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Created to Be Lovers - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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October 11, 2021 12:00 am

Created to Be Lovers - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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October 11, 2021 12:00 am

God created each of us so we could experience His love and love Him in return.

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Welcome to the intense podcast with Charles Stanley Monday, October 11 seem to be something missing in your life the only one who can fill the vacancy. Is God himself get to know him today through a relationship with his son Jesus Christ. Have you reported seriously why God allowed you to be born more than likely you thought about it, but the question is, what color conclusion did you come to audit you calculate, conclusion, or did you just say well I just guess I was born in here I am in. I'll make the best of well the reason God allowed you to be born is in order for God to express his wonderful love to you. You may not feel it. You may not even understand anything about the love of God. But that's why you were created not only that he could express his wonderful love to you but that you could love him in return, and you see when man fell in the garden of Eden sin came in this world. It just really filed up our capacity to understand the love of God to receive the love of God and to love him in return. But that's why Jesus came to liberate us from the power of sin in our life so that you and I could love God Almighty with all of our heart and that we can receive his love for us and that's what I want to talk about in this message today and I will begin a series entitled liberated to law and the title of this message is created to be lovers when you turn if you will to Luke chapter 10 and Luke chapter 10 a familiar passage of Scripture. Jesus makes it very clear that you and I were created to be lovers and you recall, this is the incident where they're asking him a question about the law and in the 25th verse of this 10th chapter, the Scripture says in the hole, a certain lawyer stood up and put into the test say teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life and he said to him what is written in the law, how does it read to you and answered and said, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself. And he said to him you have answered correctly do this and you will live now. I was the look.

First of all in this whole idea of the nature blog in the New Testament. For example, there are two words for love.

One of them is agape love which is a sacrificial kind of love. The other is for Leo love like we get Philadelphia the city of brotherly love for Leo. Love is an affection and approval of friendship kind of love. The other word for love, which is not that of the New Testament is the word eros which we get the idea of physical love or passion, or sexual love, the first to start of the Scripture. The other one is not an of the 300 and sometimes it love is found in the Bible hundred 85 times that it is found in the New Testament, and of those times 140 some are sacrificial love. Agape love. So when we talk about the love that God has for us here when you talk about love you talking about this kind of attitude that love always ask what's best for the other person love asked the question what can I be and what can I do in your behalf. What cannot be to edify you in the grow you up into Christ likeness in the build you up. Love is always looking out for the other person and love is gentle and kind. Love is forgiving and loyal and faithful and true, and love has many many qualities which will come to the series but just to get us started in this whole aspect of why God pretty is to be lovers simply to say that love is always asking the question, what's best for the other one and what cannot do what cannot be in your behalf. And so God created you and me to love us and what is he always asking us here is not to ask a silly question, but what is he always doing. He's always expressing that love according to what we need him to be for us what our needs are at the moment and he is faithful and loyal and loving and kind you see true love doesn't keep score. True love doesn't have a book and keep score.

You did this and this and this because you see true genuine love is a forgiving love and God has given us the pattern by which we are to love ourselves and with the love others. When we think about the kind of love that he has this unconditional love of God that knows no conditions it doesn't make a difference who we are what we are where we been where we going his love for us is absolute. There are no conditions to his love know if snow and snow, but no conditions whatsoever when we experience the love of God. We are being absolutely genuinely love penetrated every facet of our being by a love that knows no limitations and that is absolutely complete and full and content think there's nothing in the world like experiencing the love of God. Now let's look at that love for just a moment because he says we are to love him. He says if you want to know what the whole law is all about his words about. It's about loving God and loving others as yourself.

So first of all, let's look at this idea of loving God now. He said to these people who the scribes and Pharisees and others who were there asking questions. What he did his referred them back to the law of Moses and the command of Moses that they knew someone to go back if you will to the other six chapter of the book of Deuteronomy in the six chapter of Deuteronomy is what the Hebrews called the Shema that is. This was a passage of Scripture that all the male adults recited every morning and every evening the fourth and fifth verse look at this fourth and fifth verse of the six chapter Deuteronomy he says hero Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.

Notice if you will, he says hero Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. The word God is Jehovah, the faithful covenant keep of the faithful one absolute in faithfulness, Lord, Elohim, infinite in power so he says hero Israel, the one who is the faithful covenant keep her. The Lord Almighty.

The Lord God infinite in power.

He says you to love him with all of your heart, with all of your soul, with all of your might. Now back to Leviticus chapter 19 when he was giving the law. He said in verse 34.

The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as your cell Jesus said of the 613 commands of Moses all the laws the Mosaic law. He says you can wrap them all up about loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself. He says that all hinges upon that. Why, because God created you and me to be lovers and first of all to be lovers of Almighty God himself and so he introduces this in just that way of identifying himself that he is Jehovah the one true God. There is only one true God and he is Jehovah. This God who Elohim infinite in power so that he is faithful to his covenants to us and he is infinite in power want to be able to keep every single promise that he's made to now it's interesting when you look in the Scriptures that in the Old Testament five times and God says he's a jealous God.

Now if you and I said to someone that that person is jealous, we would imply that there's something about their character, their attitude is not right and needs to be changed, but when God declares that he's jealous what is expressing is this that his love for us is of such nature and of such quality, and is so absolutely essential important to everything about our life because it's ever purpose for living that he desires that we be so committed and tune into him that anything that competes with our love and our loyal to the him absolutely does not fit who we are. We are to love one another. We are to love ourselves with the deeper love each other but nothing is the take priority over a love for him now. Look, if you will, in Deuteronomy chapter 4 and the 24th verse. Notice what he says. He says the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God, and again in the fifth chapter and the six chapters are each time he says that God is a jealous God.

Now he is jealous because God knows that whenever our allegiance and loyalty and our devotion has any competitors in our life whatsoever and we put other things and other people before we do him. There is an idol in our life any form of idolatry that competes with that.

God says he hates it. Now all the idols were destroyed in the Old Testament and all the idols don't belong to other religions today because there are many idols I with it is the idle sports of the Isle of money are the idol of sex or whatever it may be business opposition, prominence, prestige, fame and money whatever it might be an idol can be anything that comes between God and ourselves, grabs their attention and directs our thoughts and dominates and controls our life. God hates it. He says I created you for me. I created to express this wondrous, incomparable, indescribable love of mine this forgiving love of bond to you in such a fashion that you understand who I am that you would know me as the one true God and knowing me that you would desire to worship me and desire to serve me that you would praise me and honor, but be not only by your lips, but also by your conduct and so since we are created to be lovers if we miss learning to love God and being loved by him and experiencing that no matter what we accomplish and what we do in life.

We've missed the whole purpose for living.

And so God hates all forms of idolatry. He says in this passage how we do love them so not halfheartedly with the loving with all of our heart, the seat of our motion. All of our soul divert core of our personality with all of our mind out monies to be consumed with him and all of our strength.

That is, this is in some halfhearted kind of devotion to him.

This is absolute, genuine, total submission and loyalty and devotion and love to him.

He is the center of the core of our life and everything is a revolve around him and if you think about your life or just a moment when you go to make a decision was the first thing you ask will it profit you will somebody else think of what is the Lord Jesus Christ, the if he's the center of my life. If he is and he is to be the very core of our being, then everything must get sifted through him. Everything revolves around him. Every desire, every wish every dream every hope, every plan as schedule our work and labors how we go about our relationship.

Everything is to be said in him. What does he think because that's the reason rely we are alive to receive and to return to reciprocate in loans, Almighty God, and so therefore if our life is there that anytime apart from him. We have forgotten ever purpose for living. There is no other reason to be in existence and the fact that God chose to create us the levels and express the love he didn't need us. He cannot create a world with all kinds of things but without us. God chose to create us the loving. He is so full of love. He is absolutely the essence of love and love is so absolutely important to God, and it is such an essence of who he is what he wanted to do is to give himself to us and how is the best way for God to give himself to us for you and me to enjoy what he is. The Bible says that God is spirit. God is light, God is holy God is love. All genuine love stems from it flows from him. And so what he did. He created all of humanity to be able to experience what he was and that is what he is and that is love. And so God has created us to be lovers, lovers of Almighty God. First of all, and if I genuinely love and I will submit myself to and I will ask God father what is best for you in my life today.

What do you want me to be and to do in your behalf today. How do you want me to represent you today.

Father, because love is always giving your love is always yielding in our love is always expressing itself in so when he says God is love. He is the essence of all of any Caitlin said he sent the Lord Jesus Christ as a living walking demonstration of what it's like. Think about this no place that on over the Gospels that Jesus ever said but I love you. He never said what was he always doing express he knew how to express the father's love and Jesus Christ came in this world to show us the demonstrator was what genuine love is all about the highest pinnacle of the essence of love is when he went to the cross.

Absolute total sacrificial love for sinners like ourselves, he says with a love him with all of our heart. All of us old.

All of them on all of her strength now while we do loving I meet why loving will think about this is a not worthy of our love. Look what he's done for us.

He has done for us.

We can never do for ourselves.

Has he not committed himself to us that if you not trust them as our personal savior, no matter what we go through in life. He's going take us home to heaven. The Bible says that the Lord Jesus Christ went back to heaven.

The repair place for you in the has he not committed himself to answer our prayers to give us divine guidance and direction throughout our life has not Almighty God made this also on breakable commitment and covenant relationship with us. Do we not love this God of ours.

Probably most people do not wish to love him because he's were developed because of what is done for us because he had, he has loved us first, no one of us that I think I'm the love God made on get him to love me.

Now I say that people say that but in essence that's executive. A lot of people do they think somehow I've got to get God to love me and so they decide that if I do the following things. Maybe God will love me. My friend listen to me carefully, you can't get this omnipotent and omniscient, omnipresent, indescribable, incomparably measurable God to love you one bit more than he already loves you and loved you before you were ever born. You do not have to do anything to get God love you explicit.

That's why he created you to love you and secondly you can ever do anything bad enough to cause God to stop loving you and no matter how hard his disability hand comes that that is nothing to do. The fact that he does not love you. It has to do that he does love most people are going to go through life never loving God, they will have a relationship and they'll talk to them and they'll pray to them, but they will never experience the love of God, because the truth is, he will always be slightly distant out there to get on the knees and talk to him up young all they'll talk to them but somehow God being this genuine loving father who most of pour out his love upon me, and pour out his love in me and for others.

Love through me. That's what he wants above everything else that's why he created us and so he says he first loved us before you are not ever thought about loving him and the truth is, you can't know I'm you can't really know God less you loving and you can love them until you know I'm in so you see that's why Jesus came. He says I came that he came that you and I may know the father and to know him is to have eternal life and what he did. He came to connect us to the father so we could fulfill the father's purpose in our life. Jesus came to liberate us from the power of sin in our life and the so transformers for the new birth that you now have a new spirit and a new light and a whole new perspective so that now we can love God because we have a spirit that is able to love him and to receive his love in return. That's why people who rejected the Lord Jesus Christ have rejected the father somewhat as is will you not believe in God but I don't believe in Jesus. Forget all I know God our relationship with God but forget Jesus Christ. He says you can't know the father till you know him.

That's why he came. He was so intent on you and me knowing him and knowing him as the lover of our soul deliver about total being. He sent his only begotten son to do what liberate us in the power of sin so that we could experience this awesome love of Almighty God.

I say again to live your life and never learned to experience the love of God to love God and return is to live your whole life and miss the purpose of God and that is exactly what many people. Most people probably do they think they know how to love God.

They think will yes I'm sure. I do know how to love God will.

The truth is they don't. And if you should have stumble. How do you love God 14 letter word OBE while obeying him. That is an expression of our love. Now if my purpose for being alive is to receive his love and to love him in return. If I feel to receive his love. And if I fail to love them in return that I have lost listen when I think about going through life and never learning to love God. What I would've missed and going through life and never being able to receive that love what I would admit when you think about loving God and and how you and I would loving we missed the purpose of life, we miss the blessings of life because you live this life without get personally I don't understand how anybody live this life without God made listen there has got to be this huge empty hole in your soul, my friend, you can fill it up with a thousand things, relationships and money and prestige or whatever it may be you will never be able to fill the gap in your heart that Almighty God created for himself and it is first place in your life. Everything else is second, third, 1100 may be with to live your life apart from God is to live with this big huge emptiness and people are cramming and jamming and seeking and searching anything everything they can to fill up that place you came the love that place. That place is in the image of God in nothing else.

Vince never got himself.

Thank you for listening to created to be lovers if you like to know more about Charles Stanley were in touch ministries. Intent started writing this back after the presentation of intense ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

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