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God Keeps His Promises

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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March 31, 2019 3:00 pm

God Keeps His Promises

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partners, please visit us about a guy was getting married in the me that in the usual offer to the pastor who would be officiating to foster love.

I give you $100 if you will change the wedding that we get to the part where I'm supposed to say that I'll forsake all others only on the myself and be faithful to her forever.

Let's keep let's leave that part out any to go hundred dollars.

They put it in the pastor's father walked away satisfied.

Everything was going to go his way, so that when the day finally came, the pastors leaving the bride and groom to the godly terms of the groom and he says to him do you promise to obey her every wish and command.

Do you promise to bring her breakfast in bed every morning. Do you promise your lovely wife that you will not even look at another woman for as long as you both shall live.

The groom, gulped and said I do start the ceremony, the groom went up to the pastor and he said pastor I thought we had a deal. The pastor said well son. She may be a much better offer.

Promises easily made not as easily We've all had promises made to us that were broken but when God makes a promise you can take it to the bank right to get to the bank.

It's good to go gun is made a lot of promises to us in the Bible. Someone said that there are 3000 promises given to believers in the pages of Scripture. I've never account of the mall go.

I don't know if that's true or not but I know there's a lot the Bible says they're exceedingly great and precious promises to remind you little bit of gift cards that have not been used.

Did you know that every year, $5.8 billion in gift cards $5.8 billion in gift cards going claim right there is a whole industry around this where they sell the card to the person who gives it to someone else. The card will never be claim pretty good deal for them. How many of you have unused gift cards or dreams that that that that's all works in the promises of God to be that way there just sitting there sitting there in the pages of the Bible and all you have to do is claim those promises or believe them for yourself.

Let me just share a few very briefly number one God has promised you that you will never be alone in life. Sometimes you feel as though you're all alone. This is good news, especially for generation Z. That's the generation following the millennial's, I just read that they are now being described as a lowliest generation. They never there's never been a generation more connected through technology but yet the loneliest and the reason for that is, they pulled the boomers in the cold Generation X and millennial's, and generation Z and there were more lonely people in this generation. So I've got good news for generation Z, and any other generation to follow.

Many generation that preceded it. You're not alone in life. If Jesus Christ is in your heart.

Jesus said I will never leave you or forsake you.

In Hebrews 13, five, then the original language he was emphatic about equipment they could better be translated. I will never know never know. Never leave you or forsake you.

In Isaiah 41 the Lord says don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand number two.

Using God promises to get us through whatever were facing. I don't know what you're going through right now, but I might be a hard time in your wondering will I ever get through this.

God's healing get you through it will be with you every step of the way. Isaiah 43 to the Lord says when you go through deep waters, I will be with you when you go through rivers of difficulty.

You will not drown when you walked to the fire of oppression you will not be burned up in the flames will not consume you.

David in Psalm 23, a beautiful song that most of us know by heart said yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.

Do you know the rest. For thou art with in that versus brought comfort to a lot of people in life and on their deathbeds as well. Here's another one. Jesus promised he would come again Jesus said in John 14 of my father's house are many mansions that were not so I would've told you if I go I will come again I go to prepare a place for you and I will come and receive you unto myself. He's coming again. Did you know that of the 333 prophecies concerning Christ in the Old Testament, only 109 of them were fulfilled in this first coming. That leaves 224 that are yet to be fulfilled in his second coming. 23 of the 27 New Testament books mention the Lord's coming, and Jesus referred to a second coming at least 21 times. The point is he's trying to remind us again and again I and coming back again this is a very important thing for us to know as a Christian because God keeps his promises. One of the ways we know he keeps his promises is his faithfulness to the Jewish people. The chosen people. The very apple of his eye.

He's kept his promises to them and he will keep his promises to us as well.

In Romans 9 to 11 talk about God's special relationship with Israel and of God first established a covenant with them to their father Abraham and God said in Genesis 12 I'll make you a great nation.

Bless you and make you famous and you'll be a blessing to others. Bless those that bless you curse those that curse you, anyone who is chosen to bless the Jewish people and I think by extension the nation Israel will be blessed. Anyone that is oppressed or attacks the Jewish people, and by extension the nation Israel will face the ramifications of it as well.

God is kept his promise to them, and we all agree that to Jewish people because it is through the Jews that we received our Scripture. It is through the Jews that our Messiah came, Jesus of course was Jewish God keeps his promise and this is a 4000-year-old promise that God made to Abraham in this promise doesn't have a shelf life it still good eye level when things don't have a shelf life.

February eaten something that you found out had gone beyond the shelf life. Not a happy experience or drink something that was not supposed to be drink because it was foil.

That's about right. There's no shelflife on the promises of God when he makes a promise only establishes a covenant he keeps that God also said to Abraham there. Genesis 12 to your descendents. I've given this land from the Mediterranean on the coast to the Euphrates River on the east at the Loma Linda.

By the way Israel doesn't even come close to inhabiting all the land that God has given them so now let's look at a few points from Romans 11 because some would say God is dumb with the Jews.

There is a certain theological teaching video here. In some churches today called covenant theology sometimes is called replacement theology in this theology would suggest that the church that would be us have taken the place of Israel and all the promises that applied to them. Now apply to was well. God made a covenant with the Jews.

That is never going to break in God is made a covenant with the church that he will not break either, but I don't believe that we've taken their place. He still is a special plan for them as will discover this message so that brings me to point number one if God could reach a Jewish man like Paul, formerly known as Saul of Tarsus than there is hope for everyone and will give Romans 11 verse one Paul's making this argument, I asked that as God rejected his own people, the nation Israel. Of course not. I myself am an Israelite, a descendent of Abraham and a member of the tribe of Benjamin know God is not rejected his own people whom he chose from the very beginning so Paul's arguing against the idea that the Jews are no longer the chosen people of God and that he has broken his covenant with anything hey God, to get all of a guy like me. God can get hold of anyone and certainly any Jewish person by the way Paul was what we might call a Jews do. He was from the tribe of Benjamin, a highly regarded tribe. He was named after the first king of Israel.

Saul, he was a member of the Sanhedrin which was sort of like the Supreme Court of the day, and he probably was the leader of the Sanhedrin and he was a young man at this time. This is a man the road to the ranks quickly. He was known for his dedication. He was schooled by the great Rabbi Emilio on the southern steps. There is you go to the city of Jerusalem today so this guy had a real resume that was super impressive and in fact he thought he was doing the work of God by hunting down members of this weird new set that identified themselves as followers of Jesus as Messiah. He hunted down he arrested anything room of the prison, and he even presided over the death of the first marker of this group. Stephen one day on the Damascus Road.

A funny thing happened.

A Saul of Tarsus, he met Jesus and Jesus taught them and said why are you kicking against the goats and we don't even know what that means. What in those days ago. It was a sharpened stick so it's like in a car if you want to go faster. You press down on the accelerator those days when you want to go faster. You hope your beast with a sharp stick and it goes faster. That's is why you kicking against the goats, which means your under the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your fighting against it. Why are you doing that, by the way when someone is always arguing with you about your beliefs as a Christian when someone's always trying to give you a hard time and you think they're far from the kingdom, then maybe closer than you think. The reality is Saul of Tarsus was actually closer than he realized the believing in Jesus and that's why he was so opposed to it, and then Saul says who are you, Lord, because Jesus said to why do you persecute me and why do you persecute my people. Saul said who are you, Lord, in themselves, thinking probably don't see Jesus don't see Jesus just talked to Jesus, please. And then Jesus says I am.

She is 55555, process echo echo you are persecuting.

So Paul committed his life to Jesus so he went from being Saul to Paul, so his point is if God could reach a person like me he can reach everyone. That's exhibit a and exhibit B elides of the prophet member him great wonderworking profit stopped it from raining fire came down from heaven all kinds of amazing things, but Elijah kinda felt like he was the only guy representing the Lord because Israel is being ruled by a very wicked man named Ahab and is even more wicked wife Jezebel.

By the way, if you're looking for names to your kids don't use those names with the Bible and jumped there bad people. Judas don't use that either Lucifer out of the question. I so King Ahab Queen Jezebel were encouraging the Israelites to worship the false God a bail so Elijah called about. He stood up for truth and so forth than whether he just got discouraged with the verse two.

Romans 11 Elijah the prophet complained to God about the people of Israel and said, Lord. They killed your prophets and turn down your altars none the only one left another trying to kill me to remember God's reply. He said no. I have seven others will never bow down to bail. Sometimes you might feel like you're the only Christian in your family right here the only Christian in your neighborhood. Here the only Christian on your campus. You're the only Christian at your worksite or whatever it is you are, but the Lord always has his people and very unexpected places. So God, the same Elijah buddy. You're not the only one point number three as Gentiles, that would be non-Jews were even brought the promises of God only take a quick poll. How many of you by birth are Jewish razor hand raising shalom. Okay, not many. Not many but a lot of Gentiles want to know how many of you are not Jewish razor yet that's most of us sooner. Gentiles were not Jews were not the chosen people in that regard, but the cool thing is the great thing is is God has grafted us into their promises actually did that thing that 23 and me thing you know that I was honestly hoping they would say Jewish know I'm not writing grafted into the promises of God to give her 17th for some of the branches and broken off and you threw a wild door while all of shoot every grafted in among the others you know sure in the nursing staff from the all of root I was in New York City while going down gentlemen that I'd met who was a member of the Israeli government asked me to come to a private meeting in a very exclusive place with a lot of very well known New York people who were either Jewish or were great supporters of Israel that's it turns out a very high ranking member of the Israeli government was going to be there and so I went in. I didn't know anyone in the room. I was just, you know, sort of saying hello to folks in there to observe and and then my friend who invited me said great care is an evangelical pastor. They have to understand how that might come off to some people because traditionally and historically, sometimes Jewish people of thought that Christians are against the and sometimes that's been true because urban things done against the Jewish people in the name of Christ that were not Christian at all. But anyway brings of the thoughts are back on the pastor delicately like a live human and then he says any from California, which is even worse. You have to know Californians are not all that popular in the rest of the country. In Texas, surmounted us so many Californians are moving to Texas. They get mad at me.

We stop I have no control over this but anyway as we do say a few words. I look at all the substance of first of all I want to say thank you because my Bible came through the Jewish people in my Messiah Jesus to change my life was a Jewish man and I'm thankful for that.

That he came and then the guy who invited me said Greg I know you believe that Israel plays a role in end times events wanted to talk about that now I'm thinking I would not have chosen that topic necessarily, but I rolled with it and I told him what I wanted tell you in a few moments on the planet is your how they fulfill Bible prophecy, and so for, but it was actually really great thing to be able to have that opportunity. I think many Jews are beginning to discover, especially folks living in Israel at their greatest friend is the evangelical Christian. I personally heard Benjamin Netanyahu say this because it's true because we need to our people of the book. I was on Fox news recently about some friends in the morning and I was talking about anti-Semitism and why it was wrong in talking about Israel a little bit there was a Rabbi who lives in Jerusalem who saw me and made contact with me and as it turns out to be over there leaving the tour in the very near future. And he said he would like me to come out to dinner at his home, a Sabbath dinner and then he will be these words, you are a great friend of those who cherish the word of God and the society that is growing more contemptuous of it all the time. Our communities are the last holdouts" that there was very insightful of the Rabbi and this is why by the way, I am thankful that our government and our president recognize Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Because God gave them that landing God gave them that any and I'm also glad that we recognize the sovereignty of Israel over the Golan Heights because that's their land.

God gave Nelson he was a great you're getting political now. I don't know Emily, maybe a little bit some spiritual issues become political issues.

Somebody say that a baby has a right to be born, and you say that's political call would you like, it's also biblical and I'll always stand up for the life of the unborn. But here's the thing. I think when we walk with Jesus Christ. We can reach out to Jewish friends. People we meet and help them become the no how wonderful their Messiah is looking for 14th. I want to somehow make the people of Israel jealous of what you Gentiles have so I might save some of them. Here's the interesting thing about Paul. He was like as I said, just greatest Jewish scholar ever, and yet God primarily called him to preach the non-Jews, Gentiles. That's because he was largely largely rejected by his own people, so is his great ministry among non-Jews, Gentiles in here's what he said. I'm praying that is you Gentiles come to believe in Jesus and my fellow Jews who I love with all my heart will be jealous and want what you have you noticed on a trip to Israel by the way coming back to Israel were taking 625 people with us. Which is fantastic. You know what we have room for a few more some opening just came up and some of you might prayerfully consider that we could still take a few more but I coming back to that I was on a trip some years ago and I had this guide I used a lot over the years. His name was David. We became very good friends but he loved to debate and so we would sit in the front of the bus and he loved to, you know, challenge me on things I said we would go back and forth about Jesus and the Jewish people and all these things and if so one day we had one of our discussions and one for probably almost an hour and as it's done. We get off the bus and and you know I never seem to make any headway with David within the driver also Jewish man came to me why anyone thought about this disgusting since I was listening very carefully to your discussion with the guy David. I said yes. He says I'm jealous of your relationship with God.

I got wind of her that summer jealous of Jewish jealous of the Gentiles or lick that's in Romans 11 and he said I would like you to come over to my home and meet my family and I want you to tell them what you were saying today what I said will okay so I went over to his home. He had a beautiful family a very large family. As I recall maybe 25 people were there and so his wife started serving this food not just chowing down.

It was really good and I realize that was just the appetizer knows already full and then more courses came in more courses came and I'm just this bloated and then he says now talk to my family and I had the privilege of telling his entire family about Jesus the Messiah and how we could change all of their life. So that's in the lustration of this point, but you know when it Christian walks with God. It should be the most attractive thing ever for a nonbeliever. The reason I became a Christian is because I admired the Christians from a distant on my high school campus.

They had what I wanted. They had this piece.

They seem to have this purpose and they got a love one for another, and so one day I wanted eavesdropped on one of their meetings and ended up accepting Christ silent when you're just walking with the Lord.

It's a very attractive thing you know if you want to win some be winsome and talk about your faith and let it permeate every area of your life, your notice did you go out to eat and you don't order anything you get hungry watching other people eat University I'm hungry right now. By the way, how many of your hunger. I'm hungry. I'm always hungry is a problem I'm always hungry anyway and I got hungry when I said hungry you know just talking about food, so I want you to join me in my misery. So maybe you got a restaurant afterwards and in the order in everyone orders. But you wait maybe before you came to church in Salonika in order anything obsessing out with you guys so the burgers start showing up in the fries start showing up and for that one weird person. The cable shows everybody's enjoying their meal and you say to your friend. Can I have just one contract they say to college one you take the one price and it's almost like a flying from heaven or something. This is so delicious, so you order your own fries and they're not as good when you order them yourself. Are they why is stolen food better. I found that to be true. Sometimes I wife is cooking and she has everything a little portions.

Okay, here's the meat in. Here's a vegetable in.

Here's this and that and I'll take a little but delete that it's import essential mess it up in the teachers away meeting more Emily becomes a challenge.

Like how much can I eat without her saying she knows she knows what I'm doing.

Guys are never fully your wife.

By the way, just you never folder ever okay anyway stolen food yeah but the point is, is watching somebody else enjoy a meal makes you want to meal and watching someone else walk with God should make a person want to know God as well.

Provoking them to jealousy as well. Well God is a place for Israel in the future. This is big deal so I was with my friend Joel Rosenberg recently in Israel. We actually were in Jerusalem and the little area shopping area called the shook and that all kinds of things to eat there, and so I have a camera crew with me and we filmed our conversation and Joel helps us 200 Stan what it's like to be a Jew, hearing the gospel the challenges they face in accepting it and being an expert in the scholar. He also talked about the future of Israel.

In Bible prophecy. So watch a short little film clip and sign the holy land significance of what is happening in Israel as a relates prophecy.

Jews from all around the world are uprooting their families selling their homes and putting their jobs and moving back to the land of their ancestors. The land of their bloodline. The land of Jesus like to live in Israel. Now you guys you were born where I stayed and I grew up in a state Jewish Jesus Messiah 1973 he was the first to all who believe this is usually never heard of a Jewish person you one in 1973 the spirit of God was moving Jesus, my parents, my ears, layer 75 became a nation.

In May 14 48, there were how many messianic nailers is 23 90, and maybe approximately 15,000 is comparatively considering this is right and you go from 23 people 60 years ago three 215 now it is harder for someone who is Jewish. To believe in Jesus as Messiah, then it is for someone to is a miracle. In any case does say in the Scriptures that we have a partial hardening because God sent Yeshua to us how he came to his own reading most of you receiving any right from Israel to the Gentile world means using a not even close. The majority thank you.

Here's here Jerusalem conversation where you think you you call Jerusalem Center. One center is a geological point because this is the center of God's purpose for the nation's right. Ezekiel chapter 5 verse five Jerusalem at the center of the nation's Ezekiel chapter 38) is 14 Israel in the name of your literally the bellybutton of the area one verse eight Jerusalem to Samaritan the very ends of your ends of your you're really me in California. This is the beginning here and now, this is probably the future Israel people any other nation in overall that Jerusalem plays a mean of all the cities in the world you know there is in Moscow. No Washington DC. The Bible speaks of this tiny little blend called his tiny little Linda's little city called Jerusalem and here we are in the very middle of the center is like you. It's all company right here. This is been chosen for himself shows Jerusalem chose Tokyo we could chose Costa Mesa a good many shows. Jerusalem says to be the city of the great cancer. He will Jerusalem my right hand forget her. Yes, my favorite part.

My favorite part of that is going to the chosen Costa Mesa that would've been really interesting with alright so this freezing my final point point number five. Israel plays a key role in the last days. Look at Romans 11 verse 25 I want you to understand the mystery dear brothers and sisters so that you will not feel proud about yourselves blindness in part is happened to Israel, but this will last only until the full number of the Gentiles come the Christ in all Israel will be say Joe was talking about his spiritual blindness among many Jewish people, but I think we seen a dramatic change.

She mentioned 15,000 messianic Jews in Israel, a messianic Jew is a person who is born Jewish who believes in Jesus as the Messiah, but nationally. In America there's probably 300,000 maybe as many as 500,000 that that's a big change in reason days. But here's the significant thing. There's no group of people on earth, like the Jewish people. I don't think any group has suffered like the Jewish people you know. Recently there was a commemoration of national Holocaust remembrance Day and the problem is they found was a lot of people, especially young people don't even know what the Holocaust is to be no with the Holocaust is okay will you're very well-educated, but some don't. Holocaust was that horrific staying on the history of humanity one 6 million Jewish men, women and children were sent to die in Nazi concentration camps as part of Hitler's so-called final solution they close on their businesses in Germany and Poland other places. Then they were sent to ghettos and there were ultimately printed boxcars center. These camps and they were systematically exterminated 6 million people died. Unbelievable. So, who would've ever thought after an event like that at the nation Israel would come into existence. It would seem virtually impossible, but it was like a clarion call internationally. Jewish people in the aftermath of the Holocaust began to return to their homeland, and on May 14, 1948. A modern day miracle happened Israel against all surrounded by enemies of one of them destroyed became a nation that started the prophetic time clock ticking and so confusing. Ezekiel 37.

The prophet is called to go to what sort of a boneyard and the Lord says to him preach to the deadbolt like going to a graveyard and preaching.

I've heard of that audience a statistics cake right Josie goes preaching on bloodshed headphones and in the vision, the bomb start coming together and and muscle comes of the bones in and flashed in and they come alive.

And then God gives him the interpretation and Ezekiel 3711. He says these bones represent the people of Israel there saying we become all dry bones all hope is gone, but given this message, thus says the Lord, O my people all open up your graves of exile and cause you to rise again and I'll bring you back to the land of Israel. That's a very specific prediction that the Israelites Jewish people would be scattered that happened that they would be regathered and specifically that they would become a nation again and that is exactly what happened. Never has a decimated ancient people managed to retain their individual identity through almost 20 centuries and then reestablish our nation and their original homeland yet. This was prophesied in Scripture. And it happened but there's one other thing God says will be regathered at seven they'll be isolated that's happening and the be attacked. Well, that hasn't quite happened there attacked all the time people over on the outside of Israel and the Palestinian territory just recently filed fired missiles into Israel and then also of course there is the ongoing threats of Iran that want to completely destroy Israel by the way Israel wants peace and they've even offered a so-called Tuesday solution to the Palestinian people, which is rejected because not only did they. They reject the two state solution. They reject the right of Israel to exist hard to have a conversation with someone who says I don't acknowledge your right to exist. That's exactly what they're dealing with what Iran's hostility is even more overtly threatened on multiple occasions to destroy Israel eradicate Israel and with their aggression in the developing nuclear weapons.

This is a concern to the Jewish people living in their homeland again, and for good reason. So the Bible says a large force. This is accurate after Ezekiel 37 3839. After the regathered again a large force from her nor called Gog and Magog will attack her and then God can intervene and do something supernatural because when Magog attacks the Bible says God is in this step in and intervene in and Ezekiel 3818 it says one God, get tax the land of Israel. My hot anger will be aroused, declares the Lord. So Scripture tells us that God doesn't make decimates the armies of Magog, and then un-national rope Bible breaks out in Israel and in Ezekiel 3929 we read that God will pour his spirit out of Israel, your silky this is interesting, but what does this have to do with were talking about go back to Romans 1125 here's the answer. Some of the Jews have hard hearts, but this will last only until the complete number of Gentiles comes to Christ.

Look, God sent them with Israel is going to work in your future. He's going to send a spiritual awakening to her homeland is going to raise up 144,000 Jewish evangelists to proclaim the gospel during the tribulation. Closer Billy Graham's.

If you like so you there's great things they had for them. But before the Lord will pour his spirit out on the Jews. Again, he has to finish his work with the Gentiles, so don't be a blindness there among Jewish people in general in Israel until the full gathering of the Gentiles comes in Windows ME means when the last person that's going to believe in Jesus believes in Jesus will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.

So here's what it means to you. The Lord could come back at any moment for you. I believe out there somewhere walking around. What if there were even here today it's possible someone is the last person the Lord's waiting for to believe in Jesus. Can you imagine if you knew the person was. Would you be tempted to pressure them a little like what you like. Believe like now. I'll give you a burger and fries kale with everyone, I was seriously there's that person that believe in them but were caught up in the moment, in the twinkling of an eye.

That's what it said they would set in Corinthians in first Thessalonians 4 says the dead in Christ shall rise first. We who are alive and remaining shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. Listen, God keeps his promises to keep his promise to Israel is going to keep his promise to you it is going to keep his promise to come again. Jesus is coming.

Believe it and it could happen at any moment.

Do I look less intelligent. Now the glasses are outside so I ask you in closing, are you ready one of Jesus, King today and he could, would you be one of the ones who would be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.

Would you be one of the people would be left in me tell you something was going to follow is going to be hard.

A great tribulation. Is going to come. The Bible says in it will be inaugurated by this evil man that the devil ever had a son. It will be this guy.

He's called the beasties called the Antichrist horrible times. If you don't believe in Jesus and you miss the rapture. That's what you're going to face. That's why you want to believe. Now that's what you want to be ready to meet the Lord.

And if you're not ready when I get ready right now because God will keep his promises to you in a maybe of coming here today with all kinds of troubles in all kinds of concerns and all kinds of worries and you don't how to sort it out.

Here is Jesus.

Anything you come to me all ye that are laboring and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest your venturing a much a heavy stuff if someone says hey man, let me carry that for you. When a really Jesus is safe. We'll, let me take it off your shoulders. Let me take that burden off of you. Let me forgive you of that sin.

Let me walk through it with you in life.

Now let me save your soul. Why would I say no to that.

Why would I reject that you know he wants to take all those burdens off of you walk with you through life and take you right to heaven one day. Why don't want that. I want to carry my burdens. I want to be stressed out. I want to be miserable and I want to go to hell. Hey man, you need to change your thinking because that's thinking thinking, also known as stupidity don't do that don't live that way. Jesus is come to me come to me come to me with your problems. Come to me with your sins come to me with your burdens. I'll give you rest. Just come to me and then you'll be ready for his return. If you've never asked Jesus to come into your life, whether to do that as we close now in prayer. I want to extend an invitation I'm in ask you to respond to this invitation and if you're not sure that Christ is living inside of you. If you're not certain that she'll be ready for the Lord's return that can all change right now as we pray let's all bow our heads father speak to every person what ever they are on every campus and folks that are watching online or watching another places wherever they are, Lord, speak to them if they don't know you, let this be the moment they believe. Let this be the moment they're forgiven of their sins. Let this be the moment they pass from darkness to light, we ask our heads about and her eyes are closed and were praying together. How many of you will hear would like to believe in Jesus you would like him to forgive you of your sin you would like to know that you will go to heaven when you die, listen, if you want Christ to come of your life if you want him to forgive you of your sin if you want your guilt removed. If you want be ready for the Lord's return wherever you why would you just lift your hand up and let me pray for you. Lift your hand up and I'll pray for you wherever you are in your St. I want Jesus today, but she got bless you nobody else treasuring him apply. I can see it you're saying I need Jesus today. I don't think I have them in my life yet. Pray for me.

Got bless you.

Now some of your watching on screens and I can't see you. That doesn't matter. The Lord sees you, would you raise your hand up wherever you are saying I need Jesus today I want to go to heaven when I die. Pray for me. Anybody else raise your hand up, let me pray for you today publish, publish, all of you that of raise your hand wherever you are.

Yes, plus just pray this prayer with me right when you said just pray these words Lord Jesus, I know I'm a center but I know you're the Savior who died on the cross for all of my sin I choose to follow you. Now, Lord. From this moment forward as my Savior and my Lord is my God and my friends make me ready for your return and I asked this in Jesus name, amen

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