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Two Ships - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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September 4, 2021 8:00 pm

Two Ships - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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September 4, 2021 8:00 pm

On one ship was the prophet, Jonah; On the other ship were the disciples...

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The Baptist Bible lowered no gums to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior will and Sherry Bradley Junior inviting him to stay tuned for another message of God's sovereign grace will and in and he like to be able to send you a copy of our publication. The Baptist witness. If you request that when you rightists will be happy to send it to you.

Her address is Baptist Bible. Our top 1737, Cincinnati, OH 45217, we continue today with the message entitled to ships found in one case that Jonah was on the ship trying to flee from the Lord until he ran into a great storm on the other hand, we find in the book of Matthew chapter 14, that the disciples were on board the ship. They were obedient they were in the place Jesus and directed them to go but they also were in the store and yet their hope and help was in Jesus himself. That would take up today still talking about the fact that Jonah was disturbed after the people of Nineveh repented and then will go on to talk about the second ship, the one on which the disciples were writing the patient what he was sitting out there on the edge of town morning over the fact that the people had repented. The hot sun was beating down on him and God blessed Lord grew up Shane leaf over his head and then the sun came in the garden. I had since he had pity on the floor. Jonah chapter 4 verse 10 then said the Lord then said the Lord has had pity on the Lord for which thou not labored, neither my district grow which came up in a night and perished in the night and should not pass that great city is upset that the Lord morning over this plant is lost and cares nothing about the people in the city but think about some of the attitudes that we observe in our culture today that there people who are concerned to this degree about plants and animals want to protect want to see that they're not mistreated stray animals. Hungry animals are brought in and cared for, which is fine, but maybe the same people that contend that we cut down because tree is a living thing ever to be cared for, will turn around and defend the idea baby's billboard, even a full-term baby now and has been acknowledged and passed in some state legislatures if the mother was giving kind ridiculous foolish thinking is shows how deeply in the dark so be under Satan's influence. So we see such a contrast in the case Jonah morning over Gordon died, but had no compassion for those in this wicked city sometimes been lacking in compassion.

Someone was very much in the wrong and you felt suffered, you take vengeance on no compassion you didn't pray for you didn't try to laborer somebody that needed help, so their hopeless case. No need to talk to them noting to try to help them. Their hopeless and he could no man might write off individuals and say that hope there is no hopeless case with God doesn't matter how far they wondered how deep they sunk how terrible their plight.

God is the God of hope.

Jesus said blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain.

You might wonder sometimes why some have not been merciful to you. It may be that you reap what you sow. Merciful, they shall obtain mercy, and when journalists making this decision starting to get on board the ship. Knowing our human nature, it could well be that thought something like this may have crossed his mind. Well, this is providential ships don't often run from the sport to Tarsus. But here's one ready to go. That must mean it's okay for me to hear that something you wanted to do is opportunities there.

The doors open. That must make it right is right because the doors open when you walk through it. Maybe destruction.

On the other side you can make your choices based on what your interpretation of prominence. Maybe you have to go according to God's word, which at this point was actually not doing. Sometimes the right thing is the difficult it may seem, here's a path that's available to me like a good path because it's smooth.

It's easy, that's why I want to go doing what God commands can often be difficult. It's the right thing right thing for Jonah to do is to go to minimum deliver the message didn't want to know so we must pass it on the ship in the opposite Jonah got himself in trouble. He was in this plight because he was disobedient. He wasn't praying Lord blessed me in making this decision about boarding the ship that was his choice. That was his decision. He got himself in trouble took time to get them out and you found that in your experience. Many times when you've gotten in to take place you gotten in trouble and it's been your own fault you made the wrong choices you got into the mess took God's grace to get you God bless so that it was revealed Jonah was the problem passenger and even though the mariners were reluctant to cast them overboard.

For the sake of saving their own life.

They did cast in the city. The storm ceased God provided that God provided a great fish to swallow up Jonah and make them money so that face with his mouth open development. This is the end I'm going to die the same to look this big fish survived inside the fish's belly.

Brains cries out to God, her name is an amazing how God blesses how God is ready to hear even one who had been disobedient when they turned to him and no I must have his help. He is the only source so he cried out, it says in the midst of his affliction.

And God heard his prayer.

God bless them, then guided that great fish to spewing out on dry land and become dominated by her salvation is of the Lord and Shirley Ross. Salvation from the sea. Salvation from the fish salvation when he was wrong and going in the wrong direction at a wonderful expression. Salvation is of the Lord.

The salvation of our soul is of the Lord is the Lord himself who planned determined before the foundation of the world Lord himself and executed about the coming of his son Jesus Christ who paid the price of redemption account the power the Holy Spirit that calls and draws us to the salvation is of the Lord.

Salvation is of the Lord when we have taken the wrong turn we going down the wrong path. Like Jonah did. We have disobeyed we have sin. We desperately need help, but that deliverance must come from him.

When we acknowledge our sin will become confessing our sin and praying for gives forgiveness. When David was convicted of a syndicating, saying, Lord, against the. The only have I done this evil in the sight he prayed that God would renew a right spirit with salvation when we fail salvation were discouraged when we feel hopeless and helpless and be like Jonah ready to give up salvation when you feel like the task in front of you is to great you can handle it.

Salvation is of the Lord. The second ship would look at the disciples with the passengers, they were obedient to Jesus words, Jesus directed them to get on board the ship. These men were not disobedient. They were not rebellious. They were doing exactly what their master commanded. Obviously Jesus knew what was ahead, he knew the trial that they would face the storm that they encountered was not a surprise to Jesus, but Jesus had a purpose in putting them on board the ship that Jesus went into the mountain to pray, he withdrew himself. This follows the feeding of 5000. It was a joyous occasion almost from the festive occasion what what an amazing thing that these people are being fair and the people at that time would've been ready to say he's our King. Jesus had come to set up an earthly kingdom. He'd come to die. So he withdraws himself and goes into the mountain. The disciples on board this ship is a purpose in our trials.

We may sometimes wonder as the Lord led me on this path. Why am I here, why am I going through this difficult time. But Psalm 119 verse 67 says before I was afflicted I went astray. But now have I Word God uses trials to correct us to bring us back to bring it to greater dependence upon him the willingness for my love for worldly things, material things correct thing uses trials.

He teaches us to depend on him. We give lip service or that was all. Yes, I'm depending on but in reality we ended many times when many times are depending on our own wisdom, thinking through things figuring out solutions making our plans. Looking ahead, what we basically want to do and it hasn't been independence upon the Lord. Certainly the Lord talk to apostle, the need of dependence upon him in many different ways.

Not only with the thorn in the flex but in second Timothy chapter 4 verse 16 he says at my first answer no man stood with me, but all men forsook me at seven heartbreaking scene. Apostle Paul, a man so wonderfully used by God with such a wonderful outstanding experience meaning so much to the church but no stood with him. They all worship me. I pray God that it may not be lead to their I get this notwithstanding, the Lord stood with me and strengthen all what a blessing.

All land for settling. I did have a friend upon whom I could rely but the Lord stood with me Lord uses those trials to teaches. He's the friend that sticks closer than a brother. He's the one that we can always depend on the will never famous.

He's the one that said I will never leave. Then once again how this man suffered second Cricket chapter 1 verse eight, but we would not rather have you ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Asia think this man has continuous troubles everywhere turns he faces opposition he faces all kinds of threats.

He timed his enduring imprisonment, but it says I want to know about the trouble he came to be in Asia that we were pressed out of measure of Bob's strength in so much that we despaired even describe what that incident was, but he says we were we were pressed down, we felt crushed. It was to the point that we despaired of life we thought we would make it but we had the sentence of death in ourselves that we should not trust in our spell. That's what this was all about. But in God which raises the who delivered us from so great a death, and deliver, in whom we trust he will deliver us. So although he was at a moment feeling like the ended, he was in despair, the Lord stood with him.

He delivered us from so great a death he does deliver said we have confidence that he will deliver us by each of us learned that person when we are at the end of our strength feel like we cannot endure the Lord is the only one who can deliver us in our trust speaking him.

These men had obeyed Jesus although they were not understanding all that was work here that they had come to the complete realization and acceptance of the idea that Jesus is the cross so the fact that he withdrew from the multitude would've been a puzzle to them. If this crowd had cried, and crown him king with a disciple turning right on board, whether they were already viable.

Who's going to have the prominent position in the kingdom. But even though they didn't understand Jesus urge them to get on board the ship while he stayed. Point is, we must always obey. Even though we don't understand I don't understand why I must move in this direction. What the Lord requires in his word is difficult. I don't know that I can comply with it.

Even we don't understand we still must obey. Now the storm came and was certainly an extremely difficult time for them. They were at sea in the dark was nighttime. They would see storm storm was raging. I feared for their lives. Jesus is way times of trouble. We realize how much we need. Perhaps they had forgotten about a previous experience.

There was a time they were in the ship in the midst of the storm. But Jesus was with them in the ship, but even then they were afraid Jesus was sleeping in the awakening to cash found out that we perish, Jesus arose and said please be stale and the wind ceased to blow away the more toss that ship about maybe of the storm. They reason everything was all right. When Jesus was on board, but he's not here were going to perish, but even when he was not with. It says he saw knowledge that reveals that Jesus was not only a man he was God because he was of the distance from them. They had gone several miles out into the deep and it was raining and storming and Jesus was withdrawn he self. They were not out of his sight.

He always sees us.

He knows where we are the nose what our circumstances are. He knows every burden that were carrying. He knows every difficulty that we are encountering. He saw them toiling in rolling. They were not just sitting idly on the boat, waiting to see if there's going to suddenly They Were Rolling They Were Rolling a Hard They Were Toiling They Were Working They Were Trying to Get through the Situation but They Were Making Little Progress. You May at Times Have Ruled Hard You Were Toiling in Your Rolling in Your Working in Your Effort to Get through the Trial, but You Are Making Little Progress, but How Good to Know That Even If They Were Working Hard and They Found to Be near Despair, Thinking the Storm Is Going to Take Them down.

Jesus Saw Them and Is Our Great High Priest. He Sees Us and He Ever Lives to Make Intercession You Think about That That Jesus Prays for You. We Ask Each Other. Pray for Us Make Prayer Requests from the Pulpit How Good It Is. If You're One of Those Sick and You Hear the Church Is Praying for Me. Feel Encouraged, but Think of As Our Great High Priest, Jesus Sees Us Knows Where We Are Those Our Circumstances Is Touched with the Feeling of Our Infirmities and He Makes Intercession He Prays for Us Then He Came to Them in the Store and Jesus Comes Us in the Storm Comes to Us. He Came Walking on the Water. They First Saw His Figure They Were Frightened.

They Thought It Was Some Kind of Spirit. They Were Gripped with Great Fear Here, the Very One That Has Come to Help Them. The Only One That Could Rescue Them Is near at Hand, but Because They Don't See Clearly They're Afraid.

And Sometimes We Have That Experience God Is at Work Is near at Hand Is Doing Something Far As What We Don't Understand Our Vision Is Not Clear and Rather Than Rejoicing Where Fearful, but Then Jesus Comes to an End, a Set of Good Cheer, You Have To Be Afraid. Cheer up, It Is. I Be Not Afraid I'm Here Your Master, Your Lord, the Behrmann That They Had Had so Many Marvelous Experiences with BuSpar Even That Experience Earlier of the Feeding of the Multitude Now Jesus Is on Board the Ship and He Says the of Good Cheer, No Matter What Storm You May Be, No Matter How Rough the Sea upon Which Your Sailing. Jesus Says, Be of Good Cheer It inside Me. Not You Can Trust Me I Will Be with You in the Storm and When He Boarded the Ship Immediately the Storm Ended and It Says Immediately.

They Weren't Land Something Most Remarkable They Had Been Rolling Rolling Hard and Getting Nowhere. But What Jesus Came on Board Instantly They Reach Their Destination They Were Struggled Mightily Long. The Night Guard, but When He Comes to Us When He Boards Ship.

The Trouble Is over, Someday Come to the End of the Journey, Jesus Will Board and Immediately Will Be on the Other Shoulder at Home with Him Forever to Ships You like Jonah in Storm Because You've Chosen to Go Your Own Way You Know Full Well That You've Created Your Own Troubles, but the Good News Is, the Word Came to Jonah the Second Time. God Didn't Give up on Jonah and He Hadn't Given up.

You Can Come to an and Confession of Your Sins and Asking for Forgiveness. Have Your Joy and Peace Restored or Are You like the Disciples Serving Where He Would Have You to Serve Seeking to Obey Him and to the Best of Your Knowledge Living in Audible Godly Life, but Still the Store Is Right Here the Words of Jesus to You. Be of Good Cheer. It Is the Not Afraid All Will Will Yes When Jesus Comes on Board the Ship Storm Was, and Ron at Their Destination. We Look to That Happy Day When the Lord Will Carry Us Home to Be with Him That Final Destination of Self over to a Writer's and until Next Week. At the Same Time with the Lord Richly Bless All the Baptist Bible Come to You under the Direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior Is All Mailed to the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217. That's the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217 Will

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