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Valor - Part 5

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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October 20, 2021 6:29 am

Valor - Part 5

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 20, 2021 6:29 am

What does it mean to be a woman of valor? Today, David and Marilynn continue a series of messages on valor -- as we look at Proverbs 31.


We all have been disseminated by examples of courage and valor. We have all kinds of women in the world today and every woman can be a woman of valor and leasing throughout Scripture that married single young all divorced but God is calling all women to be women of valor welcome to moments of hope click if you study Proverbs 31 you know it's God's handing tribute to women, one translation refers to the Proverbs 31 woman as a woman and valor. With this in mind, David and Marilyn Charlotte continue our series simply called valor today will start off in Proverbs 31 any teaching they call you begin again by asking you what your definition about well if it's my definition for the dictionary says that valor is simply courage in the face of danger and whether or not you know how to define it, you know, when you see it right. You have been so moved by examples of courage and valor probably throughout our lifetime what so awesome about God's word is when you look at the valor that word for valor in the Old Testament, which used about 100 times it means everything from God's angel armies to God himself as your defender and your warrior to King David's mighty fighting man to Gideon, who we saw was called out by God is a mighty man of valor, even when he was cowardly and hiding. He became window so valor means everything from military might to well to troops to armies to courage to virtue and then of course valor is often talked about with women. One of the women we looked at was described as a woman of valor is the Proverbs 31 woman and there's a verse saw the and read to you. It says a woman of valor who can find them again, Marilyn, that term should child would you explain that to give the baby refer to the meaning of it and how they can use it yeah and if any of you ever read Proverbs 31. Answer some of you in here pretty familiar with that chapter. You might've tried to avoid it like I did because it looked like a long list of about 20 when I see some heads nodding about 21 verses about what kind of an awesome woman you're supposed to be that can do everything and still look great while doing it, and some women throughout the years, at least on our side of the ocean, looked at that as our to do list and it made us, feels a bit inadequate, but when I moved through about 20 when different Bible versions, and I came to number 21 the 21st version was the Orthodox Jewish Bible and it translated exit file correctly from the Hebrew which is woman of valor and caught me off guard and I'm like why did I never see that and as I did a little more research I found out that woman valor is a very common term among Jews and messianic Jews all over the world. In fact all over the world every night on Shabbat the night before Shabbat which is Friday night for them. I guess this would be our night before the Sabbath right but the husband's in the family will recite or if she's lucky, I guess I'm lucky, sing these verses. These very to say that you said that battle be fortunate if he were to do that you want to do it right now.

I got so anyway somebody actually took the Hebrew and then interpreted it in English. This is not the Bible translation but it's a pretty good Hebrew translation of the poem as it is appointments and acrostic point and this is pretty much what is sung to the woman of the home the night before Shabbat. And as we talked about last week. Generally that's a married woman with children, but we have all kinds of women in the world today and every woman can be a woman of valor and leasing throughout Scripture that married single young all divorced, widowed God is calling all women to be women of valor and as one Jewish blogger said she was kinda set free from that stereotype. When she realized that she walked into the homeless shelter where she worked each morning before going to her Wall Street job. She was just felt overwhelmed by the quiet down with her household and that she wasn't left out. She was a woman of valor is an exciting term is a name and it really is in their other biblical examples love it and we wanted to in the series today by looking at another great woman of valor in the Bible named Deborah in the Old Testament. From the book of Judges and get if you don't know the book of Judges let me give you a quick oversight but it is the continual study of Israel's history being in a place of greatness before God's eyes, and they slowly but surely fall into sin and the degradation they start being oppressed by enemies that cry out to God. God raises up a judge and the judge then brings them back to the place of greatness before God is the continual cycle that repeatedly goes through these judges throughout the book of Judges and we had Gideon Sampson is also there are several, but another. This very interesting is Deborah held two offices in Israel not only as a judge, but also profit the first one to hold both of those offers only one of two, with Samuel being the other and it really is interesting ladies that God raised up a woman to a position of spiritual leadership in all of Israel talk some about Deborah yet. It's interesting we don't know a whole lot about her daily. David she married since the she was married. We don't know whether she had children or not, but she was indeed married to Mr. Stingley. There was a tree that was named for her. We see this in Judges chapter 1.

Five. Let me read these verses to you now.

Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Levitt off was judging Israel at that time she used to sit under the palm of Deborah, there's the tree that was named for her between Rahmat and Bethel in the hill country of each for I am in the people of Israel came up to her for judgment. So there's that spiritual leadership part as a prophet and also a judge. People would come to her tree, which again this must've been written at a later date her life. I called to a tree named for a lot of people may have come to her and sought her wisdom with spiritual matters and also being a judge on what was right or wrong. She's well respected and radiant smile.

When this rabbit was a tree since he probably been there for a while and I don't think she stay there all the time that she probably had a home and then she would go. This is where she held court.

The judge Judy of her so it's just interesting to me that again we don't know what what was going on with her has a little even if he was still alive. We don't if she did or didn't have children, but apparently the writer of Scripture who we think with Samuel on this one. I didn't feel I can't explain it all. He does want to talk about what God was using her to do and when you are a prophet, and again a member. She was the very first one to be called a prophet. It meant you probably spent a lot of time with God and you heard his words, and you spoke forth his words to either and she did this she summoned a guy named Barack it was apparently the military general of a very broken down nation, and let's pause for just a minute to let people know that like in Gideon's day. These folks had lived a disobedient life and were being torn up by the Canaanites. It said that village life had almost ceased and the warriors at all went away and hiding so she summons this guy even know where he was, but she summoned the sea. She summoned Barack and called him to go into battle. She said this is from judges for has not the Lord God of Israel, commanded you, go gather your men at mount table or taking 10,000 from the people of Naphtali and the people of Zebulun and from what we know at that point. These guys weren't even warriors at unit and runaway. It was a very broken down people. The Canaanites were God lives beyond words.

You cannot believe what they would do child sacrifice all kinds of sexual godlessness. They were just awful people. They now are in control of God's holy chosen people. So for Deborah to rise up and go to Barack military general and say enough is enough. Were going to get rid of the Canaanites was quite important moment in Israelite history, and it must've caused him a little fear and quaking the chasm. Barack said her note.

Basically Deborah, if you go with me. I will go, but if you will not get with me. I will not go and she said I will surely get with you and this is Judges 489. This is probably not so much out of fear of running as all this was Plan B in a Deborah just went because Barack was afraid to go and I don't personally think that and the reason is he was listed in Hebrews 11 in the New Testament is one of the great heroes of the faith is something that I called him a hero. If this was being considered cowardice think he really liked Deborah's influence in his life he heard from God. Remember she's only profit at that point, so he probably liked feeling close to God and he knew that if he wanted to win in battle, he need to get a lot of people to come follow him and they weren't around, they all left in fear. I think it speaks well to don't you ever was so respected in the Israelite community that would block the road is not at all. He was smart and knew that she was so well respected that if she went with him there be a number of people who would follow Juliana because she was so respected as one of our pretty impressed with her to this. I'm thinking of somebody call me and said let's go over the border of Syria and find ISIS and I'm not trained as a warrior which she wasn't is pretty brave.

She went and she does go and she has an astounding victory. What's interesting to his there's another woman who steps to the plate as a kind of woman of valor as the Israelites are winning the battle over the Canaanites and the head of the canine Army fleas. He goes into a tent and need some rest and has a Jewish woman who cares for him. He falls asleep and then while you sleep. She drives a tent peg through his temple woman of valor I would see a guy I know I said dramatically. Kelly need a whole another sermon to talk about the reading that we Judges 4 and five but the point was that Raven prophesied that because in Judges 414.

She basically says to Barack, for this is the day in which the Lord is given since around.

This is the guy that got the tent peg in his head into your hands does not the Lord go out before you. So he leaves the basically the next verse she she says, and God is going to give this Sisera over into the hands of the woman said she was prophesying that woman was going to be the one to finally take him down. Barack defeated him and he ran off and got the tent peg incident and it is real is returned to a position of greatness under Deborah and Barack's leadership and for a while they do really well until they fall back into the sinful conditions of the neighboring nations in the next chapters of the Midianites come in copper, which is the story of Gideon. The next judge that's raised up with the point that we wanted to make here with this whole question of valor is where the war today. Deborah realized that for them. Then, just like we realize that now let's look at when she actually went into action because we don't know what what caused her to rise up but in Judges 5 it says she's saying this basically the villagers ceased in Israel and some translations say that actually the warriors ceased to the warriors to quit finding they ceased to be another was they ceased to fight until I arose I Deborah arose as a mother in Israel, so she well is that there is that word rise up last week we talked about in Proverbs 31 talk about her children rise up and call her blessed and I shared with people that that word in the Hebrew is Coombe for rise up and it's not just stand to your feet. It's talking about being strengthened and established and successful and victorious was when she rose up then she called other people to rise up with her and I think that's kinda what we're feeling like needs to happen today.

She called Moroccan others rise up, it's time for the church of Jesus Christ rise in the fight this battle that is around us and she knows that first thing that interesting. She said I arose and we don't know what happened. The Bible didn't really tell us what grantor but something made that woman think she just had enough and she rose up and went into action and she called Barack to rise up and looked out. She did like this girl and she said this is out of Judges 589 and realized she's talking about idolatry here because remember I said that the people at fallen into great disobedience. So she said when new gods were chosen people were idolatrous.

Then the war was in the gates was a shield or a sphere to be seen among the 40,000 in Israel and that was when the warriors anymore. My heart goes out to the commanders of Israel willingly offered themselves among the people. In other words, she is really encouraging the ones that had the courage to fight to get in the bottle. But if you go back and read the rest of this chapters.

Again, just open up your Bible sometime this week for chapter 5 and read how she calls out by name the tribes.

It didn't go.

She called the ones to rise up that went by Moroccan others and she calls out the ones that were disobedient and didn't go. And this is the time I think to call us out to go into the world and make a difference. I love this phrase Maryland it says from Deborah's words when new gods were chose. It looks like the people of Israel chose canine is God's other than the God who ruled their country and I just think in our nation as well. There are a lot of new gods. There are just a lot of new gods that first all individuals are buying into families are buying into cities were buying into and our nation is buying into. As I said last week and I've said repeatedly.

My greatest fear for the American Christian church is not that we would be persecuted for persecution figures out quickly who's truly on the Lord saw. In fact, the church has grown mostly under persecution of the church in China days exploding with millions upon millions of believers with persecution because you really know who believes in God but my greatest fears that Christians in America will become America, we will think the Christian life is the American mantra and nothing could be farther from the truth. We we bought the gods of materialism and sexuality and possessions, and our life being formed by what other people think of us. All of these false gods that are giving us our identity instead of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So you try to call all of us men and women alike to be people of courage to be people of valor and to stand against these new gods that are imbibing us in our lives that should be rooted totally and solely in Christ you know I think you and I both probably would agree that one of the casualties of these thoughts.

God has been in the M breakdown of the family in every community, but the breakdown of the family.

So if I were the devil, that's what I do if I wanted to introduce new gods of the culture I breakdown the family were moms and dads are the primary influencers of their children to follow Jesus and bring other gods into calling them and wooing them away. And you know we talk some at length last week about covenant love throughout the body of Christ. How we love each other in the body as a witness to the world.

There they don't understand that kind of covenant love that's unconditional but there's also good news for marriages and you know friends, I think it's time to win some that we've been lazing and you didn'tů Not quite as bad as you might think when it comes to marriages among Christians getting here the statistics when editing marriages are broken up and Christians are no better and I've been digging around a little more this week I alluded to at last week I went quite sure the statistics now that really significant Gallup poll was not a Christian poll, but these researchers studied Christians and found out numbers of years ago that couples that just prayed together every day just prayed together, 1/1100+ divorce rate as opposed to one out of two. Think about that one out of over 1100 ended in divorce. And that's really good news. Since that time there've been several different studies that it's really looked at the behaviors even more in depth like worship attendance and whether they read the Bible together, whether they serve together and in God's get even better.

And so I think you know if we will fight this fight and win the wars that we should be losing. We should be a model for the watching world and in our friends in all communities all over the city should be able to say we can have stronger marriages. The world says marriage is a contract.

The Bible says marriage is a covenant covenant means I'm not going anywhere.

In Christian marriages that break up in divorce should be rare and few and if they are than we asked the question only praying together, working together to work together because that some men to become one in Jesus of God is going together moments and hopefully thanks for listening, coming data joins me in the studio with a clear perspective on God and really right community helpless people at the intersection of homelessness and addiction.

20 Marciano Pres. and CEO of Charlotte risk commission from over the years we have been helping these men and women who struggle with addiction probably see the individuals who stand at the interstate ramp holding a sign this is hungry will work for food and maybe you felt the skepticism of are they going to use any money that I give them one of those individuals truly Charlotte risk commission will all about transformation at our men's campus which is called rebel and a women's campus which is called deafness.

We uniquely work inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness. The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high-quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who would otherwise not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation and a love for Christ.

The missions 120 day program has transformed the lives of thousands of men and women in our community whose lives have unraveled to an addiction. Charlotte risk commission is so grateful for the financial partnership moments of hope church. This transformational ministry. James Easton and me today is pastor David Chadwick dated. Thanks so much for joining us today yesterday and I hope you're doing well today. I am thinking you will in this morning's moment of hope you God is God and I am not well thank goodness number one and I'm not.

This sounds like wisdom of the ages. We should all listen to you you is something that someone said to me years ago when I was going through a problem in trying to control it and make sure it all worked out and I couldn't find any answers in this person said to me, David. Remember God is God and you're not God, and most of your problems, when you get those two things confusing wise words Psalm 4610.

Be still and know that I am God. We need to take time regularly to Haley, even by the hour just to remind ourselves. God is God and I'm not God, and again most of my problems come when I get those two things confused.

It's all about his power, his mind his sovereign control over everything in my life. Now let me ask all of our listeners. Right now it is just to take a few moments and try to think through all of those areas, you're trying to control. Remember everyone what it is that you're holding in your hands and you refuse to let go of it will today pry your puny fingers loose from that problem and give it to God. Don't follow the path of Adam and Eve were, they were tempted to be God and to control everything themselves. As a result of the world has become corrupted. You corrupt your own life. When you keep trying to control everything and be God you when I do this and let my problems go and give them to God, they become smaller, their reduced take some time today to be still before God quiet before him. Open your hands now.

Give it all to him refused to take your problems back let go let God, and now feel his peace. That's the message today Jim, that is and now where that's I like to call in now word with everything going on dated in today's world, we can take on these global issues that honestly I'm convinced we were never created to actually know the intricate details of governments falling in all of these burdens and persecutions and it's amazing that we do know so we can pray that when we pray, are we really letting that's the key information overload calls anxiety and then we start taking all the burdens of the world that God never intended for us to carry.

I think that's what first Peter 57 means. When Peter tells us to cast all our cares upon him because he cares for us and I think about how much he cares for us will forestall the incarnation we see that in the evidence that God would leave heaven and come to this earth but we also see it in the cross, the love of the father, through Jesus, his son reports all of his wrath upon his son and not because of great abiding love. So when you realize how much God cares for you. You can cast all your cares upon him and say this is in your hands. I'm let it go.

I'm not taking it back and I'm moving on with my life in peace. Trusting that your God, andů That is said that it reminds me of the Scripture about his burden is easy and his yoke is light why this is an invitation to lighten our load is scary.

Absolutely Jenna before that Jesus is coming to me and when you come to him. You can know that he's curing your burdens, and they become light come to me everyone who's wearing today go to Jesus.

Give him your problems know that he cares what a great word thank you so much David you and everyone.

If you'd like to receive daily from me a written moment of hope go to moments of hope and you can subscribe there free of charge for my heart to yours every morning in your inbox a daily moment of hope. Then, moments of Chadwick Senior Pastor of moments of hope church we would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet at Providence day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte at 10 AM.

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Come join us Sunday morning at Providence day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte is moments of hope for dated any entire moments of hope church James Easton. Can you pray for godly leaders in our school

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