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God, The Greatest Lover of All - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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October 14, 2021 12:00 am

God, The Greatest Lover of All - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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October 14, 2021 12:00 am

The more love you give, the more love you receive.

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Welcome to the intact podcast paternal Stanley for Thursday, October 14. There is only one source of land that never changes and never ends found in the one who is Jesus Christ the series liberated to love continues all of us are probably at different levels in our understanding of God's love or even being able to fill in the bow should ask you this morning, the view genuinely believe God loves you more than likely most of you could raise your hand inside the but if I should save you. How many of you as a way of life in your daily life. You feel God loving more than likely most of you probably would say well I know he does but to ask me if I feel like it. Not exactly that you and I can love someone in situations and circumstances or disagreements can crop up and we may not feel that love you space to love them or you may not feel at all. Some people can just quit loving someone but the one thing about God's love is this, you never have to worry about if God is going to stop loving you remember this if your idea about the love of God is that it is something you deserve, because of something you have done, are doing all will do, then you may question the pack will you know how exist unless that none of those will be loved by someone who only loves when we meet all the requirements are.

When we please them in every aspect. Nobody can please everybody else.

And in this world.

Nobody can do that.

But you see, if I see that God's love for me is based on anything but the fact is just his nature to love then I'm going to say why know he loves me today on now, but listen when God says I love you. There are no but snow and snow is no wherefores of Air Force. It is the nature of God to love.

It is absolutely everlasting and eternal unceasing unchanging somebody sizzle God know that. But God doesn't love me, let me tell you that's an act of pride. What that says is God loves everybody else, but I'm unique, I'm different bias in this special or you don't know what I've done. That is pure pride. God loves you no matter what and I do believe with all my heart. Missing this now God's heart is equally as grieved equally as grieved over my unwillingness or inability or refusal to accept his love as he is any sin that I would commit he's got to be grieved over the fact that we won't accept his love.

When you love someone, and you love them and you do everything in the in your power to express that love and they shut it out and refuse to accept it. It grieves your heart and breaks your heart, what about God will at least give us an idea of what is love is like how it is expressed as a different or first of all he expresses in the creation. For example, everything that you and I said, the stars, the sun, the moon, the planets, the darkness, the brightness of the day. Beautiful colored trees in the fall. The green freshness of spring weather is large rocks or sand on the beach fish in the sea animals out in the in the wilderness whether strength is negative is what is every single's part of God's creation.

He said when he finished he said it is very good. Listen is one thing for you and me to think something's good but when God says it's very good.

You can mark that down you know what that means is the best he could. That's what it means you think I would create something less than the best they can do. Has he ever created anything less than the best they can, then, knowing he has. He wouldn't create unanimity in the in the less than the best he could do with what he has in mind for your life and mine.

God intends for you and me to see everything he's created with a message and it and the messages I love you nonavailability.

How many below the mountains and if you love the big cities.

All right all of his love thing now love to get out of the wilderness and freeze the mountains and in your pocket is walking walking walking back and in our out and not Jackson hole of just the two of us we walk 12 miles one day, 7 miles one day just walk into the woods and just enjoying ourselves and is looking and seeing everything that God is great in this walk forever in the midst of God's wonderful creation. Listen everything he created is not only a thing but it's a sign and here's the message I love you. When you look at a full moon. You mean you don't think anything are you thinking we were watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise over the big one that where the ocean is silly, when this tumultuous waves breaking crashing on the rocks, you think anything or a beautiful colored aspirin during you don't think anything you see every single thing God's created. It may be a thing but it's a message and what God's doing his thing. I love your love your love your love your love night 11 a day. I love you I love you, love your love your love you love you love you. What is he saying I love you God is expressing his love in the creation in so many ways, but one of the ways he's expressed love not on the creation of the snow away and sometimes difficult for us to believe this.

I want to scare one of the ways that God is expressed love for us is in the fall of man in the garden. His arm how can you have a loving God who plays this perfect man and woman in this perfect government. Everything was absolutely fantastic sort all of us would like to spend eternity in. How can that be the love of God.

If God loves man he would never have let them fall in getting the sin and just messed it all up. Let's see if that's true, here's the connection.

The connection between the fall and love is freedom. You see, without freedom. I can't sin God so love you and me. He gave us the privilege the freedom to make choices and that freedom includes the freedom to do right to the wrong to love him not to love him. And so the fall was an expression of God's love. He loves you and me so much, he will put us in the Garden of Eden and some other us with some of the love. You must operate in a certain fashion. You cannot make choices about this God is not about your robot. So here's what he said. He said I love you so much. I'm going to give you listen this under the give you the freedom to say no even to your God. His freedom to make choices in life is an expression of the love of God, and otherwise would only be robots so he expresses that love and the whole idea of choices that is giving us freedom and so one of his expressions is his creation. One of his expressions of love is the freedom to choose one of the expressions of his love is the forgiveness of our sin God in sending his only begotten son did present.

We could not do press out. You see, you can go back and stable.

Why think it will be like it was in the garden, you and I will never understand the love of God, were it not for the fall. Listen, the most dramatic eternally superior pinnacle Zenith expression of the love of God is at the cross. He says you will how much I love you I love you this much and stretch status on the cross and crucified. I love you this much, and he turned his back upon and separate himself from him and he bore our sins, he says I love you that much. So God's expressions of love come in different ways from the creation to the crucifixion. It is all an expression of God, loving you and me. That has nothing to do with what we are like is this universal law that is available to everybody and he says I love you with a love that knows no ending.

Think about this. One of the ways he expresses love Russ is found in this third chapter. First John first verse like this. He says see how great a love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the children of God to watch this.

He's is one of my expressions of love for you is this the think about this for moment he's put us in a family and God is our heavenly father.

That was the father's responsibilities to protect the family provide for the family in the van instruction so he gave us his word communicate with her family so he gave his prayer and fellowship with the family give them security meeting their needs.

You see all these are expressions of a father told the family loving that family in so many ways. Is that not what God is done liquid his numbers he's put us together.

You've got friends in this church you got friends in your church and my friend listen to when I think about how many people who never go to church and how many people who are Christians never darken the door my friend listen not to go to church must be careful not to go to church. Is this a look God's is liquid behold what manner of love. I have you not put you in the family. I want to love you and I will give you someone who loved. I got a mix of all the spiritual gifts that you get your needs met.

I want to be able to get together and sing about me and praise me and adore me and worship me. I believe the privilege of being a part of something that is eternal and Satan can never defeat I'm gonna make you part of my family, my church is several I joined the church. But on that instant, going auger with River weeks I will take some that's a sin against God is a sin against God. To neglect this sibling of ourselves together, he says forsake not the assembly of yourselves together. This is the will of God.

This is part of the plan that we are in the family and when we don't show up for the family is or will you be a Christian.

Having a church member's also the one you can be saved without being a church member, but you won't be much of a believer without being what he says look it's an expression of love of God. So what you're saying is that part of his level not interested in everything God provides for me he knows I need and I can tell you in a believer who only lives for themselves and never aligns themselves with other believers. They gonna be like a hot coal in the miss the plane they get set aside a lot of the tell you before long it gets absolutely all in black, no more evidence of flame and foreign warmth guys put us together as expression of love and that's what we should be thankful for his church, thankful for the family of God, he says, look, look, behold what manner of love. Then he says one of expressions of his love is that suppose, for example, suppose you got the same God said the best. Do your best friend.

Most of those were the said weatherman you mean to tell me that I'm forgiven of all my sin.

Yes and now you're the best I can. Yes, what about Ptolemy on tonight. This is because I'm not going make it and you know what God knew not a single one of us would make it.

That's why says he's is useful in under his I will send you one.

Just like me. In the Greek and that 14 chapter the work follows AL LOS. The Greek means one just like whatever he's talking about. So he's is under send you one. Just like me because I know you're not gonna make it. His name is the Holy Spirit is the comfort he's going to be any wicked upon you because you not gonna make it without him and he's gonna give you direction and guidance in all the ministries of the Holy Spirit gifting us. That is an expression of the love of God is how much he loves us he wasn't just satisfied for giving us of our sins, he says I'm going to get on the inside of you. And if you allow me I'm going to live my life. Three. He says I'm going enable you to become the person I want you to be. I'm going enable you to do the work that I called you it's gonna be all me.

It's in your body and your personality and your spirit, but he's is under the be there living through you and working through you doing the work that's an expression of love of God that he can leave us to ourselves. Another expression of his love is found in Romans 828. They always say you all know that passage, but some people don't. So if you don't know what I want you to turn to Romans 828 says we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those of us who are his children look at this. Is this not one of the most practical expressions of the love of God possible. What is that is what it says God is causing all thing every single thing that you do during that day to work out for your good and that is the expression of his love.

Suppose he said what do you best get on best can wear his glasses, you will know how much I love you. First of all, I've saved you from you soon.

Secondly, I come to live on the inside of you. Not only that, unlike gases are not even satisfy with. He's is because I know the Holy Spirit living within his or even direction.

But you know what God says. He says I love you so much that I already know you not to listen to them sometime. I know you discolor broadband you can fault and falls to his running of the not only my going to forgive you not only my going to get on the inside of your peers when uncle do. I'm going to be there every single moment and whatever you do, I'm gonna keep adjusting and working in your life. I'm going make it every single thing that goes on for your good. That may not appear that way at first, and it may not listen in may not be for your immediate good but the way I'm working it on the work and so is going to turn out for your good you talking about loving me and loving you. He says not satisfied just saving, not even to satisfy get on the inside because you blow it. I'm going to be. He says I'm going to be there and I am going to be working every single thing the you're good now. Tell you if that is the wonderful inexpressible inexhaustible love of God please tell me what how much more can he love us than that was inside says he hasn't left me to myself about anything. Nothing that is love is all encompassing walking under the umbrella of his wonderful expressive love. Look at all the ways God is expressing love to you and to me, and I think that that he would send the Holy Spirit. And to think that he would say I know that's not enough. So here's what I'm going to do.

I am going to come I'm gonna walk with you through your life, moment by moment, day by day because I know you going to leave me there adjusting and working so that everything will turn out for your good. That's God's suite gentle, precious, tender love for you and me.

He says not all that expressions of my love.

He says that I prepared him for you have of you have had anything to the nothing I going to get there can get there. That's one trip for which there is no human mode of transportation, not a one. This is what Jesus said. He said there don't let your heart be troubled you believe in God you believe also in me. He's is in my father's house are many mansions were not so I would've told you I'm going listen this is how much I love I'm going to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you am coming again to receive you to myself, that where I am, there you may be also. That's it. What kind of a master craftsman is this God who is our God. He's perfect hello flaws you can examine whatever he bills it is absolutely perfect.

You can go with a magnifying glass and no imperfections and you know what it's a gift. It is absolutely you can do anything to earn it is a gift one expressions of his love is have naloxone but let me just enough of this one the most wonderful expressions of the love of God is his on interrupted presence in your life. In my listen.

This he says I is God speaking. I will never leave you nor forsake you. There is nearby the world and make a promise you know what that means. It means that no matter what you and I go through it, it means that no matter where we are.

It does make a difference.

Some of you may be in the hospital. Some of you in a nursing home.

You may be in a prison. You may be in a small apartment, you may be looking down this long tunnel in your life and thinking God I feel like I'm in the dark. You may be in a situation that you give anything to get out of. You may feel like your life is just all full of frustration and anxiety. All of this is what God says is what he say I am there with you. You know what else to say I'll always be there.

It isn't making difference what happens is one thing you can count on. He's always there. I don't know how God can love is in the more than the say tours in his infinite uninhibited perfect unconditional, all-encompassing love save you and me on their idea, what's with him all the love God uses always be there no matter thank you for listening to part two have done the greatest lever along if you like to know more about child family intense ministries in tax data why Jean is back To the presentation of intense ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

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