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Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? A Messianic Jew Debates an Orthodox Rabbi

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 14, 2021 4:40 pm

Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? A Messianic Jew Debates an Orthodox Rabbi

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 14, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/14/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. The following is a prerecorded program is Jesus usual really Jewish Messiah. We take you into debate with an Orthodox Jewish rough stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry of the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH Georgia is Dr. Michael Brown friends walking to the special debate done, Xers played excerpts from debates each day of the week so far. This is one from March 23, 2017 I was supposed to debate Osher Norman, who had written a well-known counter missionary book. He came down sick as much as want to be there is Dr. would let him. Rabbi Fry tag filled in on short notice. Orthodox Jewish rabbi who's been involved in these issues. These subjects in dealing with Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah, but I so appreciated him jumping and on short notice. This took place at the University in Georgia. The place was packed out was a great environment, a great night and will do is this going to take as much as we can. Of my opening statements, uninterrupted for the rest of the segment to come back and give Rabbi Fry tag the exact same amount of time from his opening statements.

After that the next segment we will get into our back-and-forth interaction Q&A audience Q&A. Whatever we can get in that is best for you to listen to and then come back. The final segment and give you our closing statements. All that come your way. Starting now will talk about Jesus is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. It is important to know were talking about and to do so we have to un-peel a lot of the layers of church tradition I Jewish friends who grew up thinking that Jesus was the son of Mr. and this is Christ, so we want to dispel some rumors and misunderstands return about Yeshua who is called Christ because Christ is the Greek way of saying Messiah. His mother's name was Miriam's followers were all use men like Johan on names like that all right and and Jacob, better known as James and Yehuda Bennett notice is June you've heard of St. John the Baptist. He was actually Rabbi Johann on the Mercer so were talking about a fellow Jew most influential Jew who ever lived, and asking the question, is he indeed the Messiah of Israel. Now, according to the Scriptures. He came first for his own people, and we must look at what the Scriptures say about that.

But he also came for the nations what's the role of the Messiah.

What's he going to do according to Moses Maimonides the Rambam writing in the 12th century, he laid out some of the key things that the Messiah's affidavit would do, he would turn the hearts of the Jewish people towards the Torah he would regather the exiles he would rebuild the temple, he would fight the wars of the Lord. He will ultimately establish God's kingdom on the earth.

Now, I agree that the Messiah will do those things.

The question is, is that all that the Messiah will do well at present to you tonight is that Maimonides saw the second half of the mission, but missed the first half of the mission. The only way a president can serve the second term of his presidency as if he first serves the first term. No way a team can play the second game of of a second half of the game as if they first play the first half.

I will show you that Jesus, Yeshua must be our Messiah. He's the only one who can do the second part because he alone did the first part we need to do now is go on a journey through our Bible through the Hebrew Scriptures remembering the Bible doesn't say the Messiah son of David will do this and do this, we have to look to see who the Messiah is how he's described and what he will do so we start in Genesis the 12th chapter.

When God calls Abram, Abraham is going to bless him, bless his seat and then through him all the nations of the world will be blessed through Abraham's seed, and of course God chooses Isaac and Jacob and out of the 12 tribes of Jacob, Judah. In Genesis 4910. It tells us that the rulership will come through Judah. This is ultimately now through David and it says the obedience of the nations.

The obedience of the peoples will be hit so the Messiah is not just about Israel, but through Israel will bring light to the nations of the world.

In fact we see in Isaiah 2, and in the kingdom of God on the earth that that the peoples of the world will come streaming to Jerusalem and we see in Isaiah 11. Speaking about the son of David will rule over in earth without war, that the nations will come to him. Let's keep this focus on the nations. As we we going to the book of Isaiah and we see in Isaiah 42. It speaks of the servant of the Lord, not traditional Judaism also say that servant is always Israel. Actually, there are Jewish traditions that recognize the servant in Isaiah 2, Isaiah 42 as referring not just to Israel but as referring to the Messiah.

In other words, there is a servant of the Lord within the nation who fulfills the mission of the nation and if you study carefully.

Don't just go by what you've heard through a careful study of Isaiah 40 to 55. You see, when the servant is Israel as a nation is often joined together with Jacob. Jacob and Israel and their servant is often death and unresponsive and languishing in exile because of its sent the universal testimony of the Hebrew Scriptures is that we were suffering in Babylonian exile because of our sins yet there's a servant within the nation who is righteous and their servant is according to Isaiah 42 will be a light to the nations then will we get to Isaiah 49, the servant of the Lord speaks some Jewish tradition says this is the prophet speaking it's clearly an individual is identified with Israel but his mission is to Israel.

And when you read Isaiah 49. This is what the servant said basically I failed in my mission. I was called to regather the tribes of Israel.

But I failed in my mission and God says to him, no, no, no, this is a small thing for you. I have not only appointed to restore Israel but to be a light to the nations. So, this servant of the Lord who fulfills Israel's mission whose role is to regather the people of Israel. It seems as if he fails in his mission to Israel. But God says no problem, you will be a light to the nations. As we continue on reading about the servant we see, contrary to this servant Israel, which is suffering for its own sins. Isaiah 50 says you were sold because of your sense of iniquity.

The whole testimony of the prophets is Israel is in exile because we sent the whole Torah law a blessing and cursing tells us. Therefore, people were obedient would be established in the land were disobedient would be scattered in exile in contrast with the servant, which suffers for its own sins. The Messiah, the servant within Israel, the one who seems to fail his mission to Israel becomes a light to the nations. He is not suffering for his sins for the sins of his own people.

So when we get to Isaiah chapter 52 beginning in verse 13. What is it say, according to the target integers paraphrase.

It recognizes that this speaks the Messiah and and there's an ancient Jewish, midrash, midrash, Tonka muscle, so homiletical interpretation that was widely regarded in the ancient Jewish world and to this day the Messiah will be high and lifted up and lofty exceedingly what is it me, he will be higher than Abraham.

He will be more exalted than Moses and he will be loftier than the Angels.

That's verse 1352 14 says first suffer terrible mistreatment. We were just painting a picture. I'm just looking with the testimony of Scripture says so. This one will be highly exalted.

This one will be rejected by his people, yet welcome by the nations before he is highly exalted, he will suffer terrible disfigurement and pain and then as we get into Isaiah the 53rd chapter an amazing picture unfolds, we Jewish people thought he was suffering for his sins wasn't say okay and call again and when I saw Michael Weiner swallow. Surely he's borne our griefs carried our sorrows, but what happens but not the cost of knowing a global care looking that we thought he was being smitten and suffering for his own sins and then what is was the revelation that the nation gets to whom the Kalon mixture and he was pierced for our transgressions with you, ever Crushed for our iniquities was marshaling all of the punishment differences based upon him for convert to near Palawan at the cost of his wounds. There is healing for us again who is the prophet speaking up, and as we go on in Isaiah 53 we see that this one servant will die. He'll be cut off from the land of living. It speaks of his burial. His death, he will die and if he will live on. Who is the prophet describe not now where often told that this passage speaks of the nation of Israel course. It cannot be because Israel in exile was suffering for its own sins. Again, the universal testimony of the Hebrew Scriptures to this effect, which we can demonstrate very easily with quote after quote after quote, including writing the surrounding section in Isaiah as well but but not only so we are told that Isaiah 5213 years, which can happen that the nations of the world will see Israel exalted at the end of the age will be astonished because they'll think Israel was suffering for it sends. Now we realize Israel was suffering for our sins. Nope, that's not the revelation of Ezekiel 39 this is it, and the nations shall know that the house of Israel were exiled only for their iniquity. This is what our prophet said because they trespassed against me so that I hid my face from the nations. Oculus suddenly realized that the prophets role wrong the words of the prophets will prove the truth and when Israel was in exile in the nations of the world would overdo their punishment where the prophet say it in their numerous verses that that attest to this.

The prophets of Jeremiah 50 Jeremiah 30 that God would judge the nations where Israel scattered he would discipline Israel, then he would destroy those nations, Israel's suffering and the nations didn't bring healing to ancient Babylon or healing to ancient Assyria know it brought the adding of those empires God judge them.

Where's the Messiah suffering brings healing to those that smote him something radically totally different. There's only one possible candidate. This one who seem to fail in his mission to his own people, who was accepted as a light to the nations who died for the sins of the nation with the nation thought he was dying for his own sins and through his suffering has brought healing to multitudes this one who died and yet lives on. It can only speak of 116 and Psalm 118. The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. That's the story of Yeshua on the side evangelical Christians have become the greatest friends Israel has in the world because they read these words, they realize the Jewish roots of the faith, they realize their indebtedness to the Messiah of Israel and the people of Israel, and they have love and it exposes the heart of anti-Semitism in church history is a complete and utter aberration.

So I ask you tonight. Who is Scripture speaking. Yes, we agree to come at the end and set up his kingdom here on the earth in a world of perfect peace and rule of Jerusalem, but I can tell you there's only one possible candidate, the one who came before the second Temple was destroyed just as the prophet said the one who came was rejected and misunderstood by his own people and get died for the sins of Israel and the nations, and rose from the dead, and has become a light to the nations of the world.

That's why hundreds of millions of people today worship and love the God of Israel because of the work of Jesus the Messiah. Some years ago around.

My friend was talking to some students in my ministry school and one of them said Rabbi you're supposed to be a light to the nations.

He said it wasn't a rabbi that came and brought the knowledge of God to my nation and turned us away from idolatry was a Christian missionary with this message of Jesus.

Remember comes for his own first Jewish people becomes a light to the nations. The end of the age. He will return and establish his kingdom.

I encourage every Jewish and Gentile persevere turn your hearts to the one own sizes of Jesus, thank you so much right there you have the best part we could play for my opening statements that the babies never try to rabbi himself decided to hire. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Ryan friends welcome to our special debate we take you back to March 23 27th my debate with Rabbi Daniel Fry tag. These are his opening comments. We give him as much time as we gave me in the last segment plane is much as we can to give you the best understanding of our positions. Here we go. I'm here to produce. I'm here because somebody reached out to my people to try to tear them away from their father and I apologize to you who are righteous people, spiritual people.

Bible believers for my strong talk tonight to explain to you why Jews were willing to give themselves up to be burnt by the stake cannot accept this idea only explained very clearly that Dr. Brown pointed out were not debating who the Messiah is debating what a Messiah is because we all agree that the end times a Messiah does a number of things so he believes Jesus I believe Anna may be of some on the right. You never know. The issue is what is a Messiah if we were so few companies that why use the Messiah was Messiah told us Isaac. I'm fixable.

Fill the receiver doesn't do that at the quarterback were but I kind of like the ball.

Builders elect Tom Brady so Messiah. The question the real question were asking is what does God want you to do to be righteous. Does he want you to say, I accept the death of the Messiah as an atonement for my sins. The Christian view is if I'm correct, that is what God wants you to do it. The most important thing a person can do is the most important piece of information that God could give the people as it is the entire point of all creation. According to the Christian view but assume here's that and just shakes her head and walks away missing. I have a godfather.

He spoke to me personally. He told me how to be right if you're telling me that the way to be righteous is to the next accept the death of someone in place of my righteous works. My commandments my obedience to the commandments of God and a boarding now. I stopped after three pages reason, things that God says first-person unambiguous no interpretation needed. No connections between Zachariah and Haggai were to read God talk to the Jews that Deuteronomy 5, the Longhorn your voice when you spoke to me and the Lord said to me, I have heard the words of this people, which they have spoken to you. They are right and only have spoken. If only they had such a mind is this, to fear me and to keep all my commandments always so that Mike along with them and their children forever. Deuteronomy 7 you shall therefore keep the commandments, the statutes and the ordinances which I command you this day to do the it's all happened because you listen to these ordinances and keep and do them, that the Lord your God will keep you with you the comment etc. I was get Leviticus 26 if you will not obey me, and do not observe these commandments. If you spurn my statutes and up were my ordinances so you will not observe all my commandments you break my covenant I will bring terror on you.

Deuteronomy for acknowledged today. Take heart that the Lord your God is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath. There is no other keep his statutes and his commandments which I am commanding you today for your own well-being.

Deuteronomy 6 I know I don't get repetitive. I stopped after three pages. This is too much of this if you had to do a book report on 10 which were the only books published by the time Jesus was alive and using what part one of these books say to the Jews, they repeatedly say one thing unambiguously keep my commandments, and that is the only path to righteousness will be bringing your unsexy methods diligently keep the commands of the Lord your God has decreased. Deuteronomy 10. So now is or what the Lord your God require of you, only to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all his ways to loving to serve the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and to keep the commandments of the Lord your God and his decrees that I am commanding you today around 11. Deuteronomy 11 goes on Deuteronomy 13, but I want to skip ahead because you might say to me rabbi. Maybe that was in the past. Maybe not in 2017. If only there was a place in the Bible and the Torah were God looks at you in 2017 and seven I want to talk to you to in 2017 the past. I want to tell you clearly what I need you to do. Deuteronomy chapter 30 it will be when all these things come upon you the blessing and the curse that I presented before you know if you look at the chapter prior God saying you keep my commandments great. Don't be kind to my commandments. I'm going to punish you.

I'm gonna spread you throughout the nations to fill happened that you will take it to your heart among all the nations were similar. God has dispersed so you want to know you got in 2002 2017. The Jews dispersed among all the nations, who, to whom this is happened to take it to heart.I want to know I want what I do you return to Hashem, your God, listen to his voice. According to everything that I command you today, you and your children with all your heart and all your soul, then assumed your God will bring back your captivity, have mercy upon you. You will gather you in. If you are that your dispersed or at the ends of the heaven, he will graduate from there he will do good to you for 7 God Will Pl. all these implications of these curses upon your enemies and those who hate you will pursue you, you shall return and listen to the voice of God and perform all these commandments that I command you today, wait a minute when life was saying shall accept the Messiah as your opponent. No says June 2017.

What is supposed to do to be righteous, keep my commandments on God will make you abundant in all your handy work in the fruit of your womb. The fruit of your animals when you listen to the voice of God, to observe his commandments and his decrees that are written in this book of the Torah, wait a minute that is not possible to do the law. Maybe I need some heavenly guidance is really smart. That's the next verse, verse 11 for this commandment, I command you today is hidden from you is not distant is not in heaven for you to say who can ascend to heaven for us and take it for us so that we can listen to it and perform it, listen to someone who said you need someone to come down from heaven to help you do it you can do it you want to know why Jews have never entertained this possibility because every single time we are told in the Bible in the Torah. What we need to do to be righteous in clear first-person unambiguous terms. It is always the same thing, keep my commandments. Now if we were to believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

To the extent that he has changed that change that that mandate that really what I need to delete Daniel Friday when I need to do is to cut it out with the commandments stop keeping Shabbat stop keeping kosher when I really need to do is figure out a way to accept somebody who died for my sins that all I need is for there to be one place. In this book 1 just wants anywhere first-person statement to me from God that says dear Jew, I changed my mind. No longer shall you keep the commandments for the Messiah will come and through his death he will no longer need to keep the commandments. Once I know y'all have your laptops here. It's not here anywhere. Not once. Not either ambiguous things. Sure want me to take it down to my basement where I have a big clipboard yarn and pins and clippings and old big old sign on topics as jet fuel Steel beams and hot guys here in the car is here in Isaiah's pay attention and ignore the fact that on this translating taking things out of context calling you things that have nothing to do with the Messiah. Guessing humans get convinced like it should vaccinate your kids well right but is there a single time that God has ever said clearly in this book I change my mind.

Remember we are debating the most important critical piece of information that God could give humans if all of creation and history I not right to a Christian. The most important piece of information in all of existence is the idea that someone will come as the Jewish Messiah and altar. The covenant so that it no longer is that the Jews have to obey the law and get righteous by keeping the law because someone is going to die.

Release them from the law, so they no longer have to keep that the most important piece of information, and God never says it wants before the coming of Jesus to the Jews. You wonder why Jews didn't buy it. It's not there. Sure you got your Narnia clippings got her out of context mistranslated big is that we just don't have enough time to go through the various missed translations and out of context.

Things that were said here tonight and are continuously set, but that's my answer. And that's every Jews answer so if you want to know why we don't accept it, is because every single verse in our Torah tells us what we need to do if you're a Jew that's primarily going here for you to pay attention your God is talking to you.

Deuteronomy 30 say you want to get right who you can listen to me for the guy with the yarn.

The clippings I'm on the ambiguous disguising apart ambiguous.

Think things that you didn't realize you mistranslated things you didn't realize he's taken out of context. This is the key here.

Listen main issue in all of this is this when you open up this book are you buying or are you selling do I have an idea that I have to squeeze in here payment. If you believe that 9/11 was an inside job. You spent hours on the Internet finding all those little proofs if you want to believe that vaccines cause autism." This quote that you make all that yarn connect are you buying or are you selling as if you're buying and you just want to read this book and ask it what is it saying, in fact, what do the Jews need to do. The answer is obvious.

If you're selling on the other hand, you've come in with a preconceived notion of what needs to happen. Sure you can get an extra-large boy yarn and leave that web with all the ambiguous statements somewhat. Don't talk about Messiah so we don't talk about atonement. Someone told, but there you're never going to that place where it says first-person hay to accept somebody like I got a jump in and out of time will tell you how you can watch the complete debate self soon as we come back right here on the line of fire. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown looking for in-store specialty, mainly because it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. This day we take you into debate I have with Rabbi Daniel Freitag. This is March 23, 2017. We played extended excerpts of our opening comments during the live debate. This was followed by rebuttal back and forth. Now we get you into some of the Q&A exchange some of the back-and-forth exchange that we can play as much as we can in the time that we have. If you want to watch the full debate is good a website asked her to typing Fry tag FERIT a G or Facebook or YouTube for today so you'll see a description with a link to the full debate and if you're listening, watching as a Jewish person pay.

Watch the whole debate here from both of us and then make informed and wise decisions. I Rabbi appreciate that.

Passionate presentation of fortune had nothing to do with the subject whatsoever. As you'll see momentarily, but will address every question you raise. Also, very importantly, I look forward to giving me one example in your rebuttal time. One example of one verse taken out of context mistranslated just want all right. Let me set the record straight on a number of things and and by the way, when I heard Mr. Norman couldn't be here I sit all give a lecture with over my Q&A but I really want to do debate I want to be fair to the other side to be presented in the when I heard Rabbi Fry tag agreed actually change my notes on short notice so I could have less preparation time as well. But these are things we've lived with for decades. In solid we need to prepare to talk about them set the record straight about the Bates. The earliest debates took place, because many many many Jews followed Jesus as Messiah and they didn't. So there were debates in the synagogue is recorded in the New Testament writings of those of the earliest debates. But what bothers me is this to be on so many of us who are usually was an issue of the soon as we came to faith. We were brought you have to talk to the rabbi we were intimidated we didn't know what she'd written have background.

I have friends of mine who were kidnapped.

I've another colleague who was beaten okay horrific things happen and and and I was always challenge to debate. We weren't allowed to bring other people with us that new more as I learn more sick and we discussed these things in public. No is not all that the moment we come to face almost to take us. However, if you're usually when Jesus on most all of us have had the same thing you need to go talk to the rabbi and then we say can we bring someone who knows will not know.

We just want to talk to you.

What can we discuss the things in public. No.

Does anyone have anything to hide.

Why not put everything on the table so we can get the facts cleared instead of intimidating people in private to me is bothersome is disingenuous and also I appreciate Rabbi Fry text love Christian church.

You have to understand if what he's saying is true throughout the Bible throughout the New Testament throughout your faith in Jesus. If the idea that Jesus is the Messiah is laughable. Then in less than Gentiles get the dregs. The Jews know it's deception.

The Jews know it's not true.

The Jews know it's a mess. The Jews know that what's written in the New Testament is a real, but it's fine for you go I am for you Gentiles. That to me is not anti-Semitic.

That's anti-Gentile. And let's face the facts. If Jesus is not the Messiah of Israel.

He's not the Savior of the world. 2 billion+ Christians are believing nonsense. There is no other alternative last face the facts now the question is what is God wants to do to be righteous to believe in him and obey him, who said that changed this whole polemic that Jesus tells you stuff, keep the commandments. The law was never given to the Gentiles that the loss I was there amounts I was ever given to the whole Gentile world that was never required.

The first followers of Jesus, Yeshua with this Jews. Yeshua said at Matthew 517 don't think I came to abolish all the profits and come to abolish but to fulfill. So all of his first followers reduce The commandments and this again strikes me as utterly disingenuous.

There are many people here, I'm sure, who are part of messianic Jewish congregations. Why because as Jews they say were still Jews. We still observe the Sabbath.

We don't keep on the rabbinic traditions because we see those us adding to the touring valve is very explicit. Don't add when you like the Sabbath candles and say is God commanded as he never commanded show mandatory command and he never commanded that so many of the practices are not kept her there Differently. This is within different branches of Judaism are different expressions, but many messianic Jews that said that lipids, Jews, and even live in Israel there there Sabbath observant the date they serve the country they observed that the countermeasure, and here's what bothers me. One way messianic Jews seek to live as Jews. The Orthodox community of interest. Many persecuted seven Savior being deceptive.

You have no business doing first were told were supposed to keep the commanders Jews and would just try to keep the commanders followers of Jesus recall deceptive. How is that can't be both ways. Let's go a little further, the if all there is is keeping the commandments. Why did you need a sacrificial system. Why is there a need for your keyboard day of atonement if and how is it working out for us. The temples been destroyed almost 2000 years. How is it working out. If use sir want to be righteous enough and stand before God and say I stand before you by my righteousness by keeping the commandments go ahead on the plea for mercy and do the very best I know how to plead for mercy. The good news is that God gave us atonement.

This is in the Torah. If you believe the law then you gotta believe all of it in the atonement system essential what happened to the blood sacrifices that's why rabbinic Judaism develop this idea and show me where I've quoted one rabbinic concept one rabbinic text out of context, mistranslated pleats at the strong claim I STEMI five. Behind every syllable of every text I quoted in its artist piece together this mystical thing I like in verse after verse after verse after verse that I show you contextually has to do with the Messiah were told was that have to do with the Messiah, but when we get back to a bracing all got struck.

There must be atonement and that's why rabbinic Judaism came up with the idea of the atoning power the death of the righteous and some of these quotes. That said, since the temple was destroyed. When God gave her talk was the death of the righteous that out here something else to understand what's a fundamental message of Yeshua and his first Jewish followers to achieve a repent, you can find it.

I mean I could do a survey of the New Testament. I can start Matthew three they go to Matthew for labor market one they go to Mark six and go to Luke five into Luke 13 to 15th. I can show you that that Yeshua sends his disciples at 124. The message that repentance and forgiveness of sins must begin drizzled as the message of the whole Hebrew Bible.

Repent and turn back to God in obedience and he will forgive you through the atonement that he's made. I'm glad that Dr. Brown took me off my talent to find one, even one can happen. We tried one verse first person that speaks to the Jews and says you no longer need to keep the commandments. Someone died and freed you from that once the most important piece of information of the Christian idea not found once, but he did tell you that it's in Jeremiah and I read a few. The holidays are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel in the house of Judah sprinkler.

Not like the covenant that I made with their fathers on the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, my covenant that they broke, though I was there husband declared Lord new covenant, not like the covenant what is the covenant what it was. The new covenant with is it that someone dies, you no longer have to give commandments has that covenant happened to me.

The claim of the Christian is that covenant began with Jews right that's what change what we have the advantage of having the this is the covenant then I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord writings were about to find out what the new covenant is I will put my law within them and I will write it on their hearts. I will be their God and they shall be my people, and no longer shall each one teach his neighbor and each his brother saying no. The Lord, for they shall all know me the least of them to the greatest hazards covenant happened only here tonight we talking about knowing the Lord tonight how this covenant happened, the covenant that were told the new common with my voice as nothing about a person dying and no longer be responsible for commandments.

The thing the one thing I asked for is not here. In fact, if you want to know what is talking about is in Jeremiah sings a new covenant, and therefore this is the covenant I will put my law within them and I'll write it on their hearts beautifully in oral certifying that Ezekiel chapter 11. I will give them one heart, I will put a new spirit within you, I will remove the stony heart out of your flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh, that they may walk in my statutes and keep my ordinances and do them, and they shall be my people and I shall be there in about the exact opposite about Ezekiel 36 a new heart also will I give you in a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh, and I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes, and you shall keep my ordinances and do them. So we were just told that God did in fact say first person is the only one there is something, but there's a new covenant, but then he said, anticipating something for this is the covenant that I will make in those days waiting for you to figure out what the covenant is right there in that verse and what does he say something's going to happen to the spirit of the people and no longer one. Teach another about to know the Lord, for they shall all know me, from the greatest to least, you may live in Kennesaw. Think of one's religious they true. Has this happened yet. This new covenant is this new covenant that someone will die and release you from the commandments. Where is that statement God says 50 title maybe more shows in the future after the destruction of the temple weight… Let's let's look at our Scripture. We have the famous quote the story when Solomon dedicates the temple and has a long prayer in first Kings, which I thought I marked the rear first Kings chapter 8 and verse 33. The long prayer standing before the newly built Temple.

If your people are defeated by an enemy because they sinned against you and they returned to you and praise your name and pray and supplicate you in this temple is a problem with our 46 when they sin against you or there is no man who never sinned, and you become angry with them and you deliver them to an enemy and their captors take them captive to any land far away or nearby. I guess we don't have a temple with God took us out of the land and really far away are no Kennesaw, Georgia, and they take it to heart in the land where they were taken captive and they repent and supplicate to you in the land of their captors saying we have seen, we have been iniquitous. We have been wicked and they returned to you with all their hearts, and with all their soul, the land of their enemies were captured and through them and to pray to you by the way of the land that you gave the forefathers met and by the way of the city you chosen through the temple I built for your name. May you hear their prayer and their supplication from heaven. He said you know God, please when they lose this temple.

They no longer have the system of sacrifice in the faraway wheel direct versus right send them that God was going to die know it doesn't say that they will turn to you in prayer and repent and you will hear their prayer, no blood, no sacrifice. Every time it's clear every time is a clear statement of what a Jew needs to do the things that you and is not I that said at a time we come back closing statements made by Fry tag and from two euros to move over and gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back there in the universe there is Messiah. Now you get to hear our summations are closing statements, we come back some final reflection on my end as well. Alright, well, you know, I've done lots of debates and one thing I know someone says that in the disprove appointed they don't disprove any conflict can't disprove. The point is the point Stansel entire opening statement from beginning 10 has not rebutted. Not a syllable or word we were told there so so many cut-and-paste put together not one was picked out not one was refuted. One was shown to be mistranslated and if there was a time to do you do in rebuttal right all the rabbinic literature I quoted out of context never going and I keep getting accused of misquoting Jeremiah when what's happening is what I say about Jeremiah's being misquoted misrepresented each time, and remember when God makes a covenant. So his blood blood covenant axis XXIV this is the blood of the covenant.

This is being made to the house of Israel and in one people, and in the Old Testament in the Hebrew Scriptures were called righteous are called righteous because they obeyed the law which included atonement for sin.

And that is what God is laid out, and that's with the Messiah, provides the death of the righteous run atonement such ago I had turned to God. See Job Observatory no one saying not to but observe all of it, and recognize that God promised us a prophet, and he raised him up an issue in Deuteronomy 18 and he promised us less than atonement.

The rest of the Scriptures, and he's given up to us. Don't just do it on your own, do it with the messiahs saving transforming help. You know it's interesting that the prophets then rail against blood sacrifices anymore they railed against hypocritical prayer hypocritical Sabbath observance in the reverse is that record from Isaiah one positive had it with your sabbaths white because of hypocrisy. This was a blood sacrifices issue was hypocrisy and that remains the issue and that's one of the things you show goes after most strongly in the new covenant writings hypocrisy among our people.

Again, understand, but before God with heart and soul seeking to obey him with every fiber of my being day and night and on to rely on the mercy of God can rely on the atonement that's been provided once and for all you know there's a story a few years back at Harvard University that there are two dads they're proud that's a Catholic data Jewish dead. Their sons were graduate so the Catholic dad says to the Jewish dead sister the confidence of what your son doing when he gets out of school inherent what's next. He said he's very religious, very serious. He's going to seminaries and become a priest Jewish that's it appraised that so That's no not me. My son is very serious shipment.

Maybe one day to be a bishop in the Jewish that's it. A bishop that's acting does little surprises. I don't know. Maybe.

Maybe one day my sin to be a Cardinal George. That's it for a Cardinal that said confidence take your bags and I will now maybe one day my son help Jewish that's it.

The Pope that's an confidence completely exasperated throws are presented. What you want to meet God and the Jewish that's it. One of our boys made it okay. There's a whole theology here to debate all that. But the point is the point is this is one of us heat heat. He is he is the one that accomplished the mission. He's the one that brought the knowledge of God to the rest the world without requiring Gentile Christians ever to observe the total and what he frees us from what he frees us from is the condemnation, that we all have disobeyed Outlook. I read the 10 commands.

Also, don't covet.

I read in the Scriptures that were to love God with all our heart or soul all our mind all her strength and our neighbor as ourselves. If honor say I've done it perfectly. I think when I stand before the light of God's holiness.

I'll be shocked he'll speak about my hypocrisy as well.

Thank God the Messiah die to take our place as the sacrifices foreshadowed as the prophets explicitly declared and as I quoted to you with out rebuttal or response. And when we turn in repentance. What is Paul say next 20 his message to do indent top repentance towards God and faith in Yeshua the Messiah.

How does he describe his message.

In acts 2620 said, I preached that people should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds. Messiah came to transform us and as we know him and follow him and take this message to her Jewish people and to the ends of the world, then he will return when his Jewish people welcome him. He will return our one and only Messiah Jesus Yeshua welcome him into your hearts think Dr. Brown by Fry tag your closing statement with no other thing that I was told I didn't respond because it's hard to tell, you know, talking to someone who is got a big old web of the US, things put together and all you asked for one clear statement to say it because what you're trying to refute is a clear statement make sure we condemned the trenches and deal with each individual one time, I'd like to do it. I'm available for any Jew here would like to speak about on to make myself available course. Dr. Brown mentioned that the people who were declared righteous in the Bible because they had atonement. As I mentioned earlier, that is not true. Ezekiel 1414 describes Daniel is righteous.

There was no sacrifice. During his time. No, there is a story about a kid.

Jewish kids going to school. Things are going so well.

So far, is like looking at the soldiers goes under Catholic school. She comes back in school. He is scared straight movement that like wow what happened in school. He said to the last kid in the last two camera didn't behave when we did listen we Jews are stiffnecked people. When God came to us. Many asked what Mike Torino is that massive initial. We will do and we will hear we are buying were not selling were here to listen to what you have the tell us talk and we will listen. Tell us what you want and God says over and over and over yourself. Take a little stroll tonight for the Bible count how many times God says directly to the dues clearly and unambiguously what I want you to do is keep my commandments counted. I ran out I was 93 pages. It was I got stop right now the might not then count how many times unambiguously and clearly it says that one day it will change a person will die and you will no longer need the law or know it or not able to keep the law's look for it.

Look for the idea that something that God took that covenant instead of making you actually do the law. No keep kosher bridges on the court the corner of your garments, that kind of stuff.

If this idea that know you actually do it. Someone died and you don't need to do it like that guy on the street who told you you really want to bind the milk you want to give me the money from my the milk on drinking.

That is, if your dad is bringing my dad told me by him some milk. He made it belonged and clear. Don't try to reinterpret what he said because he never once said anything else. There's a young woman in Atlanta that involves lumbar programming to tell me that we found out that she hurt her parents were believers in Jesus: Yeshua because that's a Judy Judy using Judaizing of Christianity. Jesus and she want to know where my grandparents so mad what happened over there no we sat down we talked I would lose were two schools with a nuts, is it obvious why did the Jews for a thousand years. Walk themselves down, put off till they find space to be burned at the stake. According to the Christian that person died a fool and went straight to hell forever. The Christian belief were the fools that they miss something.

No, it's because were stiffnecked and because God spoke to us and said to my commandments and we told him we will do when we will hear looking to do whatever you tell us. Were not selling were buying and if someone comes along and tells us don't listen to your father don't pay attention to what he said, clearly and unambiguously, I don't concoction that I made. We have time to go through it and so you know it's really no time to for nine seconds on the screen is plenty of places that you can go on the online to look through it all, speak you if you're Jewish you like to speak about glad to get through it, but nowhere.

Not once does the Bible with an ever state the most fundamental idea that Christianity claims that we no longer have to keep the law and of the covenant is about someone who died and you don't keep the law.

Not once ever, and that is why to this day remain dedicated Jews, thanks for joining us friends on thoroughly Jewish Thursday on the line of fire. I would encourage you to think about the subject. If Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah is not the Savior of the world he he didn't die for us since he didn't rise from the dead is not the son of God. He's not the Savior because he's not Israel's Messiah.

He didn't fulfill was written in the New Testament the Bible New Testament then is not true. So it it's all or nothing. If he is the Jewish Messiah.

He is the Savior of the world that is not the Jewish Messiah is not the Savior of any bugs. These are weighty issues.

I encourage you to watch the entire debate began. If your looking on Facebook or YouTube. You see, in the description. A link to the debate… Can a website asked Dr. Brown delegate SKU around the typing Fry tag that's FREIE a G. This way you'll get right to that debate watch it fall.

Study the Scriptures ask God to reveal the truth to you about Jesus you are the Messiah, Jesus who said, studying know the truth sitting free. Also be sure we are on the website asked her to round out our landscaping around outward sign of the emails last as another program powered by the Truth Network

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