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Dr. Stengler Answers Your Health and Medical Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 8, 2021 4:30 pm

Dr. Stengler Answers Your Health and Medical Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 8, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/08/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network you good questions will today.

Dr. Mark Spengler has answers with taking your health related calls and questions today stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Burrell your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience as president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH Georgia is Dr. Michael Brown (two this is Michael Brown for many years, we have reserved our Friday broadcast Q&A got questions, we've got answers, but they were doing something different. My friend and physician, Dr. Dr. Mark Spengler is joining us today.

He has been voted the leading natural pathic Dr. America actually voted Dr. of the decade, author of dozens of books daily newsletter. He said TV radio shows and and we been using his supplements as health supplements for years and we partnered together to help you as best as we can end with someone else just to show Reich and asking questions, but you can call in today so any health related question whether it's covert related, whether it's nutrition related to his general health related question. Any question you have. We're going to take calls but instead Dr. Spengler is gonna be answering your questions gonna be ask Dr. Stanley. Your medical question. So here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 mark welcome to the broadcast. Thanks much for joining us today Michael, great to be with you. While it is it is a joy that to have you and I want to start off, despite asking about the philosophy of being a natural pathic. Dr. what what's different in your approach than traditional Western medicine yeah well Dr. medical folder trinket of body different types of return in the regular stuff you are familiar with diagnosed lab x-rays and MRI pharmaceutical drug microsurgery. Things like that but also train in other areas of nutrition document natural hormone intravenous nutrient therapy are Chinese, not like this, so when we see patients what we trying to look at the person holistically on your part of technology to figure out what's going on and possibly trying to diet, exercise, stress reduction, prior think of that nature.

If the patient needs obstacle medication delete surgery or on base with Kathy things like that. We do have to be basically use the diagnostic. Similarly, her treatment are often return you least invasive treatment.

First, if possible, an acute situation you may not bill to do that, but the different philosophy of how to treat people on a course. But even more natural techniques whenever possible. The rectified effect drops dramatically.

The ability to work with the healing of the body work better and we talked Pocock to be really have a lot to offer what the particular church on last year's we are trying to prevent and treat chronic yellow certainly lobbies nutritional therapy have a lot to offer in terms of helping people get prevented and treat chronic health problem. So I'm going to question about the human body and mushrooms. When we started this and I started following the guidelines of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's health, nutrition guidelines and change their lifestyles dramatically.

He emphasized every day, having greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds, and in your immune wellness supplement that I take daily. When the letter. But how to get these at a special discount but the immune wellness it it it uses mushrooms.

So what what mushrooms have to do with immunity will have a God set this thing up. Actually in other cultures but this paper out your agent that Japan, China, places like that they been recognized for their ability to help the new help prevent infection treat infection and for modern research has shown that much in a very unique are the general categorical polysaccharide with Bentley and long sugar cane are bachelors, but the sugar and more specific to continue with the cultivated and the one we inject mushroom any medical candor absorbed in turn we actually get immune response that actually heightens your immune response, but we get felt like our natural killer cells kill bacteria and viruses, things like that WITHOUT been activated in the auction at a higher level now in Japan and China. Interestingly, oncology prescribed mushroom extra like the my talkie. The Coriolis the prescribed cancer drugs. Actually, they check them in the patient but given orally on their computer cancer drug hundred published studies on them from faith effective in overhearing aware people can get them of dietary supplement in terms of immune enhancement and again mimicking we do mimic what I do. It is what the published literature is shown in terms of enhancing the immune and effective fashion for burglary and trusting that few doctors are aware of the hundred published studies on the what we call medicinal muscle. So without lots about the mushrooms that people would've done in the psychedelic days right when I know that I cannot help but think there amazing amazing. I friends really go to your phone calls shortly 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Can you just give us a hand of of the miracle of the human body and in terms of some of the things that God put in us. With regard to immunity know the whole question about vaccines and then what if you had Covidien or other things being immune hat. How does this actually work for you get sick within the body counteracts that yeah it really goes against any type of starring evolution theory immune system of multilayer faceted has many many specialized cells that have a can of fast communication network that not only communicate amongst different immune cells are bone marrow communicate with our brain communicate with our digestive system very, very complex, and boldly understand a lot of it, or being discovered all the time. Basically to look at it three different lines of production. Yet the physical barrier that her skin that the mucous membranes outliner respiratory tract digestive tract of reproductive tract that we have a second lined up the fan with a call begin date system also reports of nonspecific needlelike white lights also go around in our blood or lymphatic system or terms like macro part art will pack down the block at recognized goblet of fire. Bacteria and fungi that are foreign to the body. Natural killer cells are attacking organisms to also attack cancer cells as though they will gobble up or destroy intruders to begin with. They also vent K are part of the protein made from a virus and they presented to another part of me all the adaptive immune. This is where you hear about the Body of the felt a Body for immune response are yet he felt which also respond whatever's invading the body of well. In addition, Army established all the different types of signals waking the immune system getting responsibly produced relief to things like cytokine, the chemical light of ingredients to develop that mediated inflammation and immune response.

Other proteins I complement the basically said hey to me. Wake up without a problem here. Look therapist so you know it a poor analogy, but now the people may understand like you take all the different divisions of our wonderful Armed Forces Navy Marine maybe feel etc. and all working together in harmony take care of the problem. Very impressive. Amazing stay friends just encourage you if you haven't gone there yet vitamin would never work with a partner in our 13 years on the radio and suspicion official sponsor texting is very careful about who he partners with in this regard vitamin all of the health supplements that Dr. Stanley's organization produces. There are a number of them that I've taken daily for years with great personal benefits supplement my healthy eating will find out about a code you could use their you get a special discount when you do this, especially for our listeners and viewers and then with a reorder. This donation made to a ministry so vitamin and last quick question, and then we can go to to the phones 866-34-TRUTH 784 any health related question. You have look to hear from you today so when you actually manufacture these health supplements.

The woman largely involved with this that that set us up in the process partnering together was explaining things to some of my colleagues, but their rigorous standards that you you go by what makes this different than just may be something you can just get the store somewhere inexpensively and what's the difference between supplements that are produced at the high standard versus waiting. Just pick up someone else. You know, people need to realize and have run all of my major supplements out there in a range from no poor quality and potency all the way up to export the known example partners companies in all the categories where it years ago was you know been given a shot of Dr. I basically want formula that I would give my client with patient therapeutic form. Not only that they had to be very pure. You know you come to an integrative clinic like Argie certainly get patient to have lot of sensitivity to chemical builders, no diving things like that though what I did was I think I look at what the published studies use prebuilt I will find a lot of problems out there. They have things made that were in the study, but there are even a fraction of adult people don't know those are not likely a therapeutic effect of personal reporting therapeutic malpractice stated number two we avoid using things like pillars binders died, things of this nature for their very pure very clean and where sensitive work of people.

Another sensitive or taken without potential allergenic component to very interesting yeah and and again when folks come to me with medical questions because they hear Dr. Brown to listen.

This is not my field and and that's why an un-major issues like that with Kobe this vaccines. We point you to other experts, but will take calls in this regard as well. As far as covert as far as vaccines and if you could just give 30 seconds before the break that we come back we'll go straight to the phones. If you could just give one word of wisdom about our attitude towards covert today and 30 seconds without word of wisdom be well your word. I would just say be more confident in the divine document design of the body and youth, in effect through lifestyle and dietary factors which definitely have a protective effect and that you lived on earth. If you think conventional methods as well. When it indicated gone but again friends, let's let's start with the healthy system that God made within our bodies and working with that synapses like me.

Okay will take calls since we come back 866348788. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thank friends for joining us and special edition of life. Our first time we have ever done this but our Friday broadcast joined with Dr. Mark staying there and he is a medical doctor as opposed to a PhD in Semitic languages that is also apologist.

He does not reach all the time and this is in the word teaching he could answer all your Bible questions to but he's on with me today to answer any medical health related questions that you can as best as you can over the phone from a distance. And again, if you haven't gone to vitamin it's the place to go for all kinds of healthy life supplements are right, without further ado let's go to Donna in Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire which are question for Dr. Spengler hello… I have a couple questions for public related. What is your opinion of the antibody infusion. Yeah, I don't have any problem with outpatients go to private doctors when they had the beginnings of COBIT and I don't have a problem at all okay next lesson might second second day of them done. Find & have been defending question is with you can start flam like in the throat that you think that Had problem comes and goes over the years and mostly like at night and it's just there and if I caught it by worry you not just Erica back my throat can't get rid of it.

I do try to drink a lot of water. What other recommendation which you want to hear that the patient know what's happening in the patient has other food sensitivity. Maybe they like dairy products sometimes week grading of mucus as a response or they have environmental allergy and ocarina mucus responsible response is a normal response by the body type of irritation usually like better allergenic food sensitivity. So the person could deal with that. If the person got Other obvious pharmacology like the evening water guys write out that are more suspicious of food and I think for two weeks prior restricted diet with their reducing or restricted area. We product and if you improve greatly. You can't have your answer.

If you do already have environmental reactions. You notice the air purifier to room Arjuna night was upon the highest early morning hours in an earlier patient choose a document called an as a knife and a fetal 15. Any fee at the natural new politico breakdown mucus been low through better and photos are just from things to consider getting only company that you don't usually want to pay on the first by far of one beat with patient benefit you improve allotment meeting to see how much your body can tolerate no food and rotate them in bargaining.

You know excess of a mucus production.

Thank you for the call you Dr. Singh. There is, as Donna was asking a question.

I was smiling.

Sims was watching Luoma's mind just it always fascinates me when someone has expertise in one area and and and as I listed are.

I remember I sent you a text. Months of an issue I was having just shoulder, neck pain, etc. use it.

It's either ear infection or were tooth infection have to be to specify the nail that this by text. All right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Angela in Alexandria Virginia you're on the line of fire which are question for Dr. Spengler. I get caught everything and I am have been thought. Thank you for taking my call. My husband had a negative reaction to the flu vaccine back in 2009 and the candidate of the cultivated mandate nothing less than the federal government and I know what's going on with that we have been had the direct to taking the vaccine.

The COBIT though I was wondering if he can't give any other type as I get advice and recommendation because you don't mind me asking my master.

What was the reaction that he broke out and in his faith will badly something thought it was something like chickenpox and shingles that something and Handy, high fevers, and all all that type of stuff. Well you know if a different type of what the print was backing you get them needed to get the fiber for dirt different type of technology though you know it's probably a very very low chance. They did have an adverse reaction obviously don't have darker the Avenue Dr. he didn't have with the flu vaccine. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about it possible to know if there are of course of direction typically is probably still very low probability, you know that if you directly to the conducting of direction to the obit if possible.

Be concerned about the ability quite low. Okay, so is there any type of blank I mean I don't know.

Thank attached to something and get the only to find out is until you have, you know the vaccine and if you have a allergic reaction or something.

We are looking at trying to get a medical waiver that could basically no have to suffer severe reaction, but at the end of nomadic parties now dominate a mistake yeah the more like out of black and breathe and stuff like that you know next wealthy from the other, knocking her you know you're from requirement, nothing agree with the federal… I don't.

But the thing automatically a lift won't work if not dispositive, the likelihood of vertebrae locomotive darker now. I mean possibly wanted would have want to have. You know you just there on the clinic longer because the vaccine that the both. Maybe instead of the 55 an hour to maybe a doctor would want to have a store like prednisone is a prescription drug direction later at home nursing think the bill due to no be proactive. I thank you for the question into May the Lord give you your husband's wisdom in the situation it with with the mandates it it's it's really a very difficult situation for many Americans right now and one where were they deceiving decent corporate wisdom because so many are facing this Mark you are you are talking to me earlier today about criticism and Colby can talk to us about that were quite interesting. You know, we don't hear anything in the media about Corsica. Quercetin is a natural compound, you find it like Apple onion different in different foods defined in plant foods, the court historically been shown to have an active plan for effective script for our 2021, I conducted two studies was interesting. They were in the very name medical Journal of the Journal of Gen. medical what they did have a look at a highly avoidable form of mental quercetin and the first study with patients in hospitals are diagnosed with: basically what happened was the patient got normal treatment as you did in the hospital and then half the patients got normal treatment along with supplemental Corsica and then the Bar for 30 days and basically what they found was Rosa got the quercetin has significantly left flank of Dave the and they also had left intensity of symptom we have been study published an effective study came out.

Also, maternal internal medicine and using a highly form of global public course of the people wanted out patient study, there were nonhospital at all happy people get got the regular standard of care together have also got you know that for section and they followed him for no several days and basically the same thing they found the other by short a time of turning a significantly reduced amount of time converting to a negative path of growth or symptom severity symptom is greatly reduced. But here the natural compound extremely faith. No one seems to know about it published anything on people not just animals and tested study and obviously has a pronounced effect that it hospital medical my patient if I have them by you.

Corsica and preventively personal research which shows it makes it harder for the COBIT virus to attached your cell receptors are about the H2 receptor that the COBIT virus like the patch to the block.

These receptors make them more difficult after the fellow called Dr. so you know is nonprofit is not expected by my patient. Figure preventively and that if they have COBIT I have them use the dose used in the study, which is about a thousand milligrams.

The 1500 mg a day.

In addition to our roster got back to me is just a no-brainer course proof of my lack of medical knowledge.

The one medicine I mentioned, I mispronounced, but every day in my own diner have of two or three apples along the fruit and then a large amount of onions in my salads every day and spend daily for 7+ years so I imagine this helping my immune system just getting them and actually Sarah began to break coming up but I guess it's right assumption to help accumulate courses all over the appetite after you donated you the very highly of global warming. Corsica you have your vitamin mission.premonition website to any of Doric 20 to 4 times more than typical course of the very good therapeutic blood levels of that probably made a difference to God and our friends. Check out the supplements. This is this is more redoing it.

This is the one thing I've been so enthusiastic about sharing because I know this is going to help you with your overall health is the first class high quality supplements.

Whether it's crime, sleep better with her.

It's dealing with arthritis in joints whether it's dealing with immune system or general vitamins go to vitamin use the Dr. Brown code you get a special discount when you do, tell your friends, family, we want to spread the word to his many spots with your pastor. Tell your church role invited to go there as a benefit of being friends of our ministry began with the reordering donations made to help us write back medical questions March the plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown day I'm joined by my colleague and friend, Dr. Mark Spengler and he's taking all of your medical related questions discovered text that he and his son Mark Junior off to mop to the mosque for evangelism right after the century we we go every other Friday night print if you got a medically related question 866-34-TRUTH more you go to mosque at Honeycutt Eagle by doing evangelism there. What we wait outside and when their prayers.which are about 151 30.

We just start talking to them literature on how smart dialogue with technically no talk about the historical Jesus is not the Jesus of the crop defined must open this you know we do. We always territory from people who talked with us. I think probably I probably fade every time we go we have about four or five good conversation there some people who know a lot about a certain thing. Another source people with good conversations with wonderful and if you see that you get people thinking as you dialogue absolutely one or two weeks ago we talked relatively new converts to Islam. They were American defendant and really didn't, nor the evidence for the historical Jesus to be no Old Testament prophecy fulfilled in the New Testament know the evidence treated by the cross and was resurrected, contradicts the Klonopin a lot you want eyewitness account you got independent corroboration of the collaborative storage along the north popularity now 500 years later, which contradicts the eyewitness account of the history, yeah, that's the simple way to ask you, don't you want to ask the people that were there when it happened some encouragement six years ago are you a question before I go to the phones your opinion on the Merck and Pfizer, oral covert drugs versus them versus Hydro chloroquine arrived from acting like a queen look at the most recent data yet hydroxychloroquine in the article American in my community, deferential efficacy now.

I think the problem with these type of people, but negative study when certain people focus on people late stage production. Your mouthful of milk five days on a ventilator and all that are for target treatment ready speculative people who use these medications like hydroxychloroquine like the article American preventively or indeed you know first several days of COBIT emulator comes out quite impressive as an artifact of the mainstream medical Journal. Now I have right here from the American Journal of therapeutic. The July August distance (mainstream it all basically the study better quality studies on Arbor nothing in their summary of with moderate certainty, the evidence showed a large reduction in COBIT 19 death using Arbor. Nothing has good safety and low cost is likely to have a significant impact on the stars Colby to pandemic quality dimensions from mainstream medicine. I do prescribe a lot of fibronectin my patient along of law as well as the Corsica and we talked about the vitamin D. Proper diet, exercise, stress reduction, prior, multicultural approach by my patients who are were not vaccinated, currently recommended email proactively to the very contagious disease and full yeah are prescribed Arbor Meadowlark along with the companies we talked about to end yourself… Is there one that's been the most popular over the years when recent years especially with COBIT and all the supplements that you produce. Yeah, I think there are three. First of all, our vitamin D, K2 is used a lot. Why is that wrong. Plenty of studies showing that people that have sufficient levels are the lowest levels of vitamin D in the blood are more likely to type in COBIT is good reason for that because vitamin D does play very direct role in how your immune system work and also help to control inflammation and we look at it. COBIT really you know killed people are injured people because of the tremendous inflammatory response that is occurring.

Vitamin D is one of natural ways we can modulate inflammation. Healthy weight course attend other tooth on the mechanism for close to 10 for the vitamin D very profitable for our outpatient tickborne capital day with food of 5000 units provided replicate to America. You also we pick vitamin D and your enhancer. Calcium absorption is good for bones but the body provides so that vitamin K to direct the calcium into the bone is not a priori method for product beginning at natural K2, and second, the immune wellness which of those very well studied mushroom extract like my khaki coral of Asia of Astragalus and their two you have for long-term immune or in the course of the course, attend do you know it can be hard to keep in stock. We have a bunch of now, we actually get back to Europe because we got the falling of the published studies Euthyphro told you about the exact form of the course, attend part of them actually comes out of your will. Those are the three that people are or you can lock you in the first two. You mention I've been taking for years with the personal benefit and help as well.

All right. Wonderful. Let's begin friends get the solid vitamin and you use the Dr. Brown code when you're there.

Okay, back to the phones we go to Naomi and Marilyn what you question for Dr. Spengler if he has an opinion about the youth of Canada and or nicotine and the treatment of dementia. Yeah I seen any real good research on effective narrow factly of people you know smoke marijuana support in the study, but not a Harvard showed detrimental to cognitive function bowl were really good research on that you think the confetti at an early stage Alzheimer's.

Naturally I want is called a fetal l-carnitine, you can look up the literature enacted the route from good read research on at the other one is called the calling recording have research on early-stage dementia and Alzheimer's toot to nonpersonal cure would be so progressive, but although there are two more reptile things which have human published research on all right. Thank you for the clock to go ahead and get you videos before I listened to yours and I was cute. They were talking about nicotine receptors in the brain and onto cannabinoid receptors in the brain and they were talking about treatment at specific times of the progression of the disease actually helped improve the disease itself and I just wondered why I haven't been hearing more about that. Yeah the off everything much that I actually had an article published a few months ago the Journal of neurology record review on DVD you TBD per neurological condition and I didn't see any literature which no showed any evidence of the Alzheimer's unit with all farmers. If you think about it, but fetal item department had some temporary no benefit. I mean, it don't out there heading for Whited to be progressing. You know the amyloid plaques form and so forth of partner inflammatory response but there's a very good book written by medical doctor did research at UCLA. Dr. Brett ER EDF yeah you had a book called the end of all farmers but basically goes in or to the published research he did at UCLA by you think diet and exercise nutrient and natural normal stop and I was able to get reversal of all harbors interesting, aggressive battlefield bulk of the youth LA felt directly to go to that of the of the report. I thank you for the call and the response Dr. Stenger if if folks want to get your newsletter that your free newsletter that you put out daily with medical updates and vice was the best way for them to do that all sure website for America's natural, America's natural got it right so that's we go to get the newsletter and then we met I was speaking at at a conference in and doing apologetic since is related conference of that was your home church and each day there were different people responsible for hosting and providing food so you are all into my diet like yeah this is this is how we live, etc. and and then I begin to my blood test with you every day every year some super costs, comprehensive a blood test.

Remember friends when I when I started with with change my lust on healthy eating away 275 pounds. My blood pressure was high as 149 of 103 cholesterol. The bad was high. The good was low in all kinds of other issues. So we do these blood tests your folks will draw between 11 and 14 vials of blood. Then I get a report six thirtysomething pages, but you've tested thousands and thousands of people healthy and unhealthy. Where do I fit on the scale in terms of of overall health that you can tell by the blood tests yeah like I mean for pay share 45 and older you are the top 2%. If we want more like one higher like over age 65 yeah you target a copy no .2% yeah and and so friends are all also say that these lifestyle choices and then healthy supplements with them. The these really work. This is not just mysticism and guessing and you can hear the expertise that Dr. Stanley brings to to all this that the depth of knowledge but it's working with the systems that God set up. That's the beauty of it all right. Let's grab another call we go to Bobby hang on just try to go to Bobby in Texas. There we go. You're online for which you question for Dr. Spengler if Gerard can you hear me okay sure thing. Well, I am calling in regard to vaccine candidates back the Pope in 19 cause a side effect called transfer myelitis. If I'm understanding correctly it injury to the spinal cord can can vaccine do connect because something like that. Yeah, I haven't seen anything on that. It certainly is not a common side effect know they have the RNA vaccines go mine. I don't know if it's in our rare one minimum the on the main vaccine. The COBIT vaccine risk of blood clots, bleeding disorders, myocarditis, activation of the heart again and that stillness in a very small percent of people sober know I have never heard of them highlighted the fact that he probably receives out.

There's nothing that that is common to thank you for the call and the question all right we come back on the other side of the break room to get to his many more questions as we can.

Again, any health related question medical related question nutrition how the body works question. This is the man to ask Dr. Mark Stigler and to get your special discount on all of the health supplements to texting.

This organization produces a situation they submitted the order goes to and share this video podcast.

It's the light a fire with your host activist authors, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the addition of the line of fire.

You got questions. We got answers but medical and health questions rather than the rule Bible theology apologetics culture Israel questions that we take on Fridays. I'm joined by Dr. Mark Stigler begin visit vitamin find out about all the healthy supplements available there we go back to the phones with Kendall in Fort Worth Texas. I'm in Fort Worth right now Kendall walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thinking. Taking my call. Everything I having water retention in my hand and every so often it hurts really bad especially like I'm outside in the one day I was drinking like body armor and I realized that I was drinking like my paint practical way so as to some type of deficiency have their own. I do like the water retention in 1880, right, I couldn't. I could hear what did you say that you you are drinking. I was helping the body armor all right help make up could be your most likely low and could Yeah you got have about sodium and potassium. That certainly could be an issue and why you noticed ` know, adequate potassium and some people about 10% of people are so rampant, which means water retention really deeply with with the more than just average amount of sodium. Most Americans don't realize your need to have about the around 2000 mg of sodium a day are the average American real estate. More like 4500, eating out, eating packaged food for you really should try know in conjunction with your doctor supervision. Try lower sodium diet start analyzing what you're getting personal in your diet. You might be surprised how much are getting as we could get better control in over your water retention policy from a medical perspective really think about other things to be house or kidney function of the liver function, one from a larger tension house or heart function.

I don't on your health history, but relatively healthy person you probably spent about an amount of sodium.

You're getting too much very common in America and not enough potassium not getting enough potassium rich foods are no longer the fruits and vegetables, possibly, so that's something you should look into okay. Thank you for my I thank you for the call and the questions 86634.

Truth is number call. Let's go to Chad in North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. I had to collect and what you have to take that back pain.

What what would be the recommendation that Bartlett got on the Beta statement and the second thing is I'm in the I'm in the military and I am basically what we've all been told that we have to take it or were going to be kicked out and then out for all the years we've been in no benefits or anything like that better Albemarle and plaintiff right right or couple think maybe I could buy cards for comment on one thing which you know I think Garabedian government really about an active factor guard natural immunity is pretty interesting to think that you have to go to the NIH website, January 26 posted 2021 headline lasting immunity found after recovery over 19 is immune systems are more than 95% of people who were part of the COBIT 19 had durable members of the bar up to eight months after infection. The results provide hope the people receiving the COBIT vaccine will develop similar figures number now notes armor like the month I think it's just a shame in upper people who had COBIT and maybe like the other person here in the military for at vaccines went through it.

You know the doesn't want to get a price can be forced to select. I think that's really unscientific, really unfair, but the cancer question normally. Note we don't have any research you know what to do what we do with our patient, you know, competitively, theoretically, and on our patient get back.

Satan knows you don't not just supporting what they want to do. I do have my patients that are very high risk that you know we have the relation sucked on the public should consider the vaccine. I'm for example, yellow regards, partner, patient 60 years old got diabetes and 40 pounds overweight. You got high blood pressure. Prior probably run the people that should deftly strongly consider getting a package that will do people proactively.

We have them take glutathione. Glutathione is a nutrient made of three amino acids are body makes you also get in are like vegetables like apples and broccoli for example and it doesn't help ourselves to detoxify. It also is very unique. Guard houses designer bodywork glutathione actually help with the genetic repair DNA repair and support also sports, liver and kidney detoxification, big and of glutathione. I think they can sure well hydrated and talk about Mariska Blacklock. You could park your doctor but you can take aspirin on our patient take title fish oil or natural blood thinner for these are just something to consider if there was one vaccine and the major ones available that is considered more in your opinion, is the safest, best, would you recommend anyone this is Chad Husted get vaccinated. Yeah, I give you my thoughts on it meant I had COBIT so I don't know the vaccine anytime soon, but when I got talk my patients with chronic laundry and again the problem is no information changing all the time for me to get wine our target, the J&J only covers one shot is not using the new technology.

But you know it's not about risk to throw it. It's a good question Carl about the audit and then Dr. Collins resigning from NIH.

What would make of that. Well, I think they have a lot of questions answer. I think they need athletic that spend billions of dollars every year.

Our American taxpayers and nothing anything on people you know that maybe hundred million Americans who have natural immunity word studies on that word studies on math and work environment of effective or not effective a lot of basic things. Why is it working to end up at people get over this year than the previous year. You know you know everything headed in the right direction. On a personal level. I really love to spend one hour with him, you know… Love is but an hour with them and asked him why in the world would you believe in Darwinian evolution from a biblical perspective and scientific perspective.

Neither course I type of viewpoint. I sure like to know Sheriff complain about not like I'll get the chance. Perhaps the Lord will open the door to meet his own story of company Christian faith is important, but in the questions about evolutionary views obviously are are troublesome for many. Let's if you got time for one more quick call mass in Oakland Park New York if you could dive right in with your question.

Time is short here. I would like balance in the body. Very I like it might not. I did you catch the vaccine affect hormonal balance is not a lot of literature on that we do know that natural cycles change book. I'm popular to be a harmonica whether lasting or not. I mean, I don't think anyone knows me if you want to get the vaccine of uterine fibroids W network Nokia just because a back addition of you not be more concerned if you got your history of blood clots bad facts interactions the past, autoimmune conditions, those of the deal more concerning to me. I thank you, thank you for the call. Also we we don't have time to get to two more calls go to America's natural sign up for Dr. Stingley's newsletter is free. You'll find it super informative with medical information and practical advice again. Dr. Stingley of obviously holistic treatment is the best. People living a healthy lifestyle and eating well and exercising. That's important, but right now if you were just recommending to our listeners and viewers that the most important health supplements.

If there concerned about covert and we talked about this earlier. Just one more time. If you recommend the most important things that the encourage folks to get from vitamin What would those be right now. Yeah Olivia via Corsican article, the immune wellness in the vitamin D that they don't work on your diet and exercise. People have the biggest problem: there are those who are overweight, have high blood pressure and diabetes so you know those are the things you know, people need to focus on and last thing we just got 45 seconds obviously got a sharp mind your meds medically educated. You're well-versed in a lot of scientific issues and evil to creation apologetics. All that you really think that those that believe in natural Darwinian evolution are really believing in a system that simply is not scientifically supported. All you're absolutely correct meaning where they could I tell people I'm talking other doctors find out the truth were All-Star Minera the five shown Darwinian evolution doesn't work any anything is built on final to build a higher level organism out of random mutation, which is basically coding mistakes in our genome immunity is laughable when elected impossibility spoke evolution bed now you know the diehard diehards actually read a hard brace at his time here, but it may diehard that it is done. Client pays the same. Thanks so much John, this is going to work together unless another program powered by the Truth Network

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