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Fools: Wise or Otherwise? | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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September 29, 2021 8:00 am

Fools: Wise or Otherwise? | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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September 29, 2021 8:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers shows us how our response to the cross determines whether we are wise or unwise.

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Global refining Studios in Memphis, Tennessee Byron Tyler. On the CEO of global refining Gary today. Adrian Rogers part two in a message fools wise or otherwise.

Lord, give me wisdom, give me wisdom that I may walk in the way. Amen. Yes we need wisdom we need wisdom we need discernment and so we understand the gospel. We understand the good news of Jesus Christ we know God's wisdom is so different than the world's wisdom in the world calls the wisdom of God. And what the world calls wisdom God calls foolishness right at the word God says a carnal mind doesn't understand spiritual things will carry Adrian Rogers says the gospel is so radically different. It starts a different source follows a different course and ends at a different conclusion. We don't need to make it compatible with this world. I mean, there is no compatibility with a gospel life in the world we live in now shouldn't be.

We are saved from the penalty of sin and then presently we are being saved daily from the power of sin right God will protect us from the evil one ourselves, and from the world, but eventually one day will be safe in the presence of sin. When the rapture occurs is right and so that's that's where the wise part comes in. God give us wisdom give us discernment that we may choose you will carry. I think the question we need to ask ourselves in by actively seeking God's wisdom. Are you living by the principle of the cross, dying daily, so the Christ can live through you, Dr. Rogers would often state that the Jesus of me connects with Jesus and you listen to this response to Facebook. I love listening to Pastor Rogers and I believe he was a man field with the Holy Ghost. I'm a truck driver and run routes at night through Knoxville all the way to Cincinnati. His messages are the best part of my night.

Usually that's that that's that connection believer to believer right there is wisdom and that because the wisdom is. We have accepted Jesus Christ.

We do have a personal relationship in our common denominator is the cross you, I just talked to a friend today who said they had a Comcast technical person come to pick something in their home and they wanted a chance to share the gospel. This technician was a believer, a man and they were new to the area and was trying to find a church. He said right now my churches Adrian Rogers on the radio while we try to find a chair we get that all the time. We are the church. To many people who are homebound or they haven't identified a church in their area. We understand that responsibility. We take it we take that responsibility with the with great pride and honor will carry. There is a special offer in September is a resource that I think our friends want to pick up on it's called nothing but the truth. DVD available in LWF's online store. This is a new documentary film 87 minutes vintage Adrian Rogers is the teaching preaching of Adrian Rogers also other people like Dave Ramsey and Dr. Tony Evans and Johnny Hunt Jennifer Rothschild KJ five to the wrapper and many more. Talking about what is absolute truth what is truth in your finances. What is truth in the workplace. What is truth in your marriage and we unpacked that and remind the viewer that truth is based on the word of God will speaking of the word of God. Get your Bibles and turn to first Corinthians 1 verse 18 with Adrian Rogers message today.

Wise or otherwise.

Part two.

First read this chapter 1 verse 18 for the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us which are saved it is the power of God for it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

Where is the winds. Where's the scribe wears the disputer of this world have not God made foolish the wisdom of this world for after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. For the Jews require a sign and the Greeks seek after wisdom. We preach Christ crucified under the Jews a stumbling block to the Greeks foolishness to them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. I would be able to tell who is who and who is not a clue. Well, the preaching of the gospel preaching of the cross is to them which perish foolishness. Now the word preaching is preaching the cross literally means the word of the cross what the cross says that is not what we say about the cross. But what the cross says to us, so I want us to pay attention to what I want to call today, the word of the cross and I want you to see three things as we look at our Scripture that I read. Today, think about those lies or otherwise, and the first thing I want you to see concerning the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the measurement of a man's foolishness of the measurement of man's wisdom according to how he relates to the cross very first thing is this, I want you to see that God speaks through the cross. Now God has revealed himself and shown himself in many ways but you will never know the heart and mind of God until you understand the cross God speaks through the cross.

He will in verse 22 people always been seeking after God and wanting to know what God is like and who the true Messiah is in all of this and so verse 22 explains it for the Jews require a sign and the Greeks seek after wisdom. Now Paul is writing to the people of Corinth in a car.

There was a great contingent of Jews and Greeks that lived there in car and the Jews. They had a particular idea what God ought to be like in they were seeking some great miracle because they had confidence in the Messiah who would come would be strong and powerful and political he would just always enemies and he would set up the kingdom of God upon earth and and the Jews would reign supreme, and so forth and so they were waiting for this kind of a Messiah.

The Jews were looking for God, who would demonstrate himself that way without another Greeks were not that way the Greeks were little more sophisticated Greeks were little more intellectual Greeks sought after wisdom to know what the Greeks were looking for was something that they could do intellectual gymnastics with the Messiah.

The Greeks were looking for would be sort of a double Socrates. He would be some grand intellect who would help them to take all all of the divine mysteries of life. That's what they were looking for the Jews that God speaks is going to speak through miracles and that the Greeks had God speak he's going to speak through intellectualism and philosophy they sought after wisdom. But here's what God is what it is almost as though the apostle Paul could read your mind and look you will in verse 23 he says that is in contradistinction to verse 22 but we preach Christ crucified not just Christ, but Christ crucified, it would've been one thing we preach Christ with my dentist to preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block under the Greeks foolishness. Now the word stumbling block your main scandal.

They were scandalized why you mean we're looking for mighty miracle working powerful Messiah and your preaching one dies upon and Greeks said why not only is it a stumbling block is absolutely ludicrous. It's it's published. Here's a Messiah, you mean God died upon the cross of a man who is the son of God dying riding upon a cross. You mean to tell us that God's answer this world. That's the way God speaks to this world absolutely absurdity that is foolishness. The Greeks said, but now want to go on to those who been saved. Notice what happens in verse 24. But under them, which I call that is called by God called out of this world, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. Now how is Christ crucified, the power God wisdom God. Remember now the Jews wanted power in the Greeks one W. Paul said okay you will wisdom you will power out they were power is out. They wisdom is is in Christ crucified. What I'm trying to say to you listen to me different. God speaks through the cross.

You will never understand the heart, the mind, the life of God, the power God of the wisdom of God in the cross we preach Christ crucified to the Jews is coming back to the Greeks foolishness to those of us were safe, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God, power, and the salvation of the soul. Wisdom is revealed in the cross of Calvary for that. But now this not only does God speak through the cross. But God also see the girls.

I look again looking for Sprint's chapter 1 verse 18 all the preaching of the cross is to them which perish foolishness, but unto us who are see it is the power of God to those of us who are saved, God save the cross. Now the world is not like the idea of salvation through the cross. The world is in mine organ music world is in line stained-glass windows. The world is in mind. Good works world doesn't mind platitudes in Morrow living but the world resents the gospel of a blood cross. Did you know that.

Did you know that when you preach that the cross is God's way of salvation that is an offense that is a scandal to some people and the world is incensed by the idea of the gospel of no other name they don't like for me to stand up and say you come by blood cross, and you will come at all. You will be saved by the shipment of the Lord Jesus. Are you will not be saved all the world thinks that I'm an American. If I don't put my arms around everybody's shoulder and say your related as good as mine friend I want to tell you that Jesus Christ crucified is the only way to heaven, and if there's some other way other than Jesus Christ crucified, I would want to meet God in a dark alley because I would trust that, God let his son dial across in agony and blood when there was some other way.

I tell you there is no other way. God is powerless to save apart from the cross. You not saved by the shed by the Lord Jesus, you will not be say the God saves by the cross. I will say one last thing God sanctifies by the cross look again if you will, in verse 18. Look at Cisco the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness. But under those of us who are see it is the power of God, but unto us which are saved now look at the phrase which are saying that literally means which are being say now and I want to tell you something that not only have you been saved, you are being say I want to learn something pay attention now salvation is in three tenses. I have been saved. I am being saved and I shall be say now that doesn't mean that I'm not on my way to heaven right now when I tell you I'm being say, doesn't mean that there's any chance that I could ever again be lost. But salvation is in three tenses.

I have been saved. I've been saved from the penalty of sin hallelujah not going to hail a man I you know between some people in hell.

The only thing between some of you in hell is a heartbeat. Did you know that between me and hell is a cross of Jesus's own now. I have been saved from the penalty of sin. I am being saved from the powers that I am now being saved. He saves me daily from the policy. So that's a process that is going on and I shall be saved from the presence of sin. When the rapture comes I'll be caught up to meet my Lord in their never again in that you know that there is no sin going into that place. So salvation is a crisis that is followed by process that you need to understand that that I am now being saved right now and that's what this verse says. You see, look close. That's an encouragement to me.

I would really be disappointed a lot of this is all saved on the mean, look at me I would be disappointed when you be disappointed if you thought you'd arrive to me this all you want to get know for a look. You are now being safe is not one of us who doesn't need to be saved. Day by day. We need to be save himself, how many of you have difficulty with some call self just, not having any difficulty with something called sin difficulty was someone named Satan. Of course we do. And day by day.

I need to be being saved, by the way, this the Bible says that God is not finished with this people used were these little buttons don't be too hard. Only God's not finished with me and I like that little cowboys that I want to be a liability that I got ain't what was, and God is in the process of moving us where we need to be and how is he doing through the cross.

Nella got speaks of the cross got saved to the cross, God sanctifies the cross, your sanctification is is just the process of where God makes us more and more like the Lord Jesus Christ because we got see you you're not automatically a holy and perfect all the God did a miracle in your heart, but they had to be that God had to work out what he worked in and so they need to be a process and we call it processing purgation. I want to say conversely that the Bible speaks of those in verse 18, or perish in and says what breach of the cross is to them which perish foolishness what it literally says, is to those in the process of perish.

Did you say man here today.

He's in the process of being lost you. I want to say that because somebody say what this is all sitting so bad that so bad ran that was not finish with the Bible says same when it is finished bringing forth bit man went to the doctor. The doctor told him he had an incurable disease. He said his friend. You know, it seems a strange I don't feel all that bad. And yet, the doctor says and and Fran, I want to tell you that if you save God's not finished with yet and if you lost the devil is not finished with yet there is a process. You see, salvation is a crisis we been saved and it is followed by a process that is sanctification and the cross.

The cross is God's way of salvation. The word of the cross is God's way. Also of sanctification.

Now look many of us know that being saved is a miracle we get the idea that living the Christian life is something we have to do and you'll never have victory in the Christian life in the understand the Christian life is also a miracle.

One man when he got saved he said bought this disease. This is a just bursting sublime to say hallelujah my sins are forgiven and then then after a while when he did like the rest of us. He stumbled and fell. Sunny sobor.

This is our habit. After a while he stumbled, fell, s'mores, and this is impossible and then he discovered the principle of the cross and he said this is one I hope you come all the way through back around the one you see the Christian life is not hard is impossible, and it commences with a miracle.

That's the new birth. It concludes with a miracle.

That's the resurrection, but it commences with a miracle.

He concludes with America. Felicity continues with a miracle. I want you and I need to learn is this that when God saved us he didn't abandon his when a newborn baby gets born that baby is not abandoned you see coming into families.

One thing but not now. How does God sanctifies how does the cross sanctifies what is the principle of the cross sanctifies what does sanctification mean again. It means that God is saving me from self and from Sam and from Satan day by day he's making me more and more like the Lord Jesus. How does the cross well Lord Jesus said Jesus and take up your cross and follow me. I wasn't mean to take up your cross. A lot of people think that just made you go around the cross on the back. You know that you got this cross on you back into your spot on the Lord Jesus with a cross on the back Jesus where you go well going wholesome preaching meetings.

You take up your cross and follow me. So we just following that's good you got a really silly folks.

I'm not saying what Jesus said was sitting that our conception of what Jesus said was silly to be awful hard to sit down. By the way, if you had a cross on your back note when Jesus said, take up your cross and follow me. What is a cross for cross is not for carrying the cross is the dining room.

Jesus was going to count when Jesus said, take up your cross and follow me. Why Jesus was saying is, and I come into die so I don't want to do that well be friendless, and that's the reason why sound so close to the world when we talk about die.

My goodness don't talk about that must I want to live. I don't want to die. And yet, Jesus said, take up your cross and follow me, and God and by the way, he said, take up your cross, your cross, the sum you take up his volunteer. Jesus volunteered to die. Did you know that you say no, they took him against his will know they did you think they could take the son of God against us with Jesus and no man take of my life for me.

I lay down to myself right.

Jesus willingly voluntarily took up his cross, and so she willingly voluntarily take up your cross you we we have some misconception. Your cross is not your nagging wife your cross is not your unsaved husband, your cross is not some sickness. You have some migraine headache is my cross I have to bear and was not sure migraine headache is your husband you want. That's not your cross, you see your cross is something not something just happens to you some circumstance. It comes upon you that you wish you didn't have your cross is something that you willingly, knowingly, deliberately, voluntarily take say that's what the cross of Jesus at take up your cross now and when you take up your cross is not something you carry cross is a not for carrying crosses over dying on now. What I'm trying to say is that you are sanctified by the principle of the cross, God speaks to the cross got saved to the cross got sanctifies for the cross. Not only. Therefore, we need to come to the cross for parking. We need to get on the cross for power and it is not until we learn to live the principle of the cross. Right now I'm sounding a little confusing but listen friend is only one life that has power and is crucified. Like you say well I don't want to be dead. What you see friendless. Jesus didn't say that outcomes might have death and have it abundantly.

Getting know what he said I come to mind at what and have it more abundantly moribund. But what is the way the cross the cross.

What was the way to East and I resurrection the cross was not Jesus in social save his life to lose, but it was absolutist like my sake and the gospel's essential savior member that memory okay and I look we will her kids we used to find sublime somebody else and you probably do this we say finders keepers losers. We never say that I found it is my UI. Jesus said, keepers, weepers, losers find missing you keep your logical lose it when you lose it. My sake and the Gospels. You'll save what is it me when I come to the Lord and I say God I I cannot live this life and so Lord I just want to say the old Adrian Rogers has to not only did you die for me, but I'm willing to die with you, I'm willing to die to self sin and Satan Lord God, I apply the principle of the cross to my life. Then something supernatural begins to work in me. Now this is going to be a little hard for you to get hold of you get hold of a friend is going to change your life dramatically, radically, and or ever you are sanctified by the principle of the cross and what is the principal cross is just simply saying no to self letting at wholesale die with Christ and saying yes to Christ and then you can say with the apostle Paul in Galatians chapter 2 verse 20 I'm crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ liveth in me and the life I now live.

I live by the faith of the son of God. You see, there is a wisdom and power when I say that ill for a long time in my Christian life and sometimes I still slip into this mode for a long time. I would try to serve God and to try to serve God is like being in quicksand. The more you struggle more easily. I would try to do better and I would fail and I would cry and weep and say, God, I'm so sorry I failed. I Lord just help me. I'm not going to do that anymore. God, I'm so sorry. Tomorrow is going to be better.

Gotta be a better Christian tomorrow at the same old thing was terrible and you're getting is a God I'm so ashamed of myself.I will try hard to do better. God please give me another chance fail again. Fail again brings this. You can't DM Thomas said you can't. He never said you could, he can. He always said he would not listen. It is time for you to stop crying and start trusting. Reckon yourself to be crucified with him did understand, live in God. So what is that mean just simply say God as I trusted you to save me an idea. Now I'm going to trust you to make me what you want me to be mellow. Paul said to the Galatians are you foolish Galatians are you so foolish he began in the spirit you will be made perfect in the flesh. Most of us know it was saved by the Lord man and his death on the cross and we can do anything to save ourselves whether we think the flesh is going to make us mature we think were saved by the spirit we can be made perfect by the flesh. How foolish that is France.

Listen, Jesus is the one who saves us. He's the one who sanctifies one essay I'm saying this. The Bible says as you receive the Lord Jesus. So walk in. How did you receive by faith and how do you want by think as you receive the Lord Jesus. So walk in him, this time to quit trying to start trusting and just understand there's a principle of the cross. When I say you cannot do it. Just another way of saying Adrian step out of the way no way say quit trying to justify yourself. Quit trying to make yourself acceptable to God, you already accepted by God by the cross of the Lord Jesus rest in his love, and let the power of the cross, sanctified, you I'm telling you the same Jesus that died to save you and gave himself for you is the one who rose to give himself to you and will live in you and through you if you let now, what is their friend, the secret of the cross, God speaks to the cross, you know, the wisdom of God. The power got to the cross got saved by the cross. There is no other way without shedding of blood is no remission of sin and got sanctifies by the cross. When I say I can't. He never said I could, I reckon myself. Then I stepped up out of the way and by faith I say now, Lord Jesus, you come and live your life in me, through me to you. Be the glory you I want you receive is not so the next time you find yourself in that spiritual quicksand trying harder and harder and sinking deeper and deeper just say God why my doing this I want to reckon myself. Now Lord you take. You take a guy just more reckon myself crucified with yet. Eileen is you that lives in me lose my life for his sake. Would you like to give your heart to Jesus right now. Let me lead you in a brief prayer as you make this decision to follow Christ and lead your family to honor him something like this of God in heaven. I'm a sinner and I need your forgiveness is pastor Rogers just said the Christian life is not difficult.

It's impossible.

But Jesus lived that perfect life and he died on the cross in my place and then rose to new life to give that new life to me right now. Come in and change me, transform me from the inside out. I pray in Jesus name, amen. If you prayed to receive Jesus just now. We'd love to celebrate with you and invite you to our discover Jesus page on the website to find answers they are. You may need about your newfound faith.

Just go to and click the tab that says discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family.

We can't wait to hear from you actively seeking God's wisdom, God speaks saves and sanctifies us by the living by the principal, Dave Christ lived through join us next time.

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