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Spiritual Covering and Spiritual Authority

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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October 19, 2021 8:00 am

Spiritual Covering and Spiritual Authority

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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October 19, 2021 8:00 am

Dr. Tony Evans says that the first step toward becoming a better leader is becoming a better follower. So in this lesson, he’ll explain how to do that by staying spiritually covered and leading your family the way God leads you.

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Man Johannes Dr. Tony stays in the family and all of life. We have to remember where our spiritual covering comes from Jesus Christ celebrating the faithfulness.

This is the alternative, Lee Evans, author, senior pastor of hopeless Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the Trinity connecting with the incredible power. God is given requires a clear understanding of who we are and who we aren't. Dr. Evans discusses both as he takes us to first Corinthians 11 for a look at our spiritual covering. Satan is trying to keep stuff stirred up so that we can never progress to the place of peace and harmony and rulership that God has ordained for us when he created us, God said, let them rule that you and I were created to rule our world not have our world rule us. Satan knows that if you going to cancel our capacity to rule.

He's got additional and create confusion, dissension and division. He got Adam to move out of his lane need to move out of her lane moved out of God's lane and they lost their ability to rule the world.

Instead of them enjoying the blessing that God had promised. They were now living under the curse of this is tied to what the New Testament calls the mystery of lawlessness.

This mystery is the deception that Satan brings about when he can create this on leading to loss of blessing and loss of spiritual authority. You and I were created to rule out worlds under God's hand and Paul knew what it was about the same with them, causing controversy, he said we have no other practice. This is the way it is.

No, I have the churches of God upon us and I'm not trying mimic what they doing out there in the world. I'm not trying to mimic what they're saying out there in the broader society. If you would be contentious. There is no other rule but this sets forth his thesis in verse three, but I want you to understand. In other words, pay attention to Mrs. that Christ is the head of every man.

The man is the head of a woman.

God is the hand of Christ, the government loud enough. I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man. The man is the head of a woman and God is the hand of Christ to think about it would not want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man and the man is the hand of a woman and God is the hand of Christ and in that context, he lays out a theology that is clinical to you ruling your world. I call this spiritual covering and spiritual authority. Verse seven.

For a man ought not to have his head covered, covering which is headship since he is the image and glory of God but the woman is the glory of the main please notice what he said he saw the man of the image and glory of God. He says the woman is the glory of me notice he didn't say that the woman loses her image when you get married you don't lose your image. The image is almost a male and female Genesis chapter 1 he says will glory change was glory glory is to make them look good. Advertise to highlight something it says the man is the glory of God.

The job of the mail is to demonstrate a creature of God to make from dirt. Adam was made from dirt just thrown together the glory of a man should show creature, God can. That's why she forgiven you because you know and she was fashioned she got to look up okay. Your job is to display God's job is to display you my Lord says she's mother look at you and say my Lord says to you, may give him the blood should make you look good in everybody. McDonald everybody that's what he said so you women have the same image, no less an ontological being no mess and now with with God's presence but you want to come underneath his authority.

Regardless of the document level but in him regardless of the fact got upgraded to greeting him regardless of the fact that you're smarter than he been 18 wheeler pulls out to a yield sign and Volkswagen is coming down the highway side because I'm bigger and more condo.

I'm just all drive anyway. They must give the right-of-way to the slalom even though they have a bigger vehicle because that's what the rules states you may have many more education you may carry more though you may have bought printer on the mobility. But God has given him the right way.

Therefore, you yield is not you outside of the divine design animation can say he moving Paul says that there is an order to have limitations though if the mental like to rob a bank. She probably know she should rob the bank that brings agreeable God's law.

Thou shall not steal the law of the land that that's a crime that breaks the law.

In other words, if a man tells his wife steal, he loses his authority. That's authority lost because he's outside his lane. He has no right to make that the main torment does not have absolute authority over woman he only has authority as it agrees with Lordship as it agrees with him coming on his Lord. In other words, not violating a divine mandate word of God. Yet he makes the point that men and women are not independent of each other that they need one another that they are mutually dependent upon one another.

He says in verse 11 m a woman independent of the mantle.

The mammoth appendix on the woman reason.

Remember man but God gave the woman was become the man needed help in exporting washing dishes, cooking and cleaning wipe the noses that is using her breakout different skills in my brain to add what God left out in us. Now you understand why talk about head because hand is on the man have shorthand women and men. Women are at the glory of the woman. So basically you can use this version want to go to to have done. God Sam, I have my glory, and a brother make you look good. I will make you look good weekly. That's what he said, let the woman have the longer hair that the men have shorter hair. Why as an illustration that she is to add to what he lacks only so it has to do with long adding to his short so we have limitations we need help.

It's illustrated by the half, which is on the head when the brain is the thoughts and decisions are made.

All of those are to incorporate the contribution of this spiritual covering and spiritual authority first until he won. Therefore, the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head because of the angel told what we talk about now has to do with your right to rule authority.

Being able to exercise. Lethargic being able have God leave heaven and come down and bring invested in your career in your job and your finances in your kids in your decision.

God actually when you have spiritual authority leaves heaven comes down and endangers your right to rule God, he says, as long as headship is an visible recognition of headship, why because of the angel so that means Angels with this. The devil is an angel's name was Lucifer, guess what Lucifer did. He broke God created him to be the Archangel.

He says I don't want to be underneath God anymore. I want to be equal to God.

I want to be like the most. I don't want to have the answer to him. I want everybody to answer me.

I'm the man I want to run my own show. The mystery of lawlessness would tell him said he deceived himself mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all deceiving himself when he howled from God.

He was cursed when Angel rebelled from God and all the angels that rebelled because they rebelled against the non-order they were placed on planet as a holding cell until it was time for their eternal distraction. God created the divine order, which allowed the angel called Lucifer, now Satan come in and turn them into a darkness. In other words, an angel, Satan, an angel came and he caused me to be paying an employment payment, payment, pregnancy, pain in the ground. Pain in the career that's cousin angel got involved in their minds. In other words, angels are doing nothing, they supported replacing the Ephesians chapter 3 verse 10 says that the angels are waiting to get their instruction to how the charge is operating. And when God's people operating correctly. That is a signal to the Angels to respond to what God wants. Not every Christian to find a personal angel assigned to you by God to look after your well-being. For your protection, your provision and your guidance and to you charge as an angel to charge to our provision, protection and guidance as long as we're operating in when we call on God.

God sees all the okay the angel on your behalf so that you can rule your world so I'm not about angels taking a break because they don't see that grants them the permission to enter your world.

You can rule in the chaos doorway.

If it's not at all the angels will that's what got the first group I Have Operating More from Dr. Evans on the Advantages of Keeping Things in Order. When He Continues This Message from a Special Audio Compilation Tony Evans Top 40. It Contains 40 of the Most Hard-Hitting Life-Changing Lessons. He's Taught in His Ministry's 40 Year History, Including Messages on How to Overcome Emotional Struggles Getting past the Obstacles in Your Life. Understanding the Divine Nature of Jesus, and Much More. And Right Now You Can Receive Volumes Three and Four of This for Volume Collection Is Our Gift to Come Alongside Tony's Ministry and Help See Us through This Season with a Generous Contribution.

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Dr. Tony Tony Location Showtimes Jesus Dealt with in Chapter 1 of the John That He Was on the Tree. Jesus Only Wanted a Tree That You Believe in Jesus. Jesus Told You Because You Believe, like a Father Jacob and I Last Saw You Sit in on the Tree and Paid Attention to My Word, You Will Listen to Me for What You Bossing the You Will See Heaven Open and You'll See Alanna Come down from Heaven and You Will See Angels Going up and down This Bringing What God Wants from Heaven to Benefit You Will See Angels Common up and down the Ladder. Jacob C. The Angels and Got to See What God Had in Mind When He Got Back in Line with God Everything to Do with the Reason Why When I Get My Prayers Answered Is Because of the Angels Don't See the Necessary in Order to Respond. So You Get Your Bag You Get Your Power Back into Print Back You Can Get the Blessing of Genesis 1. Right Back. Every Time I Talked to a Couple, One Thing Will Come through Inextricably Clear One about Out Of Elaine's She Tried to Be Him. He's Trying to Be Her. They Try to Be Nobody Out Of Elaine's When You Getting Elaine's Doctrinal Personalities, Background History, and All the Stuff Is Bringing Confusion to Your World Shout Powerful Discovering Is Operating underneath Your Hideous First for the 714 Says That Even an Unbeliever on Non-Christian Wants to Stay When a Christian Pauses Stay Because Being in Your House Provides a Covering Once They Leave Your House.

They Leave the Bond Provision, Protection and Guidance and It Blesses Your Children.

So Could It Be That Your World Is Never Shaken up Because You Are Out Of Alignment. Maybe If You Dishonoring Your Husband Illegitimately You Have No Basis You Just Disrespecting Him What You Just Did with Cancel God on Your Behalf, Man, Are You Not Operating underneath God, Probably Canceling God Not Only for You, for the Benefit of, Because Once You Name Jesus Christ Lord. He Must Call the Shots You Don't Get to Call Him Anymore, except As You Reflect in the Shots You Will Probably Miss Turtle Say This Related to the Women Speaking out. It Was Obviously an Issue in Chapter 14 When They Had Tell the Women to Be Silent so They Were Exercising an Unauthorized Manner That Were Taken over in the Sense He Tells Him about Praying and Prophesying. They Were Doing This Publicly, They Were Praying Silently in the People Can Prophesy Silently Speaking for the Work That Good News Here Is That Means One with the Gift of Prophecy and to Publicly Use Women Were Publicly Used in the Church Because He Said That When They Pray or Prophesy. They Want Praying or They Were Declaring Something God Wanted the Church to Hear Why Because Gifts Are Not Gender-Based Certain Offices on a Woman Can't Be a Pastor but She Can Have the Gift of Teaching. She Can Be a Pastor Because She Can Have the Gift of Prophecy Snowboards She Can Happen Just at the Church You Occupy Every Office Likely Only One Office. The Office of Final Authority on the Elders of the Pastoral Office of the Church to What They Were Doing with Operating without Being under Authority.

They Were Just Doing It Because They Were Gifted to Do It, but They Were Not Doing It in Order. He Says That Want to Be a Recognition That You Are Doing What You Do under Authority Recognition Must Happen in One of Two Ways Must Happen with a Veil.

Therefore, If You Were Called up to Lead the Congregation Imprints That Would Be Something Covering You That Indicated I Am underneath.

I've Got My Hands Permission to Do This or to Give This Prophecy Because You Actually It Was Made Only the Symbol When the Actual Thing Is like the like. Jesus Going to the Lord Something for Women to Assemble Telecoms When He Comes, We'll Take the Symbol of the Book Occasionally to Someone Gamble, so the Times When We Have Ladies Reading the Bible Publicly. We've Asked Her Husband or One of the Leaders from the Church to Come up with the Clarinet Doing It under a Forest and They Don't Need a Symbol If There Is No One There to Maybe Do Something God Wanted Publicly Declared That You Are Operating underneath God's Authority Is to Be an Inspiration. This Is Not Independently Doing This and Live This Is No Small Thing Because It Has To Do with Whether God Authorizes You All Things Must Be Done Decently and in the End of Chapter 14 Says If You, God Is Not Dissipated, and I Don't Care Whether You Opened It up in Prayer (Not Do Anything If You but Now You Should Go Today and Say You Know I Don't Want to Say the Conversation Alone Because I Have Not Listen to Christ for Running the Home I Was a Boy's Name.

Apparently the TV Set Price Paid Attention to You As My Helpmate and I Want to Get Back in Line When I Need You to Do Is Come in Line under Me As I Come in Line on the Price, Leaks, Cracks When You All Of A Sudden Have Chewable Because You Got That Thing and Now God Has Something to Respond to Out Of Alignment Out Of Alignment Means I Can Work for You Know, Legal Storms, Which Are Out Of Nowhere from the Cover You. The Covering Stop the Storm. It Just Changes How the Storm Affects You Stop It from Rain. I Tell You, Jesus, and No Rain.

I'm Just Saying You'll Control the Reins Effect on You Because You Will Be Operating underneath the Covering Will Be Covering Your Career You Will Be Covering Your Finances Will Be Covering Your Family Covering Your Kids You Will Be Operating underneath the Covering. The Covering the World around You, but You're Walking through the Rain Drive Operating on the Authorized Cover.

May God Allow Us Individually As Family, the Church, the Company Is Covering so That We Can Move Our World Is Dr. Tony Evans Talking about the Changes We Can Experience in Life. When We Acknowledge the Fact That God Has Us Covered Means Turning the Knowledge of What God Can Do into a Relationship with Him.

Once We Do That We Can Experience What the Bible Calls the Peace That Passes Understanding. Let Tony Explain How You Can Find That Piece Today. Visit Tony Follow the Link That Says Jesus Check out His Video and Download the Free Follow-Up Resources.

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As Mentioned Earlier, Today's Message Is Part of Our Four Volume Audio Compilation Tony Evans Top 40 and for a Limited Time. Volumes Three and Four of This New Collection Are Yours As Her. Thank You Gift When You Help Support Tony's Work with Your Contribution. Get the Details before Time Runs again that's Tony or call her 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 were team members are standing by to help with your request. That's 1-800-800-3222. What tomorrow will go deep into the archives to dust off a life changing sermon Dr. Evans preached nearly 3 decades ago and will discover that it still is powerful and relevant today as it was back then. I hope you join the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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