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David Shestokas In Depth Election Analysis PA GA AZ WI MI all have started or are doing Investigations 080421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 9, 2021 10:10 pm

David Shestokas In Depth Election Analysis PA GA AZ WI MI all have started or are doing Investigations 080421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Praise you for tuning into a chosen generation chosen generation is about equipping, encouraging and challenging first generation to engage culture and to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our city County state and nation to be the Christian influence and life that we have been called to be pastor Greg is committed to seeing God's life changing power work in you prayer today or have a question.

You can reach us at 830-446-8624 830-446-3624 if your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation is available to bring that life-changing message and anointing to your event again. That number is 830-446-3624 830-446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening because you are God's chosen generation chosen generation goes faster and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation of peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy now chosen generation hello I Mike Lindell and I'm coming to you with the most important ideal and myself have gone through in the last five months. My first to bring the truth forward will come down to this. August 11th and 12. This historical event will be live streams 72 hour, now to help support the cyber symposium event I am offering some of the best prices ever on my pillow. Products are only operating range based on the freight use the promo code master Greg that's Pastor Greg or call 800-662-9236 to receive these exclusive my pillow offers. Thank you and God bless and focus master Greg welcome to the program.

Great to have you with that. I play that to begin this segment and I thank you again, all for tuning in, and listening because I have David just focuses our constitutional attorney and there's been a lot of action when it comes to questions being raised regarding the validity of the election and whether or not there were issues Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan are all in some stage of process of that were going to get an update right now from our constitutional attorney.

They would just notice what is it mean and and what possibly might happen. And again, look at conspiracy theory is is it's a conspiracy when it it is it is planned out and and and maybe not based on evidence. These are conspiracy theories. I want you to have the facts simply so you can have an educated conversation.

If you're asked about it. Or maybe you're wondering yourself David to stoke us well for the program greatly with you. Thank you so much Greg said the work you got great, but there are so many things moving forward on so many fronts played Mike Lindell. Emotional or announcement regarding his cyber security symposium, and there are multiple multiple people from around the country that I know who are going to South Dakota next week regarding out to either participator or bar. I actually had an invitation to pick up the garbage and others to think things going on over there investigating their developing evidence members watch what you have reference what you do with that show up that track is involved.

Obviously, wires and down I'm not going to South Dakota because of the Atlanta, Georgia and in Atlanta, Georgia the election of national election law seminar involving outgoing attorneys from all over the country so you have any technical allotment will develop the evidence in the Magi look change of luck and hope to get together throughout talk about under the rule of law that we still want to allow his daughter to try and do our best to follow near the Coloma established the kind of the kind of methods for bringing evidence to the core content and then open the glia resolving any issues that ended on that evidence in their fashion that is up that will lead to results and so there's two things going on now is think that there's the investigators that developed the evidence on the waters that figure out a way to present the evidence or utilize the evidence achieve achieve certain goals and situation those those two tracks are necessary to achieve the goal of having legitimate error open, transparent elections because of course. What do you want, but Americans may know the whole premise that all country is gone for support.

Zach trigger postdivorce consent of the government, and it by elections that we determine what the consent of the governed, and so if we don't get those right. Nothing else matters much because everything else is Glenda pretty much dictatorship and aristocracy) public processes part of protecting, not protecting our heritage are Republican in our country.

So the exciting things going on everywhere before, nearly munching the salon no doubt that Arizona went with Leah with the audit that they had ongoing for months and months and months, but we do know that there are any significant activity in Fulton County and Georgia now at the latest Senate and requested records later actual request for records from Bob several important counties in Pennsylvania. My understanding is that the election authorities and not in Pennsylvania, much like those in Arizona originally did have the turn down the request of the Pennsylvania Senate and that Moved by the Senate is in fact to issue subpoenas to move from a simple request to have participator requesting the comply with information. The Pennsylvania to subpoenas, and in Wisconsin state Kroger Wisconsin house is appointed a special counsel to conduct an investigation into what happened in Wisconsin, Michigan, there is ongoing activities them derive from out Antrim County which is now up now had an adverse ruling in the last month or so and that is a hot deal.

So there are things going on all over the country.

I can tell you that we see that things are things better kind of national in scope, but I can tell you that your hello Mayor Arnett and a DuPage County election which is west but west of Chicago. The auditors the election the auditor of County is being not been contested and still back from November 2020 because there is at least it was decided by 75 votes of the boats became and better unaccounted for the nobody knows where they came from the Mill Creek without resolve those that the arrival of the something undeveloped about that that the company I spoke there another County and Illinois government Kane County and and that elections for County commissioners. The same kind of situation is that there may be as many as 200,000 improper votes, neutral hundred candidates around United States Senate from the body fight is been working closely with the people and not in Kane County Illinois to up exposeso people shouldn't bother reading the headlines about the state family and how it relates to their rep agreement. There, the density, I think it's behooves them to become aware of the things that are going on locally ends and somewhat smaller smaller elections if you will that have a significant determination on how they live their lives and then there's no reason to believe it went on at the presidential level. There's no reason to believe that the two things like steel, auditors, and auditor selection like. It appears as though it appears as though that happened in DuPage County, Illinois, and so I think acoustical look at the papers look at the other at the local news, not only to see what's on our national regarding those that require) the presidential load questions with everybody's at involve them, but you better does a lot of thinking as president is not a lot of the cabinets in the White House a lot of things that took the country put your thank you. Now I get up and you live every day. Who decides what the speed limits on your street who decides what your taxes are going to be for your school who decides that decides that whether not good like you you with what the dates that you pay your property taxes. Almost all those all those offices need to be need to be looked at as well. One word musical selection because there is no reason to avoid the topic and push a button to change of collection like the presidency would shy away from changing the results of small election like that I could County water involves all of us and and limited to sand folks. Here's the thing. The issue here.

Number one as as believers I want. Why is this important to us because God's given us this nation. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that I believe that this is a Christian nation, and that God gave us a responsibility that the founders I would argue came here and and they looked back at the pilgrims that crossed over my ancestors on the Mayflower who wrote in their compound to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. Initially, the initial actions of Congress, the printing of the Bible. The, the sending of missionaries that went west Indian chiefs that came out to Washington to the big white house to thank our president at that time, for sending missionaries as far west as Oregon. These are all evidences of of our Christian engagement and involvement as believers in this process and we have a responsibility. I firmly believe to identify whether or not evil was done and whether or not an assault on our constitutional Republic form of election free election, and government took place.

David we have a responsibility to be engaged in this and you can't ignore the amount of evidence that's coming forward that is calling into question the these these exact facts that you're talking about that that clearly there's evidence that must be looked at as to whether or not this election, whether it's on a local basis or whether it's on a national basis, whether or not our elections can be trusted and I've talked to man. I came examine people over the last 2025 years that I've talked to that is said. Now I don't go anymore and I'm like why why why didn't you vote why don't trust it.

My vote doesn't count my those not to make any difference anyway. There's an accordion who they're going to put in. That's a sad commentary on a free Republic yard better to cover. The court went with the Bartlett sponsor.

One hopes to have eight Republican will one hopes to live within a Republican governor that whereby the government. The only way out that it developed. In fact, participation, and then go to Zen.

This is always been a regular problem for conservatives or limited limited government that people with believe in that kind of graph that philosophies the government should in fact be limited to the protection of our inalienable life is generally speaking, really, what they want out of the government is incessant safety and security, and otherwise left alone and that but if you move yourself from the park that are then report you will not have the opportunity to elect long because the other thing is that a come and get you no doubt know down and again folks it's just as believers it's importantly we are.

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Pastor Greg that's Pastor Greg or call 800-662-9236 to receive these exclusive my pillow offers.

Thank you and God bless, please again, somebody say hundred feet, just sticking her deliciously spring messing up your order strictly in this feature section. This the beach is the official beef jerky of the chosen generation radio show when you place your order. Your C2 for US constitutions and a US flagstick when Constitution for you to recover to cover in the second pass on your friends, family or loved ones go to pistol Pete's and use discount code CGR to get an additional 10% off distal pizza publish order today you know you can do your typing and love offering life in your computer, visit to support chosen generation can make a tax-deductible donation now affecting chosen generation with Pastor Gray best yesterday which is to focus our constitutional attorney just took some of the direct you do this if you go to the chosen that the most recent post that I now have is a Dominion whistleblower that's come forward. That is talked about how Dominion is able to access this and I they would only give you a final couple words and air vent will quickly want to get this part in here is the issue.

Dominion doesn't make a voting machine. This is the mistake that most people make when they're trying to understand what's happening they they think that somehow there's a Dominion voting machine.

There's not doesn't exist no such thing. Dominion is a software it is a software that is loaded onto a a a voting apparatus and so the question then becomes, has Dominion created a back door a means by which, because those voting apparatuses are then hooked up in it wherever you vote, where your poll is they are hooked up generally to that city, or that counties Internet server so that votes can be tabulated and that's how they give you your results and so the question then was okay. Dominion create a back door to be able to get into their machines during the vote. This whistleblower says yes they did, and he lays out for you in their own manuals, how they instruct their employees how to do it. And I've also got Georgia and Pennsylvania and updates there as well as Wisconsin that just launched.

As David said an inquiry. We didn't get to this but very quickly so so let's say that they all say Yep there was there was a problem where were pulling back our lectures.

I know this is barely enough time to try and summarize that what happens okay returning from write up a good thing you acted that ultimately it is in fact at least four presidential electors. It is in fact the the responsibility of the duty the Initial plenary authority of the state legislators at the state legislators will open. The lady at the if they decide to have to pass joint resolutions by their house and their Senate joined together that indicate that the elections were held or the results of the election were obtained outside the election law of the of the state involved because they're the ones Dickens set the election law.

If the executive branches on the judicial branches went and changed the election law during the process and that winds up with results that are unreliable. Because of that than those who goes legislators need to have a joint resolution that makes a finding that that the elections which I think electors who are electoral votes to Washington to be counted when Iraq veteran constitutional fascists tend to fix something that people should remember that in fact if there is an unconstitutional act sung by government. There is no intervening actor. There is no subsequent act by government that can ratify that. Consequently, whatever happened, I would separate the supper club generally search out none of that takes unconstitutional selection of elective constitutional later and settle into was one of over 30 as long today and the only moment you look at remedies that are best legislators so that's the issue.

It comes down to whether the state legislators going to do, what are they gonna find and do they believe there is enough evidence to and think about it, and folks we need to be in prayer. The roof come forward.

Truth come forward David, thank you so much that the more gender aggression radio going to talk about things again.

Somebody say hungry just sticking her deliciously spring messing up your order strictly in this the beach is the official beef jerky of the chosen generation ready when you place your order. Your C2 for US constitutions and a US flagstick when Constitution for you to recover to cover in the second pass on your friends, family or loved ones go to pistol Pete's and use discount code CGR to get an additional 10% off distal pizza publish order today

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