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NRB Chronicles - 2015 Classic: Adopt A Holocaust Survivor

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 19, 2021 7:00 am

NRB Chronicles - 2015 Classic: Adopt A Holocaust Survivor

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 19, 2021 7:00 am

Susan Hege with Abundant Hope International share amazing stories of Holocaust survivors and a way you can still help.

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We are on the floor.

The National religious broadcasters convention and I love these impromptu interviews is a more than amazing to see the way God reaches out to people across the world and we have a very unique situation. We have Susan Hickey with us. She is the president of serving Holocaust survivors and and that Berg conjures up all sorts of things, but Susan knows it best, so essentially you're working with folks that literally have survived the Holocaust at this point time I must be fairly high at the average spent 83 to 85 years old and there is a pretty open split when it's 100. While an to survive bad and still lived 100 that takes some of state power. I would well I think that when it is still in the survivor mode. They have never left that mode like the adrenaline kicks in and it never left to their still living in their living on because they're still living in the past inside their head is like a DVD going on and it tells the whole story and everything that happened to them. They can tell me the date the weather smells tell me all the details of what happened before we get to their stories were turned over to hear few of those. I'm really curious about your story. How does God put that on somebody's heart speak English really really well so I'm guessing you're not from Israel. Now I am not hot what happened. I was actually very active in the movie theater industry. I had worked my way up the corporate end of his work in Texas except that I knew that that wasn't where God wanted me to be like that pretty miserable so crying a lot and everything disc. Finally, I asked my Bible study to pray for me to have a clear answer. What I should do and so we did that was on Wednesday night. Thursday morning I was fired. Therefore, to pray for you that is correct cell. Now I have no job. I was in a bit of a panic and someone offered me a free trip to Israel just to think about what I wanted to do next. And so I went. I never wanted to get Israel never had any interest. I didn't nothing. I was very happy in the church here. And so I went and I spent two weeks I did not plan on God going along and he spoke to me doubletime. I had dreams at night. I had visions and I never had that brand-new. I was terrified by the time I got on the plane coming home.

I just ask God one question. What do you want and he said I want you to have the compassion of Jesus was easy getting asked to go to Africa so I said okay by saying okay. I stepped into obedience to him and went into what he had to do and I cried all the way home. Compassion requires tears as I cried for a year and now finally he had someone coming from Israel that I knew and they said yes what we found out there's Holocaust survivors and I sitting and with that statement September 2003. I actually felt my heart being squeezed.

It was a physical feeling and I heard myself say I have to go to Israel when I hung up I said to God what you mean I have to go to Israel to now mad and I was brought up to obey is brought up to believe in your higher authority. God said to go ago I told Micah for six months. I gave that much time. I'm going home, but I went very angry, still angry when I got to Israel and I only had $50.

I couldn't get another job after I lost mine.make sure that to and I got there provided everything for me and I asked him now. What and he told me I want you to go and see the survivors in the city hunt them kiss them, love them, tell them I love them and tell them you do to what is one thing in this whole thing had told got a long time ago. I'll do anything for you. Just please don't give me old people 770 it is in the world. So now here I was going to visit these old people… Tell them I love them is very, but I went in to see the first one and when she told me her story. She was shaking so much from the terror of telling again some of them. It's the first time I reached out and touched her to touch and I fell absolutely in love with survivors and it became my passion because I know that's what God paid me for a few take my DNA and you put it underneath the supernatural microscope. It has Holocaust survivors written right and this is my passion for my life and I will do anything for them.

Bring the relationship and to bring them on her and that is what works for so watermark will so God produced Garmin I survive throughout what you're what you're talking about but I would imagine you're going to Israel and you are talking to Holocaust survivors that they are very Jewish and are you Jewish as well, or you okay how is that I was upwards interaction first question asked me as I you Jewish and I say no I'm not and they see you know since you not to eat. You don't have to do this. Did you know that in there explaining to me how this man meant a mitzvah that the Jews have to do run some Gentile I don't have to do.

I know that is not required and when I say I know is not required. I'm doing it because I love you God that hits them more benefit someone Jewish because it's not done by commandments on my love that's again so God and so now can you put a face on this for us. We think of Holocaust survivors, we and Frank. Whatever the situation, but can you just perhaps I was one story of you know that while God. Okay, this is why you have right this was the situation if nothing else ever happened.

I know this was the one we went to pray for woman named Anna. She had been in the red Army not by choice and she was a medic so that meant he carried medical bag in one hand, got in the other and she was at the front lines and so somebody got shot.

She managed a month and then she picked up her gun and kept going. She was shot and she was captured and put into a ghetto until the end. She came to Israel. And when we met her she was bent over at the waist dislike the woman in the story of Jesus, and she could not stand up and listen same and pain to me and asked if we could pray for her. We always ask most of them say yes it's fine.

Some of them say why don't believe this matter. We do okay right so we prayed for her this year about five weeks later and when I saw her inside door was open and she was running through the house to open the door, grabbed us, pushed us down on the sofa ran back to her room and came back out as a bright pink dress stood up very straight and very tall. And she began to sing.

She had been a professional singer and hadn't been able to see for years because she bent over run and she knew that it was our prayer that she got on their grapevine and she called she told a few more. I went to see a woman name Rosa Perez began telling me her shoulder rotator cuff was torn.

You know that he saw Dr. yeah what's he wanted to operate even operate in a funny look and said no you can pray for him. I'm sorry. So I prayed for next week in town. She yelled my name.

I looked across the courtyard going this way today and that was seven years ago today, when I see her.

She moved to another town she sees me walking. She turns around and tells everybody around her how I prayed for her shoulder and it was word of testimony and this is what I am finding out each one of these people are taught in such a way. It was also the entrance of my being able to go see one of the ladies that I loved, probably the most Bratislava if you'd like her story.

I held it for George and told more than raising about no want to take part of what you describe to me when we first started talking that you are out trying to find penpals folks to communicate tell us about the we have an adoption program. I don't come to live at your house. You just get to write to them.

Most times they do not write back.

This is a mitzvah something you get to do for the Lord because they love the letters we translate everything that sent from all over the world are writing to them right now they want your picture. They want a brochure where you live.

They want to hear about your pets and your kids and everything else they live their life vicariously through you, and it built such a relationship. If you have the chance to go to Israel and meet them. They are thrilled to meet the person who's been writing them. Loving them praying for them. We have seen the lives of the survivors you listening today can adopt Israeli Holocaust survivor and in order to do that. It's www.ah.l – I – your personal Helvetica number were to make that happen.

And I gotta tell you, you are one amazing lady Susan and I know that we will have some future conversations. Thank you for what you do.

Thank you very much

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