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Rep. Madison Cawthorn (NC)

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September 7, 2021 10:07 pm

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (NC)

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September 7, 2021 10:07 pm

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (NC)

Steve talks to Congressman Madison Cawthorn. Steve tells the story of how he helped a widow whose husband died as a firefighter in 9/11


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay welcome back up you had a great Labor Day a great Labor Day weekend.

Listen fast is working to talk fast and then after our first segment, then I'm to do something I do every year, which is share a very personal story 9/11 story of the 20th anniversary is coming up this Saturday.

I was actually at Ground Zero November 9, 2000 once I was there two months after it happened. Spent the entire day there with firefighters, the widow of a firefighter who died that day. Just something that altered the trajectory of my life. Somebody else's life was altered in an amazing way when he became one of the men. The youngest members of Congress in the history of Congress as representative Madison Copthorne and eighth generation resident of the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and representing North Carolina's 11th congressional district were excited to have Madison join us today Congressman, how are you brother.

I'm doing very well what well I'm doing, living with North Carolina. There are so many problems going our country are not the word of our future.

That's exactly right. And by the way, did I only believe. About half of what how weatherman tells you about me.

I've we've been friends for years so careful with whatever what will put that to the test. Okay sadly I'm sure you notice this, Congressman.

It's amazing to me how quickly Afghanistan, a lot of media presence is is is not the story that was a week ago, but what's been your reaction to this is a member of Congress as a young American, someone who cares deeply about the country to talk to us about your your reaction to Afghanistan. Specifically, how the administration has not handled very important.

We've been at war for practically my entire life. One 1995. Your jury the time we start.

We went to war in 2001. I note gone to combat I delete it and will never be the same, mentally after they've gone to combat over there and being way that we have really conducted our mission withdrawal from Afghanistan which I was in favor of withdrawing our crew but not this way.

This is basically like you asked a and if you act really a mechanic to fix the piston to your car that will let you what he did some kind of action, but it just me think it was really an aptitude of all of this and that's where you have to set politics or side of the vast majority of us were in favor of after 20 near 20 years pulling our troops out of Afghanistan.

It was amazing how much order we can actually maintain their in league with the Afghan army and that the whatever leadership was there with only like 2500 guys on the ground not set that up and start pulling people out early was just remarkable mismanagement.

Do you think that was on purpose Madison you think it's just kind of endemic of an administration under the clinical leadership of Joe Biden that they just bumble everything or what he thinks behind will you know I'll tell you won't regret our woke and regret that our general, really what make payment if they are. I don't know that were saved as if they wanted your military we can all this culture cultural aggressive marks is really pushing you know I got until they gave the administration good information, we pull out in this manner, we could you take a in the delete and so they knew the information.

My question is exactly why you call general saying we know it. If you really left military vehicles over there, they would know how to operate our vehicle but you know what happened.

We saw the Alabama militant training impact trying to warn how to actually fly in the legend of what's being reported from several is that they were as being training in Pakistan to warrant a flyer Blackhawk helicopters fly within three days of them having ownership of a Black Hawk helicopter being able to already outfit and be able to fly those. For what seemed like a mission-critical availability to be so skilled at flying was Blackhawk, it makes you wonder what they notice for training that how did you know you're going to get it intentional yeah and you look at the yes is going to benefit of earning a player just a decent detective role is to benefit China's going to benefit Russians. The benefit I ran a benefit is just shocking and that the concern anything is Madison is is that more reverberations of this long history of the strange and profitable relationship that the Biden family has with China know that it is incredibly will will please point it was going on with government you see that there are some risk that come out there delete but you know what, I don't think that really any American right of them actually conquering the North American are conquering America. But what I will tell you we are incredibly afraid up is the actual fact that now we get almost all control the rear mineral in Afghanistan to China through the virtual monopoly on telecommunications market and make no mistake, although brave men and women still happy going to combat you want to actually be able to fight in today's society. In today's war you have got to have the most high-tech telecommunications. There are in right now we are losing the telecom rate used Alabama into China. Yeah there's is estimated to be at least $1 trillion worth of lithium there in Afghanistan and China's all over that. I don't know if you saw the report today Congressman that the leaked email State Department purposely obstructing private rescue flights trying to get US citizens and allies out of Afghanistan.

I now have a couple of friends ones been able to call in to the show that have been involved but that unfortunately that doesn't surprise me with the State Department what what your reaction them trying to do that doesn't surprise me, but not because we've seen how really the Biden administration, even a kind Biden is so clear easily make but when you start seeing that he is surprised that Americans are not allowed other American to go in the innocent civilian American in another world hostile country is just remarkable that can be overstated. And I don't think were pressing the point too much because I'll tell you right now when we have Americans were willing to put their lives on the line. It will not be protected by any foreign affairs they are willing to go into the Middle East. Actually, the our fellow countrymen and then our administration is blocking my question is, who the hell do you owe your loyalty to Biden because right now does not get you loyalty to the Americans whatsoever time real quick. We need to seriously consider the 20s at the moment. At this point what Pres. Biden absolutely still in my office and I was in the first actually formally called for the 25th.

Now I know a lot of it means that very clear. The present is physically sounding as well. That means with quality get worse. That's right representative Madison Hawthorne.

Thank you for your reference. God bless you brother will start again real soon on IBM will be right back going around in the back is available shows acetylene for the rest the hour because I have a story to tell you that I made a promise, all the way back in 2001. 20 years ago. 20 years ago is typically a November night, about 2001, because I spent the day in New York City. I was at Ground Zero. Is that a fire station. I was in the family room of a new mother, whose husband Anthony had died at Ground Zero as a probally brand-new firefighter with the FDNY and so I had a chance to be up there and spent the whole day up there and in that day is as Tom Dennard was the firefighters spent the day with me getting the back story all impact this whole thing for you. You give me some T-shirts for my family gave me a hat that I still haven't and it's got on the front, some flames and and you can tell it's kind of a 9/11 theme thing on the back of the hat right with a little straps as it says never forget and so at the end of the day as if he was driving me back to the train station because my family we were visiting my sister just recently moved from Raleigh to the Philadelphia area, exit 1 of the pilots over the plains was from this little town, Yardley, Philadelphia North Philadelphia. So we had gone to visit so God just open some doors and I was able to spend the day up there and he was taking me back to the train station and throughout the day as Tom spent the whole day with me.

I'm just some Yahoo right this is before radios before activism this before a list of them some Yahoo house painter guy from Raleigh and so during the day. I felt so bad that he took literally pick me up at nine. Drop me off at like four and I felt bad that I had taken away his whole day from now on every fire station in the in the New York City area. In the boroughs that had lost firefighters on 9/11 343 firefighters. They all took somebody cut off line and they would be dressed in their blues and their job was to basically bring the emissary between the station and friends and family of the fallen firefighters. That's how I got connected with Tom but during the day. I several times. I apologize to my cousin Brown Rice.

I feel I can really stealing your time and to some Yahoo from Raleigh North Carolina on or not it is really nice. But on the last drive. As we left 9/11 has left Ground Zero literally down in Ground Zero okay were driving by the remains of of four, five and six into it obviously fallen the hotel and obviously fallen and seven fell lately afternoon on a 9/11. He said I and I could tell you so agitated is all right. You said that so many times a day. Let me just tell you if we could if we could bring every American citizen here and spend the day with them.

Like I just did with you. We would so quit apologizing to me for being here and and it's my it's my honor to have you. I'm glad you're here. I appreciate that you are unwilling ask one thing of you, and the sky was intense bodybuilder right super nice super sweet but intense anything man. What is it he said never forget whoever you see with your kids growing up.

Don't ever forget, don't forget your experience here and and just promise me you'll continue to tell the story what you experience here, and I said I will and I promised and and so here I am once again I do this every year and I don't have any time on the radio so the rest we can all be in New York City on Friday and Saturday for the 20 per anniversary. But some to share with you today saw me back this up and at the time 911 that morning. I think we probably all know where we were.

I was about to get the shower. My wife Gina called me downstairs and literally still in a towel and and she's like that. The second tower had been hit and then your watching member watching it on the TV and and just helplessness and anger and rage and concern in the Pentagon and then Shanksville and then one tower than the other towers are horrific day, obviously. But shortly after that. You remember we all have this desire to do something and in one of the things that's important about telling the story for all of us that live through it as adults is that our kids and I see this with the children. Children and teenagers that I teach now really have no recollection. They have no experience where they've seen the country almost literally united. Remember that in the days after 9/11 for a couple months to three months. Literally the president had an 80+ percent approval rating, President Bush, and there was this sense of patriotism, unity and brotherhood and sisterhood. It never experienced in my life up until that point have experienced it since. But it happened it was real so most of us were like, what can I do to help. I got to do something so most of us not being able to go up there and help dig gave money right member that all these different little terrible things started popping up people would stop by fire departments and police departments drop off cookies or whatever because you had to do something with a guy that used to work for me in my house, many business had subsequent he started his own great guy Harry Pappas here in the Raleigh area and he a former Navy seal. I called him on 9/11, late morning. 11 3012 1 o'clock at the latest, because I knew he still had friends that were seals, Navy SEALs, and I just curious on Mike every talk to your friends yeah II called a couple of them and they were gone already, their wives did know where they went. Didn't know they were there coming back super serious. What obviously in a couple of week or two later, not that long. We were just talking, continuing a conversation is like men do you want to do something we need to do some I guess I mean I went by fire house and dropped off a check.

I like to who I am, who I write this out to just struck up a check for my business and then we but both began talking so you know what, let's talk to her guys super guys would because he a bunch painters and a bunch painter to save our guys would be willing to work for free on a couple houses and let's talk Sherwin-Williams and see if they'll be willing to give us the pain. It cost her for free and let's let's raise some money in the let's give it. Let's get it because that's I dropped off a check for 500.

We can do better than that we can raise for $5000 easily cheesecake. So let's do that. And that's what we decided to do in our guys were willing to work for free.

And surely, as I think gave us the pain. It costs so we did that. So all of a sudden we are anywhere you have about four grand.

But early on, God bless Bill O'Reilly River this because Bill O'Reilly early on, literally several hundred millions of dollars were given shortly after right within a month, five weeks.

These different charities are popping up and how do you know that this money is actually going to the people that need it.

How do we know that this money is going to the widows of firefighters or police or Port Authority. What about the people and their plans. What about the pilots. What about but especially the people, the first responders because it didn't have the make money.

I had the kind of backup that will in the airline industry, so that was the question that we are all, every right Bill O'Reilly was Johnny on the spot that is great.

That's when I can became a Bill O'Reilly early on it was like wow well we have the $4000. We gotta give it to somebody how we know where to get the right person so I did what any smart kid back in 2001 I called my dad my dad very wise man is with the Lord now but called him, told him what was going on what we wanted to.

So my dad because I was raised by a kind of a consummate sales guy manager is like called, Mayor's office. I'm paying at Steve Noble house painter extraordinaire from Raleigh, North Carolina Ken Schwartz is really available. I need to talk to Rudy mapping Rudy Giuliani. I cannot dad I'm telling you call the mayor's office tell me you're trying to do and odds are the help. Okay fine I did. I called the mayor's office and this was the first of many conversations that started essentially the same way hi my name Steve Noble.

I own a house painting company in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have like $4000. We want to give, and we wanted. We want to give it to and we had made a decision with our two companies because we had a lot of Hispanic guys that we work with like we want to find a Hispanic firefighter that had at least one kit that.that's where you want to get the money given to a charity because we don't know that we can trust interiorly trust so actually the mayor's office. Rudy Giuliani's office Back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show call this Saturday and anniversary me technically that is what it Saturday being September 11, 2021, 20 years since that people day September 11 beautiful day. Remember that for most of the country. Just beautiful. Just a spectacular early fall day warm and and just wonderful.

So we'll know where we were. But as I was telling the story Mina but he used to work for me. We both on house cleaning companies we do something we can raise money with $4000 and then thank you Bill O'Reilly healthy skepticism about what's happening with this money is literally tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing so my dad suggested when I asked him I just call the mayor's office right call Rudy right house painter from Raleigh online to so I called down there and explain doing what I was doing work who I was, where his prominence money wanted to give it to a Hispanic firefighter with children, how we do that were trying to go around the. The charities and get this money directly to a widow and they actually were helpful. There the mayor's office. I'm sure Rudy knows all about facetious and so they're like well you could check the Hispanic firefighters Association and I'm like there's one of those okay and a couple other things in and check those out. You can find them online at websites and okay great, thanks so then I just get online again.

This was kind of dialup DSL whatever back in 2000 and once I wasn't exactly a fast process so there was a Hispanic firefighters Association.

I call them and leave a message and a couple other places and bouncing around for several days and then I find I find one man I've been somebody from the Hispanic firefighters Association that told me about this widows group so Hispanic widows families of widows and and I don't know if it was a Hispanic firefighters Association. Anyway, I ended up back there called once and I talked to a lady there explained again hi my name Steve Noble Cumberland and and she's like okay well that's really great and really appreciate that if you consider giving it to this group or that group. I said no, actually I'm trying to find a way to give it actually to the widow. I don't I don't get this money to charity to give it to a person.

However, we do such and okay I'll look around. I will be looking for Hispanic firefighter Mary with at least one child. Okay, so several days go by and she didn't call me back so I call get and that's when this rather obvious New Yorker named Fran it's on the phone. I will try to do ship classic New York like noticeable were looking for shoes are holistic, so literacy pulled the phone away from her head right and so she's talking literally blasting away into the phone and she's talking to everybody in the office the phone is trying to get money.

You have a check for the Hispanic firefighter that has kids that die and so people start just literally throwing names up in the background you can imagine, I've got the phone on my shoulder and I got a pen and pad of paper and just writing first name.

I heard Angel war baby GU ARB Angel whereby like okay there's one that another one and then I heard a lady say they didn't Evelyn Rodriguez just have a baby now our third child Clay was born Valentine's Day 2001, so I was basically sensitive to the newborn chopping Evelyn Rodriguez just had a baby Mike since 9/11 yet and there is actually big. People magazine article and the babies that were born to firefighters and police officers after 9/11 and so she gets back onto ghost. Did you catch any that I guess my that's all I can do for you click and she's got unlike great R8 super Anthony Evelyn Rodriguez husband, something Rodriguez. I think she told me his name Anthony so I go online again. I'm trying to find out where you find out who's on these lists, like where these people were there was a list at that point of the 343 firefighters that die on 9/11 FDNY not now listen last name Rodriguez location New York City and the boroughs fire department. So how many firefighters out of three and 43 that died.

I don't think I knew his name. I didn't know his first news last spent 20 years coming succumb recently so how many 58 10 was 11 FDNY firefighter on 9/11 died with the last name Rodriguez first name Anthony. Some like okay how do I find where he's at, you go to another website to search websites to dog the bone and find out like this, like ladder company 131 engine company to 31 Brooklyn okay does the FDNY have a web website for itself. We have big one today. They have one in Brooklyn that have a phone number broke lo and behold to so I called the Brooklyn FDNY.

Once again, hi this is Steve Noble come for my North Carolina townhouse been company for $4000 are trying to get it yes you want to give it to Anthony Rodriguez's wife, Evelyn. He died on 9/11. He was an engine company was 131 letter to 60 something like, so he goes a nice guy, FDNY guy deals were not allowed to give out the individual. The inside phone numbers of individual firehouse.

That's not public information. My dad who I mentioned early also told me in negotiations, whoever talks first lose it.

Slight insanity is weighted on those pregnant pauses. The goggles unity. Anyway, some touchdown to give me the phone number okay man thanks bro, appreciate, click pick up the phone number those days pick up the phone and I call the number firehouse hi my name is Steve Noble I'm calling from Raleigh, North Carolina. We have $4000 were trying to give it to Evelyn Rodriguez directly on second, you need to talk to an officer okay can I talk to an officer there's no one here right now. Call back at about 6 o'clock okay cool New York I'll call back at six cushion. I asked for. We don't actually know what captains can be here because we lost so many on 9/11 or just after the officer in charge and in all even though okay thanks bro by click right so this is going to work right what what what would you be thinking I was like this is ridiculous really.

Okay fine. 6 o'clock 605 will give it a couple minutes call up there firehouse times listed. I called earlier today I was asked for the officer in charge, Capt. in charge: second Capt. Ford sky gets on the phone got them for hi Capt. Ford my name Steve Noble and come from: seconded guy. No, I was like yes or I'm the painter's art not don't tell me what were you trying to do get some money to Evelyn or something yes or so you $4000 action want to write the check to Evelyn Ives could figure out a way to get it to her but actually work or coming up to visit my sister just move them into like the guy wanted to hear all this just move from Raleigh to the outside Philly so I can actually come down there. I mean I could bring the check to me, my wife, but some clothes for the baby and I have a picture in it little letter explaining how we picked her because I'm sure she's going be curious and so I was hoping maybe I can come down there he goes okay great, yet would love to host you to do this when you come in till Monday, November 9 because okay when you get into your sister's place the night before call back your ass for guy name Tom Dennard DE in a Ute and asked for Tom to tell him what you're doing and he'll get sticker okay like okay will one is just give me the discrete address for the fire department and I'll take the train and all disco Or something so big this before Cooper left not know, nor to pick you up and significant I'm I'm literally nobody from nowhere with no credibility enough to get a check but that's it. And the guys acknowledge ridiculous offer get what will Tom can pick you up, and I forget the details like okay so we drive up couple weeks later. This was really eerie sows are driving up to Philadelphia from Raleigh. What city do you go through right Washington DC coming up 95 we wrap around the Pentagon on 395 if you been there, you don't talk about so you could literally see where the plane went into panic and then we made our way up there with my sister so I call that night get Tom on the phone. Sounds like okay I taught I talked Capt. for this great were super excited to coming to pick you up on get you everywhere you want to go and what time to get innocent like I get into like a 50s like these summits.

Expletives do not bad the traffic is down there at about 9 AM and I am sorry to control my schedule so you're right. Here's the deal. When you come out come out to the seventh Avenue exit and then just come outside and him to be in this huge white FDNY. You will build a miss and and just look for me in, and I'll stop and pick up oh okay sure good.

I finally Tom you think there's any way that and I was being bold at this point, why not I said you think there's any way I could actually could you go get me down to Ground Zero.

I don't suppose I probably can't but is now if you want to go there and get another. Would you say that you, your friend, a family okay cool will do that. I great see tomorrow. Click. So the next morning on the train and the and I haven't seen and been to New York City in a long time, but when you go to New York City and to come in and on the train. What's one of the first things you notice this, the twin towers right so iconic and there's nothing there so that was shocking and then we got into the train station. Remember, people posted all the pictures they made little posters. There were like entire pieces of plywood all over the place that were just covered. Have you see, have you see, have you see as I walked to the train station where I was nervous. It was surreal. I had the check I'd some baby clothes bag with that stuff in it.

I'm like those of the days amazed were khakis and a button-down shirt I look like a total total dork, but I'm walking through the train station. Seeing all these pictures of people at this point you know they're all dead and come to Ground Zero, you handle this well at the smell when I get to see my ghetto experience say that only come back Noble show 20 years Saturday from nine that and on those wounds. For a lot of us work in open with all the happiness and stuff but just telling a story of really I'm just sharing on Facebook live during the break that this is really what gave birth to the Steve Noble that you are talking to you today that hear on the radio that you see in social media that teaches that stunt been involved with all these different things called action started 2004 this all before. That was really the spark that changed my life in the direction of my life.

The purpose of my life. It impacted not only me personally it impacted my wife and impacted my whole family and this all started on 9/11 when I came out of that thing I gotta do something so ended up up there. Tom picked me up the next morning Chernoff pulls up the big FDNY fan in the middle of 7th Ave. in Venice in a intersection and he just stops right is late I called on these again I got an accident, expletive, expletive, expletive, and then I'll be right there so we pulls up and you know he's this big stud FDNY guy in a big white FDNY.

And I run out there. The cylinders I run.

I've got this back in the day when I had khaki pants and I had a button-down shirt was tucked in like kind a preppy shoes and I the preppy codon and I gold wire rim glasses is just embarrassing.

Anyway, I jump it right and we take off the whole place stopped because I could do that in the kitchen to New York I FDNY could do whatever they want. Back in those days, so, so were driving in ice because I you told me the night before we could get to Ground Zero and I said so I'd ever get to go to Ground Zero first or what you not know what that later on a show you where the firehouses okay all right make sense within context usually have the bag on my wife and pick the little thing for the baby and I have a picture of the guys in front of one of the houses they painted for free and I've a letter explaining to Evelyn how we picture she probably can be wondering where this check came from out of blue, blue, Larry school, so he's not he's just starts telling me stories that on the time we started telling me stories of everything experience starting that morning he was up in Long Island surfing any got some number on his pager that he didn't even recognize he called somebody else and is what is this code and there's that bit at their calling every single firefighter in New York in the boroughs in everybody ready us going. You never didn't even know what that code meant he was there that night by about midnight. He was at Ground Zero anyway were driving we crossed the bridge going going in the Brooklyn and he's like oh yeah okay so appear red Hook is the name of the fire department Redhook like the most violent housing project in America but lover right down the street and some thinking more about the exit. Go to firehouse.

Okay, that's cool. Never been to a hefty and why firehouse that some people that we can but we go right by the exit. What looked like an obvious exit hi Tom where he going oh were going to Evelyn's house. This is pretty bold. Steve Noble okay were were going to Evelyn's house. Yeah, I told her you came to town and in that you had to do something for her that you're from North Carolina and yes she's expecting us now. Evelyn had their baby little girl. She was due for a C-section on September 12 but told the doctors. I'm not coming in until Anthony comes, will Anthony died 9/11 that morning. Last time he was seen with his company was going into the high that was at the base, one of the towers so she had her baby little girl with red hair. Consequently on the 14th 9/11 912.

She scheduled has the baby in the 14th and I'm like okay Tom, I really know what to say. I wrote a letter to explain all this. I didn't really know his meter is he I will don't worry about it.

Let me do the talking and we find you super nice okay how she doing not so well okay.

Gosh, so we pull up tiny little row house somewhere over tiny and so we go to the front door and then like got a camera I don't want to forget any of this but it seems really like terrible that I would asked to take a picture will what you what you think I should do. He was giving a camera and I don't think it's terrible. We know and should forget so just communicate Tom's in charge so we go up there and Evelyn answers the door. She looks horrible. She could imagine her baby was her husband died on 9/11 her baby was was born on 914 and I'm there on November 9 right so we walk in her son Derek was six super cute super friendly little kid and were sent in their time. The row house the babies asleep on the couch, bright red hair like it's interesting she's nice but quiet, spent about an hour there and I'm looking around.

They have some of the same videos we do Thomas the Tank Engine all the stuff in my caliber not that far apart.

Really, how we live. So at one point and I asked her what was going on with the charities and everything she was. Yeah, people are assuming were getting all kinds of money I've got so well. I am glad I'm here now.

Now this was 2001. Okay I wasn't Super Bowl my faith either. And much to my chagrin I didn't share the gospel with anybody that I did showed him Jesus, but I didn't tell him about Jesus that was convicting I got you said in my life later but I said this does Derek understand anything about this like what's going on with his debt and she said he knows that his dad's never coming home again. He just doesn't understand why and you can imagine being in that place with her and the baby. I spent an hour in there and then Tom said he, Evelyn, you mind if I take pictures.

You and Stephen Derek and the baby and we do that, I have this pictures and we left and then we went to the firehouse which was quite the experience. He kept asking me hold my kids were kind of having lunch there some the best corn chowder ever had my life are sent him corn chowder. The alarm goes off on these firefighters. The firehouse police in New York is like a big frat house right they had a huge TV. They probably at 300 DVDs of movies in these guys are pretty rough and tough guys and so were all sitting around eating an alarm goes off on these guys take off time doesn't move an inch each. A sinner eating his corn chowder and one point he stopped in the middle of that may have and looks up at me and goes you and some to drink sure bro got like a Coke or some church yet. So we spent a bunch time there has been slide on the ball itself.

Then we went to Ground Zero okay so we get there and there's all kinds of layers of security even want to get a van and FDNY Van through the tunnel. All this kind of security and then anywhere near within blocks of Ground Zero, all the security and he said don't say anything. I just let me do all the talking. I'll explain everything we park and he goes, have you heard about the smell.

I got messy on the masses. No, I don't want to buffer anything I wanted. I wanted to be upset so we start walking in and he's looking he's looking intently at all these other people on these other firefighters and police people ever from all over the country.

It came to show the respects and wind up finally getting in their union. Remember, in the earliest days right after everything happily started to do some events down the precedents. Cheney and Ann Rumsfeld, and in: how they be down there this little deck that looked literally right out over the Ground Zero. That's where we ended up in summer there and and when you get in there they would put their and their friends and family and so you're looking I'm reading all these notes to buy for railings and all personal notes from grieving loved ones to their lost loved one.

I felt like I was on holy ground and I was invading people's space but God had me there for a reason and at one point is that these private security guys show up. Tom and I are like balloons up there and I might well some importance, and in a couple minutes later I looked to my right, literally 10 feet to my right is Benjamin Netanyahu and I explained that to Tom. Tom goes all blank. He's probably not a safe guy to be around. Let's go so we came down off of their ended up going over to the memorial for the people and airplanes. We went to the memorial for the firefighters in the memorial for the police and now you're down there were other children are leaving things like him made birthday cards and daddy. I still miss you even though your dad.

We celebrated your birthday I love you wedding pictures favorite CDs. Literally, I felt like I was invading people's space that's like apologizing. Time and time again for taking Tom's time suite. We wandered around on their which was just gruesome and then just stand there and look around all this damaged all the buildings around their I kept saying I can't believe so few people did so much damage like 11 people did all this is mind-boggling in the smell and just was unbelievably quiet there using wrecking balls to destroy the rest of the building for five and six and they were just now were the two towers were they were just now got digging down below street level.

Never tired firetrucks all over the place spraying water on like what's the water because they had hotspot sums like still yeah.

And sure enough, while we were there this huge flame 4050 60 P talking flying about a where they were taken because they had hotspot and the oxygen hits it goes. So then we spent a couple hours a Ground Zero and I can see it in my mind's eyes assures him looking at this microphone my computer in the camera. I can see it. I can hear it was so quiet, so Yuri made no sense. So when were leaving were driving around Ground Zero to make our way out back over to them the Westside to go back to the train station in Tonga focus. My favorite part yet your about the people that it been years since that started cheering on all the workers in the rescue workers in the first responders.

I said yeah yeah seen on TV is like they're still here I'm like it's two months later. There still yeah not as many.

But they're here is my favorite part and Tom pulled his arm sleep sleep up is that you look in his hair is all standing up on his arm got chills all up and down was our big stubbly firefighter is my favorite part and then we start to pull out of that area and and their eight 1012 of them. I don't how many and they have signs and they'll stand up you murmur these tastes and they're all cheering and he's honking the horn and everything is just amazing and that's when he rebuked me for apologizing, taking this time up and that's when he said want you to promise me something, what's on anything. Don't ever forget and tell as many people as you well here I am telling you. By the way, the same charge exists for all of us keep telling the story. Make sure your kids know this, make sure they know that there's unity that is still possible. It's Justin. I don't know what it would take to get us there sure is a nice thought, but we should never forget this, so we tell the story I told the story to a certain extent. And now the question is are you telling the story. Make sure we do that we never forget this is to know about the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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