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Thy Kingdom Come

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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October 24, 2021 8:00 am

Thy Kingdom Come

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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October 24, 2021 8:00 am

The Kingdom of God. We use the phrase often, but do we really comprehend its meaning? Is the Kingdom of God past, present or future, and what exactly is it like? Join Dr. James Boice on The Bible Study Hour as he explores the truths, the fallacies and the magnitude of the God’s marvelous kingdom.

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The little phrase by kingdom, has been repeated so often by Christians that many I'm sure not even know what it means. Does God have a kingdom. What is it like can we really believe it is coming to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically God's kingdom has always existed. It transcends time in history it's far above the kingdoms of men and vastly superior to them. Join Dr. Boyce as he explores the essence of the kingdom of God and points us toward the coming kingdom where the Lord Jesus Christ will reign forever.

The second petition of the Lord's prayer is related to the first one for its request that the kingdom of God might calm what is God's kingdom. This question is not so easily answered as we might think for the views of Bible teachers and commentators often differed greatly and the Bible presents so many aspects of God's kingdom and presents them in so many lights that any short answer is inevitably incomplete and is often a misleading one sometime ago and one of the questions and answer. Connected with a series of talks I was giving was asked whether the kingdom of God is mentioned in the Bible was passed, present or future. The question whom I knew had in mind the debates on that subject that is been going on in scholarly circles for some years. I replied with a summary of that debate and then with the statement that the biblical viewpoint could not be expressed adequately even in those three terms in one sense the kingdom is certainly past.

God is always ruled over men in history the same time is also present and future lust. God rules today. He will continue to rule the Lord Jesus Christ declared to the men of his day that the kingdom of God is among you meeting that it was present in himself, but he also instructed his disciples to pray by kingdom, in other words, the more one looks at the statements in the Bible about the kingdom. More one feels that it transcends any merely temporal categories. Perhaps the most important thing to be said about the kingdom of God is that it is God's kingdom.

This means that it's exalted far above the kingdoms of men and is infinitely superior to them.

We look into the pages of history and we see the kingdoms of this world rising and falling across the centuries, historians tell us that the world is known. 21 great civilizations. All of them have endured only for a time and then of past unceremoniously away once Egypt was a mighty power. But today it is not.

It is unable to contend even with a tiny state of Israel.

Babylon was mighty, but today it is gone it's territory divided serial once strong has become an archaeological curiosity.

Greece and Rome.

A fallen. Moreover, we know that even the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Although now at the pinnacle of world power will not be able to escape and in execrable law of God, for history righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people pride can also bring each of them down the normal course of the kingdoms of this world is described in a remarkable way by God.

In the book of Daniel Bill Shatzer, the King of Babylon given a party in the course of which she had defiled the vessels taken from the temple of God to Jerusalem limits to the party handwriting. It appeared on the wall of the palace and those shows was frightened the writing said many many tickle Farson meaning God is numbered, the kingdom, and finished it, thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting. God has divided the kingdom and dispensed it to the Medes and the Persians Daniel and said to the king the most high God gave Nebuchadnezzar that I father kingdom and majesty and glory and honor when his heart was lifted up his mind was hardened in pride he was deposed from his kingly throne. They took his glory from them. He was driven from the sons of man and his heart was made like the beasts than his dwelling was with the wild asses. They fitting with grass like oxen and his body was wet with the dew of heaven really knew that the most high God ruled in the kingdom of man, that he appointed over it.

Whomsoever he will involve his son. All Bill Shatzer hast not humbled by the heart lowdown newest all this that night, in accord with the writing Bill Shatzer was killed and Darius reigned in his stead. This is the course of all the kingdoms of men, God allows a man or a group of men to rise above their fellows in power.

The triumph of the man of the group brings pride, then God removes them, bringing them into the jaws of death.

Men rise and fall, but over all of this seething about in human history.

God reigns God is sovereign over human history, even over those realms that are now in rebellion against him. His kingdom prevails is one aspect of the expression the kingdom of God, and it brings comfort to those who would otherwise be in turmoil or anxious about upsetting world events. Jesus said be anxious for nothing in the added although there will always be wars and rumors of wars. Nevertheless, although his followers were to work for peace. They were not to be troubled by them turning from the fact of this universal kingship of God over all man we come to that aspect of God's kingdom on earth, by which he is seeking to bring into being a race of man obedient to himself and in tune with his purposes in history. In one sense this had begun even in the Old Testament. Because the word of God came to Nathan the prophet to David, the king, saying the Lord tell a fee that he will make the and house when I days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with my father's. I will set up by sea after the which shall proceed out of thine own body and I will establish his kingdom. Mine house and my kingdom shall be established forever before the bike throne shall be established forever. David immediately recognized that this could never come about by man's doing and so he gave God all of the glory, for it later promise to establish David's house was expanded and repeated the prophets look forward to the time when the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jehovah would reign over the whole earth from Jerusalem now in the Lord Jesus Christ came to this earth and began his formal ministry.

The kingdom of God came in another sense, and was closer in Christ.

It was among mankind. That is why Jesus said the kingdom of God is among you now as his spirit works in the lives of those who have been given him by the father, the kingdom comes even closer for the kingdom comes in man must Paul went about preaching the kingdom of God defines it in its internal aspects as righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit this kingdom comes today whenever and where ever God's righteousness, peace and joy transform a life and bring the fullness of spiritual blessing. Unfortunately, many teachers and churchmen of gone from this statement that I've just been making the totally erroneous assumption that because the kingdom of God comes wherever men believe in Christ and respond to the gospel of the kingdom.

In this sense will go on expanding inevitably until all or nearly all of the world believes they devised a theory by which the church militant becomes the kingdom of God on earth. This view was a very popular one in the 19th century, but it is totally false. It is false, biblically and history itself is destroyed. It give you one example. Toward the end of the 19th century about 1890, a man named Sidney L Kulik wrote a book called the growth of the kingdom of God was subsequently translated into Japanese as an attempt to persuade Japanese students to become Christians. The book was more restrained and solemn, but his argument was based on what the author believed to be the demonstrable success of the preaching of the kingdom of God in the growth of Christian influence in the world and the increase of church adherence. This is what he wrote.

The Christian powers have increased the territory under their rule from about 7% of the surface of the world in 1602 82% in 1893 while the non-Christian powers have receded from about 93% to about 18% during the same. At present the Protestant nations alone rule about twice as much territory as all the non-Christian nations combined. The added during the first 90 years of the religious history of the United States, more persons of come under the direct influence of the Christian church than during the first thousand years of Christianity and all liens combined well. Needless to say, the Japanese were hardly convinced by this line of argument, and since the equation between the truths of religion and world dominion had been made so eloquently Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the resulting war in the Pacific was the natural result rather than the conversion of their Oriental country see today. The harsh reality of two world wars a Cold War and the acknowledged decline of the influence of Christian religion in this country and elsewhere has taken the enthusiasm for this sort of reasoning out of everyone the line of reasoning is surprising to us. Of course, but the most surprising thing is that it was followed in spite of the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ himself spoken such warning tones against it, but I know that someone will say what you mean. Didn't Jesus teach that his kingdom would go on expanding until it conquered all earth no, no, he did not teach that in fact he taught almost the opposite. He taught that large portions of the world would never be converted that the devil's children would be present even in the church until the end and that his rule would come in totality only at the close of time and that even then it would be established only by his power, and in spite of than in opposition to the continuing and bitter animosity of men you say where did he teach that. Well, the answer is that he taught it in a whole series of parables called the parables of the kingdom recorded for us in the 13th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew seven parables in that chapter, beginning with the sower went forth to Saul when ending with the story of the dragnet. They are intended to preview what we would call the last 19 centuries of church history look at them with me. The first parable is the parable of the sower. Jesus said that a man went out to sow seed.

It happened that some of it fell on a hard surface where it was devoured by birds, some of it fell in shallow ground and sprang up quickly, only to be scorched by the sun. Some fell among thorns and was choked by them. And some fell on good ground work produced. In some cases 100 handfuls of grain for one handful and others 64, one, and in still others, 34, one. He then explained the parable showing that the seed was the word of his kingdom and that the word was to have different effects in the lives of those who heard it. Some parts would be so hard that they would not receive it at all.

And the devil's cohorts would soon snatch it away.

Others would receive it as a novelty, as did the men of Athens. In Paul's day, they would soon lose interest, particularly in the face of persecution. The third class would consist of those who allowed the word to be choked out of their lives by their delight and riches only the fourth class was to be made up of those who would hear the gospel and in whom it would take root is the of this parable means anything at all. It means that the church age is to be a seed sowing age in which only one part of the preaching of the kingdom of God will bear fruit is obvious that the parable does away with the idea that the preaching of the gospel will be more and more and more effective than willing to doubly bring the total triumph of the churches time goes on. The second parable Jesus told makes the same point even more clearly the story of the wheat and the tares, Jesus said that a man went out to so grain in his field after he had done it. An enemy came and sowed tares plants grew up together. The 1 True Way, the other a plant that looked like we but which was useless as food. In the story.

The servants wanted to pull up the tears, the owner of the land told them that they were not to do this list. They approved some of the wheat also. Instead, they would let both grow together until the harvest, at which time the grain would be gathered and the Barnes and the tears would be burned.

Then when Jesus was alone with his disciples. He explained that the field was the world the wheat represented those who belonged to him and the tears represented the children of the devil. In other words, according to the Lord Jesus Christ, the church would always contain within it.

Those who are God's true children and those who were the imitation children of the devil. This would be true throughout church history. Moreover, since some of his children would look so much like those whom the devil counterfeited no one was to try to separate the two on this earth must some Christians should perish with the others. The point of the parable is that these unsatisfactory conditions will remain on till the end of this age. All of the other parables make similar points. That is, that the extension of the kingdom of God. In this age will always be accompanied by the devil's influence and will always be imperfect.

The parable of the mustard seed points to the abnormal growth of church structures. The parable of 11 teachers that in this age the kingdom of heaven. In one sense will always encompass evil stories of the field with treasure in it and the pearl of great price told of the sacrifice that Christ made when us for himself. The final parable. The parable of the dragnet points to the day in which the son of God will judge all men in that day than it will be pulled to shore. Those who have been made righteous through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ will be gathered to the Lord and the bad will be put away from them forever. Now should be evident from the very imperfect nature of the kingdom of God as we see it today that there is yet to be a kingdom in which the rule of the Lord Jesus Christ is recognized for must be such a kingdom and is evident also in many biblical passages that this too will have its earthly aspects you see Christ himself taught this he told his disciples that there was to be a spiritual kingdom throughout the church age.

Then, on several occasions. He taught that there was to be a literal future kingdom as well and one parable.

He compared himself to a nobleman went into a far country to receive a kingdom and then to return the meantime, however, nobleman left gifts in the hands of his servants, charging them to be faithful and to be ready to give a good accounting at his return. On another occasion, after the resurrection.

The disciples asked Jesus, Lord, will you, it this time restore the kingdom to Israel. He answered so for you to know the times of the seasons which the father is put in his power. In other words, you're right about the fact of the kingdom, but it's none of your business to know when but ye shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit is come upon you, and you shall be witnesses unto me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and under the uttermost part of the earth for us. The main work of the kingdom of God falls in the last of those great statements. We are the witnesses. We are his witnesses and we are to bear the message of God's rule through Christ throughout our city's state nation and world.

What is God doing in this age. Listen God is calling out people to himself.

He is taking persons of every imaginable condition and from every part of this globe.

Ethical leaders, politicians, clerks, judges, workmen, housewife savages and sophisticates persons like yourself and he is turning them into men and women in whom Jesus Christ is present and in whom his winsome and righteous character can be seen in the spiritual aspect, the kingdom of God is the rule of Jesus Christ in the lives of those would been spiritually reborn and who are being daily and increasingly transformed. Therefore, when we pray by kingdom come. We ask first the God's gracious rule late coming us in second that it might come through us to others. Moreover, we take confidence in the fact that it will one day come in power and the personal rule of the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of history and our father, we thank you with great joy that the victory of your kingdom and the Lord Jesus Christ is not doubtful as of the victories of the sinful and limited kingdoms of man. We thank you for this prospect. While we wait for Christ's glorious appearing. We ask that you will help us to grow in him, so that the character of the kingdom may come in us that it might come to us to many, many others.

We pray in Jesus name, amen.

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