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Theology of Addiction

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 21, 2021 10:45 pm

Theology of Addiction

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 21, 2021 10:45 pm

Theology of Addiction

Steve talks to Jim Berg, Prof. Of Biblical Counseling, BJU, about the theology of addiction. What is addiction?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Noblesville where biblical reality meets everyday life in your home work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online Now here's your host Steve Noble bothers a lot of things going on the news over the last half really since Ovitz darted and I've referred to these dominoes. Dominoes keep lining up more more dominoes lining up behind culvert itself and just continue to follow one of those dominoes that we talked about many times on the show is the increase rate in addictions and so what you want to talk about alcohol, drug addiction, pornography, whatever the case may be. Addictions is worse now than it was pre-COBIT.

Here's an article from CNN the end of the Murray are talking about this the theology of addiction today on theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones University.

This is from CNN with a growing number of Americans dying from drug overdoses and concerns over addiction rising the binder ministration is found itself facing a nationwide crisis that keeps escalating is the COBIT 19 pandemic drags on more than 93,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2020, according to preliminary data from the US Centers for Disease Control, making Laster the deadliest on record for drug overdoses, 19 as cause complications across the board, including shaking traditional support systems to help people recover from addiction Mark that thought the pandemic also sparked a mental health crisis that may have led more people to self medicated with drugs and alcohol. Experts say in a nation where we know about George Barna was on the show recently where you know only 6% of American adults are actually living out of a biblical worldview… Although 6869% of Americans will self identify as Christians. They are really living that way. That should be pretty obvious to all of us. So when it comes to addiction we need to bring the Bible to bear and does that contradict science doesn't agree with.

Science is the answer that addiction is a disease or do we need to look to the human heart in our own depravity. It's an important topic and something that unfortunately all too many of us are dealing with her are touched by affected by know somebody that's affected by it. And so today were happy to welcome Jim Burkitt's professor biblical counseling. He served at the Bob Jones University in the seminary for over deck over three decades that at this point and also specializes in and we actually Jim. I mention this only had a chance to talk before we started the show that the Jim and I share one of our alma mater's from our past that we both graduated from Southeastern Baptist theological seminary. A little later in life for both of us right away. Jim Fredericks makes me feel a lot better about the fact that I was out like a 52-year-old graduate but but it's great to have Jan, thanks for your time today. Thank you greatly with your and we've got a lot of resources today friends on this particular topic, but because there there's so much so much need, but there are so many resources out there to talk about some things that Jim is involved with including a website freedom that last dot-coms. All of this is going to be linked on our friends at BJ you just got this page ready for. So it's\radio I'm putting the links up right now on Facebook live so you can check it out there today because there's all kinds of resources. You don't have to walk down this road. I yourself alone or if you have friends or family members, coworkers, anybody that's dealing with this terrible subject of addiction. There's a lot of resources I just put the link up on Facebook lie, but in terms of biblical counseling in addictions. In general, Jimmy this is something you've been passionate about been teaching I'm speaking on across the country for years. Why is this such a big issue for you personally. Why why why do you feel so called to talk about this and teach on this will have been for over 30 years, but as the situation our country morally and economically more more than on the rise and my interest in the really took off about 11 years ago when I was working with a man in town who had who had asked me. I actually was witnessing to him and he that I've been begging God somebody that I came to Christ Littleboy but I'm so far from God and and I've been addicted to crack and marijuana detox from crack but I member freedom to go back and I just been begging God to send me somebody to help me. I've been in and out of facilities and AA and NA program that I just can't shake this and I don't know why and I so I began working with him and course I was doing Bible study with him almost every afternoon in the summer when I was teaching attic have other friends and pretty soon I was ministering to eight and nine. They were coming to church with us in and we are meeting with them and then the school year rolled around his parents. I've got to change something because I can't devote all of this afternoon. Time to one-on-one ministry here in Houston with Jim together with us Friday night we we get paid Friday afternoon and we go cash or checks and we got up pocket full of cash in a weekend or time in her hands. That's a really bad trigger so you got with us Friday night so that's one freedom at last began. After a few weeks it was very obvious that this was meeting a need and we grew from a group of heaven to within two months we are running 25 before covert.

We were were ministering to hundred and 10 every Friday night at about 85 every Friday night now were helping other churches start similar ministries in their church. So it kind of thrust upon me. I've been working counseling for long time. The Lord is put in my path and and it was obvious this is what he wanted me to really focus on you and this is a challenging subject because a lot of people know we look at the single. It's a disease and so there's a way to treat a disease like any other disease, and then from the Christian side of it.

The theological side of the we bring up the fact that well maybe this is a heart issue. Maybe this is the sin issue in an idolatry issue and a lot of people go yeah that's part of it. But you know it's a disease as well. And there's a lot of battle. I think within Christianity, and certainly in the secular world between is this a scientific situation or is this a biblical situation as science side. You know this is right from some of that the notes in your own material. The American Society of addictive medicine, a treatable chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual's life experiences, so this is that it kinda takes our heart out of it and just looks at our biology really when you read that definition that could be a definition of a couple madly in love because they have complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, environment, in their individual life experiences, so there really is a very targeted to what's really going on addiction but but the world because everything is body to them pretty much the right world of materials worldview, then the body has to be the solutions right exactly what you can't go outside after talking to Jim Berg biblical counseling at Bob Jones University. Jim and John hold so much more to talk about will be right back. Addiction is a massive problem in our country. It's only gotten worse because the COBIT and out. What you do. How do you deal though. There's the root causes which were talking about the day and then how do you deal at that in the world. Of course being tickly, materialistic is it's a disease and then he had the 12 step program and all the other things.

But when you look at the success rate of those programs, there is some success, but it's nothing to get excited about the gold-medal moment that movement.

But what about the Bible. What about theology. Is this something where my are we just being overly simplistic way to read your Bible and love Jesus more in all your problems will go away which sometimes gets thrown at us as best Bible believing Christians ate that the world can think were rather simplistic and we just want to put Jesus a Band-Aid over it and think it's going to go away, but you'll find out quickly that a lot of things that they discover in the secular world were sent over here in the Bible corner going Yia we kinda knew that already. And so that's why we need to talk about this, but there is hope in the gospel is powerful in God's word is powerful. That's why today on theology Thursday happy to be talking to Jim Berg's professor. Biblical counseling is been involved with Bob Jones University for over three decades now and just has a passion. God is really using it powerfully in this particular arena.

So Jim, again, thank you for your time to be with us today.

We appreciate all your most welcome my pleasure. And so as we as we look at this.

We know the world's view is essentially to physical disease and it's not something that we talk about at the heart level but but how do we do it unless you want to add something that then how do we look at it through a biblical lens from a theological perspective will I think it important that we go back to the nature of who we are done with mechanic engraved with the Lord now, but you you treat if you're trying to solve a problem with PVC pipe you deal with it differently than then a copper pipe you use a blow torch on a copper pipe but you don't on a previously you gotta know the nature of the material and where the world get this wrong for the most part is that the they don't have the material right God created as both body and soul, and in the issues that people struggle with even a physical disease of an actual physical disease or disability creates problems in the soul and end this whole problems of our like paying God's anger is the sole problem.

Anxiety is the sole problem there is the sole problem. Loneliness is a for-profit business are limited then, but it a problem that resides in the soul.

Guilt is the sole problem. Vengeance is the sole problem.

All of these are soul problems and what we what the Bible is going to teach if I can paraphrase it this way, you can't solve a problem of the soul by putting it into your body without food or drug you can't solve a sole problem by cutting your body or some other form of self injury or you can't solve the sole problem by putting your body in your car and just driving and driving and driving all of all of those ways of dealing with soul problems will only aggravate this whole problem.

They won't solve the sole problem so we can't understand the nature of who we are and only Jesus solve sole problem. There are ways that he addresses how we deal with the issue of anger in our soul. And of course we have to be children of God with the spirit of God in it and the word of God opened before I forgot. By his spirit use his word to change our soul problems and we see with this Oprah is such an important claimant to surmise that Proverbs that guard your hearts are out of it flows the issues of life. It really is that it when you look at addiction whether it be alcohol, drugs, pornography, whatever the case, it's usually the way that in one phrase it so popular these days. I use it a lot myself is self-medication.

We self-medicating so I got issues in my life. Sole issues as you said, heart issues, and so the way I take care of those are try to put them out of my life or to call them as I turned to a substance or pornography or whatever and then that then in turn, becomes the addictions that basically the roadmap got that right. I appreciate what you read about slapping a Bible verse on it or something and because people who think that way we do with soul problems don't understand God remedy for soul problems and it is progressive sanctification into the image of Christ.

And that's going to mean large doses of the word and a lot of meditation and submission to God and many of these things that help us grow as Christians we we color men and women you know what the world would cause a faith-based recovery program. Actually what we are is a church-based discipleship program mature Christian like the apostle Paul worked were tempted to send mature Christians even do thin but mature Christians are not enslaved to any because if they are mature.

They know how to handle trials in the how to handle temptations that doesn't mean they don't see him, but they don't become a slave. So the goal is how do we become like Jesus. How do we how do we mature in our understanding of life in God's remedies and in the nature of our soul and how does it change to be like Jesus. Some fascinating. It's always fascinating to me when the secular world. The scientific world comes up with something or or notices something or identify something that we know to be true from a physical perspective you have working on an upcoming book on counseling addiction and there's three very very intelligent people in here that are in the business so to speak, one neuroscientist and development of psychologist Mark Lewis in his book the biology of desire. Why addiction is not a disease, said the following, medical researchers are correct that the brain changes with addiction, but the way it changes has to do with learning and development, not disease. He asserts that addiction is actually a learned habit that sounds like a heart issue to me rather than just biology really does in fact that Martin Luther later. I will preface one of his lectures that I watched.

Let me be clear about dumping your brain is not addicted you are addicted.

We don't know who you is, but you are addicted.

It's not your brain.

Your brain is just doing what you wanted to do yet there's another part and here's what Mark Lewis and others like him are telling us is that when a highly emotional experience as part of a repeated practice. The brain super habitués behavior which we would call addiction.

That's exactly right.

Habitués and thing here. But what would what the brain show was that the amygdala, another part of the brain that do with the motion that they bookmark these high lien experiences with erotic sexual experience or whether it's a drug experience in and bookmark that and the more we repeated it like the brain is okay but David you want that really is a good thing and so were actually going to start cutting the options off so that you don't have to think about other options. And that's where the pruning in the in the prefrontal cortex begins in his our bodies were made by God to serve our heart and meet our heart, our body mediates what our heart desires.

Such a tower site yet such Calvary is one more for you to break Bruce Alexander, PhD is been at the forefront of addiction research since the 1970s and about APS and socialist.

This is in his book the globalization of addiction, a study in poverty of spirit said this. Today's rising tide of addiction to drug use and a thousand other habits is the consequence of people rich and poor alike being torn from the close ties of family culture and traditional spirituality that constituted the normal fabric of pre-modern times, and I reasoning I think is obviously brilliant but at this point in my body because this is a heart issue and what when things break down in your life in a heart issue, then it ends up taking her down the road that you think perhaps is just physical, but it isn't it spiritual it's a heart issue with the sole issue is our guest, Jim Berg's talk about today. Jim Anna put on hold or talk about addictions and the way forward on theology.

Thursday will be right back to back to Steve Noble to see normal sociology Thursday with our friends at Bob's and seminaries of Bob Jones University and is another one were talking to Jim Berg. Today's been a professor of biblical counseling really specializing God's really call them the focus lately on the issue of addiction which is spiraling out of control in this countries only got worse because the coven this is all over the place of your listening on the radio today, go get the podcasts later tonight if your go to Facebook live and share the surround this information coming at it from a biblical perspective and from God's word you're knocking to get from the secular world you're knocking to get up in the world of science really to get it from the Lord. And so when you get this kind of stuff I remind people all the time of the show. With knowledge comes responsibility.

Once you know something once you're aware that okay this is really important information. This is an important conversation.

Okay, then the onus is on you to share. I don't care whether I'm that somehow care about the numbers for me personally it doesn't whether the show gets 5000 people listen to podcast or not doesn't really affect me personally, but what this is about loving your neighbor well. Love your neighbor as yourself. So you have a topic like this and somebody like Jim Burch is with us today that can help us understand it and find ways forward when it comes addiction because it's all over the place, drugs, alcohol, pornographer, you name it. Then we responsible you love your neighbor as ourselves, which is also why I put the link up for freedom that this ministry that God has led Jim into and through a man, thereby back down and in South Carolina who had a problem in that it leads to other men and every Friday night and other helping scores of people with a biblical solution to addiction freedom that and I mentioned these brilliant secular people, here's another one Stanton peel PhD is an addiction expert investigators written over 12 books, 250 articles on addiction set this out.

What determines whether or not a drug use drug use escalates into addiction and the prognosis.

Once it has is less to do with the power the drug and more to do with the social, personal and economic circumstances of the user. So what happens in your heart. First, and then it moves to your brain and then then science confirms this. Your brain literally will rewire your body and you've got all that mess leading into addiction, so such a powerful topic and something we need to be discussing deftly more than last. Jim Berg is with us. Thank you Jim again for being here today glad so let's go to this part, what leads us will do the diagnosis will will share God's recovery program. But what leads to fall from the soul problems is to some some the work that you've done the pull of our desires, belief and ally choosing to obey our own lust instead of God, and failure to recognize that repeated sin always leads to the death or loss of something. Let's start with the pull of our desires are less because I think most of us if were honest can relate to that end in all of that comes from James 114 and James one is all about trials and how to negotiate those trials and how to read and patient how to wisely negotiate the trial. But then, but then he says in James 114 that every man and that's pretty universal. Every man is drawn away of his own life, his own strong desires and enticed his light. Then when Lot went when fire Winlock have conceived it bring forth and what is brings forth death. So the picture there is that we are in our heart we we believe lies about God. We believe lies about ourselves.

We believe lies about allies about other people and how God works was a prototype from the garden of Eden. But but did it all week it always starts with a desire. Our heart wants something and so it you know you and I can't be tempted with that. We don't want. I'm not tempted by roadkill. I can be tempted by filet mignon, medium rare, but not but not roadkill so you can be tempted by some you don't want and it doesn't initially mean a sinful desire. You what what what family. What parent wouldn't want children who were walking with God and obedient, and so forth as is or raising them rearing them, but but that's that can become supersized to where I'm a I'm a helicopter parent or an attack helicopter. You know it, our desires can go supersized by just following art wanting to follow our own heart. I guess I just have to have this thing and I you be one quick example is the young man at the rescue mission who said Jim I don't understand that you put a whole pallet of heroin bricks next to me and I would never be tempted to use it.

I like marijuana but I can never be tempted use that but I am tempted to sell it and don't understand this.

I will let me ask you this what is it that you want from selling heroin. He said well that's easy money and he said what it was. So why do you want money, and he said because I want a fast car in nice clothes and I said and he said got to get that alienation will telling her when you have a problem with that, but you said, but then I said no what what it what is it you want from a nice car right fast car, nice clothes, and he I never thought about that but then he said, respect people to notice when I walked by. All right, until we get to that young man's ruling tires and in this case one of them is respect were not can really attack the problem. James is were led away by our strong desires in our lives that are better for all of those are in our heart that can't be solved by doing something with her body or bodies trying to solve that with a talk therapy out wit with God is not at the center because he's the only one that can reshape our desires to love him in our neighbor to loving ourselves so we we have to have this relationship with God when were working with men and women, we gotta get back to what is that there wanting we talk about self-medication their wanting peace, they would they want this want stuff to go away.

They don't like all of the chatter in their and their brains in their minds, their heart, so it self-medication as a way to get peace or or aesthetic experiences a way to get a counterfeit joy in God offers both joy and peace for 55 by reshaping the way we think about all things and repenting of going our own way and thinking our own thought and learning God's thoughts in God's ways, then you shall go out with joy and be filled.

God has a solution to these things brisket all involve heavy doses of God's word, yeah, and it's a know when you look at the end of that passage in James.

It leads to death and then something as well. I don't need to worry about eternal death.

Because of the fall of Jesus Christ.

Okay, that's great, and praise the Lord for it, but there's other things that can experience death that you have this and is in and some of the materials that that you all sent me, which is just great. I've really it's been so helpful to read this the death of health, the death of employment that the financial situation, death of your relationships, death of your emotional well-being and finally the death of hope and then you're just a shell of yourself and despondent and I'm just a piece of garbage. Other than that of Satan sit there going yeah Yep that's right.

Condemnation versus conviction is just brutal how this process works, but the Lord put it right there in black and white force in James and why a compassionate Scripture saturated local church is so important.

I had a man can only recently that I told a friend of mine who is a former addict that told friend of mine, you need to come to Facebook Faith Baptist Church when you walk in the lobby. People walk or do not away from you and they need people who can give them some hope and lead them to Christ if they're not believers, but then began showing them. There is a path out of this and I'll walk it with you and I will help you. This church loves you I love you God loves you and we want to help and we got it we got a deal with the lies.

What is your believing about God. So the way God's world works were going to do with your desires.

You know when you get down to that level you hear some pretty tragic stories and and you become very patient and compassionate but then you show way out, I'll help you walk in the use of that word walk. That's the really difficult part when you talk about that in the final segment God's recovery program acidification because it's not.

It's not simple. It's also not sure it's not like pulling into Chick-fil-A on any date this Sunday and in 5 to 7 minutes.

You got your solution. It's not a Band-Aid in the process.

But you know all these other secular programs. Jim their process as well, but there devoid of the spiritual help, and even a a the 12 step program talks about something higher than yourself. But until that something higher than yourself is Christ you're dealing with the partial deck at best. It was important that got going back to nature about about human being. We are treated dependent creatures created upon God and we are the battle is I'm either going to end on God for wisdom for direction for strength or power omitted and myself.

There are the only two choices out there. In Romans, and you're to be a slave of God you can leave a gentle heart and and work were created to be dependent and and all you can do without Jesus Christ is switch your dependencies on the earth, so where you were once dependent on the group on a drug know you're dependent upon a 12 step meeting every week and you have to have that. Well I tell folks you you can't you can you gotta switch her dependency were here to help you, but not on our group yard dependency must Jesus Christ find hope in the facility and of relationship if they're pointing at his Jesus Christ right, what a great and powerful point, Jim put on hold or talk to Jim Berg Prof. of counseling, biblical counseling of Bob Jones University in such an important topic. So many great truths here. Please come back to the final segment God's way forward will be right back to back and Steve Noble to see Milledgeville theology Thursday today looking into. I'm really really difficult. Heartbreaking week so much destruction in lives and in countries and in businesses and families. That's the issue of addiction.there's a lot of different resources that are available for you, there's the website I just posted this on Facebook live that our friends at Bob's in seminary set up for us, which has all kinds of resources from the theology Thursday that we do each week, so if you go to seminary.BJ you.DDU\radio seminary.BJ\radio I get the links up on Facebook live today. There's all kinds of things here were talking about the viewpoint blog that Jim Berg our guest today is written, the biblical understanding of addiction. Pastoral resources are free help on addicted booklet, but the presentation in a handout there.

Also a link I want to give you for all you pastors and in a few not a pastor but you know your pastor share this with pastor there's a close group on Facebook that Bob in seminary is done is called all in daily. That's all resources for pastors in a way for them to encourage one another and learn from one another to do all kinds of great resources there. All those links and information is at the pager friends of Bob Jones I seminary set up for us seminary.BJ\radio and I've got those links up on Facebook today as we talk to Jim Berg's professor, biblical counseling, he's been in this world dealing with biblical counseling and teaching and students and especially in the deal. In the dealing with addiction for years now. In fact, decades, and so were just thrilled to have Jim helping us understand this difficult subject today. Can Jim thanks you so much for your time. Please quickly interrupt about a retort here is probably important for people to understand that freedom at last of the ministry helping churches help their communities if they want if they want recommendations for resident abilities or for biblical counselors for addiction recommend that they go to the addiction the addiction and Endo. They have a lot of resources there and they they refer people to resident facilities and so forth that past.

The vetting process for biblical counseling approach to addiction so I don't want people to think that freedom that last night is a counseling ministry were counseling churches about how to counsel addiction clipping churches, which in they need a lot of help on this issue. I've got friends that are in the domestic abuse world in a training pastors and churches all the time just I really set up well the deal that thank you for the clarification.

I just put that link up. By the way to the location So that's their as well and in just as a reminder this is that really helpful for me to understand that and in listening to Jim and then reading through the materials that you all were kind enough to share with me earlier today that you this really is a heart issue with the sole issue as you said and it starts in the soul. Some thank you asking that young man will why do you do that. Why do you crave that whiny gray that ultimately it's because I want respect when I walk into the room, which means he's not getting it doesn't really understand his value in God's eyes. And what happened on the cross.

2000 years ago and then so your heart has an issue in your hearts looking for a reason, a way to accommodate that to solve it and that's what drives your brain and you get into this that pornography drugs whatever is in them that rewires yourself and then you have an addiction on your hands but it started in your heart and that's why I was safe from the break on Facebook live I seen you don't take your Mercedes-Benz to the twhirl lawnmower shop to get it repaired because Tauro didn't make your Mercedes in the world did make your heart of God. God made your heart's going to deal with the heart you're really going to have to go to the Lord on that. So let's let's focus here at the end of the show Jim on God's recovery program is sanctification. So how do we cannot look at that.

How does that work will find what goes into the product of vacation and one of the one of the clearest course Romans 12 wanted to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, but Ephesians 4 2224 God said that we are to put off the ways of the old man.

We have been once you become a believer then our old man is crucified with Christ and we are a new man. And Paul is saying that you can put away the old ways were used to steel you can't steal anymore were used to be angry you can't be angry anymore and you get where used to be better you get.

You gotta be forgiving so you put off the way the old man but then you have to be renewed in the spirit of your mind. And that's can involve memorization reading our Bibles memorization meditation Bible study.

This is why every every resource of the church is important here. The preaching services. The small groups the individual mentoring and discipleship and then groups like freedom at last in a church that will come alongside and add even more to that because it would we not only need a walk with Christ.

But we need we need wisdom from Christ on how to handle problems instead of our old ways.

We've we've got to handled it differently and it was put on the ways of the new man put on the new man and that me in a different character and sanctification is God's process through the renewing of our minds, where we cooperate with God, our motto in freedom at last. As we do what we do because we are what we are. But when I was in high school I did a lot of dealing. I didn't become a thief when I started stealing, I started feeling because at the heart of the and I had to change, not just my behavior but my heart and and that took a lot of memorization there was so much trash or junk going on in my life in high school when I came to Bob Jones. My life was a mess and I I had them memorized by the time I was finished graduate memory hundreds of verses of Scripture God just transforms us by the renewing of our minds, and different thoughts will go to weekly coat. We take things to different grid instead of all those lies right we have truth about God and about ourselves. We were filtering everything and interpreting everything through an entirely different grid and so plaintiff patient involves a lot of renewing of the mind in and and letting other believers point out things we still don't see and and then then we, as believers, come alongside and say no.

Here's how let's let's read light like high school coach taking somebody not taken the team after failure back to the locker room watching that tape, you know, they rewind it and so you can rewind these situations. Here's what happened. What was going on.

Were you wanting what were the lies right now if you were believing right and wanting the right thing will how would that look different. This walk-through that how we going to get that script in your head in this right through very simple thing about trust and obey. Like stop drop and roll.

The bow, bow, trust and obey. We bow to God whatever it requires right at the moment. It might be submission to a trial, it may be repentance for sin may be dependent on him for power and strength but we bow with the person we gotta do in a trial is getting connection with God. Get us in our place. God gives grace to the humble. And then we trust we get. We trust what he has said and then we obey what he has and sanctification is the process of that becoming our lifestyle, our new habit and I don't mean a mindless automaton, habit, but you can get you. You can develop habit of devotion to your wife devotion to your children habits of the way you talk to other people. All all I'm saying is the good thing is that the transformers eventually become those habits that are rewires and so it is more that's the spirit of God using the word, but God is wired to be able to to repeat things that we practice and that we love and God changes us into different people just the positive beautiful side of an addiction. Is this a process there repetition and filling your hearts desires and it goes South that's that that's the way of our depraved heart. That's the way of the devil, that's the way the world versus the way of the Lord in the image you talk about saturating your mind with Scripture.

That's marination. That's meditation.

But you gotta marinate because your brain can get full of something I found this out recently because I teach seven different homeschool classes every week. Jim, I've hundred 15 students. I was what I wanted to tell and you realize how much information is coming at you, so I looked it up and there's 32 GB of information being thrown at us every single day 32 GB. That's like a really expensive iPhone in less than two weeks and it's completely full with no operating system and so your marinating and stuff all the time so this process of sanctification. If you want it like I never heard I don't hear from God what languages the Scripture, but you gotta think you gotta flush out your mind and your body and your soul all that worldly garbage and then you bring in Stanley clear it's not we have a pool now is like dealing with that.

You gotta make sure that you get the garbage out the good stuff in and that takes time and if I could just their other other great book written but my daughters were in high school I wrote changed into his image how to recoup for them what they've heard in their growing up years about how we change and grow in with think vacation is dedicated to them so that they would know how to disciple their own children, but that lays out the process of sanctification changed into his image and and then another another work that that deals with a lot of useful problems is quieting a noisy soul and go to quieting a noisy and look that over 26 week program of operation Scripture the that's vitally available to them.

A multitasking maniac. All that's available. Jim right it's all about looking at all listed all the books that Jim just mentioned, and then we got all the other resources I mentioned that are a seminary address\radio XT slowdown just go to the Facebook live feed today. Okay, just go to my Facebook page that Steve Noble shall jump on the Facebook live feed. By the way please not for my sake number Jim sake, but for your friend say for your neighbor's sake.

Share the Facebook live share the YouTube live here the podcast that'll be out later tonight. We have to get the life-changing truth out there. Jim Berg Prof. biblical counseling about Jens University. Thank you so much my brother for today has been a great blessing.

Thank you David been my privilege. YouTube will do it again. Thanks so much. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble shall, God willing. I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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