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The Fulfillment of the Prophecy - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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September 29, 2021 6:00 am

The Fulfillment of the Prophecy - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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September 29, 2021 6:00 am

Today we look at Jesus’s last few hours on earth? Did any of his final hours fulfill prophecy? And, if they did, how does the past impact us today? Part 2.

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You know my situation gone through is not greater than the cross and that greater love can give you the power and strength, your addictions to give you the power to exploit intermarriages moments and hopefully make her last night cast, we began a brief study and Jesus's last days on earth he died for our sins and rose from assuring us that he lives with us today so let me ask how does Jesus's resurrection influence you today. Here's David with a message called the fulfillment of the prophecy he went through all the verses in the Old Testament. It is written. This must be fulfilled. That had to do specifically with his cross and his resurrection are you with me that that he took these disciples in his resurrection appears to all the verses in the Old Testament is written this book that we've lived by this collection of books that what we believe in .2 million specificity about my cross and my resurrection. So what I did for you to try to help you understand this in detail is I listed them all out here on this sheet that you were given and if you want to learn how to love God, love God with your mind because here's what Jesus did with his disciples to show how all of these prophecies in the Old Testament about his cross and his resurrection were fulfilled in him not to give you a couple of insights how that's done first love. You have your Bibles.

You can turn to Psalm 22 and I think these guys in Jesus day even though it was a written word that was held in the synagogues. Most of these guys memorize the words.

When of God when they were kids.

They put it deeply in their hearts when they were kids. So when Jesus said to them, remember the song that said these words, they would remember because they memorize it that they didn't have iPhones and then have Bibles they can open up. Then they'd memorize it deeply in their hearts. So Jesus took them. For example, to Psalm 22 verse one and he said you remember these words, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me. Why are you so far from saving me from the words of my groanings and they go that that's what you said on the cross Jesus ago exactly what happened on the cross folks. What happened on the cross. Why did God have to go to the cross because he knew you, and I couldn't save ourselves. There's no way we can save ourselves. There's no way you and I can become righteous enough to be acceptable to God, so God had to become righteous for us. He went to the cross in the perfect God man Jesus would never send an the wrath of God was poured out on his son instead of you and me. That's what the word gospel means that's the good news that God took the punishment for our sins upon his son, rather than you and me and when that happened, because previously the sun and had perfect union life with the father for all eternity.

One God in three persons, father, son and Holy Spirit. A perfect union life among themselves. Jesus enjoyed so much being in that perfect relationship with the father here on earth, but the moment he took all of our sins upon himself. He could not have a perfect union life with the father in heaven.

It was impossible to perfect father could not have fellowship with his son. With all of our sins, poured upon at that moment Jesus cried out in fulfillment of Psalm 22 one a prophecy about the Messiah, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me at that moment when our curse of sin fell upon Jesus, the father turned his back on us and you can just see the light bulbs going off in the minds of his disciples as Jesus did. That's just one example and read Psalm 22 and you'll see others about the piercing of hands in the piercing the thief of the Messiah that are fulfilled in Jesus a song written 900+ years before Jesus and then I bet he took them to Isaiah 53 and he said you remember the suffering servant in Isaiah and they all went yes we memorize that it is of great importance to Israel. And Jesus probably went. Remember this verse, verse three he was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.

Just as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

In the disciples from yesterday that was you. You will despised and forsaken. And surely he has borne our grief's first four, and carried our sorrows, yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. God's the one who afflicted his servant but he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace and by his wounds we are by no, the answer were healed that that that what Jesus did on that cross took our sins upon himself and granted us forgiveness and were now healed and can't you see the disciples going all of these verses about you in the Old Testament. The cross is seen it had to happen, it was prophesied and then you can see on this.

No not doing any debit do the research yourself.

Come on folks, if you saw a grown up playing in a kiddie pool. What would you do what you do you call the police. There's an adult playing in the kiddie pool.

Sometimes I feel like folks you have been walking with the Lord for years. Quit playing in the kiddie pool. It's time for you to grow up and love Jesus passionately you can do the research to do so and look also at Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53 in the verses that talk about how the suffering servant will prolong his days, and continue to live or look at Psalm 1610, the prophecy that the holy one of God will not live in the case that Peter used in acts two, when he preached his Pentecost sermon. He was the one who went to Psalm 1610 to point out that Saul was talking about the resurrection of our you with me to Jesus for some period of time, taking his disciples to the reality that he must suffer and die. He must be raising the dead in accordance with the Old Testament prophecies again written from 402,000 years before your Kinko's. How do you explain the resurrected Jesus shows was all heart of the plan of God. When you grasp that Jesus was sent to earth God in human flesh. He lived the perfect life. We can't live because we have a disease called sin that happened at the moment of conception and that we deserve eternal separation from God, but God intervened and rescued us on the cross to take the punishment for our sins upon himself. That's what great love is was raising the dead to prove it's true. When you believe that Jesus said there are three practical applications on every great sermon has applications right if I just give you facts and you leave you go.

So, what facts should lead to following. Here are the three practical applications Jesus gave to the reality of him coming living, dying and being raising the dead.

Here's the first one there is repentance Jesus and we preach this message. There will be repentance, did you know Jesus first sermon was Matthew 417 where he said repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. His last sermon is teach the world about repentance.

It's terribly important when you understand who Jesus is and when you receive him as Lord and Savior. There is repentance of your former life. One of the best definitions of repentance I've ever heard is stop it, stop it, stop that behavior that is destroy your life, other people's lives the nation in which you live. When I call you I called you to a new place in me.

You leave the old life behind you repent you stop that behavior more often than I'd like to say I received emails from people who go well, I'm in for example a marriage relationship and my spouse watches porno all night long and he has turned on me and is abusive and he calls himself a Christian, how would you respond to that and I would say just because you say you're a car doesn't mean your car just because you may live in a garage does improve your an automobile. The proof of your life in Christ, is how you live it out and in my humble opinion without knowing any of the other realities. Your husband isn't a follower of Jesus anymore than a man in the moon you can't be. You can't say you understand the incarnation, the crucifixion, the resurrection and look at the ascension next week. You understand these doctors that are deeply embedded in your heart and not have repentance not have a life change not have a sense of I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back on the different person in Pauline language on the new creation the old has passed away and the newest come and I'd say that not just about some of the sins of abuse and alcohol and addictions say that about slander and gossip. You can't follow Jesus him not control your tongue. Your tongue only shows where your heart is and if your heart is passionately in love with him. It will affect how you speak.

There's repentance that is a part of following Jesus but it's rooted in the second application that is the forgiveness of sins from where it is your desire to repent, it comes from the understanding of my sins have been forgiven.

Let me tell you what your greatest need in life focuses is not a new car, a better job, more power and greater positions. Your greatest need is the forgiveness of your sins. If you don't get them forgiven. You will spend eternity separated from God and Jesus is the way their sins are forgiven, that when I heal or hear people say I have this addiction. This problem that I just can't seem to overcome.

Here's my question.

Do you understand the greater love. The only way I've ever been able to see anybody through all of my years of ministry be set free from addictions and habits and hangups that are destructive is to have a greater love than the addiction the habit or the hangup and I think that comes in looking at the cross. Have you ever done that really when you look at the cross and see the perfect God, man, what God wanted your life to be strong on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins, what is it do your heart you know when I look at Jesus on that cross. I do regularly in my quiet time. It gets me in touch so deeply with all my sins and all my selfish is the God's continuing to change. Emily Mead is a process we call it progressive sanctification and fancy theological language. What is it me, it means I'm not as bad as I was yesterday, but not as good as I'll be tomorrow. But I'm better I'm in process and I'm in process and that process occurs more more to look like Jesus by looking at the cross. Any of you who are aging a bit know this routine you go into your bathroom and the lights are on a look in the mirror and you go to bed to bed but not too many gray hairs not not too many lines on the face. Not too bad then turn on the lights in the good get older their buddy and and then you go to a hotel. When these fancy jobs and you walk in the bathroom where they got lightbulbs all around the mirror every single inch is filled with a light bulb is turned on a full blast you looking to go oh boy time. Here's limited every gray hair every wrinkle.

Every line is exposed. Why because the light reveals it when you look at the light of Christ hung on the cross he reveals and wreaks sin of your life and you go. The old hymn writer said when I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died, my richest gain I count but loss and poor contempt on all my try, which is the worst of all sins by way the arrogance to think I'm in control and I'm the center of my universe ego edging God out when you realize the greater love of God on that cross and through the resurrection, proving that that love is stronger than our sin. You stop your butts God's greater love is stronger than our butts. Somehow that income across rightly said, God's greater love in Jesus is stronger than any but God.David you know my situation, feel no pain.

I've gone through. It's not as strong as the cross is not greater than the cross and that greater love can give you the power and strength to overcome their addictions. That greater love to give you the power and strength to be sealed in your marriages. The only thing I know that heals the hurts, hangups and habits of her life. The greater love of Jesus through his forgiveness and repentance that comes as a result of the greater the third thing that happens in application as you're willing to go to all the nations willing to got my not call you there. Be willing to hear the heartbeat for people who don't know Jesus, your neighbor, your family members. He does want them to know this greater love all the nations.

Did you know 1974, one half of the world and never heard the name of Jesus. Now it's one third, we made a dent. You have a heart for the world, have a heart for your neighbor, you know, the infilling power the Holy Spirit is given you this greater love and your life is much in secondary in proportion to the fulfillment of the call that Jesus is given to why are we Christians so concerned about the end times, but not the ends of the earth, may I say that again it was so good I want to say it again, why are we Christians so concerned about the end times and not the ends of the year for the one we know as Lord and Savior. Commander-in-chief said take this gospel of repentance and the forgiveness of sins to all nation including the Paul including India, including Lebanon, including Egypt to reach the people who've never heard why in the world would people do because there commander-in-chief had said to go to go and as one very famous missionary said Jesus commands us to go. He doesn't guarantee will come back and focus.

If you don't have anything to die for. You really don't have anything to live for Jesus said if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and let her follow me. What God we have who loves us so much he would not allow us to wallow in our sin and be separated from them forever love you so much that he took on human flesh and a babies stable in Bethlehem to live the perfect righteous life for 33 years and went to a cross to take the penalty of our sins upon himself because of the greater love and was raised from the dead to prove that it's God's greater love is for you today stronger than your butts promise is listening to moments of hope with David So Tom coming joins me in the studio with godly insights that have been passed down from godly parent, I am Tony Marciano presidency Charlotte rescue Mission. Let me ask you a question. What you do when you stand at the intersection of homelessness and addiction to thin the person's shoes for just the second what is it that you really need. You probably been one of the individuals who stood at the end of the interstate ramp Holderness I miss that hungry will work for food which never use the money for food and booze and drugs with it most likely you hate your life, your addiction has stolen every aspect of hope. You want to be part of the fabric of society, but every morning, your addiction screams and you surrender to it. There is one thing you do need and that is transformation the place to go to Charlotte rescue mission Charlotte rescue mission works from the inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness.

The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high-quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation and a love for Christ. The missions 120 program has transformed the lives of thousands of men and women in our community. Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership name James you seen any with me today is our pastor deeded Chad make David, thank you so much for being the best today. Thank you Jan, it's great being with you as well. This morning's moment of hope. You wrote nothing that's good happens after midnight.

This sounds like wisdom of the ages that we should all listen to you and the wisdom of the ages, particularly for me from my dad. He said it over and over again to all three of us in the Chadwick household as we would want that freedom.

As we got a little older to have more time in the middle of the night to do what we wanted to do and dad was steadfast and he demanded a midnight curfew from us all his justification. Nothing much good happens after midnight. Like most teens again.

I thought this was terribly restrictive and awful.

I would argue, sometimes with him, but he would not yield out fast forwarded to my life as a father. Guess what's happened.

Yep, you guessed it. I did the same thing with my three kids, all of them had a midnight curfew and as most teens would sometimes they loudly objected, but were always at home at 11:59 PM or before as they watch this crazy world unfold there actually thankful to me for holding fast what my dad taught me about this issue.

They're all parents now and I have a feeling that they'll be passing on the same curfew requirement to their children when they are older godly parents passed down crews that we have gleaned from our parents and then we are responsible for passing them on to our kids and hopefully our kids to their kids down through many generations in the future. That's the whole essence of Psalm 78 verse four. The truth that nothing good happens after midnight is a truth that is a forever truth. I pray everyone listening now will enforce it upon their children even when they loudly object while this is such good meds and I'm in attack this away because I'm not quite there yet old are your kids.

My oldest is 14 year there I am definitely getting use this when I need that they encouraged to continue to enforce that in and remember the wisdom myself that because I do think it's really important thing that comes to mind right now is you know there's always tomorrow. You know if you're bagging and pushing and going against this Barnes rate the reminder after tomorrow you can engage in United's creative moment tomorrow and it interesting that in the Bible Satan is called the King of darkness, and Jesus always describes the kingdom is one being of light and he himself is called the light of the world. In John eight off so we know the power of light.

We know the forcefulness of darkness as well. Most crimes are committed at night most hideous deeds are performed in the darkness and when the light is shown upon roaches in a dark room. They scurry for the darkness because they know the power of the light upon them. That same truth prevails that nothing good really happens after midnight in the middle of darkness. Come home to the light where you are safe. So glad thank you so much for these insights today dated you're welcome Jan for my own experience and I hope will pass them on the generations to come.

And if you listeners would like to receive from me. A daily written moment of hope, please go to moments of hope There you can subscribe for my heart to yours arriving in your inbox every morning at 7 AM. A moment of hope and moments of conflict didn't sound like senior pastor as moments of hope Terrence. We would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet at prominent state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte 10 AM.

You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope again. Come join us Sunday morning and trotting state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Thailand. I landed just as moments of hope for dated any entire moments of hope Church James Easton asking me to pray for victory

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