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Can These Dry Bones Live?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 21, 2021 4:20 pm

Can These Dry Bones Live?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's a question that God asked Ezekiel in these dry bones live stage or the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends Jewish Thursday on the line of fire. Yes, many years. One day a week. We have devoted specifically to Jewish focus in terms of our evangelism in terms of our outreach work is to do first.

We are involved in missions all around the world. We support missionaries all around the world this past week and we finished our 22nd annual missions conference is the missions movement that was burst out of our ministry by God's grace that supports missionaries resent all around the world.

My heart beats for the nations I've been to all the nations from the world far more than I've been to Israel and yet our evangelistic thruster outreach thrust in harmony with God's word and my calling is to the Jew first, and on this day if you Jewish person listening would love to share with you why we are convinced from Scripture that Jesus Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel. If you're a believer in Jesus with your Jew or Gentile. We hope this will be informative, eye-opening. As we look at the Scriptures together and if you have a Jewish related question of any kind relates to the modern state of Israel relates to the Hebrew language relates to something in the Hebrew Bible or messianic prophecy or Jewish background to the New Testament or rabbinic tradition, by all means give us a call 866348784 fury Jewish person that does not believe in Jesus do not believe that he's the Messiah you want to express why you feel that way in dialogue with me on. Obviously we can't take an entire hour to do it but if you call that I'd love to interact with you and tell me why you believe I am wrong, 866-348-7884 before we dive and adjust had the joy of signing the first 200+ preordered copies of the hardcover edition of revival or we die a great awakening is our only hope I been hearing from readers stated TV interview with a couple that their hearts bent on revival there being used to stir revival and evangelist Brett America there reading the book ends and it's burning in their hearts as their reading as the book is just out this week. You can get the paper back in the e-book review order books online.

The hardcover wheat we did in this exclusive printing of this so you want to get the hardcover we got a video download that goes with it as well skim the website ask Dr. but if you preordered we finally got the books and we immediately turned everything around at the numbered of the joy of signing them with the Scripture verse for each of you. So those will be shipped out within a day or so, so can't wait to get those in your hands. I truly believe because you use this book to help spark the fires of revival in the hearts of many, many believers okay today I want to look at a familiar passage in Ezekiel. I want to put in its historical context, and I want to ask what it means today and what it means for the future. Remember, prophecy is is not just like a newspaper headline prophecy can can function on multiple levels or or think of a of of a flashlight shining from here. Across the room that there's that beam of light the whole way through. So where you're standing.

You can intersect with that light so historically, prophecy can have relevance.

2000 years ago thousand years ago today and tomorrow. It is on its destination is going somewhere that's white. Sometimes we talk about a double fulfillment. I don't like that term understand what it means.

And I've used it because people understand understand it but a double fulfillment in this sense, is an oxymoron because of its filled once then it's unfilled again. In other words, it is being fulfilled. There is lineal fulfillment. There were phases and aspects of fulfillment and you see this very clearly with messianic prophecies and use. It is very clearly with the prophecies that God gave to the Jewish people in exile in Babylonian exile. Ezekiel was one of the captives in Babylon and I want to go with you to Ezekiel chapter 36 Ezekiel 36, beginning in verse one celebrity Ezekiel is in Babylon in captivity Son of Man prophesied to the mountains of Israel, and say mountains of Israel, hear the word Lord so he's not in Israel is in battle.

This is what the sovereign Lord says the enemy's interview aha it should hide to become our possession therefore prophesy and say this with the sovereign Lord says November Syria ravaged northern Israel and's and Judah and and then God deliver Judah and in Babylon further ravaged Judah and northern Israel was ready exile in large numbers so the nations have been having a heyday especially needs others as well. This is what the sovereign Lord says because they ravaged and crusty for every side so you became the possession of the rest of the nations and the object of people's malicious talk and slander therefore amounts of Israel, hear the word of the Lord so you mountains you been taken over by others.

Foreigners are in your land, but God can have the last say so. This is relevant and is equal. Ezekiel prophesied a 2500 years ago.

This is what the sovereign Lord says to the mountains and hills to the ravines and valleys to the desolate ruins in the deserted house had been plundered and ridiculed by the rest of the nations around us with the sovereign Lord says in a burning zeal I've spoken against the rest of the nations against all Edom is this is this the brother right to Israel's figures brother Esau Edom than even becomes hostile, spoke against the rest of the nations against holy of her with glee and with malice in their hearts they made my land their own possessions that they might plundered's pastureland therefore prophesy concerning the land of Israel and say to the mountains and hills to the ravines and valleys is with the sovereign Lord says I speak in my jealous wrath because you have suffered this one of the nations.

Therefore, this is what the sovereign Lord says I swear with uplifted hand the nations around you will also suffer scorn. But you mountains of Israel will produce branches and fruit for my people Israel, for they will soon come home another first application of that must be Ezekiel's day with captives like Ezekiel and Daniel.

When Jeremiah prophesied 70 years in exile. I'm concerned few and look on you with favor you will be plowed and so now because many people live on you.

Yes, all of Israel. The towns will be inhabited. The ruins rebuilt. I will increase the number of people and animals living on you and they will be fruitful and become numerous also, people, and he was in the past and make you prosper more than before then you'll know that I'm loyal because people like people Israel live on you will possess you and you will be their inheritance will never again deprive them of their children. Now there have been other deprivations after this, there have been exiles after this after this return. So there is a final word with the be no more deprivation. This is what the sovereign Lord says because some say to you, you devour people and deprive your nation of its children. Therefore, you will no longer devour people make a nation child.

The stickers sovereign Lord, the Lord will make you hear the taunts of the nations. The longer we suffer the scorn of the People's coordination to fall clears the sovereign Lord again when Lord came to me, Son of Man.

When the people of Israel reliving their own land. They defiled it by their conduct and their actions. This is Israel's whole northern kingdom southern kingdom. Their conduct was like a woman's monthly including this in my site so I poured out my wrath on them because they had shed blood in the land because they had defiled it with their idols dispersed among the nations, they were scattered through the countries I judge them according to their conduct interactions wherever they went along the among the nations, the profane my holy name for it was said of them. These are the Lord's people and yet they had to leave essential makes God look bad. God's own people.

He can keep them in the land I had concern for my holy name, which the people of Israel profaned among the nations where they had gone verse 22. Scroll down. Therefore sin the Israelites this with the sovereign Lord said is not for your sake people of Israel that I'm to do these things. Remember the Jewish exiles are called people of Israel to the people of Judah and all the tribes people of Israel but for the sake of my holy name. I'm going to do these things because you profane my name among the nations. We've gone all show the holiness of my great name, which is been profaned among the nations. The name you profaned among them. Then the nations will know that I am the Lord declares the sovereign Lord but I improved wholly through you before their eyes will take you out of the nations, I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land. I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean. I will cleanse you from all your impurities from all your idols. I will give you a new heart put a new spirit in you a remove from your heart of stone. Give your heart of flesh and I'll put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws then live in the land I gave your ancestors you will be like people. I'll be your God will save you from all your uncleanness. I'll call for the grain and make it plentiful will not bring famine upon will increase the fruit of the trees and the crops of the fields that you no longer suffer disgrace among the nations because of famine, then you will remember your evil ways and wicked deeds you load yourselves for your sins and detestable practices want you to know that I'm not doing this for your sake, declares the sovereign Lord be ashamed and disgrace for your conduct people of Israel. This is what the sovereign Lord says on the day I cleanse you from all your sins. I will resell your towns in the rooms will be rebuilt. This land will be cultivated instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who pass through it.

They will say this land that was laid waste is become like the Garden of Eden. The cities that were lying in ruins. Desolate destroyed in a fortified inhabited then the nations around you that remain will know that I the Lord of rebuilt was destroyed in the plant was desolate on the Lord of smoke. I will do it is with the sovereign Lord says once again I will yield to Israel's plea and do this for them will make their people as numerous sheep as numerous as the phosphor offerings of Jerusalem during her appointed festivals so the ruined cities be filled with foxy people, then they will know that on the Lord. Okay, that's the end of chapter 36 little later in the broadcast. You look at chapter 37 the valley of dry bones. The vision there, but I read that to say that much of what was prophesied did happen that many Jewish people.

Several tens of thousand, maybe 40 something thousand did return from exile in Babylon. The larger scattering under Syria to many other nations, they did not return the, the repopulating of the land that happened the turn away from idols that happen to a certain extent. The new heart to serve the Lord well. Have you read Ezra, have you read Nehemiah.

Have you read Malachi. Those are all addressed to the exiles after they returned Malachi a century later in this kind of sin in the camp and A compromise and then Israel falls under that the power of of of the Greek Empire and then after that, under the Romans, and then after that further scattering destruction, exiling because of sin, so there is yet fulfillment in this passage, and we are seeing it in front of her eyes today as were century plus God is been we gathering the Jewish people back to the land not because of our sake are good deeds but for the sake of his holy name right this first and foremost and then back in the land claim orders being poured on us parts of being changed. Growing messianic is more more Jewish people of faith. Jesus and there still will fulfillment, this is how prophecy works friend. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown modify this is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH alright I'm to go to the phones momentarily, momentarily, but first check out this headline from the Jerusalem Post, a colleague of mine dissented to be moments ago this headline it says US Orthodox rabbis accused of secretly being evangelical Christians. The two rabbis reportedly perform marriages and divorces wrote Torah scrolls, and even officiated Orthodox conversions. So I read the article it mentions of father and son duo. Both of them recognizes Orthodox rabbis with allegedly secret believers I've never heard of them.

No idea who they are. I I know plenty of messianic Jews that live lifestyles that are fairly observant to the words they believe it's pleasing God site to observe that the seventh day Sabbath. The observe the dietary laws they use some of the rabbinic prayer is that they feel good that they made prey at certain times of the day with the traditional Jewish community does, but everybody knows their Jewish believers in Jesus. It never was.

It yet. They are messianic Jews who were somewhat Orthodox in their practice son plenty of folks like that but Orthodox actually Orthodox rabbis who were secret believers in America at but but intentionally is II know religious Jews in different parts of the world who are believers, but they haven't come out public but none of them are functioning rabbis in their communities. So I have no clue about this whatsoever be interested to find out more, but I've no clue about whatsoever and the. The idea that were going to deceive people into believing this is less of the gospel, but again I have no idea if there's a truth to this report. No idea who the people are little while.

Also, as we as we look some more. The prophetic Scriptures. I'm going to look at some comments but the Anglican leader JC Ryle older contemporary of Charles Spurgeon in the 1800s. I quote him in my book. Her hands were stained with blood, and I'm going to get into that today as well. Fascinating comments from someone who lived well before the modern state of Israel existed and made these comments before the modern Zionist movement took full force is not a dispensational list is fascinating to hear we had to say about the Scriptures, but let's up. Let's go to the phones we will start with Wesley in New Hampshire. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Hey, so what opinion on a q. week member I get a really simple answer for you among strong Bible believing evangelical Christians you would say that there is strong opposition to LGBT Q activism and beliefs correct and then among so-called liberal progressive Christians consider strong support for LGBT Q beliefs and activists right exact same thing in the Jewish community that the religious Jews, the very Orthodox Jews see this the same way we do.

They don't recognize gay clergy. They don't recognize same-sex quote marriage. They do not support sex change surgery etc. many of them would be very compassionate and and want to to help those who are same-sex attracted find a home within the tradition without affirming their same-sex attractions but the most Orthodox Jews would be very similar to us and they are they are less than 10% of the Jewish population in America but growing very very rapidly.

The vast majority of American Jews or liberal and they would be pro-gay pro-trans, they would see this as standing with minorities standing with those who are marginalized and they would be quote inclusive. They would not look at the authority of Scripture the same way they would not accept the authority rabbinic tradition which clearly forbids same-sex quote, marriage, etc. so the large majority of American Jews and Israeli Jews are not religious or observant, much more in America less so in Israel. Maybe 70% are not observant in Israel may be may be out of that of the 15% are not that observant, but say at least 70% of the population would basically be pro-gay in Israel and in America's America probably 80+ percent of the Jewish population would be pro-LGBT photo report by way of what's interesting is the complete lack of integrity for someone to call and raise something completely idiotic and ridiculous, and to to use a word that's insulting to many that the F word so may the Lord help Wesley at I thought it was a actually serious call was probably expecting it a different answer, but in any case one unfortunate call better just be forthright and say hey on this and this and I hold to this.

But anyway, thanks for it for getting a call off and may the Lord help Wesley to mature and to come to a knowledge of the truth would not be wonderful.

86634 we go to Samuel and Anchorage, Alaska. Welcome to the line of fire. How are you doing for very well thank you, thank you so I I report converted to Judaism and I wondering how do I make a good matzoh ball what what did you convert to Judaism Samuel I converted from I converted from Christianity to Judaism and I hovered merely I converted Meredith and my girlfriend.

She is Judaism so you don't really have any idea what you doing to be honest right now what I converted for her and I I want to be with Erin or Mike okay I will convert can occur to Judaism and recently I'm good be making food for her family and learn how to make good matzoh ball okay and you call this show because because I often want to learn how to be a good Jewish person how to make her family like me you did serious and not enough to supply like you did serious I'm dead. There are right so so here's the deal.

I know nothing about cooking matzoh balls absolutely zero, but I would love for you and your girlfriend to take a different look at the Jewish Jesus if I sent you a book about this the real kosher Jesus to find out about his Jewishness and things perhaps that neither of you knew is there a chance that either you or your girlfriend will take a look at it yet. I give you regret that I actually don't live in Anchorage and fearful work actually written Missouri arts attenuate Samuel stay right there okay and when I can do this on the arena whenever you want to know the address when I can get this address out to anyone else but give us the name and address that we should send the book to our grace is going to come on Grace's clinic come on and get that address the briskly real kosher Jesus. I'm also going to include a debate I did with the rabbi that that you find really interesting. A friend of mine debated some of these issues, so check these out together and they were often may the Lord use this to touch Samuel and his girlfriend.

Okay do we dare do we dare take another call blitz. Let's do it.

Let's go to Morris in New York City. Welcome to the line of fire. Will Morris be there.

Morris is gone well hello hello oh that neurotic allow you go ahead you're here your idea behind itů My name is Rabbi Mort. The Bible God pronoun the data and I overheard what you would think a little bit about you that you Judaism and liberal to talk about, I would have to agree, I would say that 90% of Orthodox do actually liberal do, and that the template bent over what we called Herod be a very ultraconservative and even a state of Israel, but the capacity all Orthodox bigot Udo about hate LGBT you and Clea Collett body is very upsetting to me is that you would query up all I will Morris that let me ask you something. What stats did I get that I say 10% low said that Orthodox Jews made up of templates that but growing audit the Jewish community in America that's that's very, very well documented. That's incredible.

I not the I'm agreeing with what I'm saying is great like most people that that 88 quiz minorities and all that like a very conservative program prams know that that it does like a good template that of the ALT.NET do believe in that document. Like the very hard-core Herod be rabbinic, you right right right. Somebody called Paredes some some are pro-Israel someone not present.

Lubavitcher's are not anti-Israel sought more or anti-Israel, but in any case, I gave up. I said roughly 10% of American Jews that would hold to these fees. So the very Orthodox that the very observant not not even the that the modern Orthodox and watch although few in yeshiva University recently hold to these principles, but can't. Can we. If you can stick on the line with me for it for a moment, Sir, I just want to talk to as a Jew to find out what your authority system is so we basically agree that it's it's 10% of the American population that will be in this strongly Orthodox soul Michael motor thought rating that I like to find out how you can reconcile you identifying your and holding to the authority of her. Also, if you stay there about to speak on file. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on Thursday and the line of fire all just 45 minutes my little less than that. Will be back on our YouTube channel. Esther Gibran, and SK Dearborn with her exclusive weekly Q&A you to chat so eager to get your questions on YouTube on all matters of subjects, so that'll be 45 minutes row for 15 Eastern time, and Esther Gibran channel on YouTube. All right, I want to go back to the phones with Morris in New York City. Would you would you mind letting me know by which organization you are ordained to Rabbi yes I was ordained as a rabbi in the synagogue Baptist date but just a little synagogue aggressive synagogue in the middle in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Got it in and what type of of training did you have to go through for your ordination well of course I had to go the debug a lot while I went to the yeshiva, New York and a lot it is we all and I had to take a lot of great in it.

Israel, I had to go rabbinic orderly religious school in train out of your rabbi. There add the you know you have to learn how to Hebrew it yet is because what I would like. I never really knew you were that much but they had to teach me that you well and you know it or how mood and all that.

So, so, what level of proficiency did you have to get to in Mishnah and Talmud, studied what was devoted for your and I had been a lot I'd been well well for a good few years like I would bake 3 to 5 years. I had read all my day by eating Yep Yep reading the Torah deciding the four like a barn caught like I don't remember the Hyatt or in a bit of how mood by hot I member reading. I had no in my mind got it then and in will you openly. Identifying is clear at the time Sir ought know I found out while I was struggling with Mike we in it that the Jewish person while that yeshiva but until like what I was darting at Rabbi, I found that the couple you would query you came up to the old me the frustration right and I felt very like relatable way and I are kind of that little bit of praying and I thought and I found out that I was actually clear my well so you know, I know I was actually ultra Orthodox family and I was Sean because it was part of the one lady friend that not all clear Jewish people right, of course, shunned, and then atmosphere and and why do you use the word that you identify as queer resin gaze is there a difference or nuance in the way you say it. Well I identify with you because I think we as a universal speculation that you are indeed homosexual and okay that's what they said earlier like that I was a child. You one day you would you we got it. Yeah I and then what if you were convinced that God was not in favor of this, that, whether you were born this way or it was just part of the yes or hurrah the evil inclination or something that developed in you over the years that God did not want to living in in gay relationships and that it was contrary to his holiness and his ways but what would you do that well as the Jewish queer rabbi.

I have done a lot of reflecting. I've talked of the Rabbi about progressive Orthodox and you know to specular right and the main content. The data, although Yahweh, the great Yahweh not not that in the hat or edit how mood that gay marriage is wrong. There is nothing that that right even though I buy what I feel is that God if God wanted be weird Jewish man, your rabbi may be a rabbi it with his belt. I asked yeshiva memorize the poor and the tablet by hot, Rabbi elastic yeah so that the with all respect and calling in a gentle way. I don't want to I don't want to be harsh you you been shunned you've been through that, but with all respect that the Torah really does speak clearly against a man having sex with another man in the same way that he would with a woman I met a man lying with amendments of penetration of with another male who quite explicitly and in very strong terms in the same way it it speaks against adultery and speaks against incest beast reality just is contrary to God's design.

Your there. Even bigger shame that talk about this was one of the sins because of which God destroyed the earth in Noah's day that they were issuing same-sex marriage certificates.

That of course the show, Ruth explicitly condemns such relationships between men and men or women and women switches why traditional Judaism has never, for a split second, countenanced gay relationships so look there are there are ministers of the gospel that are called to the ministry, but but there is struggle with pornography. The Disney God wants them to struggle with pornography means it's it's a weakness of eminent heterosexual and they struggle with porn they can sit will because God called me to be in the ministry and I find an outlet through porn. It's therefore right everything has to be submitted to God's word and and that's why we challenge the progressive traditions that say will we know better than God's word and our traditions do so. It again that's that's right struggle. You may be very decent nice person. In many ways and kindhearted and compassionate towards the marginalized, but your living in defiance of God's revealed word, and I'm not saying this is based on believing in the New Testament of sin is this based on believing the time he will I add something here real quick. I actually have been well a religion dollars like the example Rabbi Schappell gold, the date you wish Rabbi Wanda at pop Rabbi what area and a path noted at the brick they have come out saying or have like pride argue that the manly man does not actually be homosexual and I had that the difference between homosexual and porn addiction. I wanted a very bad thing. Get addicted while being a homosexual in the I did on my life. This is who I am well you know you choose to do on your you choose to watch it that Alec go down the rabbit hole you do choose to act on homosexual desires. What you choose to act on those. I was only comparing I wasn't comparing point on the six I was comparing your argument that it must be God's will because your rabbi. This is who you are but but let let let me at many assistant there are people that struggle with other things that everyone of us would say wrong. For example, an adult male whose only attracted to children right. We universally say that's wrong that's sinful. You can't act on that. That's child abuse. That's pedophilia. But they would say I was born this way of always been this way. This is who I am and we would say because were you born this way or not. You sure Jesus is. You must be born again.

In other words, the fact that something may be real to the core of someone's being and as long as they can remember.

That's how they've always felt that certainly doesn't make it right or justifiable does it yet, but for example all I have to say that there are document how mood. There are some things Mutombo that do I hate the state to wipe pedophilia and Jewish branches, but mainly ultraconservative how mood state strictly obey the combatant Torah ALT.NET do practice that you do see that income from neighborhood event them neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, child abuse, though. In other words, the right skull child-abuse right right yes I agree with you but that's what that's what the problem that I don't agree that that part of it when I would read those passages very differently about redoing sanctioned netlike like what you demand in the mapping we, there are people that agree with that right there people that think that how taken literally right and that there are like, like for example like what, then, what about pedophilia people take that literally. Unfortunately, people who follow that unfortunate Jewish law.

Jewish law and Rambam and others. Jewish law explicitly forbids pedophilia explicitly categorically walk but but right foot. The point the point is online does it does it does it give you pause for thought that no Jewish scholars in history until after the sexual revolution of note no religious choose rabbis ever question the prohibition on homosexual practice.

The text was clear enough to them through all those years that it was never, it was never questioned until after the sexual revolution when so much of the culture shift in the negative and destructive ways. Do you think someone would have seen it somewhere, some along the lines well because of course something that, but also Dr. Brandt have been practicing that for a very long time. Even before the revolution, and you know sometimes we have to adapt the time you know we had you gave them the people we are attempting be a body Christianity be more accepting any you don't have to have like a like you have a gap that they cannot earn them away and be respectful to people. I would agree with being respectful and I hope you find me being respectful to you is retracting guideline you are you you're very nice person I I appreciate how I did what you been to me while we are talking about why I appreciate that. And of course you you been very gentle and gracious suck on your end. I would only ask you to reconsider and you may have done this before, but you just ask God if you want to be pleasing in his sight. God is my life pleasing in your sight and remembering Judaism with the Esther Tovar. This also the good inclination and the evil inclination which explain for others in a rabbis religious Jews that it's understood that there's a battle in going all the way back to cane who kills Abel in Genesis 4. Regards, his sins crouching at the door. It it wants to have you. But, but you must overcome it and sometimes know very deep, deep things within us or our human identity there corrupted and and fallen and if there's a book I wrote.

Can you began Christian but it touches on a lot of related things. I love you might want to take a look at it. If you have any interest in what the tell you what to do. It. I would love to send you a debate that I did with Rabbi smoothly about homosexuality and just ask you to watch it. I think a fun and interesting because there's there's no bashing. There's no attacking I have nothing but love for those who identify as LGBT Q and beyond.

But listen so you don't have to say anything on the air.

If you would like me to send you a free copy of this debate that I did with Rabbi smoothly about homosexuality love to send you as a gift obligation place is going to come on and ask like get a copy.

If so will send it to you our gift. If not, feel free to call again, thanks for the conversation. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to thoroughly Thursday don't forget to visit vitamin

Find out how you can save 10% on all of your health supplement orders from Dr. Mark Spengler and with every order generous donation is made to our ministry as well to help us reach out even more so you get great healthy supplements you get a discount get to help us all at the same time and I'm so excited to recommend these cousin because I know the help and the great supplements and I use them myself hate some fascinating calls today some very interesting calls including how to make matzoh ball soup anyway 866-34-TRUTH in Ezekiel 37 which follows naturally after Ezekiel 36 Ezekiel's from the valley of dry bones and got asked, can these bones live and he does the right thing God you know your God and and then it's it's a picture of the Jewish people returning from exile, coming back together limb by limb and then breath and breathed into them Spirit rock Brett spirit when the same words also bring breathed back into them and they live and thrive. That's a picture that was partly fulfill with the Jewish returned from Babylonian exile and then partly fulfill of the ashes of the Holocaust with piles of human remains and bones. The horror of that just a few years after that rebirth of the modern state of Israel and the final fulfillment will be Israel.

Salvation is returning to the Lord that live and breathe for that every day of my life. Bishop Tracy Ryle, Anglican leader, older contemporary of Charles Spurgeon saw these things as literal predictions, and accordingly, my Booker hands were stained with blood so I want to go over there and read what he had to say okay so Bishop Tracy Ryle older contemporary of Spurgeon also taught strongly on the restoration of the Jewish people to their land into their Messiah sis is in the mid to late 1800s, completely rejecting the idea that the church had supplanted the Jewish people. He wrote this imagining the conversation between the Christian and a Jew who did not believe in Jesus with the Christian believing that Jesus literally fulfill the Old Testament prophecies about his first coming, so he goes on, but suppose the Jew ask you if you take all the prophecies of the Old Testament in their simple literal meaning. Suppose he asked you if you believe in a literal personal advent of Messiah to reign over the earth and glory. A little restoration of Judah and Israel to Palestine a little rebuilding and restoration of Zion and Jerusalem. Suppose the unconverted juice on nonbelieving Jew puts these questions to what answers you prepared to make. Will you dare to tell them that the Old Testament prophecies of this kind are not to be taken in their play literal sense where your data tell them that the word Zion Jerusalem, Jacob, Judah from Israel do not mean what they seem to me but mean the Church of Christ. We are dare to tell him that the glorious kingdom and future blessedness of science often dwelt upon in prophecy mean nothing more than the gradual Christianizing of the world by missionaries and gospel preaching where you dare to tell him that you think it carnal to expect the literal rebuilding of Jerusalem carnal to expect a literal coming of Messiah terrain or reader. If you're a man of this might take care what you are doing. I say again to kick his memory go cite Jesus literally fulfill the prophecies of his first coming. All that all but all the future ones. Their metaphorical spiritual soul. Again he was 18, 16 to 1900. He says time would fail me if I attempted to quote all the passages of Scripture which the future history of Israel is revealed. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah Mike as if I Zechariah all declare the same thing. All predict with more or less particularity that, in the end of this dispensation. The Jews are to be restored to their own land, and to the favor of God. I lay no claim to infallibility in the interpretation of Scripture in this matter. I am well aware that many excellent Christians cannot see the subject as I do.

I can only say that to my eyes. The future salvation of Israel as a people.

The return to Palestine, which is what was called in and their national conversion to God appear as clearly and plainly revealed as any prophecy in God's word and to that I say absolutely yes and amen. No question about as clear as any prophecy in Scripture absolutely now there are some Christian scientists today who hold to a bizarre and dangerous view that we are not to share the gospel with Jewish people.

Now that at the end of the age there will be a miraculous turning right now Christians to stand with Israel and show their support of Israel that's dangerous that some biblical member. The gospel pulses to the Jew first and never hit his heart was broken. He was in continual pain as his own Jewish people. His own people were not saved if Christians did not share the gospel with me I would be lost. Live to play with to be made to be 18 years old, with the crazy lifestyle at if if I didn't share the gospel with with my wife Nancy and others didn't share with her.

She would be loss could still be an atheist. Today, and on and on it goes. All of us around the world Jewish believers in Jesus who come to face faith are so grateful someone share the gospel with us and if there are Christian scientists say no no no, it was his habit in the future. One says Jews will get saved by revelation upper proclamation well so may have special revelation God opens their eyes supernaturally and sovereignly.

But the pattern is through proclamation through the preaching of the word in Romans 10 how they hear without a preacher that's that's about Israel there in context. So Jay Serrano is absolutely right. These things are prophesied, we are living in days of fulfillment every single day with the Jewish people back in the land, and so many other things that to be a reality now from 70 years and more mature shorts turning to Jesus the Messiah and encourage a friend stand with us. We are on the front lines. Let let us be your voice. Let us be your your arms and legs and messengers, bringing the good news to Jewish people around the world. We do it every day in Hebrew and Russian and English and Spanish and Portuguese and other ways.

The message is getting out in your helping us do that. All right, let's see if you have time for it so I would imagine based on on a few people of gross immaturity who called in today earlier on either the same person calling from different numbers, but the nature of the calls that came in today. I would imagine that somebody somewhere on some social media page encourage people to call in its itself is not just coincidence that that happens. But you have to understand, aside from us having? About leaving to take the last caller on that this person was really wanted to come on the year and written and came up with a false question solicit here's here's the deal. All right, let me talk straight.

You don't be a jerk. Don't be an idiot.

I welcome calls from people different with me. I do, I welcome calls from people think I'm completely wrong on subjects effect. We encourage those calls. In fact, if I see my phone lines lit up in one of the callers says they disagree is been the subject. I'll do my best to bump them up as a priority. If I see the other calls are not urgent time sensitive do my best to bump them up to give them time to differ with me. So were paying for airtime, so that others can yet got it okay thanks yes or our team is working to dump the prank calls today but it just whatever your point is you make an idiot out of yourself and you demean yourself and you make whatever point you're trying to make sound completely idiotic. Don't soak so don't call him of the false question teller call screener. This is what it's about and then come on with some kind of prank call it, and when I noticed was the sound of the voice of the callers they want three years old is real kid is nobody better, but hate this is one reason people say or how you deal with criticism. I feel bad for critics.

I feel bad for those attacking because I know the wrong all the more. Do I feel bad for people who make fools of themselves in public and somehow think that this is a constructive thing to do so may the Lord help me, Lord help people to grow in truth and you know it's it's an interesting thing someone was asking me over lunch today about the criticism in the attack from those offered in the in the that identifies LGBT Q, etc. I said you know, behind a lot of the anger is often pain and and also from their point of view if I sat on it recognize this is marriage to mentor to women. I don't recognize that as marriage or God has a better way. Someone struggling with with gender identity. God has a better way and it's to help you from the inside out. So I been through that torment you not understand you have no clue. The only outlet for me to be healthy and whole. Avoid suicide. 16 surgical understand these weighty things understand when I don't celebrate that that Richard Rachel Levine present Bidens appointee as Assistant Sec. for Health and Human Services just named a four-star admiral and the presses swooning over this. How amazing. The first female to further Samantha's about to go man all the all the females who are biological females who are legitimate females. They've never been promoted there a man is now celebrated for females normally can celebrate. That's understand people get mad at me but my heart goes out to them. I all the more do I want to see them come to the Lord's of the prank callers and the trolls.

The Lord help you learn open your heart and mind is to know him is to know life may have mercy on you if you reject is to reject him another program powered by the Truth Network

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