like to invite you to a Reformation Day special adding on the 31st. If you would like, you are not all open like football celebrating the Reformation where I can't fault the synagogue ate the UI and I the ODU vehicle you had to get the email information to me because I know you're here Boise area so that's the problem, but to be doing on Halloween because my wife who's the official secretary tells me what were doing and so I think Meyer just so one you got a general idea is all on on why the oak open mic are doing our kind of thing that would want to get as many both Protestant and Catholic commanders try to discuss wealth effect time the people coming out and I will if I was there I was, if I was there, it will become a debate with me and the Catholics as Catholicism is not called me as well. Believe me I am quite a byproduct and firmly listening to invite you with that one, but I wanted all about the question related to that which was I personally, I believe that all of the ads different from biblical Christianity.

At least as a Mormonism or Bob. And so as a result I use a drink certain you partner in apologetics with a I was wondering if you think that is going too far or if you think that modern product non-Catholics are objects of evangelism partner with unbelievers who have a pseudo-gospel in Falls Church who teach works righteousness and curse of the biblical doctrine of justification and then teach the re-sacrifice of Christ in the mass and grace is a substance that is infused in the console through the sacraments of the Catholic Church which has the power over your salvation to its membership and authority no I would never partner with the Roman Catholic as far as apologetics go, I would just be immediately saying so, your Catholic okay let's talk. I'm on it. I believe Catholicism is absolutely bankrupt and I have my outlines on Catholicism might have by 11 on my outline of an outline is 181 pages just on Catholicism so and so cute. You started out at a point about the equipment upgrade guide youth would you say it. There you stay with prospective level court because the love Vanity but that you look at the different functional even talking to are like what you vandalized and got into a Muslim or Mormon will Muslims in Q Catholicism at least. Catholics believe the Bible where Muslims don't so I would go internally with Muslim is such a rheology and go to 323 and talk about righteousness and go to other things with Catholicism.

You know you have to go through the verses that deal with their Catholic heresies and how they interpret stuff you have to work from from inside the Scriptures and is the case with Eastern Orthodox and with Catholicism. They don't believe in soliciting tour of the believe in so late place you so it's it's what the church tells you the Bible means. That's what that's where the authority is with the church says and they have their increase.

I find most Catholics of effort opposed to being most metal be incredibly arrogant in their assumptions approaches just me so okay I got will goblets one all right, that was CJ from Boise and the let's get over to Mickey from Arizona Mickey welcome year sure about more than coworkers and what about cry without sure what I would recommend that they think and recommend and what I recommend is go to Carmen and Hon Carmen's do a search for true Jesus present an article there called the true Jesus approach of evangelism and it's to the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. It works with both only season-long times he looked at it. The church still there quick switch websites to Mexico and let's see the true Jesus approach to the true Jesus is found Bible and I think the testing of the true Jesus and there it is.

So what you can do is just go through and read that because the basic principles of this the Jesus of the Bible is true. Mormons will agree that use the Bible's prayed to Jesus of the Bible's worship of Jesus. The Bible is called God they might agree with all of those and you disable do you pray to Jesus and doesn't really do what we do is a good listed together sometime and they don't pray to Jesus and never to pray through Jesus connect to the point is the Jesus of the Bible is specifically prayed to have the references there and so if there Jesus is not prayed to the camp, the same one as the Bible because the Jesus, the Bible is pray to, and is worshiped and is called God is only one God places all time.

So this is called the true Jesus approach you could talk to them about this. Your relationship with Jesus and print the Christ focusing on him.

Okay okay thank you okay you put a lot of time there. Yet it is a feeling of subjectivism and is a way to get through that as well because it's her testimony come from the Holy Spirit is a say with who send the Holy Spirit.

The father does in the Sun-Times and the son reveals the father so the only way to get the Holy Spirit is to Jesus, you pray to him: God through one same approach.

Okay welcome Debbie from North Carolina.

Sorry for that and Chris Trinity. Anyway, long time. Tomorrow was a great time tonight official Bible study in two hours with a half-hour and go to Carmen phone/calendar. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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