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Prayer | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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October 21, 2021 8:00 am

Prayer | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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October 21, 2021 8:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals how the Holy Spirit helps us in prayer.

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Overview like your prayers aren't getting through to the throne room of God. Listen to Adrian Rogers. Have you ever tried to brave just like the heavens with brass.

I mean that your prayers at the ceiling bounce back off. You just can't seem to get through and got seems thousands of light-years away. This can't seem to get well. The Bible teaches that it is the Holy Spirit that ushers us into the throat. Welcome to love worth finding.

It was Christian's prayer is a is a glitch in service. Yet it can be our greatest field. Too often we don't have the desire to pray nor do we know what to pray for other times the enemy interferes to keep us from pray pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers said the devil laughs at our organization and mocks our schemes. He ridicules our good intentions, but he fears our prayers.

Knowing this, God has given us an ally and asset and great helper, the Holy Spirit. If you have your Bible turn now.

Romans chapter 8 is Adrian Rogers begins part two of this message, titled simply, prayer, the first thing the Holy Spirit of God is to help us to pray is that the Holy Spirit of God activates our will and what is God that worketh in you.

The Bible says in Philippians 2 verse 13 both to will and to do his good pleasure. God works in you be activates you well.

Listen adversely and what is God that worketh in you both to will and to do his good pleasure. So you have to let the Holy Spirit of God come in you and activate your will and not only will the Holy Spirit of God activate your well they what else Holy Spirit of God will do. He will animate your body is not only the activation of your will, but the summation of your body I want to send me an image and make sure body.

Now, the Holy Spirit brought Jesus actually literally visibly bodily grave. He's the Holy Spirit became in the USA that if a spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Jesus from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwells within you know the word quicken means means give life energy to activate. He gives you strength to pray.

If the spirit of him and raised Jesus Christ from the dead dwell in you spirit will quicken your mortal bodies. There's something about the Holy Spirit that gives you energy you know when the spirit of God is their joys and the joy of the Lord is your strength. And when you're in the spirit, the Holy Spirit of God will literally strengthen he will activate your body as well as activate your will and and you can just say what I'm waiting I'm crazy and sleepy in my mind is Holy Spirit of God.

My flesh is weak. Spirit is willing, okay, well, it was 1/3 thing Holy Spirit of God will do number three there is the adaptation of our requests in prayer. Now look at this is very interesting know if you will to verse 26 likewise the Spirit also help with our infirmities. Alice just stopped there for a moment and say that Paul includes himself even say your weaknesses of Paul's greatest Christian ever live in the included himself. He says our infirmities, for we know not what we should pray for you and save you much, people don't know what you should pray for. He said we know not what we should pray for as we all but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

You want to accept your weakness, for two reasons reasonable one is a fact. Paul said my infirmity. Your infirmity, it's a five number two.

It is an asset is a how can my weakness be an asset.

Will Paul learned that his weakness was an asset.

Put this verse down in second Corinthians chapter 12 in verse nine, Paul had a thorn in the flesh got taken away from them and I God refused, and beginning in verse nine of the 70, my grace is sufficient for the for my strength is made perfect in weakness, and I write you see many of us think were too weak. May we have been we cannot label having come to the place where we said Lord I can't have you ever known that Lauren I just can't so long as were struggling.

We don't cry out to him.

But when we say Lord I can't and you can and then God's is all right now that strength is a fact is going to become an asset because my strength will be made perfect in your weakness. What God wants to do in prayer is to deliver us from self sufficiency he makes is perpetually weak, that we might be perpetually dependent that we might be perpetually powerful as we depend upon him, and so the spirit help with in infirmities, you see the Holy Spirit of God adapts our request in prayer. He just moves in alongside of us about looking toward health. It's a very interesting word. It begins the word soon, which means with and then another prefix is anti-AMTI which means face-to-face and in the third word is a mono which means to take hold of all right soon anti-lumbar that's the word help with the only other time is used in the Bible I think is when Martha was in the kitchen. She came out the kitchen like she's mad because Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus and Martha was in the kitchen fixing a meatloaf and she comes out there and she's Jesus went to tell Mary to come in his kitchen and help me now. Think of these words soon means with an anti-means face-to-face and lobotomies to take hold of memo to you how that the Holy Spirit, the adaptation of our request in prayer is what we talked about how he helps our infirmities. I heard Dr. Herschel Hobbs use this illustration and it was a great blessing to me. He said suppose here's a man. He has a wagon no matter wagon. He has a 500 pound bail of hay and he's going over the bridge and the back of that wagon tilts and a bale of hay falls out on the ground so you say well let me help you. So you get on one side and he gets on the other side. Now you're looking at each other over that they look up your anti-face to face. Then you take hold of it with him.

He's on one side you on the outside that soon with anti-face-to-face and then you both take hold Absalom mono and you both lift that load all that wagon. Now that's a good illustration about what this verse is about. You see, when we pray in the Holy Spirit we are face-to-face with him. There is an vital relationship face to face with him. He with me and I with him and together we I cannot do it without him. He will not do it without me but together in prayer. The Holy Spirit of God helps us to pray this only questions about prayer me what you to pray for this so many needs in our world today. If you go just to pray: and the that's like trying to bail out the ocean with the You get discouraged if you try to pray for everything you end up praying for nothing. I've been there, you never did finish there so many people so many hurts so many problems so many nations so much to pray that you just don't know what to pray about and you don't know how to pray about what you know to pray about aunt Susie.

She said is it God's will to heal. How does God want take her home when you pray for the sake of Jesus pray father I pray for those allies given me, that they may be with me where I am Jesus saying thought I warm in heaven with landlord to let him go to heaven in a true now that sometimes it is God's will for people to stay here and God extends our lives in God and mercy just lets him stay with us. But God has made us for heaven pray that Darrell and Susie was walk with the Lord for so long. Jesus is saying. Father let her come with any hope God don't let anti-most of our prayer meetings in our churches. How many people praying for the loss that need to be safe, people praying for the saints to get well. Nothing wrong with that always seems strange to me were more interested in keeping the signs out heaven lost out him how you pray about these things pray about a troublemaker in the church troublemakers pastoring a church but I heard about other churches about people like that. Pray Lord about Lord give them right.

You may not know how I know when Saul was making havoc of the church and calling all Christians to prison and today I I just imagine how the church with very little. Saul hold God strike him dead, God struck him alive not saved game grade possible.

It is hard to know how to pray.

If you try to pray about everything. Your prayer will become small, you have to pray with selectivity and specificity in order to pray with power with the listen listen this passage of Scripture.

Look, if you will again. Likewise the Spirit also help with our infirmities but we know what we should pray for as we all but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be heard. Thank God that the Holy Spirit of God. When we pray will lay prayer burdens all my heart and teach us what to pray for Matt is something else that the Holy Spirit of God will do the Holy Spirit of God will administrate your access to God the administration of our access in prayer. Look, you will begin in verses 14 and 15.

We've already looked at this, look at it again in chapter 8 verse 14 for as many as are led by the spirit of God.

They are the sons of God for you not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, father met what the Holy Spirit of God's he energizes you and leads you into the presence of God? Have you ever tried to pray in just seem like the heavens or brass, I mean that your prayers have the ceiling in bounce back off and you just can't seem to get through and and God seems thousands of light-years away are you that you just can't seem to get through. Well, the Bible teaches that it is the Holy Spirit that ushers us into the throne room. I will give you verse that you put them in your margin because it refers again to Romans eight verses 14 and 15 and is Ephesians 2, verse 18 for through him through Jesus we both have access by one Spirit unto the father. I listen carefully.

We pray to the father through the son in the spirit to the father through the son in the spirit.

For by him. Jesus we have access by one Spirit unto the father now.

Yes, the Lord has invited us to come boldly to the throne of grace, but you need the Holy Spirit of God usher you into the throne room when I was first elected president, Southern Baptist convention back in 1979.

That ensuing year 1980 Pres. Jimmy Carter was elected, and he's a Southern Baptist and I'm Southern Baptist and so he was my president. I was his president. He invited me to the Oval Office, went to the Oval Office will have you how you go into the Oval Office. What a what you don't do that you don't get your candle front gate go sauntering in go knock on the door. The Oval Office is going to a what what you do you go to a particular room and you wait there and there is an envelope for the president who will come and get you and I assure you into that office even if you been invited. You need that person bring you in for the Holy Spirit is that person will bring in the throne room program is a will I I'll never get invited to the Oval Office past limited something friend you invited into the throne room come boldly, boldly to the throne of grace is the Holy Spirit of God always. I'll take you by the hand and bring you Shekinah glory in the presence of God by Jesus we have access by one Spirit, Holy Spirit, unto the fall and I break Michael's. I said it is great anyway is its praying in the spirit is the activation of our will. The animation of our bodies friend. There is adaptation of our request. We don't know what to pray for as we all then there is need the administration of our access as we brought right in my I must close this one of the thing. The Holy Spirit who bears the articulation of our means. Sometimes also when we pray we don't have the vocabulary there certain things that we cannot put into words.

Look again at this passage of Scripture in Romans chapter 8 S. to go back over here.

What's this likewise the Spirit also help with our infirmities but we know not what we should pray for as we all but the spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered in atonement, praying in tongues here. That's an utterance it on by groanings against the people want a word is a word is like a crook. Word is like a vehicle that delivers a call from one person to another person. My words are the trucks and vehicles that are getting my thoughts to you but sometimes you know there's some thoughts that are too heavy for the truck. I mean, we might have for time problem and a two-tone truck.

We may have something that we all want to ask for we know how to ask if we don't know how to articulate and adjust his friend that we don't know the Bible says the spirit of maketh of the session forest with groanings that cannot be uttered. One translation gives it size is that it too deep for words. This word groanings is where this useful labor pains ever been. There have been there while never having had those sympathetic labor pains but you know when is that roaming that sometimes that another about the rainfall she's not making a speech adjust in agony, but it is a groaning the desires to bring a cloth. There is a need something that needs to be delivered and the Holy Spirit of God makes groanings that cannot be audited to form articulate prayer. I've been there. There was a problem in our family. It broke my I stay in heaven with my prayers there came a time when you have to say oh God, that's it. I know how to play what to pray for Jost will you know what the Holy Spirit was saying. Father Adrian in the one four, but I know he that searches the hearts knows what is the mind of the spirit and he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God. Nero sometimes we don't know how to pray what to pray for William the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit of God is helping you and pray that's a wonderful you know if you go down the streets of Memphis, Tennessee. You look up the only schools and you see something called a transformative big-box heavy voltage comes into the transformer and then he comes out of that transformer those wires to come down to your house comes into your toaster that you posted that bagel in this morning comes and your refrigerator. The Choice to scold came down to your hairdryer that enabled you blow and fluffy hair came down to those lightbulbs and so forth.

But you know if you just took that energy as it comes into the transformer and put it right into your hairball, you would probably wouldn't have any hair or hair blower he'll put it in your toaster you would have a bagel you and have a toast nice the same energy but goes through transform the Holy Spirit of God will take you prayer. Sometimes and put them in the divine transformer and make them adaptable to heaven now to pray in the spirit lot get started.

First of all, you gotta get saved you can have the Holy Spirit maliciously Romans eight verse nine. If any man have not the spirit of Christ is not of his mouth friend without being saved. You cannot have the Holy Spirit, but now wait a minute you can be saved and the Holy Spirit of God can be in you, and still not pray in the spirit because not only to have the Holy Spirit.

He is to have you you to be filled with the spirit. Not only is he to be resident but he needs to be president, why don't you play all God.

I met that the problem my prayer life is that I I'm just carnally minded. I don't want pray this because I've been walking according to the flesh, not according to the spirit.

Lord, I take myself off the throne and I am throne the Lord Jesus, just fill me with the spirit right now. Holy Spirit, I yield a new and fresh my heart, my life to you. Fill me spirit of God, fill me spirit of God take control of my life and those of you who have never truly been saved. Let me lead you in prayer right now. You can pray and ask Jesus Christ in your heart you may already be a church member but I'm talking about being truly saved.

Let me help you pray would you pray like this dear God, I know that you love me and I know that you want to save me Jesus you died to save me. Thank you for paying for my sin with your blood on the cross you promise to save me if I would trust you. I trust you, Jesus come into my heart, forgive my sin save me Jesus the Lord Jesus, I thank you for saving your now my Lord, my Savior, my God and my friend and Lord Jesus give me the courage to make this public in your name I pray, amen. If you prayed to receive Jesus Christ just now. We would love to celebrate with you and invite you to our discovery, Jesus page on the website you will find answers, you may need about your newfound faith.

There's a response section as well where you can share your testimony with us, or how this message has made a difference in your life but especially if you've given your life to Christ. Just now go to and click on the tab that says Discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family. Let us hear from you today nephew like to order a copy of this message in its entirety. Call us at 1877 love God and mention the title prayer this message is also part of the insightful series foundations for our faith.

Volume 2 with the complete collection, all 27 powerful messages: 877 love God or go online to order it or you can write us at Leavenworth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Prayer is warfare and if you go to the Lord today. Remember you have a helper who intercedes so glad you joined us for today studying God's word to the next time for more profound truth simply state on love is an encouraging testimony received on her website. Not long ago. Thank you for all these beautiful, heartfelt, loving sermons at Pastor Rogers amazing faith in the words I was born again while listening on the radio when I surrendered my life heart and soul to Jesus. That morning I felt Jesus presence.

Thank you all. I love whenever we hear testimonies like that. We are so grateful for your prayers and your donations that enable us to share these life-changing messages and when you give a gift to the ministry right now we want to send you a hard copy of our new resource good morning Lord inspired by the Bible study method found in Adrian Rogers teachings this devotional point you to Scripture, prayer and praise every day request the book good morning Lord we call with a gift right now. 1877 love God will give online. It

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