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My Light and My Salvation

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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October 15, 2021 8:00 am

My Light and My Salvation

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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October 15, 2021 8:00 am

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll continue our study of the Psalms, as we hear David move from a desperate cry for deliverance and rescue from his enemies, to an unshakable confidence in God and a remembrance of God’s continued faithfulness.

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Today on the Bible study hour with Dr. James Boyce will see that David's confidence using God who is his light and salvation.

David knows God will protect and deliver him from his enemies. Although most of us aren't engaged in a literal battle. Psalm 27 offers much to learn about resting in God's promises and holding onto his unchanging unfailing ways and welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically our feelings can change from day to day even from moment to moment. God is a firm foundation and he never changes. We know we can put our trust in God because he is the same yesterday today and tomorrow.

Let's listen together as David turns to God for help knowing that he's unchanging God will answer. If you have your Bible handy turn to Psalm 27, one of the things I try to do when I'm studying the solstices to categorize scholars do that as well. I don't necessarily try to do it in scholarly terms, slow. Sometimes I do but I do try to get a handle on what the central tone of the central thrust of the Psalm is gives you a way of fitting the different parts together making sense of it.

As you study it is a great difficulty when we try to do that with the 27th song, we asked whether it's a Psalm of confidence.

As Psalm that is written against the dark background of David's encircling enemies, but expressing a client trust in God, or whether it is essentially element fervent cry for help by one who is in danger of being overrun by the same implacable photos as easy to understand why you have that problem the first half of it breeds confidence versus one through six. It is very encouraging thing to read.

It makes a very popular song. People that memorized portions of. Then we come to that second-half beginning with verse seven and here is quite a different tone. David really seems to be crying out in the midst of great danger prays for God not to reject him or forsaken to be with him and preserve him and we say while you hold those two parts together.

Anybody who is at all familiar with scholarship. Most scholars do it that you don't even have to read the commentaries they say what you have here are two separate songs are rather awkwardly and ignorantly put together wonderful how ignorant the biblical writer seem to be in the minds of any scholars, so I'm afraid only show how ignorant they are in the process.

I point out the difference in tone that's obvious. Everybody can see that point out to change the way it's written blogs in the first part of the first of the third person and then they are in the second person of the second part course that corresponds with the Ptolemy doesn't mean anything if you're going to pray pray in the second person but nevertheless I say all the big differences they overlook are the things that tie up together to begin analyzing a little bit you see how sophisticated some of this verse really is one thing that seems an apparent part one appear again in part two, the enemies are mentioned in part two she's praying about the peer's background part one David in part one asked that he might dwell in the house of the Lord to gaze upon the Lord and see his face that appears again in the second part. So the theme is there throughout, and I noticed something else to know I noticed that the two main themes of part one. That is confidence in God and the desire to see his face occur again in part to put in inverse order. You know anything about the Psalms you know that that is a common technique called key has him based on the Greek letter which we would write down is in fact so you get a reversal. As you move through the small one to do and then you get to one in the second half or a DBA and that's what you find your one that suggests I think perfectly evident to anybody who studies it carefully is not only that the song is by the same writer, but also that it was written at the same time and very carefully put together so you look at it and you say when a how are we to understand what we do about these two movements us mood of confidence and then the smooth petition. How can that be how can you have the same kind of Saul, talking about these two different moods will all you have to do is look into your own experience a little bit and ask yourself the question of I ever gone through that pattern, and if you know anything about yourself or you've lived any time at all with the Lord you find yourself saying yes of course I have.

Sometimes I feel absolutely confidence in God and then it would seem most of the same breath I can find myself in danger and calling out almost in despair, God save me having trouble.

How are those two incompatible know all there simply to expressions of what it means to be weak and sinful human beings depending upon God learning the bend on a more and more day by day.

David was like that and we are like that as well and think of biblical examples of that I think of the example of Job. Job is a man who had enormous faith in God. When everything was taken from said with great faith in God they could decay my the world naked will I go from it. Blessed be the name of the Lord, what a magnificent statement for man was lost all of his possessions at all of his family. Yet when his health was gone. We find him sitting there in the ashy misery pondering and wondering why it is the sort of things come upon him see faith in God.

Yes, he had that he had the whole way through. And at the same time, it was puzzling over his condition. Again, I think of Elijah larger.

They are on Mount caramel demonstrating enormous faith in God calling on God the son down fire from having and consume the sacrifice, and a few hours later he's off there in the desert, praying that he might die thoroughly exhausted, emotionally as well as spiritually by the ordeal. Perhaps very much to the point.

I think Peter Peter and the boat Jesus walking on the water. He says to Jesus in faith Lord of us really you made me come to you on the water and Peter gets out of that boat and starts walking toward Jesus across the sea of Galilee, and then he looks at the waves and he gets his eyes on Jesus, and he begins to sink in and that next saying I am sinking now is exactly what you have song starts off the Lord is my white and my salvation whom shall I fear the Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid. And then you find them saying don't desert me don't turn me over to the desire of my folks.

Now we can learn from that I we outline it will.

I think the best outline that I've seen is one is provided for us by the paragraph four stanza division in the new international version. I said that there are two parts to the song. But actually, as I look at it for when I tell you how I handle it so you can have that in mind as we go through it and if you're making notes you might want to make them under these categories versus one through three were stanza, and I would call that the souls confidence is what I've been talking about, but expresses his confidence in God and very moving language then secondly, in verses four through six. We have him expressing his desire to dwell in the house of God so that he can gaze upon the beauty of the Lord. I call that the soul's desire different to say from what he said in verses one through three.

Then in verses seven through 12. The souls petition is where he cries out to God to save them and help them and finally in the last two verses verses which come back and parked where he began to have something which is like a prescription for the days ahead. I would call that the souls prescription. There's a fourfold outline, souls, confidence souls desire souls petition on the souls prescription don't think you want to try first of all, we look at these verses that had to do with David's confidence and we see that there are two parts to that first of all his confidences in God is who God is and then secondly's confidences and what God has done. That is his experience of the God, it was revealed himself in the ways that he has spoken about in the first verse is good to see that you say because one of the reasons many of us lack confidences that we look for the wrong places. Many people look for confidence in themselves. They say well I am to be able to be strong enough to stand up against things that much all right as long as the opposition is an overwhelming but of the opposition gets greater than we are, and often it is certainly in the world. While then we don't have any basis for confidence in the sooners were shaken as we often are we find the ground on which were standing to be most insecure are some of us look for confidence in our feelings we say I just feel good about it. While, then it must be all right but usually that's a very insubstantial foundation as well. They would know better than that.

He knew that to himself that he was weak. He knew the feelings come and go, but he knew that God is the same yesterday today and forever God is unchangeable and God is stronghold only uses three images and talking about God.

First of all, God is as light.

Secondly, God is his salvation then.

Third, God is the stronghold of his life for many other things he could say about God that these are significant, and especially over against the background of his enemies explain this matter of light is interesting.

We are accustomed to think of God in terms of like most of us are asked to describe God, which, of course, we can't do thing that occurs most of all though our minds as light say, well, God is light because we read in the Bible. He dwells in unapproachable light of the same thing as saying is like.

That's the way we begin to think about it it comes to someone as a surprise to us since we think that way to know that this is the only person in the Old Testament in which the name light is specifically applied to God about is associated with light from other places. For example, Joe speaks of heaven as being the abode of Leiter. Sam 104 says that God wraps himself in whiteness with a garment for verses that say the Lord returns my darkness and light, because God is so obviously the source of light or sound, 36, nine, says in your light we see light. However, this Sean. This verse is the only place in the Old Testament which God specifically said to be liked. One pylon that I have to go to the New Testament, defined, and in the New Testament.

It's entirely in the writings of John the Gospel of John takes that idea and applies it to Jesus Christ because in the light came in the world and the darkness didn't overcome it and then in first John very beginning of the letter John applies it to God the father saying God is light and him is no darkness at all.

Was I mean that term light well in John's Gospel, it probably has to do with understanding because it is in Jesus Christ that we come to know God so little light of God is seen in Jesus Christ as we come to know him. We come to understand God is like. So understanding is what's in view there when you turn the first John nearly God is light and in him is no darkness at all and you put it against the background of the other things that are said in the chapter that speaking of purity and holiness because the background of the chapter is sent asked the question, what is it mean here what could mean a number of things.

When David says my Lord is light could be thinking of illumination. God gives them understanding he could be thinking of purity and holiness, or joy, or life of hope or I suppose many other things but probably because what he writes about in the next verses the advance of evil men and the danger he's under probably the light that he's thinking of is the light of some kind of deliverance from his father's mother words, God is going to see him through the present, evil darkness, Peter Craigie is one of the good commentators on the Psalm, and that's the way he sees it. I think his writings as the psalmist is affirming that even in the darkness of the term of the threat of war. He has no fear, for God is the light can dispel such dark that's probably true, to salvation mean salvation means deliverance. We usually think of it in terms of deliverance from sin again in this passage. It probably has due within deliverance from the danger in which he finds himself the attack of evil man. His enemies, the Army's roundabout stronghold name. All that is very much a military term stronghold is a fortress of refuge where a man under attack will go with his armies in order to withstand an invasion. Jerusalem itself and it was Walt was such a fortress and so probably this is what he has in mind. Proverbs 1810 has that same idea when it says the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run into it and they are safe.

David is thinking about what you know, even though that is probably the first of the saw and it's like that it should be because that's the particular danger he faced in the be speaking about confidence in God has to be in those terms. Even though that's probably what it means here. Most returns do suggest, and rightly suggest other things to us because were not surrounded by enemies.

And yet God is still our light and our salvation and our stronghold and we think, spiritually, and rightly so when we say God is are like what we mean is that we don't understand spiritual things all and God gives a spiritual understanding is what is Holy Spirit does what is done through the Scriptures we come to this book apart from the Holy Spirit we can understand that. But as we pray and ask God for illumination, the Holy Spirit, the light of God shines into our hearts to give us understandings of God comes our light exposes our sin by doing so draws us to Christ, we talk about salvation. We do speak spiritually or not thinking here of armies but we are saying that we have a great enemy and Satan and our sin is something that is hard to be over common Jesus Christ is done that for us. He has delivered us. He is our Savior and when we talk about stronghold. What we mean in all of the problems of life God or someone we could go to when we can find them to be absolutely reliable and protect us against our foes. John Stott in his commentary looks at it that way.

He says the Lord is my light to guide me my salvation to deliver me in the stronghold of my life in whom I take refuge, now it's not only the character of God that David refers to here as the basis of his confidence but is also what God has done in the past, say when he says evil men advance against me to devour my/when my enemies and my foes. Apparently they will stumble and fall.

The reason he saying that is because God had done that in delivering them in past days. He had some experience of God's deliverance that would go way back in David's life. He said when he came to Saul in those early days still a boy and was faced with a great challenge of Goliath. He said well I was out with the sheep and they were attacked by a lion, God gave me strength and I attacked the lion.

I saved the sheep God was my stronghold.

You say he's going to give me victory over Goliath as well and he did have victory over Goliath and had many many victories in those early days I sleep later on in life when he has even more responsibility and the dangers are greater because his position is more exalted.

He looks back to those days of the says God was faithful that God is unchanging God will be faithful to learn to do that we don't have confidence is because we haven't learned to do that. We have learned to focus on the character of God, and we haven't sufficiently appreciated the deliverance that is given in the past. Nothing else look back to the deliverance from sin how God brought you out of darkness and the light of reason that if he can do that he can do anything and will because he is faithful to his promise, so they have missiles confidence the second stanza, we have the soul's desire and as David expresses it, here it is to do one thing when he puts one thing I ask of the Lord. This is, I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple when he talks about going in the house of the Lord, that sounds an awful lot like Psalm 23 know how Psalm 23 in dwell in the house of the Lord forever. 23 the house of the waters have undoubtedly that's what it's saying there is not the case here baby talks about going in the house of the Lord here is talking about dwelling with God forever in heaven. It's during the days of his earthly life he wants to be in the actual temple was there Jerusalem and he emphasizes that you say the words for temple occurred. They are in a variety of ways throughout the stanzas with pricing together restore the house of the Lord in the second part of that verse in his temple.

Verse five and his swelling and then two times over once and that person once in verse six and his tabernacle. You see he's ringing the changes on the Hebrew vocabulary that has to do with the house of God. Now, one stop at that point and say well why does David have the single-minded obsession with the house of God, especially when we remember that that great Temple of Solomon wasn't even built yet where the ark resided during these days, assuming this is fairly late on David's reign was attempted. He had constructed for it in Jerusalem, where the ark was While they were waiting for Solomon and eventually for the temple to be built because God given them a revelation of the Document attempts and the our ministry that's connected with that and yet unless you see he says that's the one thing I desire that I might dwell in the house of the Lord and dwell there all the days of my life. Now it is true, of course, that is not the building itself, that he particularly desires. It's the presence of God stood gaze upon God and all his attributes, and yet you say, don't say that it's at the temple is very significant. You have to think about that some commentators are so cautious at that point and they almost fell over each other to explain the David really didn't have in mind the temple at all as a way was thinking what he was thinking I was worshiping God in spirit and even worse about anywhere at all and they remind us that Jesus said the day is coming when you will either worship here in Samaria or in Jerusalem, but the true worshipers will worship my father in spirit and truth, and of course all of that is absolutely true. And yet you say. He says this is what I see that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. I want to see his beauty and seek him in the temple and is going to keep me safe in his dwelling and is going to shoulder me in his tabernacle, and is at his tabernacle, but I will sacrifice with shouts of joy. Now what you make of that.

While I find that point like this and someone like CS Lewis, who has said great appreciation for literary images and moods. Because of his great study of literature was a genius at that is probably more helpful than the theologians of the theologians are helpful at times when I point out that we worship God in spirit and in truth and on the building. The day finally let us true. I love theologians but at this point I think Lewis is more helpful as he makes a distinction between the leading ancient style and the way we think and it's worth reading if you have his reflections on the Psalms of chapters really brilliant one.

He says see in our day. We dissociate the spiritual from the physical and we say, well, you know, there are the physical objects. But what really matters is God who stands behind and is apart from the middle of that reason, of course, we think that way we can go back recently. The engines were like that all of the ancient Greeks perhaps being an exception but even much in the case of the Greeks more or less link the spiritual with the physical. So much so that, without any sense of strain and their experience they can almost express their longing for God in physical terms there's a way was says of their longing to go up to Jerusalem and appear before the presence of God is like a physical first 42nd Psalm speaks about from Jerusalem. The presence of God flashes out in perfect beauty.

The 50th Psalm speaks about liking that encounter within their souls are parched like a waterless countryside.

The craving to be satisfied with the pleasures of his house only.

There can they be at ease like a bird in a nest Psalm 84 one day of those pleasures is better than a lifetime spent elsewhere.

Psalm 10 that we live in a different time course and we are quite different people and we can't duplicate the kind of virtual physical experience of the presence of God in his temple that the people have, but I think there is some area in which we do have an experience of that. Let me put it like this. Isn't there something of that presence of God to be experienced in the church where we traditionally worship that does not to be experience in exactly the same way somewhere else. I don't find many people saying that today because that kinda runs against the spirit of the way we think it sounds like we glorify a building course about doing that at all you think about it I just ask you to search your experience not necessarily your experience of worshiping here but where you grew up, whatever it may be, wasn't there something or isn't there something about the actual physical place in which you worship, and the things you see in talks that have something to do with an experience of the presence of God something to be said for the physical singing of the hymns along with other people that doesn't happen when you're by yourself something for sitting in the pews when they're hard to get the same ones you tend to sit in the same place you say something significant that kind of behavior. Looking to the point looking at the Bible what is being taught, and of course tasting of the sacrament of the Lord's supper, which Jesus himself gave us. Recognizing that it's as we handle the Brandon department and taste the wine that we experience something that we don't in any other way. I would say the very atmosphere of the place all the things you see, almost sacrament as God uses them to communicate something of his presence with us. I recognize that there's a delicate balance here. We are not Jews worshiping at the temple, but at the same time I think we don't want to underestimate the actual value of worshiping in the place of worship with God's people. I am surprised to find you probably should not be that the Puritans didn't have this kind of difficulty. Puritans quite naturally thought the places of worship is being where God is particularly revealed Richard Simmons, one of the great Puritan said particular visible churches under visible pastors now are God's tabernacle.

Now that's true even in some sense we should obviously obey what the Bible says when it says don't forsake the worship of God by joining together and so that's what we want to do there that souls confidence and we have the soul's desire and I'm suggesting that that has some real relevance to us today. Now in verses seven through 12. We have what I'm calling the souls prayer. There is a change here and this is where it occurs from those verbs that are speaking in the third person of God, the second person in which David is calling out to him the wine shortly somewhat in this time things are fierce conditions that mood changes from confidence to earnest entreaty.

As we read, hear my voice when I call the Lord, be merciful to me and answer me Mike parts is if you seek his face. Yes, your face, Lord, I will see do not hide your face from me not turn your servant away in anger been my helper. Do not reject me or forsake me know God by Savior miss half of the song verse that probably jumps out and most people's minds is verse 10, and for some people that would be the key verse in the entire song though my father and mother forsake me. The Lord will receive me of my friends, a psychiatrist tells me that she often uses that verse in her own counseling because her experiences. She works with people she finds so many of our patients who had a bad family experience and who feel rejected by their parents somewhere in the past. They look for something in their parents and haven't found and some cases particularly so today and probably increasingly so instead of finding what we need in our parents. People are finding that they actually experience the opposite.

They been abused. She says that she uses this song to the teacher patients that God does not abandon us like an earthly sinful parent or our friends.

We take that verse is the key to what we find in this passage we find David saying is that God is like a good father or a good mother to him. In other words, everything that you would expect to find from a parent he finds in God we put the question that way. What is it that we little to receive from a parent well we look to be accepted or received by a parent not rejected, we looked like parents to hear us, especially when were children listen to us and respond as we try to communicate our thoughts to (for teaching sometimes reluctantly, reluctantly or not. We expect to get teaching from our parents and we look to a parent for protection of these verses, you find that is exactly what David is talking about each one of those things I mentioned, we find here in verses seven through 12. Most important is the matter of acceptance not reject me or forsake me.

My father, my mother may forsake me. The Lord will receive major see human beings are fallible, that the Lord is not human beings are not reliable but God is and so we can know that is always going to accept us that good. Good to know. See left to our selves and on the basis of our own thinking we would see the other way around. We would say my parents are like awesome where their flesh and blood and we have weaknesses that have weaknesses. Some of my weaknesses. We've inherited from them of anybody on understand this and accept this as our parents but God. God is a holy God.

He is not really like him. He is holy. We are simply as wisely, or foolish, we would say parents and acceptance with God should not inoculate the other way around. Parents let us down. Like all other human beings. But God never does because of who God is and what he's done. You see, God has redeemed us in Jesus Christ that has become the foundation of our acceptance and it's the foundation of the God himself laid down when we come to and we come to him as a God. It was already expressed the basis and has made us one with Jesus Christ and is invited us in to his presence, removing the veil that kept us from it.

And so we can confidently knowing we can, Spurgeon said on one occasion, our relations will be the last to desert us. But even if the milk of human kindness should dry up even from their breasts. There is a father who never forgets says in another place some of the greatest saints of been cast out by their families. Or maybe that has been your experience. Many of had good families and if you have your thankful for.

But there are many who have not, especially in our day. There are people who have not had that great privilege that's the case you can change that. That's an experience of life. You can't re-create the past, but you can turn the God who you will find to be everything your parents were not say to yourself. Well guess what I was never accepted and that's why have the problems I have know that God accept you in Jesus Christ and he will work in you to overcome whatever those problems may be a great thing you say you can say though my father and mother forsake me.

The Lord will receive me and Anita come to them through faith in Jesus Christ. He already has most likely want to be heard. David is talking about that at the beginning, hear my voice when I call the Lord, be merciful to me and answer me. We know that God does because of the end expresses confidence once again interesting the way a child will come to parents and want to be hard to think back to your past and realizes that's one of the things you wanted when you were growing up somebody to listen to you on the same things is that so many parents don't listen parent to do that a child has a gift that is greater than many many many other things.

My father was Dr.'s many doctors are very busy. I didn't have the opportunities to talk with him in a significant way.

As I was growing up, but my mother was in the home and I had many opportunities to talk to her.

One of the great memories of my childhood sitting with my mother working through things and she trying very hard to explain things to help me in my own understanding. That's a great gift to say.

I recognize that not everybody has that been parents to fail their children. At that point, and that maybe your experience as you say you have a God and stands ready to hear like you to call who tells you to plot your request before a man who promises an answer, even before you pray, ask, and you will receive secret you will find block and it will be open Monday was what Jesus taught.

Jesus spoke on behalf of the father about guidance. We need that to don't especially as children we don't know the way to go.

Sometimes we think we know it and we get in all kinds of trouble but we do need guidance of the good parent provides it. David says is what God does as well. See verse 11. Teach me your way lead me in a straight path because of my oppressors. Interestingly, stuck in my teaching so often been here in previous Sundays as we talked about this, you will have remembered that we have seen it before. In Psalm 25. He's praying for teaching teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth.

Teach me, and later in the same Psalm. He says yes, that's what God is going to do and when we get to Psalm 26 he says yes, and God is done it is a now you get to Psalm 27 and is asking for it again because we always need to learn it in the school of faith were always children God always remains father puzzled about the way you should go to your face difficulties in your life and you say I really don't know which way to turn hear about a problem at work. I don't know what to do about it. Then I have a problem in my relationships and I don't know what to do about what's right. You and I to those thing you ask God God lead you way that you should go delights to do it lead you in that way. Trust on your own understanding says in Proverbs lean on God and he will make your paths straight. David is saying the same thing here lead me in a straight path when finally we need protection that brings us back to the theme we been saying all along. Here you have the enemy use of the background and parts wanting to emerge again here in part three says, I really do need protection for my enemies. That's why I'm praying protect me when you think about father wouldn't protect his child. This child is in danger say will that's not a very good father God is good father, and if we expect protection from an earthly father or an earthly mother.

We certainly are going to find that in God brings us to where we, at the very end. The thing I call the soul's prescription to verses verses 13 and 14 in verse 13 actually gets back to that point of confidence with which it began.

I am still confident of this. I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living things locked in the land of the hereafter like about eternal life. There is a land of living is or physically alive to see the goodness of God right here is what he saying.

So you say it having gotten everything straight in his life.

Having reminded himself of who God is and what God is God and having expressed his desire which is to know God more fully and gaze upon the beauty of his protection of then having poured out his request before Amy comes back and says yes, I'm still confident why because I done those things you say I hadn't done in the house of the Lord.

I hadn't sought him and I had prayed and had laid my request before I wouldn't be confident.

I got shaken up but I've done in 10. I am confident that he saying is a not that I recommend the same thing do you find yourself shaken. Well, here's a prescription for it is one thing more you, Barry and I want David says in verse 14 is this wage the Lord is remiss that he repeats it again strong and take heart and wait for the Lord is why I call it a prescription is that God is going to deliver us from enemies and is going to provide teaching, then he's going to receive.

This is going to answer it, but it is also true that he doesn't always do that right away. Say to yourselves, why doesn't he do it right away. I don't have the answer. I don't know the mind of God and why he doesn't do it right away but I do know the God's timings on our timings and he has purposes and his delays. See examples of that in Scripture. And if he's lying answer you in some particular way has a purpose and that also say what should I do, God's not answering. Should I give up all know how that's not the idea all David said is you need to learn to wait for wage on the Lord's reasonable if some wealthy person promise to give you a very valuable gift you'd wait for. I would think you were in danger and there are some powerful person again perhaps that Ted said he was coming to your agent wait for him to come out the same way with God. God is an equally generous benefactor in fact more so and is an equally powerful king. In fact, more so he can be, the pond given he can be counted upon to come. DD can be counted upon for everything everything all the privilege as well as a duty to wait on them and get a little true waiting. Most of us really do is pray father when we study the songs we realize again and again that we're getting to the depths of the experience of the soul with God, which, again and again go beyond their own experience.

Yet the problems that lie behind the experience are our problems because human experience is all the same from generation to generation doubts and questions and enemies failings and all that was true for David and for all the other saints, and for us as well. And so we need to learn and we would pray that you would teach us from what David learns just as in the first case you taught him was to see you as a parent you can be trusted to be absolutely reliable.

The answer to teach to defend it was grace to seek your face slowly don't merely find ourselves saying oh yes, God must be like that and turn away mind our own business, forgetting that you're there for us to see the value of joining together with others and fellowship in those churches where your worship so profit from lack help us also to learn what it means to wake perhaps the most difficult lesson of all. David said I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. We will also thank you for thank you for listening to this message from the Bible study our listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance is a coalition of pastors, scholars and churchmen who hold to the historic creeds and confessions of the reformed faith and who proclaim biblical doctrine in order to foster a reformed awakening in today's church.

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