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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 48 - God's Dunk Shot

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 14, 2021 12:39 pm

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 48 - God's Dunk Shot

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 14, 2021 12:39 pm

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The eighth verse of the Vuv section, God's power is on display, "And There IS MORE!!"

Psalms 119:48

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19.

Oh I love when we get the section they were you to do that in the eighth verse of the above section, and as we talked about in these matrix that the eighth verse is, like you, you go seven days as hard as you can in the eighth day, God told the upper dunk shot. So if we talk about the divide of section and this whole idea of the Hebrew letter vav being and there's more. And there's more.

And so what would the fruit of and there's more.

And there's more as is. We've talked about throughout this and so we get to do that today, and this verse forced verse 48 in the Psalm itself in the vav section. The last first of a section since my hands also will I lift up under thy commandments which I have loved and I will meditate in my statutes so that you know it's it's interesting thing we talked about yesterday that these commandments that I loved, but here you're taken that even a step further and even more than the lighting as we talked about yesterday is putting all your power behind is this word that they use that that the psalmist used for hands really is more than hands. It really means your power.

It is specifically the palm of your hands which clearly you think about is praise, but this is even more to it. It's like putting all your power to it and truly, you know, obviously feeling this love that he's talking about and then interestingly, he adds, and meditate on the hook of the Baha'i hard, very difficult statutes of God's word, something that I don't necessarily understand a good example of those would be like you're not supposed to mix wool and flax like that's hard understand what exactly does that mean and and so you gotta think about where is the psalmist going with that I will meditate on my statutes and my have an idea on that. But before we get to there. I will lift my hands up to thy you know commandments in and so the Jews tell a neat story about this particular rabbi that was you know supposed to blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah and the shofar was in this glass case and it was supposed to happen at such and such a time and he was so excited about it that when the moment came for him to be able to grab the shofar he he he put his hand through the glass without even thinking about all man I need open that before I before I blow the shofar and that and that idea of like being so wholehearted that your you just so excited to be able to view this commandment is really something to think about and's oh, and I was think about myself. Actually, you know his Christian car guy we have the Jesus labor love which is car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and I can remember one time it was like three days before Christmas, and I've gotten this request from this person that needed that there car was in their driveway to been in Iraq and there insurance had lapsed and they been given single coverage insurance but they didn't understand a single coverage insurance didn't cover the repair there car it just covered the banks loss of the car had to be reposed and so they didn't understand that they were unable to make the payments they still owed money on it and they couldn't get to work and so they reached out to our ministry to Jesus labor love and I can remember praying, thinking goddess give-and-take something kisses car needs so much work. I can imagine somebody being willing to donate all that. Not to mention it's in Fort Worth Texas. You know I'm in North Carolina I didn't know a soul in Fort Worth, Texas, and I certainly didn't know the repair shop in Fort Worth Texas started to pray and and God just said, you know, just look around her area and see what's close by, and so the very very first up the river forget this is the very first body shop.

I called was that we should remember the name of it but anyway it was right there within a few blocks of her house and I called and I said no, this is Robbie Gilmore with the Christian car guy showed women ministry called Jesus labor love to help out single moms, widows and families in crisis and we need some help with the lady that's in your area and the lady said will hang on up with the owner on for you and so I was like okay so should put the owner on I said the same thing to him and then he said hold on and he was obviously speaking of her strong Texas accent, that you may not tell me that you talk about Jesus Christ on the radio.

I thought, oh, will this might not be good but it turned out to be really good and I said yes sir and he said tell me what this woman needs and so II went on to explain man her fingers over her tire cars. The tires flat or batteries been broken in this accident and she needs to be able to get to root get on the road so she can get back to work and he says to Michelle. Never ever forget it. Talk about God's power.

He said not only will we get hurt. You know I'm in a bad battery. I'll get a cow get that on the road today and I thought, are you kidding me like he said now it's today before Christmas. You cannot give God and sure enough, I mean that kind of power that man lifted his hands.

That was clearly what I would develop myth, but this was a man lifted his hands and all his power and this lady was driving that very day and I can tell you that this man delighted. I mean he delighted the lift is him for this lady and is one of those things that you will just never, ever, ever forget.

And that like man. This man was so generous and because I was just simply obedient and I got to see God's power in truly one of his servants right. He lifted his hands for sure men comes as part of the verse that says I will meditate on your statutes. You know, so as to what it what's up with that. Well I arrived up and prayed a lot about that because you know King David often mentions the statutes and often ask God to help him and I beginning to think that that maybe there's more to it.

Maybe there's high hard commandments that he is trying to find out about the didn't even know about right there are things that goblet would ask you to do if you really listened really paid attention. You know like like this very situation. I just described like that was a high hard thing kinda forming. But if I hadn't really ask out how to do it it it just never would've happened and and so maybe there's more to these who come, then just the written hokum. But the ones that sometimes he asked us to do which really seem out of our league, but as I meditate on those and think about it right then I can get the power and he can hold me up where it looks like added then shall they let me it was it was him and his power, right, so here we are again looking at the fruit of there's and there's more.

And there's more. And God wants to do so much more in all of our lives. But in order to have that happen. I mean we simply do have to pray, we have to meditate and you have to be willing to thank you for joining me today treasures of the hundred and 19

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