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Will America Divide Over Abortion?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 4, 2021 5:40 pm

Will America Divide Over Abortion?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 4, 2021 5:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/04/21.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network America defies the subject of abortion stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown really things reached a boiling point in America really the issue of abortion is so permanent, a preeminent right now so prevalent, so, so, in front of our eyes and the culture marches and protests and prayer meetings and things on both sides. This could easily split our country into what we can do what is God doing. How do we respond this is Michael Brown your voice more sanity and spiritual clarity. You have come to the right place today. In fact, it's our minor fire guarantee you tune into the broadcast to get a healthy dose of more sanity and spiritual clarity will help clarify things for you will help deepen your conviction so that you on the front lines can make a difference in your family in the workplace. Wherever you are, wherever God's put you we want to equip you to stand tall and make a difference. Welcome to the broadcasters number to call to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let me invite you to call if you hold to be called the pro-choice position. If you believe that abortion is a woman's right. If you believe that Roe V Wade is is a correct decision upheld by the court with the Casey decision and 92 that women do have a constitutional right to abortion by all means give us a call or if you feel that this will not be decided politically that this can only be decided spiritually or socially. But your new 866-34-TRUTH start here though and say this I have learned a lot during this radio broadcast these many years of learned a lot from you, our listeners, who have called in and shared your life stories and life experiences and I knew from talking to women over the years that abortion remains something very sensitive in their own lives like that.

So you had an abortion years ago before you knew the Lord, I realize that there were still scars that this could be a fresh issue of someone starts talking about it today. I didn't realize how deep it was.

I didn't realize how intense it was. I didn't understand that until you call in from, especially women, but sometimes men as well. You call in and break down sobbing about abortion from 30 years ago that the moment we talked about it. Wounds were open up. In fact a few days I said hey call them if you have a story that you can do that today. If you have your own story to tell. You want to share it with others, and it amazed me to see how all these decades.

I don't about from believers who knew they were forgiven. Who knew that they were saved knew that the sin of abortion was forgiven in their lives. Like other sins. And yet the moment. They would talk about it. It opened up a floodgate of pain and grief and and regret which which underscores to me the violence against women in abortion, let alone against the babies. Some people like the term abortion violence but there's never been abortion performed that is not violent in some way against the baby in the room that many hearts are changing. Many attitudes are changing, especially against late-term abortion because there is much more understanding of the babies development and viability outside the womb, the more we learn about the baby inside the womb, the harder it is to just say it's a clump of cells are. It's a massive tissue unless for many women feels like a total salt, especially for men who gives you the right to tell me what happens with my body.

My body, my choice of course the answer be, will the baby's body is not your body it's in your body dependent on your body recite your body. It's its own body, but many would say what you have no clue what's going on.

You have no clue that the trauma of having to carry this pregnancy through war or someone that was raped in horrific circumstances. There are many, many painful, difficult cases and women agonize and finally decide to have an abortion, and in their mind was the right thing to do.

I I am not denying the fact that there are many women who feel it was compassionate thing to do.

You have no idea the deformities this baby had you know I did the sufferings bay where I would live with mother at most six months in the be hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills and and and drain on the medical system and the baby would be in pain the whole time and then die for what purpose is merciful to terminate the pregnancy early.

I understand that many of agonize and come to these conclusions. Nonetheless, once you agree it's a baby in the womb the same way that you don't terminate that baby and a month if you know it has months of suffering ahead terminate the baby in the womb. There is a culture of life.

There is a culture of death.

The culture of death ties in with abortion again I will say that to condemn I don't say that to open up an old wound.

If you know the Lord.

Be assured of his forgiveness.

If you don't know Jesus. He's everything you need, not just for forgiveness of sins, but in a host of other ways. He's everything you need, but I want to catch you up on some some of what's happening in America today and it really came to a head this past Saturday so I have my friend Rev. Patrick Mahoney on a couple times in the last few months had a month last week to talk about this, but this past Saturday so just two days ago in DC October 2. There was a prayer meeting for the overturning of Roe V Wade why this past Saturday will because the Supreme Court goes back into session today and one of the cases that there will here supposed to leave the beginning of December is the Dobbs case for Mississippi roots, which says you can have an abortion after detecting a heartbeat is basically splitting it up past that the Texas heartbeat bill, but after 15 weeks, etc. no abortions that's been struck down by other courts, will the Supreme Court agreed to hear it after going nowhere for about a year Supreme Court sublease of the event here in the question is why the hearing it if they just will it stand, then they don't hear and it shot down and their high peoples have been passed all around America, but they been shot down by by federal courts or or other other courts that had jurisdiction so the question is why would the Supreme Court hearing is that mean that they're going to re-examine Roe V Wade well the the Mississippi Atty. Gen. said let's call for that I want that to be done and made an eloquent argument as to how Roe V Wade is bad law and never, never, never should've been the law of land through course and 73 and and abortion activists quote abortion rights activists been saying yeah you try to overturn Roe V Wade so this is hailed as the case they could overturn Roe V Wade, and even if all they do is decide to let it stand. The justices decide to let it stand that would go a long way in chipping away once again at Roe V Wade, of course, Roby Wade overturn these go back to the states, the individual states make individual decisions and that's how we can ultimately split over abortion or have abortion free states and abortion states that mean for the larger culture would God do in the midst of it. What message would be sent to America through the Marines critical our so patted call for this prayer meeting thinking they get maybe a few hundred to a few thousand Macs praying for the Supreme Court, not not a political prayer meeting, not of Republican, Democrat, partisan prayer meeting to trump Biden prayer meeting a Jesus centered prayer meeting for life.

That's what was called for. Well, when the court allowed the Texas heartbeat bill to stand by vote of 5 to 4 with all of the justices. The trump appointed joining with Thomas and Alito to say the heart people to extend or protest all over American right now it's just one possibly can abortion in Texas. By the time you woman realizes she's pregnant.

At that point basically it's too late of the abortion under lawsuits only in fairly rare circumstances with whom can have an abortion. Of course, if there was a threat to her physical well-being because the pregnancy she can have it at any time in any case of women around the country, civil to march in protest in cities all over America. We are march on what day October 2 what you know you are march in DC and warily good and their rally right at the steps of the Supreme Court were Pat Mahoney and the women and men from the purple sash revolution going back to women's rights in the 1800s and the purple sash that they would wear. That's exactly where they're going to be praying right there in front of the screen. Supreme Court steps praying and worshiping hang on hang on.

When are the women going to be arriving there. The very moment that the prayer meeting officially starts, which means that March presumably being a little late will be worshiping and praying there on the steps of the court when the women arrived, Pat posted this on Twitter you posted this very vivid picture. He said how powerful is prayer and worship are prayer rally 10,000 pro-abortion marchers from coming onto the public sidewalk sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court.

That's pretty powerful. He's got pictures of the women marching and then of the prayer group is there, praying and worshiping in the police were protecting the prayer group that they had the previous permit to be there so they were fully in the legal rights to be. There was no violence that took place.

Pat said there some amazing things that happened. I have been able to get hold of them to find out what yet but it's a picture of Timmy. It's a picture it's an illustration of what prayer can do but good friends because the nation is so deeply divided. Right now, if we just rely on the law alone and don't continue in fervent prayer for the court to do the right thing reminisces human beings.

People like you and me to be influenced by a host of other factors.

And we know what happens. We know hearts are changed attitudes change minds and change decisions and change based on factors aside from just a strict reading of the law so we need to be praying for the justices to do the right thing, but we need to be praying for the heart of the nation. We need to do our best to continue to reach out to those on the other side of the divide to make the case right now, check this out. I've never seen this. It I can't remember anything like this but last week Wednesday and Thursday to sitting justices first justice on your sought to Mayor and then Justice Samuel Alito spoke out about these very real life cases here this is this is what justice so Tamara said old grip the quote here this is this past Wednesday. She said to an audience of law students quote you know I can't change Texas's law, but you can and everyone else who may or may not like it can go out there and be lobbying forces in changing laws that you don't like this a sitting justice saying this, then justice Alito the next day speak at University of Notre Dame. He said the catchy and sinister term shadow docket has been used to portray the court as having been captured by a dangerous cabal that resorts the sneaky and improper methods to get its ways.

This portrayal feels feeds unprecedented efforts to intimidate the court or damage.

It is an independent institution. He said journalists may think we can often opinion the way they off articles so you have to justices speaking out both with reference to the Texas heartbeat bill. I don't remember this ever happening. And a recent poll indicates that a substantial amount of Americans want one separation. Once the session will talk about the ticket calls to the special guest. The special petition withdrawn me at the bottom of the all. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends line of fire.

Michael Brown 8664 truth gets more news items to talk to about that directly tie in with the subject of abortion will take your calls in a moment. But before we do. Newsweek reported something very interesting. I want to put this up for you. Newsweek reported that the majority of trump voters want to split the nation into red and blue haps right now when you dig onto the article tells us a little over 50% of trump voters want to divide the nation into red states, blue states red halves and blue haps which interesting is that Biden voters little over 40% of them want to divide the nation over is the. The ideological rift is getting that deep is getting that intense.

And then there are others who say a literal Civil War was coming. I have known of Rick Joyner's teaching for decades about a coming Civil War. I always understood it in terms of a spiritual and ideological divide that it would get that deep in America that it would be as if it was a Civil War but spiritually and ideologically.

I never took it in terms of a physical battle.

Remember the Civil War cost us about 500,000 men think of that number of casualties. What was the population of America then compared to today having far away or costliest ward devastating. And of course it began over cessation cessation of southern states over the subject of slavery, and in the horrors of slavery brought the horrors of Civil War on the Abraham Lincoln said that every drop of blood. It was as if we are paying for every every slave that had been beaten in the blood that there is that we shed obsolete dreadful dividing time in in our nation, so I never heard talk of Civil War it in my head this lease.

The way I processed it in terms of anyone talking about physically taking up arms or that we would have to to protect ourselves. But in recent months go back last year.

This year Richard is actually said that very thing. So listen to this quote he's use on Jim Baker show a check this out words on war, we need to recognize that we need to mobile lots we need to get ready. I'm talking to law enforcement talking to people of one of things is on the dream I had related to our Civil War was malicious would pop up like mushrooms and it was God. These were good militias but also saw my dream was the Lord and seated our country with veterans of the Iraq war, Afghanistan. All these wars we been recently.

Many who know how to fight in urban warfare are going to be a part of the leadership of these militias and help us to what's about to unfold in our own country and these are Gumby patriots. These are Gumby those who are different. They know what the attorney of Marxism is basing its evidence in the cruelty of some other ideologies and all that is out there.

Note, but they are going to be to help give leadership to these militias are popping up in this was a God thing. The preparedness of this with all respect to what Rick is saying in terms of the attack on our nation will be that intense. I am absolutely not thinking about militias. I'm absolutely not thinking about taking up arms messily not thinking about how to defend ourselves against the coming physical Civil War. I'm not expecting that I'm not seeing that now. We did have a Civil War. We did have that the 1800s, but we did have that what hundred 60 something years ago did happen. People say could happen again.

Rick is much more connected than I am to military people and others in intelligence than 100 times more connected than I am. And in that regard. I simply don't see that coming, and I simply don't speak about that coming and my whole emphasis is the spiritual weapons that we have and the moral stands that we can take Alyssa say don't you see Amanda coming for God's can't you see it with covert shutdown. Don't you see where this is going let others talk about that. This is not my heart that sought my emphasis of some of it on Jim Baker show to talk about the subject of latest book next one being revival or we die. In fact, we take a moment ask have you preordered the special hardcover edition of revival redone. I have literally not written a book like this in decades is written in a style, how God moved on me in the late 80s and into the early 90s the certifier for revival and and I write with different grace and at different times, so this this had a particular spark to it, and I felt moved to write in this way again revival or we die great awakening is our only hope that's from my whole emphasis is being put right now and you can preorder the book it comes comes out paperback or e-books you can get that Amazon Christian book wherever you order your books but we're printing a special hardcover edition were numbering signing the first few hundred copies. That's it. And then we recorded a video resource as well. You can download the video resource when you order the book will be getting these out as soon as we can. The official release date is October 19 melt of the books and then sent out you before then but go to the website asked Dr. preorder as many copies as you want at the special price for the hardcover edition.

I believe it will spark something in your heart and that that's where my whole emphasis is, of course, others Rick tornadoes would agree on the importance of revival they would just say this could be a military conflict that comes to America and and we can be ready for I'm not seeing that and I'm not expecting that.

And I'm not preparing for that is to be candid with you all right but I am doing everything in my power by God's grace to point us to God for revival and for awakening and believing with that for the changing of hearts and minds and for a pro-life movement to be raised up so powerfully that we touch many on the other side and that many of those who are pro-abortion radicals would be sold mightily touched by God that they would become pro-life advocates that they like the Bernard Nathanson's and others that they would have it, an encounter with God, and an ideological shift that would be so dramatic that that they would help shake the nation.

Let's pray for that. This belief or that it 66342. Let's go to Deborah in the Maple Grove Minnesota Deborah you're on the line of fire. Dr. Brown and I got hired on Saturday and that was so powerful were they were standing between the huge group that was protesting in the power of Jesus name in the midst of it on, but also this morning. The gathering that was there this morning with Jeff the foundation and were all crying that was incredible and the powerful moment I wanted to refer to. I tried to send you a quick but it looks like Facebook is blocking it. Yeah man all these all these clips were trying to get Facebook and Facebook's been shut down by the way Alan Johnson from the Justice foundation to join you momentarily to talk about what happened earlier today but go ahead, you can you can the is still some of the sun to tell us tell us very poignant moment was when this woman. I don't know her name but she was up at the podium and she said I'd have to release this cry and she rushed over and knelt right before the petition right before the Supreme Court and just relief. They cry on. It was so Holy Spirit cry and I'm sure it was a cry of many things amino of the Lord's own cry, but also the cry for all of the people like myself who have had abortions like you are talking about earlier that pain never leave that cry is been there and finished she started crying that whale that cry came out right there with you.

Praying for everyone who is deaf and blind and like all of us who had abortions there blinded all the people protesting against life are blinded, and we've got to have a love of the cross to come and break all the deception break all the hate and that love is much stronger thought it hard to hearing from Alan later. Thank you thank you and yes love the test overcome hate and anger. How many years ago. Did you have that abortion 40 years down in Dallas. So when that time when the ruling came down with the Texas carpet fill it with exterior worryingly gutwrenching for me and my comment about that is when people talk about women's right on my baby daughter was robbed of her right to do what she wanted to do with her own body because she was murdered in my womb is so my baby daughter with robbed of her right endeavors so that's that's 40 years ago you said that the pain never goes away. Even though you know God's forgiving you only got a minute but in your view women that are shouting their abortion celebrating their abortion talking about the importance of rights.

The ones that were marching that it had abortions just think the that many of them have pain that they they cover-up what you think the disheartened to it think it was good thing I'm glad I did it. Absolutely. And I think that definitely being masked by the anger. Anger is always a common covering for him pain so no and I just feel for them. I understand where they're at and then we respond to their hate with hate and it just ties those chains and find out power of love have to come and break it all will thank you, thank you, Deborah and Nancy so by the power of love turn hearts dramatically and and friends.

It's not that we only pray and don't do other things we pray we act pray we get involved in pro-life work. We pray we vote we pray and we reach out but I will means we pray first, we pray last and we pray in the middle. That's the key thing crying out to God as we join our faith with action with words right.

We will be right back don't go anywhere 866-34-TRUTH will never gives the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer on the line for this is Michael Brown so today earlier today Alan Johnson of the Justice foundation attorney Alan Johnson on rolled a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures in front of the Supreme Court calling the overturning of Roe V Wade, it is the moral outcry petition. It tries to comment things from a different angle would not is not an approach thus far, over trying to get Ellen on the phone hopefully will be with us shortly. We we do set this up specifically that month to talk about this, but this took place earlier today in DC and it could be just with everything going on that that he has been swamped and unable to pull away. Hopefully we will connect momentarily will see but all that to say that this is all unprecedented activity that the things taking place right now.

Have not taken place before since Roe V Wade in 1973 866-34-TRUTH you have your own abortion story. You have a story the ties in with abortion in your own life and how that affected you subsequently I just spoke with Deborah for Minnesota.

She said that the pain of her abortion. 40 years ago never goes away that she knows she's forgiven, but the baby daughter. She would've had has lost her rights to life, and that she believes that every woman that has an abortion still feels it. They may mask it with anger or other things but they still feel it now.

Maybe your believer and you you know so deeply that you've been forgiven that God's taken the pain away that you wrestled with it that you agonized over it that is giving your assurance that you seal child again in the world to come, and that you've turned the pain into prayer or outreach pro-life outreach, etc. but maybe you say to me you in the future time I met some 66-year-old male. What do you know about being pregnant. Nothing, nothing, physically, spiritually talk about that Carrington spiritually been physically being pregnant. I note 0. Obviously, because I'm a male what you know about having an abortion yourself zero.

Obviously, if I can have a baby. I can't abort a baby and was never part of a decision to have an abortion.

Never never involved with that in any way. So obviously nothing I can say to that. Maybe you want to challenge me. Maybe you want to say you have abortion and you're glad you did. And it was the right decision you've never expressed any pain and regret over then go ahead, tell me I will walk you, ridicule you.

I will mock you.

I will call you coldhearted.

I will go will call you murderer. I know what I honestly if you differ with me. I want to hear from you. If you have your own story in your own story conference with Deborah just said and what other causes told me over the years, often breaking down on the phones they share their stories that were here for you as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but I want to stress something it it it is it is critically important and I say this to us as one of his serve as a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in your life.

It is so critically important that we keep the emphasis on spiritual first legal second spiritual first ports politics second. What I mean. I mean that if Roe V Wade is overturned and and if there is a shift in law things go back to the states. The divisions between the states will only deepen the political divide will only deepen and and yes it it would be better that that happens that the net Roe V Wade is somehow the law of the land because it is utterly perverse that it is it is bad law. It should been overturning 92 at and listen if if you haven't heard this talk about in recent weeks, but the Supreme Court does a preliminary vote, they hear a case and then between themselves. They do a preliminary vote to see what they're thinking when when there was the opportunity to overturn Roe V Wade in the in the case. A case in 1992. Justice Kennedy said he was going to vote to overturn it, and that would've made it 54 he was lobbied intensely, especially by Harry Blackmun because Blackman's Roe V Wade this is his legacy to heaven at his legacy. God have mercy. So, according to all published reports in the behind the scenes information getting out all saying the exact same thing all saying the exact same thing, namely, that Justice Kennedy was persuaded to vote the other way and ended up voting to to keep Roe V Wade where it was so tragically that's where we are today, but we must fight the spiritually first and then with every other means that we have a salad Johnson actually Alan Parker. We have been able to connect.

So, Alan. Glad you could make and I'm sure it's been a whirlwind day looking to the line of fire. Thank you. It's been a whirlwind here on the steps of the court. Thank you for having us on all right please just take the floor and tell us about this petition. What's unique about it why it's so important what happened today but thank you very much. We were in front of the Supreme Court and we laid out role, each with about 1/4 million a people who are have signed the moral outcry They find their name asking the Supreme Court to reverse ropey way and so those names once regarded collective total of 539,108 actually file those same in every US to bring court in the adopt K that asked the court reversed, but at the same time we wanted Toledo scrolls out for America before the media and we had a prayer.

Actually, to be honest also because it is a spiritual and a legal battle and each one of the petition, but may get recorded in heaven and earth, and it directly or prayer, you know, there's often a legal prayer of prayer no legal document and ours is a further United States to bring court we give five least logical reason under the law of judicial precedent, whereas causes, but that we do prior to the Supreme Court and the Lord Jesus Christ to reverse ropey white know people and Planned Parenthood. Casey and that's what we were doing here today in front of the US Supreme Court.

While the reefs took their vinaigrette by the judge, so there was the per process revolution prayer meeting Saturday, the physical bodies of those praying and worshiping stopping the pro-abortion marchers from coming into the Supreme Court steps that to me is highly symbolic and points to the power of prayer. Then today something unprecedented, roughly 1/2 million plus signatures is a lot of signatures unfolded petitions in front of the court to be that sense an incredible message so two things I want to understand the reasoning the that the points that you lay out the whereas, is at and then also aside from making a petition to heaven. Does this really influence the court does the court actually look at these things. Yes it does.

We got involved with your 2000 actually research the prayer the Lord told us to collect the testimonies of women.

Her final portion and go back to the court and in addition to the 5339 signatures one of those signers. We had 2249 women hurt by abortion as Amicus parties on our brief and in Gonzales B. Carhart, which was the 2007 decision which upheld the fan.

The federal ban on partial-birth abortion after the Supreme Court struck down 38 state laws in 2012 at 2007.

They upheld the federal ban and they cited the women's testimony in Fairbury we know what touched just the majority part because they go to agree. Here's what to expect but the first time since ropey way think that some women come to regret aborting the infant life they once created that I be brief. Volcano at all. Severe depression and loss of the speed can follow. Now Cano was married overkill people at all is 108 women hurt by abortion that we representative that K and it was the women's testimony because the court also said they brief, page 22 to 24 at on the pages of those brief with the testimonies line after line after line.2 pages of testimony of the court of what abortion actually does the women in practice.the beautiful theory appropriate way. But the reality and in the moral outcry petition. The reason for reversing ropey way is because abortion hurts women. You're not helping your hurting so so the court is looking at legal precedent, the court is looking at constitutional reasoning, the court is also looking at first-hand testimony, anecdotal evidence and an even public opinion, correct that is correct in an amazing thing in the year 2016 a book called or came out called the law of judicial precedent that meets where do you follow a Supreme Court decision would be reversed, and Supreme Court decisions have been reversed over 200 time in American history. So they're not infallible. We know that now. If this book amazing figure was co-authored by justice court search and Cavanaugh and eight other judges while they were on the Court of Appeals. Now there on the Supreme Court and section 40 7D of that book is one of the reasons for reversing the Supreme Court decision is. If it is been met with general dissatisfaction protest or severe criticism so normally we don't want the court paying attention the public opinion, but under the law precedent.

If the court is wrong and we call abortion a crime against humanity that is severe criticism that was 539,000 people today. Thank what you have done is not just wrong, it's egregiously wrong if severely wrong. It's a crime against humanity and Dr. the law precedent when people criticize the court decisions that will that's one of the factors that could utter in reversing it, and we compare it to two other crimes against humanity and God Supreme Court the Dred Scott decision, saying slavery will be forever an African-American are stolen. Your they're not even entitled to any rights as people that stay still here just have young one minute set in place to finish the cell since major things are happening in America now shift place.

Let's pray through stand together something like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and diligent Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on the line. Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you have your own abortion story to share with to hear from you.

Joined by Alan Parker from the Justice foundation so Alan you were you were mentioning too terribly wrong. We decided cases in the past and Supreme Court, one of which was enshrined slavery forever in America and looked at African-Americans is less than full human beings. What was the other case the other were clinically versus Ferguson in 1990 after we wore to give African-American people right every adopted the 14th amendment that that you get equal rights.

The Supreme Court built that well are you separate but equal rights were not going to follow the Constitution create a subclass of human being again African-American and it wasn't until 19 four in around the Board of Education 58 years after the original decision.

It'd been the law for a here's. In 1954, the Supreme Court did the right thing they could create rights for African-American they were cursed their own, the eight-year-old precedent Plessy versus Ferguson they reversed that and all of the Constitution and gave equal rights African-American that we were wrong.

Separate but equal no good. So we wanted to do the same thing in Milky Way. We were wrong because we gave to the infant life which the editing dollars to spare at the moment of abortion. We gave that infant life less than full protection. Now they thought they were helping equipment XO the next argument is abortion hurts women. When you open the billions of people and you mentioned that you might be wanting to talk to those women. We we now have 4728 legally admissible written testimonies from women hurt by abortion. That's what the court quoted in the Gonzales case in 2007, and in this dog case, we put 4728 written testimony into the far case the dropbox XO.

We are proving that abortion hurts women out the third major argument is today.

Under the law precedent went. Circumstances change the law changes. A major change in circumstances to justify reversal and what it is today if ropey way reverse if the state passed abortion today and it was a lot of a band all abortion don't want any state in the country would have to parent the child that she's not ready to parent or doesn't want to cheat or can't or doesn't want to. Every state has what's known as the stay paper call if that government safety that as a matter of law say within a certain time after birth. You can take your child to a certain place designated by the state. We will and you can be free of 18 years of parental obligation. You can have the freedom of ropey weight without killing the child which we now know was that the life is, the court has admitted without killing the child and hurting herself. The court itself has spread.

First of all, in case you not do it for the course, you can have devastating psychological consequences, and I quoted from Gonzales were 2007 like that severe depression so a member of your audience whose habit they could go to our website at the Justice foundation and fill out our testimony for and we have resources available for healing. Many women tell us they collect their murderers. Many women tells everything idle about abortion. I felt women who had abortion. They said they told me I never have to think about it, but it's been decades of suicidal thoughts, inability to bond with my children, substance abuse, suicidal attempts many many other thing but there is healing and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. We have some resources for them to get free Bible-based healing just yet, just jump in the leaves as I secede earlier in the broadcast before you came in. That's been educational for me over the years to hear from so many women who called in a call earlier today had abortion 40 years ago, knows the Lord know she's forgiven but says the pain never leaves and she watched she watch the the unfolding of the petitions this morning and she heard the cry that went up and joined in with it. So to everyone listening that's been scarred by abortion. Go to the Justice share your story there. And then if you need help in healing the resources for you, Alan. The Atty. Gen. in the Dobbs case in Mississippi has actually said. Now we want the court to overturn Roe V Wade, it's bad law. Here's why.

What you think of the arguments that that were raised by the Atty. Gen. I can really say this at all. I could only figure out about Atty. Gen.'s brief. It was a magnificent great it was that all great far-reaching compassionate as a woman Atty. Gen. She knows the pain that women have even just in this decision and you know we need to move forward to a more just and humane society where women can have maintained appreciative if they don't want to take care of the child the best alternative is to keep the child in their thousands of pregnancy centers that will help them but if they can't or don't want to legally there are no on two children anymore in America and Mississippi has the stay paper law and they put that in their brief support not just say oh you have to have it, you can't have an abortion. If you have the right, that child. If you cannot or don't want to parent the child. We will take it from you in the last argument in the Carlock repetition is about the portal.

Actually the spot, but the fourth, the next minute. What will happen to the children when they begin foster care, no there are literally 1 to 2 million families in America every year waiting to adopt newborn children.

They believe that they can take care of the little court, they can provide a good home and after careful vetting. If the baby was dropped off at safe haven that call the next family on the listed site. You still wanting to adopt the baby.

We have one today and they could go down and pick up their baby, so it's a love love solutions. Love the baby love the other about the families that are waiting to love children and this is a totally new chain major change in factual circumstances that save Austin startup, 1999, seven years after Casey, the court has never considered the thing. It's not because you judges got on the court, but these six judges at least have an open mind and judges should have notified they should be willing to consider changes in the law and do the best with the evidence presented to the court and so I very helpful. I'll just say the last thing the other evidence is new evidence shows life begins at conception, the and 73 the court said at the state and the development of advanced college cannot speculate as to when life begin well rather than speculator financer bailout the child be killed, but now they've admitted that the life and DNA testing sonograms genetic testing and in vitro fertilization. One of our client is named Hannah as and she is the first formerly frozen human embryo to file a brief at the Supreme Court. We were all former embryos, but she was frozen for two years she was conceived in a petri dish we have a picture of her in the brief at about three days. She's maybe five or six spell. That's her first baby picture and we have a picture of her graduated from college is 22 years old now, so she's able to speak for herself and speak on behalf of all the children in one of the issues in this case is Landers the child viable outside the womb, albeit with artificial aid because the court even in rows that once it viable. We can protect that human life well. She proved your viable could be frozen or totally outside others will have artificial light to stay alive, but then she was placed into her adoptive mom will, but she couldn't stand before the court and before America and say no matter how small I was. I was alive.

I was human and I'm here today that's what I was, the embryo stage. Mason will Alan I know you been at this for decades. You could print pet holy out with me a few days ago on the front lines of the pro-life movement for 44 years in this tremendous encouragement hope that that this could be the breakthrough were waiting for, but it can't just be legal, as were saying it's got to be also love-based reaching out to those around us, Alan. Keep up the great work mate every one of those names that was on role before the Supreme Court today may every one of those names bring a message to heaven bring a message to the courts. God bless you, thank you so much God bless you and thank you everyone can still find it. Our goal is American. By the time we finished, I so go check the Justice the Justice Alan, thank you once again what happening friends read my article on the stream about the ideological war over abortion and and what we must do to bring about positive change. The actions joined with what these lawyers in organizations doing and what's coming for the Supreme Court, let us keep praying for this. Keep walking in love with asleep people to Jesus. Go to check out my latest article. There you'll find it relevant. If you get my emails for you don't want to miss them, especially to time like this could ask Dr. ASK GR brown colored center for the email today get a flood of blessings and return trust another program powered by the Truth Network

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