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Hope That Ignites Your Heart – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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October 17, 2021 3:00 pm

Hope That Ignites Your Heart – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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October 17, 2021 3:00 pm

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The faithful to the word and faithful to do the work and faithful to warn we want to be faithful to keep watching he's coming welcome to living in the light with and grandma's and this week's final message in a most thrilling journey through the book of Revelation giving us a new understanding of the inspiring vision of Christ's glory. This is been an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in his word and his love and mercy and as the source of life changing hope peers and with what may be the most challenging and compelling message in the entire series encounter with the living God.

People say no.

I want to go to hell because all my friends are there and have a party and all your friends may be in hell but you never see him because it's dark. One of the worst parts of suffering is at night when everything is dark and is nothing to distract you from the pain and agony in the hopelessness and the fear memories and when you go to hell. It's dark and is nothing to distract you from your physical torments in the spiritual torments in the memories and the pain total darkness. Heaven is a place with is no more nights is no darkness at all. Hell is a place we are all alone is like solitary confinement.

Heaven is a place for the kings of nations bring their glory into it.

God's children gather together and we worship you, and we have fellowship with him and hell is described as a place of fire, which would be intense, thirst, dissatisfaction, always fill your creative or something, but you never get always hungry for something and you're never satisfied and heaven is described as a place where there's a river of life that flows continuously that brings healing. Worst of all hell is a place that is totally devoid of God's plan so you created by God and for God you're completely separated from heaven is a place we'll see God's face and you'll never be separated from he puts his name on your four head ends leads you and your heavenly home and you live with him forever. So do the work seriously so who you going to share the gospel with is the thoughts you know in the last verse of chapter 21 it says nothing impure will enter heaven or anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life. When you come to the cross and you receive Christ by faith. Your name is written in the Lamb's book of life. But there's another book and everybody was ever born the human race. The name is recorded there, and Jesus died for the whole world. So could it be that he died for the whole world and everybody in the world is ever born of the human race essay. But if they don't come to the cross and claim that salvation when they step into eternity. Their name is its erased from the book as a solemn thought I get to heaven in the open up the book and they see my name is underneath going to be a blank space because I didn't share the gospel with somebody who was saying but they never knew it and they didn't accept it and they didn't claim it.

And so their name is blotted out.

We do the work seriously. We don't want anybody to go to hell. We do it confidently.

Verse 16 Jesus have sent mine angel to give you this testimony for the churches you have the full authority of the son of God. There's no one with higher authority in the whole universe to his ambassador. People say you have to earn the right to share the gospel. Somebody know you don't hear on the right. He gives you the right you going share the gospel and maybe won't do it right. Maybe somebody will be offended. Maybe some I'll ask you question you cannot you just keep on doing it because we do it dependently in the next verse that says the Spirit and the bride say, come that whoever is thirsty come when you share the gospel.

You're not the Holy Spirit is in you and drawing that person to Jesus. I love the story about the woman at the gas pump and you love that he's just pumping gas and that you must go and get your payment or something, he goes and he finds this Muslim woman who for 40 years has been having dreams about Jesus and amazing and we can just say for 40 years for all the people that should've been sharing the gospel. But thank God Tom showed up finally took you a long time.but shows up and we share the gospel is just like you just fell off of the tree. She was so right because the spirit was working in here and working through Tom and it was a thing that Tom and the spirited together and she was born again to see and so sometimes we don't know who the spirits been working in rights. She just share the gospel with everybody you come across somebody once in a while. Disciples fished all night and they put the net there was no fish in the Jesus and threw it on the other. He told them where to go for just asking asking everyone to give me an opportunity they try semi-to Jesus to tell somebody about the cross to tell somebody the gospel just just pray, go through your day with your eyes open, looking those opportunities, you take them. If it doesn't seem to work and you just pray and you going to the next person.

Just keep fishing you can do it with confidence and allow this was sort of my take away from this passage, but the fact that he calls himself the bright morning star and I'm told it's darkest before dawn.

The night is always darkest right before dawn and it's in that darkness, that the MorningStar appears when the MorningStar appears in the sky. It's the promise is a new day coming in as our world gets darker and darker and is your life gets more and more confused and things are swirling around and the wicked seem to be triumphing in evil seems to be coming out on top and we can't make sense of things. And it gets darker and darker juices. I am the bright morning star. And Jesus is our hope Avenue day, so be faithful to the work do it expectantly seriously, confidently, dependently, and I just think as we issue those invitations you know someone who's running on empty. The just so empty on the inside. You offer them the living water in the person who's always looking for truth always looking for something and never finding you offer them the bread of life. The person who is addicted bound by habits underneath the heavy load of guilt and sin. You offer them the Savior, the bondage breaker one is been abused and abandoned and attacked you off from the comforter. Jesus can redeem any situation is our shield in our protector one is consumed with panic disorders and fears offer them the Prince of peace. No one is terrified by diagnosis of terminal illness, offer them the great physician Jehovah Roth and to the one who is grieving over the loss of a loved one offer them the resurrection and the life.

Just give them cheese.

I believe that the just told somebody is not safe for me. She's been in 70 different religions and I just looked at her and I believe is looking for cheese and she and I think he's brought me in your life to tell you that she's very warm, very friendly, but to my knowledge I don't know.

She's been to the cross it but I'm praying for. She's one on my list server faithful to do the work faithful to the word faithful to warn and then went to check the sin because it's right here okay verse 18. I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book. If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book and if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him a share in the tree of life in the holy city, which are described in this book and I think it's not just revelation, but I think it's this whole book. Maybe I'm wrong but I'd rather err on the side of being wrong in thinking of the whole book thinking is just revelation a mental book. Okay, so there's a warning. Take this book very seriously handle it very carefully. I told you about the Russian pastor that lifted up and kissed and handed back to me and he didn't. Speaking is gone you and what he was saying don't put your book on the floor and you have a reference for respect that. I think it also means were breaking it down to share it. We want to be faithful to the text we don't want to manipulate it to read into it to put words into God's mouth.

We want God to speak through it and we want to be faithful stewards to do our best to be a workman who does not need to be ashamed to rightly divide the word of truth.

Be very careful.

But we want to handle this book is God's words, we want to handle it with integrity being faithful to the tax. So be faithful to warn people and I think it's warning people not only to handle this book rightly but warning them that there is a hell that there is a judgment to come. People don't want to hear about judgment. God keeps warning us in this country and a lot of Christian leaders. They won't speak out a name for what it is because nobody wants to hear about judgment they want to hear about it out of loves us and cares for us and shows up for sick and God is those things, but is also a God that warns us that judgment is coming in with Warnings 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina in his record-breaking fires and flawed sins snowstorms in economic meltdown and outgoing soaring upper Junior was going to come down and all sorts of things.

Now there happened the polarization of our society and the division in our races and it's just amazing God's warning so be faithful to warn people to pass along okay in a loving way in the carrying away the truthful way and so probably faithful to the word and faithful to do the work and faithful to warn we want to be faithful to keep watch. He's coming verse 20 he says he who testifies to these things. A yes I'm coming soon a man come, Lord Jesus is coming and Jesus said in Matthew 24 get goodies is keep watch, because you don't know what day or hour I'm coming but you know something I think you can know the generation. He said you could so we may not know the daily hour, but we can know when the time is drawing near when it's right at the door.

So keep watching you watch, read your newspaper get the news online help you get your news. Learn the signs of the times what Jesus said in Matthew 24 and other parts of Scripture and you match them up and you start watching for this and you read the Scripture and that God's spirit speak to you and you keep each so don't get distracted by business and don't get lulled into laziness and don't be tempted by worldliness and don't be paralyzed by fearfulness don't get dejected and depressed about wickedness. Look forward with hope as you look heavenward, because you have a place that's been prepared for you perfect permanence lights left on for you stay faithful and the time is left on earth faithful to his word faithful to do the work faithful to warn people faithful to keep watching because he's coming he's coming. There is a new day coming.

How do I know because Jesus said so. We have the hope of a new day coming in for those of us were tired and weary, sometimes beaten-down and bruised, wounded, suffering, and all sorts of different ways. There is a new day coming and we can have hope of a new day coming. As we look forward to prophecy and praise in patients prostrating ourselves before Jesus was or something in that revelation, one that God sent to you you in exile on Patmos River phone at the feet of Jesus as though dad's Sappington still just available for him to use and we can have the hope of a new day. As we look inward and that was a pretty long marathon of a message but it's we swallowed the camera and we saw that may be.

We need to repent of business and fearfulness, political correctness and permissiveness, carelessness to business pridefulness. Whatever else it was that got convicted you up at nights, unforgiveness and bitterness resentments, anger, jealousy, envy that you have ears to hear what the Spirit was saying so that you can repent of your sin returned to the things you did at first. Living by his principles and claiming his promises and we can have hope.

As we look upward. I was thrilled myself, as we were given that glimpse into the throne room of heaven. God's official office and we see Jesus seated on the throne. Absolutely supreme as the Lord and absolutely sufficient is the Lamb who was slain who walks over and takes that squirrel asserts his right to rule were whistling that move you to worship him. Give him the glory live your life every man wants, knowing that in the end, any sacrifice or cost is going to be worth it because Jesus is worth in that dark and tread full passage. We look earthward in the shining light in all of the darkness and the obscenity and the anger and the judgment is the fact that Jesus takes charge. He sees that squirrel on ceiling.

It and he will bring judgment on earth to purge the world of its he's coming. I believe any moment were going to hear the trumpet sound, any moment going to be caught up in the air to meet him in the skies going to unfold and that by horse will appear.

The writer whose name faithful and true and is going to speak a word in all of his enemies will dropdead Moments when you see him face-to-face. What will you wish you had done differently five minutes before you see Jesus what regrets will you have, you can join me in thanking him that he hasn't come yet so you have time to set it right sorted out live your life with no regrets or at least as few as possible from this moment forward. Praise God this world is not all there is, we can have hope. As we look homeward focused on heaven faithful on earth knowing that she's is with this.

He lived in this in the person of his Holy Spirit is going to continue giving us opportunities to share the gospel and bring as many people with us to heaven.

As we possibly can in one day going to see the lights he's going to be standing at the pearly gates. His arms outstretched, all welcome welcome. I love you. I'm so glad you come home and was going to live forever with him to somebody who's come to your mind. Somebody want to tell. Maybe you want to tell them about hell, but would you tell them about heaven, how they can know for sure that heaven can be there home that their name can be recorded in the Lamb's book of life, so there's no mistake when they get up there.

They're going to be accepted, so I don't know what God is said to you may be in Revelation 22. Maybe from Ephesians chapter 1 that how to pray for others in your church, but if you had an encounter with the living God. If he is leaned out of heaven.

Can you imagine the God that poured out the judgment we studied, tender, loving, leaning out of heaven to speak to you the comfort you to encourage you convict you to help manage the details of your life. If he is leaned out of heaven spoke and you. You've heard his voice and maybe it's been a conviction. Maybe it's been encouragement but whatever it is and you would just in a fresh way surrender to him. Make your life available for his use in the time that's left you would say please dear God use me for your car. Use me to increase the population of heaven affect your prayer and that your decision he is spoken during college and I don't want you to do this just an emotion, but if he has showed up and spoken to you and put something on your hearts you going to yield completely to him what's come to my mind as the church was begun with 12 disciples, minus Judas plus Paul surrendered like this change the world. What could God do with the room for disciple who know so much more than they did and we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Also in the full canon of Scripture and so, here we are, and we stand before you look on us look on your children look on your sons and daughters look into our hearts look into our minds look into our lives and not speak for myself. I'm not much, not much training, not much energy, not much time. Not much money. I'm here to tell you, God, you can have it all. I give you my soon name I give you the hard feelings the wounds that tend to reopen and get restarted into unforgiveness and bitterness. I'm going to let you think about it for you. You do yours and we bring these to the cross as our gift to you. You died for us. You died for that sin to take away so we give it to you and we give you our hearts and how we feel in our minds and what we think in our ears, and what we listen to in our hands and what we do in our feet, where we go and we just laid on our bodies as living sacrifices, what were asking is that we would feel your hand on her shoulder that would know your presence in our lives whether we feel your presence or not.

We know it because you told us he will never leave us nor forsake us in asking God if you can use somebody like me. I'm available I want to live my life from today until I see you face-to-face for your glory. I want to enter into heaven with an abundant entrance. I would like cannot be selfish. I want more than one crown delay at your feet. I want as many crowns as I can gather, have as much as I can to give you for what you've done for me in eternity will be to brief the worship you, and while I worship to work for you in eternity and disserve you all my day to thank you for right now given the opportunity on earth to be faithful faithful to your words were we know you do your work will make you known morning people. This is true, and it makes an eternal difference to keep on watching because any moment were going to have our face turn the sky to see you face-to-face. So Lord, we offer you ourselves right now. Me, myself and the gifts that I bring and I wish it was more.

I wish I had more than one life to give, but I have this when I give it to you, and for each of us, Lord, and is much as we know, that's our prayer that you would take our lives and use us for your glory and we make this prayer in this decision. This commitment in Jesus name and for his quarry father. We make this commitment now in the name of God the father who loved us so much. You brought us into existence because you want us to know you and a personal permanent passionate relationship you love this so much that you just gave us Jesus in the name of God the son, Jesus, who got up from heaven's throne and when his father sent came down when all the way to the cross to shed his blood to take away my sin open heaven for me in the name of the dear Holy Spirit, Jesus living inside of me will never leave me nor forsake me the name of God the father got the signed copy Holy Spirit that we make this commitment now and the one who is able to keep us from falling into present his fall before with exceeding Jesus name we pray. Now here's a man with this final word. We know Jesus is coming soon. He just hasn't arrived yet. Hope wakes us up and keeps us awake in light of the vision of his glory.

Be faithful to watch faithful to his word faithful to worship to work.

The witness to warn the vision of his glory gives hope to the hopeless. All those who were depressed by the smallness of their lives in the greatness of their problem. All those who were deluded by their own importance and by their own insignificance all those who were discouraged by the majority of the godless about the minority of the godly all those who are distressed by evil actions and by evil alliances. All those who were defeated by life been defeated by death. Do you know hope you really believe in Jesus, who is our hope. If so, would you buy into what you believe by claiming the hope of the vision of his glory is your own then living your life in the light of it. My prayer is that this vision of his glory ignites your heart with passionate anticipation challenging you to live faithfully every day every hour every moment in the light of the imminent return of the one who alone is worthy as the Son of Man, the son of God, the everlasting father, the Lamb who was slain, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. The only hope of the world, to the glory of God living in the light is a weekly study in God's word with teacher and author and grandma learn to listen to his voice, then start making the choice to keep on going and believing and trusting who God is go to n-gram lots outboard take advantage of the many helpful free resources to get you started doing this again for living in the life

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