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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 33 - Longing for The Because

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 23, 2021 10:39 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 33 - Longing for The Because

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 23, 2021 10:39 am

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King David teaches on The Letter Hey to get the ultimate blessing - The Because

Psalms 119:33

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 oh I just love vision from the knowledge section into the Haiti section of the hundred 90 teaching on the 33rd verse but before getting to that. I just wanted to speak a minute about the letter that were to be doing from the next. Eight versus R is the K and the letter hay is a very significant letter as they all are but this one specifically very specific because you know it's one of the letters of the name of the father.

You know the one that that the Jews won't speak until you hear him say Hashem rather than then save this name that is used in which they will say is in our yard. Hey vav hey so this hay is definitely one of the letters.

A key letter in the name of God and the neat thing about the hay as we talk about this letter is that when you hear the sound of it.

It is kind of an expression of what it is and so when you say hey you're you're making an expression and so the letter hey is that whole concept of expression and if we were to look at the letter. It looks like a doll.

It that we've been talking about the last of the doorway with a good over to the left-hand side of it.

So it's a Dollard and then when you put that you had over on the left-hand side and you can kinda see this gap between the top of the doll.

It and the top of the good.

That's where the breath comes out when you say hey which is really significant when you limit God created the world through expression right. He spoke everything into existence. And so the concept that God would talk to us is just beyond absolutely beautiful and a course you know this is the concept of teaching the summary censored. Second, David comes right in here the very first verse and he starts out with actually very unique word for tea tree we've heard teach me the statutes all the way through this.

This time he's going to use a different word for teeth which has more to do with the details and is the very first letter in the very first word of the hey of course it's gonna start with the hay and it is this very specific way the viewer to express your teaching okay services to read the letter verse in English it says teach me oh Lord, the way of thy statutes and I shall keep it unto the end will normally I would spend a lot of time on the teach me. Part of them and get back to that in the minute. But with the way this versus I don't want to miss out on the end of it because the end of it is so significant to the beginning of it so when he says, and I'm in a keep it unto the end that word. That is the end there. You would think would have to do with the end of the age of that kind of thing and it does in its own way, but the what he's actually doing is he's quoting Genesis 26 okay because what if the first time we see the word statutes the first time we see this whole idea of these things being kept which is what he's trying to do is get in the way of the statute is it says because Abraham kept my statutes and my laws etc. this is why he got the blessing. This is why his offspring are gonna be like the sands of the sea, and all I can stuff and so what the, the actual word that King David used at the end of the summer to keep it to the end is to keep it to the because the visits were the God used is to be because Abraham did this stuff, and he's going to get this covenant blessing.

He's going to get these promises and sort. King David is testing here is really even beyond good and faithful servant, which I love that he's asking for the complete deal like I want the because because King David that all this you know his his offspring are going to be like the sand of the sea. Of course, and when you think about it since the Messiah came through King David. He got this prayer, but man I want that. I love the King David honed in on this because because Abraham kept these things. That's why he got this from vendors tremendous blessing and so this is what King David is asking for in the prayer as a result of being taught and what is he want to be taught. He says teach me the way. And that word again is Derek and that Derek's we know the way is Jesus right in and teach me the Jesus of thy statutes and and as we talked about before the word statutes is the higher hard with the difficult ones, and so I thought this morning as I was studying the social orders the first place that we can find a statute to give you an idea of what is at the King David was trying to get taught so he could get the because is unlawful at you but I really want to because I want my I would be so blessed by God that my kids and their kids and their kids. Kids get all that favor that the King David is talking of here and that Abraham got and so these statutes are very first statue that's listed in the Bible is beautiful. You know it is it's the Passover if you will keep my Passover. That's the very first time that he mentions a statute by name and when you think about that while we keep that statute. To this day. Every time you take communion because Passover is not in and and again it would been hard for King David or anybody to know that would God was doing when he painted the pole Passover picture was. He was painting a picture of the Last Supper, which would paint a picture of the organs we do today of communion right and whether Jesus even say remember right, and so here is a picture of the very first one of these statutes and and God is telling them to keep the Passover well because they kept the Passover, when John the Baptist said, behold the Lamb of God. Everybody knew they kept the Passover, the Lamb of God.

Oh yeah, this is a picture Passover. The blood on the lintel and the door. All these things that they've been taught is kids and not coincidently I think that you know I went to Sunday school and I was a kid. I was not a Christian by any means and I didn't go very often but usually only Sunday school lesson that I can remember as a child. Of all the ones I went to the family went to, but that I went to several was one Sunday school. They decided to do a Passover Seder and they had all of us little kids you know what everywhere for the six grade eat the horseradish and drink the tears the salt water and eat the parsley that you know was the bitter herbs in these things it has the result of slavery. Well, even a little kid. I still remember that vividly. I can remember put that horseradish my map of this stuff is all you know. In other words, what a remarkable thing that God put in this picture for little kids right to begin to understand the picture he was painting of the blood of the Lamb. And in these ordinances that we would keep from generation to generation that would end up being like the stars, the St. so it's really really a neat thing when you think about what King David is asking for as this first thing you can teach right teach me the way the Jesus right in and I'm sure that God did teach David the Jesus in the ordinances right when you look in the organs of the Passover, Jesus is all over. He's there in the Africa home and if you've ever been to a Seder in the idea of this centerpiece of bread that's hidden and in there so many pictures of Jesus inside of a Passover Seder is almost we celebrated every year because it's a remarkable set what it King David asked for in his expression.

He wanted to be taught, which is God speaking writing wanted to be taught the Jesus of the statutes. The high hard ones so that he could receive the because because you Robbie. This did the did the did that then his you know children's children. Children right you can mean it's one thing for me to get pleasant. I love all our want my kids to have.

I look at this first piece of wisdom that again is the first verse in the Hayes section of hundred 19 Psalm. I hope you don't miss the beauty of this

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